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the name of the dreams: now that’s what i call a dream

the dream opens as the dreamer becomes aware he has just woke

he is in a room about five metres by seven-metres

the scene changes

the room has become larger

the dreamer is in a large double bed

next scene, two women enter the room

one has black hair, the other girl’s hair is auburn-coloured

they come to the bed and lie on it

in the next scene, the women have undressed and are lying side by side on the bed with the dreamer

the dreamer’s sense of being unbiased assets itself

he clambers over one of the girls and is now lying between them

the next scene, we are touching and kissing

the opportunity for the dreamer to introduce the girls to his brand of threesomes is thwarted when the girl with black hair manoeuvres herself under the dreamer

the scene changes, the auburn-haired girl is off the bed and standing (if the girls had let the dreamer have his way, it would have been a pleasurable time for all)

the dreamer is so relaxed he is having trouble becoming fully aroused

the black-haired girl takes matters into her hands and places the dreamer’s genitalia at her “entry” point

it is a simple matter of a gentle movement to attain conjoinment

there are four scenes of slow-motion activity

the next scene, the girl with auburn-coloured hair has left the dream

the room has become even larger

it is now about eight metres by eight metres

there is a large couch against the wall to the right of the bed with a girl and a boy, they are both dressed and looking our way

also, there is another large double bed in the far corner with two or three people on it

they too are dressed

meanwhile, back at the centre of the action, the dreamer is still not fully aroused even when conjoined

it feels just fine for the dreamer, but the black-haired girl is not a hundred-per-cent happy

she maintains her friendly disposition but is not getting what she was expecting

the scene changes, one of the three people, a male, in the other large double bed is filming what’s happening

the dreamer says to his partner, “is he filming us?”

she doesn’t say anything

someone filming our goings-on isn’t conducive to the dreamer’s efforts

eventually, the girl says, “it isn’t going to happen”

she says it again

the dreamer is about to say something along the lines of, “it will be alright next time” when the dream ends

the cause of the dreamer’s poor performance is understood

he simply isn’t active enough during the day

this dream reached new heights in terms of Awake-time awareness in Dream-time

it was so, so close to the dreamer realising he is dreaming

we may have a new category of dream before we’re finished… montage dreams

its vividness in both sight and touch is on a par with awake-time sensations

the distinction between Sleep-time and awake-time continues to lessen

while we’re there…

the day before yesterday, during a cat-nap in the day, the writer entered into the Montage state

a brown wall had a rough circular design on it

while taking in the detail, about one-twentieth of the design crumbled

through the gap where it had crumbled a bright, white shaft of light came through (the same as is in the intro of the 1982 film “The Thing” @ 1:55)

over the course of two seconds or so, about a dozen more gaps appeared

each gap also let in a shaft of light

before the dream-scene-feel, cum-montage finished, approximately one-third to one-half of the design on the wall was letting through light

a sense of anticipation gripped

the sense of anticipation was cut short immediately after it occurred

the writer believes he may be able to experience and interchange between both states of consciousness within this lifetime

thinking about it further, the writer thinks the vividness of the shafts of light represents the fully awake state

that fits in with this dream

vividness 3.8 to 4.7/8 – participant – the category of the dream: xual (10+)


the name of the dreams: the charge of the children

a four or five sequence dream

in the first scene, thirty or forty children coming over the brow of a hill

they are moving with a purpose

we are viewing them from a slightly elevated position

they are coming towards us and slightly to the right

as they pass below us and before the scene changes, we see a second wave of children of a hundred or so catching up with them

in the third scene, children are everywhere and more appear the longer this scene goes on

the impression is, it is all the children in the world

they have been given free-rein to assert themselves

adults have concluded that total freedom for children will produce a natural, optimum progression of order which adults can model themselves on

vividness 4 to 4.2 observer – the category of the dream: children (4+)

in the second dream, i am taken to a hanger-sized building

it is to be used as a communal centre

i have been brought in to recommend a p.a. system

someone is making notes as i point out where to place the speakers

can feel the place coming to life

vividness 3.5 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: p.a. systems (3+)


the name of the dreams: hesitation, park people, gliding on the ground

the first dream is set in a brickyard or a cement works

there are large piles of brick or cement rubble in two or three places

there is an air of foreboding, although what form the menace is in isn’t clear

it is thought this dream is the result of falling asleep while listening to a dark and moody version of a two-hour radio play of Bladerunner (do androids dream of electric sheep?)

the second theme, it is a sunny day

we are looking at the entrance to a park that has tall white gates

people are going into a park in large numbers

the word large doesn’t convey the actual number of people going through the gates into the park

it would be more accurate to use the word multitudes

in the third dream, we are experiencing a gliding feeling

possibly ice or roller-skates

not sure what brought on this pleasant sense of movement

the last scene of this bit of R.e.m. is of my step-brother and step-father in a room where we live

this dream is an all-white dream with splotches of dark

walk into the bedroom and can see the tools and the bits and pieces of sawn wood

false walls have been installed

both of them are looking pleased

i am impressed

it is a very professional bit of d.i.y.

both of them, it should be noted, are as honest and as the day is long

they have built the false walls in their eagerness to please me

they know i deal in drugs and are letting me know they are going to help and not hinder me

i am furious

it should be noted that both of them are as honest as the day is long

the last thing I want to happen was to get them involved

from memory, this is the only dream which contains a smell

it was the distinct smell of wood and plaster

three times I ask my step-brother, “did you do this?”

he never answered

the dream finishes

the last dream is the most vivid dream for months

vividness: 2.9 to 4.8 – participant and observer – the category of the dreams: foreboding (5+) flying/gliding (5+) family (6+) stepfather (1) step-brother (1)


the name of the dream: return of the Montages

a ninety-second, one-hundred-plus pictures montage

most scenes lasted for between one-third to one half of a second

every scene is in colour

in amongst them, a white horse, oliver hardy and barbara windsor

every pic/scene contained movement

one scene is of a canvas portrait of a man’s face

the grain of the painting is clearly visible

the picture started as a still scene

while taking in the detail, the man’s face becomes alive

as he turns to face the observer, a smile forms

the smile gets bigger

his gaze lingers for a moment before the scene is replaced by another scene

the portrait scene was the longest of all the scenes, lasting about three-quarters of a second

vividness 3 to 4.2 – observer – the category of the montage: multi-themed montage



the name of the dream: whoops-a-daisy

the new american democratic party in the america is having its first major policy conference

the dream starts with yours truly in the foyer after the doors were closed

two or three armed guards are in the foyer

the doors have padlocked, heavy-duty chains going through the handles on the outside

think i’m a photographer or perhaps a newspaper reporter

there will be a couple of hours to wait until the convention finishes

fifteen metres across the way there is another building much like the one i’m in

there is condensation on the inside of the glass of the building where i am

a movement inside the foyer of the other building causes me to look

can’t quite make out who it is

go the the window and rub away the condensation

can see him more clearly, but it’s raining and stiil can’t make him out

the person in the foyer of the other building comes closer to the window

for a second he becomes recognisable

it looks like joe biden

he looks lost

first going this way, then going the other

think this dream is linked to a clip on Infowars of joe biden falling up the stairs, not once, not twice but three times while boarding a plane

he looks a complete div

vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: topical () politics () joe biden (1)


the name of the dream: 52d

the first theme in this dream is to do with me needing to go to the toilet

didn’t get to a toilet in time and soiled myself

fairly sure this dream was due to taking a large dose of vitamin c during the day and feeling the need to go to the toilet shortly after

the second theme

while walking along a street, a girl presented herself to me and let me know she was prepared to be intimate

a little further along the street, we came to a t-junction

we turned left

ten metres ahead was a railway crossing

then, a young man of twenty came up to me and said, “so-and-so wants to see you at 52d”

wasn’t familiar with the name or the address

the tone in his voice suggested it was more of an order than a request

i became cautious

he said, “i want you to come with me”

i said, “i’m not going anywhere with you”

another young man appeared in the dream

no sooner had he appeared, when a car pulled up at the kerb

the back-seat door of the car opened

the two lads grabbed hold of me and started forcing me to the car

there was a prolonged struggle

during the struggle, i turned through one-hundred and eighty degrees

my movement was so quick it threw one of the young men into the middle of the road

there are then two scenes that contain violence (am leaving the details of scenes of violence out of dreams from now on)

it meant the police would be showing up soon

the would-be abductors knew they had failed and drove off

vividness 3.3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: attempted abduction (1+)


2nd dream

the name of the dream:

was in a two or three people dinghy

the dinghy was dark grey and black

didn’t have a paddle

didn’t think i would need one

the water was only metres away from where i was living

the flow of the water would take me to where it met the open sea

the last time had been there, the open sea was only one or two-hundred-metres across to the bank on the other side

in another scene, had reached the open sea

it was completely different

the open sea had gone from being one or two-hundred-metres across to seven-or-eight-kilometres

the current would take me all the way out to sea

panic gripped me

had to get back to the bank, but quick

without a paddle, the only option was to use my hands

was wearing heavy-duty plastic and cloth gloves

my hands would get cold

had to paddle like billyo to beat the current

was winning the fight against the current when the dream ended

vividness 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: open waters (3+)


the name of the dream: pre-heavenly activity: freedom-fever

at home in bed

had woken a minute or two before

was thinking about what we would be doing in future Undulations while man-shaped

then, like bolt from the blue, it revealed itself

it seems all of the matter in the universe is being organised into a Life-Friendly environment

there are glistening silver structures from where we are now that seem to stretch out to the end of the Observable Universe in all directions

the whole thing is buzzing with activity

huge, moving craft carrying other huge structures

craft transporting people and other smaller structures

a feverish sense of purpose accompanies our activities

the scope of the task is all-consuming

we incorporate our interaction with one another as we build

work, love and play merge

they are indistinguishable from each other

we know we will accomplish that which has to be done and complete the task, but there isn’t a scintilla of complacency

the scene lasts for two or three seconds of Dream- Time, after which the dreamer jumps out of bed and dashes into the living-room

two or three people are waiting for me to get out of bed

in the living-room, my gaze finds cathy

cath, “i know what we will be doing for eternity” (while man-shaped)

am about to begin explaining the dream when i wake

for things to fit together properly, this dream must be somewhere between a million-years from now and no further into the future than five-thousand-million years from now for the picture “Heavenly Bodies” to be accurate

it is the most far-reaching look into into the future as man-shaped beings to date

vividness 3.5 to 4.4 – observer – the category of the dream: future undulations (5+) cath (2+)


the name of the dream: more fool me

offered a couple of casual acquaintances a tenner if they could come up with a business venture which would return a profit on a thousand pounds

knew i was taking a risk telling them about my finances, but thought they would think of the long-term benefits

not sure how they found out i had a thousand pounds stashed but was robbed of it

knew where to find the two lads, and decided to put up a fight

loaded a shotgun with blanks and went to confront them

caught up with them at their hang out

they are fifteen people in the room where they are, every one of them is committed to a life of crime

spoke loud enough for everyone to hear

would give a thousand-pound reward if the money was returned

delivered my ultimatum and waited for a response

they carried on as though i wasn’t there

lost patience and fired a shot into the ceiling

it created a black gunpowder smudge on the ceiling

the group of men stopped talking and they began sizing me up

i had crossed the line

was thinking what to do when the dream ended

vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: criminality ()


the name of the dream: new accommodation and new friends

the council has built two new eight or nine-storey blocks of flats within three-quarters of a kilometre of the city centre

have been allocated a flat on the first floor

it has an L-shaped living room

the kitchen occupies the rest of the floor-space

the kitchen has floor-standing cupboards

when seated in any part of the living room, the rest of the flat is visible

it gives the impression of being a lot more spacious than it is

can seat ten or twelve people, more if people sit in the kitchen

its nearness to town makes it easy for people to get to

it soon became the gathering place for friends and friends of friends

in the dream, there seven or eight people sitting and chatting

the underlying theme of conversation has a political theme

in one scene, a friend of a friend tried to rubbish the definition of love

he didn’t get any support from anyone else

in another scene, someone pointed out that in the other new block of flats, a man was looking into our flat using binoculars

at first, i felt peeved

then a feeling of gratification that someone thought our lives were were snooping on

x material followed the scenes in the flat

the xual content brought the writer to the realisation that the most intense natural pleasurable feelings we experience, (ej*on), is the bare constant of the heavenly experience

vividness 3.4 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: socialising ()


the name of the dream: politics, food and tasty anatomy’s

two themes and one scene

arnold schwarzenegger has a role in government

he is trying to get support for a policy

his manner is surprisingly uninsistent

he is talking to another man but is alluding to me when he says, “if someone was to support it, it would probably get accepted”

the next theme is food

someone is eating a large, juicy chicken pie

he bites into the pie

he bites too energetically and some of the white gravy squirts onto his shirt

there is quite a bit more to this period of R.E.M.

the last four months have seen a noticeable reduction in the detail in dreams

this is due to smoking too much green

now that the writer is back on the “wagon”, should see an expansion of details within the next few months

the scene shows a woman lying on her front

she is dressed

her skin-tight slacks leave only the colour of her skin to imagine

the eye is drawn to her buttocks

buttocks don’t come anymore voluptuous

the dreamer wakes in an aroused state

vividness 3.2 to 4 – observer – the category of the dream: celebrities () arnold schwarzenegger (3+) food () chicken pie (1+) the female shape () buttocks (2+)


the name of the dream: soon to be

a two-theme dream

this dream is solidly based on the Pde’s

it is, in part, from a conversation, and in part from watching a couple of episodes of Would i lie to you

we are living in a post-covid world

there is more than enough time for fun and recreation

am a guest on an episode of a quick-fire comedy show

another guest panellist, a woman, determined to throw me off-guard, says earnestly, “the rumour is you’re a lousy lover”

my reply is, “that’s a bit rich considering it’s coming from a woman whose hymen is still intact”

she doesn’t have a comeback

the second dream is a conversation that details the run-up to, and the demise of, the covid hoax

the world in this dream is free of financial tyranny

vividness 3.4 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: topical () covid (3+) financial ()