utility 4




name of dream: comfortableness can be complicated


the whole of this dream revolved around the variations which came from making modifications to an adjustable bed


an awake-time neighbour was interested in buying an adjustable bed the same as the one i had bought a week or two before


the slats of the bed were made of wood and didn’t have any degree of flexibility


it was thought that if a different material was used, in the dream the wood slats had been changed for black, semi-rubberised, slats, it would give even greater comfort through flexibility


there were eight or more changes that were suggested as being improvements and with each new suggestion a different scene occurred in the dream showing the bed with the new changes


keeping abreast of the changes was quite difficult


for each new suggested change, it meant rolling back the design features that had been added which could be three, four or five modifications


in effect, it meant having to re-design the bed from scratch every time a new idea was introduced


the difficulty was re-summoning the pictures in the order they would look with the new changes added


the degree of difficulty in bringing the pictures to mind was akin to a think-read dream but with pictures and not grammatically correct wording


surprisingly, it was easier to recall pictures in sequence than it was to remember the word-sequence of think-read dreams




time-tense: probably future tenses


qod 3.7


qos 3.8




vividness 3.3


stand-out moment: the ease with which pictures could be recalled in the correct sequence