d-man from endic


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film of a grey craft crashing

hope you can appreciate the significance of this film

these beings have been around for more than 65 million years and they still can’t make craft that don’t crash

video here

take a look

they even look look they’re up to no good

video here

meet the bad guys

these are devolving 

man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class of beings

also called grays or greys

(the colour of their skin)

there’s some good left in some of them

after watching the film the fourth kind it has to be brought to your attention that devolving beings are at different stages of devolution

the further down the evolutionary ladder a being is the more likely they more violent they are

in a group

video here

if you could look at picture 5 of picture pages 3000 and see what the lover looks like you would be able to see just how nightmarish these beings are by comparison

a juvenile in custody in brazil

video here


the fact that this contact happened at the height of world war 2 speaks volumes

video here

alien autopsy

this footage has convinced so many people e.t.’s are for real the oligarch’s funded (out of the taxes we pay) a jokey film (also called alien autopsy) to counter its credbility

video here

the assertion that from the first life to walk on two legs (the dinosaurs) one species, man shaped, attained the ability to perpetuate independent of earth

this conclusion is drawn from appraising  the anthropic principle and finds support through  dale russell

when we civilize ourselves (learn how to live without taking each other lives) we will be joining them

see  ethical parameters

the strongest argument against the idea of a man shaped being having evolved from the dinosaur class of beings is that there is no evidence of their existence

in the 1960’s when the writer was working in a hotel in london he had a one-off chat with a woman archaeologist who told him that the skull of a dinosaur man had been found

(the woman could talk to a nobody about it as it was unlikely it would go any further. to speak out publicly would have… see oligarchs )

within the first few months of the writer being active on the internet he spoke to a man (the man didn’t know anything about the writer) who told him that the remains of a civilization millions of years old had been found and that it had been blown up

this is what ordinary people don’t realize… the oligarchs and the third party are devolving beings and it is their nature to lie and deceive and cheat and murder and…

they think it’s the way of life

n.a.s.a.‘s (national aeronautical space administrations) transmissions of astronauts describing ufo’s

there’s a very simple way of proving if d-man is out there or not

it will cost about ten million euros (one thousandth of a penny per person)

if you want to prove it to yourself see a show of hands

the most convincing evidence of their existence the writer has come across is the phoenix lights sightings in 1997

what makes it believable is…

the large number people ( 10 000 ) who saw it

the sincerity of the witnesses

the writer has a picture of a craft of a similar shape

it occurred at the same time the hale-bopp comet was in the sky and hundreds of people were ready with their camcorders and cameras which means they knew they would be seen, and more significantly, wanted to be seen, and there would be hard evidence of their presence

their space ships are big

( they need to be big to transport 100 000 000 000 people )

we’re much too unrefined ethically to mix freely with them

however, they are willing and ready to communicate with us

the problem isn’t they aren’t ready for us the problem is…

in 1969 a man in turkey died from a heart attack when he saw the live t.v. coverage of men walking on the moon

the cultural shock killed him !

the problem isn’t that they aren’t ready for us, the problem is…

are we ready for them?

ethically advanced beings do not kill

if they revealed themselves tomorrow in craft miles long all around the world and one, just one, person died of shock they have become muderer’s

they will be treading very carefully to make sure that doesn’t happen

things to bear in mind…

some species of dinosaurs were warm blooded and gave birth to live children

they’re 65 million years ahead of us


their personalities are what we will be in like in 65 million years…

neither the men nor the women will have hair…

the women won’t have breasts…

their skin will be silky smooth…

their nervous system will be highly evolved…

genetic theory is completely understood…

( each person knows, to the day, when their next recurrenceis )

they have banished pain…

the average life span is well in excess of 1 000 000 years…

murder only exists in their history books…

inter-class procreation doesn’t seem probable but there’s a simple way to find out…

none of this alters the fact that 18 000 children will die unnecessarily tomorrow

when is contemporary mammal man going to grow up ?




if there were a live 24/7 t.v. channel showing the spacecraft of d-mans comings and goings just outside of the atmosphere and we had a remote to flip between our favourite soap or sports or movie channel the probability is that within a very short time the d-man channel wouldn’t be the first channel we looked at when we turned on the telly


the reason why dinosaur man isn’t as common place in our thinking as what the weather is doing is because it is known to strategic military planners, who are in tight collusion with the arms manufacturers, that d-mans spacecraft are so advanced that they can come and go as they please within our atmosphere and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it

( america’s $70 000 000 000 ” star wars ” programme in the 1980’s was an attempt to destroy them in space )


if it had to be admitted that there are spacecraft that can come and go as they please within our atmosphere then the thought arises… what’s the point in spending huge amounts of money, that could otherwise be spent on improving the standard of living of ordinary people, on weapons systems to protect the population from the invasion of an earthling army if those same weapons are completely useless against d-man who can drop in on us any old time they want to?


hence the cover up


there are those in the military, and others not in the military, of all nations who need weapons of mass destruction on tap because weapons of mass destruction are a part of the perception of that reality that goes hand in hand with a death-outcome orientation


one point that needs bringing up

in the same way as there are those amongst us who, for different reasons, justify killing people so too there are those in the dinosaur class of man shaped being who have the same bent towards life


the devolving of the dinosaur class use the technology they have to vent their death outcome impulses


it only takes one virus to produce millions of offspring and infect an entire body


likewise it only takes one family and a handful of the offspring of a devolving man shaped dinosaur to tar the entire class of all of the dinosaur man shaped being’s


man shaped devolving dinosaurs living in space do not have any love left in them


they are at varying degrees of losing both their man shape and the accompanying facial features that go with a loving nature


they do not, repeat, do not, represent of the dinosaur class of man shaped beings who are treading the evolutionary path


you’ve seen the films and heard accounts of what “aliens” look like and what they get up to

( the ones with big black eyes and a head shaped like a pear are very popular at the moment )


beings with distorted heads, odd shaped bodies and weird facial characteristics are going to start appearing in the loveless of the mammal class over the coming generations


indeed if you know what to look for the characteristics being mentioned here are starting to appear now


if you want to know what a typical evolving man shaped dinosaur looks like pick someone who looks like what you consider to be a typical man shaped mammal person with typical facial features then remove the hair and breasts and cover them with a silky, shining skin


neither overlook the fact that the wisdom that brought the technologies into the world that were meant to increase our knowledge and make our lives more comfortable was done so by those treading the evolutionary path

quantum theory, which is meant to increase our understanding of existence is a perfect example


it took just 45 years to use quantum theory for murder ( hiroshima and nagasaki ) and is currently being used by the devolving to keep people on edge with the ever-looming possibility of a nuclear war

( you can relax about that possibility. it’s already happened. mammal man and nuclear war are of eternity past )


films that point to the existence of devolving dinosaur man and that have credibility are…

” the disappearance of flight 412 “

this film portrays the fears within the american military of a technologically advanced life-form with a destructive tendency


in all fairness who wouldn’t feel scared to know there were beings light years ahead of us technologically with the desire to kill


” the fourth kind “

this film is, the writer asks you to consider, an account of interference by a devolving being of the dinosaur class


it is the opposite of the experience of the encounter a highly credible person ( will seek his permission before naming him ) had when he too was subject to exactly the same type of levitation in “he “fourth kind” and how the contrast between an encounter with an evolving dinosaur man shaped beings and a devolving one, as in the film, couldn’t be more different


for the reasons mentioned here the writer has got to hold back an understanding of the brain and the subtle mechanism of genetic theory that is applicable to this generation


consequently, absence of the knowledge will cause a rupture in the continuity of many genetic lines for dozens of generations ahead


to release the information now while death oriented persons (the 2nd and 3rd party) are still calling the shots will give the devolving more ammunition to foul up the future for even more of you than is already the case


bear in mind… devolving beings are only doing what comes naturally to them


in many instances avoiding the pit of despair is simple… practice ethics