utility 2

name of the dream and/or references: the house next to a road with a ten degree slope

the ridiculousness of it

it was all wrong but there it was

neither the house nor the road should have been there

from twenty-five metres to the left of the house to the start of where the road began its decline on the right of the house was a two-lane, asphalt road

from the top of the road to a t-junction at the bottom was more than a hundred metres

it was unlikely a person could walk up the steep and there could be serious repercussions for someone going down it if they lost their balance

to the right of the house a winding road weaved its way off into the distance and looked like it would join the road that branched to the left of the t-junction about five hundred metres to the left

the house was isolated

there were no other buildings of any sort along the access road

the asphalt road crossed the front of the house but whether it connected to other roads somewhere to the left wasn’t in the dream

the person who chose to live there must have had a lot of money or a lot of influence or both to have it built


an observer – vividness: 3.7 – the quality of the dream: 3.3 – the quality of the sleep: 3.9


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name of dream: mini-montage – children’s gallery


a montage sequence with twelve or fifteen different pictures


the pictures were children’s themes


the pictures were drawn using single lines; there were no “filled-in” areas


each picture was instantly recognisable


a house, a tree, a bird…


the colouring was in pastel


it could have been a set of pictures which someone was presenting to a publisher for approval to accompany the words of a book


a picture on one page the writing on the next


you must have seen this type of format for a child-book and know exactly what i meant






q 3.5






vividness: 3.8


the stand-out part of the dreams: the simplicity of the drawings


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: can be life simple?


category of dream: mini-montage


cause/s of the dream:


notes 1


wouldn’t it be great if the technology in the dream heisenberg’s proof was available to us now


we wouldn’t to have spend years studying art


each one of us with our own unique style dreaming up pictures that no one else would dream of


each person conjuring up pictures worthy of being put on display


it would take umpteen lifetimes merely to browse through them all


the future IS coming and it is unstoppable