think-read, think-write and crossword think-write dreams

pic 1 (think-read dreams can be coloured)

think-write and think-read 2

pic 2 (crossword think-write dreams)

crossword think-write

the first entry for a think-write dream

the first entry for think-write dream 18012018

coloured think-write dreams are the same format as think-read dreams

understanding the difference between think-read dreams and think-write dreams is easy

think-read dreams are messages “from you to me” pic 1 (a recieved message)

think-write dreams are messages “from me to you” pic 2 (a message sent)

there is the scope for crossword think-write dreams to become extremely elaborate: the first, and only crossword think-write dream so far, is from the dream of 18012018  see also matrix mechanics

when forming a thing-read message a person “vocalises” a word in her/his head and the word becomes placed on the “write-line” or in a box

think-write is a message sent and think-read is a message received

think-write dreams usually presnt themselves in ticker-tape fashion and occasionally the words are in boxes

whereas when composing a crossword think-write message a selection of words becomes visible in a column

crossword think-write messages: pic 2


every column in this dream had four or five 1 by 3 rectangles

every column was above or below the write-line but not on it

there were columns to the left and the right of the last word on the write-line

there were columns several words to the right of the last word on the write-line

and in one scene there was a column of several words to the left and below the last word on the write-line

i think, but am not completely sure, there may have been an empty column or two somewhere above the write-line as well

the columns were coloured

every column had four or five words in it

the dream…

was at the computer searching for a vital bit of information which i didn’t think i wouldn’t get an answer to but got the answer straight away

at that moment i felt a surge of gratitude toward the provider of the information and decided to post a sentence of praise

the think-write crossword-message was going to be… “it was “****” who provided the solution but i don’t want to mention the company’s name because they get enough publicity as it is”

notes 1

after waking and after three or four attempts to remember who it was who posted the answer i gave up trying to recall the name

i couldn’t see any point in making the dream into an entry because the part of the dream which was thought to be the crucial part of the dream, the provider of the information, wasn’t known

it wasn’t until i had been up and about for about an hour that the applications of the dream dawned on me (also read the p.s. of notes 2 in the dream this dream)

notes 2

there was nothing in the pde’s which pointed to the cause of this dream

it is concluded it is you-know-who moving things along

the reason for this dream is that it would be realised that crossword think-write dreams are a new and valuable tool

again, it wont be until other people start posting their dreams and allow everyone the opportunity to cross-reference their dreams for continuity, compatibility and commonality and discover if crossword think-write dreams are a constant and constructive aspect of love/life in the same way as dreams that are less than desirable are associated with stray thoughts, unsocial attitudes and destructiveness are connected

notes 3

as this is being typed an application for crossword think-write dreams has presented itself… ?


you post… “i had a crossword think-write dream last night which said “jayne, i have lost your phone number. it is important that i contact you. is your surname smith ?”

the jayne smith has a think-read dream from the person who had a crossword think-write dream


*my reference name is – john 10 21 57 11022015, which means twenty-one minutes and fifty-seven seconds past ten in the morning of the eleventh of february two-thousand and fifteen** (see Time for Time)

my chosen name is googoled


it is expected that the current time-format we use will change when we begin interacting with D-Man

it is thought that d-man will have the age/time of the universe accurate to within one million Planck Times

this, in turn, brings up the question… at what time does our dependence on the universe stop ?


at what time does the reliance on Quons for our existence stop, assuming we no longer need quons for our existence after Transmutation ?

notes 4

when the momentum of change is underway WordPress will have to be able to host a few thousand million free websites


time-tense: 5

qod 3.5

qos 3.4


vividness: 4.2

the stand-out part of the dream: the colours

the significance of the dream – a new faculty for use in dream-time

category of dream: crossword think-write dream

cause/s of the dream: see notes 2 above