the eternity clock

it makes most sense to think thatĀ planck times are generated by eternity at a constant rate

an exploratory figure says one planck timeĀ is generated by eternity once every 1.3 million years


the eternity clock

a new notion is emerging…

an even greater scope has been added to our situation

love/life is able to initiate a new undulation at a time of our own choosing rather than have eternity thrust it on us”

what could be happening…

at the end of straight-line-action this undulation, love/life initiates a new undulation one planck time before the “eternity clock” would furnish a planck time and in doing so has “stored” it

doing that continuously produces an increasing amount of time albeit at a rate of only one planck time for each new undulation

so now love/life is accumulating one planck time each undulation and the accumulated time can be used at the end of any future undulation

if the increase is maintained… because the past is a finite circumstance any rolling increase will eventually arrive at the point where there is more time in “reserve” than there is in the entire past


we will know very soon (when we’re talking to our man-shaped dinosaur cousins) what the time-gap is between each new planck time