five weeks ago the writer woke to a stinging sensation in the right hip

the cause of the problem…   

a year ago this website bought a “luxury” memory-foam mattress for £200

it was believed that a luxury mattress would give a better nights sleep, and why wouldn’t i think that ?

when the shops and the t.v. and the internet is telling us that the new generation of luxury memory mattresses are a step forward in technology there must be some truth in it, and as is usually the case with new technology, it costs more

it is accepted if something costs more it’s because it’s better

not anymore

the financial institutions and oil companies, being wholly profit-motivated, have managed to turn the idea of “more expensive means better” on its head

with the aid of the advertising industry, the oil companies have come up with a completely cynical ploy to charge more for inferior products even though they know they cause serious physical problems

oil companies and the financial institutions (led by jewish and british financiers) think nothing of trashing a country to get its oil; causing serious damage to the hips is neither here nor to them

this is what ordinary people are up against, Devolving Beings running riot