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chemicals in food cause spots, zits and pimples

the most noticeable adverse effect of chemicals in food is spots

this website’s experiences of spots on the face, forehead and scalp

up until a few days ago the battle against spots had been won

all but two or three of the spots had vanished and the biggest two or three were receding

the secret of the success was not to eat anything, with the exception of frozen veg, out of a tin, packet or container

then i decided to have frozen ice cream along with fresh fruit after a meal

mistake !

a cheap ice cream caused spots after the third meal

the cause was, without doubt, the Chemicals in the in the ice cream

this entry is to alert you to the adverse effects of the chemicals in food

every bit of information concerning the use of chemicals in food led back to the same reason… profit

it is not illegal for a company to not follow guidelines concerning the use of chemicals in foods

it is, however, illegal for a company not to return a profit for shareholders

this is an example of the bankers telling the Oligarchs to tell the legal system not to pass laws which will restrict profits

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