wordpress exercise diary


cycling machine 2 x 10 mins – 108/72/105 and 144/79/110

eggs: the Best, and cheapest, Source of Protein

the writer takes two mouthfuls of raw chicken eggs, honey and milk mix, immediately after exercising

below, how to remove the bacteria (salmonella) in eggs so as to eat eggs raw and get the maximum nutritional value from them

the eggs, honey and milk are placed in a jar, then thoroughly shaken and put in a pyrex jug with the water at 57c (135f) for two minutes – in the writer’s heyday, 1980’s when he was squatting double his body weight, he took six or more raw eggs and milk every day without any side effects – since then the Bankers have put pressure on producers to reap greater profits

companies are, by Law, required to make a profit for shareholders – now see The Mess we’re in