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cherub: a young angel


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politics: the third party

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the conjugate positions of love/life

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the mistake

the new habitation

the rate of change of evolution and devolution from undulation to undulation

the story of us

the square root

the terrible trio

the uncertainty principle

the universe

the why and the how


time-tenses – the nine tenses of time  0832018



types of dreams

u.f.o. sightings


unnatural death


what does god look like ?

what ?


where ?

wholly empathetic

why do we dream ?

why is love the winner ?

world wage

world war 1

you: the essence a person

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‘ENcyclopaedia & DICtionary



the most useful idea the mind has latched onto has got to be the concept or notion of 1

this website is using the concept of 1 to try and formulate a common-sense explanation of how things got here from nothing

this “theory of everything” uses the principle that the simplest answer is the most fruitful for explaining things, so…

the simplest conceivable thing that comes to mind as being the by-product of nothing is position

position doesn’t need to be a something, it does, however, need to be relative

position, we can safely assume ?, is a finite condition

now we presume the complimentarity of finite is infinite: now read the latest idea

* *


‘1 X 1 – ‘1 + 1

one times one and one plus one

that love/life is a mathematical entity and that it can be adequately expressed and understood through the concept of 1 x 1 and that it 1 x 1 is a more sophisticated form of  1 + 1

1 + 1 is seen as the mechanism through which the indifferent infinite continues endlessness

1 + 1 is continuous whereas 1 x 1 is discontinuous

the discontinuousness of 1 x 1 is because… ongoing


equals infinity came from nothing and may be the most sophisticated form of “thinking” that can come from nothing

the origin of one times one is viewed as being as being an accumulation of 1 + 1’s and this resulted in a continuity and the phrase which expresses this continuity is times or multiplication

one plus one is not thought to have a link between each manifestation of one and acts accordingly with those descriptions science employs and stands diametrically opposed to love/lifes character and behaviour

one times one is therefore elevated to a special or unique place within in the overall frame of our mathematical picture of existence and, when it is evaluated, should give us the foundation on which to build a theory of consciousness

the result of interpreting life in this way may have given us the conceptual means with which to arrange and project current and future trends of the multiplicative process as it applies to ourselves and, if correct, to the thrust of life in its entirety

updated 15032018

* * *


‘100 000 000 000

one hundred thousand million

one raised to the eleventh power [1 ^11] ) is…

the number of cells in the brain

the average number of stars in a galaxy

the number of years the galaxy as we see it now lasts for

the number of galaxies in the universe

the number of beings of first generation

the number of individuals of second generation

the number of individuals the ecosystem can provide for and if we keep halving the number of years it takes for new classes of man-shaped beings to evolve, as was the case for ourselves and dinosaur-man, there is ample time for 100 000 000 000 Different Classes of man-shaped beings to evolve
before the sun becomes too hostile for life

100 000 000 000

more than just coincidence?


the picture at the top is

1 000 000 people

if you can imagine another one hundred thousand pictures like that you have foreseen how many people there will be by the year 3000 ad

* * *


‘a planck length

a planck length is the distance travelled when moving at the speed of light for one planck time

it works out at around 1 ^-33 centimetres

although a smaller distance can be imagined quantum theory rests on a planck time and a planck length as being the smallest units that nature can furnish

* * *


‘a planck time

1 ^-43 of a second

one second divided by 10 = 0.1 of a second
(one-tenth of a second)

one second divided by 100 = 0.01 of a second
(one one-hundredth of a second)

one second divided by 1000 = 0.001 of a second
(one one-thousandth of a second)

do that another 39 times

a planck time is one of natures constants and does not change

this web site will always use it where it can be used as a basis for measurement

* * *


‘a googol

a googol is 1 followed by 100 zero’s

also known as a love-length (see Lin-Len)

it is quite a mental effort to appreciate just how much time there is in 1 ^100

(1 raised to the one-hundredth power) years

let’s say the average time a person lives for is 100 years

100 is 1 ^2 years
(1 lifetime)

1000 = 1 ^3
(10 lifetimes)

10 000 = 1 ^4
(100 lifetimes)

100 000 = 1 ^5
(1000 lifetimes)

1 000 000 = 1 ^6
(10 000 lifetimes)

10 000 000= 1 ^7
(100 000 lifetimes)

100 000 000 = 1 ^8
(1 000 000 lifetimes)

1000 000 000 = 1^9
(10 000 000 lifetimes)

10 000 000 000 = 1 ^10
(this is how long our sun lasts)

100 000 000 000 = 1 ^11
(this is how long the galaxy, as we know it, lasts)

1 000 000 000 000 = 1 ^12
(10 000 000 000 lifetimes)

10 000 000 000 000 = 1 ^13
(100 000 000 000 lifetimes)

10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 = 1 ^22
(one hundred trillion lifetimes and also the number of stars in the universe)

1 ^100 years = (100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 lifetimes, and how long the universe lasts)

what, you might think, would a person do with so much time on their hands?

well, there’s nothing googoled beings like doing more, throughout a love-length, than bringing soul partners together and playing a part in bringing them to fulfilment

it is fully expected that
1 ^11 googoled beings will be colluding to bring an estimated 3, 4, or 5 ^11 Soul partners closer to fulfilment this undulation

now you begin to appreciate four things…


immortality has responsibilities, albeit of a wholly enjoyable nature


love is a mechanism that has has a life of its own


why love has to become a natural trait


playing in a loving way can last forever



a nine-year-old boy came up with the word googol in 1938 when he was asked by his dad to say a word which described the biggest number he could imagine

it wasn’t known at the time but, coincidentally? it is also the number of years the universe lasts for

in 1938 science didn’t know about anything that needed a number that big

since then science has discovered things that make a googol look like a fraction… see genetic theory

* * *


‘a taste of freedom

whoa! usually, the writer wakes up from dreams in a semi-sleepy state

this dream was the first that has jolted him wide awake

there was nothing, no images, feelings etc. that preceded it

there was a dark, featureless slumber then there was a white/blue-light/space which drew the conscious into it as it was being looked at

it took on depth and the depth began expanding in all directions of the one hundred and thirty degrees or so image (vision ?)

the attention became focused at the centre of the image as it began increasing in depth

the thought “the endless” occurred then, suddenly, things became dramatic

over the course of about three or four seconds of sleep-time the endless took on a new perspective as its depth deepened in a smooth but fast way until the depth became a tangible quantity which caused the mind to baulk as the reality of endless depth diminished the individuals identity of self and forced it to withdraw as it realised it was experiencing something greater, so much, much greater than its ability to encompass

the dream lasted a second and a half of sleep-time, but, people, you had better believe… it is going to take every minute of the evolutionary process to adjust to the endless in a way that allows a continually-expanding state of mind to become part of our conscious

there have been two experiences that were notable for their sense of space/movement/freedom before this one

the first, another dream, as a child and the second, while fully conscious, is mentioned elsewhere at this website

both of those had both wonder and appeal

this one, however, was a mind-expanding one and it is the writer’s delightful privilege to pass on to yourselves one of the features of the heavenly state

this dream-experience was similar to the quantum shock which produced comprehension although in this dream the change wasn’t as sudden

from “normal” self to a different mental state faster than our current mind process’s can willfully perform

applying the roney analysis to this dream/vision leads to the conclusion that all of our desirable experiences of previous undulations are re-emerging as evolution takes place

what is also new is the idea that the endless void of space can, subjectively, be turned into a colour-rich environment


* * *



anything that doesn’t/can’t go on forever


a film

a book

a house

a planet

the man-shaped being




reciprocating love

motion without murder



a straight line

the train


this definition of abstract carries the implication that our shape, and pretty well everything else we currently experience, are abstractions

this idea has support

picture page 2 of picture pages 3000 may be the last picture we have, and need, which shows the lover’s evolvement as a man-shaped being

we can consider that the man-shaped being is, in fact, an abstract form not able to exceed a certain maximum mass/shape/size and that around this point of the lover’s evolvement it would become unsustainable to maintain being man-shaped in terms of the absolute of space

notes 1

any and every number is, by definition, finite and therefore abstract

notes 2


the mathematical function of 1 x 1 and the fibonacci sequence are of timeless reality because they conform to the absolute reality of space
(they are endless)

* * *


pde’s = previous day’s experiences

qod = quality of dream

qos = quality of sleep

* * *

ambassadors     14062910

as an ambassador of love/life you will need to arm yourself with the facts

to convince or persuade other people of how things really are is not too difficult to do

improving the conditions here on earth doesn’t come from cajoling or berating people

it comes from ideas, scientific truths, a love-felt regard for others and the ability to pass on this knowledge in a way that other people can grasp

these bits of knowledge aren’t just any old pieces of information
contained in this knowledge are the essential facts a person needs to know to make their way into the future

there are half a dozen or so really important points

possibly the most powerful idea is the arithmetic proof of life after death

once you have familiarised yourself with it have a go’s at explaining to some people you know

you will soon hone your technique and in no time at all you’ll be converting people all over the place

the writer finds his unsuspecting victims in different places and different times…

in a café, in the bus queue, on the train, on the plane, the phone operator, the shop assistant, auntie, uncle…

the way the writer does it is to start by saying… i can prove to you that there’s life after death ( emphasize the word prove )

if the circumstances are right and if you say it right most people are interested in hearing someone prove there is life after death

as often as not the person you’re saying it to is expecting a jehovah’s-witness-type pitch

little do they know what’s coming
the opening line is… how many times can you flip a coin before the same side comes up again?

you might have to coax the person into arriving at the answer
make sure that the person is absolutely convinced that the answer is two

in fact have a coin ready so you can demonstrate it
when the person is satisfied that the maximum number of times is two

then the next thing is to say is… “how many times can you roll a dice before one of the same numbers comes up again?”

it’s important that you don’t tell them the answer if they’re having trouble getting it

if you do the thinking for them it doesn’t have the same clarity and conviction as is does when people get the answer for themselves

if necessary go back to the example with the coin and explain how the first time the coin is flipped it can be either heads or tails

the second time it is flipped it can be heads or tails and on the third time it must be either heads or tails

when the person realizes that the maximum number of times a dice can be rolled before one of the same numbers comes up again is six you should be able to make the point that if there were a dice that had 8 or 10 or 40 or 100 or 1000 sides it would just be a matter of time before the numbers start repeating

then the next thing to say is… you may not know this but the maximum number of ways the genes can be combined within the dna ( actually it’s the nucleotides but keep the language in a form that ordinary people can understand ) is 1^214
( most people will need to have 1^214 explained to them )

carry on the conversation with… if we make the assumption that we ( mankind ) continue indefinitely into the future sooner or later previous combinations, that is you and i, not only can, not just might or may but must happen again

you will find that any reasonable person will get the point

when people realize that there are implications for themselves one of the first thoughts they have is ” when will my genetic combination re-occur “

to answer that question we have to go into ethics

to give 1^214 a perspective… there is something like 1^30 individual bacteria alive on earth

more simple to explain is the definition of life as in axiom 3

some people though have difficulty in seeing the obvious

it’s simply a matter of asking the person if she/he has ever seen a pregnant woman and then ask if the pregnant woman got bigger or smaller and then ask if the woman put on weight or lost weight as the pregnancy progressed

then say… so the pregnant woman got larger and heavier for nine months and when the baby was born the mother of the child lost weight and size whereas the baby started to put on weight and size as she/he grew as the days and months past

if necessary point out the same is true with children as they grow

again, any reasonable person will take your point

those who are sceptical about people who believe in god say…
you can’t prove it

it’s true, the existence of god can’t be proved, equally it can’t be disproved

it can’t be proved but it can be demonstrated through the anthropic principle that reality is saying that life isn’t a fluke

the three most popular phrases that sum up the anthropic principle are…

intelligent design, designer principle universe ( finely-tuned for life )

it is in fact the other way around… life fine-tuned itself to the universe

the way writer tries ( and this one can be a real labour of love ) to do it is to start off by saying… you know what electricity is, well, the electricity that goes around the wires in the house is made up of millions and millions of individual particles called electrons

every one of those electrons has exactly the same amount of electric charge as every other one

for the purpose’s of this conversation let’s say the amount of electricity that each electron has is 1^-40ergs of energy

if the electric charge of the electron was 1^-39 or 1^-41 we wouldn’t be here

it’s the same for the values of every particle in the universe, they all have to be exactly the way they are or else we wouldn’t be here

it’s not just the specific values of the individual particles

the amount of matter in the universe has to be just the right amount or we wouldn’t be here

the rate the universe is expanding has to be just the way it is or we couldn’t be here

if the stars or galaxies didn’t exist we wouldn’t be here, and if any fact of nature that we depend upon for our existence is explored it will be found that it is, itself, dependant on the other things mentioned

and further… we occurred at the earliest moment in the history of the universe when planetary life could have occurred  ( in breach of the law of averages )

it appears to be the case that the size and the weight of the planet, as well as the distance it is from the sun, has to be just so

also, we ourselves have to be the size and weight we are

also, the ozone layer, the magnetosphere, the salinity content of the oceans

then there’s the carbon consideration

there’s a little over 100 elements in the universe

if you add up the number of ways carbon can be made into compounds it is more than all the rest of the elements put together which, as carbon-based life forms, gives us incredible versatility and scope

how could a purely random event ( which is what those who won’t entertain the idea of god believe ) produce carbon-based life-forms

and then there are the chemical combinations… to arrive at the right chemical combination for the molecules to begin the life processes, life had to pick the right combination from 1^113 possibilities ( 1^113 is 40 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 times bigger than 1 ^22
( 1 ^22 is the number of all the stars in the entire universe )

to get the right combination it would mean having to try a million combinations every second of every day for 1000’s of millions of years

how on earth did life know what the right combination was ?

it’s getting to the point that those who don’t believe in god are the looney tunes

there are two or three more points that are crucial

when they have been simplified this title entry will have a new date

if you went to see the doctor about something and while examining you he noticed that there was something else seriously wrong with you and didn’t say anything you would be able to take him to court and a court would find him guilty of a crime

love/life doesn’t take you to court

his terrible love is the equivalent of a court’s mercy

the mechanism of reality brings about the persons own rewards and punishments

go to a fete or any organized open-air event where you can put up a stall or a tent and have a sign that says i can prove to you that’s there’s life after death and see what sort of reaction you get

* * *



the buildings (3) where the organising of the construction of the new unnatural-death-designed-out-habitation

translators for the world’s 200-300 different languages and another 3000-5000 translators for sub-dialects
(approximately 10000 interpreters)

at least eight times that number will be needed for eight three-hour shifts for a 24/7 live worldwide broadcasting network

a two-way flow of ideas for the entire population of the world to and from the auditoriums
(the greater the input of ideas the more likely it will be that the correct answers will be arrived at in the quickest time)

continually running archive channels of one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, one decade and one generation

technical, catering, cleaning, maintenance…

cgi personnel and free-hand artists for as as-we-go graphics and visuals… at a guess, 50 000 + people will be needed for a well-oiled and smoothly-running auditorium

sleeping accommodation, recreation and playing facilities, lounge areas

* * *


‘axiom 1

axiom: a self-evident truth

e.g. night and day

that of all things that exist there also exists a size to numerical ratio

in that, for any given thing there will always be more of the smaller and less of the larger

examples of the visible…

people, mountains, clouds, planets, wavelengths, suns, fish…

examples of the invisible…

galaxies, micro-organisms, viruses, molecules

examples of abstract form…

numerical structure, pi, the counting numbers…

derived from planck’s postulate

see also consciousness

* * *


‘axiom 2

axiom: a self-evident truth

example: night and day

axiom 2


1 times 1 and 1 divided by the Square root


1 plus 1 and 1 minus half

derived from Planck’s postulate

* * *


‘axiom 3

an axiom is a self-evident truth

example: night and day


we; by growing larger and heavier or smaller and lighter or both

example pregnancy/birth


that which gets larger and lighter or smaller and heavier or both

example: Supernovae

axiom 3 is the tool for alleviating the three naturally occurring painful experiences… baby’s first breath, teething and the labour of birth

it has been the dream of generations past that life could be lived without war but the idea of life without pain hasn’t been talked about at all

once men have gone through teething they could, theoretically, live the rest of their lives without experiencing pain again

for women, they haven’t had time to get over the trauma of menstruation before the thought that the pain of delivery is part of the continuation of life becomes lodged into her psyche

perhaps it is a woman’s experiences when becoming a mother, witnessed and understood by the husband, which has produced the outlook that pain is a part of life and we have to resign ourselves to it

women, and men, it is time to tear up your resignation papers

the future is here


* * *


‘babies are born…

babies are born, as conceived, in a state of love, and that every act, every gesture, every, every look, every expression, every attitude, every word, every laugh, every sound, every touch that does not possess love causes the baby to modify, and thereby detract from, her/his love

this outlook must mean that every baby experience’s a massive Dissipation of love during the first few hours/days/weeks/months/years? of life and that the destructive aspects of personality and behaviour will persist and worsen until steps are taken to put things right


in a world where brash and bullish attitudes are the order of the day, it’s difficult to convey the delicately balanced conjugate positioning of love/life… it’s fragility, it’s resilience, it’s ability to occupy extremes, so easy to disrupt, so quick to spring back

the New habitation will bring an end to this devastatingly detrimental circumstance

and while we’re there, what are you doing, no, not saying, what are you doing to get things moving ?


the expression “cry like a baby” exists because The nervous system in the newly-born is at its most sensitive at birth

as those attitudes and lifestyle practices that ensue from those outlooks that bring about the desensitizing of an infant’s nervous system are realised to be destructive (the writer’s mother told him he cried non-stop for six weeks after being circumcised) and are removed from our lifestyle the nervous system will not only stay intact but will have the environment through which we will become even more sensitive (we are evolving)

if you are really lucky (are happy, healthy and living within ethical parameter’s) and recur at a point in the not too distant future, you will find that, as a fully grown adult, a slight scratch will make you cry like a baby

a dried apple ring will help relieve the misery of teething (you’re all going to be held to account for not helping the writer take the suffering out of the lives of our infants)


you will find that when you are cemented into evolution other people’s babies are more important than your own, or, putting other people’s babies before your own will cement you into the evolutionary process

* * *


‘bad people

bad people are people who may or may not recognise the sanctity and potential of man-shaped beings and don’t regard the avoidance of committing murder as being the most important thing in life

to avoid committing murder and forfeiting your place in heaven, all you have to do is keep abreast of the writer ethically

* * *


‘bell’s theorem of interconnectedness

bell’s theorem is a mathematical proof

it tells us that every quon (particle) in the universe is connected to every other quon instantaneously


don’t, as with the fanciful ideas attached to the theory of relativity (a couple of newly-weds decide to go for a two-week cruise on a speed-of-light interstellar cruiser for their honeymoon and when they get back they are just in time for their parent’s funerals), apply this theorem to life

contemporary mammal man has drifted into the erroneous outlook of applying the characteristics of inanimate quons to life

there is a world of difference between life and inanimacy… see axiom 3

when thinking about physics it is suggested that we go along with the classical mechanical view of experience, time is a constant and individuality cannot be cloned

the subatomic quantum world, which possesses discontinuity, is to be regarded as a theoretical reality which we can never experience

“there is no quantum world. there is only an abstract mathematical description”

read here why it is people are saying bell’s theorem is the most important theorem in science

* * *


the first of four children to…

here in britain young men used to call young women birds

we called young women birds because young men and small boys would be at home doing nothing in particular when, from another room, a spontaneous burst of happiness caused a small boy’s mother or a young man’s wife to start singing their favourite song

it was just like a bird had flown into the house and started singing

* * *


‘cherub: a young angel

this visualisation presented itself when the writer asked a question about smoking cigarettes

he was taken aback when, for the first time, the lover showed his sense of humour

cherub isn’t a picture

it’s a 3 to 5 second technicolor film sequence
no doubt it will become the most-viewed video in the history of the world



for too many people life is a deadly serious matter and the idea of a god who pokes fun at something which can have life-threatening consequences can be viewed in a poor light

we need to bear in mind that his capacity to suffer and our capacity to suffer are worlds apart e.g. we don’t have a lot of sympathies when a baby cries because she/he is stopped from crawling wherever she or he wants to and besides, nobody forces people to start smoking in the first place

what would a massive physical injury to you or i is water off a ducks back for him


it’s a pity that things didn’t go as they could/should have gone back in 1990/1991/1992

the picture pages that are referred to as Picture pages 3000 would have been yours to assess and one, in particular, would have given you an insight and instilled in you a real and deep feeling of humility, of just how much he can/had to endure to make our existence possible

even those pictures are relatively easy going compared to the pain of the isolation of eternity past

the tone of mankind’s mood over the next decade or two will determine whether this 2 to 3-second sequence is presented or not


* * *


‘choice – ‘choices

as i see it there are four choices, which, when permuted, give twenty four options


announce d-man’s existence through the mainstream media (Disclosure)


announce the renewed belief that god exists


get an Auditorium up and running asap


announce my existence publicly


choice 1

Evolving e.t.’s interacting with us will help enable us to constrain the 2nd and 3rd Party

choice 2

it’s amazing that with so many people who purport to believe in Jesus only one person had the courage of his convictions and acknowledged my existence publicly

choice 3

it isn’t written in stone that the first of the new Habitations
have to be built in russia

we can start the planning and the organising the new habitation’s somewhere other than russia

likewise, with the first Auditorium

the first one doesn’t have to be in cologne

we can begin implementing Genetic theory via the auditorium

when people begin realising what the implications are it will generate a momentum for change

choice 4

the only way this is acceptable to this website is if this announcement accompanies


if only one option is taken my preferred choice is 3

of the choices available this was the one which presented solutions to the main problems as it was being thought about

choice 4

after six months the Live 24/7 Channel is not gaining momentum

it’s probably because i’m missing nine out of ten of the messages

this is a request for people who can give an hour a week of their time to reply to messages as they come in

i will put in three hours a day

for this endeavour to really come alive one hundred and fifty people need to be prepared to put aside an hour a week to reply to comments

if you want to help leave a message

with link 2 and 3 you will need to have a youtube account to leave a message

link 1 is the simplest way to leave a message

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

don’t forget to give me a way of contacting you


* * *


‘collective love

that moment in Heaven when everybody’s love is equally balanced and which then produces an increase in the quantity of life

this is Love/life’s real power

the ability to bring into existence beings who will exist forever

some people think that power is being able to end the life of another person

some people think that power is being able to end the live’s of many people

some people think that power is being able to fool most of the people most of the time

some people think that power is being able to use physical force to subdue someone

some people think that power is military might

some people think that power is being able to manipulate others through fear

some people think that power is being able to manipulate people through bribery and corruption

some people think that power is being able to manipulate people through sexual exploitation

some people think…

such thinking is as far off the mark as it’s possible to be


note the difference in time-scales

one second to end a life and one raised to the eighty-third thousandth power (1^ 83 000) years to move an Evolving being one second or one minute or one hour or one day or one week or one month or one year or one decade or one generation or one century or one millennium or all or part of Lov-lee or all or part of a Li-len or all or part of Lov-len closer to Fulfilment

get into the writer’s slipstream of ethical behaviour ( ethical parameters ) and come to know the unimaginable power and pleasure of bringing into existence other beings who will live forever

some people think the greatest pleasure is sex and drugs

if they only knew

* * *




have you seen the quote on the new £5 note?

it reads… “i have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”

it was made by winston churchill in 1940

with a little amendment, “there is nothing here but… ” it could easily be imagined as the slogan on the gates of hell

be aware… it may be a bit of subtle conditioning by the Oligarchs

either for an upcoming call to arms or, less seriously, as a way to make you feel depressed and make you more controllable


look on the bright side hilary

you will not now make decisions that will result in the death of other people

you remain Murder-free

* * *


‘compelling love

compelling love is the first of the four loves

try to imagine…

from before the beginning of Time, there was nothing you had done which you wanted to do again

all you have ever seen is the dark and shades of black and dull grey

all you have ever known is loneliness

and you think the way it is, is the way it will always be

then, perhaps by accident, or, more likely, you had no choice but to persist into infinity, you discover an existence that has endless combinations of colour

this new reality also has a never-ending series of forms

it also contains a type of motion that becomes more astonishing the more you enact it

and if that wasn’t enough a strange feeling accompanies this motion and we shall call the feeling exhilaration

now the loneliness of your past is replaced by an even more distressing circumstance… you have found something that is inexhaustible and so desirable your one and only thought is that it must be experienced by someone, something, anything else, as well

the need to share becomes a yearning that produces a feeling more agonising than any tribulation you have hitherto experienced

via experiences and feelings this person cannot imagine, Inventive love enters this formulation of the events of loves history

experiences and feelings which gave rise to Sacrificially-creative love

* * *



“complementarity is the realisation that the behaviour of a particle and a wave, although they exclude each other, are both necessary for a complete description of all phenomena”

although the above quote is from Werner Heisenberg it was Neils bohr who recognised this peculiar aspect of reality

complementarity was first used to describe the wave/particle characteristics of substance

this website is using the notion of complementarity to tie together nothing and something and nowhere and somewhere and infinitely big and infinitely small and shape and shapelessness and…

the point is “you can’t have one without the other” (sung to the tune of love and marriage)

it matters not one jot to the fulfilling of our destiny whether a person understands it or not but what a way to start this epoch… the complementarity of ignorance and enlightenment

 * * *


‘compound murder

maintaining life for the purpose of murder

of the three categories of murder this is the most serious with the most serious consequences to the individual

the consequences to the child are the same as that for murder

* * *



“if you haven’t been shocked you have failed to understand quantum mechanics

niels bohr, regarded as the leading authority of quantum theory, uses this sentence to open his discourse of the subject in one of the earlier editions of the encyclopaedia britannica

it is absolutely essential that it is recognised that there is a world difference between understanding the words which are used to describe the phenomena associated with the mechanics of quantum theory and the understanding which is gained following the quantum shock as new neural pathways become active and enable the brain to gain insights into the abstract nature of the sub-atomic world

there’s no mistaking the experience (screencast Here)

when it happens you will be aware of yourself being in an extremely mild but distinctly noticeable feeling of shock

there’s nothing to worry about

it’s as mild a feeling of shock a person can undergo

if it was any milder you wouldn’t notice it at all

the original ideas and formulations at this website come directly from the understanding which follows the transition in thinking after being shocked

each and everyone of us has the ability to originate ideas and solutions to any problem we consider as needing resolving and as more of us make the transition the momentum builds

the power of quantum theory can’t be appreciated until you’re experiencing it

explore through discussion… Axiom 1,

Mathematical theory,


Planck’s postulate until it happens

c’mon people, get shocked

* * *


two things that appear unrelated but that are in fact inextricably linked


position and motion

time and space

love and life

* * *


‘consciousness – ‘memory

memory is defined as any experience that can be experienced more than once

it is now thought that consciousness and memory are one and the same

as individuals, our consciousness has varying amounts of three sets of memory


the memory of the lives we are living now


the memory of the future and the past of this undulation


memories of the future and the past of future and past undulations (pan-undulationary memory)


pan-undulationary memories are most easily accessed through dreams


consciousness, in its primal form, is thought to be an agglomeration of the what’s, where’s and when’s which constitute the 3 of Pi

once the maximum number of fixed and finite what’s, where’s and when’s had been arrived at the .141 etc. of pi began



the sentence “i think, therefore i am” draws on the memory

memory is defined as any experience which can occur twice

consciousness, is, therefore, a compilation experiences which can be re-experienced

to present an explanation of consciousness in plain language means dividing consciousness into three categories…








time-conscious is the consciousness you are experiencing as you read this

combining-consciousnesses are trans-Undulationary experiences that have been enacted in previous undulations and are becoming fused with
(see Possibility, probability and actuality and Precognitive dreams)

timeless conscious is what we experience after transmutation and we become euclidean mathematical form

because of the nature of the infinite, the experiences of
straight-line-action cannot be remembered in the finite environment of the universe

conversely and equally, there can be no memory of the universe while experiencing infinity


* * *



disclosure day for Dinosaur Man

disclosure day is going to be the most significant day in the history of mammal man

when the evolving of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings begin sharing their knowledge and technology with us it will re-shape our civilisation within days, weeks, months and years

* * *


‘dinosaur man     ‘d-man

the assertion that from the first life to walk on two legs (the dinosaurs) one species, man shaped, attained the ability to perpetuate independent of earth

this conclusion is drawn from appraising the anthropic principle and finds support through dale russell

when we civilize ourselves (learn how to live without taking each other lives) we will be joining them

here is an evolving being of the dinosaur class of beings doing what evolving beings do.. increasing the quality and quantity (in this case quantity) of life

the strongest argument against the idea of a man-shaped being having evolved from the dinosaur class of beings is that there is no evidence of their existence

in the 1960’s when the writer was working in a hotel in london he had a one-off chat with a woman archaeologist who told him that the skull of a dinosaur man had been found

(the woman could talk to a nobody about it as it was unlikely it would go any further. to speak out publicly would have… see oligarchs )

within the first few months of the writer being active on the internet he spoke to a man (the man didn’t know anything about the writer) who told him that the remains of a civilization millions of years old had been found and that it had been blown up

this is what ordinary people don’t realize… the oligarchs and the third party are devolving beings and it is their nature to lie and deceive and cheat and murder and…
they think it’s the way life is

n.a.s.a.’s (national aeronautical space administrations) transmissions of astronauts describing ufo’s

there’s a very simple way of proving if d-man is out there or not
it will cost about ten million euros (one thousandth of a penny per person)
if you want to prove it to yourself see a show of hands

the most convincing evidence of their existence the writer has come across is the phoenix lights sightings in 1997
what makes it believable is…

the large number people (10 000) who saw it

the sincerity of the witnesses

the writer has a picture of a craft of a similar shape

it occurred at the same time the hale-bopp comet was in the sky and hundreds of people were ready with their camcorders and cameras which means they knew they would be seen, and more significantly, wanted to be seen, and there would be hard evidence of their presence

their space ships are big
( they need to be big to transport 100 000 000 000 people )

we’re much too unrefined ethically to mix freely with them they are willing and ready to communicate with us

the problem isn’t they aren’t ready for us the problem is…

in 1969 a man in turkey died from a heart attack when he saw the live t.v. coverage of men walking on the moon

the cultural shock killed him !

the problem isn’t that they aren’t ready for us, the problem is…
are we ready for them?

ethically advanced beings do not kill

if they revealed themselves tomorrow in craft miles long all around the world and one, just one, person died of shock they have become muderer’s

they will be treading very carefully to make sure that doesn’t happen

things to bear in mind…
some species of dinosaurs were warm-blooded and gave birth to live children

they’re 65 million years ahead of us
their personalities are what we will be in like in 65 million years…

neither the men nor the women will have hair…

the women won’t have breasts…

their skin will be silky smooth…

their nervous system will be highly evolved…

genetic theory is completely understood…
( each person knows, to the day, when their next recurrence is )

they have banished pain…

the average life span is well in excess of 1 000 000 years…

murder only exists in their history books…

inter-class procreation doesn’t seem probable but there’s a simple way to find out…

none of this alters the fact that 10 000 children will die unnecessarily tomorrow

when is contemporary mammal man going to grow up ?

* * *


‘death-outcome assertions

a thought which has been thought so many times it takes on a form within the genetic structure

at the bottom of every Murder there is a
death-outcome postulate or assertion

death-outcome assertions have to exist in the person before an outcome of any Form of murder can occur

no death-outcome assertions within the person then no form of death-outcome realities will come from the person

there are at least two ways these abstract assertions become part of a person






all death-outcome assertions eventually reduce to a simple-structured thought/sentence


“starve til dead”

death-outcome assertions take hold in the mind when the person is at their physical/mental peak (we all can probably appreciate the reason/s why such a profound decision has to take place when our mind’s and bodies are at their healthiest)

in the writer’s case, it was when he was seventeen

the moment is clearly remembered

i was in the company of three or four my peers

the conversation we were having isn’t remembered in detail

it wasn’t a heavy-duty ethical subject or anything like that

as it is recalled it was light, good-natured, to and fro banter between young males enjoying each others company

the actual thought isn’t remembered either

what is remembered is my reaction to it

my thought was “no, i don’t want that”

it was undoubtedly a ‘stray thought

why do death-outcome assertions occur in the first place?

the unsatisfactory answer is because they can

our reality is, currently, the 3 of pi

the reality of 3 is, inherently, finite

a finite reality which can, albeit, be experienced endlessly

listen people, if there was a reality within the confines of 3 which was wholly satisfactory to everyone we would be living it

the Lover has “been there and done that” with every variation of experience you can think of

within the context of eternity, every set of circumstances contained within 3, no matter how desirable they will initially seem, will become Bland

it is the unrepeatably new of the inexhaustible endless which has both the quality and quantity of freshness which life craves

to achieve Straight line action all we have to do is follow the trail the Lover has laid out for us

all the hard work and the worst* is behind us

this is why ethical orientation has to be introduced into our notions of life/behaviour and it needs to be understood that it takes practice to instil this trait into our being

once a death outcome assertion has become part of a person in future Undulations they can form early on in the life of that person; any time after the brain is capable of forming structured sentences

an example of death-outcome assertions is
“starve til dead”

it is currently thought that this assertion began with the thought “if i had as much money as i wanted i could do whatever i wanted”

all death-outcome assertions have at least two aspects



each aspect is a variable

“drown in water”
“drown in oil”

“boil in water”
“boil in oil”

the strongest death-outcome assertions will be able to accommodate weaker death-outcome assertions but not the other way around

the assertion “drown in water” is a milder form of death than “boil in water”

equally, a weaker form of death cannot accommodate a stronger one

a man who killed in self-defence does not want to share a cell with achild-murderer

a child-murderer does not want to share a cell with a cannibal

cannibals have to be isolated

a death-outcome assertion does not become part of a person unless that person allows it to become part of himself or herself


* forget what you have thought until now This is the reason for world war 1

* * *



not being aware of being awake

when you wake up in the morning the last thing you can remember before going to sleep was the moment before you fell asleep

* * *


‘degradation-leading-to-death assertions

a part of a person’s genetic structure which was originally a thought

currently easily identified through the endeavours of those who desire an amount of money over and above the needs live healthily and happily

such people will be nurturing thoughts like… “if i had as money as i want i can do whatever i want” (possibly the most commonly prevailing assertion of this type)

these assertions take root as a thought in a person’s middle to late teens

the acquisition of money over and above a person’s need to maintain health and happiness

is, make no mistake about this, a degradation-leading-to-death assertion

a person has to look long and hard around the world to see where this sentiment isn’t the root and branch of what ails the social structure

the acquisition of wealth is a breeding ground wherein degradation-leading-to-death assertions thrive

avoid the rich and the money-oriented like the plague

they’ll drag you down with them

* * *



destiny suggests that there is no choice and that there’s no point in having a free will

it’s true, there is no alternative to the desirable and endless outcome that is Straight line action unless an individual chooses an undesirable endless future

in that sense there is no choice

keep in mind though that Where love lives is a completely unpredictable experience

yes, our destiny is fixed

a destiny in which we will always be increasing in number in an environment which is…

always in motion




incessantly surprising


emotionally flourishing

mentally stimulating

freedom of doing

endlessly changing

potentially infinite…


the idea of destiny isn’t immediately embraced by everyone because it carries the implication that there is no free will

excluding Devolving beings it is safe to say that we all have the same aspirations…

happiness, love, health, freedom, long lives, enjoyable company, pleasure…

if any person were to make a list of those things they wanted they would find themselves looking at the line above

yes our destinies are fixed

we can’t stop the world from turning, there’s nothing anybody can do that can stop the universe from expanding, and similar aspects of reality are part of a fixed destiny

we accept those circumstances and even look forward to them as in the case of a new spring or a new dawn

within those unchangeable events however there is enormous scope to have an effect in our own lives and the lives of other people

a word or a sentence here… a gesture or look there can have consequences that reach into infinity as surely as the the universe does

it’s so easy to bring about permanent change

the Lover has produced (and it is still yet to be appreciated what he had to do and has to do to give us those things we find desirable) the best possible things that reality can accomodate

your dreams and aspirations have already been realized

don’t fight against destiny

eagerly embrace it

and it is the wonder of life that love and happiness are destined to outlast both the stars and the universe


each and every one of us has the opportunity to affect in the eternal destiny of others

numerically there will be one person today who visits this web site for the first time

a person who, 1^83 000 years ago, also happened upon it for the first time

what that person does after reading these words is the same thing they done all those years ago and it will be what they do again in the time equivalent of 1^83 000 years from now

the writer wishes that you find your way into the future and to that end asks you to click This link

 * * *


devolving beings are those who chose, yes chose, not to live within the realm of reality and are as a result changing from a man-shaped being into a form of life which has the least quantity and quality of life, currently thought to be a virus or protein

* * *



diverticulitis is the result of the excretions of predatory bacteria

the excretions of this predatory bacteria seep through the wall of its cell (in much the same way as toxins are flushed out of our body when we sweat) and its excreta can be channeled through its cell wall (in much the same way as we excrete via the rectum)

a theory/description or definition is as accurate as its ability to predict

the first question this web site asked when it thought about this definition was “is diverticulitis less common in vegetarians?” this url was at the top of the page of a google search

predatory animals (lions, jackals etc.) can’t live on vegetables

predatory insects (wasps and ants) like jam

a diet without sugar and animal tissue/fats (especially hydrogenated or saturated fats) should starve the problem bacteria

if they are in the food they should be on the ingredients list on the jar or packet

if they are not listed but are in the food, you can, and should, take the company to court


diverticulitis, along with many other ailments, takes its biggest toll in the elderly

metabolic maintenance is the application of the idea that the purpose of life is to be able to love for as long as possible

the reason for exercising is to break the inner organs natural tendency to adopt a slow decay pattern

although this slow decay pattern represents the limits of human evolution it is possible to live on the very edge the longevity trend

a trend which is in a continual state of expansion

it will come to be understood that the reason we exist in the first place is a consequence of the character of love and that the greatest quantity and quantity of life for any individual will flow from practising love

there is little doubt that ailments can be traced back to ethics


link 1

link 2

* * *

‘dreams and dreams theory index

types or categories of dreams


the most important types of dreams


the roney analysis: the start of the formulation of precognitive dreams



think-read dreams

the first think-read dream

the most important think-read dream


a montage is a sequence of images, with or without motion in them, where each picture or movie lasts for a half of one second or less and can be as long as one or two seconds

there hasn’t yet been an exception to the rule that montages have the same time-value whether they occur in sleep-time or awake-time

montages can be controlled by the person in that the images/sequences can be of the persons own making

moving images can be replayed and “freeze-framed” which enables a person to take in the detail

montages are categorised first, by the number of image/sequences they contain…

two or three images = mini-montage

three to ten images = montage

ten to one hundred images or sequences = mega-montage

one hundred to five hundred = maxi-montage

more than five hundred = montage-minded

and montages are then further categorised by…




then by..

awake-time montages


sleep-time montages

one times two times three times four times five times six times seven times eight times nine = 300 000 + categories of montages !

see also dream 15112017


postulate 3

both types of montages are experienced in awake-time

* * *

‘sleep-time – ‘awake-time

awake-time – the experience of time as you are reading this

sleep-time – the experience of time when dreaming, see the carmen dream

the possibility exists that the conscious of sleep-time is the “infant” of the time-conscious in the same way that our corporeal selves will give rise to our linear form

* * *

‘earthly evolution

earthly evolution is the time it takes to go from cellular form to man-shaped beings living in space

“the kingdom of heaven is here”

see… d-day
the end of the world
space dream evolution

* * *

‘dreams and dreams theory introduction

in theory a straight line crosses infinity

if so, infinity can be traversed

and this time we do not stop

dreams theory will lead to a complete picture of what the mind/id/psyche/soul/spirt is, and it will answer the questions… What are dreams? Why do we have them? Where do they come? What do they mean?

it will also lead to the realisation that we have tapped into a source of knowledge which has applications that far exceed the applications that have come from quantum theory

quantum theory give us…

the computer

the t.v.

the atom bomb

an understanding of inanimate reality

dreams theory provides us with…

knowing what ails us

knowledge of life after death

the ability to see into the future

a firm grip of our relationship with eternity

* * *



when the people who decide when our children’s education begins can explain, and convince the rest of us, why it starts when it does our education has begun

that a child goes from the loving care of the mother in the home environment to the regimented discipline of the classroom (the writer has yet to come across the child who likes being told to sit down, keep quiet and don’t move around) is as wrong as a warship

the child is whisked out if the house and the mother is packed off to work

you lot must like punishment

stroll on the new habitation

* * *



motion Times Time

* * *


‘ethically oriented

those who have achieved Fulfilment in a previous Undulation

* * *


‘ethically orienting

people who are part-way to becoming ethically Oriented

* * *

http://endic.at/ethical%20parameters/index.html xethical parameters

‘ethical parameters

living within ethical parameters is to live without killing

ethical parameters

living without killing means not to use violence except in self-defence

click here for the reasons why

ethical parameters

living without killing is to live on the world wage

click here for the reasons why

ethical parameters

living without killing means not using a powered vehicle in a way that can result in the death of others or self

click here for the reasons why

ethical parameters

living within ethical parameter’s means not belonging to a cult, clique, organization, gang, group, etc.

click here for the reasons why

* * *


‘ethical perfection

a few days ago the writer took the life of a living being

it was raining and windy and it was night

a few steps from the front door what felt and sounded like a piece of brittle plastic being crunched underfoot turned out to be a snail

it got the writer thinking…

it’s not possible for us to live without taking the lives of other living beings

it is not a mortal sin to kill a living being if it is not man-shaped*

the Lover, however, like the parents of a baby born with a terminal illness, is unable to stop loving the baby even though the love the parents want to give cannot be received in full measure by the baby

it is the nature of his love that he cannot put his life before the life of any other being

the lover never, ever, ever takes the life any living being for any reason whatsoever

this is the reason he won’t be with us for five thousand million years

before he emerges, and i’m still very annoyed that you didn’t act as you could/should have done twenty-five years ago which would have enabled me to present you with picture Pages 3000 and you would know exactly what he looked like as a mammal man-shaped being**, in five thousand million years time he will have exhausted every conceivable option to keep every living thing alive for as long as possible before the sun turns into a Red Giant and makes it impossible for life to exist on earth

he is ethically perfect


*the snail is a snail because it chose, when it was a man-shaped being, to live a life which resulted in the death of other man-shaped beings

**although each new Class of being becomes endowed with new physical characteristics, which brings about a stronger bond between mother, father and child, his facial features remain the same from one class of man-shaped being to another

what picture Page 5 of picture pages 3000 would have shown, and what young girls in particular would have realised, is that the way the Lover looks, is also the way the young boy of her affections will look

the anticipation of being partnered with a male of such quality would have caused, in an instant, a young girl to embrace his way of living and loving

a style of life which only ever produces even more and greater feelings

feelings which transcend time and mortality

never mind it was beyond this lifetime

her feelings, which contain the timeless love borne of his love, would feed her soul, for she knows that the love she dream of will be hers

women more so than men, desire love and the thought of that love becoming a reality takes root in her soul and it propels her to make those changes needed to change our civilisation

alas, men are taking the decisions and love isn’t as strong in men

* * *


‘evolution and devolution – ‘evolving and devolving

evolving beings are in the act of changing from a man-shaped being into mathematical form – pics 1 and 2

devolving beings are in the act of changing from a man-shaped being into a virus – pics 1 and 3

it is as a man-shaped being when people take the decisions which determine whether they evolve or devolve

the reason we have to take on Euclidean mathematical form is because space, the beginningless and endless, is Flat

to be able to experience infinity we have to conform to its character

see also Straight line action

to understand why some beings are changing into mathematical entities while others are changing into a virus read This and This

* * *


‘femininity and masculinity

those attributes that define the spiritual and physical differences between women and men

was listening to the radio…

“they don’t care what they eat”…

“they’re not as clean”…

women were trying to put their finger on why women live longer than men

the statements above may or may not be true

there’s a much simpler way of explaining it

woman are closer to the character of the lover than men

they’re more loving

greater love means more life

dinosaur women do not have breasts or hair

the bonding between the infant and the mother of the dinosaur class of women isn’t as strong and/or doesn’t occur as quickly as it does with ourselves

the characteristic’s of personality are produced in heaven through acts of love and manifest themselves as physical characteristics via evolution

acts of love in heaven is what brings about the physical differences between women and men and which then manifests itself as a marked difference in physical attributes in earthly evolution

the compulsion to bring more beings to heaven will be part of everyone’s feelings in the fulness of time

see also Collective Love

* * *

‘first generation

the first beings the Lover brought into being

see also picture page four of Picture Pages 3000

* * *


‘flat space

mathematicians call space flat because that is the best word to describe something without any features

for an explanation of flat space watch this video

* * *


‘forgiveness and repentance

repentance is to have commited murder, realised the consequences after the act and begun living within ethical parameters upon realising the consequences

forgiveness is seeking repentance after committing murder when the consequences of murder were known beforehand


for the repentant there’s a greetings picture from the lover ( it means you ‘ll see him face-to-face eventually )

it came in response to the question ” is it possible to neutralize an expression of death ” ( note the difference between an expression of death and a death-outcome postulate )

an expression of death is a thought which can exist intermitantly but is not enacted as opposed to taking life knowing the consequences beforehand, see forgiveness

a complete wisdom knew there could be yet more life and an insatiable characteristic for beings to love and finite numerical values made it act

it balanced life’s abilities within the context of eternity and felt out…

from that terrible-love has come a love-liaison ( more on these another time )

which has placed the writer in the exalted position of being able to say that although the pre-heavenly orientation space-dream has not yet begun all of you do not have death-outcome assertions

as orienting beings you are of that extended love and are beginning to dream

when oriented you have increased , immeasurably , and forever , everyone ‘s experiencing of the heavenly state

first though start to rid yourself of the most debilitating of all spiritual manacles…

the notion that death is the absolute

there is no quick way ( although it is easy ) to become oriented

it means staying within ethical parameters for 100 ‘s of 000 ‘s of millions of years

n.b. it only takes a second to fail

archive 1   archive 2

* * *



being able to act in Infinity for infinity

* * *



fulfilment is when a woman and a man have become sufficiently oriented to life to maintain a Love relationship for one raised to the one hundredth Power (1 ^100) years

when a couple have achieved this goal they have become an Ethnicity

the genetic structure of this couple will, in the course of never-ending Undulations, become sophisticated enough to give rise to fifty raised to the ninth power (50 ^9) couples, who will themselves, go on to become a distinct ethnicity (it’s entirely feasible we are an endlessly increasing numerical facet of Infinity)

the writer has met at least one couple he knows are the basis of a new ethnicity

see also Soul partners

* * *


‘generation 3000

the people of the year 3000

you can expect me, give or take a year or two, in the year 2925

be ready to do his will, which always produces the greatest quantity and the greatest quality of Love/life that reality can accommodate any given moment, as it is expressed and the greatest quantity and quality of love/life will be ours by the year 3000

from then on it will be smooth seas and plain sailing

until his will is being done we are living off his Terrible love

* * *


‘genetic lines

a genetic line is a couple (a woman and a man) who have or are part-way to achieving Fulfilment

currently there are four distinct genetic lines who have achieved fulfilment

they are recognisable as the ethnicities

african man
asia man
india man
european man

* * *http://endic.at/G/GENE/GENETIC%20THEORY%20INDEX%203/genetic%20theory%20-%20index%20of%20themes.html

‘genetic theory – themes

genetic theory is an arithmetic proof of life after death

theme 1

inter-undulationary squaring

there seems little doubt that it is a squaring process that takes people into the future

a person or a couple* live for 70 years in an ethical way

the same person or couple live the same life** 70 times across successive undulations and “square” themselves

70 x 70 = 4900

then in a quantum mechanical way recur at that point of time of evolution when longevity is, on average, 4900 years

that same person or couple then live 4900 times, again in an ethical way, and square themselves again

4900 x 4900 = 24 000 000

and, again in a quantum mechanical way, move forward to that point in time in evolution where the average age is about 24 million years

and so on

have fun with your calculators

*it is completely feasible that the person you are in love with now is the person you enter into heaven with

**there will be subtle and profound changes happening at various points of this particular example

 in mathematics a possibility squared becomes a probability

theme 2

inter-undulationary analogous recurrence

this is the slowest conceivable way of moving forward into the future or getting to heaven

in essence it is a one day each undulation progression

it means that the individual is dependent on genetic theory being formulated and practised

that in turn is dependent on the new habitation being built

the new habitation isn’t going to be built until mammal man has assimilated the implications of quantum theory and come to realise that we have to move as one

at the earliest it will be 3000-3025 ad

1000 times 365 is approximately 350 000 days or lifetimes

assuming that the individual reading this joins the very small, but growing, elite group of the ethically orienting and does so every undulation for the next 1000 years the individual will then be incorporated into the inter-undulationary squaring theme of genetic theory

theme 3

inter-undulationary, inter-conjugate analogous squaring

theme 4

undulationary inter-conjugative

theme 5

inter-undulationary reduction

theme 6

undulationary numerical reduction archive

because there is a finite number of genetic combinations that can exist providing that any persons genetic line continues indefinitely eventually every persons unique genetic combination must recur sooner or later

this theme is the idea that it is a numerical consideration that gives a person access to the future

the basic idea of genetic theory is that all a person has to do to keep on recurring in the future, whether undulationary or inter-undulationary, is to maintain the continuity of their genetic line and eventually their unique genetic combination not only can, not just might but must reoccur

it would be criminally misleading of the writer if he let the reader believe that all that she or he had to do was procreate prolifically to attain heaven

the fact is a person who cannot find a partner with whom she or he cannot live a healthy and happy lifestyle while living within ethical parameters will be better off spending the next few dozen or hundred or thousand lifetimes instilling within themselves the ethical traits that will stand them in good stead for all time and letting the love in heaven and love on earth mechanism bring them and their soul partner together

the very thought of becoming a parent with the intention of securing a future have the reverse effect

every theme of genetic theory has to be given the added dimension of an ethical facet

ethical in the sense that there is an absolute in terms of right and wrong

acknowledging that this is the case and acting accordingly ( ethical parameters ) will undoubtedly lead a person into the futuristic scenarios being described at this web site

just as surely as choosing not to do the right things will lead a person away from the future

theme 7

undulationary squaring

the number of ways the nucleotides (video link) can be put together within the genetic system is 1^214


what’s the maximum number of times you roll a dice to get one of the same numbers to come up again?

answer… seven


if you’ve got a dice that has a million million sides what’s the maximum number of times you can throw it before one of same numbers comes up again?

answer… one million million and one

if we make the assumption that mankind persists indefinitely into the future, eventually previous combinations, i.e. you and i, not only can, not just might, but must re-occur

there is also the consideration of future combinations that have yet to occur for each individuals genetic line

the above line of reasoning is an arithmetic proof that death is not an absolute and it is the 2nd of two ” proofs ” of life after death

further, and most importantly, an appraisal of the fossil record tells us two things…


those animals with a physiology best equipped to kill

( pincers, fangs, stingers, claws, horns etc.)

existed further back in time the more proficient they were at being able to kill


taking into account the trillions of non man shaped beings that have existed, do exist, or will exist the 1^214 numerical value has probably been exhausted and further that… taking into account the trend of longevity the point of improving genetic configurations for devolving beings has, or very nearly has, been reached

it is believed that it is now understood that love/life can only include into the continually re-occurring theme of evolution,the majestic love of genetic theory, ethically oriented and ethically orienting people and that ultimately this will be realised by everyone


when the writer asked what he should do, in respect of interacting with this generation, the lover gave a blanket approach response which has become less and less impractical to apply

when the writer is back to full health

( can squat body weight, do behind neck pull ups and can sprint )

and truly radical changes have occurred it is hoped it can be applied

for second generation there is only one way love/life applies how it uses the genetic structure to bring about recurrence

either it hasn’t been revealed to the writer yet or it hasn’t occurred to him in a way that allows the words… how it happens is… to be written

until those words can be written the possibilities will be explored and perhaps it will come to be realised by exhausting the possibilities

* * *


‘genetic theory 1

the way love/life maintains continuity of existence for ethically orienting and ethically oriented people

genetic theory is an arithmetic proof of life after death

using one reasonable assumption genetic theory shows how it happens

here’s how…

we are all unique individuals with a unique genetic combination

like a dice that can only be rolled six times before the same numbers start coming up again so it is with our genetic structure

as long as life keeps rolling on the number of ways the Dna strands can be put together runs out and the same combinations start “coming up” again

our genetic structure has a limited number of different combinations

the maximum* number of different ways the Nucleotides can be put together is 1 ^214 (see Powers of numbers)

one raised to the two-hundredth and fourteenth power (1 ^214) is an incomprehensibly large amount to imagine

it is however finite and so eventually all the combinations will have been used up and previous combinations, i.e. you and i, will have to be used again

did you spot the assumption?

* the writer has reservations about placing a limit on the number of individuals which can come-to-be

for the time being it is 1 ^11 times 1 ^11 times 1 ^11

1 ^11 times 1 ^11 = 1 ^22

1 ^22 is, coincidentally?, about how many stars there are in the universe

1^22 times 1 ^11 = 1 ^32

1 ^32 means for every star in the universe there will be ten thousand million people

note 2

1 ^11 x 1 ^11 x 1 ^11 x 1 ^11 x 1 ^11 x 1 ^11 x 1 ^11 x 1 ^11 x 1 ^11 x 1 ^11 = 1 ^99 = (a Googol)


it may be thought that with so many different and individual living forms of life (there must be trillions of new ones every year in the insect world alone) that most of the combinations have been used up

not so

the vast majority of new combinations have yet to occur (appraise just how big 1 ^214 is)

the coming-to-be of the new combinations will occur in future Undulations

if there is a last undulation it will be when all the combinations have been used but even then there will be Permutations

1 ^90 times 1 ^90!


here’s a basic understanding of how life-after-death works

like a dice that can only be rolled 6 times and then the same numbers start coming up again so too it is with ourselves

as long as life keeps rolling on the number of ways the dna strands can be put together run out and the same combinations start “coming up” again

it is currently thought that the vast majority of combinations that can occur are going to occur in future Undulations


genetic theory is an arithmetic proof of life after death

using one reasonable assumption genetic theory gives people everywhere the knowledge of the way life after death happens

here’s how…

no two people or any living thing is exactly the same as another

what makes every living being different is the way the Nucleotides are combined

there is a maximum number of ways the nucleotides can be combined (1^214)

sooner or later all the different ways they can be arranged will have been used up and the same combinations will have to be used again

did you spot the assumption?


a grasp of the picture bigger will take place when it is realised that we’ve only just begun the endlessly-increasing numerical structure which we call The train

since the train first began moving only 12 new passengers have boarded it (if all goes according to plane we’ll know within our lifetime what the exact figure is)

the vast majority of combinations that can occur will occur in the future!!


this website would love to be able to say that all you have to do is carry on doing whatever it is you’re doing and you’ll find yourself reborn into a perfect future where the environment and lifestyle have everything you have ever wished for

however, reality restricts, to some extent, the things we can and can’t do

for instance, you will be able to understand that the reason we are here now is because our parents met and started a family and you and i are here because of their relationship

you should also be able to understand that we would not look the same if we were born of different parents

further, you will understand that a baby that dies from a cot-death will not be the same baby that is born if the parents have another child of the same gender

the cot-death baby’s genetic combination was used in its creation

what should have happened was the cot-death baby would have grown into an adult and gone on to become a parent

her and his children would have kept the Genetic line going and the genetic combination of the cot-death baby would have recurred sometime in the future


* * *


‘genetic theory 2

themes of genetic theory

theme 1

pan-undulation squaring

theme 2

pan-undulationary analogous recurrence

theme 3

pan-undulation, inter-conjugate analogous squaring

theme 4

undulationary pan-conjugate

theme 5

pan-undulation reduction

theme 6

pan undulation numerical reduction

theme 7

undulationary squaring

this theme applies to a couple who have one child or more than one child ( ideally it will be three children ) who are happy and healthy and are living within ethical parameters

( that point will be said again …ARE LIVING WITHIN ETHICAL PARAMETERS )


a couple meet in the year 2000

our couple live in love for, say 50 years

the experience of those 50 years becomes ingrained into their beings

due to exact nature of the conjugate positioning that accompanies undulations the same thing will happen again in the next undulation (there will be an increase of feelings of love and possibly an increase in the amount of time they spend together)

precisely the same things happen (right down to the blink of an eye) for the next 50 undulations

let us say that in this example this couple are in their fiftieth conjoinment

their relationship has arrived at the point where they would, if longevistic trends allowed, continue to be with each other indefinitely

love/life now vaults them into that point in the future when longevity is, on average, 2500 years and they “find” each other again

this couple may or may not be soul partners (love in its truest form embraces all people)

it is the ability to love that is being brought into reality

it is worth considering that the relationship between a woman and a man that produces soul partners comes about as a result of both the woman and the man finding themselves able to love anyone of a different gender (not in the sexual sense)

when all life-oriented beings are at the gathering place with no death-oriented beings in their midst this seemingly impossibly-idealistic outlook will become natural

if the longevistic trend carries on as it is doing now then the couple in this example will recur in the year 7000 a.d. or so and enjoy a love relationship of 6400 years

this relationship, or a new one, will then happen 6400 times and then the couple in this example will move forward to a point further on in time (6400 x 6400 = 40 000 000 a.d.)

this theme is the same as inter-undulationary squaring except that it happens within one undulation instead of many undulations

couple’s who are anywhere between 1 and 49 conjoinments are in or of the inter-undulationary squaring and have to achieve the 50th conjoinment before entering undulationary squaring (even with this theme though there are variations that present a more-life interpretation for individuals for this undulation)

also, bear in mind that, subjectively, it is but one beat of the heart between one life and the next regardless of time

finally, this means that on average there is one couple out of every fifty couples in the world today who will find themselves conscious at the gathering place one beat of the heart after dying

this entry is to give the reader a feel for the way recurrence happens

the exact way it happens will become known as we settle into the new habitation

* * *


‘god the gold child

(getting to know him)

it is not the least of the reasons that the dreadful consequences which flow from the act of Murder are because children are the closest of all of us to the lover

no one who delights in the effusive, honest, uncomplicated… newness that accompany the character of childhood would want to see it end

add to a child’s character an impenetrable shyness and a mysterious, alluring smile, that infects all who gaze upon it and it will help you to understand god the god-child

see also Cherub

* * *


‘golden years

if the ecosystem could only accommodate 100 people and the average life-span was 100 years, to maintain the maximum number of people the ecosystem could provide for there would have to be one baby born each year

if the average life-span of 100 people was 1000 years, to maintain the maximum number of people the ecosystem could provide for there would have to be one baby born every ten years

by the end of this millennium we will have reached the maximum number of people the ecosystem can provide for and births will never be so abundant again

when we begin living in the Gathering place the rate of longevity will increase at a breathtakingly fast pace and from then on births will decrease as Longevity trends increase and within a Life-length there will be less than one birth every 1000 years

for those who love the company of babies… revel in these next few centuries, these are our golden years

* * *


‘good people

good people are people who may or may not recognise the sanctity and potential of man-shaped beings and never commit Murder

see ‘ethical parameters

* * *



to have lived for one raised to the one hundredth Power (1 ^100) years without taking the life of another person

* * *



people who on their way to becoming googoled

* * *’


bringing into being a decrease in the quality of life for others

  • * *



the experiences as a virus or a protein

the first thing to understand about hell is why it exists

in a nutshell, it exists because people try to live outside of the realm of reality

everything that exists (the three things which science knows exist are… length, mass and time) cannot cease to exist

the substance which makes up the things we can see and feel cannot be taken out of existence

they are eternal


the Lover has arranged our interaction with reality so that thinking, feeling beings can experience reality in a way which is desirable

every being the lover has brought into existence has/had the opportunity to join with him in heaven and experience an endless and desirable reality

now you need to understand how Life after death works and then you will come to see Why taking the life of a child is a mortal sin and why the place we call hell came to be


* * *



the beginning

this is an attempt to understand why and how something came from nothing

there obviously is an answer to the greatest mystery of all but getting to the answer takes us on a giddying merry-go-round

the components of this conundrum are… beginningless-endlessness-infinite-finite

we have to think about
non-sensical sentences like “nowhere is everywhere”, “nothing is everything”, “everything is one thing”
“an infinite one”

the formulae which has produced the best results in the past are Occam’s razor coupled with what makes most sense

what makes most sense?

it makes most sense to think that nothing would give rise to the simplest thing and not a complicated thing

the simplest imaginable thing which comes to mind is Position

two questions


“why did nothing give rise to something in the first place?”

thirty years ago it was eminently sensible to think the reason was because “nothing cannot be”


“in an endless nothing can a single position have meaning?”

“can a single position be the relative of an endless everywhere?”

at this point three thoughts present themselves for consideration


Bell’s theorem


the act of Observation


 Possibilities, probabilities and actualities


previous (notes)

it might have something to do with the endless having an expansive characteristic or

“can our existence be the nothing starting over?”

“are our own endevours nothing more than a mere mirroring the characteristic of endlessness?”

what makes most sense?

the starting point, for this website, was thirty years ago

then, it was just a matter of adding the discontinuous nature that Quantum theory proposes and say “nothing and something share reality through a mechanism or partnership of being and not being”

this state of affairs was recognised by mathematicians who proffered a Mathematical Theory which indicated “that nothing and something is swapping places at a rate of one raised to the minus forty-third power times every second” or, reality is in a continuous dance of being and not being

as bizarre as this state of reality is it gave an answer to the initial imponderable and we were no longer in the position of having to answer the even bigger conundrum of “how did things get there?”

this website was bolstered by this achievement and that should have been the end of the story

but then two things happened

the first was when it was realised that the Universe is finite which in turn meant that reality is a “localised” event

thirty years ago it didn’t make sense to think that reality ended at a specific place

the theory worked best if the extent of the something was, like nothing, endless

the second was when Pictures starting presenting themselves in the mind’s eye while specific questions were being pondered

the pictures gave this website the unfair advantage of making sense of why things are the way they are, and how a form of being occurred

connecting the pictures and the known facts in science is proving to be a to and fro of “that explains that, but it contradicts that” and “if that interpretation of that picture is correct then it can’t be at that time” and similar contradictions

the answers are coming but not in a way which ordinary people find easy to appraise

it is now thought that the answers may more readily settle into the minds of people if this website describes, as it goes along, both the pictures and the rationale for thinking the way it does in full detail

motion picture one

this picture is about two years old and is the earliest insight we have of Life’s origins

the picture has three distinct parts…


a white ball of light

(the decimal sequence of Pi)


a round brown/black-hued circle



a dense black outer surrounding

(the nothing)

the white light crosses from one side of a round brown/black-hued circle in about half a second before it reaches the opposite edge at the other side of the black/brown circle

the bit of animation should be a smooth movement, it will be depicted accurately eventually

the picture gives-off the feel of a person wrongly imprisoned trying to escape or a big cat which has just been caged

picture page 3 of Picture pages 3000 is the last picture we have of life’s imprisonment

the brown/black circle is itself encircled by a dense, impenetrable shade of black which goes from the to the to the edges of the picture

the edges of the picture aren’t defined

the brown/black-hued circle is interpreted as the three of Pi and as the Complimentarity of motion and immobility, the white speck of light is the endless decimal sequence of pi and the black which surrounds the brown/black circle is the nothing

pi is very much a living entity in this picture

it may best be visualised as a white tadpole in a petri dish the size of your palm

quickly-hobbled -together video at the top of the page isn’t as artful as it should be but will give you something to toy with

this picture implies that the universe is what we call mass and it was originally perfectly round



it is also used to

in its entirety the picture is viewed as a complimentarity of sub-light speed/faste-than-light speed

anything that has/had a beginning and has the characteristic of endlessness

it appears that there is a subjective endlessness and an actual endlessness

space/eternity/nothing is the actual, and Linear form is the subjective

it means reintroducing Time back into the formulations

from a numerical point of view, it may go something like this…

within the numerical structure of Pi, which gives us the straight line, there will be strings of repeating numbers which transcend not just human experience but also the experience of a linear reality

life’s experience of a curved reality transmutes to the experience of a linear reality

linear reality transmutes into an experience which makes linear reality seem as different as curved reality did/does to linear reality

since it is known that life’s experience of reality was two-dimensional before it became three-dimensional we can reasonably surmise life was one-dimensional before it became two-dimensional

now the thought arises “could life have gone on experiencing a curved reality through infinite dimensions?”

and if it could, why did it stop at three?

the answer may be it is the repetitive nature of Circularity which give rise to experiences becoming Bland

but can’t the same be said of linear motion?

quite possibly

it appears that there is a subjective endlessness and an actual endlessness…




Pi, Straight line action

The Universe had a beginning and comes to an end but recurs endlessly

the universe is described as an infinitely recurring finite reality

the phrase which sums up our existence is… “an infinity of finities”

life had a beginning but has no end (see the Story of us)

the basic properties of the universe are finite and permanent

* * *


‘inventive love

thinking of original ways of bringing more life into existence

both inventive and Sacrificially-creative love were driven by Compelling love

whether there was more than one way could have produced pluralism will become known and hopefully, a picture of that moment of realisation of sacrificially-creative love will become available to which we can pay homage

* * *



there are numerous points to be made about jesus


jesus didn’t know about D-man


jesus didn’t die on the cross

he was given a strong narcotic* either before the crucifixion or while on the cross

the events surrounding the crucifixion are… he was given a drink while on the cross… the soldier who speared him was making sure he was dead before handing him over to the people who asked for his body (the soldier who speared him was bribed**)


*the writer met a man who was missing his left foot

a few days later the writer was told he was a heroin addict

he had fallen asleep in front of an open hearth fire after taking a fix

while he was sleeping he stretched out his legs

his left leg went into the fire and he slept through the pain

that’s how strong a narcotic heroin is!

**this is a rare instance of bribery resulting in an increase in the quality and quantity for many people

* * *

‘lead article 1

this is the lead article because it is time to explain to the individual the effects of their decisions

the reader has to assess the following points for her/himself and then decide if she/he wants to become involved in what’s happening


this is the last time this website will ask for your cooperation

it is assumed the reason for not cooperating is because you fear repercussions

there is a simple way to remain anonymous… buy a cheap throw-away sim card and text the url/url’s asked for further down the page to this mobile phone number 07847284316

no one will know who sent it

26042018 – week 1: no response

first point

this way of doing things is you-know-who’s way of doing things and is completely free of unnatural death

every other way of doing things contains unnatural death to one degree or another

not doing things this way means the person is accepting unnatural death will occur

second point

it takes but one second for an individual to change the course of his/her eternal destiny

third point


every action an individual initiates is repeated endlessly


an individual who responds to the request below will do the same thing in the next undulation and it is what she or he did in the last undulation

it will become a trend which will continue into eternity

in a million undulations from now, the request will different but the people who responded to the request in this undulation will be the same people who respond to the request a million undulations hence

people who don’t respond to the request didn’t respond to it in the last undulation nor will he or she respond in a future undulation

the request

first, read the dream of 09022018

then search the internet for the following bit of information…

where did the species of goldfish in the dream originate ?

when you find out send the url/url’s to me at the phone number given

that’s it !

you’ve cemented yourself into the future


it must be the case that this applies to those who have committed murder

* * *


‘lead article 2

we’re working towards d-day

d-day is when the lives of ordinary people change for the better, forever

many people will be overjoyed to hear that the first ships to land will be “hospital ships”(our man-shaped dinosaur cousins calls them healing chambers)

get ready to be healthy again

what would take us millions of years to achieve… medical cures for all our terminal illnesses and lesser ailments, rejuvenation procedures, vastly increased longevity, recurrence of self through the application of genetic theory, interstellar spaceships, space habitations which can accommodate many more of us than there are now, more gizmos and technological toys to play with than we would have time to try in a lifetime… can be ours within our lifetime if enough of us speak out and demand to have mainstream media coverage of e.t.’s

evolving dinosaur man-shaped beings are waiting for us to constrain the organised killer’s in our midst

there are three organised groups of devolving mammal man-shaped beings who have to be constrained…


the russian oligarchs and the british oligarchs

the russian oligarchs are more devolved than the british oligarchs and are thus more efficient at plotting elaborate deceits

gulf war 1 and the twin towers atrocity are their “babies”



these are the ones who are trying to get us to go to war with our man-shaped dinosaur cousins

these man-shaped dogs are devolving beings who live for war

they’ve been planning a war with e.t.’s for more than fifty years (see majic)


jewish and british financiers

this lot don’t care how many of us die as long as there’s enough of us left to control and manipulate into generating the wealth for them


of these three groups it is the financiers who are the most important

without money the other two cliques couldn’t operate efficiently

we have to constrain the people of these self-serving groups before Evolving man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings can fully share their knowledge of medicine, technology and science with us (try to imagine just what it is they have learnt over the last
sixty-five million years)

* * *



one raised to the eleventh Power (1 ^11) = 100 000 000 000 years

this is how long the galaxy as we know lasts

these time-scales take a bit of getting used to, don’t they

it’s not until a being is
99 999 999 999 years old that it becomes appallingly small

there are a few lifetimes worth in there

each lifetime more awesome than the next and the next one beckoning, forever beckoning

* * *



1 ^ 10 000 years

1 ^ 83 000 years (heaven) means that love/life is about 0.00125 or 1/1000th of the way through squaring a line length

1 ^ 83 000 is so large it must mean we’re at the tail end of evolution and i haven’t got a chance of making it


is such a little number compared to other, larger numbers, all i’ve gotta’ do is get paramatised and getting to heaven is gonna’ be a breeze

these impossibly large amounts of time are difficult to think about

a number, by definition, is finite

divide any number by infinity and it becomes an infinitely small value

multiply 1^10 1000 by 1^10 1000 for 1^10 1000 years at a rate of 1^10 1000 functions per second and then divide the result by infinity and it becomes an infinitely small number

we’re going 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x … for the rest of eternity

and remember…

there will always be more time ahead of us then there is behind us

infinitely more


* the writer latched on to this number when he came across it while browsing through a book that gave a résumé of original and notable achievements of ancient greek thinkers

the name of the Greek thinker who put this number forward as being the largest number we would ever need is not remembered at the moment but all of the thinking that came out of that period that has stood the test of time was based on a sound rationale’ although the rationale’ for this number wasn’t given or has been forgotten

the actual number given was 1^83 000

the writer likes to think that in a future undulation the greek thinkers will put the number at 1 ^ 84 000 which suggests that in a previous undulation it was pegged at 1 ^82 000

the intuitive insights that the greek civilization produced two and half thousand years ago is something we still regard with an almost mystical appreciation

what caused that flowering of intellectualism ?

1st september 2009

a person trying to project the experiences of the here and now into the forever may well find themselves thinking that they don’t want to go to heaven

the thing to remember about heaven is that it is beyond anything a person can imagine

put all the best experiences of your life together and try and imagine them all happening at the same time

then further imagine that state of being continuing

then imagine that those combined feelings and thoughts don’t come anywhere near the basic feelings that exist in heaven

the writer’s experiences of twenty years ago produced a whiff of the senses and feelings accompanying freedom…

an exhilaration that filled the sense of being and which intensifies every new moment when the mind is exposed to the reality of an unending qualitative future in an inexhaustible space

it isn’t known how that runaway feeling is moderated; it is suspected that love might have something to do with it

it’s going to take an artist or narrator with special skills to describe the helpless wonder that is contained in picture page “heavenly bodies” which shows two beings as they begin to orient themselves to the stupefying reality of the heavenly state

* * *



bringing into being an increase in the quality of life for others


the compulsion to share the or a qualitative state of being with others

see sacrificially-creative love


in the far, far off future, those who are reading this will come to know why it is that sharing heaven is more compelling than experiencing it


in a world where a handful of Self-serving murderous cliques control the events of the lives of the majority of people, the idea of sacrificing anything and everything for others is an even more fantastic idea than little green men

but hold onto your hats

love is more powerful, much more powerful, than a nuclear explosion

* * *


‘love in heaven and love on earth

the way love in heaven affects life on earth within each undulation and between undulations

the most significant acts of love, the ones that affect us most profoundly here and now, were acted out in heaven

overwhelmingly great individual acts of love enacted in heaven have next to no noticeable effect here on earth

it is the compound accumulation of those acts across staggeringly large numbers of undulations which have produced, and is producing, every desirable thing we are experiencing

if you want to imagine some of what eternity holds in store for us try this exercise…

the lover brought the first generation into existence through compelling/inventive/ and sacrificially-creative love, see also, picture page 4 of picture pages 3000

the function of 1 x 1 continued through collective love, again because of the compelling/sacrificially-creative love that the experience of heaven produces

bringing Second generation (yourselves) into existence was done through an act of collective love and it is the second most profoundly significant event of eternity

it was enacted by all who inhabited heaven at that time and it is something that will be experienced by all who attain heaven

the lover’s terrible love smoothed out all of the possible wrinkles which could cause people to commit murder

2nd generation is a procession that will lead to either 50 000 000 000 or 100 000 000 000 couples being brought into existence for all Different classes of man-shaped beings

two beings who are, to all intents and purposes, as one (soul partners)

in the first instance, this came through in earthly evolution as the dinosaur class of being

the personality traits of females are the result of acts of love that were formed in heaven

further, those acts of love take on both personality and physical form when the attributes of collective love are transferred to earthly evolution

the original pair of soul partners came through the dinosaur class of being and were the first pair of 50 000 000 000 or 100 000 000 000 couple’s who will flow through the dinosaur class of being

the dinosaur class of being’s were also the first of 100 000 000 000 different classes of man-shaped being’s who will emerge as a result of unique acts of collective love which makes its magic felt and produces and/or enhances the unique traits in our own personalities


as time unfolds, new and evermore appealing physical attributes will adorn the man shaped-being and compliment the uniqueness of our individuality


it is currently believed that there are twice as many ethnicities in the dinosaur class of being as there are in the mammal class of being


the next significant collective act of love enacted in heaven resulted in the physical and personality attributes of mammal woman

mammal woman’s shape and personality produces a deeper feeling of love for and from their progeny, which is generated through breastfeeding, and hair for visual appeal as well as keeping the heat in the body (most of which is lost through the top of the head) for those periods of evolution when we were living in cold climates

it can be seen from the above pattern that two new pairs of soul partners in the dinosaur class results in one new pair in the mammal class

it is safe to assume that there is an increasing ratio…

further, it is thought, but not known, that as the function of 1 x 1 continues it will find expression through 2nd generation as a three-person reproductive mechanism and not as a two-person reproductive condition as it is at the moment


now the exercise; try adding two physical attributes to a mammal woman or man that would make her or him so physically appealing the thought of marrying a woman or a man without those two new physical attributes is as unattractive a thought as is the thought of marrying a woman without hair or breasts

indeed it must be the case that there is at least one pair of soul partners in the class of being that follows our mammal class that have the physical features that this exercise is trying to get you, and the writer, to imagine

the difficulty in trying to imagine new enhancements for each new class of being is because they do not come from a single mind

new enhancements come from an act of collective love by 100 000 000 020 beings in heaven with the lover at the helm


it is hoped that this insight into the way heavenly love translates back to events here on earth will produce the feverish desire to be part of the endless wonder of love/life and that becoming part of it is merely a matter of keeping abreast of the writer ethically for a love-length (currently ethical parameters)

if your desire for an endless desirable existence is as great as you say it is, doing what is being asked may well seem too easy

keep that sentiment in mind and ask yourself why it is that some people find it too difficult

* * *



one raised to the one-hundredth power years (1 ^100)

(100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
000 000 000 000 000 000)

1 ^100 is a number that is so large that if you attempted to write it down in longhand on paper (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18… 101 102 103 104 105… 1001, 1002, 1003… 10 001, 10 002, 10 003… 100 001, 100 002, 100 003… 1 000 001, 1 000 002, 1 000 003… etc.) there wouldn’t be enough room in the universe to write it all

coincidentally? it is also how many years the universe lasts

in terms of time… if you set out to move the universe from one place to another moving one particle each year there would be enough time to move the universe to one hundred trillion (1 ^17) different places!

1 ^100 is a number that is so small it would fit into a line-length ten thousand times!

see also googol

* * *


‘mathematical theory

there is a mathematical theory, it’s origins in quantum theory, which indicates the Universe is flashing on and off (coming into and going out of existence millions of times every second

while the universe is “off” there must be a physical state of nothing and because nothing doesn’t need anything to put it there this theory gives an answer to the greatest mystery of all… “how did things get here?”

* * *



mathematics has three main branches…




* * *


‘maxim 1

a solution is wrong to the degree force is used

this applies to everything from bringing up the children to unscrewing a bottle-top

yes, there are, occasionally, those times when a thump makes something work

those times exist because of a lack of time, being pressed for time, lack of knowledge, impatience, exasperation etc.

the future that’s coming will remove the constraints which prevent this maxim to the nth degree

as we begin building the new unnatural-death-designed-out Habitation it will be fascinating to see if this maxim applies to engineering

as we tap into the mantle for energy we may be able to affect the adverse effects of tectonic movement (earthquakes)

* * *


‘maxim 2

do unto others as you would have others do to you, because in the course of Undulations without end what you to others will be done to you

it’s not retribution

it’s the mechanism of reality !

* * *


there are two distinct memories available to us


present-life memory


pan-undulationary memory


memories, for the majority of people at this point of our evolution, are present-lifetime memories

* * *





it didn’t take long for the monarch rip-off to fall out of the news

the cost of fuel for the planes went up by fifty million pounds as a result of brexit

contingency plans for the collapse were being drawn up for more than a month before the collapse yet bookings for holidays were still being taken until the day of the collapse

the definition of theft is the dishonest appropriation of another person’s property with the intention of permanently depriving them of the property (money)

there’s a point in law here which gives people the chance to show just how predatory the money-minded are

this is a chance for you to give the financiers pause for thought and get them to curb, slow down or even stop ripping you off

if you to start a suit in this country you will have to bring in legal representation from another country (if it’s in this country the Oligarchs will fix the judges and jury to get the result they want)

don’t know if the court of Human Rights would hear the claim

if those people whose lives descended into chaos as a result of the monarch rip-off were told before the brexit vote it was a choice between staying in europe and having their holiday or not having a holiday they would have voted for a holiday

if you’re too meek to say or do somehing, mr and mrs britain, as the country gets poorer get ready to be pissed on again and again and again and again and…


the bank raiders are at it again

ninety-nine out of a hundred people here in britain won’t be aware of the sudden surge in the value of the pound over the last ten days

and people won’t be able to make any sense at all of the fact that the value of stocks and shares went down when the value of the pound went up

the pound rose in value when it was signalled that interest rates would be rising

how can a rise in interest rates be any good for anyone?

well, it means that the initial surge of money that will flow into the bank’s from the higher interest rates will put more money into the bank’s coffers

that in turn means the banks will have more money to play around with

so the banks sold the shares they had in companies and used that money to buy pounds which were giving a bigger profit than their shares

the company’s that lost their working capital, the result of their shares being sold, have now got to deal with a double whammy… loss of investment and higher interest rates

companies will now have to put a break on investment and expansion with a subsequent loss in jobs and smaller or delayed or reduced increases in wages

like the owner of BHS a little while ago

never mind about the ten thousand peolple who would lose their jobs

he got his hundred-million pound yacht and that’s much more important

listen mr and mrs britain, you’re nothing other than a means to an end from the british and jewish financiers point of view

you are expendable


the Lover, through his Terrible Love, has ensured that love/life is aligned to the character of eternity… the quantity and quality of life must always be increasing

it is always going to be that way

we see that the Eurozone, along with japan and china, are, currently, the only major economic areas where the quality and quantity of life is increasing for the majority of people

this is happening pretty well exclusively in these areas

it is happening in these areas because the philosophy of the politicians, as a whole, hasn’t got an “us and them” attitude or the

britain does have an
“us and them” outlook

britain used to be the wealthiest country in the world

we are currently the tenth poorest in europe

in the the next two decades britain will become the
“poor man” of europe

the majority of the people of britain will become less wealthy and less healthy

this will happen because britain has self-serving Devolving beings making the policies which form the lifestyle of the majority of the people

you will either recognise your future is in the balance, have to change and will, or you won’t
see Ethical Parameters

blessed are those families who have two or more children and are happy and healthy and are living within ethical parameters


a dark-skinned Suicide Bomber kills more than twenty people

is the writer being too cynical to consider that the dark-skinned male who committed the act did so because the Oligarchs ordered it?

question; why would the oligarchs kill its their own subjects?

answer; to provoke feelings of revulsion towards dark-skinned people

this is the oligarchs playing the anti-immigrant card, again

the anti-immigrant card won them the brexit vote

this act of violence will win them the general election vote too

if this country stays in europe the oligarchs will lose control of this country

if you simply can’t believe that the people who run this country would kill a couple of dozen people just to stay in control you are dangerously naive

they, the financiers, in collusion with the politicians, were prepared to sacrifice an entire generation of men in
World war 1

a couple dozen people here or there is of no consequence to them


britain is calling a snap general election

the reason? watch Here

five factions, in and out of parliament, don’t want to leave europe

why? read Here

the result of the election will be determined by what makes the headline news on the t.v. and in the papers over the next couple of months

the time most people watch the news is six p.m.

the bbc has most of the viewers, 34%, itv is second, 13%

on tonight’s news there were two people, both dark-skinned, who wanted to stay in europe and three light-skinned people who wanted to leave

we can now deduce that the Shadow government, links 1, 2 and 3 in the entry below this one, wants to leave europe

when the economics of the argument are in favour of staying in europe why does the shadow government want to leave?

the shadow government are devolving beings

devolving beings have an inside out-view of life

for them, life is not about love and happiness but being superior in wealth and war

europe doesn’t see life like that


isis suspected of being behind the killing of five on westminster bridge

not a lot of people know this but isis sprung up from a cabbage patch about eight years ago

when are you lot going to muster the courage to say something?

someone came up with the idea of bringing them into existence

someone has to pay them

someone has to arm them

someone has to organise them

someone does the military and planning

someone comes up with new forms of terrorist attacks

so who are the someone’s?

link 1

British and jewish financiers

link 2

British and russian oligarch’s

link 3


wise up and speak up or go back to sleep until this time the next time around


up until the 28022017 it was thought that the war the trans-national Oligarchs are planning would be a conventional war between humans

it came as something of a shock to find out that the war being planned was not conventional nor was it just between humans

the writer continually underestimates the insidious nature of the mind of Devolving beings

we, as Evolved and Evolving beings, have to “get up to speed” as to what the oligarchs are planning

to be forewarned is to be forearmed

watch these three videos in the order they are numbered




* * *



causing, directly or indirectly, with or without intent, a prepubescent person to fail to become a parent

Heaven has passed from a person’s attainment when they commit murder (and it is a loss to all)

the following are the reasons why heaven is no longer attainable after a person has taken the life of a prepubescent person

see also Repentance



the freedom to do whatever you want to do

the character of infinity is endlessness

to become infinite a person’s lifestyle has to reflect that circumstance

committing murder is an act of constriction and is the complete opposite of reality


Schrodinger’s cat

every act a person initiates sets in motion a unique course of events that carries into eternity

when a child is killed it is not just one person who has been killed but countless thousands of others who would have come into existence as the child followed the natural order of marriage and procreation



“the act of observation cannot occur without the thing being observed being affected by the act of observation” Niels bohr

what this means is that every act becomes permanently embedded into the fabric of reality and it cannot be undone

however, any act can, and is, either emphasised or lessened every new Undulation



see Poincare’s theorem of recurrence

whether it be expansive or constrictive what we are doing here and now is what we will be doing the next time we exist at this point of time of Universal Existence

the universe we observe around us is exactly as it was the last time we existed in it and it is exactly how it will be next time we exist in it

there are differences from Undulation to undulation because life is Animate and the universe is Inanimate

the difference is we compound those characteristic’s we already have

e.g. next Undulation we will make our favourite person smile a little longer or a little more intensely at least once during our lives

or, next undulation we get angry one more time or one bout of anger is a little more intense


so, it’s not only the thousands of lives that would have existed had the child gone on to live a natural life this undulation, it is going to happen endlessly

now we can begin to appreciate the full implications of the act of murder

the seemingly insignificant loss of the life of one child has resulted in the loss of a number of beings which is too great to estimate!

* * *


‘natural death

natural death is to die peacefully while sleeping

all other deaths are Unnatural

* * *


‘oligarchs (see also Lead Article)

there is only one conspiracy, this is it

a trans-national
self-serving murderous clique who are able to control the main events in our lives

Video 1

Video 2

forget about the way the mainstream media uses the word oligarch

to be an oligarch you have to be able to…

give the order for a person with a high public profile to be assassinated
(princess diana, marilyn monroe)…

know, or know someone who knows how, to turn an ordinary person into a Suicide Bomber…

know the banks are going to launder dirty money
(drug money) before they do it…

cause a war…

tell the newspapers what to put on their front pages…

tell the t.v. and radio stations what their lead stories will be…

The First Experience this website had of the oligarch’s

Video 3

Video 4

* * *

part-way to heaven

most of us are curious about what it will be like in the future

this picture will vault your imagination into a completely different dimension

without giving too much away…

this is one of the stages we go through on the way to transmutation

you’ve heard of the expression “the eyes are windows to the soul”

well, in this picture you will see what the soul looks like

* * *


‘past, present and future

the past is that which contains Unnatural death

the present is when there is only Natural death

the future does not contain any form of death

at what point in the future first generation arrives at that point of evolution where the writer is today and will know when their next recurrence is isn’t known exactly

the formulations that were leading to that understanding, genetic theory themes,  was put on the shelf in 2010 when it became obvious you weren’t going to do what was asked when it was asked

when we get going, WHEN we get going, the formulating of genetic themes will resume

* * *


the previous day’s experiences

the experiences of the day before the dream

the thoughts, feelings, sights, sounds…

* * *


‘perpetual motion

it appears not to have occurred to anyone to consider that Love may be the mechanism through which the much sought after dream of perpetual motion can be achieved

that science looked for perpetual motion through inanimate mechanical means gives us an insight as to where we were heading

perpetual motion has been the source of many a school- boys dream and grown men too have had the feeling that there may be something in the idea of perpetual motion

but never a reference to love or life

lately, science has demonstrated that the Universe is continually expanding into infinity and the idea of perpetual motion became something real again

but still no reference to love or life

the origin of movement is bound up in the idea of something coming from nothing, see space

you-know-who started the mechanism of reciprocal motion, now all we gotta’ do is learn how to do it too

perpetual motion is no more difficult than continuing the function of 1 X 1

and remember, there will always be more time ahead of us than there is behind us, infinitely more


the moving object at the top of the page is a four-dimensional cube

* * *



a numerical structure which encompasses both the finite and infinite

* * *


‘picture pages

there are three sets of picture pages


picture pages that can be presented


personal picture pages


picture pages 3000


picture pages that can be presented


greetings to the repentant

a transport ship

‘easy isolation

at this point of the evolution of love/life, all of the really bad experiences he had to endure at the hands of the devolving beings of second generation were behind him

this picture is still fresh in the mind’s eye, probably because i view it regularly

this picture will tell you so many different things at many different levels

regardless of what happens, this picture will be presented

the “intro” pictures at the top of the page were plucked out of google images and it is envisaged that each new picture will be a little closer to how the finished picture will look (the top picture is the latest)

here’s the first guide to completing the picture… it is a square cell and the front of the cell has a window that is wall to wall and floor to ceiling

the cell measures approximately…

if things go wrong this picture page may be lost forever




* * *

full bicep

* * *


heavenly bodies

you applied yourself to the task for what seemed like eternity

you and a person of the opposite gender have ingrained into your beings the trait of being able to love each other for a love length and in so doing have become soul partners

the ability to love for a love length has produced the basic physical shape that can last forever

you knew what was coming but nothing prepared you, nothing could prepare you, for the actual reality of being part of the infinite and you know it is something you will never be able to fully adjust to

you have just crossed the threshold between mortality and immortality and there is no turning back, ever

you have begun to experience the stupefying wonder that is…

qualitatively felt, reciprocating motions in flat, pan-dimensional, infinite space
this picture shows two beings in euclidean mathematical form

it also shows a very large red sun (it is thought to be a sun in its red giant stage)

possible interpretations…


it’s our own sun in its red giant stage in 5000 000 000 years from now


it’s the last of the types of sun like our sun anywhere in the galaxy and that will be in about 100 000 000 000 years from now


if it’s the last of the red dwarf suns it means it will be in about 10 000 000 000 000 years from now

if it’s interpretation 1…

either it’s the first pair of soul partners have just transmigrated or it is the last pair of soul partners entering heaven

either way, it will be 5000 000 000 years

if it’s interpretation 2…

it’s the same as interpretation 1 only it doesn’t happen for 100 000 000 000 years

if it’s interpretation 3…the fastest it can happen is 5000 000 000 years and the slowest it can happen is 10 000 000 000 000 years

it could, of course, be something else completely


*  *  *

the first

when it was first written (archive) it was the first glimpse into the earliest point of his past

since then other pictures show life at earlier stages than this one


the new habitation


picture pages 3000

picture pages 3000 are for generation 3000 (the people who will be living in the year 3000)







personal picture pages


‘i love you


Supernovae blues


Point of rejection


cherub is a real beaut

our god is the most playful being imaginable

in five thousand million years the loving-fun will start in earnest, and this time it does NOT stop

this three-second movie encompasses his experiences of eternity past and his irreverence of our current concern about cigarettes

eighteen thousand children dying each day and you’re getting sanctimonious about secondary cancer!

c’mon contemporary mammal-man-shaped beings, where’s your sense of priorities

* * *


‘picture pages 3000 are my “credentials” for generation 3000

picture pages 3000

picture 1

“there’s no one here”

this was the moment he realised he was on his own in eternity

try to imagine that… alone in eternity!

doesn’t bear thinking about does it

if you or i found ourselves in that situation it would send us insane

however, he’s made sturdier stuff

he came to this realisation in the 2nd Dimension

there are some insights into his experience’s before this moment

to a picture, they are suffering beyond your comprehension

but that’s the past

the worst for him, and the worst for us, world war 1, has passed

there is still the matter of his complete obliteration every new Undulation

the good news is that the experience of Straight line action between Undulations is increasing and as life’s journey into the endless continues the experience of obliteration is becoming a reducing fraction compared to his experience of straight line action and his obliteration will seem less traumatic

picture 2

this page is entitled “pre-pi”

no words accompanied this picture

the ultimate hard man

unlike ourselves, he can’t be broken

this picture is of him in the 3rd Dimension

of all of the pictures of him, there are only three which aren’t of him in the third dimension

it was in the third dimension he discovered Straight line action, or perhaps he came to experience straight line action because he had exhausted everything which could be experienced in non linear form, (see Pi)

as many zeros as can be imagined can be added to 3.000000000 before 3.14159… is arrived at

picture 3

another picture of the breadth of suffering he had to undergo

with this one though his pain can be seen

over the last few decades the writer has had to listen to remarks from deluded ego’s making remarks comparing themselves the lover

deriding and challenging his wisdom and some even thinking they were greater than he

know this, were such individuals able to tread the same evolutionary path he had to tread but before they did they would experience two or less seconds of any one of the countless millions of his experiences, which lasted for lengths of time we are unable to imagine, they would die of fright

fancy yourself as having the capacity to endure his suffering?

most of you can’t even muster the resolve to inconvenience yourselves!

it’s time for the high and mighty amongst us to put to bed any notions they have about being his equal

your aspirations, contemporary mammal man, are to spend eternity trying to put yourself on a par with his ability to Play Lovingly

playing lovingly is easy to learn to do

we all start with Ethical Parameters

picture 4

alone no more

the mechanism of the creation of First Generation

this picture definines the word anticipation

the air of eager anticipation is both visible and tangible

he is beside himself with anticipation for at least four different reasons


he’s been on his own for eternity past and is about to have company


it will only be gradually realised by the company they are about to experience the unimaginably desirable and he will be experiencing their feeling of anticipation through them over and over every new Undulation


the experiencing of the anticipation of the of the unimaginably desirable is going to happen for as many times as new beings are brought into existence
(See The Train)


it happens endlessly

yessiree, the good times are coming

picture 5

our first picture of his smile

this picture of his natural smile is the minimum pleasure that accompanies a job well done

he never feels any less satisfied than this when he emerges as a man-shaped being nor will his feeling of pleasure be any less than this for all future undulations

the difference between this smile and the smile he has in Cherub is worlds apart

the smile in cherub comes from interacting with other beings

this was how he looked as mammal man and more or less how we will look in five thousand million years

if it wasn’t for his torso and if he had a woman’s hairstyle, you would probably think you were looking at a woman

a natural equalisation of the genders should begin

you would think that someone who has been around forever would be showing some signs of fraying at the edges

he is, in fact, becoming younger as Love/Life moves into the endless

his facial looks will launch a trillion female fantasies and leave us men feeling apart

ladies, i bet you never thought you had a young, mid-twenties, dreamily delicious, devastatingly-shy, god

and ladies, in a few Milliards, when you’re well on your way to Fulfillment and he does the equivalent of kissing you, it will take a thousand years for you to acclimatise to the surge of pleasure (see The Nervous system

men, don’t go off on a tangent on this one

it will even itself out over the next five thousand million years as surreal, an unearthly dream-like quality, good looks become the norm

matching the quality of his touch?

that will take the rest of eternity, at least

the permanant smile; he doesn’t get angry, smoothes things over, and then goes back to smiling

all those things which make us scowl and frown now will have long since past by the time he begins to mingle with us in five thousand million years

his countenance only ever becomes ever-more pleasure-filled

hard to imagine isn’t it, endlessly-increasing levels of pleasure

feelings that are never less than they were the moment before

this smile is the minimum enjoyment for the experiences and efforts of eternity past, or, the Conjugte position love/life always occupies at this point of time of each new undulation

not even plain clothes can detract from natural class

just as well we’ve got a few milliards to get in shape

as also can be seen…

* * *



people in parameters (ethical parameters)

* * *


‘planck’s postulate

that energy (motion times time) does not occur in a continuous stream

on the contrary, it occurs in discrete, fixed amounts (quanta) and that the number of quanta increases as the length of the wave becomes smaller (approximately doubling and halving)


for 10 metre wavelengths 10 quanta

for 5 metre wavelengths 20 quanta

for 2 metre wavelengths 50 quanta

* * *


poetic license

the beginningless is nothing

but nothing cannot be

then in no time at all there was Infinity

infinity can be anything

but nothing it cannot be

betwixt and between the two

is called eternity

* * *


 ‘politics: the three party interpretation

the first party

a german-japanese liaison

its strategy is the creation and distribution of wealth

love/life is in evidence

it is a step forward in the repositioning of the conjugate of love/life in that it has shifted economic wealth out of the hands of the second and third party and has thus eliminated, for the first time in more than 200 years, international wars in europe

a major flaw in this strategy is that the single biggest wealth-generating product, the car, is causing unnatural death in at least three different ways

the car must be recognised for what it is… an unnatural death outcome circumstance that has to be removed from our civilization

the second party

a coalition of the three most influential oligarchies, russia, israel and britain (see also the american Influence 1 ), acting in conjunction and who are the very definition of the elaborate deceit (world war 1, world war 2, gulf war one, the twin towers, and currently, the muslims v’s the world conflict)

the twin towers atrocity was specifically engineered to villainize muslims and maintain divisions between us (divide and conquer)

below is its origin

i.s.i.l is an ongoing strategy which began 1999

a flier handed out in germany in november 1999 contained the sentence “…instead of orienting yourselves to the exquisite ethical nature of love/life, i inform you of the perditious state…” sends a shockwave through the oligarch structure

because of their liberal use of murder, the oligarch’s know they have nothing to lose and initiate the muslim “card”

the twin towers atrocity in 2001, which took eighteen months to set up, was their opening gambit

the ongoing campaign of fake muslims running riot in the middle east was orchestrated, implemented and is being paid for by the oligarch’s

have no illusions the second and third party will have us at each others throats into infinity (“the Great game” mindset)

the russian oligarch’s are the leading strategist in the formulating of stratagems

controlling world-affairs means using all of the Three forms of murder

there has to be organized ploys and stratagems (assassinations, wars, etc.) to steer events

the motivation of Devolving beings is nothing other than to control people
(a person’s desire to control the destiny of others begins when they have lost control of their own)

the 2nd party differs from the 3rd party in that it doesn’t use, because it hasn’t got, the large amounts of money needed to control the financial markets

it is unable to redeem itself

* * *


‘politics: the third party

Jewish financiers and the British financiers who act and are hand-in-glove with each other

they see themselves as the pinnacle of existence

their links to wars and the way they have, and do, finance wars and benefit from wars is there for all to see

click the links if you want to read more…




* * *


‘possibilities, probabilities, and actualities

possibility… something which can happen

probability… something which is, in varying degrees, more than likely to happen

actuality… something which has happened or something which will happen (see destiny)


all living beings are in a state of probability of attaining heaven or descending into

going from a probability to an actuality is determined through the repetition of thoughts and actions which were/are initiated by the individual

there is a qualitative characteristic attached to each thought/action

example of a qualitative thought/action…

the thought occurs to you that the emotional content of a t.v. programme, which one of your children watches regularly, is too harsh

you establish what other programme your child enjoys, which hasn’t got harsh content, and introduce that as an alternative

there is also a quantitative value associated every thought/action

your child watches a programme with harsh language in it once and doesn’t incorporate the language in it into her/his vocabulary

your child hears harsh language in a t.v. programme ten times and starts using the language

an easy-to-apply guideline to new thoughts/actions… is it possible that what i am about to do could result in the death of a child

thought-leading-to-death actions, will, when repeated enough times, produce a death-outcome actuality
(when the death of a child occurs it is the result of the thought/action being initiated many times before)

equally, when a thought/action which doesn’t contain death is made, it will always give rise to more life


every act becomes permanently embedded in the fabric of reality (which includes your genetic structure)

everything a person does here and now is repeated endlessly (it either compounds into more life or less life)



going from a possibility to a probability to an actuality

example 1

you decide to go the shop and buy some food and bring it back home

you start gathering the things you’ll need to buy the item you want and bring it back home (debit card, cash, carrier bag, front-door key etc.)

every act you complete in preparation for going to the shop and getting back into the house, makes the original thought (the possibility) a greater probability

not until the moment when you step through the front door of your house, after coming back from the shop, does it become the original actuality you conceived

a fuller explanation…

a person decides to go to the shop, buy some food, and bring it back home

the decision to go to the shop began with a thought or a feeling or a perception or someone else’s thought or feeling or perception
(a woman or her husband wanted a lettuce and tomato sandwich, but they didn’t have any lettuce)

the thought or feeling which gave rise to the act of going to the shop has a history…

the feeling of hunger arose at that moment and not 10 minutes earlier or 10 minutes later, because she or he, had turned down the opportunity to have one more potato at her or his last meal because she or he thought it would be a good idea to try to lose a bit of weight

the thought or feeling to lose a bit of weight has a history… two days earlier she or he had told him or her that it looked like he or she was putting on weight

at the shop she or he has a five minute chat with the shop-keeper

back at the house she or he gets another hunger pang and eats the last two biscuits in the biscuit tin

in the first instance of this example, the original motive was driven by a primal feeling… to eat

the possibilities of what to eat were enormous

there are tens of thousands of possibilities when the food in the house are permuted

the reason a lettuce and tomato sandwich was decided upon has a history…


to explain how possibilities become actualities, it means using ideas which you aren’t familiar with

as simply as possible, here it comes…

in science, a possibility becomes a probability when it is squared (squared means multiplied by itself) example of squaring… 2 squared is 4 (2 times 2 is 4)

now we’re going to do the obvious and say that when a probability is squared (probability times 2) it becomes an actuality

possibility to probability to actuality: example 1… you decide to learn to play a song with a guitar

it takes five attempts to place your fingers in the right position on the fret to play the first chord

you strum the strings of the guitar with your thumb

it sounds right

it took six attempts to play the first chord, which took forty five seconds

to go from the possibility of playing a chord to the actuality of playing a chord takes six attempts, which takes forty five seconds

for the next chord, it takes four attempts, and it takes thirty seconds to put your fingers in the right position on the fret

you strum the guitar strings and it sounds right

you decide to play the two chords you’ve learnt

you play the first chord correctly but couldn’t get your fingers into position quickly enough to play the second chord

it takes three attempts to play the first and second chord at the right speed and it takes twenty five seconds

to go from the possibility of playing the two chords correctly to the actuality of playing the two chords correctly takes thirteen attempts which takes 100 seconds

the first chord took 45 seconds to play correctly, the second chord took 30 seconds, and to play the two chords correctly, and at the right tempo, it took thirteen attempts in total, which took 100 seconds

time ratio* 45:30:25
attempts ratio 6:4:3

you now play the two chords five times but make two mistakes

the first mistake was on the first attempt when you strummed the strings of the second chord too quickly, and the second mistake was on the fourth attempt when your middle finger wasn’t placed on the correct string of the first chord

you put the guitar down

two minutes later you try again and it takes two attempts to place your fingers in the right position on the fret and strum the chords at the right tempo

this time, it takes seven seconds to play the first five seconds of the song correctly

you put the guitar down again and go and have a drink

ten minutes later you pick up the guitar again and you put your fingers in the right position for both chords and play the first two chords correctly and at the right tempo at the first attempt

to go from possibility to probability to actuality takes five seconds

we can all see that, in some instances, when something new is tried more than one attempt are needed to go from possibility to probability to actuality

to play the three chords correctly and at the right tempo and sing the first line takes 14 attempts and takes 2000 seconds

to play the entire song takes 100 attempts and it takes 20 000 seconds

the first 100 times you play the song you make fifty mistake

you play the song 1000 times and you make twenty mistakes

you play the song 2000 times and make 12 mistakes

after playing it 10 000 times you never make a mistake

to go from possibility to probability to actuality took ten thousand attempts and it took two hundred thousand seconds

100 x 100 = 10 000, which is the probability squared

the ratio reduces to 1:1 with practice !

the only time after that you don’t play the song correctly is if the string breaks or something like that

a string breaking is the equivalent of the tyre of a car blowing out and resulting in a death

the actuality of a death occurring as the result of the tyre blowing out also has a history…

in everyday living, to go from possibility to actuality takes time and repetition

the more complicated the thing we want to do is, the more times we have to do it to go from possibility to probability to actuality

the goal is to attain heaven

with regards to living our lives, in a way which doesn’t bring about the unreality of non-existence, it is as complicated, and as simple, as it’s possible to be


* link for ratio


only the person will know if they understand the full significance of their actions

(lie-detector question… did you understand the consequences of your actions before you engaged in the actions which took the life of the child?)


insights into his terrible love will reveal themselves as you appraise the possibility to probability to actuality of the earths occurrence as a viable planet on which to initiate evolution: at the same time consider the, even more, immense numerical odds which is involved when we consider earthly evolution

* * *



a Mathematical position doesn’t need width or height or depth

the principle of the least something

it makes the most sense to think that nothing is more likely to give rise to a minimum something rather than a maximum something

postulate 1

the least thing that can be is position

question 1

“what is position ?”

answer 1

a description that answers the question “where is it ?”

e.g. the halfway position between the earth and the moon is one hundred and twenty-five thousand miles

question 2

“what is where ?”

answer 2

“where is a Mathematical entity”

question 3

“what is a mathematical entity ?”

answer 3

“in this instance, it is a way of placing an intangible something in a void”


position 1

we’ll associate the word position with a cross +

the where, a non-dimensional position which hasn’t got size, is at the centre of the cross and we’ll call it position 1

postulate 2

the first thing that could be was a non-dimensional Abstract mathematical form

this reduces the complexity of it’s structure and bolsters the principle of the least something

now… in an endless void position 1 doesn’t need concrete form but because endlessness can’t be assigned with position, position 1 needs to be relative…

* * *


‘powers of numbers


1 ^1 = 10 “one raised to the first power equals ten”

1 ^2 = 100 ” one raised to the second power equals one hundred”

1 ^3 = 1000 ” one raised to the third power equals one thousand”

1 ^ 4 = 1000 ” one raised to the fourth power equals ten thousand”

and so on

1 ^1 can be spoken as “one raised to the first power” or as “one raised to the first” or as “one to the first”

use which ever way of saying it, and writing it, is easiest for you

this is an attempt to simplify the counting system

this is how ridiculously complicated a simple thing like counting has become

whether it catches or not depends on whether people like yourself use it or not

when the need to be more exact crops up, as with the population of the world, which is around the seven thousand million number, we say “the population of the world is seven raised to the ninth (7 ^9) this year and next year it is predicted there will be another hundred million new people in the world which will take the population up to seven thousand one hundred million (7.1 ^9)” which is currently spoken as seven thousand one hundred million

with this way of thinking about numbers it becomes “next year the population will be about seven point one to the nine”

like a lot of new ways of doing things it takes fresh thinking to start with but once it takes hold it becomes straightforward enough

it also helps to put things into perspective

for instance there are 1 ^22 stars in the universe, but did you know there are 1 ^31 virus’s in the sea?

archive 1

archive 2

* * *


a person indifferent to the feelings of others

* * *

a mathematical proof of a triangle

to prove the three sides of a regular triangle are equal name one side of the triangle a and one side b and one side c

if they truly are equal then side a is half of the length of the sides b and c combined


the lengths of the sides are always half as long or twice as long as the other

side b plus side c always equals side a times two

b + c = a x 2

* * *


‘quantum theory

* * *


there’s no doubt at this website… eternity has an expansive characteristic

we must, yes must, comply to/with reality if we are to experience it

see also ‘the mistake

* * *


‘qod – ‘qos

qod = quality of dream

qos = quality of sleep

it is felt that keeping a log of the quality of dreams and the quality of sleep may have applications

it is envisioned that a dreams data bank will have applications for bringing Soul Partners together

both the quality of dreams and the quality of sleep are rated on a scale of one to five and further rated by a decimal point of one to ten which gives a rating table of fifty

quality of dream

a 5 rating is a dream that is so good a person wants to live the dream

2.5 has the least undesirable content

2.6 has the least desirable content

a 0.1 rating is a dream that is so bad it makes a person think they would rather die than have a dream like that again

quality of sleep

qos 0.1 feeling more tired upon waking than before going to sleep

qos 2.5 almost but not quite satisfactory

qos 2.6 a minimally acceptable refreshing sleep

qos 5 feeling fully rejuvenated

* * *



on a page elsewhere at this website (for the life of me i can’t find it) there is the sentence “nor are evolving beings killed intentionally”

after appraising a picture (not mentioned until now) it looks like it’s more than just possible, indeed, it’s even possible that evolving beings may elect for it to happen, even more incredulously, it may be something which is part and parcel of becoming an evolving being, at the very beginning of an evolving beings evolution

the reasons for this extremely contentious possibility will be explained in full in a new entry called analogies

for now…

there is an easy-to-understand reason why
the Lover or an ordinary person would elect for this to happen…

back in 2009 the writer had a room on skype

on one occasion, when the topic was god’s love, a young lady asked the question “why, if he is so loving, would god let me get raped?”

the bitterness in her voice was plain and she was ready to let loose with a tirade of rebuttals of my explanation

my answer was immediate “it’s love being generous to a fault”

because we can’t conceive of the experience of Straight line action it’s impossible to appreciate just how unbelievably good it is

why does god allow such intense suffering?

we can refer to an analogy made elsewhere at this website

the parents of a terminally ill baby or toddler don’t stop loving their child because it won’t live for long

on the contrary, the feelings of love for the baby or toddler swell to bursting point as the parent’s try to fill their child’s life with happiness

there have been two occasions when the writer has been involved with parents in this situation

the heart-wrenching feelings of the parents watching their baby or toddler dying is probably the saddest experience a person can undergo

the rapist of the girl being referred to has a few moments of gratification

the girl who was raped would, if she had the experiences of the heavenly state to draw upon, gladly suffer what she did

and that’s how it is people

the time will come when suffering on earth will be easier to endure when it understood that suffering gives devolving beings more life

god will take our suffering to the point when, collectively, we think it isn’t worth it (world war 1)

dostoyevsky penned it this way… a person suffers all the trials and tribulations of life throughout their entire lifetime and questions again and again why is it happening

the moment the gates of heaven are in sight it becomes clear and he knows why he suffered and knows it was worth it

* * *



the phenomenon of being more than once


* * *



see also
greetings to the repentant

to stop doing things that cause the death of others (see Ethical parameters)

there are those who are not fully able-bodied and are becoming aware of their situation

to those people… you may or may not have been presented with the information in the next sentence in undulations past

it can be established by gauging the reaction or response to the understanding that reality can only accommodate an increase in the quantity of life and that a person who seeks to increase the quantity, which consequentially, leads to the qualitative, of life for the whole, will discover that reality responds in kind

this is the place to tell the organisers of mass Murder that if you repent there is a minimum of one thousand years of quality life in future Undulations, every undulation

if you have comitted murder and choose not to repent you already know your future… it’s in history books and wildlife programmes

it’s a continuing source of disbelief to the writer to see people taking the lives of others and are aware of where it’s taking them but just can’t bring themselves to do something about it (stop doing it)

don’t you dare try to blame The lover when, at a point of time in a future undulation, you realise you are past the point of no return

13th january 2009

it is the nature of things that everything a person brings into existence has to be experienced by themselves in the course of undulations without end

further, even if a person didn’t actually commit the act of murder but in anywise supported the act, the trail of cause and effect will eventually lead back to them

examples are…

a person didn’t give the order for an army to go to war but sees the need for the other person’s resources and supports those actions which result in the loss of life


a person sees the justification for the assassination of a person as it will result in fewer people dying if the person doesn’t exist


a person didn’t want to kill someone on the way to the shops but needs a car to live properly

people don’t want children to die of starvation or from the lack of medicines but need copious amounts of money to live in a way which is appealing to themselves

the point is, and this point is directed at any and all people working within the Oligarch structure, do i repent and retain my man-shaped status and experience those unnatural deaths (which will be finite) that were a consequence of what i have done, or do i say ***f it and experience unnatural death endlessly

first as a man-shaped being and then in forms of life that are not man-shaped


repentance means a person doesn’t go to heaven nor do they go to hell

what does it mean? (read archives 1 and 2)

repentance/greetings to the repentant

in 2009 the writer asked the question “is it possible to neutralise an expression of death”

the picture “greetings to the repentant” was the lover’s response

repenting after committing murder, after i die or because circumstances force you to don’t count

a person who isn’t aware of this knowledge and commits murder has passed the point when they could have repented but chose not to (see Ethical parameters)

* * *


‘right and wrong (ethics)

that which is thought to be right or wrong in terms of behaviour

if there wasn’t any life or thought or consciousness or any type of experience at all then the notion of right and wrong wouldn’t exist in the first place

therefore, excluding those who chose not to exist ( the mistake ), we can all agree that being alive comes before anything else if we want to think about whether what we are doing is right or wrong

if the above reasoning makes sense to you then the whole world of reasoning and arranging our lives is as easy as eating pie

right is that which allows us to continue doing that which we think is right

wrong is that which does not allow us to do what we think is right


right is not allowing those things to exist which don’t allow us continue to do things we think are right

which means wrong is allowing things to exist which do not let us continue to do those things we think are right

therefore, the first, the very first behavioural trait we need to learn, is not to bring into existence anything that can bring to an end our ability to continue to do things we think are right

a baby is born

the first thing a baby has to do to continue being is to breathe*

the second thing a baby has to do to continue being is to eat and drink**

the third thing a baby has to do to continue being is to excrete superfluous food and water***

the fourth thing a baby has to do to continue being is to sleep/dream

the fifth thing a baby has to do is to continue being is to… open/close its eyes?move its head/limbs? cry?…

****the sixth thing a baby has to do to crawl?

*****a baby becomes a toddler when she/he can walk

* the quality of the air of the baby’s first breath will be a priority when planning the new habitation

**sleeping/dreaming comes second, third or fourth

if there is a difference between babies as to what comes second, third or fourth there is a reason why there is a difference

***as we become more knowledgeable we will refine our diet to the point where excreting becomes unnecessary (our anuses seal up within a million years or so)


****there are only a few things in a typical home that can stop a crawling baby from continuing to be… stairs, electrical outputs, the fire

again, the planning of the new habitation will foresee all possible dangers

this where the planning of the new habitation will best be served by receiving input from the entire world population

see also The philosophical implications of quantum theory

right is that which increases the quality and quantity of life

wrong is that which decreases the quality and quantity of life


example 1

a person has ten units of money to spend

he buys a spinning top which all of the family can play with

this will increase the quality of life through competitive fun


example 1

a person has ten units of money to spend

he buys a catapult which he uses to launch stones to knock birds out of trees


the greatest single act which has produced the biggest quantity and quality of life was when the lover brought first generation into being

the single greatest act which decreased the quantity and quality of life was
world war 1

(thank you british and jewish financiers, and arms manufacturer’s)

* * *


‘sacrificially-creative love

giving up anything and everything for others

the excellingly sublime and overwhelming creative act of love/live

it is the third of the family of the four loves which brought, and brings, beings into existence

a being strives through eternity past for something worth having and then, when he has it, the first thing he does is give it all away

it is not possible to understand sacrificially-creative love and be selfish

* * *


‘screen casts

* * *


‘second generation (yourselves)

beings conceived through collective love in heaven and brought into being through earthly evolution

the lover, for obvious reasons, isn’t assigned to a generation

first generation beings did not come into existence through the mechanism of childbirth as it is here on earth

picture page 4 of picture pages 3000 will show the way first generation beings were created
(the writer did so want you to have picture pages 3000)

the creation of first generation was simplicity itself

the vastly intricate process of man-shaped beings coming into existence through earthly evolution in cellular form is yet another testament to his inventive love and his supremely subtle sacrificially-creative love

contemporary mammal man, not being able to grasp the greatness of his love, finds it easier to explain life as a random event

the emergence of life here on earth would have always remained a complete mystery to the offspring of the genetic lines* of people who hold these godless ideas

indeed, one devolving e.t. interviewed by majic states with complete conviction that his genetic line “no longer needs the myths and superstitions of god or gods”

this same being also maintained the multiverse view, our universe is but one of an endless number of universes, is the way it actually is

the multiverse view is very fashionable amongst some people

the multiverse idea is held, almost exclusively, by people who don’t believe in god

in fact, the multiverse view of reality was spawned with the purpose of dispensing with the need for a god by deluded men who fancy themselves as being god-like

these misguided views of reality have arisen because the depth and breadth of god’s love and abilities can’t be grasped

it is fitting for these times that his unbounded love should find itself calling a monument to his sacrificially-creative love by the dismissive and slightly demeaning name of 2nd generation

for both females and males their genetic line is the first-born of the first born woman of the first-born… going back into Antiquity


* * *


‘soul partners

for every woman and man, there is a “made-for-each-other” man and woman

there are at least four such couples of the mammal class of being (The Ethnicities)

in the course of Undulations without end there will be either fifty thousand million or one hundred thousand million such couples who will spring from the mammal class of beings


the in’s and out’s of the compatibilities of characteristics between couples is so complicated a whole new school of thought will have to be initiated

some insights as to how to bring soul partner’s together have already revealed themselves

we’ll call it “getting connected” and we’ll begin formulating it when the cologne Auditorium is functioning

and we can start implementing it when the first of the new Habitation’s is up and running

* * *


‘space – ‘eternity – ‘nothing – ‘endless – ‘endlessness

space, eternity and nothing are one and the same

space/eternity/nothing is beginningless and endless

space/eternity/nothing is timeless

space/eternity/nothing is without any features whatsoever

space/eternity/nothing cannot be bent

space/eternity/nothing cannot be folded

space/eternity/nothing cannot have holes in it

* * *


‘space-dream evolution 1

that time during the cycle of the Universe when Evolving beings continue orienting themselves to the character of the infinite

the actual time each individual spends during the cycle of the universe ingraining into themselves those traits necessary to expand endlessly depends on where they got to in the orientation process in the last Undulation

it must be the case that every individual or Soul Partnership is at a slightly different stage of the orientation process and with one raised to the One Hundredth Power years (1 ^100) to work with, assessing where people are in the orientation process is way beyond the writer’s understanding


* * *


‘space-dream evolution: stars end

stars end is when the last of the suns like our sun are no longer shining, in about one raised to the eleventh Power years (1 ^11), until all stars everywhere in our Galaxy are no longer shining which will be in about one raised to the thirteenth power years (1 ^13)

when stars end finishes we move into another period (not yet formulated)

after stars end, energy can come from Black Balls (a.k.a. black holes)

* * *


‘space-dream evolution: the awake dream

you and your Soul Partner have achieved Fulfilment and enter Heaven

* * *


‘space-dream evolution: the dream begins

it starts when D- man picks us up and takes us to the gathering place

it is thought space-dream evolution begins not later than 4000 a.d.

* * *


‘straight line action – ‘heaven

heaven is straight-line-action in Flat space

straight line action means…

we are, forever, going somewhere new

we will, forever, be experiencing something new

we will, forever, becoming someone new

the overwhelming freedom of unrestricted movement in an endless expanse which compels us to continually re-model our motions to a type that complies with reality… an ever-changing and continually increasing expansion of all characteristics

our feelings of love struggling to keep abreast as infinity pulls us irresistibly onward and outwardbeckoning and coaxing us with the ever-growing demand that we enact ever more space-consuming acts

and we move…

effortlessly… dynamically… flawlessly… magically…

transcendental permutations for individuals… pairs… groups… and collective action

unimagined thoughts, senses, emotions…

unguessed at shapes, sizes, structures…

increasing levels of pleasure accelerating

increasing levels of pleasure decelerating

increasing levels of pleasure cruising

increasing levels of pleasure combining

increasing levels of pleasure separating

increasing levels of pleasure being

the endless indifference transformed into a qualitative state and being enriched through compelling and sacrificially-creative love with ever-increasing pluralism

multi-faceted, multi-hued, linear shapes… beings who are, both at once, translucent and reflective

100 000 000 020 lights of love/life seemingly spanning the breadth of heaven

forever beings acting their forever parts in love/life’s presentation of reality…

mathematical entities

feeling qualitatively

their reciprocating motions

through flat


infinite space

for the time equivalent of 1^83

mind-willed motion


mysterious love


overwhelming freedom


pleasure beyond measure


finite beings in infinity


exciting love


endless motion via reciprocating love


helpless wonder


heaven’s highway


surprising love


subjective endlessness


we are experiencing but one of an endless sequence of undulations


infinite dimensions


the endless void transformed into a colour-rich environment


dreams within dreams within dreams within…


a fantasy-reality that intensifies the more it is enacted


imaginations with a limitless innovative bent exercising their will


exhilarating motion


a playground without boundaries


inexhaustible forward motion

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 time units

the thing about this number is it doesn’t matter what time value is used, a Planck time, a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a century, a millennium, a milliard or a Googol, it will always be a length of time too big to contemplate

the writer latched onto this number while browsing through a book which highlighted notable original ideas put forward by greek thinkers two and half thousand years ago

the number was put forward by (anaximander?) as being the largest number we would ever need

the flowering of greek intellectualism is still something that is regarded with a mystical appreciation

how, along with sumer, did such a civilising influence occur?

* * *


‘stray thoughts

stray thoughts are thoughts that contain a reduction in the quantity or quality of life for others or self

these thoughts are called stray because the saying “stray dogs” perfectly captures the meaning this website wants to convey

they don’t have a home

they don’t have a home in Heaven

they don’t have a home at The gathering place, and at the last, they wont have a home on earth

and ultimately stray thoughts produce the outcome of reduced life in the people who harbour them

stray thoughts don’t stay with a person unless a person keeps hold of them


considering the times we live in, you won’t be surprised to hear that this website occasionally has stray thoughts

the way the writer deals with them is to have an alphabet of “calming” words and speak them meaningfully

my current list



























compose, compare, amend and share your own list

* * *


‘suicide bombers

the video above is an example of how someone can be made do something against their will

points to consider…

in the video, words were used to trigger a response

it seems feasible that visual triggers could also be used

it seems feasible that the written word can be used as a trigger

if a person can be made to do something against their will it will be even easier to get them to say something against their will

some people will be easier to condition than others

a sound trigger can be given via a phone

2’36” hand touches back and the says the words “sit up straight”

waits for the participant to say “right” and removes his hand immediately

previous entry

it doesn’t occur to ordinary people that suicide bombers are themselves ordinary people who have been brainwashed into doing it

a bottom-liner… if you’ve got a Nervous system you can be turned into a suicide bomber

the trick is to avoid that mindset and steer yourself away from those circumstances through which suicide bombers are used

to turn someone into a suicide bomber…

Video’s of how it’s done

in this country, england, twenty to thirty years ago there was a .t.v. show hosted by paul daniels

one of the things he used to do was to get a person from the audience to pick up a chair and the person couldn’t let go of it when she was told to put it down

another thing he would do would be to get a person to sit down but when the volunteer sat down he jumped up and out of the chair because he believed he was sitting on a cactus

the way he tricked someone into thinking and feeling an unreality was by placing his hand on the upper-back/lower neck, the way spock used to do in the Original star trek series when he rendered people useless with his

it is not known by this website what it is that causes a person to become predisposed to suggestion but at a guess, it has to do with interfering with the flow of the messages between the body and the brain

now, if i could get someone to believe that every time they sat down it felt like they were being stung and they sprang out of a chair it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination to accept that using the method shown in the videos (the bottom of this page) you could also predispose a person to the suggestion that “when you hear the words… “Afghanistan bananastan you will do what the person who says those words to you asks you to do”

so to make someone into a suicide bomber you predispose the person to the suggestion that a waistcoat, lined with explosives and which can be triggered by a remote-control detonator, on the back of a chair in the next room is something they want and they should put it on when they see it and take it home and show the family how good it looks

it’s that insanely simple


strap some sticks of dynamite on a belt and say “this is a money belt. take it to the bank”


when you hear the words “afghanistan bananastan” ask the person who said it if you can borrow his coat, the coat is filled with explosives which can be triggered by a remotely controlled detonator, because you feel cold


when you hear the words “afghanistan bananastan” ask the person who said it if you can borrow his coat because you feel cold and ask the person whose coat you are about to borrow if they will help you put it on. the person whose coat you are about to borrow is also skilled in predisposing people to suggestion and he suggests that what you should do is learn how to make a bomb because there are people who are trying to kill you and you had better kill them before they kill you

your brother has also been made susceptible to the idea through this type of suggestion and both of you have had it suggested to you that you shouldn’t talk to anyone other than your brother about it as they may be the one’s who are trying to kill you

whenever you and your brother are alone you begin discussing the idea of how best to protect yourself against people who are going to try and kill you

over the course of the next year or two the phrase “afghanistan bananastan” is said to you quite a few times and each time it is spoken you are nudged a little closer to believing the people who are trying to kill you will soon be attempting to kill you

it’s that insanely simple

it has become a lot more refined over the years than the examples given here (there are drugs that can make an hour seem like a minute and a minute seem like an hour. these are things that relatively easy to find out about. it’s the one’s we don’t know about and that are really potent, like killing yourself after assassinating someone, when it comes to mind-control that needs to be thought about) but you’ve got the idea

when you know how to do it it’s quite straightforward

it’s the Oligarchs who are co-ordinating the worldwide mayhem

it’s obvious from the continuing suicide bombings that are happening they’re not going to Repent

see also the Manchurian candidate and or the Manchurian candidate


* * *


part 1

being and not being

the beginningless and the mechanism of reality

for an incomprehensible moment nothing was

( the way the word nothing is being used here represents the end of language )

however, it is not possible to be nothing

it doesn’t make sense in language to say “i am going to be nothing”

the word being and the word nothing are nonsensical when used in the way given in the example in the line above

they exclude each other

( are mutually exclusive )

it is not possible to be and not be at the same time

not even eternity can pull off that trick

as it is in our language so it is in reality

the consequence of zero as the absolute is that, instantly, everything that can exist does exist and further, the concept of existence should only be assigned to those things that have an endless quantitative aspect

all that came into existence in that moment of immediacy following the incomprehensible beginningless gained its existence as a result of being the consequence of the absolute of nothing, the beginningless

for it all to make perfect sense all we have to say now is that there is a continual regeneration of reality via the mechanism of the absolute reaffirming its place as the beginningless and it giving rise to all that can be in an infinitely fast manner

and so, as quickly as everything that can exist materialises it dematerialises and then again, an infinitely small consideration of anything that the mind can dwell upon reoccurred

and this is the mechanism of reality

being and not being happening infinitely quickly

if this theory is correct it has been that way for eternity past and it will be the same for future eternity

this way of thinking about how things are is supported by bell’s theorem of interconnectedness which proves that all of reality is connected faster than the speedof light

now we can speculate…

it currently makes most sense to think that all that can be came into being in a moment as a one dimensional straight line and that the moment be thought of as having an infinitely small time value and that further everything else that can be has to comply with the basic characteristic of linear form

or… everything that can be exists in infinitely small triangular packages and that each package is adjoined to its surrounding packages and this arrangement extends throughout all of reality


be mindful here

in trying to explain reality all we can ever have is a purely theoretical model

neils bohr was emphatic on this point… “there is no quantum world. there is only an abstract mathematical description”

bear this in mind and be ready to junk any idea that occurs to you

many physicists are convinced that string theory, which falls into this category, is the way things really are

the biblical phrase ” in the beginning… ” has been, in some part, the reason why a rationale hasn’t been formulated that has allowed the reasoning being given here to occur in the minds of thinkers in ages past

that and the homicidal enforcement, through the inquisition, that the bible is the word of god and was not to be questioned

but that’s the past

the future is emerging

start thinking afresh

there was no beginning

there is only the endless

part 2:

the infinitely fast and the infinitely slow

5th – 29th august 2011

somewhere back there the discontinuity of the infinitely fast became the continuity of the infinitely slow

this may be the start of what we call consciousness and memory

it might also be the point at which life began to experience dimensions

the thought may cross the readers mind that if reality is coming into and going out of existence in an infinitely fast manner how can there be time for anything other than that reality to exist ?

in picture pages: the first , what we refer to as life or consciousness can be seen as having a position

position in turn implies space but from the picture it looks like life’s movement is fashioned by the mechanism of reality

the picture may throw some light on one of the earlier stages of infinitely slow continuity

picture page 1, which is the first picture of life’s history that doesn’t need any interpretation, shows him in the second dimension and able to articulate thoughts

a distinction between continuity and infinitely slow continuity can be made

the original idea that continuity can be viewed as the mathematical function of 1 x 1 ( pages 9 and 10 ) as being that which links each individual moment of materialization can be kept

keep in mind that no matter how convincing a presentation of reality anyone can come up with it will be purely speculative

the only thing we know about the quantum world at the moment is that it is connected faster than light

any theory about a sub planck time reality must contain this fact

if it doesn’t it’s destined to sink without a trace


the following considerations are, currently, ideas that appear to have to be thought about to produce a formulation that can make it make sense…

both the infinitely fast and the infinitely slow must be contextualized within the concept of eternity…

the infinitely fast is a variant which was a ” one off ” event…

that the infinitely slow is an accumulation or consequence of infinitely fast least realities

(which will have a mathematical description)…

the infinitely slow is the dissipation of the infinitely fast…

that the infinitely slow is a subjective experience…

the infinitely fast is an absolute of reality and remains a constant within the context of eternity and infinity…

part 3: shape

the man shaped being

it is thought that the shape life became was fashioned by the environment it was in

picture pages: the first shows life without form

in picture page 1 he is man shaped


with so many shapes it could have been why did life become our shape, man shaped

the man shaped beings shape, it is suggested, is the way it is because it can’t be any other way or the mathematical function of 1 x 1 to continue without end

the parameters for movement had become part of its being before becoming man shaped

this is the pre dimensional part of life’s evolution

( the greatest single period was mechanicality )

the function of 1×1 during this period is thought of as what we call life, or sentience, or consciousness, or god, evolvingor changing while experiencing oftherange of the limits that the mechanism of reality imposes on an endless function

( where the absolute metes out suffering with an indifference that is absolute and a sentience that can only comply )

the parameters for movement were formed by these experiences and they are more thoroughly ingrained into its being than is the electric charge of an electron

for something to have endless motion and or endless change of its position it has to be man shaped

any other shape would not have that capacity

extra arms or legs would, as future lifestyles will reveal, only restrict the man shaped being from attaining continuing evolutionary forms

the man shaped being is an extension of shape and motion

the man shaped being is reality with sentience in motion at full strength


at the moment there is no explanation at all as to why reality produced the man shape

there may be an inroad into an understanding by considering the fact that two’s and five’s have a predominance in its make up

2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, 5 fingers, 5 toes, the brain has two halves…

part 4:


it is going to be guessed that the crossover point between the discontinuity of the infinitely fast and the continuity of the infinitely slow was at that point in life’s history when it began to experience dimensions, which demands space, and that possibly memory of experience didn’t occur until space existed for it

picture pages: the first doesn’t suggest thought or any form of communication

part 5:

flat space

it is the case that euclidean geometry applies to the universe

there is a gap in understanding here

there are no clues at all as to when or how long it took for the the lover to go from having the man shaped form to having a straight lined shape

no doubt within our lifetimes we will have a time table that shows when the main changes in our characters and shape happen within each undulation

it is currently thought that picture page 3 flat space environment and the next picture chronologically is picture pages: happiness

either way, it must have been necessary for life to change its form so that that the experiencing of space could be continued into infinity

these insights into life’s history should be subduing any egotistical notions a person has about themselves

part 6 the lover ( god )

this section could have been called pluralism but that wouldn’t do justice to what was and still is the most significant event in the history of life

part 7: the mistake

parts 1-6 would be general knowledge to everyone at this point of time of evolution had the mistake not occurred

murderous activity and murders wouldn’t be part of our thinking or our reality, nor would pain

women wouldn’t be having periods

all those things we consider as disagreeable social interaction wouldn’t exist for us either

macho man may consider that life like that is too sugary-sweet for him and he doesn’t want an existence where ” manliness ” can’t exhibit itself

providing macho man isn’t harbouring a death-outcome assertion

we would have begun living in space a million years ago…

part 8 : the endless

for ourselves (the mammal class of man shaped beings) this undulation there will be, by the year 3000 a.d., one hundred thousand million (1 ^ 11 ) people here on earth

there will also be 1 ^ 11 the same number of people for the dinosuar class of beings
and, it is thought, the same number for the next class of man shaped being that evolves in 30 000 000 years or so

whether this number applies to all class of beings that evolve over the next 5000 000 000 is not known but better to err on the life side of this formulation and say it does
imagine that… 1 ^ 11 man shaped beings all on a par with the lover in terms of their ability to love

everything will have changed beyond all recognition by then though

it also seems sensible to project that the number of 1 ^ 11 is a maximum, at least until a…


for the mammal class of being ( ourselves ) the numbers on earth in future undulations
( as a working number, until greater accuracy is achieved through the formulating of genetic theory, a very loose figure of 1 000 000 undulations seems a sensible amount of time to allocate for each new couple to orient themselves and achieve fulfilment ) will be 1 ^ 11 people ( each of whom will have attained heaven in a previous undulation ) and 10 000 – 500 000 years

in the same way that our mammalian evolution coincided in part with dinosaur man it is thought that eventually man-shaped beings of different classes will be able to co-evolve during the formative stages of taking on human characteristics

that is as we become able to talk and laugh and play and think about what it is we are thinking

the pace of evolution will certainly have to pick up to enable another 100 000 000 000 individuals as well as the 20 or so couples to emerge before the sun swells and becomes a red giant and prevents any more life from forming
as well as the 1 ^ 11 individuals of the 1st generation ( picture page 4) it is currently thought there are about 20 couples who emerge this undulation

three of those couples will be from the mammal class

it is thought that the dinosaur class will have either twice as many couples as ourselves or half as many and the next class of being that evolves, in approximately 25 000 000 years, will fit into this pattern of doubling and halving

it is also possible that it is one more couple every million or so undulations for all classes or…

this is one of many pieces of the jigsaw of our understanding that will fit together when we are in communication with our man shaped dinosaur cousins

incidentally, our man shaped dinosaur cousins are extremely keen to begin a dialogue with us

there is so much they could enlighten us on in just a few days

for all classes of beings, for as many undulations as the writer can make sense of, the number of man shaped couple’s that evolve on earth is… 50 00000000000000000000
( 10000000000000000000000 individuals ) and
5000 000 000 years

where it goes from there is anybody’s guess

we can be fairly certain that each undulation we take a run at infinity in a slightly expanded qualitative state

before you try to guess at what eternity holds in store for us try this exercise… the lover, in the first instance, began expanding or continuing the function of 1 x 1 by introducing two beings who were/are to all intents and purposes one

this manifested itself in earthly evolution as the dinosaur class of being
( it is thought, although not known, that the coming-to-be of the physical sexual characteristics of both female and male are acts of love that were/are performed in heaven and that those acts of love take on the physical form of genitalia when applied to earthly evolution )

now; who amongst you wants to marry a woman without hair or breasts ? ( to be fair to dinosaur woman her skin is silky smooth and were you to meet her tomorrow her personality is so appealing it would stun you )

the next acts of love enacted in heaven that were significant to continuing or expanding the function of 1 x 1 resulted in the physical attributes of mammal woman ( hair and breasts )

now try to add two physical attributes to a mammal woman that would make her so physically appealing that the thought of marrying a mammal woman without those two new physical attributes is as unattractive an idea to you as marrying a woman without hair or breasts

this enhancing of physical attributes is going to happen to all of 1st generation which means it is going to happen another 1 ^ 11 – 3 times

again it is thought, though not known, that the next earthly manifestation of those acts of love

see the story of us

* * *


‘the act of observation

“the act of observation cannot occur without the thing being observed being affected by the observation” (Niels Bohr)

everything we do or think or feel or say becomes permanently imprinted into the fabric of reality

all acts are usually preceded by a thought or a feeling

always, there is more than one option for any act

as often as not there are more than two options

each option follows a unique course and has a different outcome

before any action is initiated the outcome is a possibility

video explanation

* * *


‘the anthropic principle (page 7)

the anthropic principle is the principle that, when appraised and weighed along with genetic theory, forces us to conclude that life and the universe (it is now acknowledged that the universe is, in all probability, expanding forever) exist for each other in an unending partnership

27th october 2011

the universe is finite and so it has a definite mass or weight

it follows that a definite mass/weight, when subject to a given set of circumstances, will give rise to specific events

in particular the specific events that followed the big bang determined the electric charge of the electron

they also determined the strength of the nuclear force of atoms

the electric charge of an electron and the strength of the nuclear force of atoms are but two of the things known as the constants of nature

they are called constants of nature because wherever we go in the universe they will be the same and they are that way because of the amount of mass/weight to begin with

fairly recently it was realized that if the constants of nature were to have been different by only the tiniest amount then carbon would not have been produced

if carbon hadn’t occurred in the universe then we wouldn’t be here either

because of the unnaturally high number of coincidences that has to exist amongst the constants of nature in order for carbon, and consequently ourselves, to exist we can no longer think of ourselves as being a thing of chance

this new way of thinking about ourselves in relation to the universe is called the anthropic principle

unfortunately it leaves us with a sequence of events that doesn’t make sense

for now we are thinking about the notion of a designer-principle universe that, in defiance of the law of averages, begins the life processes on a planet that formed out of carbon and other elements at the earliest possible moment a planet could have occurred after the universe began and maintains those processes for 3000 000 000 years so as to predispose conditions so that bipeds can evolve and then fails utterly at the first attempt

(the dinosaurs)

if it failed with the dinosaurs it could fail with us (mammals) and consequently with any other class of being that might evolve

how on earth can you have a designer principle universe, with all the fabulous powers that such a concept implies, that has to get every single thing… the electric charge of the electron, the position of the earth in relation to the sun, the configuration of the dna strands, the… etc. etc. exactly right for the sole purpose of allowing the emergence of beings who can understand the reason for their existence but the same process then becomes bungling and inept when it matters most

it just doesn’t make sense

however, if we introduce the novel idea that from amongst the dinosaurs one species, man shaped, succeeded in attaining a level of sophistication that enabled it to achieve perpetuation independent of earth and then after 65 000 000 years of mammal dominated evolution, which is roughly half as long as dinosaurs ruled for, another, man shaped species (ourselves), achieve a level of sophistication which enables us to perpetuate independent of earth

it not only makes sense, a pattern is emerging and we can further speculate that…

in 30 000 000 years, which will be roughly half as long as mammals ruled for, another class of being will evolve from which one species, man shaped, will attain a level of sophistication that will enable it to perpetuate independent of earth

which in turn allows this speculation…

the universe/earth/life evolutionary processes allows for the continuation of different classes of man shaped beings to evolve until the sun becomes too unstable in about 5000 000 000 years

allowing for another 1000 classes of man shaped beings to evolve, each one as different to the next as dinosaurs are to mammals, and then permuting just 30 of a possible 1000 we achieve a figure of 250 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

the idea of a man shaped dinosaur isn’t new

that they might be alive and well is

such speculation appears to have no real contact with what we are doing here and now but is it not the very nature of our being to wonder what the future holds for our children

so cherish and nurture our existence, co-lovers, for the anthropic principle is spelling it out

we are it !

page 7 was handed out in august 1993 in exeter high street


the anthropic principle

the anthropic principle tells us that love/life has fine-tuned itself to the Universe and not that the universe was fine-tuned for life

science currently sees the universe as an “intelligently-designed” or “mind-first” or a “finely-tuned-for-life” event

it is, in fact, a “universe first” event

in other words the universe was not fine-tuned for life but life fine-tuned itself to the universe

Reality dictated what the properties of particles would be and life had to “fine-tune” itself to those properties

a strengthening of the spirit and a bolstered fortitude to do right by life will come out of the understanding of what it was that life had to endure to “fine-tune” itself to the properties of reality

sooner or later you’ll start to begin appreciating, with disbelief, exactly what it was The Lover had to do to make our existence possible


more 1

more 2

more 3

more 4

* * *


‘the blink of an eye

who counts the time of the blink of an eye within the lifetime of a person?

and is not the blink of an eye little more than a long blink of an eye within The Lifetime of our planet?

and the lifetime of our planet is yet only another long blink within the lifetime of the Galaxy

and it is the case that the cycle-time of the galaxy is less than the blink of a blink of a blink of a blink of a… within the cycle time of the Universe

know this, evolving beings… were there eyes that blinked in Heaven the cycle-time of the universe would be millions upon millions upon millions of times less the blink of a heavenly eye

our experience of time now is, compared to the time in heaven, just a shade short of ever having existed at all

* * *



‘the conjugate positions of love/life – ‘the conjugate positions – ‘conjugate position

the degree of the quality and the amount of the quantity of love and life at any given moment

love/life can be conveniently placed into five time/qualitative bands

the time and quality of life within each of the five categories decrease as we go down the list

there are countless trillions of positions for the conjugate position of life/death and the conjugate positions of life/death has the least number of variables






lin-len contains endless variables

as a rough guide…

lov-len has 1 ^100 x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 x 1 ^43 variables

lov-lee has 1 ^11 x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 x 1 ^43 variables

li-len has 18.7 ^9 x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 x 1 ^43 variables

life-death has 13.7 ^ 9 x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 x 1 ^ 43 variables

there can be a change in position for only one person or for any number up to and including the whole

the difference between one position and another can be a new feeling in a relationship or a new understanding or an act of cooperation or an act of selfishness

of the five conjugates one is known as life/death

the conjugate of life/death is the conjugate position love/life currently occupies

both love/life and life/death are in evidence with a gradual increase of love/life taking place

a person within the conjugate of love/life always has the option to occupy another conjugate that has greater freedom of movement and feelings

a person who chooses to occupy the conjugate of life/death does not have that option

each different conjugate position is defined by a marked increase in love and life or by a decrease of love and life

to make them easier to write and say and to give them an endearing quality they have been abbreviated

* * *


‘the devil – ‘devil

the devil is dead

the devil was the first to die

the devil died more Undulations ago than this website is able to formulate

death is defined as the inability to become man-shaped

the thing that defines the devil is its natural tendency to end the life of man-shaped beings

the devil may still be alive in the form of a virus (pic at the top of the page) although it is currently thought the devil exists now as an inert Protein

the greatest killer in the history of mankind is the malaria virus

the malaria virus has ended the lives of more man shaped beings
(500 000 000 +)

than all the wars, plagues and natural disasters put together

the fact that this virus is still taking the lives of so many man-shaped beings trillions of undulations after losing its man-shaped status will give you an insight into the death-outcome scenarios it brought into being when it was man-shaped

the number of man-shaped beings love/life will give rise to is endless

(see the Train)

love/life can do this now because the devil is dead and the devil will never again be able to stop love/life from continuing its function of One times one again

love/life lives!


the picture at the top of this page shows a virus attacking a cell

read more about the murderous nature of viruses Here

* * *

‘the quantum of action

the quantum of action is the least thing which can happen

there is a least amount of energy

there is a least amount of time

there is a least amount of length

there is a least amount of mass

* * *’the sleep-time conscious


‘the e.t. brief

* * *


‘the end of the world

it was 1989-1891, it could have been a year or two either side of that date

two, three or four of the people who were my social friends were, unbeknown to me, also associated to the Oligarch’s

on one occasion the words “is the world going to end?” were spoken

i didn’t have to think about my reply “it ended two years ago”

it was a couple of years earlier when it had been realised, as a result of formulating the Anthropic principle, that
man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class of beings must have reached, and gone past, the point of evolution we are at now and could Perpetuate independent of the earth

we are about to follow in their footsteps and soon the earth will be nothing but a fond memory

* * *


‘the four loves

* * *


‘the gathering place

where all classes of Evolving man-shaped beings begin orienting themselves to an endless existence

the gathering place is outside of the solar system and, it is believed, within one hundred light years of our solar system

it is thought we do not live on a planet after leaving earth

wherever it is, it is going to be big

if the current formulations are correct it will have to be able to accommodate at least two hundred thousand million people which is fifty times more people than there are in the world today


* * *


‘the heart

 the heart – link 1   the heart link 2

* * *


‘the lover

god is all the What’s and all the Where’s and all the When’s that have ever existed prior to First Generation

once first generation were brought into being the foundation had been laid for unique courses of action independent of god

the why is the continual evaluation of is, be, being and becoming (see the why and the how*) the how is the chronology of the variations of the where’s, what’s and when’s (Length, Mass and Time )


we agree, do we not, that there is only one god

is it not then as plain as day that the god of the christians must be the same god as the god of the muslims

it must also be the case, must it not, that the god of the christians and the muslims must be the same god as the god of judaism

truths about god


god never, ever, ever, takes the life of any living being for any reason whatsoever


god has never, nor would he ever, tell a person to take the life of another human being for any reason whatsoever


only those who never have, nor ever will, commit Murder will come to know his playful and loving nature


her/his* nature is such that that mammal man will always have five thousand million years more life every Undulation than she/he does


the lover finds it easier to experience those moments when devolving beings cease to exist than he does experiencing the inhumanity perpretated by devolving beings against evolving beings


he is able to remain stock still in an upright seated position on a hard chair for many millennia !

don’t worry, he won’t be doing things like this when he’s with us

this was one of many seemingly unfathomable things he had to do while laying the foundations for Earthly evolution

when he’s with us again it will be all love and light

hope you like playing, and in a way which Enhances the physical and mental condition of the person/s you’re playing with


appraising the character of the beings mentioned in Transmutation has led the writer to new insights as to what our mindset will be by the time the lover joins us

a hundred years of life in five thousand million years from now will have a more quality** in it than fifty thousand years of today’s lifestyle !

those things we experience and find extremely agreeable here and now would be no more satisfying to her/him than clearing a bogey out of the nose would be to you or i

* new entry; she or he?

** new entry; pleasure

* * *


‘the latest idea

the awake-time conscious becomes the sleep-time conscious before entering heaven

see dreams and dream theory 20012018

the 3 of pi is the maximum finite and fixed reality which can come from nothing and the endless decimal sequence of pi is the minimum infinitely variable reality which flowed from a maximum fixed and finite reality

it is now thought that the evolution of life contains every variable which can occur with every change of mass up to that time when 3 had an an almost incalculably large string of 0’s

the concept of a multiverse can be used to complete our understanding of the variables… see also Dreams and Dream Theory 01102017

the thin line which crosses the picture at the top of the page represents an infinite straight line

it is also thought that the movement which exists within the 3 of pi is limited to the speed of light whereas the decimal sequence is not

indeed, any and all motion not of the 3 of pi may not be able to go slower than the speed of light (picture pages heavenly bodies doesn’t contradict this)

the man-shaped being is an aspect of the 3 of pi and linear form and motion are of the .141 of pi

the experiences of life can be viewed as having two halves, pre .141 and post 3 see also Picture Page 2

over the next few milliards, many minds will become insightful as to the Lover’s evolution through 3

those understandings will produce the feeling we call humility and the desire to love the one we refer to as god will follow

a love born of respect is not what the lover wants

all the lover asks of us is that we attempt to match her/his ability to love and play, or, better still, to Play Lovingly

to that end, and while
man-shaped, all you have to do is keep abreast of the writer Ethically

if that’s too big an ask, well, you know the story…


several other deductions can be drawn from this idea


* * *

‘the milky way

the galaxy where our live’s began and always do begin

it is tempting to think that with a Love-length to exhaust we would be itching to get out there among the furthest stars and see the wonders of the variations of this vast edifice

not so; by the time the Lover is with us we will have come to recognise the true marvel of existence

the overriding attraction filling our senses thoughts will be other man-shaped beings

the man-shaped being is the chrysalis which transforms into Euclidean that can persist into eternity

indeed, the Linear shapes we become will still be the very beginning of their progress when the galaxies and the Universe are no more

both the galaxy and the universe are less than the blink of an eye compared to the time we spend moving along heaven’s highway

still, we can wallow in the variation this galaxy has within its boundaries and perhaps in an idling millennium or two we can nip out to a far-flung corner of the galaxy and watch a side show where a range of mountains ten times bigger than the himalayas are being formed on a planet the size of Jupiter

* * *


‘the mistake

“we’ve made the only mistake we could have made, we thought everyone would want to join with us”

those living within earshot of the writer in the late 1980’s may have heard him shouting this out

the scope for error in this thought has brought into being everything that prevents people from living in perfect harmony with one another… wars, plagues, selfishness, lovelessness… every undesirable thing we experience

a mistake that has been paid for, is being paid for and may have to continue being paid for unto eternity

when newlyweds, happy with their state of being, start a family it doesn’t cross their minds that any of their children will choose to do things which contains death for other people

it just didn’t occur to us

* * *

‘the most important types of dreams


the first think-write dream

the most important think-write dream

* * *


‘the new habitation

this is the layout for the new habitation


each building will be able to sleep and feed either one million or ten million or one hundred million people

it wont be known how many people each habitation will be able to accomodate until the cologne auditorium is functioning and the design of the structures and the logistics of assembling and other factors are evaluated

new ideas and innovative thinking will resolve any seemingly unsurmountable barriers


we won’t know how many people each building will have until the cologne auditorium has begun functioning and design of the structures and the planning on a global level has taken into account material availability, the limits of energy containment, energy generation (the movement of people along the thoroughfares will generate huge amounts of energy)

there are certain key factors that need to be established which will determine whether to build the first one and join up the others as we go along or plan for the entire surface area of the planet before starting the construction of the buildings

as mentioned here the more people who are connected to the communications network the faster and more efficiently the job will get done


we’re getting there

our future is nearly here

when the production of the physical necessities of food, clothes etc. have been organised we can exercise the playful side of our personalities and fill the habitations with 24/7 non-stop entertainment and every form of recreation we can conceive of

* * *


‘the physiology – ‘the heart

next to the brain the heart is the most sophisticated organ in the body

and the brain is the most sophisticated thing in the universe

the heart is undoubtedly the weak link in our physiology

the heart is a muscle and all muscles can be made to grow bigger or smaller ( the word grow implies getting bigger but it is easy to imagine that if a muscle is bigger than required working it less vigorously will reduce the rate it grows at as it decreases in size. if it isn’t worked at all it won’t grow and will wither and perish )

making our hearts bigger isn’t too difficult a thing to do

what we have to decide is whether the heart is perfectly adequate for our lifestyle providing that we incorporate a minimum amount of walking ( 2-5 kilometres )

into our lives on a daily basis and whether less than that amount or more than that amount is an important factor in longevity

this is one of those questions that needs a lot of input from a variety of people

until we are using our technology in a way that allows maximum participation of peoples ideas and experiences avoidable unnatural deaths are going to continue

there are structures in the veins that look like hooks

they are called venous valves

they are in the legs and their purpose is to stop the blood from going down to the feet

there are several considerations here as to why they are part of our physiology…

gravity, heart size, blood pressure, vein thickness…

it’s too early yet to establish the sequence of the construction of the man shaped beings physiology

that will come as a detailed model of evolution is built

( again the dinosaur class of man shaped beings will have the answers to just about all the things that will keep us guessing throughout this coming millennia )

the pressure caused by walking acts like a pump which aids the circulation of the blood around the body

secondly: the writer knows from his own experience that not being able to walk to the extent that is needed to keep home and self clean causes the blood to pool in the feet ( swelling of the feet/ankles )

from these three facts we can deduce…

1 the heart needs help

2 there is a minimum amount of help the heart needs

3 that help comes from walking

in the writer’s experiences it is 2-5 kilometres each day

oddly enough that may also be the distance of the thoroughfares of the new habitation


define the metabolic rate as the ability of the physiology to convert the nitrogen in the body

* * *

‘the rate of change of evolution and devolution from undulation to undulation

we know the changes which occur from one undulation to the next are small

just how small are they

recent thoughts about the degree of the changes include the possibility that the change might be as small as it can be

are we to include in the formulation of change a planck time as the governing pace for evolving and devolving beings alike ?

a couple of considerations here

the current thinking is that mass is the result of an infinitely dense accumulation of positions in mathematical form

* * *’

‘the story of us

once, before time, there was nothing, nothing at all

there wasn’t any trees or birds or people or houses

there wasn’t this world or any stars

there was just a black empty sky, a nothingness that goes on and on and on forever

the black empty nothing can’t do anything except keep going on

the black empty sky can’t be anything except a nothing

nothing cannot have an end

nothing is endlessness and endless is nothingness

endlessness can be without nothingness but can nothingness be without endlessness

is endlessness a verb

can a verb be action without substance

can substance be without form

nothingness… endlessness

* * *


‘the square root

the square root of a number is that smaller part of the number which, when multiplied by itself, becomes the number


the square root of nine is three

because three multiplied by itself equals nine – 3 x 3 = 9

the square root of three is 1.7320508075688772935274463415059

and the square root of the of the square root of three is 1.316074012952492460819218901797

you can carry on squaring the square root of three forever

* * *


‘the terrible trio

russia, israel and england are the three countries where devolving beings are the most organised

to get a fuller picture we have to add the american influence


Zionists’ in the senate

The military industrial complex

Neo conservatives

The federal reserve

Certain sections of the c.i.a.

Corporate america

* * *


‘the train

‘the lover discovers a qualitative existence which can on go forever

Compelling love, inventive love, and sacrificially-creative love resulted in the First generation

1st generation also comes to feel the need for more life to share The heavenly state and the need to share heaven overrides the desire to experience heaven

the lover uses the same materials he used to bring first generation in being to lay the foundations for yourselves, Second generation, to emerge through Earthly evolution

the mind-staggering complexity of earthly evolution has, so far, produced three or four distinct couples who have achieved Fulfilment from mammal-man and either two or three or six or seven from the dinosaur class

the coming-to-be of Soul Partners continues until all Classes of beings have fulfilled the numerical structure of either five raised to the tenth or eleventh Power,
5 ^10 or 5 ^11

then, it is thought, the two-parent reproductive mechanism will be Superseded by a three-parent mechanism

the three-parent reproductive mechanism is then replaced by a four-parent one and then a five-parent one and so on until a one raised to the eleventh power, 1 ^11, Procreational love mechanism is in place and then…?

an endlessly-increasing numerical structure is in motion

we call it the train

* * *


‘the uncertainty principle: a.k.a the principle of indeterminacy

in order for ordinary people to understand this bit of physics the difference between the words indeterminacy and uncertainty needs to be explained

the reason why it was originally called the principle of indeterminacy was because the people who formulated Quantum theory (Bohr, Heisenberg and Born) came to realise that the reason they couldn’t give a straight answer to the question “where is it?” when they looked at something sub-atomic was because the simple act of looking at a sub-atomic quon changes its character

looking at something sub-atomic changes it from behaving like a wave and turns it into a particle (see the act of Observation)

looking at someone who then turns and looks at you is an everyday example of the act of observation causing a reaction (this example may have usefulness in formulating Consciousness)

it’s possible to know with absolute accuracy where a sub-atomic entity is and it’s possible to know with absolute certainty what something sub-atomic is doing but it’s not possible to know with absolute accuracy the what and the where of the sub-atomic particle at the same time

attempting to know the absolute accuracy of the where and the when at the same time will be met with varying degrees of accuracy

the limits of accuracy to knowing the what and the where of sub-atomic particles at the same time was formulated by heisenberg using the equation in the pic at the top of the page

it’s not possible to know what the sub-atomic entities are doing and where the sub-atomic particles are doing it at the same time because “reality itself cannot answer it”

it is indeterminable

it’s indeterminability is, it is thought, due to the impossibility of giving an edge to Endlessness

the inspiration for this update occurred while formulating Infinite


the uncertainty principle is the result of asking two different questions of the same thing at the same time… “where is it?” and “what’s it doing?”

(the cross-over point between the quantum world and our reality happens at a simple molecular level)

physicists wanted to know what a particle was doing while they were watching where it was doing it

look at it this way… your children are full of beans and are here, there and everywhere around the house

for safety reasons you decide to keep them in the living room

now you can see exactly what they are doing but it’s not what they would be doing if they could do whatever they wanted

the same thing is happening with particles

in the laboratory, you can see precisely where a particle is but if it wasn’t in a controlled environment it would be whizzing around the universe moving as a wave-form

then, while the particle is moving like a wave, you know exactly what it’s doing but don’t know where it’s doing it

let’s use language that is self-explanatory and call the uncertainty principle what it used to be called before snazzy-jazzy three-word headline-terminology became vogue… the principle of indeterminacy

* * *


‘the universe

the environment through which love/life enacts The mathematical function of 1 x 1

the universe lasts for one raised to the one hundredth Power (1 ^100)) years

we can see from the picture that the universe has got a slightly elongated shape

it is concluded that the universe will keep on stretching and will eventually stretch into a straight line

it is thought this will happen because the predominant characteristic of endless Flat Space overrides the finite characteristic of Mass

* * *


‘the why and the how (of our existence)

an approach which appears to have a fruitful feel to it occurs while trying to grasp the extensive character of endlessness

while contemplating Endlessness attach the word propagation to it

we will, for now, consider endlessness as a dynamic

see also… A Taste of freedom


the word where is itself constrictive


eternity is whereless


‘terrible love

every time the writer thinks he has got a firm understanding of the depth of his terrible love new visualisations reveal yet another aspect of it

the latest insight, via a dream, has broadened my understanding and left me disturbed

it is now realised that life’s evolution contained more suffering that i can comprehend

people, you will simply not believe it


terrible love were those experiences the Lover had to endure to ensure the Train never stops again

there is no way of killing someone that you have heard of or read about or can think of, and many many more you can’t, that he had to experience

he was subjected to every form of experimentation and torture of a physical, biological and chemical nature over periods of time from that of a nuclear flash to the length of time a black hole exists
(1 ^100 years)

every form of debasement and degradation you can think of, and many more you can’t think of, were perpetrated against him by beings who tried to end the life of a being whose life cannot be ended

(why, you could ask, would the lover, who can kill another being with a thought, let other beings do such things to him ?

to understand this it is necessary to appraise the concept of free-will and how it applies to reality

see the points made in the entry “murder”)

but those experiences are, along with the beings who committed them, in the past

he never suffers at the hands of the man-shaped being again

the life the majority of people are living is free of truly evil experiences because of his terrible love

terrible-love was necessary to lay the foundation for beings who want to have an endless qualitative state

any evil you are experiencing is because of beings who took the decision not to practise Ethics in past undulations and who are the tail end of how bad things have been or…

the lover’s experiences at the hands of those who chose non-existence was the second aspect of his terrible love

the second aspect of his terrible ensures that regardless of the intensity of the murderous activities that man-shaped beings perpetrate love/life always completes Earthly evolution

the first aspect of his terrible love on earth ensures that regardless of the magnitude of natural disasters
( earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, lightening strikes, etc.)
mammal man will always completes Earthly Evolution

a child is running into a busy road and will get killed

so you stop her or him (now the child goes on to become a parent)

in that act, you have changed the course of that child’s lineage into infinity

now try and extrapolate how that connects to his terrible love

17th june 2009

why is it that the lover’s terrible love does not extend to all ?

an explanation as to why the lover’s terrible love ensures that evolution is completed every undulation, not just by the mammal class of being (ourselves) but also by every other subsequent class of being scheduled to follow over the next 5000 000 000 years, yet that same terrible love is unable to prevent children with a lineage that can extend into the future being killed by natural disasters, particularly earthquakes

the only way the writer can make any sort of sense of this appalling circumstance is to ask why the lives of some children and babies are ended by rogue viruses yet the same family can have other children of about the same age who escape the worst

(the black death is a perfect example)

the conclusion is painfully brutal… a person who wants to understand the mechanics of why, when circumstances are equal, one person survives and another person does not will find the answers by thoroughly appraising the information at this website

the writer will not be drawn further on this

don’t make the mistake of thinking that because he is man shaped or because he can’t take life or because he is the essence of shyness or because he is gorgeously good looking or because he is the definition of childishness that you’re on top of things

he’s the way he is because all the things that can detract him from being the way he is will have been removed from our reality well before he joins us in 5000 000 000 years

once his terrible love has been used up there is no leeway as to what courses of action are open to us

either person lives in accordance with reality or they devolve


open a discourse on a new entry of this subject with the original thinking and realisations that revealed what must have taken place in order for that “near miss” with the girl on the bike

the writer’s
degradation-to-life postulate produced a reality of a great number of beings living in a nightmarish reality for an unknown number of millennium’s

each of those beings represents a life that could be lived and indeed are alive today and who are slowly, very slowly, orienting themselves

20th october 2011

and as if his terrible love wasn’t bad enough even as this is being read he is paying the price for the Mistake

* * *


‘theorem 1

the length of any one of the sides of a regular triangle (all sides are the same length)
is always a half of the total length of the other two sides


side a plus side b is always equal to side c squared

in algebra, it is written as… a+b = c2

it is spoken as… a plus b equals c squared

* * *


‘theorem 2

to find the surface area of a Regular Triangle multiply one of the sides triangle by itself and divide the answer by 2.3093

a theorem is a statement which can be demonstrated Mathematically

there are at least two types of theorems


Time theorems


eternal theorems

an example of an eternal theorem is…

the area of a regular triangle is found by multiplying any one of the sides of the triangle by itself and then divide the answer by 2.3093


10 centimetres times 10 centimetres equals 100 squared centimetres (to square a number is to multiply it by itself)

100 squared centimetres divided by 2.3093 equals 43.3 square centimetres

the example above is for a two-Dimensional triangle

it can be applied to infinite dimensions…

10 centimetres multiplied by 10 centimetres multiplied by 3 equals 300 squared centimetres

300 square centimetres divided by 2.3093 equals 129.9 square centimetres

so in a square box that is 10 centimetres high and 10 centimetres deep and 10 centimetres wide you can put 129 boxes that are 1 centimetre high 1 centimetre deep and 1 centimetre wide

this next example is for a four-dimensional box (to see what a four dimensional box looks like see the first two objects below this writing)

ten centimetres multiplied by ten centimetres equals one hundred square centimetres

one hundred square centimetres multiplied by four equals four hundred square centimetres

four hundred square centimetres divided by 2.3093 equals 173.2 square centimetres

which means you can put one hundred and seventy three boxes that measure one centimetre by one centimetre by one centimetre in it

using the same formula for five dimensions it comes to 216.5 square centimetres

two hundred and sixteen boxes

note that there is an increase in the volume of space for each new dimension and that the increase is exponential (gets larger at a faster rate)

which means there would be enough space in the millionth-dimension to fit in a million universes like ours!
(see also Calculus)

thinking about this exponential characteristic will give you a mind-blowing insight into the expansive, endless nature of Space

the above theorem is an eternal truth

it existed before god existed



Bell’s theorem of Interconnectedness

Poincare’s recurrence theorem


a four-dimensional cube, a three-dimensional triangle and a four-dimensional triangle

* * *

* * *



time is the emission and absorption rates of sub-atomic particles (quons)

the rate of emission and absorption for sub-atomic particles varies between one raised to the minus forty-third power (1 ^-43 ) of a second to one raised to the one hundred power (1 ^100) years

quons join and separate at a precise rate (multiples of a planck time)

our experience of time is the experiencing of substance

substance is thought to be mass which has been particalised

mass is considered to be an agglomeration of positions

mass itself is thought to be round and is represented by the 3 of pi

Earthly evolution is the means through which we attain our man-shape and eventually transmutate

currently, the longest time our body’s can keep the quons in our cells is about seventy-five years

the length of time the cells can use quons to maintain themselves is increasing

in a million years the cells in our bodies will be able to maintain, repair and replace themselves for a million years!


* * *


‘time-tense – ‘time tenses  ‘the tenses of time and our sense of time

first, we recognise there is a difference between the sense of time we experience when we are not dreaming (as you are reading this) and the sense of time we experience when we are dreaming

the sense of time in dreams passes more quickly than the sense of time when we are not dreaming

based on the carmen dream, our experience or perception of time in dreams passes at least ten more quickly than when we are not dreaming

the difference might be a variable, both subjectively and objectively

the tenses of time

there are nine tenses of time


the future of future undulations


the future of the present undulation


the future of past undulations


the present of future undulations


the present of the present undulation


the present of past undulations


the past of future undulations


the past of the present undulation


the past of past undulations


have decided not to time-tense each individual scene routinely but will put them in if they have a relevance, particularly as explained below

every individual has it in her or him to change the time-tense of the dreams here at dreams theory

for instance… as far as i’m aware folders which have pictures on them don’t yet exist

not being a computer aficionado i wouldn’t know if it’s possible to put writing or pictures on the outside of a folder which i assume would have to be an option when creating a new file folder

if it is possible then the person who introduces it will have changed the time-tense of the scene with picture-folders in it from 1 or 2 or 4 to 5

in the years to follow there will be many opportunities for people to change the time-tense of the scene of a dream

and if it’s a one-scene dream then the whole dream will have had its time-tense changed

the new ideas coming through dreams theory,and elsewhere at this group of websites, are not copyrighted nor will they ever be subject to legal compromise’s

any person who develops
or initiates the use of anything coming through dreams theory knows they have made their mark on the future for all time and they will always be part of that future

surely any person with their eye on the future will be satisfied with immortality in lieu of a payment


‘an example of time-tenses – ‘time-tenses  08032018

using the first man on the moon as the reference point… let us say the rate of change of events happening from one undulation to the next is one year*

now is march 2018: man landed on the moon 49 years ago: time-tense: 8

in the next undulation now will be march 2019: man landed on the moon 50 years ago: time-tense: 7

in the last undulation now was 2017: man landed on the moon 48 years ago: time-tense 9

in fifty undulations now is 2068 and man landed on the moon 99 years ago: time-tense: 3

*formulations to follow

* * *


‘transmutation   ‘transmute  ‘transmuted


the act of going from one form to another

nice n’ easy to understand

going from an acorn to an oak tree

going from a tadpole to a frog

going from a caterpillar to a butterfly

going from a fetus to an adult

going from a man-shaped being to a triangle

whoa! a triangle?

this entry is going to be monstrously big

it will encompass everything we know about the forms life can take and then some

transmutation from our current shape to mathematical form is the final change of form we make

this change of shape is necessary to align ourselves with the endless character of eternity

in mathematical form, we will have unlimited scope for endless change across infinite dimensions

this might be the right place to present the idea that we need to see ourselves as an ongoing extension of eternity rather than a by-product of it


it can be revealed that the writer has had a person to person contact with three evolving females of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

whether the beings that made contact with the writer are the most evolved beings of the dinosaur class or there are others even more evolved than the ones that revealed themselves to the writer isn’t known

what the writer can tell you is that were they to appear in front of you right now it would freak you right out

their physical characteristics are beyond anything you’ve seen or imagined

and that’s after just sixty-five million years!

there are about one-hundred and twenty-five periods of sixty-five million years before we get to transmutation

to go from the shape we are now to mathematical form will take at least another five thousand million years!

the thing is we’re back to the problem of sharing this knowledge with everyone

the writer is reluctant to share knowledge with people who don’t make any special effort to get this knowledge to people other than those people they know

it is a persistent thorn in the writer’s side that things aren’t going as they could/should because of the secretive/covetous/cliquey nature of contemporary mammal man

the writer has got to present this picture so as to give everyone the time to adjust to what some of the more evolved beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings look like

their abilities are, literally, out of this world

orienting yourselves to what to expect when evolving dinosaur man-shaped beings make themselves visible to us is necessary for meaningful cooperation between the two classes of beings

if you’re having trouble identifying with people with a different colour of skin and/or different facial characteristics you’ll have no chance of identifying with the more evolved of the dinosaur class of man-shaped

it’s time to open your minds

the picture that is to be presented will predispose people to new and intriguing thoughts and ideas about what the future holds for us

the differences between the film we have of evolving beings and devolving beings (evolving being are the ones on the top right screen of this screen and devolving beings are the ones on the middle-right of the screen) are as obvious as the difference between chalk and cheese)

so now it’s not just the differences between evolving beings and devolving beings (devolving beings… see this film)

it is not that we have just got to acquaint ourselves with the fact there are different types of beings but now we also have to take into account the differences that will occur at various levels of evolution)

the thing to bear in mind is that evolving beings only ever produce an increase in the quality and quantity of life whereas devolving beings have, by varying degrees, a negative impact in our lives)

* * *



the shape of the spaceships that will be transporting us to the gathering place


* * *


‘u.f.o. sightings

* * *


‘undulation – ‘undulations – ‘undulationary

an undulation is from the beginning of the universe to the end of the universe

the word undulation is used to express the cycle- time of the universe because everything in the universe has a wave characteristic (after transmutation, when we have become linear-shaped, motion occurs in straight lines

the universe exits for 1 ^100 years (a googol of years)

before the universe began and after it has gone there is heaven

it has been known for a couple of decades that we Become Mathematical Entities of the euclidean geometric type* in the fullness of time

*Euclidean geometry came from an intuitive understanding that space/reality is Flat

Linear form and motion enables life to persist independent of Time

* * *


‘unnatural death

any manner of death that is not a natural death

* * *



a unique location on the internet wherein a person or persons can share ideas, facts, fiction, art, ideas etc. in written or any communicable form

there should be more than just a few of you who are seriously thinking about the idea of re-existing

Heaven is no longer a whimsical comment which parents use to pacify children

the idea of Recurrence is very much alive and growing

the idea of recurrence is taking hold in america

the hollywood film company warner bros used the idea in the film Jupiter ascending in 2015

the changes over the next thousand years are going to be a lot more radical than they were between 1000 a.d and 2000 a.d.

we are now in the position to leave not just our worldly goods to our children but also our thoughts and feelings

our lifespan’s should be at least one hundred and fifty years by 3000 a.d. and, unless i’ve missed the mark, most of that time will be spent socialising

think the future, be the future


permission to copy this website in its entirety and modify, personalise in any way a person wants to is automatic (keep a copy of the original though so that i can continue in 292? where i leave off)

the more advanced societies and computer manufacturers should be incorporating a website into every computer fairly shortly or at least ensuring that, like a health service, the cost is factored into the running costs of a nation, enabling its citizens a lifetime website as part of their rights

trans-generation websites for daughters and sons for the forty generations between now and 3000 a.d.

it’s just a matter of time before it’s voice-command, hand-held, 24/7 live streaming and holographic screens for everybody

to start your first website…

at twenty pence a week One.com is easily affordable

this website comes from them

their prices haven’t changed since i first opened an account with them in 2008!

i had quick chat with the company earlier today (25032017) in order to complete this entry and they told me that prices will remain stable for the foreseeable future

you can talk to them yourself here and you can get an idea of what you will be able to do with your website here

* * *


‘what ?

the first of the group of words (what, when, where, who, why and how) which can ask for an answer to any question


“what’s he doing?”

“he’s putting on the charm”

our Reality allows us to describe what something is and where it is at the same time

in the Quantum world (sub-atomic) it isn’t possible to do that (see The uncertainty principle)

* * *


‘what does god look like ?

as mammal-man, he’ll never be mammal man again, he looked to be about twenty-five

he’s so good looking it hurts

is devastatingly shy

you’ve seen shyness in a child

it’s difficult to imagine that quality in a fully-grown man let alone god

she/he will be with us when the earth can longer sustain life; about five thousand million years from now

by then we will be living in Space and we will have a life-span of many millions of years

by then we will also have the knowledge that each new Recurrence throughout the Cycle-Time of the universe, which is one raised to the one-hundredth Power years, will be considerably longer than the previous one and this longevity trend will continue until Fulfilment is achieved

in fact long before he is with us the sense of permanency of being will be a given and the thought of not being will be as alien a concept to us then as endless life is to most ordinary people alive today

the answer to the question “what does he look like” is three-fold


at the moment he is in cellular form or perhaps even the Simplest known form of life*


in five thousand million years he will be man-shaped and will look and have attributes even more appealing than he did as mammal-man

it’s probably the case he won’t want to stand out from others, so from a looks point of view, we will be recognisable individually but the differences won’t be as obvious as they are now


it will be when we have transmuted into Heavenly Bodies that his true qualities will come into play

space can accommodate infinite dimensions

our shape changes in each new Dimension and so does the quality of our characteristics, which are visible

hope you’re on The Train becuase here we go again

and this time we do not stop

it’s worth bringing to your attention that in the history of our Evolution there was a three thousand million year period as individual cells but only five hundred million years as multi-cellular organisms

have anyone any thoughts as to why the evolution of single-cells took so long?

* * *



see time

* * *


‘where ?

a description that explains a Position


the halfway position of the sun and the earth is forty-six million miles

in this example the where can’t be touched or felt

* * *


‘wholly empathetic

experiencing, whether wanting to or not wanting to, every aspect of another being

the thoughts, feelings, the physical state, the memories, the desires…

the Lover has and does experience everything other beings brought into existence

in the case of murder, in just about every instance that comes to mind, the murder happened because there was the preparedness (Page 57) by the murderer to be in those circumstances where murder could occur

so it’s not just having to experience an act of murder but also the mental disposition of being prepared to commit murder that has to be experienced

the writer is mindful of this and is going to make sure that those beings of the mammal class who have the disposition to commit murder or subject him to anything undesirable do not get the chance to do so

this will happen over the next 5000 000 000 years (Lov-lee)

* * *


‘why do we dream ?

dreams are, much of the time, your brain ordering the experiences of the day before the dream

the quality/content of a dream is determined by the pde’s being in or out of accord with the nature of love/life
(an ever-increasing amount in the quantity and quality of life)

think of dreams as your mind/soul digesting the pde’s in the same way we think of the digestive system digesting food

what’s best for the mind/soul is not an open question (see Right and wrong)

what’s good or bad for the physiology is not an open question

if we eat food that has Salmonella bacteria we become ill

view dreams as the subconscious “digesting” the pde’s

enjoyable dreams means “quality food”

bad dreams mean the pde’s were incompatible with love/life and can be thought of as being bad food for the soul

the idea that there is a mental faculty which produces dreams is being explored

dreams are not manufactured exclusively by the person themselves

exposure to death-outcome realities

scenes of violence, explosions etc. can/do affect the person and it comes through in the quality of the dream which in turn affects the personality (see 07062009 and 01082014)

the more sensitive a mind is the more it will be affected by events and experiences which are contrary to love/life

‘nightmare as a child

the most dreadful emotional experience this person had was when he was six years old

his parents argued in front of him

the memory of the arguing and the nightmare is still clear

there was just one scene in the nightmare

it was the universe with two round objects in it

the objects were the size of planets

they were slowly moving towards each other

the closer they got to each other the greater the sense of their combined mass became

the mass was palpable

if the two objects touched a mind-changing or physical reaction would happen

a sense of fear gripped me and the fear kept growing as the balls moved towards each other

i began to cry out for help and woke or was woken, drenched to the bone in sweat, with my mother comforting me and my father looking on concerned

and that’s just from two people arguing !

the amercan population are bombarded, through the media, especially films, with violence and the kids don’t stand a chance

violent video games are a big industry, not unlike the military-industrial complex

an american youngster is under-privileged if he hasn’t got the latest killing-game video

it’s no wonder that societies which don’t recognise just how delicate young minds are, or do and deliberately bombard their populations with violent content ( oligarchs ) to cause emotional flaws in youngsters, cause so many problems

and americans are bewildered and wonder why they have so many misfits

equally, enjoyable dreams can be the result of the influences other people


things have taken a new turn

the conscious and subconscious are going to be re-named and viewed differently

in the same way we regard the mind and the body as two distinct, albeit, interdependent aspects of the same entity

there wouldn’t be one without the other, and more importantly, the mind came first

no eyes, hands, feet sleeping etc. in heaven

so when we take away everything, our Corporeal self, what we are left with is You


dreams are the brain ordering the experiences of the Time-Conscious experiences before going to sleep

the Digestive system sorts out the food we eat

if we think life-enhancing thoughts and do life-enhancing deeds then dreams will have an enjoyable/desirable content

when we choose one food instead of another, one will be of greater benefit to the body than the other

if we think and do things which reduce the quantity and quality of life for others or self, dreams will not have as much enjoyment or desirable content

previously for this page

to date our Evolution has taken more than three thousand million years to go from a one-cell organism to a man-shaped being made up of thirty-seven trillion, thirty-seven raised to the twelfth Power (37 ^12) cells

it is reasonable to conclude that the digestive system, along with the rest of the other parts of our body, is also constantly changing

and surely we recognise that the brain too is nowhere near its fully developed state


that part of the brain where the content of the dream is generated may be the soul or the essence of self

what supports this idea is the totally unrestricted content of dreams which is akin to free-will

to this consideration we can consider there is a bent or leaning or bias or inclination to expand in accordance with infinite expansion


the gratifying feelings in this dream, 13112015, weren’t as great as the feelings that were felt while watching the film

but then again there are plenty of instances where the content of the dream was greater than the conscious experiences on which the dream was based

so to determine with greater accuracy which of the two possibilities is closer to the truth, whether the dreamer in us is more real than the conscious self or if the dreamer in us is a barometer of our conscious selves, a little experimentation can be tried

for a set period of not less than five days a wholly “others are more important than self” attitude be adopted and, without spending less than the World wage on yourself, follow it through in deeds

the experiment is trying to establish if our dreaming self can be more enjoyable than our Time-Conscious

* * *


`why is love the winner ?

is it because we’re merely doing what Eternity did in the first place?

eternity can’t, in and of itself, be

eternity had to give rise to something which could be

even then, why should putting others before oneself produce desirable feelings?

surely it should be a compelling force of indifference

for the moment we’ll say the compulsion to bring more beings into existence is an extension of the self-fulfilling mechanism of eternity

* * *


‘world wage

or fair share or sustainability of growth

the wealth of the world divided by the population

we’ll keep it simple and slightly overestimate the population

there are eight thousand million people in the world

the wealth of the world is around eighty thousand million dollars

80 000 000 000 000 divided by 8 000 000 000 equals 10 000 dollars for each child, woman and man each year

which gives a family of five fifty thousand a year

which in turn works out at one thousand a week for a family of five

which in turn works out at two hundred per week for every child, woman and man

the world wage or fair share is based on the idea that the Ecosystem exists solely for the purpose of enabling Ethically orienting beings to arrive at a numerically sophisticated point of success and that the ecosystem itself is a complex balancing of millions upon millions of factors

the ecosystem can provide everything everyone needs to maintain their health and happiness at all times up to and including that time when the population reaches the maximum number of people the ecosystem can provide for (one hundred thousand million) by the year 3000 a.d.

the differences in size between people means that food, energy requirements, clothes and other necessities cannot be standardised

but most things can

one thing is indisputable, the world’s resources are limited

for one person to have more than another person means that someone else, somewhere else, has to go without by that amount

what’s actually happening that the ecosystem’s capacity to provide for everyone is being ruptured by individuals and nations who are putting themselves before others (the opposite of love)

it only took one or two hundred self-centred men to bring about the 2008 financial collapse

it was the gert-rich-at-the-expense-of- others mentality which predisposed the conditions for the breach of wealth distribution which brought about the banking collapse in 2008

never mind that millions of lives would be adversely affected or that it would cause the deaths of people

what matters to the psychopaths (people indifferent to the feelings of others) who exist at all levels of the banking structure is that their needs are satisfied

it’s the lives for money equation which has existed for thousands of years and takes hold through the group/cult/clique mentality

it could happen because of the more-money philosophy that people hold and governments encourage

in short, it’s Death-outcome assertions asserting themselves

when it is examined it will be found that there is a connection between those who see an unglamorous job unappealing and/or the thought of exerting themselves through manual labour repulsive and those who need amounts of wealth which nature cannot extend to all people

the problem is that the indulgent spending goes on goods and services that do not enhance life but, quite the opposite, it introduces into our environment goods and services which produce Unnatural death and degradation-leading-to-death… military weapons, alcohol and other drugs, jewellery, betting, yachts, the car…

it is the channelling of wealth away from the production of the basic necessities of a lifestyle that will keep all man-shaped beings happy and healthy which is causing the deaths of eighteen thousand children every day

further, the concept that competition is the driving force of progress exists in the minds of those people whose feel for life isn’t properly developed or is degenerating

the writer remembers more than one person saying that war is necessary for progress

devolving beings really believe that war produces improvement

as will come to be realised, a love-motivated drive for improving our conditions is a much greater driving force for bringing about progress

until The new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation is built, it will take about two hundred and fifty years before they are all built, today’s injustices will continue, albeit, as a diminishing circumstance

take note Generation 3000, those who refuse to implement the Lover’s will may well find themselves occupying this point of time in a future Undulation

* * *

‘world war 1

world war 1 happened because in 1888 germany won the contract to build the baghdad railroad which would connect the oilfields in the middle east to central europe

this would have made germany the greatest economic power in the world and they would be able to dictate the direction of the world’s economy

the wealth would have been used to improve the conditions of life for ordinary people
(go and visit germany if you want to see for yourself )

jewish and british financiers enjoy the trappings of a wealthy lifestyle and had to act to keep their lifestyle intact

world war 1 wasn’t just another war in a long list of wars

it changed the view of god in the minds ordinary people

the writer, as a young boy, had conversations with pensioners who had fought in world war 1 and they all said the same thing “if god existed he wouldn’t have let it happen”

it is important to understand that up until world war 1 it was a given that god existed

the intense suffering endured suffered by ordinary men during world war 1 changed their view of life

since world war 1 god no longer existed and once god is dead it opens the floodgates to all manner of unethical ideas and practises… “war is necessary for progress”… “men should be allowed to commit sodomy”…

world war 2

churchill realised that the worsening poverty of the british working class would lead to a revolution as had happened in russia during world war 1

a war would both rally people by taking their minds off the hardship of family life and it would generate wealth via the production of weapons

hitler knew that the jewish/capitalist philosophy would use war to bolster its position, mainly through the wealth produced through manufacturing weapons, and acted accordingly

“churchill instigated world war 2”
quote by stalin
sometime between 1945 and 1954

* * *


‘you: the essence a person

those parts of the person which stay with them unto eternity

the ever-changing character of any person is built on this foundation

the foundation itself can be thought of as those thoughts and experiences which are sustained throughout the cycle-time of the universe and which become more firmly embedded into every persons being with each new Undulation

the shape of a being, both as a man-shaped being and as a mathematical entity, go from being a Possibility to a probability to an actuality

the next part of this formulation will continue when the mechanics of the process of transmutation (going from a man-shaped being to Euclidean form) reveals itself

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