dreams: what are dreams ?

dreams are thought to be the minds way of telling us whether our experiences the day before the dream are in accord with the purpose of life

dreams are, most of the time, your brain ordering the experiences of the day before the dream

the quality/content of a dream is determined by the Pde’s

being in or out of accord with the nature of love/life (an ever-increasing amount in the quantity and quality of life) determines the quality of the dream

think of dreams as your mind/soul digesting the pde’s in the same way we think of the Digestive system digesting food

what’s best for the mind/soul is not an open question

what’s good or bad for our physiology is not an open question

if we eat food that has Salmonella bacteria we become ill

view dreams as the subconscious “digesting” the Pde’s

enjoyable dreams mean “quality food” (the Pde’s were in accordance with love/life)

bad dreams mean the Pde’s were incompatible with Love/life and can be thought of as being bad food for the soul

the idea that there is a mental faculty that produces dreams is being explored

dreams are not manufactured exclusively by the person

exposure to death-outcome realities

scenes of violence, explosions etc. can/do affect the person and it comes through in the quality of the dream which in turn affects the personality (see dreams 07062009 and 01082014)

the more sensitive a mind is the more it will be affected by events and experiences which are contrary to love/life

the most dreadful emotional experience this person had was when he was six years old and his parents argued in front of him

the memory of the arguing and the nightmare is still clear

it was of two round objects, planet-sized, slowly moving towards each

the closer they got to each other the greater the combined mass became

the mass was palpable

a sense of fear gripped me and the fear kept growing as the balls moved towards each other

a mind-changing or physical reaction was about to happen

i began to cry out for help and woke or was woken, drenched to the bone in sweat, with my mother comforting me and my father looking on concerned

and that’s just from two people arguing!

the american population are bombarded, through the media, especially films, with violence and the kids don’t stand a chance

violent video games are a big industry, not unlike the military-industrial complex

an american youngster is under-privileged if he hasn’t got the latest killing-game video

it’s no wonder that societies that don’t recognise just how delicate young minds are, or do and deliberately bombard their populations with violent content to cause emotional flaws in youngsters, cause so many problems

and americans are bewildered and wonder why they have so many misfits

equally, enjoyable dreams can be the result of the influences other people



things have taken a new turn

the conscious and subconscious are going to be re-named and viewed differently

in the same way that we regard the mind and the body as two distinct, albeit, interdependent aspects of the same entity

there wouldn’t be one without the other, and more importantly, the mind came first

no eyes, hands, feet sleeping etc. in heaven

so when we take away everything, our Corporeal self, what we are left with is You


dreams are the brain ordering the experiences of the time-conscious experiences before going to sleep

the digestive system sorts out the food we eat

if we think life-enhancing thoughts and do life-enhancing deeds then dreams will have an enjoyable/desirable content

when we choose one food instead of another, one will be of greater benefit to the body than the other

if we think and do things that reduce the quantity and quality of life for others or ourselves, dreams will not have as much enjoyment or desirable content

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to date our evolution has taken more than three thousand million years to go from a one-cell organism to a man-shaped being made up of thirty-seven trillion, thirty-seven raised to the twelfth Power (37 ^12) cells

it is reasonable to conclude that the digestive system, along with the rest of the other parts of our body, is also constantly changing

and surely we recognise that the brain too is nowhere near its fully developed state


that part of the brain where the content of the dream is generated may be the soul or the essence of self

what supports this idea is the totally unrestricted content of dreams which is akin to free-will

to this consideration, we can consider there is a bent or leaning or bias or inclination to expand in accordance with infinite expansion


the gratifying feelings in this dream, 13112015, weren’t as great as the feelings that were felt while watching the film

but then again there are plenty of instances where the content of the dream was greater than the conscious experiences on which the dream was based

so to determine with greater accuracy which of the two possibilities is closer to the truth, whether the dreamer in us is more real than the conscious self or if the dreamer in us is a barometer of our conscious selves, a little experimentation can be tried

for a set period of not less than five days, a wholly “others are more important than self” attitude be adopted and, without spending less than the World wage on yourself, follow it through in deeds

the experiment is trying to establish if our dreaming self can be more enjoyable than our time-conscious selves