dreams: the two states of consciousness

awake-time consciousness and dream-time consciousness

in awake-time, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the memories we refer to are of our current lives

in dream-time consciousness the images, sounds etc. are memories that are almost exclusively inter-undulationary

further on into evolution what we do in awake-time will be the result of what we dreamt of doing in the previous state of dream-time and what do in dream-time is what we will do in awake- time the next day, or it could be vice versa

eventually, and this website is becoming more and more convinced of it, dream-time becomes our dominant state of conscious and the things we do will be the things we have done in previous undulations and which led us to the heavenly state in the first place

the map is already in you, it’s just a matter of learning to read it

we will have to leave room for a third state of consciousness…