dreams: the roney analysis

the roney analysis


the name of the dream: the roney analysis

preface to the roney analysis… in a nutshell, the roney analysis is saying that the images and sequences in dreams can be from any Time-Tense… far, far off into the future, right to the very end of of time, and at any point in the past, all the way back to the beginning of time

imagine a cavewoman or caveman fifty-thousand years ago in this undulation having a dream of looking through the window on a plane and now try and conjure up what sights you would be seeing in a million years from now when you’re living in a space station that has two-hundred thousand million of us living in it

the roney analysis

the dream that triggered the thinking…

it was nighttime and was looking at a cluster of four or five lights way up in the atmosphere

another person came into the dream and wanted to know what it was i looking at

“u.f.o.’s” was my reply and he said “no they’re not”

when he said that the group of lights turned into about twenty lights of different colours and it became obvious it was u.f.o.’s

i dashed to the house to get my camera and when i got inside there were people rushing about

“there are u.f.o.’s in the sky at the front of the house” i said, thinking it would get the people rushing about to stop what they were doing and get interested in what it was i was excited about

a voice standing on my left shoulder said “take a look out there” indicating with his head

i could see at the periphery of my field of vision he was indicating the back of the house

as i moved to the window a bright white light started to get brighter and brighter and i realised the light was coming from a huge spaceship that was coming down to the ground

the dream ended there with me in a state of resignation that e.t.’s are much too advanced for us to do anything other than accept that they are superior to us in every important way… technologically, altruistically, responsibly…

thinking about this dream (09042014) made me wonder… where did the images of the lights up in the atmosphere come from ?

does the mind have the ability to generate images that fit the dream or is every conceivable image, thought, emotion etc. that can exist in reality already there in the brain in the form of a modifiable template

this, in turn, produced the notion that the content in dreams may be jumbled up in terms of time, and further, they could have come from the experiences of previous undulations, as is suggested to explain precognitive dreams

thinking about my own dreams, every single dream i’ve had, and i’ve had some really bizarre ones, could, when thought about in the context of a love-length, exist in actuality, so now this possibility has to be entertained…

everything that occurs in dreams has already happened or will, because of repetition in a finite environment, happen again

the odd and baffling sequences in dreams are the mind drawing on experiences that have already been enacted or witnessed in previous undulations !

the seemingly random generation of images, motions etc. that occur in dreams is the mind using the experiences we’ve had in past undulations !

the mind is presenting the most apt image available from our own experiences to the dream sequence, albeit the content may be hundreds or thousands or even millions of years before or after now !

this, in turn, means the brain contains the memory or has the ability to retrieve or construct or reconstruct any and all of any individuals experiences from that initial moment when their own, unique, experiences began*

if so then dream theory, and especially the analysis/interpretation of dreams has taken a completely different, radical turn

interpretations of dreams based on this theory will be referred to as “the roney analysis”

*formulating which undulation it was an individual was conceived in and whether the memories of the mother or father or both are passed on to their children or if memories are truly personal (can’t be passed on) or only certain types of memories can be inherited or… is not a priority for this website)

but there’ nothing to stop you stop you thinking it through for yourself