dreams: the origins of dream theory

october 2017

on the 2nd june 2009 i was prompted by you-know-who to begin dreams and dreams theory in earnest

in 2009 dreams and dreams theory was called dreams diary and the idea was to use dreams to bring soul partners together

within days it was realised it was going to be a big endeavour, but that it would have such huge implications wasn’t even guessed at

currently, october 2017, yet even greater insights are coming through which demand immediate exploration

friends, what we have here means completely changing how we think

a train of thought so radically different to what we previously believed it will take a lifetime merely to begin the acclimatisation

for now we have to befriend the idea that the dream state is more real than our “awake” state

the ideas are coming in a torrent and i’m having difficulty knowing what to present and in what order to present them

the magnificent subtlety of life

isn’t love/life just like that ?

the most valuable information bundled into small packages of experience tucked away in memories we can barely remember

we can’t even share them as we experience them

(reference dream: japanese technicians monitoring me in bed)

the origin of dreams theory

7th june 2009

you would be right to think that being in touch with the lover has
endless advantages

the downside is he is a hard taskmaster and he expects
the writer was prompted a few days ago (2nd june) to start a dreams
diary but made the mistake of thinking he could do it at his own

he won’t let me think of anything else until this is underway
there’s obviously something important to be conveyed, sooner or later,
(it would be foolish of the writer to try to fathom what)
from the start it should be known the writer usually has love/kissing/s0x

an analysis of details will be necessary for an interpretation and for this
reason you may want to keep the dream diary away from minds that are
too young

while your at it keep them away from those bloodbath and murder news
stories that are shown regularly before the watershed hour of 9’o’clock
they’re guaranteed to produce less than desirable dream content
further, screen children’s programmes that have fireball-type explosions
in them

they have a an unsettling affect on a calm mind and alter the theme and
the overall quality of a dream

the affect on the mind of fireball-type explosions will be known to some,
but not all, in the film and tv industry

they wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t at least one or more persons in
the chain of the production of films or programmes with a
death outcome assertion

finally; start your own dream diary and in the not too distant future a
blog site will be opened up and we will compare and dissect the
meanings of what the content of our dreams mean and make sure we
are in agreement on important points