dreams: the last seven days


the name of the montage: relaxation

the first few scenes are of two lions

a pregnant female is lying on her left-side

the view of her is from the back

a male comes into the enclosure

have never seen a male lion looking as relaxed as this one

it shows clearly in his walk and on his face

he places himself in front of the female

the female lion licks his mane just below the chin

it is a slow, casual lick

the next scene is of two tigers

they are looking straight on at the observer from about five-metres

they don’t look as relaxed as the lions

nor are they looking like they want to attack

the final scenes are of women and babies

some of the babies are sleeping

again, an air of contentment and a sense of ease pervades the scenes

about eight or nine scenes in total

vividness 2.8 – observer (all montages are observer only ) the category of the montage: states of relaxation

the name of the dream: the awake-time and dream-time cyclist

on the cycle machine

begin slowly and gradually build up the speed

at the fastest point, the dreamers left foot slips off the peddle and then the peddle goes through a revolution and is stopped by the back of the lower part of the left leg

resume the peddling

the dreamer sustains the top speed long enough to experience the sensation of blood filling the calves, more so in the right leg than the left

note 1

it is worth mentioning that the feel of both the peddle against the back of the left leg after it slipped off the peddle and the sensation of blood filling the calves in the dream is precisely the same as those memories of it happening in awake-time

vividness 2.8 – participant – the category of the dream: exercising (4+) cycle machine (1)


the name of the dreams: the pool of delights

in a swimming pool

the pool looks to be about five by seven metres

the swimming pool is at the back of a house

the houses are detached

it may be that all the houses have swimming pools

there are only four or five people in the pool

mostly children

a couple of children with air-filled “wings” go past the dreamer

in another scene, a young lad approaches the dreamer

the dreamer tells the youngster he’s coming after him

the youngster begins moving faster away from the dreamer

the dreamer pretends the youngster is going too fast and lets the young boy put distance between us

he is laughing with delight

he can swim faster than a “grown-up”

in another scene, the dreamer is holding a baby or toddler

the dreamer is singing to her or him

the song is “all i really want to do” (the byrds version of it)

as the dreamer sings the falsetto part of the chorus it resonates within the dream and the dream takes on a qualitative feel as it ends

vividness 2.6 to 2.8 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: swimming pools (3+) children (8+) singing (4+)


the name of the dream: the batter brunch

in the kitchen

the dreamer is cooking what looks like a scallop

the saucer-sized dish has all the ingredients a person needs in a single meal

no other foods are needed

the dreamer thinks that a lettuce base would be a nice touch

the batter is just the right colour

the dreamer says to someone out of sight in the dream to come and get it

if the food doesn’t come out of the pan the batter will take on a dark colour and lose its visual appeal

vividness 2.7 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: food () food in batter


the name of the dream: the other computer operator

at the computer

the dreamer is putting his favourite radio plays into folders

there are three categories

the “best of” has the fewest

also, the “best of” has a sub-folder

the sub-folder has those plays which need editing

the most common bit of editing is boosting the volume

the bulk of the plays are in the second most listened to category

the third folder are those plays on the verge of being deleted

the dreamer wakes to the sound of his own voice giving himself instructions on what to do

note 1

definitely making progress with operating the computer in dreams

there wasn’t a single instance of having to correct anything

it was also a vivid dream

vividness 2.9 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: operating a computer in dreams (10+) moving files into folders (2+)


the name of the dream: the vanishing dog

the dreamer has a chihuahua dog

he lets the dog off the lead in the park

the dog is energetic but doesn’t go far from the dreamer

another dog-owner enters the dream

he has two doberman dogs

the colour of the coats of both breeds of dogs is the same

the owner of the doberman dogs agrees to let the dreamer introduce his dog to them

the dreamer picks up his dog and moves towards the dobermans

when the nearest of the doberman dogs sees the chihuahua dog, it lies on its side

it looks like a sign of acceptance

as the dreamer lowers his chihuahua down towards the doberman dog, his chihuahua starts to growl (stand-out sound and sight)

the dogs growling may cause the doberman to go on the offensive

the scene changes

the dreamer can’t see his dog

there are no bushes his dog can be exploring

there are no corners in the park

it is grass in all directions

the dreamer calls the dog

he also tries whistling

the sound of a whistle doesn’t come from the dreamer’s mouth

the dreamer wakes while trying to produce a whistle

whistling in dreams isn’t something the dreamer has mastered yet

vividness 2.6 to 2.7 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: animals () mammals () dogs () chihuahua () doberman ()


the name of the dream: with acquaintances like this who needs enemies

at my flat in exeter

a teenager (an awake-time acquaintance) from down the street is with the dreamer

we are deciding which equipment to take to a house party

the living room is floor-to-ceiling with amplifiers, speakers, equalisers, lights, leads, stands…

another lad, a friend of the acquaintance, joins the dream

within another two scenes, about five more lads had come into the dream

one of them went into the kitchen and helped himself to something to eat

was going to have to watch everything they do

was feeling on edge when the dream finished

note 1

fairly sure this dream was due to thinking about an awake-time incident from twenty-seven years ago

some guys wanted the dreamer to d.j. a house party

when the writer arrived at the address with the equipment the first noticeable thing was the absence of girls

when one of the lads suggested moving the party to another house the scam became obvious

the equipment would go missing between the two places

knew one of the lads “in” on the scam and told him the equipment stays with me

the writer would pay for a taxi to move the p.a.

he “weighed” me up

stealing by force wasn’t the plan

he left the room

vividness 2.6 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: musical equipment (3+)


the name of the dream: two’s a choir

a girl aged nineteen with a great singing voice starts off the dream

she has a grammar school education and talks with a commanding clarity that keeps everybody’s ears pricked

she begins singing

her singing voice is even more dynamic than her talking voice

she engages one of the young boys in the audience

the boy joins in

the song is “bless your beautiful hide”

it was a joy to see how confident the young boy became as the girl lifted and lowered her voice to let the young boys’ voice match her volume (stand-out sound)

the girl occasionally changed her harmonics, which gave the song an added dimension

awoke to the sound of my voice singing along with them

vividness 2.6 to 2.8 – observer – the category of the dream: music () voice harmonies (2+)


the name of the dream: my mate steve

showed my mate (steve) how to buy and sell on the stock exchange

he, however, had other ideas on how to make money

he wasn’t interested in doing things my way

he asked me to loan him the money for a motorbike

he got his way

in the next scene, he is disappearing into the distance like a bat out of hell (stand-out visual)

he must have been doing a hundred-and-twenty kmph

when we next met up, he hadn’t made his fortune

steve lived in the moment, he was that sort of person

vividness 2.6 to 2.8 – participant and observer -the category of the dream: friends () steve (4+)


the name of the dream: infidelity

a long-standing relationship becomes a joint business enterprise

the dreamer and his girlfriend have a photo studio and an office in the same building

the dreamer’s girlfriend takes care of the bookings and the money side of things

the dreamer coaches the models and builds their portfolios

a twenty-year-old girl with long, dark hair becomes the most popular model we’ve ever had on the books

she brings in so much business the dreamer and his girlfriend decide to make her a joint partner

on one occasion, when the dreamer’s girlfriend is out of the building, the dream turns into an x dream

the sound of the front door of the office opening and closing alerts us to her return

she doesn’t go into the office as was expected but makes straight upstairs to the studio where we are

the sound of her steps coming up the stairs is enough to make the dreamer a coward

there are too many tell-tale signs in the studio for us to pretend nothing has happened

there’s one possible way out of it

the dreamer goes to the door of the studio room

the lock on the studio door is one of those bulky, old-fashioned dead mortice locks

the dreamer gets to the door and turns the key just before she gets to the door

alas, he doesn’t turn the key all the way around

the door is opening when, thankfully, the dream ends

vividness 2.6 to 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: business () photography relationships () female () x dream ()


the name of the dream: the reclining deckchair

the dreamer has a small windfall

the dreamer uses the money to buy a semi-luxurious collapsable chair

the chair is advertised as a deckchair for use in the garden on sunny days

the chair has a soft seat and a canvass back

it occurs to the dreamer that the chair could, with a few minor alterations, become a beach-mat

a scene or two later, the chair has a softback to compliment the seat

another modification is to separate the chair into three parts

one of the parts becomes a flat base that a learner-swimmer can hold onto while propelling themselves with their feet

the multi-purpose chair becomes a “must-have” item for the beach or outdoor pool

vividness 2.6 – observer – the category of the dream: innovation (3+) chair (1)


the name of the dream: skyways construction

in a small group of men are being shown around a construction site

we are standing at the central point of a junction that brought together two or three elevated highways

the highways were a hundred metres above the ground and were wide enough to accommodate a dozen lines of traffic

the lanes turned and sloped down over a distance of kilometres which stretched off into the distance

they must have been suspension roads as there weren’t any support pillars in the scene

in the last scene of this dream, the dreamer wanders away from the group of four or five people showing him around the site and goes to the bottom of an incline that shows all of the construction from horizon to horizon

its scale was so impressive the dreamer threw out his arms in a gesture of intimidation indicating it was too big

the only dream with a grander scale was 15062017

addenda: observer and participant – the category of the dream: construction sites (4+) elevated (2+)


the name of the dreams: murderous beings – bedfellows

the opening scene is at the edge of a pool-cum-swamp

the dreamer has come to the pool/swamp to feed an animal

the animal looks like an aardvark, the food is half a loaf of bread

the aardvark is wading through the pool to get to the bread

as the aardvark is about to come out of the pool/swamp a crocodile or alligator grabs hold of it and pulls it under the water

the dreamer is appalled and angry

if that wasn’t bad enough, the alligator or crocodile sees the dreamer near the edge of the swamp/pool and comes out of the pool/swamp to get him

the dreamer is more enraged than scared

the alligator/crocodile hasn’t eaten the aardvark, merely drowned it

it will eat it when it feels hungry

in the meantime, the crocodile/alligator decides to keep the larder full and add the dreamer to his cupboard

the dreamer is now feeling homicidal towards the alligator/crocodile

he picks up a solid bit of wood

the piece of wood is the length of a truncheon, three times as thick and weighs about ten-kilograms

the dreamer whacks the alligator/crocodile as hard as he can on its snout

the crocodile/alligator hesitates, it felt it

it begins to move towards the dreamer again

the dreamer is about to hit it again when a python, about the width of a wrist and two metres long, propels itself out of the water towards the dreamer

the dreamer catches it with both hands just behind its head when it is half an arms-length from the dreamer’s face

with the strength that comes with anger, the dreamer squeezes so hard its eyes start to come out of its sockets

before he needs to do anything else the alligator/crocodile grabs the snake and takes it into the pool/swamp

note 1

this dream is due to thinking about those man-shaped beings who think nothing of killing other people

vividness 2.6 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: murder ()


in a police station talking to a female detective

the reason for being there is because the dreamer was in the house of a friend when the police came to arrest him

the friend is a drug addict

he does not consider it wrong to steal to feed his habit

he doesn’t try to hide the fact it was him who stole what he is accused of stealing

he’s a hopeless case

the dreamer isn’t in any sort of trouble

the conversation with the woman policewoman isn’t about doing right and wrong

it turns out we both are “into” music

the policewoman tells of her aspirations and interests in music

the dreamer in turn tells of the most difficult thing he had to accomplish to become musically proficient

“i found maintaining the beat while singing a melody the hardest thing to overcome”, the dreamer says

the woman detective is nodding in agreement as the dream ends

vividness – 2.7 – participant – the category of the dream: drugs () police () music ()


the name of the dream: cherry red

an extremely wealthy young man, the same age as the dreamer, invited the dreamer to be a live-in companion

the dreamer is slightly apprehensive

within a scene or two, it becomes clear it is a case of a wealthy young man wanting to have someone around him he can be at ease with

the young man tells the dreamer that the best way of merging in with the general population is to familiarise himself with the area

he tells the dreamer the best way to do that is to visit the town’s museum

it’s not the way the dreamer would have gone about things, although it made sense

the wealthy young boy suggests he takes his car

in the next scene, the dreamer is in a cherry-red coloured “roller” in one of the towns main streets (stand-out visual)

the problem is the museum is in a cobbled street that has nothing but imposing house

any one of which could be the entrance to a museum

there are a couple of scenes where the driver/dreamer thinks he may have gone past the museum and reverses the car

the dreamer is fully expecting to hit one of the other cars parked along the road

he allows himself a self-congratulatory pat on the back for handling the big car so well when he doesn’t

it is now dusk

the dreamer comes to the entrance of a pub and decides to ask someone for directions

it would be less than a minute to get directions

the dreamer parks the car and goes into the “ye olde world” pub

he comes out with the directions half a minute later

the dreamer’s mind goes blank for a moment

he can’t see the car

in the half-minute, he was out the sight of the car someone had “half-inched” it

in his haste and being in a confident frame of mind, it never occurred to the dreamer to take the keys with him

he thinks the thought, “he’s going to kill me for this”

with his tail between his legs, the dreamer heads back to his new home

the dreamer “hits” his new friend with the news

to the dreamer’s complete surprise, his wealthy new friend says in a way you might say don’t worry to a child who just dropped her ice cream, “it’s alright, my insurance will cover it”

how much money does a person have to have not to be “phased” when someone steals their gleaming new rolls royce?

vividness 2.5/6 to 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: relationships () male () cars () “rollers” (2+)


the name of the dream: love is ageless

living in a large, shared house

two other people are living there

the dreamer has two rooms the others have three or four

returned to the house after going into town

through the front door and into the hallway

one of the other people, a woman of about thirty-five, has a small crowd of five or six people visiting

two or three of her visitors are standing in or near the doorway to her living room

there is an air of celebration

the mother of the woman is back home after being away

the daughter of the mother is over the moon now that her mom is living with her

she sees the dreamer as he’s making his way to his rooms

she asks him to meet her mother

the dreamer gets caught up in the party atmosphere and is happy to oblige

he walks into the room

the woman’s mother is slight but not frail

the dreamer moves towards the woman’s mother

the moment her mother sees the dreamer she throws open her arms

she is beckoning the dreamer to give her a hug

not wanting to be a party-pooper the dreamer plays along

he bends over her and gives her a hug

she clasps hold of the dreamer around the neck and leans forward

her grip is much too tight to be a simple hug

the dreamer realises she wants him to stand up with her holding on to him

the party atmosphere still prevails

the dreamer straightens up

when she is clear of the chair she wraps her legs around his waist

it could turn into a catastrophe

if she loses her grip she could fall backwards

the dreamer has no option but to take her weight by intertwining his fingers and putting his hands under her thighs

he then sits down on the nearest chair

for both of us to sit in one chair, she has to let go of the dreamer with her legs

she is now sitting astride the dreamer in what can’t be seen as anything other than an intimate position

the dreamer wakes up

he is not in a relaxed state

vividness – 2.6/7 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: love across the generations (2+)


the name of the dream: revelation

in a small living room with four other people, a woman and three men

at one point in the conversation, the dreamer saw the opportunity to make a point

he said, “what’s the one thing god can’t do?”

there was a silence

the dreamer said, “there’s one thing god can’t do – it will make you cry”

it is one of the things the writer realised following Comprehension

something which makes him cry with happiness when he thinks about it anew

one of the men, medium-sized, white hair neatly trimmed, joined white moustache and beard, is wearing a light-grey with a white shirt and tie

it gave him the look of a clean man

the man of about thirty-five started walking towards the dreamer

he walks resolutely, his eyes fixed on me

the man’s walk conveys a physical presence

his walk is saying, “you’ve crossed the line and one way or another i’m going to make you step back”

the man is a “devout man”, recognised as such within the church-going community

he is the last word on the character of god

that a nobody can make statements of a blasphemous nature gets what he deserves

the dreamer isn’t in the slightest bit worried

he knows the type

the dreamer calls his bluff

the dreamer says, “try anything with me and i’ll kick you in the balls”

that done it

the man stops dead in his tracks

the dreamer is obviously a violent nutter and should be under supervision

the atmosphere needed for the dreamer to make his sublime point has gone

note 1

this dream may have its origins in the character who plays the inquisitor in the film Goya’s ghosts

it depicts a pious, smug, self-righteous man who can do no wrong

vividness 2.6/7 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: undisclosed revelations (1)