dreams: the last 100 days


the name of the dream: a narrow escape and a narrow doorway

in the town centre

a young man latched onto me

then he was joined by someone he knew

they were up to something

they tried to get me to go somewhere with them but the danger signals were flashing

could sense their frustration when i made an excuse and left them

in the next scene, there were two girls and another young man on a bike

one of the girls left the dream and the remaining one let me know she was interested

the three of us made off to her place

she lived way out of town

now we are in the country and walking along a narrow dirt path with low hedgerows

at the top of a brow, a village in amongst trees came into view

there were at least two steeples in the village in the valley

it was taking too long to get there and i said, “if we don’t get there soon i’m going back”

then became aware that the pushbike was motorised and was perfectly suited for the path were walking along

the young man would occasionally give the bike the “gun” and make like a dirtbike racer and disappear and re-appear

i asked again when we would get there and he pointed to my left and said, “just there”

in the next scene, i am following the girl up some narrow spiral stone stairs

we are in one of the steeples

at the top of the stairs, the girl has to turn sideways and squeeze through the doorway to get into the accommodation

when she is through the doorway her young daughter of about five greets her

the two of them retreat into the room

i begin to squeeze through the doorway but it’s too narrow and i get stuck and have to pull myself back out

i call out to the girl but she doesn’t re-appear and the dream ends

vividness: 3 to 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: low-life men (3+) unfulfilling relationships (2+)


the name of the dream: the programme

we are in a time when technology rules

everything that can be known about a person is known

have moved into a new place to live

the first thing that the new-dweller has to do is sync her or his biology to the all-encompassing programme

the first order of the day is a meal

the first food that the dreamer considers is rejected by the programme because it has one particular substance that is incompatible with his physiology

the programme gave the reason, it would throw a more important biological process out of balance

it gave equally convoluted reasons for the next four or five foods that the dreamer thought of

the programme corrected the pronunciation of one of the words the dreamer used

it was fun to vary a syllable here or there and get the programme to speak with a foreign accent

the thing is, it gives reasons for not eating or reading or watching this that or the other but, annoyingly, it doesn’t give suggestions or recommendations of what is suited to the person

it must be that when no negative advice is suggested it is alright for you

this dream is a similar theme to the dream of 11062021

the main difference is the colour

the colours in this dream had more texture or substance

vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: future technology (5+) in the home (?)


the name of the dream: the mouse and me

a dream about computer folders

the folders contained drawings and photo’s

there were instructions on how to sort and assemble them

used the mouse to initiate changes and move the pictures from place to place

this is the first time that using the mouse didn’t present problems

addenda: vividness 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: computer-related (15+) mouse (1) folders (8+)


the name of the dream: too casual about earning a wage

got the sack from a job in a factory because of irregular attendance

wasn’t too bothered, jobs were aplenty, it wouldn’t take long to get back into work

the most immediate concern was to get something to eat

went to the canteen and asked one of the women server’s if i could have a meal and pay when i got my wages

the women said o.k. but it meant having to wait until the rush was over

a female from admin came to me and told me to go and pick up the bits and pieces that had been in my locker and were now in one of the offices

there was a scene in the office with my items on a desk, gathered them up and the dream ended without getting a meal

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: work (7+) unemployment (1+)


the name of the dream: magic in dreams

a tale of a top-down society

the main figure in this dream is a “jolly-giant” type man

he is friendly and brash

for someone with unlimited credit, his clothes left something to be desired

they are too tight

he is in a generous mood

with a gesture and a pronouncement, and a bit of dream-magic, he transforms people from the confinement of a restricted money supply to that of princess and prince status

he could do this by placing his hand over the crotch of a person

they instantly became a celebrity

their clothes changed into tight-fitting, silver-coloured, one-piece garments

the jubilation of the girl he had just transformed became infectious

everybody’s spirit was lifted

he could transform lots of people in minutes

how many more of us could he transform before the dream ended?

vividness 2.9 to 3.1 – observer – the category of the dream: weird and wonderful (7+)


the name of the dream: the all-purpose indentification and purchasing offer

while surfing came across a fantastic offer

it was an introductory offer for a new way of both buying software and hardware online through a universally recognisable identification

it seemed too good to be true

the new customer could try out the service free of charge before signing up for it

decided to buy something to try it out

it worked

without committing myself to buy it, an order for a technical programme was downloaded onto the computer

tried using it for purchasing goods

again, confirmation that the item was on its way came up on the screen as soon as the “confirm” tab was clicked

it didn’t take long for the dreamer to realise that someone, somewhere had made a monumental blunder

could load up the computer with dozens of programmes and then disconnect the computer from the internet

there was no way the people offering the service could take them back

staggered by the implications, brought someone else in on it

excitedly, told the person what was happening and to bring his laptop over

we filled in the purchase form

confirmed the order only it wasn’t accepted

after trying to get something else for him and that too was declined, we realised the introductory offer was for my computer only

never mind, the dreamer could order hardware for him

what business in its right mind would let you buy things you always wanted, use them for a while and then send them back?

there is one possibility

in the dream of 08102014, an awake-time situation occurred not unrelated to this dream

a “give away” offer by toshiba, which on the surface of it seemed too good to be true, turned out to be an exceptionally good deal (ten space pens that could write in zero gravity, on wet paper, at minus 40c and upside down, with ten spare refills and a retracting pencil for a tenner!)

within seconds after placing the order the writer realised just how good an offer it was and went back to the website to place a repeat order

only to find the webpage had been taken down

the writer had landed at the page on a specific time

a bit like a lottery win

someone at toshiba with a generous sense of fun and the status to do it had put the page up for as long as it took for the first person to place an order

still got the space pens and refills

looks like they will last a lifetime

this dream may have its origin in the Pde’s

think about my good fortune with the pens regularly

vividness 2.9 to 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: purchasing online () hardware and software (1)


the name of the dream: columbo’s indiscretion

this is an epic dream

vivid scenes with lots of detail in each scene

several of the scenes had enough detail in them to complete a page-full of info

in the first scene, the crew and cast are having a break between shoots

the dreamer recognises a certain interplay between columbo and one of the female characters

it is an exchange of words, looks and body movements that the dreamer is only too familiar with

the inability to hide feelings of admiration for another person

although it is obvious to me, no one else seems to be aware of it

the dreamer catches columbo’s attention, just after he has had dialogue with the woman he is drawn to, and smiles a knowing smile at him

columbo blushes a bright red

someone else knows he has strong feelings for the woman

from this scene onwards, columbo and the dreamer are in every scene

cocktail parties, press conferences, shooting on set…

it is in the writer’s make-up to encourage feelings of love wherever it shows up

the problem is the unbreakable bond between the t.v. columbo and mrs columbo is one of the wholesome traits of the character of columbo

for columbo to “two-time” his wife would completely wreck the public perception of the character he plays

it would be more catastrophic than an actual extramarital affair off set

whether he knows it or not, columbo’s secret is safe with me

in the meantime, the writer is having a whale of a time as the crew and cast go from location to location

this dream was the result of watching an episode of columbo during the day

why it turned into an epic dream is anybody’s guess

vividness 3 to 3.2 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: celebrities (12+) peter falk (2+)


the name of the dream: the quora quotient

the quora quotient is a measurement of a person qualitative nature

the mechanism of the measurement is too complicated to explain

the method for taking a quora measurement is for a person to sit in front of “a field of sentience”

the field of sentience senses the persons physical and mental state

it becomes physical via the sentience machine

it forms at the top of the apparatus as solid black blocks

the blocks fall into position as a single line and are suspended at head-level in front of the person at the machine

they are continually changing, in line with persons thoughts and feelings

the delicacy of the line and the smoothness of the way it forms represents the persons’ closeness to those things deemed correct

the sentience machine keeps copies of every “read-out” and the read-outs are a sum of all of them

everybody gets a turn at being at the helm of the machine

the dreamer is next in turn

vividness 2.7 – observer – the category of the dream: mind-reading machines (2+)


the name of the dreams: drink – dreams of love

it is a hot day

the dreamer needs something to drink

he wanders into a village and then into the village hall

there are three women dressed in black taking orders for drinks

there are no drinks on the table they are standing behind

the dreamer tries three times to convey what it is he wants

it’s as if the women don’t speak my language

he writes down what he wants

it doesn’t work

the words the women speak after looking at what is written down aren’t the words on the paper

the desire for drink is getting acute

other people are getting served without any problem

the dreamer listens to what the others are saying

someone gets a drink which is more or less what the dreamer wants

the dreamer finally gets a vodka and orange with ice

the dream turns into a female relationships theme

the girl of my affections isn’t seen in the dream but her presence is felt

we are taking it in turns to express our feelings for each other

our sentences are on the short side

we are deeply in love

vividness 2.6 to 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: two-themed dream () thirst () love ()


the name of the dream: why don’t birds smile?

the dream starts with the dreamer in a room

the room is about 4 metres square

there is an abundance of colour

did the dreamer imagine it, or did the colours move?

it took another two “takes” of the scene for it to fall into place

the moving colours were birds

it took another take or two to realise they were moving in sync with me

every time the dreamer moves, crosses his legs, scratches his nose… the birds take a step or two towards him

the dreamer has a bit of fun

he makes disjointed, non-rhythmic and pretend movements

the idea is to get them to stop in mid-stride

don’t recall seeing any of the birds standing on one leg

the final scene is an “in yer face” still pic of the yellow head and blue neck of a cockatiel

he doesn’t look amused, why don’t birds ever smile?

vividness 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: animals (80+) dinosaurs (6+) birds (4+)


the name of the dream: screwed

a blockage of the underground sewage system was causing serious health problems and needed to be fixed

the dreamer is given the task

first scene, in a tunnel under the ground appraising the situation

the sewage wasn’t being moved along the tunnel with water in a stream as was imagined

the water had been separated from the solid and the solid was finding its way along a turning corkscrew mechanism about a metre in diameter

the screw was encased in a tubular housing and couldn’t see how long it was

the problem quickly became apparent

metal objects which looked like cans had become wedged in the grooves of the corkscrew and were blocking the flow of the matter

next scene, the top half of the tubular casing surrounding the corkscrew mechanism had been removed

the screw was still turning

when the casing was removed it turned out the screw wasn’t made up of a single long screw but was a collection of single screws about a metre apart and turning at different speeds

it meant getting between the screws and rocking each screw back and forth until it became loose and using a metal bar to loosen the compacted matter

the dream had become dangerous and the dreamer was starting to get claustrophobic

one by one the screws were cleared and a sense of accomplishment accompanie the finished job

addenda: vividness 2.9 to 3 – participant – the category of the dream: enclosed areas (2+) underground


the name of the dream: a life saved, a life lost

set in ireland

two men are the central characters in this dream

they are couriers of life-saving medicines

it becomes known to them that the medication they move from place to place is a placebo

they agree they should expose the scam

somehow, the people supplying the false medicine find out what the two men are going to do

the two men are unaware they are under surveillance and have become a “security threat” to the establishment

the machinery to assassinate the men is set in motion

in the next scene, the two men are on a boat

it is in a crowded harbour

the two men discover the bomb that is meant to kill them

one of the men jumps overboard with the bomb

the next scene is underwater, we see the bomb explode

it looks like a grey cloud that has been released from a pressurised container

the man who jumped overboard with the bomb is killed

the man who lives reveals the deceit

vividness 2.8/9 – observer – the category of the dream: topical (4+) hoax diseases (4+)


the name of the dreams: the newcomer to hobbitsville, the intruder

the pic above is the closest to the scene in the dream except there was only one large building set in front of an imposing rock-face, and a viaduct sixty-metres in front of the large builng that led to a fifty-metre pool of water in front (the breadth of the scene didn’t show how far the water went either side of the large building) of the spiralled large building

a festivity was underway

everybody would be attending

when the dreamer gets to within about a hundred metres he becomes perplexed

to get to the building means having to swim through a three-channel viaduct

other people are going through, although the dreamer is hesitant

if others are swimming through, the dreamer doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be able to

the dreamer gets into the water and baulks at what he sees

there is no space visible between the level of the water and the bricks of the viaduct to do the crawl stroke

as the dreamer watches others going through, he notices that they turn over onto their backs when they need to breathe

this enables them to gulp down enough air to swim more metres before taking another breath

the ones doing it get through the viaduct in three or four breaths

the only way to make progress underwater is to do the breaststroke

if your lungs are big enough you may be able to get through wiith one big breath

the dreamer goes for the one big breath technique

he gets to the mouth of the viaduct and takes in as much air as he can

part-way through the tunnel all his breath has gone

there is momentary panic

got to keep grip of the situation

it’s a matter of life and death

a calm head prevails

the dreamer rolls over onto his back and rises

the five-centimetres gap between the water and the bricks seems enormous

suppose it would be if you thoght you’re a goner

the dream ends with a sense of relief for the deamer

you would think there would be at least one scene at the end of the dream which has the dreamer dancing and eating and generally making happy

none of it

definately ain’t going to hobbitsville again

vividness 2.8 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: fantasy scenarios (3+) swimming (2+) near-death dreams (3+)

note 1

the combinations and permutations of the number of categories of dreams must be in the thousands of thousands of millions

perhaps dreams diary comes to an end when there is at least one dream of each category

how many years must there be to have one dream a night to for thousands of thousands of millions of dreams?


the intruder

am lying low

may have offended somebody or owed money

didn’t turn the lights on until the curtains are drawn

didn’t put on the t.v. or listen to music

occasionally heard voices as people walked past where i am

became aware that someone is inside the house while in bed

stayed still and listened

need to know if there is more than one person

it becomes clear, it is only one person

start to get dressed

can hear the sound of water

it is the shower

the gall of this guy

he thinks whoever lives here is out

he’s taking a big risk, the occupier could return at any time

listen long and hard to the sounds he is making

music starts playing

it is a david bowie type of voice

the person in the shower begins to sing along with the song (the stand-out part of the dream)

now he’s really pushing it

the dreamer has got the edge, the intruder is in the nude and can take him by surprise

take a long, thin knife out of a drawer (stand-out visual)

if this guy tries to take me on he’s in trouble

how did he get in without me hearing him?

he’s so casual

anybody would think he owns the place

then it hits me

i’m the intruder

the dreamer wakes up

vividness 3.1 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: intriguing dreams (1+)


the name of the dreams: no name, the two-tone dog

four or five people come to visit

they all have dogs on leads

one of the dogs is ginger with a black tuft of hair on the back of its neck

she or he wants to be friendly

she or he responds to my playful movements

dream ends as we are playing

vividness – 2.7 – participant – the category of the dream: dogs (8+)

no name


walking away from home

turn right at the t-junction at the bottom of exe street

the above three lines are from memory

the entire voice recording was distorted

sorry about that


the name of the dream: nowt queerer than folk

nature brings together, as it does, the unlikeliest of couples

the couple in this dream is in the unlikeliest category

she is built like a tank, brash and forceful

he is softly spoken and his manner is mild

the couple have a poor opinion of me

my latest indiscretion is opening further the already open window of a neighbour and speaking to him

to be accurate, the window was open three centimetres or so and had to pull the window opens to be able to speak to the neighbour face-to-face

could hear the condemnatory mutterings of the couple coming through their open window while talking to the neighbour through his open window

people talking about others in a poor light is one of those things we have to put up with in life

was hugely gratified, therefore, when, while in the kitchen, with a view that took in both of the neighbour’s homes, to see the male of the couple trying to talk to the neighbour through his slightly ajar window

he encountered the same problem the writer encountered when he tried to talk to the neighbour on the day of his “indiscretion”, his mouth wouldn’t fit in the gap between the window and the window frame

the dreamer watched, and it has to be revealed, got a degree of satisfaction, as the male tried two or three times to angle his jaw so that his lips were between the gap

if he had asked the writer, the writer could have told him that the only way to talk to the neighbour without raising his voice was to open the window

vividness 2.7 – observer – the category of the dream: neighbours (2+)


the name of the dream: i’m back, almost

at the dancing “hotspot” in town

mobility is nowhere near back to normal

however, enough momentum has built up and has propelled the dreamer to see if he has found his dancing feet

the first “move” was to lie on my back and swivel around

got it down pat on the first go

managed three swivels on the first attempt

a piece of carpet, about a third of a metre square, appeared

between putting the carpet side on the floor and lying on the adhesive side the grip allowed me to use the weight of my legs to get enough momentum to swivel a full circle

then it was possible to either do another swivel with no noticeable stops or swivel back the way the first swivel come from

one of the true-blood girl dancers came over to “check me out”

she wants to know how the dreamer moves when he’s standing

she starts dancing

she is good

tapping her feet between steps, bouncing up and down twice as fast as the beats

the dreamer simply hasn’t got back into that good a shape

he says apologetically to the dancing girl, “give me a couple more years and we’ll see what we can do”


haven’t had the fluidity or range of movent or enjoyed a dance dream this much since the dream of 23102014

this dream was due to re-starting the cycling exercise without any resistance on the wheel

the idea is to concentrate on the ease of the range of movement

made the mistake, again, of thinking that building up muscles was the key to improvement

the dream was also influenced by half-a-minute of a young woman freestyle dancing to the charleston in one of the episodes of the original series of the twilight zone Here

it buoyed up the belief that any style of dancing is enhanced with original, impromptu moves

incidentally: the five loves of my life are 1 babies’/children 2 women 3 music 4 dancing 5 walking

vividness 2.9 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: dancing (8+)


the name of the dreams: a vague dream – she was looking at me

a one-scene dream of a girl

the girl has just stepped onto the pavement outside of her house

the front door is halfway to being closed

her right-hand is pulling the door closed as she moves away from it

the girl has light-brown hair, is wearing a light-coloured, plain dress with a tight belt that pinches-in her waist and flares at the bottom

she has half-heel high-heel shoes

before the door has closed we are locked in eye-contact

she has an intense look that says,”i’m a girl and you’re a boy”

the man has to initiate any advances

am just about to do just that when the dream ends

vividness 2.9 – observer – the category of the dream: eye contact (1+?)

another dark and moody dream (three dark and moody dreams in a row)

a dream with no theme

plenty of detail though

each scene or theme of the dream came through as an impression

each scene/theme could have been the result of a single, fleeting thought of the pde’s – https://endicat.com/dreams-pdes/

none of the scenes/themes connected to the previous scene or theme

a carpet that needed hoovering and a hoover that made no sound as it sucked up the bits from the carpet

a trip to an idustrial site in a canvas-covered lorry driven by a woman

the woman spoke but don’t recall what she said

seeing the scenery passing by as the lorry headed to its destination; a site that had a high but flimsy wire fence around it

a room that was square and receeded twenty metres into the distance

different activities, evenly spaced, happening along the entire length of the room

an interview with a psychiatrist

thinking there may be a connection between a persons the low tone of a dream and blood pressure, took a measurement of my pulse

it hovered around fifty-nine to sixty-one (there may be mileage to be had by connecting blood pressure to the quality of the dream)

vividness 2.5/6 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: unconnected-theme-dream (1+?)


the name of the dream: all is not fair in work and play

two dreams with the same theme, work-related cum position in society

this dream is dark and moody

there is tragedy and death

there is also camaraderie and goodwill

the dreamer is befriended by a couple who are happy with life and the way society is run

they make sure the dreamer gets a “fair shake”

still, a sense of foreboding accompanies all the scenes except one

in the last scene, fortune smiles on the dreamer

he is elevated to a coveted position

he feels a little bit guilty that he is “sitting pretty” while others are still in the same rut the dreamer was in at the start of the dream

vividness 2.3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: society (7+) work (10+)


the name of the dreams: ultra-smart meter – he’s all wrong, almost – stereo fixation

those readers with smart meters will know this dream is credible

the first smart meter bill has arrived

the family is enticed by it

the dreamer is pissed

the dream becomes a Think-read dream – https://endicat.com/think-read-think-write/

a black and white bill with more than six categories is showing in the dream

the categories are, “individual times and totals of the amount of electricity used, when first used, last time used, the device used, which member of the household a device belongs to . . .”

different members of our house are not happy that everyone else can see what devices they are using

all we need now is smart water meters and we can tell when mom or sister is having her periods


of course, the argument can be made that a person shouldn’t want or need to hide anything

try telling that to the secret services

the secret services want to know everything about everybody to be able to control them

what the secret services really want to know is how much we know about what they’re doing

the cry of “national security” is the mantra of those who have lost control of their destiny and now seek to control others

this intrusion into your domestic life is yet another tool through which the secret services can “muck” us about

this dream was due to realising that smart meters can interfere with the mechanism of a device

it was only yesterday when an expensive sharp microwave went haywire

the microwave wouldn’t respond to the cooking commands

the commands were being accepted but the microwave was not executing them

or, the commands flashed onto the display screen and either flickered on and off or didn’t display at all, or, the commands showed on the display screen but didn’t execute them, or, nothing showed on the display screen when a command was entered . . .

a smart meter can be a boon

the writer was both appalled and pleasantly surprised with the rate of consumption of some devices

this website advice . . instal the meter, turn on your electrical devices on one at a time, write down or memorise the consumption of each device, unplug the meter

vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: smart meters (1)


the name of the dream: the unlikely lads

a pre-dream event, in the form of a profoundly pervasive female voice, penetrates the dreamer’s soul and causing him to become calm says, “love, wake up, it’s ten-past seven”

the voice is so real it causes the dreamer to get out of bed and start thinking about and looking for things to do

it takes more than ten seconds of awake-time before the writer realises he is acting out the voice-prompt

get back into bed and spend one to two minute trying to make sense of what has just happened before going back to sleep, still not sure

probably you-know-who

the dream starts

the first scene is of an italian man, his accent is unmistakable

he has a toddler with him

the toddler can’t have been out a pram for more than a few weeks

the man makes a snide remark

it causes the dreamer to become angry

my impulse is to hit him

the toddler shouldn’t be witness to an act of violence

it is noticed the man is standing by a stone barrier about a third of a metre high

the stone barrier runs around a large pool that contains many varieties of fish

the pool is an irregular shape

it is approximately fifty square metres

the dreamer walks towards the man

when the man is within arms reach, the dreamer extends his right arm and using his open palm, pushes against the man’s chest and it causes him to lose his balance

the man tries to steady himself but the stone barrier prevents him from moving backwards

the man falls back-first into the water

there are then ten or more scenes of a similar nature

in every scene, the writer gets the better of his antagonist’s in novel and painless ways

at the end of the scenes that contain hostility, the dreamer has teamed up with a young man of twenty-three or thereabouts

physically, we couldn’t be more different

he is three or four stones heavier than the dreamer, has a beard and moustache, is dressed like a biker and has a demeanour that exudes a person who is discontented with everything and everybody and is ready for anything

before we speak for the first time, he is ready to jump down the writer’s throat the moment he finishes speaking

to his surprise, he doesn’t find a fault with anything the dreamer says, on the contrary, his prolonged pause is inviting me to carry on speaking

after making a few points about the state of the world his silence is replaced by an eagerness to hear more

before you know it, we agree about the best tracks made by different rock bands

our conversation returns to world politics

we both agree on who the “niggers in the pile” are

further, we agree on what course’s of action should be taken

we are “feeding” off each other in a way that neither the dreamer nor the biker-bloke had experienced before

we begin our campaign

after a mere seven or eight of the most influential men of the Oligarch’s structure have been nullified, the way looks open to implement a lifestyle free of murder

in the last scene, the one and the only use of force looks like it is about to be enacted

we have an aerial view of a sniper lying on his front on top of a building

his “target” is in one of the well-lit offices on the top floor of a high building forty-metres away

since Murder isn’t permitted, it is assumed the sniper intends to wound the person in his sights

in this dream, two men with resources and determination can produce world-changing events

you-know-who had to do things of a vastly greater magnitude without any help

this dream was, in part, due to the feeling of strength and surefootedness felt by the writer for the first time in thirty years the day before (the result of exercising on a cycling machine)

vividness 2.8 to 3 – participant and observer – a new category of dream: pre-dream prompted (1) politics (5+)

note 1

the only thing that makes sense is that the dream the writer would have had would have been different had there not been a prompt

in which case, the dream is a prompt for other people

second sleep

walk into the office

a colleague is sitting in the darkened room talking to boy george

they are smoking

the dreamer remains standing, and referring to the song Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, says, “it was amazing the way just about everybody was influenced by that song, it seemed to calm everyone down” and continues, “the one that i liked most was Time

note 1

can a pop song change the mood of an entire nation?