dreams: precognitive dreams

precognitive dreams: this websites’ theory…

there is no experience, there are no set of circumstances, there is nothing that can happen, either desirable or undesirable, that has not already happened in eternity past see: poincares’ theorem of recurrence

everything you have experienced, are experiencing or will experience has not only happened before but is destined to happen over and over again


thinking about this dream (09042014) made me wonder… where did the images of the lights up in the atmosphere come from ?

does the mind have the ability to generate images that fit the dream or is every conceivable image, thought, emotion etc. that can exist in reality already there in the brain in the form of a modifiable template?

this in turn produced the notion that the content in dreams may be jumbled up in terms of time, and further, they could have come from the experiences of previous undulations, as is suggested to explain precognitive dreams

when it was thought about, every single dream i’ve had, and i’ve had some really bizarre ones, could, when thought about in the context of evolution and throughout the length of time the universe exists (10^100 years) can contain any and every conceivable circumstance for a love-length, exist in actuality

so now this possibility has to be entertained…

everything that occurs in dreams has already existed and the odd and baffling sequences in dreams is the mind drawing on experiences that have already been enacted or witnessed

are the seemingly random generation of images, motions etc. that occur in dreams the mind using the experiences we’ve had in past undulations ? and the mind is presenting the most apt image available from those experiences to the dream sequence?

this in turn means the brain contains the memory or it has the ability to construct or reconstruct any and all of any individuals experiences from the initial moment the individual or the individuals genetic line came into existence

if so then dream theory, and especially the analysis of dreams, has taken a completely different, radical turn!

interpretations of dreams based on this theory will be referred to as “the roney analysis”