dreams: pde’s

previous day’s experiences

the thoughts, feelings, sights, sounds… of the day before the dream

the themes of dreams are, for the writer, as often as not based on the experiences of the previous day

while sleeping, the brain/mind sifts through the pde’s and presents the most relevant or influential experiences of the day before in a dream

an enjoyable dream reflects the person’s pde’s were aligned to the purpose of life, whereas unenjoyable dreams reflect the opposite

although the pde’s are the major influence in the forming of dreams, the content and themes of a dream can span years and probably decades

two dreams, 21122015 and  23112015, tells us that the dream-conscious can link the content and themes of dreams which are months and years apart

it was years ago that it was realised what we do during the day becomes the content of the dream that night

further, it is now emerging that the content of the dream will contain content of what we will be doing when we wake from the dream

this mechanism, of basing awake-time activities on dream-time content, is becoming a reality

for this to happen, it means there is a course of action that produces the optimum or the exact activity for every given day; from the moment free-will is first exercised to the time of Transmutation

trillions upon trillions of variations which can happen, reduce to one single course of action every day

such is the exactitude of a completely trauma-free evolution

a reality which will come to be in the course of eternity