dreams: how to remember your dreams

“i don’t have dreams” is a common reply people give to the question “how often do you dream?”

as surely as a person breathes, they dream

to remember dreams, start by saying to yourself after waking up “i am going to remember my dream tonight”

think the thought a few times during the day and then again when you put your head on the pillow as you enter into sleep

if you do it over a period of days and weeks it will come

there is a reason we dream

understanding why you have the types of dreams you do will result in a greater understanding of yourself

between the 14th of and the 25th december 2016 i had been busy thinking about and organising christmas

i remember thinking on the fifteenth or sixteenth “i’m not going to have time to enter the dreams” and i went for the better part of two weeks without remembering any of my dreams

then on the twenty-third or twenty-fourth, i looked at the entries so far for the month and thought “if i’m not careful i’ll slip out of the routine of making any entries at all”

sure enough, the dreams began with a flourish on the twenty-fifth

the decision to remember my dreams was enough of a spur to bring the memory of the dream into awake-time !

this can be a prompt to those of you who want to remember your dreams but aren’t having much success

think, and occasionally say, to yourself with varying degrees of determination and frequency, i want to remember my dreams… i’m going to remember my dreams…

if you do it over a period of days and weeks it will come

dreams may well be a crucial factor in bringing
soul partners together !