dreams: dreams timed to occur

a dream which is already in our mind (soul) and occurs independently of the pde’s

we can all appreciate that there are exactitude’s in our lives

the length of time of pregnancy, turning the steering wheel of a car, the rising and setting of the sun, the exact amount of mass that triggers nuclear fusion and fission

we can all appreciate too that had certain events not occurred in our history as man-shaped beings or during our evolution from fish to a human being we would either not be here or what we are experiencing here and now would be completely different

we can also imagine that had the meteor which killed off the dinosaurs happened fifty-five-million years ago and not sixty-five-million years ago we would, at this moment, be moving around on four limbs and not on two

further, had the electric charge of an electron been different by only one-millionth we would not be here and the universe would be unimaginably different

it shouldn’t be too great a leap of the imagination to realise that from the beginning of the universe to this moment any one of millions of factors would have changed things beyond recognition

a greater leap of the imagination is all that is needed to understand that in the same way that the merest deviation changes things radically, so too, keeping life on the right track means having certain events at precise moments

the event-line of all things has to be the same every new undulation for the desired outcome to take place

see also the anthropic principle