dreams: diary 2019

16022019 14052018

the name of the dreams
the powered buggy –  the hole in the road dream

had a power-chair (mobility scooter)

its top speed on the flat was around twenty kmph

the buggy slowed noticeable on up-gradients and sped up to about thirty kmph going down

the first scene of this mega-scened dream has me trundling along at about top speed on a flat road

there’s next-to-no traffic in this or any of the scenes

another scene is in the centre of a city

there is a two to three metre deep and two-metre wide rectangular hole in the ground which has clearly been made with a mechanical digger and stretches from one side of the road to the other; the width of the road is the better part of twenty metres

i lay boards across all of the holes to enable me to drive the wheelie across

as i drive the vehicle over the boards they give significantly and i realise that the boards would break if a heavier vehicle were to try to go over them

on cue, a car appears thirty or forty metres away heading towards where i am

i run towards it and stand in the middle of the road with my arm out in front of me in an unmistakable “stop” gesture so the car has no option but to stop

i tell the driver there are roadworks ahead and he shouldn’t try to go across the boards as they aren’t able to bear the weight of the car

the problem was i had made such a neat job of laying the boards down it looked like they had been put there as a temporary measure by the firm which was doing the roadworks

the driver of the car thought i was being overly dramatic, as some people do in such situations, and dismissed my warning and drove away

i watched as the car moved onto the boards fully expecting them to break and having to call the emergency services but to my surprise, the boards did give a lot more than when my wheelie crossed over them but didn’t break under the weight of the car

in another scene, i was talking to a policeman and pretending that i had witnessed an incident involving a mobility chair

i asked the policeman who would be liable if the car had broken the boards and crashed

as i was relating the circumstances of the accident i slipped up in my account of the story and blurted out that i had only just acquired the power-chair

as mentioned, there were scenes coming and going at a speed in this dream

the details given are of the stand-out scenes of the dream


the cause of the dream: thinking about using a mobility scooter to move the p.a. equipment for the gig mentioned in the first dream of 12052018


the name of the dream
the art of mothering

this was a prolonged one-scene dream

the first impression of the fifteen-month-old baby wriggling and shifting her body from side to side was that she was uncomfortable

the baby girl was resting along her mother’s forearm and was nestled into the mother’s midriff

as i gazed, the expression on the baby’s face became clearer, she wasn’t in discomfort but was smiling

her smile was changing from being hardly perceptible to varying degrees of a broad smile and occasionally, her smile would settle into a relaxed contentment

finally, it was possible to see what was happening

the mother had, some time previous, discovered one her child’s tickle spots was around her lower-rib cage

the mother didn’t need to look at the child

she could tell from the baby’s movements that she was hitting the tickle-spot

all the mother needed to do was use her middle finger to cause the baby to experience smile-causing sensations

it was the casual, natural way, the mother was using her finger to maintain a state of “contact” between her and the child which was the stand-out bit of the dream

to the mother it had become as easy to keep in “contact” with her child as it was to scratch an itch

without having to even think about it, the movement of the baby told the mother how much pressure to use and where next to place her finger

it was quite an education see a mother using the subtlest of movements to entertain her child the way this mother was doing

this was a mother on top of her game


vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: mother/baby () tickling (1)

14022019 13052018

second dream

the name of the dream
too popular

an awake-time ex-girlfriend from seven years ago turned up out of the blue

i had some ace hash and was only too eager to impress her

she appreciated the “hit” and praised its qualities more than once

in the next scene, we were “getting into each other”, although i must admit i was more enthusiastic about getting back together than she was

the last time i saw her she was a little overweight and it gave her face a “heavy” look

in this dream, she had transformed

she had a classy two-sided hair-style, had lost weight and her face was a picture of health

i commented “you look really well”

in the next scene, i was answering the door to a youngish man

had never seen him before and he asked me if he could buy some hash

before i had time to tell him no the scene had changed and now there were three young men

the closest to me started to make his way through the door

i stretched out my arm and placed my hand on his chest and kept him back

he became more determined and now i was having to use the weight of my body to stop him moving forward

the two people either side and behind him began to move forward as well

the scene changed again and now there were five young men; the pushing and shoving had stopped

i said something like “there’s too many of you” and this part of the dream ended

the next part of the dream was the same house

now there was an awake-time neighbour looking through the letter-box

it was a friendly face

we exchanged one or two sentences through the letterbox

that’s all i can remember of this part of the dream

the stand-out parts of the dream: the girl’s complexion and the pressure of the young man pushing against my hand

notes 1

for the second time the writer is going to explain where you-know-who stands in relation to thc

on two occasions, while smoking hash, the state known as a “whitie” occurred

when i was firmly in the grip of the whitie she/he chimed in with “no more blow”; the tone of the sentence was unequivocal

the second time, a year more later, her/his words was “remember this time”

feeling as though i should be allowed to decide for myself i continued smoking it for some years after you-know-who had made her/his thoughts known

i pressed the point on one occasion “is it ok to smoke it once in a while ?”

that question got a reluctant “i suppose so” from the tone i could tell she/he was disappointed i had asked

then a year or two later i asked: “is it alright to smoke it once a year ?” that question went unanswered

lastly, i asked: “is it ok to eat it once a year” and to my surprise, she/he gave her/his approval

the tone of the words carried the feeling of a happy compromise

so that’s it, people

once a year

i haven’t yet met with disapproval for the idea of a weekend of non-stop dancing using hash cakes and hash soups for sustenance

friday night to sunday night of being high equals one one-hundredth and an eighty-fourth of a year !

notes 2

an instance of hypocrisy

ten days of continual use of marijuana has helped me break the habit of having two periods of sleep in one day

for a week or so before using marijuana for the first time in three yers i had not been remembering dreams and the trend is continuing while smoking

what influence does cannabis have on dreams ?
first dream

the name of the dream
stop motion with looped sound

this dream took place in my current location

there were three of us, all males

we were standing in and around the doorway that linked the living room to the hallway

one of the others had rolled a really neat joint

it was the length of a hand and about as thick as a biro

then, the motion in the dream stopped

i was waiting for him to light it but he didn’t

both of them stood there motionless

i thought they were playing a joke on me, knowing i would be waiting to have a smoke myself i would get impatient and say something

they played their parts well and i did say something

but still, they didn’t move

i thought “i’ll turn the tables on them”

so i whipped the joint out of his mouth of the and put it in mine

still, they didn’t move

i thought “i know how to get them to move. i’ll light it and start smoking it myself”

i would be breaching the etiquette “the roller gets first dibs” that exists amongst tokers and would have a laugh on them

they will soon stop playing then i thought

i never lit it because now, after several seconds, they were still stock still and i realised something strange was happening

as more seconds passed i wanted someone else to see what i was seeing so i went to the front door and opened it

for the first few fleeting moments after opening the door the postman, who wasn’t delivering anything to me, was moving but then he too went into freeze-frame

before any other thoughts went through my head a dog’s bark sounded in the dream

it was a low, gruff/growl type of bark

it wasn’t until the sixth or seventh bark that i realised it was the same bark which was repeating and, to complete the weirdness of the dream, it was only in my left ear

the category of the dream: stop-motion dream (2)

notes 1

this is the second stop-motion dream

this one has the added feature of sound

1302201 12052018

first dream

both dreams about p.a.’s

the first one was my attempt to win the contract to host an event at what looked like the stands at a race-horse track

gave an assessment of equipment required and costs

that was it for this dream

the second dream was about what type of music to play and who to get to help me at a week-end festival

the last scene of this dream was some people in a car asking me if i knew where such and such a place was

i did and as it happened, it was where i was headed

it occured to me to suggest that i could take them to it and save me having to walk but the dream ended

cause of the dream: a local free paper through the letter-box which listed up-coming events for the summer

the emphasis of the first three pages were on out-door music events

12022019 11052018

second sleep, the second dream

name of the dream
the girl in care

became acquainted with a girl in a hospital

she seemed alright to me but was being supervised

a kinship between us developed immediately and i wanted to help her get out of the hospital

i ran up against a brick wall in the form of the hospital’s administration, it didn’t want to know about any suggestions i made

they had the attitude of knowing what was best for her which was frustrating because i knew what was best for her as well

i would have to see her as an out-patient

the name of the dream: the dream of a memory (?)

second sleep, the first dream

the same people as in the first sleep

we were talking about this, that and the other

that was it

this dream was about as uneventful as they get

first sleep

name of the dream: reluctant x

there were three of us in this dream; two males and a female

the male was an awake-time friend from years gone by

alan has featured in at least two other dreams, although
considering our friendship began sixty-plus years ago and lasted for twenty years, there should have been more

the three of us were in a reclining position and loosely clothed

the girl held my hand and then kissed it

she obviously wanted to become intimate

i felt awkward and held back because she was alan’s girl

the girl said “for goodness sake” and took the initiative

we conjoined and i was glad we did; it was nice


the name of the dream
the barber from another time

in the barber’s chair having a hair-cut

the barber had a lit fag dangling from his lips as he snipped away

at one point the red end of the fag touched my face

it didn’t hurt in the dream but it galvanised me into giving the barber a piece of my mind, a big piece


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: hair-cut (1)


the name of the dream
prepping for heaven

a multi-themed dream in which one of the themes contained a scene which has been bubbling under the surface of the awake-time memory

the memory/image has been presenting itself independent of the mental decision to do so since the first time it occurred three or four days ago

how to describe it…

big, recall the biggest thing that impressed you as being big, and which is still imprinted your memory as the biggest thing you ever saw

now add colour, lots of colour, and a feeling of childish anticipation that the most exciting you can experience is starting to happen

give the size and colour linear shapes and nestle them in an area at, behind and above a black horizon

so now the sense of the size of the objects isn’t quite as big but the space the objects are in has become the biggest thing your sense of size has ever tried to measured

notes 1

the reality this picture memory presents is of an earth-bound observer seeing linear-shaped images or beings almost as big as a planet


vividness 3.7 – observer – the category of the dream: linear shaped beings (1)


the name of the dream
an escape through a narrow shaft

there were three of us, a female and two males

somehow we had got trapped in a confined area below the floor which would give us access to the general population

a round pipe the width of a person went up through the concrete ceiling and there was a gap of about thirty centimetres to one side of it

the concrete ceiling was two-thirds of a metre thick and was two and a half metres above the floor we were standing on

i was the first to try to squeeze through the gap next to the pipe

the difficulty was pushing me up high enough so my arms were free of the restrictions which would let me rest my elbows on the floor above and haul myself up

we decided the best plan of action was for the smallest of us, the girl, to be pushed up

the girl would have to keep her arms by her side and keep her balance until we had pushed her high enough for her to arms to clear the thickness of the concrete floor

i sat on the shoulders of the other man and he lifted me to within touching distance of the hole, now the girl had to climb up the men

the idea was for me to place my hands, palm-up, on my shoulders which the girl would stand on and then for me to push her up

the dream didn’t have the scenes of the girl getting through the gap but the next scene was of the three of us standing in front of a black door that had a see-through panel half the size of the door

on the other side of the black door there was a smiling man with a fire hose and about to turn on a jet of water

in the last scene, the three of us are barracking and giving the finger to the man spraying the water at the door and full of jubilation we had been rescued


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: enclosed areas () accompanied ()

08022019 10052018

the name of the dream
the weekly report

the weekly report is a detailed written or spoken account of a persons most important moment or hour of the week and it’s something everybody does

it didn’t matter what the substance of the report/record was, just as long as the person was in the habit of making it routinely

somebody asked me if i would do their weekly report

the person who asked me to do it for him hadn’t forgotten to do it but intended to ask someone when there was no time left to do it and someone like myself who took the weekly report as being civic duty/responsibility would help out

there wasn’t time to make up something, it meant i would have to submit an hour of my life as his

if the report was reviewed by someone and the person who read it thought it should be highlighted for general discussion then it would come to light that the review wasn’t by the person named on the report it would be a permanent stain on my character

i was giving the person who asked me to do it ear-ache for not doing it himself when the dream came to an end

notes 1

this dream may well have a considerable constructive value

millions of people submitting the most significant hour the week

new thoughts and feelings

the report might only take ten seconds to read or listen to

or it could take an entire day

with the internet at our disposal, it is easy to imagine some reports containing insights or information which could reshape our outlook/values or way of living overnight

07022019 09052018

the name of the dream
broken dream

the chime of my door-bell is loud

was smack-bang in the middle of a vivid dream when a man delivering goods rang the door-bell

the dream was still running for three or four seconds after getting to my feet

i was completely disoriented for those few seconds

it was a mix of the two conscious states

it could be likened to being slapped across the face while relaxed

i felt as though i had been assaulted

whatever the content of the dream was it was broken into pieces

when i tried to recall the dream it went from the memory completely

it was though something had been damaged beyond repair and trying to fix it was like trying to re-assemble a stack of snowflakes in a warm room; the effort of trying to do something brought home the futility of trying to do it

note 1

perhaps an essential feature of dreams is that for the dream to serve its purpose it has to be experienced in full

notes 2

two days in a row that the dreams have not been accessible !

* * *

06022019 08052018

the name of the dream
seating arrangements

this is the vaguest dream for more than a month

lay awake trying to recall it for half an hour

it was something to do with being advised not to exert too great a mental effort

in another scene, at a cinema and there was a girl who was sitting in my seat

tried to get her to realise she was sitting in my seat by repeatedly looking at my ticket and then at her but that didn’t work

there was a compromise as to who should sit where

i wanted to get to know her but it didn’t happen

05012019 06052018oos

the name of the dream
good contact

this dream was either in london or amsterdam

a person said he would introduce me to someone who would supply me with the hash

when we got to the house there were two people there

the chap who was going to supply me had an extremely interesting persona about him

he had light-brown skin, slightly portly, a deep smooth voice, an engaging personality and was totally at ease

his relaxed manner could be a character borne of years of being “laid back” but it struck me as being a natural trait

he was only too prepared to give me what i wanted on a regular basis

i bought it there and then, smoked some with him and was walking away from his flat on a double high in the last scene


the stand-out part of the dream: the supplier’s personality

fourth dream
the name of the dream
the frog-being

same location as the third dream

am walking along when a sound catches my attention

looking at where the sound come from didn’t show anything

a second time the sound was louder but still nothing which looked like it could have made the sound

by now i was standing still so i could zero in on where the sound was coming from

when it sounded again i located the position of the sound but still nothing which told me where to look

the fourth time the sound occurred a slight bit of movement was visible from where the sound was

i moved closer and could now see the movement of the breathing of the animal

it was a light shade of deep green, half the size of a golf ball and its eyes were visible

if i had to describe it in one word i would say it was a frog

but when i picked it up it obviously wasn’t your typical frog

first off, it was closer to being round than any other shape

it didn’t have anything that looked like legs

where it limbs should have been there was small bits of flesh that didn’t look like they could move it or support it

when it made another sound i picked it up

as i was looking at it its mouth opened and a sound with two syllables came out

it was trying to say something !

whatever meaning the sound, it didn’t convey anything to me

two more times the frog-thing made noises and still, absolutely nothing suggested itself

then, completely out of the blue and out of character with its demure posture the frog-being gave out a shout-scream which lasted, like the other sound-dream a few days ago, for a full two seconds

the sound had a bass resonance which filled my head and left no room for anything other than the sound to exist between my ears

but the thing was, the sound was completely recognisable as a sound only a human being could make

i realised immediately this animal, if that’s what it was, had intelligence

i was focused on looking at it and ready to really try to understand what is what trying to get me to understand

twice more it made the captivating human sound

each time the characteristic of the human quality of the sound became more pronounced

it would be possible to understand what it was trying to say eventually but it would take dozens and dozens of attempts

the frog-like being, i would swear to, could read my mind and jumped out of my hand

i picked it up, it made the mesmerising sound again and then jumped out of my hand again

i wasn’t ready for it, yet

notes 1

if this dream is leading to where i think it may be leading to then the frog-being should feature in another dream

notes 2

this is the second dream within this week where the sound of the dream was the stand-out part of the dream

and both times the sound reverberated through my being

the third dream

at the start of this dream i mentioned the frog to the man in this dream

he was familiar with it and knew the name of the species and laughed slightly when he mentioned it

the man worked for a financial trading company

i had spoken to him on the phone and he told me to drop in and see him and he would explain what is was i didn’t understand in a couple of minutes

he was really friendly

i think he gave me some text to read or he was explaining what it was that i didn’t understand which caused this regular dream to become me a think-read dream

the think-reading became simple to put together

it became so easy it was possible to anticipate the text six. seven or eight words ahead of the last word formed

basically, it was two or three sentences that explained the grey areas of the graph

there were marker-positions on the graph which indicated, according to where the markers combined and became brighter or fainter shades of red and green, if it was a safe-buy with a good probability of making a profit or if it was a less than probable of the likelihood of being a success or if it was a possible or probable loss by looking at the markers and lines on the screen

two or three times as i was reading the explanation the description of the marker-graph became an image

category of dream: think-read dream with images (1)

notes 1

the think-reading in this think-dream was as easy to read as would be the writing of any new or unfamiliar text that had graphics in it

can it be presumed that think-read dreams which contain pictorial descriptions will as a matter of course automatically produce images as the description of the images in the text are dread ?

notes 2

another thing… as the images in the text were being formed there was a noticeable shift from the dream-conscious to awake-conscious

the merging of consciousnesses continues at a pace

second dream

name of dream: jumper

twilight-time in coventry

it was located where the odeon cinema is or was (you can google-earth it)

was in a sky-high mood and was jumping as i was walking

the jumps weren’t hop, skip and a jump type of jumps, the jumps put real distance between the ground and my feet

no one else was doing it so i presume the gravity-defying heights of most of the jumps were part of my mood or perhaps latent abilities coming through

no one was startled, on the contrary, people were enjoying watching the display and their broad teeth-smiles encouraged me to do more of the same

an african male who looked to be in his early twenties started to speak to me so i stopped jumping

we spoke for a few sentences and he said we should go back to his place

i was in too good a mood to disappoint anyone so i agreed

within a few steps he had clasped my right arm between his left arm and torso and had a firm grip of my right hand with his left hand and when i tried to jump he used his right hand as well which stopped me from being able to jump but i could still skip

he didn’t seem to mind the skipping but his vice-like hold on me told me he had become possessive

a possessiveness which became more and more accentuated through his tone of voice and it gradually dawned on me he intended to keep me as a pet, or even worse, a slave

it wasn’t going to be hard to break free of his grip and i was weighing up whether to give him a hard or soft jolt back to reality when the dream ended

notes 1

every ethnicity has a proportion of devolving beings

it’s too early in evolution to say whether any one of the ethnicities has a greater or lesser number of devolving beings than another or if there is an almost exact balance, so don’t let your prejudices sway your opinion

first dream

the name of the dream: the first day of business

had finally put together an awake-time pet project

if it was the success there would be the scope for huge expansion which could easily end up employing ten’s of thousands of people

a team of ten or twelve of us were checking every aspect of what was to be the first day of business the following day

we were wearing the clothes we would be wearing on the first day of business; basically, it was a dress rehearsal which doubled up as preparation

one of the team was a small man from eastern europe who was the “quietly efficient” type

a native british man asked, “why are there two packets of brown sugar ?”

the eastern european man said, “i thought it would help if we had an extra one of as many different of items we would be using regularly and have essential information of the product, quality, weight, cost… and compare them to the same product in the future”.

whether he realised or not it also meant that anyone and everyone would be able to check and make sure that every product we used and which was a repeat-purchase was the best value-for-money product on the market at that time and it also meant that there were would be no room for embezzlement

a man who was responsible for maintaining an ongoing repeat purchase said jokingly “i hope he doesn’t do that with me”

i jumped in, “it’s a good idea. do it with everybody. including me”

we had all agreed that the following day’s business would start at seven-thirty a.m. and it would give us ample time to make any adjustments and improvisations for oversight’s

the first contact with our client was scheduled for nine

the next scene was the following morning and i had just woke

i looked at the clock next to the bed; it was twenty-past eight

a feeling of panic flooded through me

i was due to meet the clients and begin my part of the business venture at nine o clock which meant i would need to be there at least ten minutes before to demonstrate i could be ahead of schedule if needs be

the place i had to be wasn’t too far away but neither was it within walking distance

i had to consider getting someone who should be doing their job to break their schedule and come and get me

could i run it in time ?

first thing’s first: wash, dress and shave

forget about breakfast, that was a pipe-dream

the thought of why somebody hadn’t knocked on the door or phoned me kept on going through my mind

that no one had contacted me might mean that others had slept in too

the day was turning into a disaster

in a way, all the future plans for the business revolved around this first day’s appointment

it would set the tone and it was on a downward slope

a feeling that something was wrong began welling up in me and it caused me to wake up

i looked at the wall clock

it was just after four a.m.


second sleep

name of dream: see category of dreams

this was the longest-ever montage

the images in the montage were not that varied considering the length of the montage (five minutes plus)

mostly they were cartoon figures and settings and mainly they were rich-pastel colours

two or three times during the montage the sequence of images and actions stopped for two or three seconds but a relaxed determintation got them flowing again

i was thinking as the images and actions went on and on that a person could quite easily spend a whole day doing it

more than once i tried, without any success, to impose new themes into the sequence

here’s the new thing… this montage contained three dreams

part-way through watching the montage i slipped into dream-time three different times

the first time it was with a woman, the second was with a dog and the third was of myself explaining and describing to another person that i was experiencing a montage

the last dream in the montage…

we were in a small room with a window that was three-quarters of the wall

he moved to the window and looked out and i said “i’m not seeing what your seeing”

he nodded and i went on “as i’m talking to you i am seeing pastel-coloured cartoon figures and actions”

he said “yes, you said the export order for liverpool is here”

those words weren’t in any part of the montage sequence and i said “now i can see two fat elderly people, a woman and a man who are looking daggers at each other

the dirty looks they were giving each other were straight out of a cartoon and i could hear myself chuckling every time there was a slight variation of their expressions

so now it was an externalised dream within within a montage !

it is also a new category of dream-time conscious: narration of a dream as it is happening

the second dream within the montage was of a dog which wanted to approach me but was weary

i squeezed my lips together and made a kiss sound and the dog moved forward a little

after three times of doing that i was stroking the dog and it was relaxed

in the next scene it was a different dog

the new dog was a gold-cum-sandy-coloured and its mouth was open and its tongue was lolling out of its mouth in the way dogs do when they are too warm

we were looking out of a window and we were in a moving vehicle, i think it was a train

the third dream within this montage was of a woman

can’t remember hardly anything of this dream except it was of a woman; probably because it was the first dream within the montage and so much happened after this dream

category of the dream: montage-dreams (1) and narrated dream: (1)

first sleep, first dream

name of dream: seriously sexy curvature

same lady as one of the lady’s in yesterday’s x dream

we were both unclothed, standing and with mounting anticipation pulling each other lightly into one another

our heads were side by side and our ears were touching

i looked down during this part of the embrace and as i was looking down the sight of the curvature of her body from her neck down and along the spine and back out again to the peak of the protrusion of her buttock’s sent my senses reeling

i was at bursting point

the sight of the colour of her skin and the sweeping curves of her back was a top-flight x visualisation


category: x dream (32)

vividness: 4.7


the name of the dream
when men stopped believing

was watching, or may have been participating in, a review of a piece of art called “man on a train.”

it was a painting of five of the carriages of a train and it was moving from left to right as it passed through the viewer’s field of view

the viewer was meant to keep her or his head still as the painting moved from left to right, the idea was to give the viewer a different impression for each of the carriages as the carriages filled their field of view of between 100 to 120 degrees

three of the carriages were in colour and had around seven or eight persons in each of them

the passengers in the coloured carriages were looking in the direction the train was going or the direction it was coming from

the middle two carriages were in black and white and the passengers were looking out of the train looking directly at the viewer

when the two black and white black and white carriages had just gone out of the picture, a voice said: “did you see it? why is it in? it spoils it”

then, a woman and a man began debating, at great length, the minutiae of the painting and critiquing, of what seemed to be to me, completely insignificant things

the debate went on and on…

i couldn’t stand it any longer

i interrupted

“i like art as much as the next person, but there are other things in life which need to be given the same amount of scrutiny as we’re giving to this work of art.”

i continued, “don’t you know that the reason men in europe stopped believing in god was that the suffering they had to endure in world war one was so intense they couldn’t believe that a loving god would let it happen?”

notes 1

as i was growing up the phrase i heard, again and again, was, “if God existed he wouldn’t have let it happen”

the reason for most wars is money

only those living in denial or ignorance will fail to see the truth of the matter

as usual, it’s jewish and british financiers and the other two cliques mentioned in the lead article who are causing the current acts of mass murder

notes 1

the pde’s of the last couple of days are the foundation for this dream

one was watching a biography of turner, the other was listening to a programme that tried to whitewash what was the second greatest act of mass murder (the first is hiroshima) in history by saying that a thousand people were killed when it was, in fact, a hundred thousand


vividness 3.3 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: art/war (1)

02022019 01052018

first dream

the name of the dream
futuristic t.v.

staying with an awake-time friend from twenty-three years ago

he had an almost-square wall-mounted t.v. about one-hundred twenty cm

it had the most dicreet design of any t.v. i’ve ever seen

the only thing on the front was the name of the manufacturer

it was called a google netbox; there were three or four other words written on it

the words on the screen were a slightly lighter shade of black than the screen and they became invisible when the set was on

the design of the t.v. was captivating but the real bit of tech was the channel-receiver which was itself about a third of the size of the t.v. and had array of about thirty square coloured buttons which protruded slightly

i already had a t.v. but the large gizmo which passed the channels to the t.v. was a must

it could pick up any signal which was in the ether which meant tens of thousands and even perhaps even millions of channels

it was an internet version of t.v. channels

i ordered and paid for one and the delivery and installation of the “techmaster” is the next scene in the dream

a woman with a body that had a big frame was reading out the terms and conditions bit of the contract and mentioned a fifty pound charge for maintenance if it ever needed it

i said “that wasn’t mentioned when i ordered it”

the women said “yes, i know” and carried on reading out the terms and conditions as though she hadn’t heard me

i said “just a moment. fifty pounds isn’t nothing. in certain circumstances it can be a lot”

the woman had obviously had issues about the fifty pounds on other occasions and knew that a person would nod and accept it or would, like me, start questioning it

i saw she was bracing herself for what might be an awkward time

to me this sort of sneaky money-grabbing was a sore point and had been the cause of a done-deal becoming undone on more than just one other occassion

the dream ended


the name of the dream
back in prison

it was the first day of my sentence and i was in the dining area

against the wall furthest away from the serving area there was a part of the dining area that had goods for sale

the items were in see-through plastic packets about the size of a credit card

the packets were hooked onto the fixture with metal s-shaped hooks

the item i wanted was at the top of the fixture and i assumed a person wanting to buy an item would be able to detach the packet and make sure it was what he wanted


a thin, tall inmate was standing next to the hard cardboard fixture, probably to make sure no one nicked anything and was waiting for someone like me to do what i did which was to unhook an item to look at it in detail

he said “you’re not allowed to take them off the board. put it back”

i tried to explain i only wanted to make sure it was what i wanted but this guy had the protection of the guards and used his position to assert himself authoritatively, something he could only do if he had back-up

he caught the attention of one of the guards and the guard began making his way towards us

i hadn’t been in the place five minutes and already i was a trouble-maker

i knew there would be a harsh punishment and lost control of myself by grabbing the small finger of the hand of the trustee inmate and bending it back until he was wincing and said “if you get me in trouble i’ll see you later”

the inmate said “now you’ve assaulted me as well”

in the next scene, i am in an outdoor training ground with mud everywhere and am being escorted towards a scene of activity

it was two lines of young men in dark-blue overalls who were competing with each other

there were being trained for armed-combat

there was impressive coordination in their movements and they sounded-off in unison

i knew my fate and had accepted it

i said to the escort-guard “there is a strong camaraderie between them”

the last part of the dream was a montage which had about five scenes

it was a trailer of a war film which ended as the title of the film was beginning to show

it was called “the desert rats”

the category of the dream: prison () and short-clip montage (1)

notes 1

the last four weeks is the longest run of entries since beginning dreams diary without missing a day




name of dream:
a snack and a decent meal, not

the first scene, invited three mates back for fried eggs, tinned tomatoes and toast

they gratefully accepted and their warm response to my offer told me i had asked the right people at the right time

the second scene, back at my place on the second floor of a two-storey house

in the cramped room of the bedsit, the neon light went out

decided to take the tube out of its housing and reinsert it thinking it might be a loose connection

in the third scene, as i am stretching up again and trying to loosen the neon strip from its housing a round bit of silver-coloured metal fell from the light and shorted the electrics (the most vivid part of the dream… 3.6)

the mood changed as we all realised the meal was off

one of the invited people was really disappointed and started complaining with a challenging belligerence

i apologised as sincerely and humbly as i knew how

the fourth scene, the three males had left the dream and was still hungry so i decided to “splash out” and go and have a sit-down meal at a half-decent cafe

the fifth scene, at the almost-a-restaurant i discovered my credit cards were back at the bedsit

the sixth scene, back in the room the wardrobe was falling apart

the bottom of the wardrobe was crumbling and losing tiny bits of wood every time i moved something while looking for the cards

it was on the verge of becoming so unstable it might topple forward the next time it moved

the seventh scene, went to the next floor down where the landlady, a shapely and sturdy woman of about thirty, was telling me she couldn’t do anything about the wardrobe until the next day

the eighth scene, back in my room and looking down at the front door of the building watching the comings and goings of the people

the ninth scene was on the ground floor, as i was leaving the building someone’s visitor was coming into the house

he said something “sarky” in a dismissive and provocative way as we passed each other

notes 1

every scene was a different time-tense

the dream-time or inter-undulationary memory was doing its best to put together the pde’s

gauging it from the vividness factor, this dream was mainly past time-tenses

ideally, we’re trying to achieve a vividness factor of 3.3 and higher for all scenes

will start putting the vividness rating at the end of each scene


vividness: the average of all scenes… 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: food-theme dream without food (1)



the third dream

name of dream:

in my place with one or two other people

nothing special was happening

light chatter, a bit of movement

the bed i had slept on was like a bed that someone had just got out of

a figure went passed the kitchen window and in the next scene dennis had just walked into the living room

he had come to ask what was the best point of departure to get to france

“dover,” i said

“what’s the best way to get to dover ?” he asked

“train,” i said

in the next scene, he sat and then laid down on the bed i had just got out of

he had moccasin-style beach sandals on and the heels of them were resting on the sheets

“don’t put your feet on the sheets. i sleep on them”

he sat back up

i said “i’ll come with you. i’ve got the money and i fancy a holiday”

i wouldn’t be going to france though, i would be going to holland; my favourite country

there was some more talking about the journey to dover before the dream ended


time-tense: 6

notes 1

the most noteworthy thing about this dream was the details of the location

the location was accurate right down to the position of the sofa and the colour of the cover of the duvet and the people in the dream are people i know currently

in the dream, my feet are pointing west whereas the current, and long-standing position, is north

this is very much a present time-tense

a computer wasn’t in this dream and that means the dream was the past of a past undulation

the absence of a computer must mean it is between fifty or a hundred or so undulations of the present undulation

apart from precognitive dreams, this was the most accurate placement of the time-tense of any dream so far


with one raised to the 99th power years to go in this undulation, you may wonder why there is only a one-year step forward each undulation

love/life, you should be aware, is generous to a fault

love/life is also ultra-sensitive to the feelings of those who are terminally-ill: see the analogy of parents with terminally-ill children in the endic database


there is also the consideration of soul-partners who are coming-to-be and those who have yet to establish the connection with their soul-partner

the wanton acts of murder that have and are being perpetrated in the present and past of this undulation reflect the insensitivity of our nature

as we move forward into the future of this undulation our feelings become evermore honed-in to the delicate balance of the qualitative aspect of our lives

by the time you-know-who is with us these times won’t be of any significance

to take a qualitative run at infinity means attuning ourselves in a way and to a degree which we are not yet able to imagine

one insight we can project into the forever is pleasure

it can be stated with confidence that we will have to be in a state of pleasure at least five and ten thousand times more pleasurable than the most pleasurable experiences we currently experience

it won’t be football-match emotions, (over the moon one minute and down in the dumps the next) it will be a steadily increasing state of wonder

second dream

name of the dream: some men just can’t wait

in bed and there is a girl in the next room who was getting ready to join me

she was taking a space-age to come to me through from where she was

the longer i was waiting the more aroused i became

it got to the point where i couldn’t contain myself

so before you could say “cock robin” i masturbated and had ejaculated

and then there was another wait and still, in a state of arousal, i masturbated again and ejaculated again

i was still cleaning myself when she walked into my room from her room

she said “have you come ?” and i nodded

she deliberately waited for me to empty myself; it would take longer for me to get worked up again

i felt disappointed with myself for not being able to control myself

oddly, i was still feeling disappointed with myself even after i woke up and realised it was only a dream

category of dream: x dream (30)

stand-out part of the dream: take a wild guess

first dream

name of the dream
attempted intimidation

on the ground floor of a three-storey prison

a narrow-faced, narrow-eyed, diminutive inmate thought i was ripe for intimidation

he made a veiled threat concerning my future

i wasn’t in the mood to be threatened

i feinted a movement with my left arm to the left

his eyes followed my arm

with his gaze distracted i whipped my right hand to his neck and using the index finger ran the back of the nail across his throat

“do you realise how easy it would be to cut your throat with a piece of broken glass ?” i said

he was looking at me as the dream ended


category of dream: prison: closed ()
cause of the dream: thoughts during the day
vividness: – 3.1



the first dream
the name of the dream
a peoples banquet

the first scene, a family of about eight at a dining table having a meal

the atmosphere was more like that of people at a banquet

second dream
the name of the dream
swinging on a star

the first scene, moving about in a largish room singing the song “swinging on a star” and alternating between normal, falsetto and bass voice

second scene: one or two other people chimed in at various points in the song which gave the song more swing (the stand-out part of the dream)

the third dream
name of the dream
deadly peep o

the first scene had to go to the bathroom

the second scene, in the bathroom and when i tried to lock the door the latch on the door slid over the latch-catch but slipped back off it just as easily with the slightest pressure

i expected to be in there for more than a minute or two and began trying different ways of getting the door to close securely

a peashooter-sized square metal bar materialised and slotted into position in the latch area and kept the door secure

the fourth scene, someone fired a bullet through the door which only just missed me

then there was another shot and another bullet which, again, buried itself into the wall

the door was made of a flimsy hardboard

there was a hole in the area where the latch was about the size of a salad tomato, presumably where the original lock for the door had been

there was also a button-sized hole in the middle of the door which looked like it was a peep-hole and there was a gap at the top of the door big enough for someone to stick there head through

i looked through the peephole to see who it was firing at me and saw the person with the gun who could now also see me

i jumped behind a wall to the side of the door just in time to miss the next bullet

the person with the gun knew the bullet wouldn’t pass through the wall and poked the barrel of the gun through the peep-hole and turned the barrel in my direction

a round tube of metal in the peep-hole became dislodged as the gun was forced through

i grabbed hold of it

now he could fire a shot at where i was but equally couldn’t see if i was still in the position i had moved to

he stuck his head over the top of the door to locate me

while he was getting into position it gave me enough time to slip the round, hollow metal sleeve that had lined the peephole, and which was now conveniently bent, and enable it to slip over the barrel of the gun and direct the exiting bullet to fire upwards

the bloke with the gun looked over the door, saw what i had done and said “you must be ******g joking”

i was waiting for him to pull the trigger when the dream ended


vividness 3.4 to 3 – observer (meal) participant for the other two – the category of the dream: multi-themed dream () food () singing () toilet drama (1)


28012019 – 24012019

the name of the dream

this dream is a new variation of a Montage

the first 4 or 5 images, were of winds blowing over walls, fences etc.

the montage sequence stopped after the fifth scene and it became a regular-type dream (prolonged scenes)

then, after the regular-type of a dream, another four or five
montage-motion images occurred

swapping between, montages and regular-type dreams happened three or four times

in the last of the regular-type dream sequences, a girl said something and i said to her “me?” and she said “yes, mr talk-to-the-feds, me”

all in all, there were three or four montage-motion scenes with hurricane-strength winds showing things being blown into the air or along the ground or broken

notes 1

i knew this was going to happen years ago

because dreams start at the beginning of time and encompass all the experiences of all people throughout all Undulations, dreams and dreams theory is going to become bigger than any encyclopedia could be

it’s not just the content of dreams which has to be evaluated but also the content of the dream has to be seen in the context of the type of the dream

i like a mentally challenging problem as much as the next bloke but there is no doubt, formulating dreams is going to tax the mind to the limit


vividness 4 – participant (regular-type dreams) and observer (montages) – the category of the dream: motion-montages alternating with regular-type dreams (1) hurricanes (1)



the name of the dream
bows and arrows and cars and freeways

this three-scene dream opens with one group of about twenty horsemen dressed in medieval garb being pursued by another group of about the same number

there is a gap of about two-hundred-and-fifty metres between the two factions

the leading group are at an advantage because the lay of the land between them is sharply inclined, the difference in height is about two-hundred metres

one of the leading group stops his horse, stands up in the stirrups, half-turns and, with a straight-arm overthrow, propels a two-metre-long spear at the trailing column

the javelin/spear curves through the air in a twenty-degree curve and hits one of the men in the chasing column

the scene changes to an aerial view which shows a mountainous terrain that stretches several kilometres to the left and takes in about a kilometre ahead where a dozen men are lying flat on their stomachs at the edge of a ravine

the men are looking down at a four-lane highway with dozens of cars winding like a snake through the ravine

notes 1

this dream has the added interesting variation for the dreamer due to an account of the dream being composed at the end of the dream using the think-writing technique which made recalling the dream, fifteen minutes after waking and having had a cuppa, a doddle

notes 2

it’s not easy to put this dream into a single time-tense

it is assumed because the horses are not in the final scene, this is the dream-time memory mixing time-tenses

the idea of a conflict with bows and arrows and spears with highways and cars is just about impossible to reconcile

…a dream worthy of the twilight zone

the category of the dream: three-scene adventure dream (1 ?) medieval-contemporary (1) think -writing (4 ?)


27012019 (26012019)

the name of the dream
the sublime simplicity… the bounteous nature…

the scene of this dream… about ten concrete stairs, each stair about a third of a metre high and they are a little deeper than they are high

a round, light-silver coloured hand-rail is affixed into the ground at the bottom and top of the stairs and is situted in the middle of the stairs

the stairs are sunk into a ridge of grass at an angle of about fifteen derees

i am at the bottom-left of the stairs and my girl is half-way up on the right of the handrail

i begin to move towards my girl and as the gap between us closes, first our eyes make contact, and at that moment of eye-contact our souls reach into each other and the physical presence our souls ignite

the mingling of our souls produces, yet again, that oldest and eternally-new feeling of plurailty, of being able to remain fused for as long as we want

we can play tag on the stairs for as long as the physical structure of concrete and metal lasts

given the variations of speed, hand-contact, lip-contact…

on those stairs we can play for years and years

oh, the bounteous nature of love/life

the superlatively simplistic joy of playfulness

the overwhelmingly attractive sensation of the eternal dictate

“you must be expansive”

notes 1

the third dream within in a month which contained the baulking sensation endlessness

this one though was the most pronounced and brought the writer out of his sleep

both the sense of an extended presence beyond the physical body, this sensation happened in awake-time, and the sense of freedom associated with the concept of endlessness have happened before but this is the first time they have happened together

the two sensations, being fused with another person, coupled with a sense of playfulness, made the concept of endlessness much easier to cope with, though i must say, in this dream i still found the sense of endlessness mildly overwhelming and it was that feeling which woke me up


vividness 4.1 – participant – the category of the dream: sense of freedom (4) sense of playfulness (1) sense of endlessness (3)



the name of the dream

the first scene, set in an open prison

returning to the barracks-style dormitories from the dining room

a pleasant looking young lad about ten-centimetres shorter than me sides up to me and makes a threat which isn’t threatening in tone, it’s more like a suggestion

i was looking at him and thinking about why he had said it

my first thought was that someone had put him up to it and whoever it was wanted me to hit him so they could start a fight with me

he then made another threat and pulled a gun out of his jacket pocket

the gun was made of black metal and oozed death (the stand-out part of the dream)

i was so angry that he had threatened my life i took the gun from him and quickly thrust it into my pocket

if i was caught with a gun in a prison i would get years added to my sentence

i had to get rid of the gun without delay

i walked passed the row of dormitories to my right and straight out of the prison

the second scene, in town and heading for a large store

my intention was to drop the gun into the pan in one of the toilets in the men’s room but that had drawbacks

the third scene was walking further away from the centre of town, thinking only of putting more distance between me and the prison

as i was walking between a footpath that separated two rows of terraced houses, to my left there was there was a crater-sized hole which had seven-feet deep murky water and had thick green foliage on the bottom and around the sides, perfect for disposing of a gun

threw the gun into the water and heard the plop as it broke through the surface

the plop sound was a lot louder than i thought it would be and so i looked up and around to see if the sound had caught anyone elses attention

it had, a woman sitting outside of her house, to the right and a storey above the pool of water, looked to where the sound had come from but didn’t see anything and looked away

i was satisfied it wouldn’t be found in a hurry

i was wondering if my fingerprints would still be on the gun after days or months of being in the water when the dream ended

notes 1

the gun in the dream was due to a vivid picture of a gun in an episode of columbo

the opening scene of prison is due to the continued feeling of oppression of the society i live in

the woman in the chair may be a random factor


vividness 2.9 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: prison () open () guns (1)



the name of the dream
confusion at the penultimate stop

was returning from a day out in exeter

the last but one stop the train made before it got to my destination (plymouth) gave me the opportunity to finish the journey by catching a bus from outside the train station

got off the train and the confusion began

the name of the station was different from the one on the map

no one i asked had heard of the station i thought i was standing on

i couldn’t leave the station to check the bus route because i would have to surrender the ticket to get out of the station

the pressure was on

if i got back on the train, the next stop might not be the destination i thought it would be

the people on the platform became assembled into groups of thirty or so and were becoming as confused as me

first, one group of people walked one way then a different group moved into where the first group had been

another group of people were coming up from the far end of the platform

the train would be pulling out any time now

i was alone, confused and everybody else was confused in groups

it had the potential to get worse

i woke up before it did

notes 1

think this dream was caused by being in a quandary about what, and what not to write, while composing an entry in endic earlier on in the day


vividness 3.3 – observer – the category of the dream: pde-influenced (1000 ?)




the name of the dreams
the magicians and the stretch room

had become friendly with two male magicians who lived in the same building i had just moved into

the first scene, the three of us are in their small flat

when they tell me they are professional magicians, i ask them to show me some of their tricks

they showed me several different acts

the one which impressed me caused me to start, and i remember recoiling slightly

it was when one of the young lads stood to the left-hand side of his mate and stretched his arm around his back and produced a card from behind the other boy’s ear

it was the speed at which the card materialised which took me by surprise

it was so quick it looked as if it came out of the thin air

the two lads became interested in my profession when i told them i was a d.j.

they were enthusiastic about doing music events, and when i said i would let them use my equipment and show them the ropes we began planning in earnest

in the next scene, my girlfriend was with me, and i ask the lads to show my girlfriend the tricks

as the trick of pulling a card from behind the ear was happening, i watched my girlfriend for her reaction

she too was taken aback and showed it by recoiling a little when the card materialised

the next scene, i am in the middle of moving my furniture and belongings into my room

already in the cramped room is a single bed, a two-seater settee and a table and chairs

the two lads are, with great difficulty, bringing up the steep stairs a fold-down, metal-based three-seater convertible bed

in the next scene, the three seater bed has found a home and one or two other seats has joined it

at this point of the dream, the dream becomes externalised as i count out loud the number of people who could sit if needed… it was thirteen or fourteen

the dream reverts to being internalised again, and now there are two distinct sides to the room with enough space for someone to walk along between them

beyond the furniture, there are sections on both sides of the room which have weight training apparatus and shiny metal frames with weights

the room looks to be at least twenty metres long and six or seven metres wide


the magicians’ – vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: magicians (1)
the stretch room – vividness 3.3 to 4 – observer – the category of the dream: changing perspective in same-theme dreams (20 ?) room-size (1)


23012019 not published

the name of the dream
a hint of piousness

two men, looked like they were from western indo-china, were taking questions from a live audience

the reply to one question from someone the audience was: “it’s only people who believe in jesus who will get to heaven”

notes 1

there’s a point made elsewhere in endic that’s worth a second mention

back in the late 1980s, the writer became involved with church-going christians

what became noticeable straight away was the fact that not one of them was living within ethical parameters

the answer given in the dream should have been… “it doesn’t matter whether you believe in jesus or not. as long you never commit murder a place in heaven is assured”


vividness 3.7 – observer – the category of the dream: christianity (3 ?)



the name of the dreams
ethical eating and unthoughtful parking

the food dream is only partly remembered

the theme of the dream was about applying ethics to eating

i can remember a pot of food with parsnips in it

and there was quite a lot of emotion about the issue of eating ethically

notes 1

this dream throws up the notion that some vegetables have greater ethical content or value than others

if this is the case, then there will be a formulatable index which denotes the degrees of ethicalness between vegetables

notes 1

to begin work on a list of the “ethicalness” of vegetables will mean ascertaining the date of the emergence of each vegetable

a new field of study/research… the tabulating of the evolution of vegetables

second dream

came out of the house and fifty metres down the street i saw there was a white refuse-collection truck parked in the resident’s car park, it looked like it had come off the production line the day before

there was no space between the top of the truck and the bottom of the concrete floor separating the floors of the car park; the concrete floor may have been the foundation of the apartments above the car park

my sense-impression, which are usually correct, was that the driver of the vehicle had the latest model of a refuse-collection truck and had a highfalutin attitude which allowed him to park wherever he wanted

the truck was blocking the access of free movement of other vehicles in the car park which jiggled my sense of reasonableness

i decided to do something about it

it was a struggle to squeeze over the wall and get to the driver’s side of the cabin

i could just get my hand to the door handle and managed to open the door and as i squeezed further into the cabin i held onto something to pull myself in further

the something i held onto was a lever which caused the tipping container to start rising

i realised i had unintentionally initiated a potentially serious outcome and could feel the panic welling up inside me which was growing when the dream ended

notes 2

there’s no doubt in my mind that this dream was due to not to stray thoughts during the day but thinking some seriously unhealthy thoughts about the people causing so much of the disruption in the world


food dream – vividness 3.5 – observer – the category of the dream: food (15 ?) ethics (1)

vehicle dream – vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: vehicles () parking (1)



the name of the dream
dorothy and the seal

the first scene, going up the stairs of a large four or five-storey block of flats

someone i knew was concerned about someone they knew and asked me to look in on an elderly woman called Dorothy

after getting to the top of the stairs i walk along two narrow hallways with doors every three or four metres

in the hallway where dorothy lived there were two elderly people in a huddle gossiping

i knew the number of dorothy’s door but asked the two elderly where no. ?was as a way ladies as a way of saying hello

in the next scene, i’m in dorothy’s living-room and before i can say hello to dorothy i was amazed to see a full-grown seal spread out on a deep three-seater settee

the seal was the size of a person and looked a lot heavier, at least fourteen or fifteen stone

the seal was looking at me intently and it seemed the seal was waiting to see what i would do next

i reacted to the seal the same way i would to a toddler… i pointed at the seal and started in with the baby talk… “whose the little person then? what’s your name? what are you doing here?

the seal was delighted, it looked like it was laughing without making any sounds

the more i pointed and spoke the more excited it became

the seal began swaying backwards and forwards, lifted one of its flippers and then rolled over and lay on its back

i knew the position; it was the position cats and dogs take when they want their stomachs to be scratched or tickled or wanted to play

i went for a soft scratch

i looked at Dorothy and said, “am i doing it right?”

the look on her face suggested i wasn’t and i said: “will you move my fingers in the way i should do it?”

she came over, laid her hand on my hand and i bent and moved my fingers in synchronisation with hers

the dream ended while we were gently moving our fingers over the seal’s stomach area

notes 1

this is the second dream of dorothy within a week

notes 2

composing and publishing dreams has, again, become the most time-consuming activity of the day and consequently, i have taken the easy way out and omitted composing dreams which didn’t have quality, or interest or entertainment or…

it appears that dreams diary is taking over my life, again

dreams theory’s implications and applications are thought to be more significant in the long-term than quantum theory has proved to be to date

as mentioned elsewhere, it is the single most powerful tool for bringing Soul Partners together

using dreams theory to bring couples together was also the prime reason for starting a dreams diary back in 2009

if things go as they could/should, by the end of this millennium we will have enough free time to spend a minimum of two hours each day exploring and merging the two states of consciousness

notes 3

the stand-out part of this dream was the eye-contact with the seal as i approached it

it exuded intelligence and had the most human-looking eyes of any animal of any dream to date

come to think of it, i can’t think of there being this much clarity with human eye-contact in any dream

surely there should be lots of dreams with people, especially of the opposite gender, where the eye-contact is the stand-out bit of the dream !

possibly the shape of a human being triggers neural connections which inherently have a “connectedness” in them which isn’t there with non man-shaped beings


vividness 3 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: animal () mammal () seal (1) and human (female) relationships () dorothy (2)


the name of the dream
the golden retriever (one of the lost 100)

someone’s child had gone missing

i went to look in a wood at the edge of the village

as i neared the wood there were half a dozen small bushes

in one of bushes i heard something or saw some movement and went to investigate

peering into the bush i saw a golden retriever with five or six of her new-born puppies

the mother of the dogs became lively, got up, ran two or three metres and then ran back

she done this twice more before i cottoned-on; she wanted me to stay with her puppies

i stooped down, that signalled to her i was staying

she ran off and disappeared into the wood

within moments of the dream she re-appeared out of the wood and stood still

it was obvious to me she wanted me to go to where she was, which i did

when i was close enough she ran back into the wood

i only had to follow her a short distance before i arrived at where she was with the toddler

once the golden retriever had done her motherly duty she ran back to her puppies

notes 1

will ask you to bear in mind that this website believes that dreams are composed of the memories of actual events of past, present and future undulations

with this in mind we have to assign animals with the qualities of human beings

at what point do we draw the line between instinct and intellect?



the name of the dreams
over-priced delivery and smut t.v.

two consecutive days when the dream was set in a mega-store, think it was the same store as in yesterday’s dream

a sixty-five or seventy-five-inch t.v. was on offer for £350

it was within my budget and so i began the process of buying it

in the next scene, couldn’t see the brand name on the t.v. and when i asked a female assistant the make of the t.v. she said “panative”

everything was going swimmingly until the t.v. was in the box and ready to be taken to the car

the t.v., when in the box, was, i realised, was too big to fit into the car

a female saleswoman suggested we take the t.v. to the car and see if we could fit it in

two saleswomen helped getting the t.v. to the car, but as i thought it was too big to fit into the car any which-way

i asked for it to be delivered and was told the delivery would cost £100

so now the price had become £450 and it was no longer a bargain price and decided not to buy it

the scene of the dream changed to being at home but the theme of the dream remained the same… the t.v.

a live audience gave out an anticipatory “ooooh” when the show’s host announced “here’s the picture we’ve been waiting for”

i had to concentrate my ability to focus to see the image on the screen and after a couple of seconds of dream-time a man with his trousers pulled down below his waist was showing his “knob” to a female celebrity

it was completely tasteless

it had been shown merely to break ground in live t.v. shows

there was then another four or five montage-type scenes of male and female genitalia, none of them had appeal and so i turned the t.v. in my mind off and woke up


shop dream – vividness 3.1 to 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: large store () shopping () t.v. (1)
home scene – vividness 2.9 to 3 – observer – the category of the dream: home () watching t.v. (1 ?) genitalia (1)



the name of the dream
feeling the pinch

first scene, it was first thing in the morning when i entered through the large glass doors of one of the high street supermarkets

it wasn’t a fly-by-night, here today, gone tommorrow, company but one of the long-established national brand-name food chains

to my left and on the floor, laid out and covering an area of about four by four metres were what looked to be two or three hundred small glass jars, all the same size (about ten centimetres in heighth and five centimetres across) were jars with screw-on lids

just in front of the glass jars there were items which were too big to fit into the jars

most of the items not in jars were in see-through packets

one of the items noy in a packet and too big to be in a jar caught my eye and i bent down and picked it up to take a good look at it

when i was standing up and it was in my hands i saw it was a mobile telephone

the phone was a stretched oblong shape, typically thin and cream in colour

the phone had a small white price tag cellotaped on the front with the price written by hand, it was £32

as i was looking at it one of two men in white shirts standing nearby approached me and said, nodding to my right “you have to take it to the pay-desk over there”

the phone was an absolute bargain and anyone who was thinking of buying or upgrading a mobile would have snapped it up

it wasn’t my style though, it was long enough but it was too narrow

i put it back on the floor and while bent down picked up one of the jars which had five or six rechargeable aa-sized batteries

my guess was they had come from a packet which had come apart

again, it was another snip of a buy and was on the verge of walking to the cash desk with them when the thought that they weren’t new but might have been used and then returned, crossed my mind

it wasn’t beyond the bounds of reasonable and legal selling practises for a firm to sell something as new without stipulating it wasn’t

i put the jar down and went off to buy what it was i had come shopping for, food, i think

after the above dream there was a single-scene

it was, i am reasonably sure, of myself

notes 1

when the dreamer, for one reason or another, gets the feeling that a scene is of self, it shall be categorised as a “selfie-scene” dream

there was a liitle movement in the scene so it wont be categorised as a pic although there have been several of these “selfie-scene dreams” over the years that did look like portraits of self (we can assign still pics of self as “selfie-portraits”)

as with the majority of other “selfie’s”, it isn’t clear cut it is of self, however, as they are “stand-alone” scenes and pics that are not in amongst dreams with scenes, i don’t know what else to call them

it will have to be left to the dreamer to determine whether it is self or not

as with other selfie-dreams and pics they can be flattering or downright grotesque, the one in this dream sequence was “acceptibly” me


vividness 3.3 – observer – the category of the dream: selfie-scene (5 ?)



the name of the dream
miss penny

it was known within the second second of the opening scene of this dream that miss penny was an oligarch “plant”

miss penny had gained notoriety within the last year and in this dream, she is into the half-hour after having had her “15 mins”

miss p’s claim to misfame is that she had, with the blessing of the “garch’s” (an abbreviation of “oligarch”), been given carte blanche to criticise “the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” through the mainstream media

one of the words she had used in her one-line attack of the show was “trite” which, mysteriously, had produced a wave of indignation which threatened to set fellow man against fellow

her refusal to recant left deep scars in society, which are still reverberating in the time-tense in which this dream is set

miss penny herself was a slight young lady, six-and-a-half stone tops, and about five-feet-four

she has the complexion of a person with ginger hair and wears her jet-black hair tight and swept to the back of her head

she had been briefed that she wouldn’t get what she wanted from me and her mission was to find a way into my life and create havoc

even though i was aware of her motives i decided to let her into my life and bed her as quickly as possible

the intention was to turn the tables and get her to join me in my purpose in life, so i invited her to come back to live with me

in one scene, i knew she had done her homework when she asked me to fetch an amplifier (she indicated the size of the amp by holding out her arm with her flat palm facing down at about half a metre from the ground) from where she lived with her last boyfriend, saying it was the only thing she wanted

in another scene, although she had an intense and determined attitude she gave me a genuine smile when i said “if you’re not careful i’ll start calling you miss prettypenny”; alluding to miss moneypenny

we were beginning to understand each other

notes 1

this dream was a fun dream

i took too long to get this dream typed and the humorous feel of the dream has been lost

notes 2

the dream was the result of watching twenty minutes of the film “”the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” before going to sleep


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: women () relationships ()



the name of the dream
the sure-footed toddler

on a sunny summer’s day outside the flat of where i used to live before where i live now, there was a steady procession of people i knew walking down a flight of fourteen brick stairs

in all, there were four groups of people known to me who walked down the stairs and each different group was a different scene of the dream

it’s unnecessary to give an account of the manner of the way each group of people made there way down the stairs, suffice it to say, a few lines could be written about each group which would distinguish the personalities of one group from another

the last group to walk to down the stairs was a family of four, two adults and two children

the youngest of the children, a toddler of two or three were ahead of the rest of the family

she was much too young to be allowed to walk, though navigate would be a better description, down the stairs herself and i felt angry that her parents were letting her try

each tentative step she took could have been the one before she lost balance and fell and hurt herself, which i was expecting her to do on any of the fourteen steps

it wasn’t until the thirteenth step that she momentarily lost balance but managed to rectify her imbalance and took a confident final step onto the level ground


vividness 3.8 – observer – the category of the dream: friends/acquaintances () toddlers ()



the name of the dream
the down-side of generosity

had made a really good contact of a hash-dealer

he sold me about four ounces of best quality hash in strips of half-ounces

the hash was brittle so the deal had about half an ounce in bits that had broken off the slab as he was cutting it up when he was weighing it out

made a gift of about a quarter to a respected tough guy not to gain favour but to let him know generosity could have had a good effect (he was one of those types of people who see generosity as a weakness)

so i knew straight away who had told the ruling criminal-class who sent two or three of their clique to dispossess me of my bit of good fortune

i was living in a first flat on the first floor and had fallen asleep in a little buggy-hole which wasn’t where a person who was looking for another person would look

it was the sounds of the flat being trashed which had woken me

i peered through the door and there was a smart-dressed burly african bloke who didn’t know where i was heading my way

behind him was the bloke who was turning the place upside down, not because he was looking for the hash but because trashing people and places were his nature

i kid you not, this guy had the build, and the character, of the cave-troll in the film “the lord of the rings”

he would have searched me in the same way he was searching the flat

he could and would have searched me by tearing the clothes off my body, causing me no-end of broken bones, cuts and abrasions

i was in deep trouble but woke up before he got to me

notes 1

this dream came about because of the impressions the film “atlantic city” made on me before going to sleep


vividness 2.8 to 3.1 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: drugs () hash ()


the name of the dream
the male kerb-crawler

it was late at night, after pub-closing time

i was about thirty metres from antie g’s house and was aware that there was a green car keeping pace with me about ten metres behind

not sure what age i am in this dream but am fully aware of the situation

in the next scene, i am indoors with auntie g and telling her about the car

in the next scene, auntie g is very animated because she can see the car is still prowling up and down the street, i tell her to call the police

i want this bloke caught and decide to go back into the street and keep him around by pretending to be interested in him long enough for the police to arrive

at one point the car has stopped and the driver has decided to come and talk to me

at this part of the dream, the car has become a green 5 cwt van

the dream ended here

notes 1

this dream is the result of thoughts over the last few days

there was an awake-time situation when something like this happened

i was seventeen or eighteen

it was about 1 a.m.

i was on the way home from a dance in the city centre and had about another mile and a half to go

was walking along on the left-hand side of the road

a car with three men, all a bit on the burly side, pulled up alongside me

as in this dream, i knew exactly, could sense, what the situation was

it was seven or eight metres to a junction just ahead of me and the pavement i was on was about three metres wide, so i didn’t feel hemmed in

the man in the back of the car asked me if i wanted a lift home

knowing what the situation was i politely declined by saying ” no thanks, i’ve only got a hundred yards to go”

he didn’t want to take no for an answer and persisted in as friendly a tone as he could muster to persuade me to get into the car

i could see he was looking me up and town and weighing up if he could get out of the car and abduct me

as mentioned, i wasn’t hemmed in and knew, being a bit tasty at the four-hundred metres, that i could out-run him if he did get out of the car

i figured that it was unlikely they would pursue me in the car

a car doing a u-turn at a junction in the middle of the night with a young lad “running for it” would draw too much attention to them if another car or person came along

notes 2

over the years i have wondered what would have happened to me if i didn’t have the presence of mind to see what was happening and had fallen into the trap

i have no doubt it would have been a life-changing or life-ending outcome

see also homosexuality


vividness 3 to 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: perverse sexual practices/urges (2) 14122017

*dream occured 14012019


15012019 not published

the name of the dream
dare-devil flyer, kitchen-cleaning and a montage

this period of r.e.m. https://www.verywellhealth.com/the-four-stages-of-sleep-2795920 produced two themes and a montage

two small groups of three or four people within thirty metres of each other in a level field which was about six-hundred by six-hundred metres

the sound of the engines of a light aircraft got steadily louder and became more laboured as it got louder

it was obviously descending

there was a thick low-level grey cloud about one-hundred and fifty metres above the ground

as the sound of the engine of the plane was at its loudest and it seemed as though the plane was about to break through the cloud and crash to the ground the sound of the engine lessened and the plane began to climb

eventually, the sound of plane softened, grew quiter and then couldn’t be heard

after a few seconds of silence the same sounds that we heard originally began again

this time though there was a sense of apprehension

the sequence of sounds happened another five or six times and because there was no way of anticipating where the plane would crash each time the sound began again our apprehension intensified and by the last sequence we were gripped by a sense of fear


two of us were in the kitchen where i currently live

my attention was drawn to some dust that had become black because it had been there for so long

a quick rub with a damp rag cut though dust and showed a clean, white ledge

some more areas that needed cleaning became part of the dream and as they were cleaned the kitchen got brighter and brighter

notes 1 kitchen-theme

from memory, this is the third dream of my current location


the first one or two images were, i think, of me

if the remaining four, five or six images were of me they weren’t of me this lifetime

like the increasing nature of the aeroplane theme, with each new image i became bigger, more muscular and by the last image (some of them had movement) muscles were still evident but i was vearing on being grotesquely obese


dare-devil – vividness 3.3 – observer – the category of the dream: flying () aeroplane ()
kitchen-cleaning – vividness – 4 to 4.4 – participant – the category of the dream: hygene () domestic ()
montage – vividness 4.2 – observer – the category of the montage: physique () torso ()



the name of the dream
how not to carry heavy items

three of us were full of enthusiasm to do a gig

it meant having to carry an odd-shaped fifteen-kilogram speaker and an even heavier orange amp with no carrying handles to the venue

with a gig in the offing, nothing was going to stop us from getting there and making a good job of it

both of the other two men were stronger than me so i had the job of carrying light sundry items… leads, mic, etc

we hadn’t gone fifty metres when the person carrying the amp was complaining it was too heavy and awkward

the strongest person swapped items with him, he wasn’t phased by the weight

then, via the magic of dreams, a shopping wheelie materialised in the next scene of the dream

we tied the two heavy items onto the wheelie and the problems were over for the two bigger guys when they discovered that with each of them pulling one of the handles of the wheelie the weight was no longer an issue

the bag i was carrying was starting to feel heavy though…

i woke up thinking about whether to buy a lightweight, ultra-efficient sack-truck for eighty pounds the same as the one a man coming out of a shop in town in awake-time about six months ago let me move about


vividness 3.3 – participant – manually moving heavy items (2)



the name of the dream
the job seeker

desperately needed a job and was methodically going from business to business along the high street of a busy city centre trying to sell myself

after trying a dozen or so businesses hadn’t had any luck

the same two reasons were given for not employing me… either i didn’t have any experience in the type of work the companies specialised in or i was too old

decided to try one or two more places before finally calling it a day

the next door i walked through was well-lit and had about twenty cubicles, ten on either side of the oblong room, separated by a single sheet of a chest-high glass plate

don’t remember what it was the companys’ service or goods were

after speaking to the person who started the company, a patient, friendly man, he too said i was too old for the job and that should have been that

as i was getting up and leaving i proposed that the company could do something unusual with regard to one of the things he had said during the informal interview

when i was out of the building and a few steps down the street i realised i had left something in the building i had just come out of and turned around and went back to pick it up

the stocky man in a white shirt who had interviewed me was now standing and further into the room

my parting remark must have tweaked his imagination because now he was overly polite and keen to hear more about the suggestion i’d made

i realised he would employ me if i could expand further on some of the details of the idea

while explaining to him he motioned to someone to come over to us and listen to what was being said

the final scene of the dream was me saying “so i should be here tomorrow at the same time, ten-thirty ?”

he nodded and i woke up to the thought that i had been job-hunting all day but it was still mid-morning

notes 1

this dream was due to one of the hundreds of repeating memories of awake-time experiences which assert themselves every now and then for no particular reason i can put my finger on

the awake-time experience this dream was based on an occassion when, as a teenager living in london, i was so desperate for money/work i went methodically from retail shop to retail shop in a street of retail shops trying to, and eventually, getting a job by by referring to a prestigious clothes shop that i used to work for

there’s also a funny aside to this awake-time experience which will get a mention if there is another dream which has the same theme as this one


vividness 3 to 3.9 – participant – the category of the dream: job-hunting (1)



the name of the dream
the creative camera-man, agricultural innovation and nonsense banter

the first scene, a slow zoom-out sequence which lasted about three or four seconds of dream-time

the opening shot showed a length of rail-track which went about two-hundred metres into the distance

as the field of view gradually pulled back to within ten metres of where the camera was the scene revealed first, the legs, then the legs and buttocks and then finally the legs, buttocks and the head and hair of a smiling woman in a skin-tight leotard leaning over with her face upside down smiling into the camera

the camera-man was attempting to be artistically creative as well as suggestively provocative

the second scene, another observer scene which showed eight to ten furrows in the ground

was unable to determine the width of the furrows but they went off into the horizon

the furrows were being hewn out of the ground by an unseen bit of technology from overhead that was causing the soil to become dry and was making little dust-devils

the statement… “the phelps award for the most significant contribution to food production in history” accompanied the scene

the third scene, there was an air of expansive good-naturedness in what looked like a thirty or forty-seater cafe with a group of four, five or six males sitting near the entrance-door and i was at the far end of the cafe about five metres away

the males had or were trying to “rib” me

good-naturedly, i hit back with something along the lines of “a deflated football would be able to challenge your intelligence”

one of the lads gave out with a flabbergasted laugh and came back with something like “how can a person make sense of that”

there were teeth smiles all round


vividness 3.2 to 3.5 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: three-scene dream (18 ?)



the name of the dream
tea and toast

there were three or four scenes in this dream

it had been decided that the toast that had just been made from a newly-opened loaf of bread was too thick and too brown, certainly not worthy of a connoisseur of toast

perfection was achieved in the last scene of the dream

it was a slice of thin white bread that was still a little soft and white at the edges, lightly-buttered with a hint of salt in the butter, a light-brown centre and as hot as the piping hot tea that accompanied and complimented it

notes 1

two food dreams within a few days


vividness 3.4 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: food () toast ()



the name of the dreams
the food organiser and tripod vehicles

the location looks like it is the mess of an army barracks able to cater for more than a thousand people

it is an all-male institution, possibly a military base

it is time for a between-meals meal of cheese on toast

the food on the eight or so plates already prepared and ready for eating looks like small pancakes

the first of the diners are starting to trickle in and have put a plate of the food on their tray and are sliding the tray along a counter to where the drinks are

the chief caterer is wide-eyed with apprehension

he isn’t going to have enough food ready when the flow of men is at its peak

i have a bread-cutting knife in my hand and start cutting the bread into slices at a rate of about one every two seconds

i say something along the lines of “keep the bread coming!”

the chief caterer sees it will be possible to have cheese on bread ready for everyone and is looking at me admiringly as the dream ends

second dream

this dream is of vehicles in a mountainous area

most of the vehicles are regular-looking vehicles which have the driving and seating arrangements of a typical car

there are two or more of another type of vehicle which is mounted on a silver metal tripod and has wheels that look too small

the tripod supports are about three metres tall

both types of vehicles are jet-propelled

there is concern that if the vehicle ahead of us accelerates the exhaust from the jet engine will reach us


vividness 3.3 to 3.6 – participant and observer – the category of the dreams: food () and transport ()



the name of the dream
practising what you preach

living in a bedsit and was in bed waiting for my girlfriend to arrive

in the next scene, in bed with a girl but it wasn’t the girl i was expecting

the girl and i were chatting and getting to know about each other

we were kissing intermittently and talking about our respective regular partners

at one point while kissing and chatting she asked why i was here with her and i said the most absurd thing… “if i wasn’t here with you i’d be rock climbing”

she thought it was funny and it changed her mood

i decided it was time to introduce some serious pleasure into the proceedings and began to practice what i advocate… pleasure without conjoinment

it was obvious she hadn’t experienced as much pleasure before

she was gyrating and thrashing about so much i couldn’t keep in contact with her

i stopped and waited for her to become relaxed again

when ws still i rolled back over onto my left side and felt for her only to find i had finished dreaming and was alone in bed feeling an empty space
notes 1

twice in one week when touch-pleasure activity has been halted because the sensitivity has been too intense

notes 2

the first dream when the writer has actually practised pleasure without conjoinment in a dream

see also the art of pleasure (28102018)


vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: x touch-pleasure (1)



the name of the dreams
a sensuous stomach, the little girl and the stretch and sway

a few of us had seen the possibilities of converting an underground bunker into a dance club and tonight was opening night

as the club was underground it meant the sound of the music wouldn’t reach the street and it could go on all night

in the first scene, i was there first and was testing the room for acoustics and resonance and was adjusting the treble, middle and bass frequencies while dancing to a compilation of my favourite dance tracks

in the second scene, there are about five of us

for some inexplicable reason, i only had a bath towel as clothing

the towel went from my waist to my shins; it didn’t stop me from enjoying dancing though and i tried some new dance moves

in the next scene, there were about a dozen people in the club and an atmosphere was becoming noticeable

in the next scene, a young girl walked in with a three-year-old toddler

i caught the toddlers attention as she passed by when i pointed at her and said “hey, she looks funny”

the tiny-tot responded straight away with a teeth-smile and a started laughing

i kept her laughing for a prolonged period with a few more quips before the scene ended

in the next scene, i was with an awake-time girlfriend of thirty-plus years ago

she had fallen asleep while sitting on my lap on a settee and was lying flat on her back along the sofa

i had the urge to feel her stomach, so pulled up her blouse or cardigan and rested the palms of both of my hands on her mid-section

as her soft stomach moved up, the frailty of her body became apparent and when she breathed out my palms sunk into her body and it produced a really sumptuous feeling (the stand-out part of the dream)

she woke up with a start, thought about what was happening, and relaxed again as she realised it was just me at it again enjoying touching a female

notes 1

the new dance moves were from the pde’s of two days before when, while doing stretching exercises, it occurred to me that some of the movements of the exercises could be incorporated into a dancing routine (the stretch and sway)


vividness 3.3 to 4 – participant – the categories of the dream: music/dancing () children () sensuous touch (ber) (3 ?)

* * *


the name of the dream
too sensitive

it was the first time in bed with a new relationship

the lady was a little apprehensive but willing to experience what was an important aspect of her life

we became conjoined relatively quickly and within a second or two of dream-time the young lady was telling me to stop, which i did

think the scene changed, then again, almost immediately after conjoining, she told me in a frantic voice to stop

it happened again on the third time we conjoined

her jerky, involuntary movements and panicky voice told me what the problem was

she was new to xual activity and her nerve endings were being stimulated for the first time

the intensity of the feelings being sent to her brain was overwhelming her

notes 1

this dream can be incorporated into the art of pleasure LINK TO PLEASURE DREAM

we can undertake an appraisal of the “life-length” of the pleasure receptor cells in all areas of the body and act accordingly

maintaining the sensitivity of the pleasure cells is undoubtedly achieved by applying the “gentle touch”

the pleasure receptor cells in the lips may well be tied-in to thoughts and sights and the lips could still be developing


vividness 3.3 – particant – the category of the dream: x () informative ()

* * *


the name of the dream
stranded in rural land

there was a group of seven, eight or nine of us in two cars and we were at a roadside cafe stretching our legs and having a drink and a snack before setting off on the final part of the return journey

we might have been coming back off holiday or it could have been a day-out, either way, there was about two-hundred miles of road to go

our group made up the bulk of the people at the cafe

i was the youngest and most sprightly of what was an assemblage of an evenly balanced mix of genders and was regarded as a youngster

a stranger, not sure if it was a female or male, and myself became friends

when it was announced i would make my own way home it generated an air of apprehension among my colleagues and one or two of them pointed out it could be a mistake

ever-ready for something new to happen i disregarded their resrvations and assured them it would be alright

my companions got into the cars and the serious, almost grave, look on their faces as the cars as they pulled out of the car park was the last but one scene of the dream

in the last scene, i discovered the person i had struck up a friendship with lived locally and she or he would be walking back home and, one by one, the options for getting back home by catching a bus or train, or getting a taxi to somewhere with public services were dashed and the dream ended as even the idea of stcking my thumb out and hitching a lift seemed futile

notes 1

can pinpoint the sprightly feel and the sense of apprehension (the two stand-out parts of the dream) in the previous day’s experience’s (pde’s)


vividness 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: location/settings () rural (5 ?)

* * *


the name of the dream
the celebrity dream

it was a blisteringly hot day

just about everyone was wearing a skimpy t-shirt or was bare-chested (alas, no women in the dream)

in the next scene, i was in a bodybuilding gym as big as the ground floor of a department store and it was kitted out with every type of mechanical aide, weight-stand, bench, rack… imaginable

it was much too hot a day for working up a sweat and that was probably the reason why there were so few people (about fifteen) in the place

however, the most dedicated, or is that the vainest, of us, are doing the occasional rep of this, that or the other with maximum weights

arnie, of “i’ll be back” fame was doing squats, he looked absolutely enormous (one of the two stand-out visual scenes of the dream)

we swapped comments and watched and critiqued as we each done a leisurely rep now and then

the scene changed, i am sitting down in what might be the carriage of a train but the seats are facing each other with the access-aisle for the passengers between the seats

at one point i look across the aisle and see a man sitting on the floor between the legs of a man sitting on the bench-seats

the man sitting on the seat is leaned forward with his head above and apparently resting his head on the head of the man on the floor

at first glance, it looked really freaky, like one body with two heads, one attached or growing on top of the other

i saw the opportunity for a fun photo

for the photo, i imagined getting behind the man sitting on the seat and resting my head on his head in the same way his head was resting on the man sitting on the floor

a picture of what it would like popped into my head… i had pulled the hair at the sides of my head out sideways and had a broad teeth-smile, the person sitting on the floor had a fun-smile on his face and hid his arms from view, as did the man sitting on the seat

the man sitting on the seat was wearing an off-white mac and his clothing was dishevelled, it was columbo, again (22122018)

it would be a great fun-photo

via the magic of dream-time, a sophisticated, multi-functional camera (the aperture dial and film-speed and the other features on the top of the camera was an equal stand-out visual of the dream ) was resting in my hands

asked a passer-by to take the photo and the dream ended as i was trying to explain, without success, to the passer-by about the settings of the camera


vividness 3.5 to 4.2 – participant – the category of the dream: celebrities schwarzenegger (1) falk (2)

* * *


the name of the dream
the website

had been developing my website for some while but was still discovering and experimenting

in one scene, i left lots of blank lines between the top half of the text and where the text began again

the blank spaces were big enough to contain two or more pages of text

in the next or another scene, i was reading an email from the providers (wordpress) of the website

their programmers had discovered a new and significant way of utilising a page with large gaps or spaces between the text with new features and had got the idea as a direct result of coming across my website with the large gaps between passages of text

they were so pleased with what possibilities had opened up the letter told me i could have any and every feature that was or would be available for their products and i could have as many pages and .com names as i wanted for free, for life

* * *


the name of the dream
the modern vintage bike

was surfing the net when i came across a bicycle made from modern materials but had a vintage look to it and it captured my imagination

the bike had a basket on the front and a basket on the back

the triangular frame had a light metal alloy green plate which filled the gap between the tubes of the frame

the pedals were thick and the bike itself looked “chunky” although the weight of the bike was the same as the bike i have in awake-time (one of those bikes you can lift with your little finger)

the person selling the bike was asking one-thousand pounds but was prepared to take my bike in exchange for the one being sold

the end of the dream was me in a state of dejection as i realised that swapping my bike for the advertised one was a monumental blunder

the bike i now owned didn’t have any gears (the bike i had to start with had twenty-seven gears) which effectively made it “unfit for purpose”

to get the performance of my original bike from this new vintage-look bike would mean having to spend more than the value of both the bikes combined

the longer the last scene of the dream lasted, the more depressed i became

it was a relief to wake up and find i’d had been having a bad dream

notes 1

the previous day’s experience’s which caused this dream are clearly remembered


vividness 3.2 to 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: bicycles (1 ?)

* * *


approximately fifteen to twenty different themes

female nudity…furniture… are two of the themes still remembered as this is being typed three days later


vividness 3.5 to 4 – observer – the category of the montage: multi-themed (4 ?)

* * *


the name of the dream
a good giggle

the laughing part of the dream began about a third of the way into the dream

to begin with, it was a soft titter that grew and grew and grew until it became a noisy and unstoppable giggle that woke me out of the sleep

although the dream produced a nice feeling, i was still feeling tired and went back to sleep, and now, some hours later, i can’t recall what the dream was about


vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: externalised () laughing ()

* * *


the second dream
the name of the dream
wasted fried fish

arrived at the bus station with half an hour to spare

was feeling peckish and with more than enough time to eat a meal it follows that the second scene would be of me in a cafeteria

was sitting on a bar-stool style seat with my elbows resting on a narrow shelf about a third of a metre deep waiting for someone to come and take my order

in the next scene, i am giving the waitress my order of fish and chips

the waitress was writing the order when a man sitting near to me said, “you can have this fish.”

i looked to where the man was sitting and could see the fish on his plate

it was a shade of amber and crisp and fresh (the stand-out visual part of the dream)

i was about to ask the waitress to strike the fish off my order when another voice behind me said: “you can have mine as well.”

his plate too had a tasty-looking fish on it, only not as big as the first one

i was about to have a banquet for a few coppers

the waitress admonished the two men in a friendly manner and said something along the lines of “we don’t allow that.” and went out of the scene with her pen and notebook

the dream ended there


vividness 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: food () fish and chips (3 ?)

first dream
the name of the dream

it’s not just the brick walls that stop a person dead in their tracks when walking while in prison; in prison, brick walls come in many varieties

those of us who find “a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled” will be able to identify with the sentiment when it comes to having a “toke”

sharing your weed in the nick is something of a status activity

it says to others that the “system” hasn’t completely got the better of you and it also allows you to demonstrate your generous nature

the two lads who were enjoying the benefits of being “high” weren’t my best friends in prison but, as mentioned, a pleasure shared…

the “session” had been going on for an hour or two and, eventually, we had smoked all of the blow

the two lads asked if i had, or could get, any more

when i said “no” they got up, and without a “thanks” or “goodbye”, left me

at that moment the “feel-good” factor from the hash vanished and a sense of betrayal took its place

it felt as though i’d just come up against a brick wall

notes 1

in recent days i had spoken to someone who was aware of the situation we all find ourselves in and had chosen to live in, and for, the moment

the attitude the person had toward me was reflected in his parting comment

it has played on my mind for the last few days and is the cause of this dream

notes 2

the underlying cause of most, and maybe all, of the reasons people choose the here and now over the future, reduces to one thing, not being willing to put in the effort of acting ethically


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: prison () closed ()hash () attitudes