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using the dreams database                                 dreams 2009 through 2018


the name of the dream: embellished

was waiting at the side of an unpaved road that was in a featureless rural area within a ten-mile radius of dudley waiting for a bus

(actually, didn’t know where i was but thought you might be getting fed-up with dreams that start with, “didn’t know where i was”)

a dot in the distance became a spot, the spot became a blot, the blot turned into a matchbox-sized vehicle which then became a bus pulling up at the stop

(actually, to start with, the dream was just me by the side of the road, then the doors of a bus opened)

without any effort, went from a standing position outside of the bus, and with a single leap, sprung the better part of a metre to where the driver was sitting waiting to take the fare

(actually, i has had a black backpack that weighed thirty kilos and every time i moved further onto the bus the effort of moving became greater)

the passengers on the bus were getting impatient with the length of time it was taking me to get to a seat and i could feel their icy stares

(actually, the passengers were in “pantomime mood” and oohed and aahed with my every struggling step)

the bus driver said “am yam gam ham” – that, believe it or not, is black-country for “are you going home”

(actually, the driver never said a word and the dream ended as i pulled out a wallet with “tenners” in it .

thought you might be interested in the variations in a dialect that can exist in a country where you can go from one end to the other on one tank-full of petrol)

notes 1

this dream produced the idea to publish dreams as screencast plays*

have purchased the website “dreamcasts.one” to present them

will need actresses and actors

will produce the “dreamcasts” at my place as long as the women don’t try any “funny stuff” before, during or after the production

*there’s another theme to develop which is begging to be produced and “aired”


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: locations (20+) rural (5+) buses/coaches (4+)


the name of the dream: the perfect package but you wouldn’t think it to look at her


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: x dream (40+)


the name of the dreams: a bendy building and the field of traps

had an appointment for the results of a test or it might have been an examination of a physical malady

was on the ground floor of a residential building waiting for the lift

the building housed so many people it had its own nurse stations and doctors surgeries every so many floors

i didn’t live in the building

the architects had erred on the side of excess when it came to the number of doctors surgeries, which allowed people who didn’t live there to use the medical facilities

was talking to a person who lives there while waiting for the lift

i asked him how many floors the building had and he replied forty-three

the speed of the lift was a stand-out bit of the dream

there was a scene when i was talking to a nurse

back on the ground floor, walked out of the building and looked up to the top of the building, lost my balance and fell over

there was then a scene which showed the building bending all the way over so that the top of the building almost touched the floor

even more bizarrely, another scene showed the top of the building whipping through almost a hundred and eighty degrees

the building was a tapered-tube shape

in the next dream, a man was arguing with another man

the man who was upset was telling the other man that the traps he was setting, they looked just like those round, collapsible nets a hobby fisherman uses, meant he couldn’t let his dog go where it wanted

the trappers was employed by the local authority and had the law on his side

in the next and final scene of the dream, was walking through the field on my way back from wherever i had been (it wasn’t in the dream) and had to pass through the field again

there were about thirty of the fisherman’s net-traps spread evenly around the field

about a dozen of them had snared an animal

there were baboons, lions and other animals

one of the net-traps was torn, the stand-out scene

initially, i thought someone had cut an animal loose but then it occurred to me the animal that had been caught gnawed its way out of the net

i was out in the open

the escaped animal could be anywhere… it might be watching me at that very moment…

notes 1

in principle, it’s possible a building forty storey’s high that can bend through almost one-hundred and degrees could exist

definitely a future time-tense

addenda: vividness 3 to 4 – participant and observer – the category of the dreams: tall buildings (3+) bendy buildings (1) – animals (15+) mammals (10+) lions (3+) baboons (1+)


the name of the dream: celebrating the computer

looking at a large screen in a mall

for the first dozen scenes was trying to figure out who was behind the advertisement

after another twenty rapid scenes, it became clear… it wasn’t an advertisement, it was a celebration of the virtues of the internet and the computer and, in particular, the underrated feature of copy and paste

still, i wanted to find out who was behind it

it then became a think-read dream and even after twenty or thirty scenes of think-reading the creators or sponsors of the video never surfaced

it produced a nice feeling to have a dream that praised an achievement and presented it as a product of our collective endeavours

notes 1

this started out as a montage and changed into a  think-Read

dream (a first)


vividness 3.3 to 3.8 – observer – the category of the dream: montage cum think-read (1) computer (7+)


the name of the dream:

myths, demons and minions

at the beginning of this dream the name damoclese is spoken out loud, i think it’s referring to me

the woman i love doesn’t know my identity

providing i give her up by a certain time the demons of the underworld can’t lay claim to her

i’m not allowed to tell her the situation and if i do i’ve breached the code between our world and the netherworld

i tell the woman i love that we can be together one more time and then we must part

she doesn’t understand why we must separate

the time for our separation comes and she ignores my warning that we must say goodbye and stays with me

the minions are nearby waiting to receive instructions from their demon

the dream takes on a sinister feel

of the two minions, one is especially malevolent and is demonstrating his insidious character and hinting with gleeful anticipation of what he will be doing to the girl

the girl is in a telephone booth making a call just as the bewitching hour occurs

the minion is hovering above the call box and reaches through into the booth, takes the phone from her and speaks to his devil god

there’s a glimmer of hope that she won’t be taken as the dream ends


: vividness 2.9 – observer – the category of the dream: relationships (48+) female (38+) greek mythology (1)


the name of the dream: the sunday group

an acquaintance invited me to go with him and meet some friends of his

the next scene, about twenty men were gathered in a very large living room

more men were arriving in one’s and two’s and the living room was no longer big enough, we headed for a park

at the green the number of men had grown to about forty and an impromptu game of football was underway

there weren’t any lines which marked the boundaries of the imaginary pitch, it was played out in groups of four or five challenging another approaching group

mainly it was groups of men standing and talking

recognised one or two of the men from awake-time locations over the years

they were good, strong, no-nonsense character’s organising themselves


vividness 3 – observer – the category of the dream: friends and acquaintances (7+)


the name of the dream: sussed

working in an ultra-modern, glass and concrete high-rise building

found a “blind spot” in a corner of the ground floor, where, with the help of a little camouflage, was out of sight of people

had built up a group of friends who would come around in the evening for socialising

it was many months, may have been a year or more, when a person on the night-shift discovered me

there was no doubt he was going to “grass” on me and it would be a waste of time trying to talk him out of it

sleeping on the job saved me a small fortune in rent

it was such a sweet arrangement wasn’t going to give it up without a fight

among the schemes that presented themselves as the dream was ending… get a hooker and film him “on the job” while he was on the job… use a hidden microphone and offer him a weekly income if he turned a blind eye while recording the conversation… get a “heavy” to pay him a visit…


addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: employment (8+)


the name of the dream: an act of honesty

a dream set in dickensian times

there was a stark difference between the have’s and have not’s of which i was one

a slight, small man wearing “toff’s” clothes came into the dream from the left walking in a sprightly manner

he was putting more distance between us with every step he took

when he was about four metres ahead of me when a piece of paper fell from his person

as i neared the paper it became identifiable as a £20 note

i picked it up

a woman in rags saw me with it in my hand and her eyes glistened with delight at the thought of sharing the “spoils”

to her dismay, i caught up with the small man and gave it to him

he was genuinely appreciative with my act of honesty and thanked me in a manner which made me feel good and i was glad i had given it to him


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: money (10+) honesty (2+)


the name of the dream: residents and residencies

was in living in long-stay accommodation

it was a mixed-gender set-up with girls and boys bedrooms

my sleeping room had three or four beds in it

as far as i could see two of the beds were empty while the bed at the bottom-left of the room was occupied

a girl walked into the room and went to the occupied bed only to find the boy was sleeping

she then came over to my bed

change of scene: we are in bed kissing and cuddling

within two or three scenes i have become aroused

she becomes aware of my reaction to her

it’s not what she wants and gets out of the bed and the dream ends

i wake out of my sleep to a scuffling sound

eventually, i locate that the sound is at the far end of the room and see a mouse looking at me, it appeared to be waiting to see what i would do, i sat up and waved to it

a cat appeared and began prowling looking for the mouse

the cat then settled into a watch-and-wait position

movements by the bottom-left of my bed caused me to take my eyes off the cat and i saw a shoebox-sized box with a little triangular hole cut in it and a tiny mouse to the right side of the box, it looked like it was familiarising itself with the surroundings

the next time i looked, in the triangular hole in the oblong box there was another mouse three or four times bigger than the tiny mouse, i concluded it was the mother-mouse

the chances are there were several more baby mice in the box so i decided it would be easiest and best to put the cat out of the house

the dream ended as i was about to get out of bed

notes 1

one dream had different genders the other had different classes of mammals – significant?


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: dreams within dreams (5+) relationships (47+) female (37+) mixed classes of beings (1+) cat and mice (1)


the name of the dream: the tempo

three of us were walking towards the city centre

knew one of them but not the other

no one said anything and there was no external influence when i felt compelled to start making sounds and began moving subtly to my own sounds

the person not known to me said something about bass and drum music being popular

i went “off on one”…

“let’s say the soul is the size of the brain

given unrestricted circumstances the soul can take on any shape that takes its fancy

it can set the speed it wants to move at and it can vary its movements to any given tempo

if the tempo of a sound is an exact divisor of eternity past and the shape it assumes is a muliplier of an endless and expansive future there could be synchronisation between two or any number of souls and they wouldn’t need a conductor

if we became linear in shape we would be able to dance with any and every other soul and there can be as few or as many as you want there to be

we would be able to line-dance width-ways or as a straight line or any variation between the two

then there are dimensions…”


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: music and dancing (10+)


the name of the dream: rainy day

was at a friend of a friends home

it was a medieval building, possibly a squire’s home in days of yore

the family and guest’s had just finished a meal in a dining room that had a long narrow table with six chairs each side (i counted them) and one place at each end

there was red upholstery on the seats of the chairs, the stand-out part of the dream (4.4)

it was decided we would walk into the nearest built-up area about five kilometres away

within a half a kilometre it began raining

the rain began increasing in intensity and in the next scene it was obvious we would be soaked through within minutes

there was some sort of tradition associated with the long walk that went back into antiquity which the son of the owner of the house felt he had to uphold

a smack of disdain in the form of a look and a comment came from someone when i said i was going back, it was sheer bad-sense to carry on

in the final scene, i was back at the home listening to the sound of the rain trying to detect if it was getting more forceful


vividness 3.3 to 4.4 – participant – the category of the dream: friends and acquaintances (6+) walking in the rain (2+)


the name of the dream: an electrician calls

living in a small but neat one-bedroom flat

not sure what the problem was but it meant specialised tools and knowledge to put it right

was having a conversation with the electrician while he was working

got to talking about glue and mentioned i’d tried uhu and gorilla

when he finished and was about to leave he gave me a metal canister with a runny liquid in it

he told me not to mention to anyone he had given it to me as it was a product which wasn’t available to the general public and it could cost him his job if i did

the glue gave off the odour of a food

being hungry and thirsty and before the electrician could do or say anything i took a mouthful

his alarmed look told me i had just poisoned myself

i said, “i shouldn’t have done that, should i ?”

the dream ended as i was swilling out my mouth with water


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: stupidity (5+) putting glue in my mouth


the name of the dream: fate steps in

the dire need for money isn’t remembered but need it i did

fate agreed with me and for the first time in a “finding-money-on-the-ground” dream it came packaged

after picking up a fifty-pence piece the corner of a cellophane packet revealed itself

pulling on the cellophane, a tube of fifty-pence coins came out of the ground

there were about twenty coins in the tube of money

before my amazement of the find had subsided the loosened ground revealed another tube only this time it was gold coins, much more than was needed

notes 1

this website maintains that the content of dreams are drawn from actual experiences of the future, present and past

when we get going you will be able to appraise picture page “full bicep” and get an insight into how this type of dream can come true


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: finding money on the ground (3+)


first dream

the name of the dream: almost as real as real

a mutually agreeable, slow and sensuous two-scened sex dream with unknown women

there was one female onlooker in the first scene and two in the second

there was also music playing, a song by the eagles i think

between the first and second scene, there were eight or so seconds of awake-time consciousness in which the feelings were still present and the sights in the second scene were easy to produce

apart from there being a second female present and no music, it was a replay of the first scene

notes 1

in my experience, we have the ability to produce or rather reproduce, these types of scenarios in awake-time

which in turn means that after the first instance of the actual experience it is thereafter “on tap” to the awake-time memory

the vividness of recall for all experiences are, if the current formulations maintain their consistency, depend on the time-tense of the experience

i.e. future experiences will always be more real than past experiences

bearing in mind that, unlike like the worst things that can happen have already happened and are always decreasing in time and in the memory, we can rejoice in the fact that the best things that can happen are, due to the expansive qualitative nature love/life, always increasing

the clarity of sights and feelings in this dream was such it caused me to recognise that when it comes to x pleasure it’s a woman’s world

dreams and dreams theory is thought to be the advent of the application or the opening up of these abilities

notes 2

the writer is interested to know if there are women out there who have or are experiencing pituitary pleasure?


vividness 4.6 – participant – the category of the dream: x dream (39)

second dream

the name of the dream:

crazy happy

this feel-good dream has a stack of “firsts” in it

the first dream as a youngster, seven or eight… the longest ever feel-good dream, ten or more scenes… doting and care-free parents and grown-ups… i was singing and/or dancing in every scene

first scene, am on my own in a room with low lighting

looking for company, i make my way into another room, stepping in rhythm with own four-beats-to-the-bar dum da dum, de de dum dum da, that has four or five adults in it

the adults are talking in earnest about something

my movements and sounds interrupt their conversation

“we’ll have to take him”, someone said

another scene, still humming and swaying i ask, “why did you bring… ?”

without realising it i was giving them away

my parents and their friends are career-criminals and were in the middle of a theft

my comment caused them to abandon the robbery

it was decided one of the group should look after me and in the next scene i am with a male who is enchanted with my mood and questions and singing

the people who were in the original scene are in the next scene and they are talking about me, it’s not their usual tone of voice

two of them pick me up and hold me above their heads and begin to carry me into another room

i stop humming and ask them, “are you going to throw me away?”

they say “no” in a reassuring way

they place me in or on the bed and tell me it’s time for bed

there is a wall clock on the wall facing me with a verse on it

it reads something along the line of… “this is where you charge your batteries ready for another day”

notes 1

that’s three great dreams in two days


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: feel-good (15+) family/parents (4+)


the name of the dream: in the family

janet and i “found” each other, again

it was time for me to take responsibility for the relationship

went to her home to meet her parents for only the second time in a relationship that was more than a year old

her father expressed his displeasure with me but i could tell that behind his forced feelings he wanted to be friendly

the mood of the dream became normal within a scene or two

in the final scene, janet and i had settled into a regular-type relationship in a small flat in a block of flats


vividness – 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (46+) female (36+) janet (4)


the name of the dream:

the trials and tribulations of a film-goer

in the next town from where i lived, about seven miles away

had gone there to watch a film which wasn’t showing near me

she said it was nearby and went on to say i could get there by walking between a gap in the row of houses where we were standing

in the next road, couldn’t see the cinema but there was a road twenty metres to the left of me which had lots of shops, i was obviously near the centre of town

went into a vegetable shop to get directions

the woman there said she hadn’t heard of the cinema i named

i became frustrated; “how can you not know where the cinema is?”

noticed bags of apples in front of the counter

there were eight apples in the bags, the price was £1.38

a quick bit of mental arithmetic told me my usual supplier’s price was cheaper


vividness: 3 – participant – the category of the dream: locations (10+)


the name of the dream: the trials and tribulations of a film-goer

in the next town from where i lived, about seven miles away

had gone there to watch a film which wasn’t showing near me

i asked a woman passer-by if she knew where it was

she said it was nearby and went on to say i could get there by walking between a gap in the row of houses where we were standing

in the next road, couldn’t see the cinema but there was a road twenty metres to the left of me which had lots of shops, i was obviously near the centre of town

went into a vegetable shop to get directions

the woman there said she hadn’t heard of the cinema i named

i became frustrated; “how can you not know where the cinema is?”

noticed bags of apples in front of the counter

there were eight apples in the bags, the price was £1.38

a quick bit of mental arithmetic told me my usual supplier’s price was cheaper


vividness: 3 – participant – the category of the dream: locations (10+)


the name of the dream: politics and partnership

in the house of commons

boris “walks across the floor” and joins the opposition

he is shunned by his own party and is estranged in his new party

he feels, and is, isolated

i knew his predicament

cupped my hand to use it as a megaphone and began chanting his name, “bor-is”, “bor-is”

the air of resentment towards him dissolves and is replaced by acceptance

someone from the other side of the house gives me a thumbs up

second dream

with my new savvy and sexy girlfriend

we rendezvoused at an expensive room in a prestigious building

we planned the activities for the night

left the room for something and when i returned led zep’s singer was there

he began playing a guitar and singing

an ardent fan of his heard the sound and came into the room and was wide-eyed and star-struck

had to wait until he had played the song before i could be alone with my girl

when we’re alone her forthright and commanding manner was exactly suited my own attitude to the female-male relationship

i was physically relaxed and mentally braced for what we would be doing


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dreams: topical () politics () relationships (45+) female (35+) celebrities () boris (2) robert plant (1)


the name of the dream: reunited

a five-scene feel-good from start to finish

in the centre of a busy town on a sunny day

bumped into my favourite girlfriend from some years before and we slipped back into where we had left off

a prolonged first scene in which i challenged her to ask for something she really wanted there and then

she suggested a few things but i said they weren’t challenging enough

we walked for quite a while without saying anything and she was a bit bemused but lapping up the looks other girls were giving her

eventually, she asked for a type of biscuit which wasn’t known to me

a suitable challenge i thought

the dream ended when a patisserie shop came into view


vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (44+) bernie (3)


the name of the dream: multi-themed dream

the first theme, with a new girlfriend in her mid-teens who was the gift her mother had bequeathed the father before she died

the father, the girl and self were in the living room of where she lived

the father was overly protective of his daughter

he watched my every movement as the girl and i sat on the sofa

fairly sure this girl was the first awake-time girlfriend i had as a sixteen-year-old

her mother had died before she became a teenager

this is the youngest i’ve been in a relationship in a dream

the second theme, was using a standard three-pronged plug with the prongs removed as an instrument

it made a shallow sound a bit like penny whistle but it was nowhere near as penetrating, nicely mellow in fact

was playing it three to five notes at a time

it attracted animals and children and turned the heads of people

the third theme, was edging my way along a ledge that jutted out along a stone wall about five metres above the ground

wasn’t unduly worried about falling though as there were branches of trees within grabbing distance in front of me


vividness 3 to 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: multi-themed (10+) relationships (43+) female (33+) theresa (2+) music (20+) precarious situations (8+)


the name of the dreams: what matters

two themes for this dream

the first one was jeremy corbyn being indelicately pressed by a reporter who was trying to get a “rise” out of him by asking questions about his wife

the second one was about a jewish man who had lost his faith in people and the world but regained it with even greater vigour when he was directed to the truth


vividness – 3 – observer – the category of the dream: diverse themes (20+)


the name of the dream: ahead of the game

a dream about post-brexit

this dream contained ideas on how to bring equality to the british isles


vividness 3 – observer – the category of the dream: topical (3+) brexit (3)


the name of the dreams: impish me

was staying in an inexpensive but well-run hotel that catered for long-term residents

had been there for some weeks

it had a table d’hôte menu with a restaurant that catered for twenty or so people at ten tables

one of the guests, a spanish lady and a long-term resident at the hotel, had invited her daughter to come and visit her

her daughter was a plump young lady with an affable character

her personality was exactly how i like a woman to be

fairly sure her mother saw me as the perfect suiter for her daughter and had sent for her daughter so we would strike-up a relationship

there was no doubt in my mind it was a “set-up” when the mother suggested i take her daughter out one evening

with more than a twinge of eagerness i accepted

decided to set the tone for a fun relationship when we got back from the night out

more or less straight away i suggested she got undressed and lie on the bed

when she was undressed i produced an a5 size drawing pad and pretended to draw her

within a minute or so she became bemused with the situation and began thinking she had misunderstood my reason for becoming friendly

when i could see she was about to call a halt to the evening i began loosening my tie and walking towards her with an impish smile


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (42+) female (32+)


the name of the dream: the cost of fun

was toying with the idea of buying the latest model of bose outdoor, easily-transportable speakers for fun summer parties and small professional venues

mentioned it to a young-ish lad who was unemployed thinking he might be interested in making a bit of pocket money doing something he liked

he wasn’t just interested, he was so enthusiastic about the idea it took me aback

from the moment it was mentioned and for the rest of the dream he was urging me to do it as though his life depended on it

after a couple of scenes, it became clear to me what his motive was

it was his chance to throw parties for his mates and gain “cred” with the women

making a few bob wasn’t his priority, being “the lad” was

it would mean having to take out insurance on the speakers and the cost of the venture had just become unviable from a financial point of view

was thinking about whether it was going to be more trouble than it was worth when the dream ended


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: business and fun (1) music (2+)


the name of the dreams: him and me

the first scene, am in an upstairs room looking out at a brown shed, must be the back of the house

the picture zooms in on the ledge of the shed

a creature that looks like a mouse scuttled across the ledge, the mouse is only the size of an insect

the scene changes to the front of the house

the scene shows the near and far side of the road

a dozen people trickle along the street in one’s and two’s and three’s

another scene, with another male

he says something and the scene changes to fit the description of his words, the scene is of an item in a living room

the male refers to something else and immediately the scene changes to what he mentions

this dream is no longer mine

notes 1

the last couple of scenes  of this dream, if this interpretation of the dream is correct, will or has been dreamt by someone who will categorise the the first few scenes as someone else’s dream while the last couple of scenes will be categorised as her or his dream

with shared dreams, do the shared scenes of the dream come first in the dream or second, or even mixed up?


vividness 3 – observer – the category of the dream: shared dream with unknown person (1) male (1)


the name of the dream: website woes

working on my website, specifically, creating new pages

the first page came easy as it was a template for all pages and only needed minor modifications

the second and third pages also fell into place, again, only light touches were needed to push them into use

it was the fourth page that brought the flow of creativity to an end

yet-a-bleedin’-gain, fingering the keyboard characters was the problem

after trying four or five times to get the words in my mind through my fingers and onto the screen, and failing, gave up the ghost in frustration and woke up

notes 1

as with other attempts at typing words onto the screen, woke up pressing my fingers against my body

the most successful method of getting keyboard characters onto the screen was when they could be finger-touched on, as was recognised in the dream of 26052019


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: typing on the computer (5+)


the name of the dream: lucky me

it is a summer’s day

came into possession of a well -used renault 4 car

the first scene is in a car park at the back of shops in a city centre

the car park was about twenty-five metres by fifteen metres and had a seven-degree slope

there were about ten cars in the car park

it had been a while since my last drive, but in an enclosed area it seemed safe to drive a few metres here and there around the car park

there were two or three scenes of driving it to different places within the car park before i became confident with it

parked the car and looked back at it as i began walking into the shopping area

it was a mid-blue colour and the renault badge was under the grill at the front (one of the stand-out scenes of the dream)

at that moment it looked stylish and it gave me a feeling of well-being

in the next scene, seven metres away, j, an awake-time ex-girlfriend, was in the dream dressed in pale-coloured long dress and her shoulder-length hair looked straggly, all in all, she looked a bit on the shabby side

in the next scene, she was reluctant to accept an invitation to spend time with me but we both knew that my persistence would change her mind, which it did

we were both happy to be with each other again

the car park was filling with people

there were about fifteen or twenty people in the dream, there were probably men in the scene but all i could see were women, mostly in small groups wearing summer clothes

suddenly, b, another awake-time ex-girlfriend came into the dream

she was wearing a summer suit of shirt and shorts

she was delighted to see me and was asking me without saying it to team up for the night

she could see another girl was with me but she wasn’t the type to let another girl get in the way of a good time

could see j was apprehensive and there was no way she would be ditched on a whim but a fun night was guaranteed with b

before the situation was resolved another awake-time girl, s, a working and social acquaintance from the ’80s, popped into the dream

b knew we hadn’t had a relationship but j thought it was likely we had and was looking forlorn

b was typical of a woman

harmony between people was a childhood trait she had brought into adulthood with her

unlike men, who tend to find camaraderie when the going gets tough, women demonstrate camaraderie between both genders as a natural trait

i asked b to take the other girls and fit j up with summer clothes from a second-hand shop for the night out

s coaxed j into going along with the idea

in the next scene, s and b had fulfilled what i asked and then some; they had transformed j into a babe

j was in a two-piece suit like b only hers was in black

they had also taken her to the hairdressers and had her hair cropped to just below her ears

she looked a completely different person and was still nervously adjusting to her new-self

i said to the girls, “tonight’s on me. whatever you can drink and eat”

in the last scene with the girls in it, they had linked arms and i was linked through j’s arm on the right of the trio and the three of us strode off for what would be a memorable night, the sun was shining even brighter than it was at the start of the dream

the last scene, the girls were no longer in the dream

i had gone to get the car

when i was at where the car was parked, i hadn’t noticed when parking it there were cars already in the spaces up against the wire mesh that ran around that part of the car park

there were three men there waiting for the owner of the car (me) to return

one of them was sitting on the bonnet of the car in the middle of the three i had inadvertently blocked in

there was no doubt he was going to make trouble

found a novel way of getting out of the predicament, i ended the dream


vividness 3 to 4.2 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (41+) female (31+) janet (3) bernie (2) sylvia (2) driving a car (5+)


the name of the dreams: men and women

the physical characteristics of two types of males were being scrutinised

there were four or five males in each group

all of them looked to be in their late teens

both groups were wearing trunks

one group had auburn coloured hair, the other fair

there wasn’t a noticeable difference between them in terms of physique although the fair-hair of the males made them more striking to look at

someone was commenting on why the two groups looked the way they did

the second dream, the young lady in this dream was also in another dream from two or three days ago

didn’t make it into an entry because it would only have been two or three lines

we were fully clothed and lying down together

i lean across and kiss her on the cheek

she reacted by complaining that she didn’t say i could kiss her and it had spoilt the relationship

in this dream, she was altogether more amenable and was making it clear she was available

although, perplexingly, she pulled away during a long sumptious kiss (the third most enjoyable kiss in the old memory bank)

in the second scene, she was at a distance sitting on a chair

in the next scene, she came into the picture from the right with another male

it was noticeable that she had deliberately brought the man into my sight so i would see them kissing

my first thought was she was telling me there was someone else in her life

it became clear in the next scene that wasn’t the case at all

while we were lying down unclothed i became aware of another man on the other side of her

i said, “i don’t mind sharing you with another man”

in the next and final scene, she was in sexual heaven

her back was arched and her mouth was open but not making any sounds as the other man “worked” her left side while i stimulated her right

notes 1

a woman has five distinct pleasure points

have yet to figure out how one man can “activate” all of them at the same time

if there is a woman who has sussed it out would be only too pleased to…


vividness – 3+ – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (40+) female (30+) threesome’s (3+)


the name of the dream: getting connected

it is a post-flood scenario

only about one one-hundredth of land was above the water level

we were functioning well

food and all the basic requirements of housing, clothes, food etc. were functioning

my “hat” was recreation, in particular, films

a thick underwater cable carrying an abundance of electricity was brought to my attention

the problem was it was under the water

it was overcome by wading into the water, lifting the cable above the water and affixing a sturdy see-through polythene bag to the end of the sea-cable then plugging the land-cable into the sea-cable while it was above the water using a thin thread to make it watertight

a slight feeling of anxiety entered the dream, no doubt a reflection of a moment of anxiety during the day, just before the connection was actually made

a feeling of satisfaction accompanied the successful connection

began waking just after making the connection of the two cables and was asking people what film they wanted to see

this dream, as is most of this websites dreams, was stimulated by thoughts during the day

the thoughts associated with both of the themes of this dream are remembered

it appears that the inter-undulationary memory can connect the thoughts of the day across millions of undulations in a purely routine way

we have to acknowledge with awe our composition and the way such complexity is conducted with a mundane magnificence

let’s hear for the lover


vividness – 3 – participant – the category of the dream: post apocalyptic scenarios (2+) floods (2+)


the name of the dream: role reversal

a woman and a man at their peak of mid-life maturity are at home dressed in casual-smart clothes

the woman is wearing a white satin or silk blouse and the man has a tight-fitting blue shirt also made of soft, shiny material with a tie and jacket

they are on the verge of leaving the house when both of them become acutely aware of each other’s gender as their eyes meet, they move to embrace

in the next scene, i’m lying on my back on the floor looking up at the man

i’m aware of my breasts under the white blouse but the man isn’t anyone known to me

the man is appealing in manner, looks and form

the man isn’t known to me and although he could be a stranger he doesn’t seem out of place

in the next scene, with the man kneeling astride me, the palms of my hands are slowly running up from the man’s waist to his torso savouring the firmness of his body which is made to feel even more luscious through the fabric of his shirt

when my hands reach the man’s trapeziums my hands go to his tie and begin to loosen it

when the tie is loosened and the top button of his shirt is undone the man puts one of his hands under the shoulder of his jacket and slips the shoulder of the jacket far enough down his arm to be able to let it slide off his body on his left side asi see him from my position

when he has got the left side of the jacket free of his body he then drops his other shoulder and it falls away from him

he then throws it a metre or so away from where we are

i say, “you had better not do that to any jacket i buy for you”

my humour in the female form

notes 1

whew, that was close

have maintained my one-hundred per cent record of never having kissed a man


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (39+) gender reversal (1)


the name of the dream: trolled

had visited the house in the first scene of this dream twice before getting to this, the third scene

it took three or four hours to get there and back and this third visit meant a whole day had been used up on a single transaction

my colleague and i were in the company of two young men and all four of us were waiting for the woman of the house to arrive

we said very little to each other while we waited

in the next scene, we were listening to the woman’s reasons for not being able to make up her mind about whether to buy the table we had delivered a week or more before

it suddenly became clear to me, she never intended to buy it in the first place

the reason she pretended she wanted it was to waste my time

the two males were aware of what she was doing too

it made sense for me to think that partly because of the way she was talking and partly because of the attitude of the two males who had let us into the house

i had to keep my feelings of frustrations hidden because now a sense of revenge took over

it wouldn’t take long to find a way to give them a taste of their own medicine


addenda: vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: business (5+)


the name of the dream: just what is the mind capable of ?

fell asleep on my back wearing headphones while watching an action space-fiction film last night

woke out of the sleep on three or four occasions to the thumbnail pic on the screen

during those three or four times, i straddled awake-time and sleep-time the dreams occurred

all of the dream-time scenes could quite easily have fitted into the film on the t.v.

it wasn’t until i was fully awake it was realised that the scenes that had been generated in sleep-time were the mind using the film to furnish the subject-matter of r.e.m.

notes 1

there are applications for this ability of the mind


vividness – 3 to 3.3 – observer – the category of the dream: mixing dream-conscious and awake-conscious (1)


the name of the dream: the bike-boot sale

in the company of a group of eight or nine people having a general chin-wag

the subject-matter became motorbikes and then it turned to selling them

then the topic was the lack of response from ads in the paper

it turned out that three or four people knew someone who had a bike for sale or had heard of someone selling one

ever the opportunist, yours truly suggested a bike-boot sale

the bikers in the dream agreed it would be fairly easy to get twenty people with bikes for sale

a scene or two later it was realised that the idea had plenty of potential

we would need portaloos… could set up a p.a. and no doubt muster a hundred tracks of music that featured motorbikes lyrics or had a motorbike theme… we could even rig up a small stage and get a biker group to perform… one or two stalls for hot and cold drinks and snacks… could get shelter in the form of a big tent… sit-down meals with waiters… a tent with a beer-bar… topless waitresses…


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: business (8+) motorbikes (3+)


the name of the dream: weighty matters

we, long-time girlfriend and self, had just moved all our worldly goods to our new place

she, being a slight little thing, couldn’t do any more than stand and watch as yours truly did all the humping

the heaviest item was a fold-up, cast iron wardrobe-type contraption that looked impressive when it was open as it was shiny, brushed metal and ornamented in brass; it made every attempt to defy gravity when i tried to move it

eventually got it into the living room and i stood there getting my strength back with the wardrobe-thing balanced against another item

was looking around the room taking into account what would have to be moved to get the wardrobe-monster from one place to another

there was no easy way of getting it into anywhere without having to move most of the already moved items to push it across the floor

had been weighing up the options for a full fifteen seconds of dream-time and still hadn’t come to a decision as to where to put it when i caught my girlfriend looking at me

she, my favourite awake-time girlfriend of days of yore, was looking at me quizzically

her expression was saying, “what’s the problem. why are you waiting?”

“alright, smarty-bleedin’ pants. where do you suggest”, i said, challengingly

like a child who couldn’t find his shoes and couldn’t figure out why it hadn’t occurred to his brain to look on his feet as his mother pointed to his feet, she pointed to the top of a sturdy table in front of her

“have you felt the weight of this thing?” i said indignantly

she was looking here and there for about three seconds of dream-time

now it was my turn and i let out a one-syllable laugh that expressed “yah boo”


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (38+) female (29+) (b) (2+)


the name of the dream: the trendies

about eight of us were gathered in town and are babbling away

we were trying on each other clothes

someone gave me his light-blue denim jacket of the “destitute” style to try on

everyone said it suited me, one girl said it “opened me”

a couple of the others nodded

there was then a scene of me looking at myself in the jacket

it did do something for me and agreed to swap jackets

we then set off into the busiest part of town being trendy


vividness 3 to 3.4 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: friends (5+)


the name of the dream: the dying dog

just before he died someone i knew asked someone i didn’t know to give his dog to me

within days the dog was pining non-stop for his owner

nothing could reconcile it, not playing or walks or dog delicacies

as the scenes changed the dog looked more and more poorly

it got skinny and became completely lethargic

it was dying in front of me, i felt helpless

in the last scene, the dog became alert when there was a commotion across the other side of the room

investigating the noise revealed a mouse caught by its leg in a mousetrap

freed the mouse and realised the dog might be brought back to health if it had the chance to vent its natural instincts

spent a while thinking about how to do that without letting the dog actually kill after waking


vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: animals (20+) mammals (15+) dogs (8+) dying (2+)


the name of the dream: settling the score

two men at loggerheads over something decided to settle the matter by demonstrating which of them had the best chance of winning a duel

each man had one shot which would combine speed and accuracy

an object was placed in a tree about five metres away from where they were standing

the man who went first drew his gun fast but missed the target

the second man was facing away from the target

the pulled out a mirror and shot the object over his shoulder while looking through the mirror

his opponent was devastated and walked out of the dream saying something along the lines of… “i’d better not meet you one day when you haven’t got a gun”


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: duels (2+) guns (1+)


the name of the dream: the uxb

still trying to recall the scenes before the first scene which got me into the situation in the first place

what is remembered…

was in a cellar

typically, it was a dark and closed cellar with no window

the walls looked black and the ceiling was low; a classic dark and dingy cellar

think i was looking for somewhere to sleep

once in the cellar there was a bricked-alcove immediately to the right of the door

it was just the right size for a person to lie down

as i was arranging things to allow me to lie down i bumped into something which knocked something else down

looked to see what it was

it didn’t take long to realise that the wires that were attached to it led to an object which i recognised as a bomb

it was clearly too dangerous for me to attempt to touch anything

a quick appraisal of the surroundings suggested i should step over it

to get over it though was a precarious manoeuvre in itself

it would mean taking a big step which would, if i lost my balance, cause me to step somewhere in the vicinity of the bomb and quite possibly on it

i managed to wedge myself between the two walls of the alcove and grip onto a shelf which gave me the ability to go over the bomb

when i was out of the alcove it should have been a simple matter of stepping over the bomb but the bomb and the wires were spread over a distance which called for me to jump over it

while that was do-able there was every chance i would lose my balance to the back of me and fall back onto the bomb

then i remembered from a previous visit to the house that the owner had shown me there was a window at the back of the cellar which could be accessed by removing a wooden board that had been placed tight into the window frame

i had just removed the wooden frame when the door to the cellar opened

the owner of the house and another person came into view

they must have heard me moving things around and had come to investigate

they were about to step into the room when i shouted “don’t come in, there’s a bomb”

both men looked around, took in the situation and kept still

there was enough light now to see things properly

the owner of the house asked me, “what should we do?”

pointing to the wall where the door was i asked, “how thick is that wall ?”

he realised i was suggesting that a “controlled” detonation of the bomb was one possible solution

he said it would withstand the force of the bomb

all i had to do was get clear by climbing through the window


vividness 2.2 to 3 – participant – the category of the dream: bomb/s (2+) enclosed area (1)


the name of the dreams: fun girls – over indulgence

the first dream of this two-themed dream was an x dream

unlike other dreams with x in them, this dream was more about humour and entertaining the three ladies in it than anything else

part of the fun side was a game in which i detailed a situation which may or may not have been true

it would be a win for me if they got it wrong and would get me “time” with the person who got it wrong

the second dream, the second waiter dream in a week

the manager or the proprietor’s of a one-hundred table exclusive restaurant thought i was the person who could carry off a novel idea

i would organise and supervise a v.i.p. table for two

the v.i.p.’s could choose to sit anywhere and wherever it was a large space would be created around them

two or three waiters were on hand to help get the meal ready once the customers had placed their order

two of the waiters were Flambe Waiters, as was i

it struck me as being overly indulgent


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: two themed dreams (20+) fun x (1) catering (4+) waiter


the name of the dream: the perfect driver, almost

my dad was a professional driver but…

was with dad in the car at the last corner of the road about a hundred metres from the house

at this moment in the dream the memory of what was going to happen when we came to a stop kicked in, i had lived this exact situation before

he would bring the car to a stop on the opposite side the road 

he would then pull the handbrake up before turning the engine off

when he turned the engine off the car would lurch forward slightly

back in the dream… the car travelled the hundred metres, then the car came to a full stop, dad pulled up the handbrake and the car lurched forward as in the moment of deja vu 

the car not only lurched forward but, and this wasn’t part of the deja vu, it began to slip forward due to being on a downgrade which meat he had to turn the engine back on again and reverse back a bit

again, the moment of deja vu re-asserted itself when he pulled up the handbrake and the car jumped gently  forward a few centimetres after the engine was turned off

i said something along the lines of… “one of these days it will occur to you turn the engine off before pulling the handbrake up” in a dry and slightly sarcastic tone


vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: deja vu (1) in a car (1)


the name of the dream: the crazy figure-eight race

the race was set in a building with a high ceiling and was about fifteen metres wide and thirty metres long

the floor was ultra-smooth and slippery, like the surface the ball rolls along in a bowling alley

there were two poles in the room, one on the right, two metres away from the wall in the foreground of the dream, the other on the left at the far end of the room also two metres away from the wall

the race started in the middle and in the foreground of the bare room

the competitor had the option of going left or right of the poles

i planned to do the entire race keeping to the right of the poles at both turns

my opponent had done his homework and found that an elongated figure of eight, going into the first turn on the left and going into the next turn on the right allowed him a smoother, faster turn and it took him ahead of me a few metres after the first turn

it made me realised that i would have to adapt to the way my competitor was doing it or lose

i changed my style to the same as his and found that making even smaller micro shuffling steps (barely more than the length of a foot for each step) than my competitor improved my speed (the stand out part of the dream) to the degree that i would close the three-metre gap and catch him up within one or two laps

i knew at that moment i was going to win the race and felt a sense of achievement


vividness 3 to 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: competitive sport (2+) feet-shuffling (1)


the name of the dream: in yer face

this one-scene dream has a face that is right into the lens of a camera

all we can see is the mouth moving, nose, the twinkling blue eyes and the white eyebrows

there is a piece of white paper slightly bigger than the size of a five-pound note below the mouth with writing on it

the blue eyes have noticeable bags below them denoting days of skimped sleep

the voice though is anything but tired

the voice exclaims in a celebratory pitch, “this is what a deal looks like”

boris pulled it off

notes 1

there will be no significant variables which will occur in a future Undulation which will make the reality in this dream any less likely

for instance, there won’t be a future undulation in which instead of this dream there will be a dream in which boris resigns because he failed to deliver

this dream is a “trend” dream

if you bet on this dream and lose you can console yourself with the knowledge that in a future undulation you will win

if you bet on this dream and win… any donation you may care to make will be put into activities which have the characteristic of “expansion of the whole” – see The Law


addenda: vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: topical (3+) brexit (2) celebrities (6+) boris (1)


the name of the dream: a renewed acquaintance

walking along the street at night

a girl walking toward me asked me if i’d seen anything when she got close

didn’t know what she was talking about until she pointed skyward that i realised what she meant and who she was

i had tried to persuade her some time before that ufo’s existed and had successfully converted her when we saw one when we were out and about one night

“what about you?”, i asked

“no”, she said

that she had spoken to me first suggested she wanted to be friendly

in the last scene, we were talking and walking together in the direction she was walking when she first spoke

notes 1

at the beginning of the dream, there was actually a triangular ufo in the dream but the scenes before and after seeing the ufo are vague


vividness 2.9 to 3 – participant – the category of the dream: ufo’s (8+) relationships (36+) female (27+)


the name of the dreams: the assessor – the frisbee flip

the first dream, my job was to ascertain the degree of urgency the poorest countries of the world needed support

there were three categories… urgent, very urgent and extremely urgent

not surprisingly, the submissions contained exaggerations

one in particular though was so blatantly misrepresented, it was necessary to issue a warning to the government

the final scene of the dream was me talking person to person with the official of the country responsible for the false claim and telling him that if it happened again a “public notice” would be served which threatened to name the person who submitted the form which would probably result in him losing his job

the second dream, walking along a metre-wide tarmac path in an expanse of grass which joined one estate to another

the grassed area was about two-hundred metres by three-hundred metres

as i approached the road at the end of the path a man and boy were standing under and near a tree

they were throwing a frisbee to each other across a space of about fifteen metres

asked if i could have a go at throwing it

the man didn’t mind and handed me the plastic disc

in the dream, my physical condition is the same as it is now

a couple of weeks ago a similar situation occurred when walking through a park a man with a bag of frisbees let me try my “hand” at it

both of a couple of attempts revealed my inflexibility and it was obvious i was nowhere near my “old self”

in the dream, the memory of the awake-time experience a couple of weeks ago was in my mind and if i knew if tried to throw the frisbee in the style i was used to i would look like a complete “diff” so i tried a completely different way of throwing it

to my utter surprise/disbelief, the frisbee floated levelly through a seven or eight-metre three-quarter circle close to the ground

with a little practise it would come back to me boomerang style

at the second attempt, the frisbee maintained level flight and went through an arc but wasn’t anywhere near as impressive as the first throw

notes 1

as you may be aware, the writer asserts that the imagery in dreams are the experiences from the

nine tenses of time

a description of the style of the throw-in this dream has been left out because the style of the throw may well be a reality in awake-time (time-tense 5)

will keep you posted


vividness – participant – the category of the dreams: government employee (1+) frisbee throwing (1)


the name of the dream: dog dream (8+)

a dream about two different dogs

the feel-good content in this dream was outstanding

second dream

the name of the dream: the bassist

the merits of popular rock bands were being discussed

my personal favourites, cream, came up

the dream then became an electric bass soloists’ virtuoso which went on for about twenty-five seconds of dream-time

the speed of the notes in the dream wasn’t as fast as this but more like this; about as fast as i could mentally vocalise them


vividness 4 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: playing the bass guitar (1)


the name of the dream: a soft touch

an ex-neighbour came calling

he was an awake-time neighbour from my formative years

hadn’t seen him for more than twenty years

it didn’t take long for the reason for the visit to surface, he wanted to borrow one-hundred pounds

don’t know how he knew i was flushed, he probably had a “nose” for it

knowing he wouldn’t repay it i agreed to lend him the money and said to come back and get it later on

when he returned it was with his wife

in the meantime, i changed my mind about lending him a hundred pounds and would reduce it to fifty pounds

when it came to handing over the money i told his wife it was in the envelope on the cupboard beside her

his wife picked up the envelope and exclaimed, “there’s too much here”

even though the amount i intending to give him was half what he asked i hadn’t taken it out of the envelope where all of the money was

now he knew that i had more money than he suspected it wasn’t going to be feasible to deny him the full amount

the last scene of the dream was of ten ten-pound notes being separated from the other notes in an envelope


vividness 2.8 – participant – the category of the dream: cash (12+) drowly (2+)


the name of the dream: the dummy waiter

had just taken my position at the guests’ entrance to the restaurant ready to receive the first guests

the restaurant was a formal hotel in its own grounds

a party of about twenty was filtering through in dribs and drabs

it would be a full ten or fifteen minutes before they were all seated and ready to order

someone prompted me to go and ask the female guest who had organised the event and was now sitting if she wanted anything

if it had been up to me they would all be seated before approaching the table but being a mere commis waiter it wasn’t mine to ask why

sure enough, the woman was surprised that she was being asked to “get on” with the evening

she became agitated and told me with a dagger-look to come back later

i became timid and apologised in an unusually submissive way and hightailed it

the dream ended with me feeling ashamed and annoyed with myself for exhibiting such a meek manner


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: restaurant (5+) waiter (2+)


the name of the dream: the train app and the tidal wave

the first theme, the ticket inspector had just checked our tickets and the person next to me wanted to know how i had paid a few pounds less than him for the same journey

explained to him that the saving came from having bought the ticket through an app the train company had recently launched

the exact amount was one-pound forty for a one way ticket and another one-pound twenty-seven more for a return

the topic of the conversation changed to tidal wave that was due that day

it appeared that no one except me was aware that a tidal wave was due that day

nor did anyone know of a previous tidal wave that was big news a couple of years previously

i expressed my incredulity that no one had heard of it

my impression was people thought i was exaggerating or was just plan deluded

the train was rolling along near the coast, a kilometre or so from where we were

about ninety-degrees of the horizon was visible through the window and we could see forty-five degrees of the sea between two elevated areas of land at each side of the scene

the tidal wave appeared on cue and began coming up the natural channel made the raised land

upon waking and thinking about the dream it brought to mind the swell caused by the severn bore i had seen on a school trip


vividness 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: apps (3+) train (1) and tidal waves (2+)


the name of the dream: the tracking device

looking at a large screen which shows the location of objects on a map of the world

the map on the screen shows three or four areas which are slightly brighter than the rest of the screen

the highlighted parts of the screen are where the objects are most concentrated

it is the size of the objects being tracked which is the speciality of the programme

the objects are as small as micro-sim card


vividness 3 – observer – the category of the dream: technology (8+) tracking devices (1+)


the name of the dream: tribulations

a reconciliation process was underway

a determined effort was being made to persuade russia to change its course

pivotal significance was placed on a national heirloom

the treasured item was hair or fur

there was about a sackful of it and it was placed into a wheelbarrow

if i could walk the wheelbarrow along an inclined plank to a different place the proposals for a change of national direction would be adopted (the scene of walking along an undulating plank was one of the stand-out moments of the dream)

unfortunately, there was a group of die-hard nationalist’s who reneged on the agreement and insisted they would only honour the agreement if i could beat one of their supporters in a boxing match

there was a couple of scenes of brutal fighting wearing boxing gloves

notes 1

this dream was due to thinking about the state of world affairs during the day


vividness 3 to 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: political (3+) russia (1+)

the name of the dream: suitability

the first scene of this dream was of three people, of whom i was one, presenting ourselves in what we considered to be the clothes that best represented us

each person then chose the pose he wanted to strike and the three finished photographs were put onto a screen that was large enough to show us as life-size

the idea was that customers would choose the salesman they wanted to serve them

the dream then turned into a bodybuilding pose-down with the three of us in trunks striking up five or six poses, again on a large screen

in the last scene, the manager of the business was asking me for my opinion of one of the other men in the competition

the person being referred to struck me as being a person of integrity and i recommended him

the manager had reservations about him though and said he wasn’t suitable because he wanted a married man in the position

when i tried to persuade the manager he would fit in, completely unexpectedly, the manager said that he valued a person by his capacity to love

notes 1

the unexpected aspect of the dream was due to hearing a man who decided he was going to run for mayor-ship of london say he thought love was a defining human quality


vividness 3 to 3.3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: clothes and bodybuilding (1+)


the name of the dream: new shoes

it was time for a new pair of shoes

my long-serving current black ones with a little ridge around the front were made of soft leather and a broad fit, which made them luxuriously comfortable, had served me well but the shoes being broad meant wearing loose trousers and they also lacked that special something, namely; slideability

got exactly what i had in mind, a highly buffed slim-fit style which was one shade of black away from looking like patent leather

had to walk a fifty metres or more away from the high street before turning left into an almost deserted street to test them

the street had a twenty degree down-slope which made it perfect for the “test”

turned my body slightly to the left, lifted my right leg a third of a metre, pushed off with my left leg and landed on my right foot with enough momentum to carry me forward

the shoes slid even better than i’d hoped

involuntarily, rhythmic mouth-sounds accompanied the following three or four steps and it was obvious the shoes were going to be suitable for dancing on almost any floor


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: shoes (1) black (1)


the name of the dream:

x dream – too big for me but alright

second dream-the name of the dream: the professionals

was part of a special-ops team

there were four of us

the two biggest were in front while the two smallest were bringing up the rear

arnold was in front of me and the leader, the other “biggie” was in front of him

we were making our way down a very narrow access pathway at the back of some houses with high fences to our right and a seven-foot-high brick wall to our left

there were bushes in the properties to our right with that had “creeping feelers” with spikes on them and had been let to grow to the floor on our side of the fence and were doing what they were meant to do… make it painful to go along the path

they were doing their job, three or four of the barbs had “found” me and were stuck in my skin

we were supposed to be “toughies” and complaints weren’t part of our remit

i hissed out, “you bastard” as the barbs pulled out bits of my skin when the “slack” in the feelers had been used up and were pulled taut

the person behind me asked what had made me join the group

i said, “i watched a film which inspired me to get involved”

i said it loud enough for arnie to hear it knowing he would probably be interested and ask about it, which he did”

what film was that?” he asked

“like i’m going to tell you. as if your head isn’t big enough already” i said

i was thinking of “stay hungry” but he wouldn’t know for sure what film was being referred to

if he had asked my answer would have been “kindergarten cop”

in the next scene, it was dusk and the four of us were walking along a crowded beach

decided to try and get a “rise” out of arnie by jibing him

said to the person the same size as me loud enough for arnie to hear me, “the trouble with big blokes is they always get the glory even though it’s the smaller blokes who take all the risks”

arnie “went” for it and turned his head around

before he said anything i said to the person my size, “it’s best to put them down occasionally. it saves you having to slap them around”

there were a couple more “one-liners” but they had gone underground in the memory by the time i got to typing this


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: celebrities (7+) arnie (3+) special-op’s (2+)


the name of the dream: popping the question

the first scene, walking through town without an awful lot of purpose

a young lady, about twenty-two, a mixture of stockiness and chubbiness, shoulder-length auburn hair with natural curls, a pleasant demeanour and about the same height as me asked me for a pound for the bus

with a slight feel of empathy i told her i used cards and didn’t have any loose change

her face lost a bit of its natural easiness

decided to help her out and said i’d have to go to the atm, get the minimum transaction of a tenner from the atm and get it changed

in the next scene, we were talking while walking slowly

had got the money and was going to buy something from a shop to get it changed

before we got to a shop it was my turn to feel let down when she asked to borrow the whole town pounds and repay me the following day

it could have gone either way; i was tittering on politely saying no

she interrupted my deliberations and said in a way which was full of sincerity that she would meet me tomorrow and give it back to me

before i could say yes or no she gave me the place and the time of where we would meet the following day

again, her voice was full of sincerity and she was herself again

it stirred me

if nothing else she would be happy for the rest of the day and besides, i would be in town the following day anyway

she did turn up and in the next scene we were sitting in a cafe talking about our hopes and aspirations

at one point i said that to do what she wanted to do she should move to another town or country

she chimed in with, “john, i want to marry you”

it was an “in-your-face” exclamation that completely non-plussed me

the words resounded in my head

my thoughts and feelings were going in all directions at the same time

the scene stayed the same and the topic of the conversation became the practicalities of a pre-marital relationship as my feelings were still soaring while my thoughts took direction and construction

it was realised, with a little diligence, i would be happy for the rest of my life

notes 1

it’s amazing how a passing thought during the day which had a minimal amount of constructiveness in it, produced such a markedly rewarding dream


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (26+) female (17+) long-term (2+)


the name of the dream:the wrong arm of the law

got back home after being out and was told there was a man in the living room who wanted to see me

i walked into the room and immediately saw him

it was hard not to see him, he was a giant of a man who filled the armchair and most of the area above his head

didn’t know him and said something sensible like… “how can i help you”

it seemed to enrage him and he leant forward, stretched out his never-ending arm, grabbed my wrist and in a highly practised way put handcuffs on me

he then accused me of stealing some irreplaceable items from him

i didn’t have any idea what he was going on about and asked him to tell me what it was he thought i had stolen

he gave a quick description of the items and brought an example out of his pocket

it was an odd-shaped bit of silver and purple anodised steel with a hole or two in it (the stand-out visual)

it then came out that the person who had stolen from him was a person i knew well and i was the only way the policeman knew who might know where he lived

in two or three earnest and soulfully-sounding sentences convinced the policeman that i was in no way involved and he if he took the handcuffs off me i might be able to help him

he uncuffed me and i went and fetched a tin from the odds and sods cupboard

there were indeed two or three pieces of anodised steel the same colour as the one he had shown me but their shape was all wrong

he shook his head and became despondent but perked up and showed interest when i said it would be possible to reshape the bits of metal by “cold pressing” them and told him to take them with him


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: suspect of crime (1)


the name of the dream: the soul singer

on the phone to someone and asked her or him to play a song

it may have been a phone-in radio programme or a friend on the phone

the person on the other end of the phone wasn’t familiar with the song

there was nothing else for it, i had to sing some of it in the hope he/she would recognise the song

after the first line of the song i felt in fine voice, decided to put my heart and soul into it

after singing a couple of lines of the song had forgotten the rest of the words and plucked lyrics from other songs that had a similar feel to them

inevitably, the different lyrics carried the tunes of the songs to which they belonged which made it impossible for the person on the other end of the phone to recognise the song which had been requested but by now my need to hear the original song had been replaced by the need to express the soulfulness of how i felt and my singing became so forceful it woke me out of the dream


vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: externalised (10+) singing (3+)


the name of the dream: business and pleasure

at a megastore looking at the queue lining up to be called to the pharmacist counter

the young woman letting the customers in to be served was about twenty-six with a ponytail, was dressed in a grey and dark blue uniform

the queue was about twenty deep and it would take at least an hour to be at the front of the queue

what was bothering me was not just the wait but whether i would get what i wanted when it was my turn to be served

explained my predicament to the girl controlling the flow of customers… “i want steroid cream for a reluctant-to-heal scald on my leg and i’ve already been turned down at another pharmacist’s”

the girl replied, “meet me here at eight o’clock”

she intended to make sure i got what i wanted

eight o’clock would be the end of the working day and there was no doubt she would be susceptible to my suggestion of letting me say thank you by asking her to have a drink with me after

was considering what to get her to drink and thought it would be best suggesting we could get a coffee at a pub with the option of having a brandy with our coffee when the dream ended

two successive days of a dream with a queue in a shop!


vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: shopping (4+) pharmacist’s (1+)


the name of the dreams: climate debate; the slovenly, sexy slider

the first scene in this dream is of an expanse of trees in mountainous terrain, sweden i think

the climate debate was raging

apparently, the earth’s changing magnetic field had not been factored into the assessment

this, in turn, gave rise to a counter-argument for the wild swings in the fluctuations of temperature

the new perspective was made as a t.v. presentation and had thrown a spanner into the debate about climate change

the second dream, upon waking and before shaving or getting washed or dressed i went to the local mini-market within a door or two from where i was living wearing only my pyjama bottoms and slippers

there was a queue of about ten women waiting to go through the checkout

hadn’t foreseen there would be a queue but it was too bothersome to have to go back home and do ablutions

one or two the women looked with an unsure look which in turn spurred me into doing something to prove to them it was they and not me who was the odd man out

still in a relaxed, sleepy state, increased the speed of my walking and without having to pause at any of the shelves, plucked the solitary item needed for breakfast from the shelf then slid as smooth as silk the last two or three metres, turning while sliding, so that i ended up leaning back on the pole that held the band of canvas that kept the queue orderly, with my elbows resting in a wholly posing posture on the red band

it was easy to see what one of the women was thinking as her look went from my feet, lingered around my mid-section and came to rest looking me in the eyes

notes 1

the climate dream was the result of watching a documentary about the substrata of the earth


vividness 3.2 – observer and participant – the category of the dreams: topical (2+) climate change (1+) and shopping (3+)


the name of the dream: light and heavy

was part of the production team of a las vegas-type showgirl extravaganza

barking out orders here, querying things there

mostly all of the production costs were used up in the glitzy costumes and headwear

looked like there were about a hundred or so girls who been broken into groups of twelve with each group having their own theme

the theme of the dresses seemed to be cultures of the world

one scene in particular, which had girls dressed in ankle-length, tight-fitting silver dresses with different coloured sequins glinting as the ladies moved was mesmerising

don’t recall any music or singing though

the last scene of the dream is of me struggling to manoeuvre a six-foot barbell with about ten-kilogrammes of the weight of each end up the winding stairs of a double-decker bus one-handed as the other hand was needed to keep me balanced as the bus was moving

notes 1

this is the second dream recently, and about the fifth time in total, when a completely unrelated one-scene theme has been tagged onto the end of the main-sequence dream

will give this type of dream the category of an addended dream


vividness 3 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: addended dream: (5) showbiz (2+) weight training equipment (2+)


the name of the dream: men of ember

we were three

we were in a shop buying sweets

the first one of us bought his sweets

he was the youngest and he always got priority when we were in a limited situation, as we were in this dream

it was my turn to buy whatever i wanted with the provision there would always be something for the third member of the trio

it was a long, compartmented, glass counter with the cheapest items near where we were standing

we were standing at the end of that part of the counter where the till was

i had seen what i wanted as we were slowly moving along the line of the queue

it was those pink, medium-hard, dissolve-in-the-mouth, quite large sweets

it meant going back down the counter to where they were, making a mental note of what other items they were next to and coming back to where the cashier was, which i did do

gave the young girl a description of the sweet and their location and the young girl serving went and fetched them

the girl brought back the wrong sweets

i’d remember what other sweets were next to the ones i wanted and directed the girl to where they were

she picked up the wrong items again, poor directions

it was taking too long and other people were waiting so i settled for what it was she had lifted up and shown me, a large wedged-shape piece of ginger cake with treacle on top sprinkled with brown sugar

she spoke out the price of the two items we had bought

i had a feeling that between us we didn’t have enough

i brought all the money i did have out of my pocket, an old pound note and about two-bob in change, it wasn’t enough

the youngster of the three of us didn’t say anything when he could see i didn’t have enough and brought out his change, a ten bob note and a few coppers

between us, we could pay for what we had got so far but there was hardly any money left for the third member of the trio

he was the least assertive of us, a natural stoic

he always assumed he was the last in the pecking order

he knew that we, the other two of the three of us, would never sell him short and would gladly give what we had if he asked for it or offer some of what we had if he had a disproportionally smaller amount

we, the other two, cherished and felt a slight reverence for him

we left the shop and went and sat on a jagged brick wall and ate our sweets

the youngest of the three of us ate his first and immediately burst into flames and then into a flat pile of ash that resembled something that reminded me of him

it was i who finished my sweets second and i too burst into flames and, i assume, rendered to ash

my last thought was, at least the least of the trio deserved and would be spared but the last scene of the dream was him as an unrecognisable mound of ash

make sense of this dream if you can


vividness 2.9 to 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: friends (5+) sweets (4+) death (1+)


the name of the dream: checked

needed some a2-sized coloured sheets

didn’t have the money to buy them and thought i would be able to “half-inch” them from the university

got onto the grounds all right and in the next scene i am in the concourse

there are a dozen or more corridors to choose from

the first corridor i walked along had a checkpoint when i got to the end

walked back to where i started from

that happened three or four times

thought i’d “cracked” it when i saw a flight of stairs only to find there was another checkpoint at the top of the stairs

i’d made six or seven attempts in total before i gave up


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: thieving (7+) coloured paper sheets (1) university (1)


the name of the dream: belligerence, real and imagined

there were more themes in this dream than there has been for quite a while

in one scene, was driving a rugged-looking moped

it wasn’t more than a hundred and fifty c.c. but it was pokey, verging on sporty

was driving it with less caution than i should

a policeman stopped me and it was clear from his attitude he intended to “run me in”

he was an awkward bugger and i responded in kind

he called for back-up and i was fully expecting to be “rough-housed”

the theme changed, was in a yard that was full of cardboard boxes stacked four or five high

they were too high to see over

four or five men appeared from behind one of the stacks and, like the previous theme, i thought there was going to be trouble

they pointed guns at me that looked like staple guns and began firing

the bullets the “guns” fired were little white polystyrene balls like those used in bean bags

i had been “set up”, it was a gag


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: mixed-themes dreams: (10+) belligerence and fun (1+)


the name of the dream: grasslands

two of us, the other person in the dream never featured in visual form but we spoke to each other throughout the dream

the first scene was of an expanse of a mixture of greenery and beige the size of a county

i said to the other person in the dream that if someone got careless with fire it would cause a local environmental disaster

in the second scene, i think it was in africa, the beige-coloured vegetation stretched from horizon to horizon

my impression was it was dead grass

both of us felt there was a genuine cause for alarm

it would only take a spark for the whole of the savanna to become a wildfire


vividness: 3.8 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: expansive vegetation (1+) beige (1)


the name of the dream: pancake day

i am visiting neighbours, they are a family of nine or ten, mainly young girls

they are making pancakes

the frying pan they are using is too big

the girl doing the cooking is using a spatula that is too small to turn the pancakes and they start to break

tried using a knife and the spatula together

it helped but the pancakes were still breaking

told them to mix more flour and water while i went and got a smaller frying pan

back with a new pan in the next scene and about to start cooking

asked the family, “does anybody want strawberries and ice cream with their pancake ?”

they all did, especially the mother

gave one of the girls the key to my front door and told her to go to the fridge and bring one of the round tubs of ice cream she would see when she opened the deep freezer door

the mother went to the shops for the strawberries

notes 1

both the rowley’s and the frying pan are memories of this lifetime although cooking the food at the rowley’s is not

at a guess, this dream extends across twenty-thousand undulations

the silver frying pan (the stand-out visual) is due to pressing into use a new and shiny frying pan to cook more items than ususl for breakfast

this dream is out of sequence (july)


vividness 3.2 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: food (10+) pancakes (1) and cooking (3+) frying pan (2+)the rowleys (2+)


the name of the dream: a detailed explanation

was being pressed by a group of three or four people to explain why love/life, and specifically the lover, had to experience all the variations or combinations of the elements

“without the knowledge of the variables, which could only be gained by experitence and thus become part of his being, there would be area’s which would cause a catastrophic failure while building life-forms in the environment they would be growing into”

after two or three spoken sentences the dream then became a think-read dream and the second most lengthy one to date

again, the ease of constructing complex sentences became easier using the “grammatically correct and contextually sensible” method which allowed the rapid forming of sentences, of which there were a dozen or more

and also again, the dream and awake conscious merged and the dream became a conscious thing for the last few sentences

that i was now in the conscious state and forming sentences with ease meant, strictly speaking, it was no longer a dream and i broke away from the sentence-forming and woke

why there can be almost indistinguishable difference between awake-time and dream time will become clearer soon

a new update for the dinosaur class of the man-shaped beings is being constructed and it will completely blur the sharp distinction we currently have about awake-time and dream-time or the physical and spiritual state

it’s all happening!


vividness 3.3 to 4 – participant – the category of the dream: dream-time, awake-time dream (3+) think-read (12+)


the name of the dream: a man of few words

at the doctors having a check-up

he doesn’t say a word

no sounds of approval or disapproval, no nodding or shaking of his head, nothing in his facial expressions which make me think one thing or another

i could be a beacon of health or knocking on death’s door

not sure if i should be relaxed or concerned

he gets to my head

he presses down on my chin with his thumb and my mouth opens automatically

he has a flat piece of wood in one hand and a shiny metallic instrument with a mirrored or shiny, flat and round end

the wooden thing is pressing down on my tongue while the metal instrument is seeing through the dark of my mouth

he taps my tongue with the metal instrument and says, “a smoker”

i think i detect a touch of satisfaction in the tone of his voice; he has found something wrong with me

“i wouldn’t have thought it was that obvious, i only smoke 50 grams a week, er, a month” i say with a touch of pride

the dream ended there before the examination did

woke up and go to the computer

turned the radio on before starting to type this entry, it was a discussion was about smoking!!??

addenda: vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: the doctor’s (3+) examination (2+)


the name of the dream: the children “photo-shoot”

at an awake-time friends house

his partner was out and we were looking after the girls

one of the girls was in a mischievous mood and wasn’t interested in doing anything we suggested

resorted to one of those things girls do like doing, being photographed and looking at the photos afterwards

the longest part of the dream was of me sliding through the pics on the phone with the eldest of the girls and “critiquing” her postures and clothes

one photo, in particular, showed her at her most appealing and she was well pleased with it so i began to re-compose it

it would have been “one for the album” if i had framed it properly but from her knees down weren’t in the picture

still, taking photo’s of her had done the trick and now she was altogether more amenable to doing something “sisterly” with her younger sister

notes 1

the most vivid dream for some time

in contrast to the difficulties of manipulating the computer, editing the still pics on the phone was, at times, as easy as editing in awake-time


vividness 3.6 to 4.2 – participant – the category of the dream: children (7+) photography (7+)


the name of the dream: weary

bumped into a long-time awake-time friend in town

being a tough little cookie he was on speaking terms with people of the same ilk

as a result of knowing him, i come into contact with the people he knew

without exception, every one of them was a different degree of unsavouriness

it was impossible not to bump into them in the most unexpected or unlikely places

it was just a matter of time before one of them roped me into something

because they inevitably used violence in their lifestyle i knew i would find myself in a “caper” where i would be expected to use violence and it could quite easily turn into a crime of murder

i explained to s why it was necessary for me not to associate or talk to him anymore

he understood and i woke out of the dream feeling relaxed


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: friends and acquaintances (7+) s (3+)


the name of the dream: an instance of desperation

not sure what my job title was but it gave me a “voice” in the running and organising of an opera company

there was a “flap” on

three members of the cast had become unavailable for a presentation two or three days before an extravaganza performance

it was me who became aware that the shortfall could jeopardise the entire production

one of the understudies was not a member of the opera-singers union and couldn’t meet the union rules of being a bonafide union member for a minimum amount of time before taking part as a professional performer

another major problem was that a large backdrop was the wrong shade of grey

the crisis was being explained to the manager of the production team who suggested the obvious solutions as each of the three problems was brought to her attention

the gravity of the situation was slowly emerging as each of her solutions to the problems was countered for different reasons

the longer the dream went on the more it became obvious that a catastrophe was imminent

the dream came to an end when someone said i was a union member and all heads turned my way and someone queried in a tone of voice that was a mixture of hope and desperation, “can you sing ?”

it would have been funny if the situation wasn’t so serious


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: opera’s (3+)


the name of the dream: the school play

a primary school teacher thought there was enough talent among the pupils to do one of shakespeare’s plays

other teachers thought so too and a talent-spotting initiative was launched

it was agreed that romeo and juliet would be the play the youngsters would be most able to relate to

after a while, it emerged that except for one boy, the hurdle of remembering all the lines was just too big a task for the youngsters

it occurred to someone to let the boy play the part of romeo and have different girls who could remember a lot of lines play juliet for those parts of the play they could remember and with the use of costumes, wigs and make-up present an acceptable continuity of the same juliet

production was well underway and after several dress rehearsals the “buzz” grew to the point where it was realised that it was going to be successful


vividness 3 – observer – the category of the dream: primary school children (2+) school plays (1)


the name of the dream/s: a misunderstanding and a sing-along opera

the first theme, sitting on a high stool drinking a coffee, not sure if it was an indoor or outdoor cafe, reasonably sure it was on the continent

a couple had been sitting next to me for a while before i noticed the man was smoking

pointing to his cigarette and then at my coffee i gestured for a smoke

he was smiling before i said anything and continued with his teeth-smile as he threw his cigarette into my coffee

he had completely misunderstood me

he thought i was asking him to put out his smoke out

second theme

was sitting in the “gods” of an auditorium that looked like it could seat five-hundred or more people

amongst the one-third full theatre, there were three groups of women

one group of the women were to my left on the “lower-deck” and the other two groups were on my level

the women, and the opera, were either sicilian or italian and dressed in what looked to be traditional garb… colourful dresses and head-scarves, singing and clapping along with the performance in a rumbustious manner

if there never was an opera that was composed with the intention of the audience joining in then there will be in the future

which makes this dream a future time-tense


vividness 3 to 3.3 – first dream participant, second dream observer – the category of the dream: two-themed dream (13+) cafe’s (3+) opera’s (2+)


x dream

the name of the dream: age no barrier. in fact…

and an unpublished dream from 01072019

the name of the dream: a bit of a strain

needed to change the oil in the chip pan but the metal sieve let too many bits through

after trying two or three different ways the answer was to heat the oil up and use a thick paper cereal box as a strainer


vividness 2.9 – o/b ? the category of the dream: cooking (1+) cooking oil (1)


the name of the dream: double-lunch

at home with the family for sunday lunch

children are playing in the back garden

as usual, i’m famished and thinking about having a quick nibble of something or other to quell the feeling of hunger

nip into the kitchen to see what stage mom is at with the meal

everything is ready except for the cabbage

the reason it was taking longer than usual to cook was that mom had run out of saucepans with lids and was improvising with a wok-shaped pan

as the water was boiling away mom was topping it up with cold water

the second dream is the same theme as the first dream, sunday lunch

this lunch is at a pub that does carvery sunday roast and is famous in the area for quality and quantity

the quantity side of the meal was on my mind as i was walking; i was famished

there is a mini-event of a pool competition in an area adjoining the carvery

walking through the pool table area several people are “clocking” me with serious looks

at the serving area of the carvery, no one else is there, think it was ready to close

one or two of the usual vegetables had been used up

ask the woman if it’s okay to have mashed potato and roast potato to make up the “vegetable-count”

she says yes and gives me a generous portion of both types of “tatties”

can feel them going down my throat as i’m walking to the dining table


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: food (9+)


the name of the dream: the party

about forty people were relaxing and socialising in four or five different areas

each area had a different flavour to it in its decor and ambience… casual standing and sitting… sitting and reclining… drinking and standing…

it needed music

didn’t have more than a ten-watt system to hand but that was enough to turn the area that could hear it into a distinctly more lively environment

the person who had the say in what did and didn’t happen, it might have been the house-owner, saw the potential for turning the premises into something more than just a friendly “chill-out” gathering into a vibrant and lively social event

he was enthusiastic about me setting up two or three different areas with different types of music and suggested something about the lighting


vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: social gatherings (2+)


the name of the dream: the end is nigh

a growing number of people were convinced that the end of the world was imminent

as the predicted date grew closer the fervour mounted

on the day it was expected to happen there was pandemonium everywhere

so strong was peoples conviction i began thinking there may be something in it and a sense of doom gripped me as well

it was the early evening of the day of doom

as the day wore on various thoughts and historic indications led me to conclude the reasoning which had caused the prevailing outlook to gain a foothold were hopelessly wrong

the american media machine had singled out a specific idea and made a meal out of it

an end-of-the-world scenario depicted the sky filled with red hot clouds rushing through the atmosphere burning up everything below it

as i was walking, a black mini-stretch limo with flags on the wings pulled up alongside me

the rear door opened and a man beckoned me to get into the car

i declined and told the man that if he wanted to talk we could do so as we were walking

while walking and talking i explained that the catastrophe had already happened

“it happened”, i said “twenty-five years earlier when, over a ten year period, a feverish attempt to get everyone to realise that we needed to act immediately fell on deaf ears”

“within a few years of comprehension my sensitivity or feel for life became so acute i was taken to hospital after undergoing a mild nervous breakdown as a result of wars in the middle east and the appalling loss of life

“day by day, person by person, no one grasped the urgency of the situation. a blaise attitude stifled my every attempt”

“shouting, berating…” i was criticised for being too intense

my urgent approach was doing more harm than good, people said.

eventually, i became the person i am now. acclimatised to unnatural death. a person resigned to a casual approach to matters of life and death”

see also the end of the world


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: doomsday scenario’s (1) fire (1)


the name of the dream: two-dreams for one in dreamland

am the owner of a pet shop

it is saturday, the busiest day of the week

a couple come into the shop and ask what happens in this part of town on saturday

i tell them there is a music festival on which lasts from friday to sunday

it is a love-in type music festival and most people take a cage with a pair of budgies to the festival, pander to them for the weekend and let them fly away at the end of the festival on sunday night

alternatively, they can hire the birds from me or buy them and sell them back to me or they can take them back home with them or sell them to someone at the festival

the couple buy the budgie “package” and enough food and treats for the birds for the weekend and pay £4 for them

business is booming

here’s a nice little twist…

in the second half of the dream, my girlfriend and i are customers in the same shop and are being advised what to do for the weekend by the shop owner

it is my first time in the shop and the owner tells us what i, as the shop owner, had told the couple to buy and do in the first half of the dream

the difference is… in the second half of the dream the girlfriend and i are at the music concert enjoying the sounds of music and birds singing in the sunshine

notes 1

think this dream is the result of pondering how to create and distribute wealth after listening to a radio programme a couple of days before which hosted a debate between two people who were giving the pro’s and con’s from the consumer and supplier’s point of view


vividness 3.2 to 3.7 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: role-swapping (1) business and pleasure (3+) budgies and music (1)

notes 1

the scope for variations in dreams will, when first thought about, appear to be endless, which it is in a finite way

googol of years to experience as many different sets of circumstances that can exist across /undulations without end !

this is, of course, love/life getting the most out of the circumstance eternity has thrust upon us and is preparing us for true endlessness (see straight-line-action)


the name of the dream: high seas and blatant thieves

was looking out to sea from a ship on the sea

the swell of the ocean had captured my attention

the entire ocean, from horizon to horizon, was heaving up and then dropping down again

about three-quarters of the way off into the horizon was a red light; the see-me light of a derrick

the swell lifted it up and when the swell dropped the light had gone

i gasped out, “did you see that?”

“see what?”, a voice said, and i explained what i had just seen

notes 1

this dream is due to thinking about a film taken from a satellite which showed a wave engulfing an ocean-going cargo ship

the clip of the film, two seconds long, showed a ship being swallowed up

this is one of those memories that pop into the mind every now and then

the wave seemed to act like a giant predatory sea monster that had stealthfully caught up to its quarry

the wave came from behind the ship and when the wave had passed, in a matter of two seconds the ship had gone

no up-ending and slowly slipping under the waves, one second it was there the next it was gone

notes 2

when the writer hears of drama on the seas it occurs to him that the cause of much of the drama at sea is due to the influence of the moon

sixty-five-million years ago, when the moon was closer, the seas would have been considerably rougher

what tales of drama in has dinosaur-man got to tell?

second dream

in a large store doing a bit of indoor window shopping

a man with several wads of money was offering to pay  for the customers who were at the til queuing to pay for their items

there had been an inflow of millions of pounds into the economy of forged ten-pound notes

all business’s had been instructed by the government to take the forged money that had been presented to them and not compensate the customer

the store was paying for some good publicity

notes 3

this dream is due to explaining to a woman a few days ago that a forgery scam a few years back was, in fact, a government scam; the brand new notes were coming out of the atm’s of banks!!!

yer typical british scam by the oligarch wolves knowing the population are either sleeple (people who are asleep to what’s happening) or sheeple (people too meek) and wouldn’t say or do anything

notes 4

aren’t you fed-up with hearing the phrase “financial crisis” (2007/8)

let’s get it straight…

the “financial crisis” was conceived by british financiers and implemented by their agents throughout the world’s banking system

“the great robbery and backlash” (THE GRAB) is more fitting


vividness 2.9 to 3.1 – participant and observer – the category of the dreams: rough seas (3+) – theft (7+) government (1)

09092019 (06092019)

the name of the “dream?”

for a number of reasons have been hesitant to make this entry

however, in line with the spirit of being as straightforward as possible and sharing everything worth sharing, here goes…

the first, and only scene is in the living room of where i live now (if i was asked to draw a quick rough sketch of the living room it would be the same as the room in this “dream”. the dimensions are the same, the layout of the furniture is the same; to all intents and purposes it is the living room)

was woken out my sleep by a sound

upon opening my eyes there was a young man, five-feet-seven or eight, slightly bulky, twenty or so, wearing a dark-grey boiler suit and sneakers with what looked like an electronic tester in his left hand

at this moment this dream is as real as any awake-time memory and further, i believe i am awake

his presence didn’t phase me at all

“who are you?”, i ask in a challenging tone, “blow me”, he says defiantly

i pause for a moment

“how did you get in?”, i ask, but he is gone from the “dream”

on the verge of getting out of bed and looking for him when the thought re-occurred, “how did he get in?” and then other thoughts… he couldn’t have got in that way, but if it wasn’t that way the only other was…

the thing about this “dream” is that from the moment the sound woke me to the moment when i got out of bed two minutes later there was no discernible change in my conscious state, as has been the case with all other dreams within dreams

to make sense of this “dream” as an awake-time event means making a preposterous conjecture… there are mammal man-shaped beings who can pass through walls (passing through walls is a well-documented ability of grey’s. and if greys can do it then so can evolving beings) see this and this
and this

for this to be true it means that there are devolving mammal men in league with devolving dinosaur-man

or, there are evolving mammal man-shaped beings who are in league with evolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

if it was an evolving being of the mammal class then why the need to break in?

if it is the case that devolving mammal-men are working with devolving dinosaur men then the ability to pass through walls would have been used by devolving beings in ways which could really throw a spanner into the works of world events

or, it is a new category of a dream, an awake-dream

if it is an awake dream then the boundary between dream-time and awake-time has been breached

it should also be mentioned that the writer has been “visited” by three evolving females of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings while living where i’m living now

this experience could explain how they got in

will present a picture of what they look like when we get going

addenda: participant – vividness 3.4 – the category of the dream: awake-dream (1) home-intrusion


the name of the dream: the indifferent camp commandant

in this military camp inductee’s were given wrist i.d. bracelets as dog tags

the i.d. bracelets were collected by the commandant either at the start of the day or the end of the day and was re-issued either at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day

it wasn’t until they were being collected and went to remove mine that i realised mine wasn’t on me

we were at attention and it would mean having to “break rank” to look for mine

in a hopeful attempt to lessen the misdemeanour i slipped off my gold wristwatch and handed it over in act of contrition

in another scene, at the commandant’s office with the wrist i.d. to swap the bracelet for the watch

in the commandant’s office, he produced a collection of half a dozen gold watches, sifted through them and handed me one

it wasn’t mine and thinking he was an easy going man i made a light quip about it not being mine, as if i would wear something that cheap

without realising it i had made the mistake of interpreting his quiet demeanour as being that of a relaxed man

the callous nature of the man showed itself and he said something which let me know that to him i was nothing more than a lump of meat

just how callous he was revealed itself in the last scene when i was taken to the edge of the compound where several other soldiers had received his judgement

their hands were tied behind their back and were so positioned it meant they had to lift their body up and rest the weight of their upper body through the teeth in their bloody mouths as they were attempting to chew through the wire


vividness 3 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: sadism (4?) military institutions (2+)


the name of the dream: a bus, crisps and a girl

first theme, sitting on the upper deck of a double-decker bus

something causes the bus to come to an abrupt stop causing the bus to overturn and land on its top

there is the sensation of lots of movement as i go from the sitting position to being on my back

second theme, having a drink in a sparsely-filled pub

a man tries to strike up a conversation

didn’t like the tone of his voice and ask him if the pub sells crisps

before he says anything i go to the bar with my drink and engage the barman in a conversation

third theme, a girl in her mid-twenties is having trouble doing up the laces in her shoes and the look on her face tells me she is experiencing frustration and despair

a quick appraisal of her situation tells me she has a degenerating physical condition

if i ask her if she wants a hand she will say no, so i get up and when i’m within a step of her i say, “let me help”

she doesn’t say anything or tries to stop me when i stoop down


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: three-themed dreams (5+)


the name of the dream: ufo’s galore

it’s dark, about 7 p.m., and the sky is half clear and half cloudy

my attention* is drawn skyward, more or less directly overhead

nestled between a break in the clouds about four-hundred metres up, fluctuating in brightness with individually coloured lights going on and off, is a flat, stationary object the size of a postage stamp

a six-year-old boy is standing by my side

pointing to where it is isay, “look, there’s a u.f.o.”

the child’s mind is exposed to a new wonder of life and he stands transfixed

after a moment or two, a cloud hides it

the next scene, a small crowd of four or six of us is getting the “works”

new arrangements of lights of different colours, sizes and shapes are imprinting themselves into the mind at breakneck speed

the dazzling display doesn’t last very long but the impression does

it causes me to shout out, “let’s be having yu”

next scene, am not aware of anybody else in the scene as i am looking up at a much bigger object, again about four-hundred metres up but its size gives the impression is just overhead

the craft is moving slowly

it doesn’t have flashing lights but the dark-copper body of the craft is changing in hue which allows the detail of the casing of the craft to be seen in detail… first, it is smooth, then it has ripples, then it has thin ridges

the final scene, my body is startled into ducking as a craft fills the entire field vision of the overhead peripheral view

a mountain hoering above your head would make feel insecure too

*notes 1

those unfamiliar with the act of observation

typically, if a person wants to get the attention of another person she or he will say, “excuse me, can…”

if the person is a distance away they might shout “cooee

more subtly, you may have had the experience that someone is looking at you and an inner-sense of location has caused you to look and you hve come directly into contact with the eyes of someone who is looking at you

e.t.’s, and in particular, “good-guy” e.t’s, have got the mechanism of the act of observation down to a fine art

it is known that act of observation affects sub-atomic particles at the furthest reaches of the universe (bell’s theorem)


vividness 3 to 3.4 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: u.f.o.’s (7+)


the name of the dream: heroism

an audacious plan by a family of german patriots living in london is uncovered during world war II

the net is closing, it is touch and go as to whether they will escape

the family of three or four have an equally audacious escape plan

the mother of the children has been schooled by her husband in the rudiments of a co-pilot

the plane they use for their escape is a huge bomber plane

the plane has barely got a hundred metres into the sky when it is shelled and starts falling from the sky

there were two scenes of the plane losing height and crashing through the rooftops in a built-up area, no doubt killing many civilians

in the final scene, the plane has come to a stop in the rubble amongst the houses

the mother is fretting about what will happen to their one or two children

her husband looks across at her and says, “you don’t think they’re going to let us live after what we’ve done”, and draws his pistol

notes 1

this dream was the result of the effect the film “hacksaw ridge” had on the writer a week ago and has been playing on his mind ever since

although the film portrays an act of heroism that surpasses any other act of heroism known to the writer, he recommends the reader does not watch the film

it is the most violent film the writer has ever seen and, if you’re anything like me, it will affect the quality of your dreams for days after


vividness 3 to 3.3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: acts of heroism (1+) wartime (1) families (1)


the name of the dream: women who love life

working in an exclusive and excessively expensive hotel; you know it’s as up-market as a hotel can be when the chambermaids are male and their working clothes are suits

the guests had left that morning and i was tidying up

during my duties the day before i had been on the same floor and heard the woman occupant of the suite singing to herself

further testament to the wealth of the guests was the items they left behind; it was the guest’s way of tipping the staff

in one of the rooms was two double caskets of wine nestled in straw in wicker baskets with artistic handles and on the bed was a sleeveless, on-the-shoulder woman’s top

would keep one of the baskets of wine and sell the other one

as for the top: the moment i picked it up the plush feel told me it was something special, as was the woman who had the generous nature to gift it to someone who would never be able to afford one

decided to give the woman’s top to one of the girls on the staff

she took it from me and she too could feel the quality of it and began folding it lovingly

the receptionist thought i was handing in a lost item and asked for details

i said it was one of the guests and she had deliberately left it behind so someone like you would have something special for her wardrobe

the receptionist asked me what she looked like and i said i’d never seen her, i had only ever heard her singing

the receptionist, a girl in her late teens asked, “what was she singing ?”

her question was from the heart and she, like me, wanted to know more of the woman’s character


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: the character of women (2+) luxury items (2+)


the name of the dream: business in the “nick”

in the first scene, two of us had just got to my bed in a dormitory with more than a dozen other beds

no one knew, in among my belongings in a tatty folder there was a ruffled white envelope with about two-hundred one-thousand pound notes

they were on my person because, as part of my security routine, they were being moved from one hiding place to another

as i was pulling the envelope out of my jacket the unmistakable sound of a prison officers footsteps became audible

an instinctive wave of mild panic grabbed me and it caused me to fumble the envelope and

one of the notes fell to the floor

the person beside me couldn’t believe it

his eyes widened, he bent speedily and grabbed it

the threat of being questioned or quizzed by the prison officer passed but now a money-hungry inmate was the problem

thankfully, the inmate hadn’t seen exactly where the note had come from and as it was probably the only “thousand-pounder” he had ever seen he assumed it was just this one i had

casually, i threw the envelope with the money into the locker and drew his attention to the note he was holding

would have to “sweeten” him

offered him an ongoing “franchise” of converting the cash into commodities

between us, we would be sitting easy

there then followed several scenes of initiating different ways of using the cash for various other schemes

after the third or fourth different scene-scheme/theme the dreamer realised he was partially conscious as he was constructing the details of how the new themes would be implemented… once a wheeler-dealer…

notes 1

to make the point again

dreams of being in prison is not because the writer feels he has done something wrong

prison-dreams are the effect of living in an oppressive society


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: prison (8+) open (3+) wheeler-dealer (2+)


the name of the dream: unprofessional bread pudding

it is early evening and visiting an irish family, we are talking and talking

we get to talking about food

someone mentions bread pudding

one of the couple tell me they have some and to go into the kitchen and help


it was the worst bread pudding i’d ever seen, there were three-quarters of a slice of bread protruding from one end of it

decide to surprise them and prepare some ready for cooking

back in the living room I tell them what I’ve done and suggest we cook it

it is pointed out it is too late to start cooking

the wall-clock is showing eleven o’clock, i thought it was ten

would make some for me tomorrow

notes 1

this dream was influenced by an eat-out meal two days ago that had three-quarters of a slice of bread protruding out of the pudding


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: food (12+) bread pudding (1)


the name of the dream: ice and rain

a dream of extreme weather conditions across europe

it was torrential rain and sub-zero temperatures

both weather-conditions were so intense it affected the day-to-day running of all countries

every country was in a state of emergency struggling to keep themselves functioning

an aerial view of the countries that were affected by the snow and ice was the stand-out part of the dream, the entire continent looked like a block of ice


vividness 3.5 – observer – the category of the dream: extreme weather (3+) ice and rain (1)


the name of the dream: an odd one

in the first scene, three people… a nineteen-year-old female wearing a shoulder-strap, mid-thigh cream-coloured dress, a male sitting on a stool to the left of her and myself looking on from the front

the young lady is all youth and poise

her super-sleek figure puts me in mind of tinkerbell

she is out to make make an impression on what she feels is her debut into adulthood at a gathering of socialites

it is in her mind that she should have a cigarette in a holder and occasionally take a puff of it

she asks the man on the stool to watch how she takes a puff and tell her if she’s doing it right

without lighting the cigarette she gives her impression of how a person smokes a cigarette in a holder

after she mimics a smoker she is waiting for the man sitting on the stool to say something

for some reason that isn’t obvious the man doesn’t say anything

the dream stalls for a moment as all of the three participants in it are each waiting for one of the others to do or say something

perhaps the moment is that moment the dream should have ended

i don’t think it should

“you pulled the holder out of your mouth too quickly”, i said

the young lady stiffens and the dream ends


vividness 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: odd dreams (3+)


the name of the dream: a young man and me

a young man under the wing of his family wanted to live independently

he went along with my suggestion to make the break and to come and live with me

the ties with his family went far deeper than i realised

the two of us were at my place when someone not known to me came to the front of the house, cupped his hands around the sides of his face, leant on the glass and peered through the window

that a stranger would look through someone’s window and not knock on the door meant he was out of touch with the ways of the world and it was my job to put him right

in the next scene, i was herding him away from the front door and towards the gate when another two men came into the scene

the three of them were demanding that their brother come out of the house and went with them

when i refused one of them pulled out a gun and shot me three times

he either missed or was firing blanks as i was still standing after he fired

there was something about the young lad i didn’t know and was thinking about what it might be when the dream ended


vividness 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: confrontational situations (3?)


the name of the dream: the latecomer

got to the after-dinner discussion-club late

the cook, a professional to the last, that is meant sincerely, rustled up a full meal of mashed spud, a green and white cabbage-mix, sprouts and something else but all the meat had gone

he then conjured up a golden-brown jumbo sausage roll; it was so tasty it was worthy of being an acceptable main dish

in the next scene, had joined the gang in a lounge-room, there were about ten people of mixed gender

the usual suspect couldn’t resist a justifiable jibe, “managed to get here in time for a meal then”

straight back at him with, “yeah, was just wondering who had my portion of the meat”

there were several back and forth quip and counter quip one-liners before the theme of the discussion resumed

someone asked about the most common compound used in the making of…?

heard myself saying, “it may be basalt” and woke up smiling

notes 1

think this dream was the result of thinking about the bus driver on the bank holiday a couple of day’s ago who “took me on” when i said, “next stop please driver” and as quick as a whip he replied “i don’t stop there”

if this sort of thing is going to become commonplace

will be ready with more cutting rejoiner’s than the weak one i gave the driver


addenda: vividness 3.2 to 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: group chat (3+) food (10+)


the name of the dream: not quite the wild west

the town was probably typical of the time

there was “shoot-outs”, although they were few and far between, hygiene wasn’t the uppermost priority as dysentery was rife, drinking and drunkenness was an acceptable pastime, prostitution was part and parcel of the lifestyle…

holding it all together was an underlying determination to make it work

after the women, the sheriff was the major linchpin influencing the progressive trend

yours truly was courting his daughter and we were regarded as an “item”

my association with his daughter in effect made me a deputy, so no one protested when on occasions the sheriff wasn’t there for me to quell an altercation and people accepted my adjudication

one thing which wasn’t part of my remit as an unofficial official was to shoot someone unless of course, it was a matter of personal self-defence; this wasn’t one of those instances

the first scene was one of those times when a sheriff was needed and happenstance put me at the scene

two men were firing at each other

didn’t know what it was that caused the deadly stand-off and until i did it meant taking part in the shooting was out of the question

i was six or seven metres away from one of the men

he was crouched down behind a big barrel in amongst other largish sundry items of a horse stable

against all odds, the man behind the barrel was shot and he was no longer able to defend himself

in the next scene, there was a lull in the intensity of the dream as i lifted the man up intending to take him to a doctor

the limpness in the man’s told me he was dead

at that moment of realisation, a big black wallet fell from his clothing

in the next scene, the man who had been killed and all the other aspects of the dream had gone as the wallet was opened and it revealed thousands of dollars and what looked like high-value notes of other denominations

in the next scene, inexplicably, a crumpled british ten-pound note was being uncrumpled and smoothed out by the dreamer and while doing so he was trying to explain the value of a current british ten-pound note to people in an america of the 1800s


vividness 3 to 3.1 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: america (3+) money (12+)


last night’s dream is just too embarrassing for the people in it to be named

instead, an unpublished dream from 29062019

the name of the dream: the hesitant medical volunteer

it was while at the doctors being examined about something or other when he said mine was the right blood-type a branch of research in medicine was looking for and would i be interested in volunteering to take part

didn’t see any harm in it and agreed

didn’t hear any more about it and by the time another visit to to the doctor was necessary it had been forgotten

the doctor walked into the waiting room and when he saw me he asked the receptionist to get him my medical files

she gave him my health records and he then asked her for my volunteer card

she couldn’t find it nor did she remember issuing one to me

the doctor turned to me and asked for the card

couldn’t remember having one but looked in my card-wallet; if a card had been given to me that’s where it would be

the card-wallet had six or seven cards in it but the card wasn’t among them

a sense of caution took a grip of me, something didn’t gel

had forgotten what was wanted of me as a volunteer and decided not to do it

the dream ended while looking through the cards in the wallet but had no intention of producing the card even if it was there


addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: doctor’s surgery (2 +)


there’s obviously a reason for these incidents happening in a dream

hope to figure it out eventually or perhaps someone else wiil beat me to it

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: – spd (6+)


x dream: all in white

and from the 25082019

the name of the dream: a misplaced sense of self-importance

read an endearing story about two chicks, could have been owls or eagles, who had to start fending for themselves before nature deemed they should

against all the odds, the pair overcome the trials and tribulations of weather, food, predators…

the ending of the story had the matured birds killing the perpetrators of their parent’s demise

which, for me, spoilt the overall effect of the story

decided to write a letter to the author suggesting a different ending if the book went to a second edition

although the email was a think-write letter it was composed in think-read style and was orange-coloured, as it is with think-write dreams

it is also worth mentioning that only two corrections were needed for the short letter of fifty or so words

think-reading/writing is becoming a something of a doddle lately

the think-writing accounted for more than half of the dream, it was also the stand-out part of the dream

in the next scene, the author of the book was talking to me on the phone

he was on the defensive and spoke to me with a hint of condescension

he suggested i attend a presentation or lecture of his work; he told me when and where it would be

he would have known my location and thought i would think it worthwhile to spend a not inconsiderable amount of money and two days travelling for a two-hour show

i was gobsmacked and let out an incredulous “bridlington!”

he realised i was astonished that he would expect me, an ordinary person, to go to that much trouble to see him

his sense of his diminishment was palpable through the phone-line

he fell silent and didn’t say anything else, nor did i


vividness 3 to 3.6 – participant – the category of the dream: think-write dream composed in think-read style (2)


the name of the dream: the loan-lark

was asleep when the caller’s came; don’t know how they got in

their voices woke me

from the bedroom

my sleepy voice said weakly, “put some music on”

it was a girl and a boy; a couple of awake-time acquaintences

an auntie had send them a cheque for eleven pounds and they wanted to give it to me for the cash equivilent

before the swap had taken place another girl and boy, again awake-time acquaintences, came into the dream and they too wanted to loan a tenner

the feeling of needing to put a stop to this sort of thing asserted itself

i said to the girl with the cheque, “i’ll have the cheque”

she pulled out a wallet and from amongst a small wad of notes she handed me a tenner

the look on her face (stand-out bit) made me think the cheque had sentimental value

they both got their tenners before the dream ended


vividness 2.9 to 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: money (25+) loan/s (3+) acquaintances (12+)


the name of the dream: beating the system

had the idea for an app which initiated a new connection between a patient and the patient’s bedside monitoring and diagnostic/prognostic equipment to the hospital’s database

the cables connecting patients to the database were already part and parcel of the design in all hospitals

the novelty was in the ease in initiating the new connection via the app without needing a specialized technician

in the first scene, at the hospital to find a willing patient and try it out

to get into the hospital meant paying the receptionist about ten pounds

the hospital used “transactional” currency while the currency in peoples pockets was another

the hospital must have experienced problems with people not having transactional money because they would accept a proportion of the payment with “pocket money”

didn’t have any transactional currency

passed all the money in my pocket-money to the receptionist/cashier through the gap at the bottom of the window of the payment booth

the cashier accepted the note and three of the coins but rejected some of the coins because, she said, “we’re only allowed to take three of those coins in any one payment”

realising there was a “chink” in the “system”, i asked for a receipt for the money she could accept and would come back and pay the rest with more pocket money when she went for lunch


vividness – 3 – participant – the category of the dream: innovation (6+) computer apps (2+)


the name of the dream: a bag and budgies

met up with an awake-time acquaintance to go to visit someone he knew

we missed the bus which made getting to see his friend that night impractical

we decided to go the pictures instead

a clear plastic bag of tomatoes weighing about five kilogrammes appeared in his hand in the second scene; it was a flimsy one-piece bag

the handle of the bag had become distorted into the thickness of a shoelace and made the bag uncomfortable to carry

he knew a shop where we could buy a bag

walking through the door into the shop was the start of the next scene

the striking feature of the shop was an absence of goods; it was a vegan or vegetarian fresh vegetables shop with the least goods of any shop i had ever gone into

there were tomatoes on a one-metre vine hanging from the ceiling and that was all the vegetables visible

there were two people, a woman and a man, wearing clothes that looked like they were second-generation hand-me-downs

my attention was drawn to the sound of budgerigars above and to the left; it was two birdcages with a budgie in each cage

made budgie sounds which got a reaction from them

my friend had been talking to the shop owner’s from the moment we had walked in and the bag-problem hadn’t been resolved

i said: ” if you could wrap some paper around the handle and sellotape it, that would be fine “

thinking we had imposed ourselves on the shop owners and wanting to show gratitude, i thought it would be a good idea to buy lettuce, cucumber and cress from them and experiment with an uncooked food diet for as long as the tomatoes lasted

as the main purpose of the shop seemed to be somewhere for the locals to have a chinwag, additional veg would have to be bought somewhere else

think we did go to the pictures though


vivivness 2.9 to 3.2 – participant – the categories in the dream: relationships (32+) male (7+) animals (20+) dinosaur (8+) budgerigars (1)


the name of the dream: the high jumper

after watching someone do a high jump was inspired to do it myself

one person suggested practising on a hard surface and develop a slightly different style to the one used by world champions

the variation the person suggested was to adapt the straddle style so that as the weight of the body came back into contact with the ground it should be transferred through the outside of the arm and shoulder and not by the elbow, which would mean using padding when practising on a hard surface

on one of the practises my head took a bump

in the final scene, got to try it in a competition and managed to clear a hundred-and-ninety metres

notes 1

nothing in the pde’s which relate to high jumping although my head bumped into two different things during the day, neither time hurt


vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: athletics (4+) high jump (2+)


the name of the dream: a rigged romance

had just entered a large pub which was a bit up-market; that was the way they wanted it

there was a dancing area adjoining the main bar which could hold a couple of hundred people but it only opened once a week

there was also a small dancing area in the main lounge which could let twenty or thirty people “do their thing”

the working manager was an awake-time friend and he suggested that i come along on this particular night as he was expecting six or seven girls he knew

this dream starts as yours truly has just walked through the doors of the pub

then, walking through the main lounge to the far end where you got a better view of the “action”

was wearing a grey suit and my best imitation of casualness

looking and feeling good, the writer felt confident he was on a “winner”

drink in hand he moves into position near, but not too near, the dance-area

the worker manager came over and after a little bit of a conversation he asked me to “woo” a barmaid working there

he explained… she was a nice enough girl but didn’t have the confidence to talk to men

he told me what drink she liked and had mentioned me to her saying i was a nice person

he pointed her out

expecting to see “the daughter of a dog” i became enthusiastic, she looked like she was just my type

i was all for it

he had given her permission to get from behind the bar and dance when i asked her

my friend, whose judgement in the matter of style was legendary, took off his off-white jacket and told me to wear it for the evening

the jacket made of a material that others would pronounce as coarse-cloth was, in fact, made of a finely woven exotic material which only a clothes-connoisseur could truly appreciate

i put it on, it fitted like a glove and gave my physique a new look

i made my “move”

at the bar, i asked the girl if she would like to join me in a drink

before she had time to say no, i jumped in, “mine’s vodka with half a fresh orange to squeeze”

she too, i knew, drank vodka only without the orange, she accepted the drink

i had to ask her a few times to have a dance over the next half an hour before she said alright

she could dance, it was getting better

it was going to be easy to become more than just friends

as the night progressed, between one song finishing and the next one starting we held hands and eventually put our arms around each other

while embraced in a smooch, i cast my eye around and saw my manager-friend smiling with pure delight

the people around him were also smiling, one or two of them had “beamers”

everyone who knew what was going on and was in a great mood

i had “done it”

i had brought her out of her “shell” and she was the happy outward-going girl everyone knew she could be if only she met the right person

as the night moved on everyone became happier and happier

people could be seen to be talking about us and their smiles grew even bigger

my manager-friend was so overjoyed he started laughing

then others let out laughs

i then recognised the smile on the face of the manager-cum-friend

“you bastard”, my inner voice shouted, as i realised it was me who had been “set up”

notes 1

this dream came about as a result of thinking about something which i know people will ask me to do when we “get going” and what to do about it

be warned, if you back me into a corner i will come out throwing punch-lines


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: humour (20+) relationships (30+) male and female (1+)


the name of the dream: the hungry dog

a knock on the door, it’s my sister with a dog, my dog (the second dream within two days of the same dog)

he’s a two-tone brown and black in its juvenile years

as in the first dream, he’s here there and everywhere as though looking for something

go to the fridge to get the milk for a cuppa

as i reach in the fridge the dog barges past me, sticks his face into a pyrex jug and starts whooping down the contents

the dog is hungry, really hungry

take out a meat pie out of the fridge to heat it up for the dog and decide to give it some gravy to go with it

some of the pie falls away and onto the floor when getting it out of the fridge, let the dog eat it

sister has one of those extending dog leads and i ask her to show me how it works in practice

on the lead, the dog is still looking for more food

it’s not being fed anywhere near enough

notes 1

nothing in the pde’s which would have prompted the two dreams

what’s this dream relating to?

is the significance in the hunger?

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: animal (12+) mammal (8+) dog (4+)


the name of the dream: the barefoot runner

the lower limbs demanded they were given free rein

what i wanted came second

there and then, no if or buts it was time “go”

it wasn’t a “flighted” sprint, as in most running dreams, it was more a four-hundred metre pace run

the wide-strided steps kept me lower to the ground which enabled turning at sharper angles (it’s amazing how easy it is, when moving at a pace, to avoid people and obstacles)

road, pavement, and in one scene, a cobbled surface were all welcoming contacts for my feet, just so long as there was the opportunity to work

the feet and thighs were the two parts of the “bod” the sensation of strength became highlighted in this style of running

the running turned to a walk when the grass became the surface and the dream turned into a day in the park

notes 1

can trace the origins of this dream to a sensation while pottering around the house during the day

have been walking about the flat without shoes or socks since the start of the summer

there was one moment during the day when a firm connection between the feet and floor made me think i would be able to run again


vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: running (5+) barefoot (1) city (2+)


the name of the dream: a situation in the loo

was working in a small restaurant

it had six or seven tables

it was always booked up thanks to a top-notch a la carte menu

it was a steady job, had been there for almost a year

enjoyed the work and the people, both customers and staff were sociable people

alas, as is the way of the world, needed a few more pounds in my pocket

the restaurant was closed down in the evening to let the locals use the restaurant bar as a pub, it too was popular

it would be possible to partition the tables of the restaurant off from the bar and open the restaurant in the evening which would give me the chance to earn more money

decided to go in that evening and talk to the manager about it

arrived early in the evening and before speaking to the manager went into the toilets

as i walked to get to the cubicles three lads were milling about at the latrine

when they became aware of me they turned and looked

i was exactly the type of target they were looking for, not too big and not too small, and made snide remarks to and about me as i passed them

ignoring them didn’t work

i was seated on the toilet when the head and shoulders and shoulders of one of them appeared over the top of the cubicle

i pulled my trousers up and said something abusive as i was finishing adjusting my clothes

as soon as i opened the door one of the lads pushed his way into the cubicle and tried to grab me

i thrust my open hand into his face which stopped his forward momentum but his overall weight sent me back and i ended up pinned against the back wall of the toilet

the arm being used to stop his forward movement was locked out straight in front of me and he couldn’t get to me without forcing his face harder into my unyielding locked arm

in the typically self-destructive manner of that type of person, he kept on pushing

as he pushed, unintentionally, my thumb slipped into his eye socket and i could feel more and more of his eyeball as he pushed himself forward

it must have been excruciating but now he had gone into “suicidal” mode and kept the pain he was feeling at the maximum he could stand and still push

he felt, and i knew there was every chance his eye could pop out of the socket

it was just a matter of time before his “back-up” came to his rescue and when he was free he would inflict as much damage as he could on me, quite possibly killing me in his pain-blind rage

actually “finishing him off” by taking his eye out wasn’t an option for me

it meant doing something else

i let out a high pitched yell and kept it sustained for seven seconds or so

the yell had an odd sound, clear, penetrating

it caused his mates to stop in their tracks

i had done two more yells when four or five men came into the toilet to witness what it was that could cause a person to make a sound like that

it was the sound of a person who didn’t want to ruin a person’s life but was being forced into the position of doing so

the assault had been halted and calm entered the dream

notes 1

the stimulus for this dream was thoughts during the day of what the response would be from the oligarch’s when they realised “the jig was up


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: violent situations (12+) personal (6+)


x dream


dream from 14082019

the name of the dream: the car driver

standing on the pavement waiting for the owner of the car parked on the kerb next to me to return

a man appears and, thinking i’m the owner of the car, asks me to move it because he has to make an urgent delivery

the look on his face and his slightly agitated manner tells me it is urgent

the man i’m waiting for had several things to do and i don’t know where he is or how long he will be

haven’t driven a car for decades but i decide to take a risk and move the car; the man making the delivery is visibly relieved

with a skill that i thought belonged to a time gone by it was easy as pie to drive the car out from a bit of a tight spot between two cars

moving the car was uppermost in my mind and i hadn’t given a thought of where to move it to

it wasn’t until the car was eight metres away from where it had been that it became obvious there wasn’t anywhere else to park it

o.k., would have to keep going until there was a space somewhere

a gap appeared amongst the row of cars on my side of the road but upon slowing down it simply wasn’t going to be possible for me, or anyone else, to park a car

could see a crossroads junction fifty metres away

at the junction, with the ease of a professional, a tight and speedy u-turn had the car going back up the road i had just driven down

was so surprised with my own skill decided to take the car a “run”

it was great to be back at the wheel


vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: driving a vehicle (3+) car (2?)


the name of the dream: lay scholars and business trickery

met two men who had both read all 30 volumes of an encyclopedia

it wasn’t until some years after they met and formed a bond

they were reluctant to explain their feelings about whether they thought it had or hadn’t been a worthwhile endeavour

in the next dream, three different companies had failed to follow up on after-sales services

two representatives of one of the companies was at my home explaining they had met the “terms” of the agreement

it didn’t take long to realise that the terms had been met but with typical business trickery their after-sales commitments had clauses and provisions which freed them from being legally bound to do what any reasonable would have expected they would do and what any normal decent person would do

“i don’t want to but i will do a write-up of my experiences of your company if they don’t do the honourable thing” i said at the end of the dream


3 – participant – the category of the dream: two-themed dream (30+) personal endeavours (4+) unethical business practises (2+)


the name of the dream: the hot spot

got there just in time

the woman behind the counter said, “another three minutes and we’d been closed”

even with only three minutes to go, people were still coming in thick and fast to beat the deadline

the queue went to just outside the entry door and there were about twenty people in the line being served ahead of me, about thirty in all

i lingered, looking at the food in the stainless steel containers to my left

in those few seconds, a woman and a man-made no apology about going past me and filling the gap that had been created in a matter of seconds

regular’s knew what they wanted, they were in a hurry to get on with their lives

i made no apology about squeezing between them and the people in front of them to get my “spot” back

in the next scene, i was at the serving area

the plate i picked up had a thin streak of hard-dried mustard on it, the washer-upper was in a hurry to keep on top of maintaining a constant pile of plates

my changing the plate was a smear against the establishment

the man who was putting the food on the plate “clocked” me doing it

i was one of those fussy buggers

he put two good roast potatoes on the plate and had to rummage in amongst the other potatoes to find a shrivelled up and over-cooked one

people have always got time to show disdain

still, the food was good value

a big plate with three or four generous helpings of two greens from a choice of five or six and another two non-greens from a selection of four or five, with meat pie and gravy

i woke up thinking i could do better than that

a three-veg thick soup with crusty bread for a quid from a stall with a small overhead canopy

would have to make enquiries to the council and get the gen on standards and a vending license

this is obviously a near-future, post-brexit, time-tense


vividness 3.2 to 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: food (7+)


the name of the dream: trouble and music

got home after a morning out to find five lads lounging and milling around in my place

all of them had a slovenly poise and their dress code matched their demeanour

i knew one of the people (t), the biggest by far of all of them and obviously the person behind this deliberate stunt to intimidate me

in the next scene, was in the kitchen when one of the lads came in

he wasn’t just discourteous he he was subtly belligerent with it

it was the trigger that caused me to explode

“weighing-in” to him with the force of a hurricane i “let go” with a tirade that caused him to curl back into his shell

back in the living room i turned on the leader of the pack and gave him several mouthfuls

it could have backfired but didn’t

after telling them to go, the biggest of the crew was last to leave, i mellowed and told come round on his own in a few days

in the next scene, a similar thing happened

entering the room there were three men, an adult a teenager and a boy

these people were a complete contrast to the people in the previous part of the dream

they were all wearing clean, light-coloured clothing and were sitting and poised in a formal manner

the young lad of seventeen or so began playing music

before the thought “what makes him think he can play music without asking” had fully formed the music caught my attention

it had a “sixties-style” psychedelic feel to it but didn’t have that slightly disjointed characteristic of the sixties psychedelic era

rather, it was smooth, harmonious and melodious

after listening to four tracks, each one of “chart material” quality, it became obvious this was a new genre of music

if it wasn’t for the fact that the writer is immersed in expanding dreams and other new projects he would be trying to recreate the sounds in this dream, and the sounds of dream 11082019, at this moment


vividness 3 to 3.7 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: relationships (30+) male (15+) adverse (5_) and, music (10+) melodious psychedelic (1)


the name of the dream: the lover’s way (precognitive dreams) and john’s women

it’s been a while since this website had a dream with this many different themes and scenes in it (7)

however, like an afterthought on a matter of great concern which had been evaluated, the very last scene of this dream, which came and went too quickly to dwell upon, was the most significant

it was a half-second scene which showed the act of someone’s hand altering a file extension by deleting the last three characters and putting in mp4 … …and the phrase “dog-tag” was spoken

most of the details of the seven scenes which came before the last scene have faded as this is being typed because instead of doing a voice-memo of the details upon waking the writer was more intrigued to find out if the last scene did, in fact, solve a procedure which occupied the most intense and determined part of the pde’s

the pde’s contained both the realisation that the lover’s presence extended far beyond what this website had previously assigned to her/him and the pde’s also had three or four hours of frustration while trying to change the format of one type of video file to another

as a result of yesterday’s realisation it is possible to make sense an event that happened in 1996 and two comments that were made by… that didn’t seem to be relevant to our situation but were stressed as having great importance and reveals the mechanism of how she/he has the capacity to manifest her/his-self in concrete form in the here and now

it will be explained when we get going

the main body of today’s dream had three different scenes of women showing affection for the writer through their smiles (two of the women were ladies of the awake-time variety) and there were four scenes which were unrelated to one another

this precognitive dream was a demonstration of her/his all-pervasive presence

in may 2018 the writer experienced in his dreams answers to questions on how to implement our evolutionary progression without the loss of the life of a single person

sadly, they weren’t acted upon, partly because of the subtle nature of dreams, and consequently this website is having to feel the dismay of unnecessary and avoidable unnatural death on every continent

the writer’s dreams will be acted upon by others sooner or later

perhaps this dream is a way of persuading people to consider “dipping their toes in the water” while we wait for the next instructive dream


vividness 3.1 – observer – the category of the dream: precognitive (8 or 9) multi-themed (12+)


the name of the dream: visual and audio delights

the first theme, a seven or eight-scene dream with two or three petite, fair-haired young ladies is the first theme of this period of r.e.m.

a “photo-shoot” is underway

it is set in a bathroom befitting a billionaire, a sunken large bath of white granite with silver fixtures and fittings

tasteful nude scenes with two or three young ladies thoroughly enjoying themselves

the one scene which sticks out is of when one of the girls being lifted into the air supported by a man’s hands (am happy to say there was no male faces or genitalia in this dream)

one of his hand’s is supporting her upper-back and the other is supporting the bulk of her fifty-kilogram (eight-stone) weight at her coccyx

her legs are splayed and show her laughing face and shaven crotch

her “playtime” face is more appealing to look at than her shaven crotch, which detracts from her wonderfully, childishly-happy teeth-smile

on cue, a hand comes into the scene and places a handful of bubbles on her crotch

the hand disappears and gives the scene a fantasy-look

the second dreams is an epic dream (at least 12 scenes) of a young lad half my age and myself

we are at his place and are having an all-night smoking sesh listening to and talking about music

we each have about fourteen grams of flat-pressed soft “leb”

he produces a microphone, plugs it into his sound system, sets the delay/fade feature of his mixer to last eight-beats of the music, and begins to accompany the music with occasional one syllable sounds

by lengthening or shortening the syllable, changing the tone, pitch etc. of the voice it was possible to produce millions of variations

it took a few tries to get it right to start with but once it was synchronised properly it was a “mind-opener”

it enhanced the track that was playing and with encouragement and appreciative attention from the writer he done it for about a minute of dream-time

he handed me the mic and let me have a go

it didn’t take many tries to get it right and within a three or four goes he was as impressed with me as i had been with him

it was addictive

my turn lasted more than a minute of dream-time which means in total this dream lasted for twenty to thirty minutes of awake-time

a fitting ending to this dream was the last sentence of the dream during which the writer went from dream time-time to awake-awake halfway through the comment… “i’ve had some great music dreams, but this is the best”

notes 1

my guess is, if the sounds of the dream had been recorded, something the writer intends doing in the very near future, they would have me humming along in parts of the dream


vividness 3 to 4.2 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: female nudity (15+) hash and music (2?) externalised (12+)


the name of the dream: love, life and death

was at a dance with my girl

she was a little smaller than me; rounded and heavier than me proportional to her size

music with a latin feel to it was playing

the music brought to mind a type of dance i had seen somewhere in which the first part of the dance was with your partner and in the second part the man danced solo as an expression of his love

it was a solo dance/act, stylistic and energetic

it was so energetic the dance would come to an end when the man had spent all his energy expressing his love for the woman and it finished with him swivelling on his back on the floor signifying he would die for his girl

from what i can remember the dance was named “the lando rhondo”

if there’s an expression in spanish which sounds like that and means a man who dies for his woman i will be amazed

i received the adulation of both the females and males after the dance which earned me extra “brownie points” of esteem

no one would “top” that tonight, or so i thought

the band announced that someone was going to dance the lando rhondo biyada or something that sounded like that

the biyada was the female version of lando rhondo

it was so difficult to do a girl would have to go to a special dance academy which only gave a certificate when the pupil had read the love story on which dance was based and could express through movement the feelings a woman had for her man

the story on which the dance was based was about a man who had just died but his girl refused to accept it and was determined to bring him back to life

the stylised energy she had to put into the dance was immense

no one at the dance had seen anybody do it and everybody moved to the edge of the dance

the band started playing the music and wouldn’t you know it, my girl walked into the centre of the floor

she was wearing a black strap dress that clung to her upper body and splayed out from the upper thigh to the knees

i didn’t know what to expect

the more the dance went on the more non-plussed i became

who was she?

as in the male version of the dance, she too finished on the floor looking up at me

i was stunned, there was nothing i could say

without willing them to my hands began coming together in a slow mechanical clap

other people began clapping too and the clapping was building as the dream ended

aren’t women who love their man just like that, full of wonderful surprises


vividness: 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: dancing with a partner (3+)


the name of the dream: an instance of spontaneity

walking out of a building after listening to a lecture or presentation; there were thirty or forty people in the room

about halfway out a voice to my right said something

a small woman quite a bit older than me was looking up at me

i told her my name and she said: “can i take you home with me”

i searched her face and saw a woman who needed male company

i said, “have you got a car?”, she said, “no”

back at her home, she asked why i had agreed so readily to her request

i said i never say no to a woman as long as she hasn’t got a flaw in her character

she asked what type of flaw and i replied i wouldn’t know until it became obvious

she asked what i wanted to do and i said for her to tell me and i would do it

i asked her if she had ever been married and the dream ended before she replied


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: female/male situations (4+)


the name of the dream: meet the foss’s

it had been a while since i had visited a long-time awake-time friend and his half-his-age wife

they were comfortable in their relationship

the three of us were in the living room watching the telly

we each sat in a separate armchair

after a while they got up and swapped chairs without a word being said

something had happened which didn’t make sense, my sense of decorum told me not to ask

it was after what seemed to be a mini space-age of deliberation that i noticed that the clock on the mantle-piece was on the hour, ten o’ clock

somehow it was significant

i had found an inroad into understanding their behaviour

they knew i would be thinking about why they had changed chairs and must have been prepared for the question as to why but hoped i would just pass it off as something unusual

the male of the species must have noticed me looking at the clock and knew i had found a couple of dots with which to start drawing a behavioural picture

as i turned and looked directly at him to ask the question, he was now sitting in the armchair next to me on my left, i saw-cum-sensed him bracing himself to answer the question in as matter of fact way as he could; chances are i wasn’t the first person to ask, and he had formed a reply with the minimum of words

his partner had picked out the chair for herself, it was more comfortable than his, he had a bad back, she wouldn’t relinquish the throne and the on-the-o’clock musical chairs without music was the compromise

he wasn’t the dominant alpha male he used to be

i woke up chuckling


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: humour (10+) externalised (20+)


the name of the dream: hello everyone

first scene, out in the open in an area of about a square kilometre

the scene had a semi-desolate look

there were about forty people spread out evenly in ones and two’s, both near and far and there were railway tracks thirty metres away

an ex x partner was nearby

i got the feeling she was as near as she could be to me without making it obvious she wanted me to approach her

a memory of us in extreme intimacy played out for a couple of seconds of dream-time

the feelings it produced compelled me to go to her

in the next scene, i was standing in the door-frame of a two-tier classroom and she was the teacher

i stood there for a second of dream-time and watched her as she moved slowly from child to child looking over their shoulders at what was on their desk

she was surprised to see me

i took a step into the classroom as a gesture for her to give me permission to enter

she moved away from me to indicate i could come in

two or three steps into the classroom i could see all of the lower tier where fifteen or twenty children were engrossed with the papers in front of them

they became aware of my presence and looked up

i said: “hello everyone” and they replied in unison with a “hello”

the sound of the twenty children saying hello resonated in my soul: what i would give to be a teacher in a primary school

i said something else which produced another synchronised response

again, my voice drew them out to me and their response enhanced my already intense feelings

the third thing i said was more of a question and it would need an individualised response

the reciprocating effect of the soul to souls experience faded and the dream ended

notes 1

until this dream i had forgotten the wholly spiritual effect of child-group interplay

it’s in a completely different league to that of adult intimacy

this dream got me thinking about the feelings the lover gives and gets from his “children” (ourselves)

it also brought to mind the memory of the dream of 15062015

notes 2

if we all had just one dream a month of this quality the world would be a different


the name of the dream: picture this, picture that

with a friend and his girlfriend on holiday

we were arranging our first day out

we decided to go to the pictures first

there were several cinemas to choose from and the films that were showing were so good we could have spent the entire day going from one picture house to another

we decided to go to the cinema which was showing two really good films i hadn’t see and was running them back to back

at the cinema, we found out they began in an hour and ten minutes

we went to the upstairs lounge area of the cinema and after a while came back down again

began talking to someone who asked me if it was possible to do something with his finger using an “i-satt”; an i-satt was a wristwatch and tablet set-up

i asked him what information he wanted and typed it into search

the dream came to an end as i heard myself saying “have you got the lead to connect the watch to the mini-tablet”


vividness 2.9- participant – the category of the dream: cinema (3+) tech-devices (5+)


the name of the dream: a soft touch

someone was looking for me

it was a young lad who had borrowed money from me before

he always repaid whatever he borrowed and i knew he would give it back to me

it was the thought of him using me as a loan-company forever which bothered me

eventually, he caught up with me

i told him he could have twenty pounds, which made his face light up, but gave him forty by mistake

addenda: vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: money-lending (1 ?)


the name of the dream: the six-year-old teenager

in the company of a young woman and her six-year-old child

the child wanted to be older and the mother or i suggested we put some make-up on her to see if that made her happy

she put on a one-piece dress and as a final touch i put a wave around the bottom of her hair with a curling iron

the final scene was when she was all done and looked at herself in a full-sized mirror and i said, “now you’re fourteen”

she was dead chuffed and everyone was happy

notes 1

there have been a few instances in awake-time when i’ve come across a child that wanted to put on make-up

my guess is, girls, more so than boys, see that special affection between parents and want to experience it as well

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: children (8+)


the name of the dream: brief love

not sure what the occasion was, if indeed it was a special occasion, given the chance i’d be partying every night

anyway, it’s another dream with another new girlfriend

like most girls in dreams this young lady is special

i’d been hoping to strike up a relationship with her for as long as i can remember

up until this point in the dream, about four scenes, there had only been women in the dream

not nubiles fulfilling a latent lecherous intent but women of the mom and auntie type

i would have to behave myself until the party

finished before i could be alone with my girl

the party, of course, went on and on

at one point we had run out of food and the cupboards were bare

it was decided we would order in cold food; breadsticks, dips and the like

that of course only prolonged the party and deepened my impatience

the room where most people were gathered had two three-seater settees and a double, most people though were standing

one of the elderly ladies brought everyone’s attention to the double-seater that was sandwiched between the two triple-seaters (the stand-out visual) while she related the fond memories it held for her

the settee was white or off-white with a floral design,heavily upholstered and was made of what i would describe as canvas-cloth; a very popular patterned-material as i remember

another stand-out bit of the dream was of the face of a man

the picture of his face was very sharp as were the contours of his face,

a thin, a long nose with a “bump” in the middle

at last, all but one of the guests had gone

without any further ado, the dream went to the bedroom

the girl made me wait and no sooner had the loving started when someone called out from another part of the dream asking for something which needed my personal attention

the working day was beginning and i was late

first thing i had to do after getting dressed was to shave

i was cursing and fretting because i couldn’t find the electric shaver

the more i tried to recall where it was the more frustrated i became

the frustration interrupted the adult activity and was compounding

it built up and up and… until i realised the elusive shaver was in the dream and i was back in awake-time


vividness 3. to 4.2 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: indoor party’s (3+) relationships (30+) female (20+)


the name of the dream: three women and an elephant

the dream begins in a house which is almost a replica of auntie moo’s two up-two down

i leave the bedroom to go downstairs for a cup of tea

there was a woman there from officialdom who was going over h’s (an awake-time friend of some years ago) legal position regarding regarding his application for citizenship

i had to interrupt them to make a cup of tea

after the cuppa, i went back upstairs

a very small baby elephant which has been badly physically abused comes into the bedroom

the elephant is nervous and hesitant

my heart goes out to it and i smother it with kindness

after a while it doesn’t resist me when i manage to position into a lying position, partly resting on my lap and partly on the bed

in the next scene, i am on my own in the bedroom when the girl who lives in the other bedroom comes into my bedroom

no sooner has she tucked herself under the blankets when c comes into the dream and asks if she can stay overnight

there was still room for me in the bed, just

then, i do something chivalrous and somewhat out of character for me, by preparing a makeshift bed to sleep on the floor

i am waiting for them to say to me i can share the bed with them when the dream ends

notes 1

this is the second time aunt moo’s house has featured in a dream and the fourth appearance for c

repeat appearances in dreams of places and people and places with a qualitative nature is seen as being the consistency of…

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (20+) female (20+) c (4+) animal (15+) mammal (5+) elephant (1)


the name of the dream: a girl, a cat, a canary and a bit of green

was with my cracking new girlfriend

she was eighteenish and i was twenty-eight

wasn’t entirely sure what she saw in me but needless to say i didn’t question her about it

in one scene, we were leaving a dance and walking through a car park when a young lad comes up to me

he was smiling as he handed me a see-through polythene bag of loose tobacco

he was smiling for the entire scene

it took me a few seconds to realise he was waiting for a reaction from me

i looked at him and said, “did you manage to get some ?”

he never spoke but kept his smile

a quick look through the outside of the bag showed of neatly pressed block of grass about half the size of a small bar of chocolate in amongst the tobacco

i won’t bore you with the details of a tender love scene

in the last scene of the dream, we were walking along and i was keeping her entertained

i was telling her of the pets i’d had during the course my long, long life

“i used to have a black cat and a canary”

“i never kept the budgie in a cage. they used to like play at chasing each other”

“i came home one day and the budgie had gone. i still don’t know how it managed to get out”

i heard my own voice telling the story and woke before i saw her smile


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: externalised (10+) relationships (20+) female (15+)


the name of the dream: helpful people

in the first few scenes, i was going from house to house in a street built of period houses terraced houses looking for a boarding house

in one scene, i was talking to two elderly women who were telling me about the merits of boarding with one person over another

the cheeks of one of the women had sunk right back into her mouth (the stand out visual of the dream)

i kid you not, it would have been possible to put golf balls in the hollows

she suggested i ask the owner of a house who didn’t take in boarders but was known to be a helpful man

i went to the house and as soon as i told him my circumstances he didn’t think about it

he took me in saying it would only take a day or two for me to find somewhere

he took me upstairs to a large immaculately kept room with two or three beds in it and let me choose which bed i wanted; i chose the one nearest the door

the house was one of twenty or so period houses in a half-crescent

the area in front of the houses had been converted into a giant jacuzzi

soaking in the water which had bubbles rising from the bottom was the second stand-out visual-cum-sensation of the dream

i was getting on famously with the two young sons of the house-owner as we frolicked in the water

inexplicably, there was a scene in the dream when i was asleep in bed and i dreamt i had soiled myself

when i pulled back the covers to look i hadn’t soiled myself but had “let go” with a humongous wet fart and stained the sheets; another stand-out visual scene

there was a scene or two with feelings of anxiety in them as i got the sheets cleaned without anyone finding out

several other scenes faded from the memory


the name of the dream: a big dream

a multi-themed dream with similarities in some of the scenes

there were two scenes which had someone standing in the middle of a road that had two-way traffic

one of the scenes was an effusive, hopelessly happy young woman, one of the presenters of “just for laughs“, waiting for a break in the traffic with a child in hand

the other was myself waiting impatiently for the traffic lights to change at a crossroads junction

it must have been winter as it was dark

i was in a rush to catch the six-o-clock bus

to have missed the bus would have meant waiting for an hour for the next one

there were a couple of scenes where i was running

one was when i was on the ground floor of a mall

the sound of my feet beating out a steady thump as i maintained a sprint running through a mall on the way to catch a bus (yet another scene in a dream in which the feel of strength in my legs gave me a sense of confidence)

i had a backpack and was wearing a fawn-coloured shirt and grey trousers

doing a trade for something with an oriental man who had his child with him

in new york and the feel of spaciousness in a thriving metropolis

on a plane, journeying from new york back to england

back in england, i doubled the amount of money i had in my pocket from less than fifty-pence to just over a pound

it was enough to buy a paper and a bar of chocolate

in a mall, i bought the paper in a retail shop well-known for selling papers

it was the biggest outlet of theirs i have ever been in

easily as big as a national “big name” city-centre chain store that sold clothes, food and an almost endless variety of goods while accommodating hundreds of shoppers

got the paper from the store and could see the confectionery area but didn’t have enough time to get to the chocolate

addenda: vividness 2.9 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: multi-themed dream ( 20+)


the name of the dream: the nightmare in a dream

in this dream, i woke up in the middle of the night needing to go to the toilet

because i felt sleepy and it was only a dozen steps to get to the toilet i didn’t put my slippers on

after three steps, a slight movement down by my left-foot caught my attention

my first impression was it was a ball of fluff

on the way back from the toilet the ball of fluff was still there

i nudged it with my big toe and it moved

i bent down to look at it closer and recognised it was a spider

the thing was, i could see its legs, which looked like fine, grey glistening hairs, but not its body (this was the closest a pic came to the spider in the dream after typing in “spiders with long legs”)

i bent down further, at this point the dream zoomed-in and the spider became magnified to the size of a pillow, and i could see a bug or a piece of organic matter being devoured but couldn’t see what was eating it

i looked closer still, again the picture zoomed-in, and now i could see that whatever it was that was being eaten was being excreted immediately after it had been ingested by whatever it was that was eating it, but still i couldn’t see what was eating it

whatever it was, if it could eat a piece of food the size of a shirt button it wouldn’t have too much trouble nibbling away at my ear

i got back to my bed and lay down

although i was dead tired i knew i had to do something about the flesh-eating monster

first, i thought of putting it in a glass container and taking a good look at it after i had finished off sleeping

that didn’t work because the only glass container i had handy was a kilner jar which meant i would have to get something to scoop it into the container

then, i thought to capture it in a see-through plastic container but then the thought of having it around seemed a bit ghoulish

then, i thought of sucking it up with the carpet hoover, but the hoover had a noisy motor and would wake my upstairs neighbour

doing something about the unseen monster, it may have been the spider that was being eaten, was becoming too much of a chore for my dream-state to cope with and it handed the problem back to my awake-state, which is where this dream ends


vividness: vividness 3 to 3.9 – participant (could feel the carpet under my feet when i got out of bed) – the category of the dream: waking up into the dream (2+) animal (1+) spider (1)


the name of the dream: the old codgers

three of us in a room

we were all of advanced years (isn’t that an endearing term, it suggests a person is actually improving as they age. whoever come up with the phrase missed their vocation as a diplomat)

we weren’t exactly “raging against the dying of the light” although there was still a spark of enthusiasm to do something new, daring

i suggested the obvious but it immediately conjured up the sad mental image of an orgy without energy; perfunctory passion

when we lose the physical ability to do cartwheels it seems as though life’s shop has closed for the day

still, we were in good humour and as i looked at the other two men i was determined to suggest something, if only i could think of what it was…


vividness: 2.9 participant – the category of the dream: old folk (1+) men


the name of the dream: a battle

a one-scene epic dream

it wasn’t so much a scene, rather, it was more a one-scene story

the scene conveys an intensity of battle akin to two armies of ants fighting

two fearless opponents fighting to the death

a relish for a life/death situation

an orientation to murder

unremitting violence

take the sky and a quarter off the right-hand side of the painting out of this picture

then, add soldiers into the empty spaces

then, put a figure three-times bigger than one of the soldiers doing battle in the front of the picture into the middle of the picture

the new figure is looking out of the picture at you with a fighting snarl on his face and is urging you to come forward

then, double the brightness of the scene, and it comes quite close to the scene in this one-scene dream

i looked at the picture for about four or five seconds of dream-time and then i crossed from dream-time to awake-time and into a maxi-montage

this montage had about one-hundred pictures

most of the pictures in montages are less than a second but this sequence took the rapidity at which pictures changed to a new level

on average there were two pics each second

in two instances there were three or four pics in a second, barely long enough to take in the colour and shape

nor did they have the same theme


vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of dream: (new category) epic one-scene dreams (1) battle-scene (1)

the category of the montage: montage (12+) maxi-montage (2+)


the name of the dream: a woman’s compulsion

was in the company of a young woman in her early twenties and her months-old baby

she was sitting in an armchair with her legs folded up with the baby snuggled into her waist

her short skirt had ridden three-quarters of the way up her thighs

her thighs were full and luscious

she must have seen me looking at her legs and began looking at my crotch

the opportunity was there and there was no doubt if the dream had gone on for a few more scenes it would have turned into an x dream

the thoughts running through my mind as the dream closed down was “why does a she want another baby so soon ?”

perhaps the answer to the question will come from young women who have felt the same in the same circumstances and share their experiences in a dreams diary forum

i regularly read other peoples dreams and find them as engrossing as my own

a cross-referencing, world-wide database could be up and running within twenty years


vividness 3 to 3.6 – participant – the category of the dream: pubs (3+) gold (7+)


the name of the dream: an expensive drink

entered a pub, sat down on a stool at the bar and ordered a coffee from the young woman bartender

when the coffee was in front of me i decided to have a short with the coffee

couldn’t remember the name of the short i usually have with coffee

i asked the young woman what drink people usually have with coffee

she suggested whiskey

i knew it wasn’t whiskey i wanted and asked her what else other people drink with coffee

she was the only person serving behind the bar and she was overworked

she was collecting empty glasses between serving people and didn’t have the time to talk to me

i still couldn’t remember what drink it was i wanted

then i said to her, “it’s got an aniseed taste”

she replied pernod at the same time i remembered the name

she brought the pernod and i handed her a piece of gold the size of a cassette and the shape of the imprint of a foot; it had the number nineteen stamped into the underside (the stand-out visual of the dream)

it was while i was waiting a long time for the change that i realised the name of the drink i couldn’t remember wasn’t pernod but brandy

i would leave the pernod on the bar and order a brandy when she brought the change

at first, i thought the reason the change was a long time coming was she had to find out how much change to give me

then it occurred to me that the gold piece was worth a small fortune and she, or someone she had consulted as to its value, thought i was some sort of schmuck who didn’t know what i’d given her and they didn’t intend to give me any change

i was still waiting for her to return with the change when the dream ended


vividness 3 to 3.6 – participant – the category of the drink: pubs (3+) gold (7+)


the name of the dream: dreaming is good for you

the entire population of a village decided to do a sponsored run

on the day of the run about five-hundred people turned out

a group of about fifteen people in hoodies wanted to make a “name” for themselves and turn the run into a competition

shortly after the start, the hoodies broke away from the main group with the intention of beating the rest of the runners to the finish line

at about the half-way point of the jog, those at the front of the main body of runners turned through a forty-five-degree bend in a lane and found themselves running head-on into the hoodies

everyone except the hoodies began laughing when it dawned on the main body of runners that the hoodies had took the wrong route

it didn’t matter if the hoodies got to the end of the run first, they had “goofed” and would never live it down

notes 1

talking of goofs…

i woke up from this sleep with, what i thought was the memory of the dream prominent in my mind

the memory was of me or someone else using a rifle that used pellets to shoot down static metal figures at a stall in a fairground

the memory was, i thought, the dream i’d had before waking

it wasn’t until i began recalling another memory, with the same qualities as the memories of the dream i thought i’d just had, that i realised i was remembering two instances of awake-time experiences that had a dream-like quality attached to them (notes/aside of 13122018 and notes/aside of 09042018)

it was only yesterday while in awake-time that the same thing happened i’m trying to convey here, only in reverse… i was playing through some memories and it was a while before it dawned on me that what i thought were awake-time experiences were, in fact, dream-time memories

the fusion of dream-time and awake-time memories/experiences is gathering pace

this diary entry is a “back-up” dream from 20072019


addenda: 3 – p or o? – the category of the dream: humour (7+) group run (1+)


the name of the dream: a dream-time adult farce

the characters: my wife, a lecherous friend, the landlord and self

my wife: a truly delightful and sumptuous being; more girl than woman

her life revolves around the interplay between man and woman

when she’s not actually in bed with a man her mind-play is suggesting it

she’s not a nymphomaniac, far from it

it’s the personality characteristic’s of men she finds so fascinating

it’s as though she’s stuck at that point of pre-pubescence when we first become aware of those differences in gender, as the chemicals which produce those undefinable feelings of attraction and curiosity are running rampant

the most fascinating man in the world is the man she is in eye-contact with

my friend: i think this character is based on an awake time-time friend of three and four decades ago

his sex-drive dominates his life

oddly, he is very picky

he will wait two years for the right woman rather than have a relationship with someone who doesn’t meet his criteria

both of us were friends with the sister of the woman who had captured his heart and mind when he was a much younger man

i met her once in awake-time and saw in her what he found attractive

he based her traits on his model of the perfect woman

he wouldn’t be so brazen as to flirt with my wife in front of me but all the signals were there of what would happen if i wasn’t

i made sure i kept them apart

the landlord: he had “made it” and his self-esteem was his undoing

the all-men-are-created-equal concept wasn’t at the forefront of his thinking, he had “position”

he wasn’t so far “gone” as to not be attracted to an attractive woman

he wouldn’t be my wife’s first choice between the three of us

my friend would be my wife’s first choice if i wasn’t there

the dream

first scene, my wife, friend and i are all in the same room

someone said: “two florins”

two florins will buy my wife all she wants

second scene, my friend was talking to my wife

he’s trying to be interesting while talking about nothing

he’s mindful, i can hear what he’s saying

third scene, the landlord joins the dream

he doesn’t do a very good job of hiding his lust for my wife

the landlord was addressing me while “eyeing” my lovely wife and said: “the rent is due. you have to pay a crown”

i got the impression i could interpret what he said in another way

a crown pays the rent and gets the landlord off our back

notes 1

it is possible to date this dream

it is obviously a past time-tense

not time-tense 8, probably 9


addenda: 2.9 to 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (35+) female and male (2+)


the name of the dream: unknown benefactor

the first scene, i am at home when the mobile phone alerts me a text message has been received

the message reads “your ice cream has been dispatched to 49…? and will be arriving today at 7 p.m.

i thought the number on our door was 47 and in the next scene, the girlfriend and i are outside our apartment looking at the number on our door

in the next scene, we are in the living room trying to figure out who was behind it when the doorbell rang

the delivery had arrived earlier than the scheduled time

in the next scene, my girlfriend had opened the door about ten centimetres and we could see the face of the delivery girl

in the next scene, the girl jumped through into the hallway and landed on both feet almost at attention

she was dressed in cowgirl clothes… white ankle-boots, white shorts, a colourful blouse, waistcoat, red neckerchief, a cowboy hat and holding a tub of ice cream

we asked her who it was from but she never answered and the dream ended

addenda: vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: home deliveries (1) ice cream (1)


the name of the dream: not of forever

this three or four-scene dream centred around a girl of about twenty

the scenes showed her going from happiness to being sullen

the source of her unhappiness ?

she realised the meaning of consequences of her lifestyle

she was a lesbian

notes 1

the law is clear: anything which does not expand becomes a diminishing reality: see devolution

this dream comes from thoughts about homosexuality during the day


addenda: vividness 3 – observer – the category of the dream: homosexuality (2+) female (1+)


the name of the dream: lack of sure-footedness on a sheer rock-face

the mountain was considered to be the perfect mountain for those who wanted to climb a mountain for the first time as it was only a few degrees short of being a sheer rock-face

in the first scene of the dream, i was in a party of about a dozen people being led by a professional guide

we all successfully got to the top of what was the face of a mountain that had a rust-coloured hue to the rock

in the second scene of the dream, a group of people with the same number of people as in the first dream had just completed the climb by the time i began the ascent

by now i felt confident enough to climb the mountain on my own and got to the top twice as quickly as i had in the first dream

in the third dream, i was on my own from the start of this scene

about half-way up the hundred-metre cliff, i came to what was probably the most difficult part of the climb, but as in the second scene of the dream, there were two conveniently prominent bits of rock which made getting past this part of the rock-face easy

i looked at the second and biggest bit of rock about a metre above the bit i was about to grip onto and thought it looked loose and might come away in my hand when i grabbed hold of it

i felt i was being unreasonable in my judgement as i had already done it twice before, as had the people in scenes one and two, and it bolstered my resolve to press on

i reached up and tentatively put my weight through the fingers of my right hand

sure enough, the rock came away in my fingers

now i was in a life-threatening situation

i dismissed the idea of letting go completely and trying to slow my fall by sliding down, grabbing at prominent bits of rock on the way down

my feet might come into contact with the face and throw me completely of balance and the slide-down would become a tumbling-as-i-fell fall

luckily, as is the case in sticky situations in dreams, the dream ended

notes 1

the full-of-confidence to uncertainty-and-disaster themes of dreams will almost certainly reflect moments of doubt, big and little, during the day

the greater the doubt in awake-time the more intense the situation in the dream

the dilemma in this dream is easily traced to thoughts concerning world political events in the pde’s… domestic political opinions and turkey announcing it would be receiving missiles from russia are the foundation for the doubt in this dream

also consider, if only one of the two moments of doubt had been in the pde’s, this may have been a two-loop dream


vividness: 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: three-loop dream (2?) climbing (2+) mountain (1)


the name of the dream: the thespian

the scenes this dream is two actors performing the last two scenes of a shakespearean-type tragedy play

we are dressed in period clothes and have long hair in the style of the shakespearean period

in the last but one scene, the person who has killed me is standing over me giving a superbly emotional epitaph-soliloquy of my personality and mourning my demise

the extended monologue impresses everybody including myself and there is no doubt, it is a quality performance that is a career-making moment for him

the thick silence of an attentive audience during the speech told me there was going to be thunderous applause when he had finished

after the actor had delivered his speech, an impromptu bit of showmanship, in the form of him slowly leaning and lowering himself over me; he is about to deliver a farewell kiss from the living to the dying

when his lips are within a few centimetres of mine and he is on the verge of kissing me i whisper to him not to kiss me or the living and the dying roles we had just played would be reversed in real life

the final scene was a touch of surreality as the actor, standing above me and using just one hand, pulls me up in slow-motion (the stand-out bit of the dream) before the applause began


vividness 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: stage-acting (1+)


the name of the dream: clear waters

the wife and i are a two-man team who offer our service’s for a children’s underwater adventure day, weekend or a week-long excursion in clear, reef-waters on a website that is highly graphical

everything is going swimmingly…

it was when one couple wanted us to encourage their child to take as many photos as possible during her or his “adventure holiday” that it occurred to us that we should make each each clients “adventure” a programme and add into each underwater adventure a simple story

then it occurred to us to make each client’s diving holiday into an adventure book

composing the story-line before the dive would give us the scope to “tailor” what things to capture on film and still photography

also, we could incorporate into the adventure holiday an educational angle and begin compiling a library of fish, diving skills, seabed animal themes etc. of learning and make sure the price was attractive; a little research into the costs of mass-production would be necessary

we could…

addenda: vividness 4.1 – participant – the category of the dream: under-water (1+) business (2+)


the name of the dream: think-writing uses lots of calories

after think-writing, in two separate scenes, a succinct summation of eight or ten lines expressing my reasons for being antisemitic i then began organising a meal for a group of people

notes 1

this dream was the brought about after coming across a picture of an orthodox jew talking to putin which carried the caption “putin’s handler” and caused me to think my previously held view, that semites don’t have any meaningful influence in russia, was wrong

notes 2

this website believes memories and consciousness are the same thing

because the memories of think-write dreams are more lucid than the memories of text that is composed while in awake-time, it raises again the hot topic/contention that the dream-time memory/conscious is more sophisticated/superior than the awake-time memory/conscious and way off into the future it becomes the dominant form of consciousness/memory

examples of think-writing dreams





vividness 4 – participant – the category of the dream: think-write (5+) antisemitism (1)


the name of the dream: the “show off”

in the high street of a city

a five or six-piece assault course had been erected for the general public

it may have been a recruitment drive for one of the armed forces but i got the impression it was just for fun

of the five or six pieces of apparatus, one was a two-and-a-half metre knotted rope that dangled from the end of a monkey bar

i thought it would be a fun thing to do and gave it a “go”

when my feet were on the second knot i could put my weight through my feet which enabled me to reach down and pick up the slack of the rope below my feet with my left hand and use the first knot to take some of my weight by gripping the rope under the armpit of my right arm and resting some of my weight against the knot

now i could distribute my weight through both my feet and upper-body

in a show of sheer exhibitionism i let go with my left hand and adopted a sitting, reclining position, turned to my left and waved at the people below me

i felt it necessary to do something different and “showy” on the monkey bars as well

instead of looking forward while moving forward i faced sideways in a narrow “crucifixion” position, let go with my left hand and swung my body around and grabbed the next bar so now my back was showing to the front

i was the epitome of lithe strength

all that was missing was a fanfare


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: strength (5+) assault course (1) amusement (1)


the name of the dream: money, fish and food

the first theme, had been tricked into being an accomplice to steal money from a bank

i didn’t know who it was who had tricked me

whoever it was knew me well enough to know that i knew the people who worked in the bank who trusted me enough to let me into the premises first thing in the morning before opening the doors for business and make a cup of tea for everybody

i didn’t remember taking any money

everybody believed me when i said i didn’t know who was behind it

devised a plan to let whoever it was who used me to take the money think i could be duped into doing another scam for them by using some expensive equipment of mine as collateral for a loan

the second dream, walking along a very narrow path that ran along the side of a canal

there were three or four men fishing

they were evenly spread over a thirty-metre distance

the water was clear enough to see the fish

the fish was a long, slim-bodied fish that looked like pike (the stand-out part of this dream)

i spoke to the last one of the group; he wasn’t having much luck

asked him for a rod and a reel and the smallest float he had

the water was so clear it occurred to me if we could see them they could see us and if i could find a spot where i could not be seen by the fish they were more likely to go for the bait

the man i asked for the fishing tackle and the man said “why not, you’ve done one miracle. there’s no reason why you can’t do another”

didn’t know what he was referring to

the third dream, a man who wanted a divorce on the grounds his wife wasn’t making his meals as good as she used to

she was obviously peeved about something

her side of the story hadn’t been revealed before the dream ended


vividness 3 to 4 – participant first and second dream, observer third dream – the category of the dream multi-themed dream (8+) money (2+) fishing (1+) divorcing couples (1+)


the name of the dream: the riches in poverty

this dream is set in africa

the city in the dream was, in my recollection of the dream, called osaka but the nearest name i could find in a search that sounded like osaka i was lusaka

i had got the name osaka from a tattered copy of a newspaper i came across

the paper had the distinctive red and black colouring of the “the sun” and had the name “the osaka …?”

the paper had some news on the front page which caught my interest and i wanted to read the whole of the story

the paper was too tatty to read so i asked a young boy if he knew where i could get one

the youngster, who was about twelve, said a shop nearby sold it

i produced about thirty-pence in pennies and tuppences

i gave the boy four pence and told him he could keep the change if there was any, plus i would give him some more when he got back

he was back with the paper in the next scene and had some sweets; four pence had been enough for the paper and a few sweets !

the sweets had drawn the attention of a young girl bigger and older-looking than he was; his sister i think

he must have said he would he was going to get some more money and she wanted to see how much it would be

in the next scene, i had dug into my pocket and pulled out all of my change which was about fifty or sixty-five pence

all the change, except for two three-penny bits, was in pennies and two-penny pieces (the stand-out bit of the dream)

there was so much of it i couldn’t close my fist

the lad had his hand open and i dropped about eight or ten pence in it

i put my hand in front of the girl

she opened her hand and i put about fifteen pence in it and to even things out i gave the lad a few more coins

in the last scene, the two youngsters were slowly walking towards me

each had a fairly large white bag of sweets and were tucking in into them as they walked


vividness 3 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: africa (4+) youngsters (3+) money (7+) coins (6+)


the name of the dream: our first time

the first scene: p and another person are standing, fully embraced and kissing; not sure if it is me

in the next scene, we are fully-clothed and are positioning ourselves for intimacy on a bed

p lays down and i lie down on my right side, leaning slightly over her

we begin undressing ourselves

p helps me get my arms out of my shirt

then, i help her get out of her tights by laying my palms near the top of her buttocks, slipping the tips of my fingers just under the waistband of her stockings and lift and roll the accumulating material until her stockings have slipped over her thighs which then allows me to put all of both hands into the stockings and slide them down far enough for her to bend her knees and finish the manoeuvre (the feel of her skin, tight and smooth as my palms skimmed over the crown of her buttocks was the stand-out bit of the dream)

when she was laid bare from the waist down she expected me to lie on top of her and begin coitus

it was our first time and she didn’t know me

conjoinment would come later, first…

notes 1

not many men give thought to the circumstance that, on average, they only need to ejaculate twice in their lifetime

in the years ahead this website will lay out the reasons why it thinks there is a pressing need to be educated on this matter

see also: the art of pleasure (28102018)


vividness 3 to 4 – participant – the category of the dream: x-dream (w/j 5+) pat (1)


the name of the dream: the jolly giant and uncle les

still trying to remember the first scene of this dream in which i first became friends with the man who featured in the following scenes

he was big, a six-foot-seven barn door, dark hair with a barrel-chest

i assume his good-naturedness came from the confidence of never having to fear anyone or it might be the other way around, confidence had produced his prodigious size

he liked to make with the one-liners

we had become instant friends when he hit me with a derogatory remark and i shot back and gave him as good as i got

as long as i never let him get away with a jibe he was happy

in the third scene, uncle les came around with an unusual request; he wanted to borrow a pair of pyjamas

if anybody deserved to be on the receiving of a barrage ribbing it’s someone who comes around towards the end of the day asking to loan pyjamas

in fact, if a person didn’t make light of a request for jammies from a man in the early-evening we could surmise that such a person was too serious about life

we gave it to him, but good

“did you want striped ones or plain-pattern”…”if you want to stay the night all you have to do is ask”…”depends on which one of us you want to sleep with…”

uncle les, being something of a stoic, took them on the chin

in the last but one scene, a set of matching top and bottom pyjamas appeared

the dream ended when one or the other of us had wrapped the bed-suit in plain brown paper and tied it with thin white string

upon waking it occurred to me uncle les may have needed them to wear in hospital


vividness 3.3 to 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: relations and friends (12+) uncle les (3+)


the name of the dream: the wannabe

a lifestyle t.v. channel which specialised in food had devised a test which would determine in an unbiased way if a product stood up to a taste-test

the member of the public who had volunteered to do the taste-test had become unavailable at the last moment (a connection between this dream and the dream of 05072019 ? [the second dream of that day, not yet entered into dreams diary])

i fancied i could stand-in for him and put myself forward

the producer of the show had originally chosen a fifteen-year-old lad because a person of his age would have less exposure to all types of food and would still have him a keen sense of taste

the producer asked me if i smoked

i said yes but my habit was unusually small (about twelve grams a week; my actual awake-time consumption)

i wanted to do the test and get the media exposure for my “five minutes” of fame and was rebutting his doubts about me almost as soon as he aired them

as i was older and a smoker, the producer, a man of strict morals, was reluctant to use me

i was becoming more anxious while waiting for his decision when the dream ended

the sense of anxiety in this dream can easily be traced to the pde’s


vividness 3.3 to 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: food and fame (1+)


the name of the dream: robbery and consequences

someone i knew convinced me that he had come across a perfect opportunity to get away with stealing a large amount of cash

there was no planning needed

the only thing i had to think about was where to stash the money after we had done the robbery

being the cautious type i would “sit” on my money until i was sure it was safe to start spending

the other person told his wife about it

she was nervous about it and told a woman she knew and the woman she told called the police

i was at home when the police found me

the doorbell rang and as i approached the door i could see through the glass top-half that it was two men and it was sure to be the police

i knew they would take me to the police station and i would be in a cell overnight so i went back into the living room and picked up my baccy, phone and something to read before i opened the door and let them in because i knew if i asked them they wouldn’t let me take anything

the policemen tried to get me to admit i’d been thieving

i said i wasn’t going to say anything until they told me what is was i had done


vividness: 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: stealing (3+) money (1+)


the name of the dream: the elvis look-alike competition

a four-scene dream of four different people vying for the title of being an elvis incarnation

the first competitor had a grotesquely bloated face

his face looked like a competent make-up artist had put an inch of make-up of every part of his face from forehead to chin and from his nose to where his jowls ended (stand-out bit of the dream)

the make-up must have been on this contender for the better part of twenty-four hours because a black stubble was protruding through the make-up

there was a hint of elvis about him but i couldn’t pinpoint what it was

this guy was the only one of the look-alike’s whose features suggested he could have been a far-distant relative of elvis

it went from bad to worse and by the time this dream got to the fourth pretender disbelief had turned into the realms of the ridiculous

the fourth fella was five-foot-six or seven, looked haggard, and was wearing an iridescent dark-pink fez someone had kept from last years new years eve party

any pretence of this being a serious competition had completely vanished and i woke out of my sleep laughing


vividness 3 to 4 – observer – the category of the dream: externalised (30+) laughter (6+)


the name of the dream: film democracy

a cinema in which people rated the films

if the film got a high rating those who liked it had a say in which of the new releases the cinema would show

when a film that had been chosen in this way also got a high rating, it gave the film a greater initial audience and those who had chosen it were rewarded with a reduced price of the ticket and/or concessions of their next chosen film

it wasn’t in the dream but the same principle could also be applied to the concessions


vividness 4 – observer – the category of the film: cinema (1+)


the name of the dream: dream-time – awake-time continuity

in the first scene, two of us were in a small living room

i think the other person was mom

in the second scene, two more people had joined the dream; janet, from the dream of 03072019 and someone else who had come along with her; a well-dressed man in a light-grey coloured suit and white shirt

janet, the man in a suit and myself were sitting cramped together on a two-seater sofa

we were so cramped i had to lean forward to look janet in the face when i talked to her or wanted to look at her (is there any significance in being in cramped conditions?)

the man in the suit was completely sympathetic towards me and was slightly amused that i had done what i had done and wanted to hear what i had to say about it

janet, on the other hand, was acting upset

i say acting because her voice didn’t carry any anger or resentment and i think she felt she had better act upset in case it was an insult but had yet to figure out in what way it was meant to upset her

what had i done to cause her consternation ?

i had found a box

it was in a stiff, brown cardboard box about the size and weight of a volume from an encyclopedia with a small gap between the two flaps on one of the flat sides

the circumstances in which i found the box suggested it was a semi-expensive item and the thought of not opening the box and sending it to janet as i found it meant both of us would be pleasantly surprised

the man in the suit in was the person who fathomed it out and wanted to meet the person who would send such an inappropriate present to someone who would never need it and, more importantly, why i had sent it

what was in the box ?

i asked janet what was in the box

she said it’s the thing they use in that type of horse racing when the rider isn’t sitting on the horse but is being pulled long on a platform behind the horse; the man in the suit had obviously explained it to her

i said “chariot racing”

her face lit up

she had never heard of harness racing and she, like me, could only identify the description “horse racing when you are being pulled along and not sitting on the horse” as chariot racing

the item i had planned on sending her was a specialised bit that was part of the bridle used in harness racing

when did i send it ? was the thought that kept running through my mind”

i can’t remember sending it” was the answer i kept giving when the question “why did i send the item ?” was asked

at one point the man in the suit said: “it’s not nice when someone has got leverage on you, is it ?”

he was smiling when he said it and it caused me to think he had concluded i was hiding something

i woke from the dream and for a full five minutes after waking kept on asking myself “when did i send it ” and “this would have been a good entry for dreams diary. i should have made it an entry” before i realised the dream had finished some minutes before

it was the sound of my own voice asking “why didn’t i make it an entry, when did i send it ?” that made me realise the dream had finished minutes before

notes 1

this isn’t the first time i’ve woke from a dream and not been aware that i was in awake-time for minutes after the dream had finished

it makes me think that awake-time and dream-time are, at times, in closer proximity than is, currently, appreciated

i still question my own idea that the dream-time conscious will eventually be the natural state of consciousness in the distant future

am going to maintain that it will

either way, the future is so appealing it doesn’t really matter

notes 2

the dream of 03072019 wasn’t entered into dreams diary because when there are two different themes in the same period of r.e.m. i usually keep it to one entry for easier reading, and the same applies if i sleep twice in the same day, i enter the dream which i think is the most relevant

there is a written record of the dream of 03072019 and other dreams which didn’t become an entry on the day of the dream

dreams not entered into dreams diary on the day they occurred will find there way into the database eventually


vividness 2.9 to 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: dream-time – awake-time continuity (5 ?) janet (2) bridle-bit (1)


the name of the dream: the basics of love

i was staying in a community which brought single girls and boys together

the purpose of the community was for people who wanted to find a partner to go on holiday with them

it was an all-year-round community; a “tailored” form of dating

it was usual for couples to have found a “partner” within days or weeks

it had been the busiest time of the year and there was just a handful of people who hadn’t found a suitable partner

a girl had started a conversation with me on two occasions and both times i responded positively but hadn’t “popped” the question

my reservation was based on the experiences of the past

on more than one occasion women had “ditched” me soon as they found out they were pregnant

i got the impression it could happen again with this girl

she had more or less given up on me and said, “i’m thinking of just getting on a motor bike and going to spain for a few days”

i asked: “how much do you think it will cost to stay at a hotel ?”

she gave a figure to which i replied “you could shave a third off that if we went as a couple”

i began laying down the “ground rules” for my idea of a relationship

the dream went on for another three or four sentences which explained my beliefs that a relationship needed to be based on doing things for other people


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (30+) female (30+)


the name of the dream: dream-time acquaintance

arrived at the home of my usual supplier of hash

there had been a disruption in the supply chain and he didn’t have any

not to worry, i had a back-up supplier in birmingham twenty-miles away

i announced i could get everybody what they wanted and by the time i had taken all the orders it was going to be the biggest amount i’d ever got from my birmingham “contact”

there was a person at the house with a slight smile on his face which gave him an easy-to-approach look who didn’t want anything to smoke

he looked familiar and then it dawned on me where i’d seen him before, it was in another recent dream, although that dream wasn’t a dream about hash

the first time it has happened in a dream (a dream-time acquaintance!)

it will be of considerable significance if he appears in another dream


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: dream-time acquaintance (1) hash (4+)


the name of the dream: the letter

in this dream, i am living in a complex of about thirty homes

i’m outside the door of my flat and on my way somewhere

the postman shows me an envelope and asks me if i know the person named on it

the address on the letter didn’t have the number of the house in it nor did it have the postcode

the postman asks me twice what the postcode of the flats are

i can remember the postcode of where i am currently living (in awake-time) and after forming two or three letters on two attempts i can’t think of the last three numbers and letters and give up in frustration

i didn’t recognise the name, though it would be easy to find out, i thought

i went to the nearest door on the landing of where we were and knocked on the door

the person who answered didn’t know who it was

somebody passed by i asked her if she knew who it was, she didn’t

i then went to the door at the end of the landing

the guardrail on the landing was too low

it disoriented me, i lost my balance and fell to the floor outside of the house

i knocked on the door while still on the ground and an elderly man with big blotches on his face answered the door

he became concerned at first, i imagine he thought i was ill

i had the letter in my hand and, still on the ground, showed it to the man who answered the door, he didn’t know anybody of that name

behind the man, there was a young woman with a pleasant smile on her face who appealed to me

i had got to my feet and brought the woman into the conversation in an attempt to get to know her

she was just about to leave the house and i said i would walk with her to the stairs that led up to street level

i still had the letter in my hand and the postman had left the dream

about halfway to the stairs that went up to the street i suddenly realised that the woman i was trying to become involved with was a girlfriend from some time before

she was smiling when i first saw because she recognised me straight away

we refreshed our feelings for each other and she agreed to come to my place later and the dream ended


vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (35+) woman (30+)


the name of the dream: fruit insect

was looking after the four or five-year-old daughter of a relative or friend

took her for a walk and in the first or second scene we came across a nest of large ladybirds

these ladybirds didn’t have the black-spot markings of regular ladybirds but were a plain red

another feature of these ladybirds was their size; they were almost as big as a thumbnail

i bent down to pick one of them up and as i touched it, it changed its colour into black and then its markings took on the look of a blackcurrant

i picked it up and showed it to the girl

she was captivated when i put it back down and it changed its markings back into a ladybird (the stand-out part of the dream)

like me, she had seen both a blackberry and a ladybird and also like me she had never seen a ladybird that could change its markings and give it, at first glance, the look a blackberry

she didn’t have any fear of the insect and was mesmerised as it seemed to morph into a blackberry when she picked it up and change back into a ladybird again when she put it down

i think she was still picking it up and putting it down when the dream ended

this was an experience she would probably take into adulthood

notes 1

there is actually an insect that has the camouflage of a blackberry but its camouflage is permanent

not sure what time-tense to assign to this dream

its size suggests a past tense of time


vividness 3.4 to 3.9 – participant – the category of the dream: animal (20 ?) insect (5 ?) ladybird (1)


the name of the dream: character evaluation

this was a think-read dream but each remark was in a box not on a line

was reading an assessment of a person who wanted to be considered for a new position or it may have been a generalisation of someone’s character

this could have been someone’s evaluation of me or it could have been my evaluation of someone or it could have been someone else’s opinion of another person

the last sentence-in-a-box read…”nor am i convinced that this person is a person i want…”


vividness 3.1 – o/p ? – the category of the dream: think-read (25?) character analysis (1+)


the name of the dream: danger and benignity

the first theme was a three-scene dream which had a lion on the prowl

from my observation point, the lion was about three-hundred metres way and even at that distance its size was intimidating

the lion was stalking along the side of a river

the was a slope of about ten metres that ran alongside the river and which hid the lion from view every now and then

the worry was it could be out of sight and reappear within fifty metres of where i was before it was visible again

puzzlingly, after the end of the scenes that had the lion in it, there was a one-scene dream that had a closed cylindrical black umbrella stand

in the scene, a black umbrella was placed into the stand and another black umbrella was taken out of it


vividness 3.3 and 3.5 – observer in both themes – the category of the dream: animal () mammal () lion (4?) and umbrella’s (1)


the name of the dream: a passionate politician

this dream was set at a pivotal time for the society in which it took place

an altruistic outlook was necessary to open the doors to an equality-based society

the opportunity lay in the domain of those of us who had a genuine feel for other people

an impending vote which had fundamental and far-reaching consequences for the majority of people was on the verge of being cast

mine was the final voice of the debate and i decided to make a short, impassioned attempt to persuade rather than a condemnatory rebuttal of the opposition’s position

there were seven or eight heart-felt, sentences that had ten or so words in each sentence that were aimed at producing feelings of empathy rather than trying to persuade by reason

the sentences contained the words or had sentiments in the vein of… I ask you to let the feelings you have for the people you care for help persuade you… the decision we are about to make has life-forming consequences

for those who trust us… how can we justify giving priority to ourselves ?…

alas, the manner in which the person who i was addressing turned and walked away as the dream ended conveyed a determination not to show compassion

notes 1

this dream was as a result of composing two new entries for this website during the day


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: political (2?)


the name of the dream: boxers

half a dozen scenes of different boxing bouts

all of the scenes had motion and, in line with the “typical” nature of montages, they were vivid

there is no obvious reason for another characteristic of montages, why do most montages have the same theme for all scenes ?


addenda: vividness 4 – observer – the category of the motion-montage: boxing (1)


the name of the dream: toxic smoke

sitting next to the window of an underground train as it came into the station

no sooner had i stepped onto the platform than the words “poisonous” and “fire” were being repeated

made my way to the escalator and just four or five steps up the stopped-stairs a thick white smoke was drifting up through the cracks

in the next scene, i tapped hard on the window of the driver’s cab

when he lowered or opened the window i told him about the fire and the poisonous smoke and to get the train into open

as is the case with age, as we get older an instinctive urge to protect people younger than ourselves takes hold

in the last scene, i felt a stab of appreciation for the man-shaped being as i watched a young boy of ten or twelve as he was helping a couple of elderly people


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: dangerous situations (20+) train stations (2+) loving youths (2+) boy (1+)


the name of the dream: a clean dream

in this dream, i am living in a boarding house or i am a long-term resident of a guest-house that has a manager or owner in full-time attendance

the overall feel of the place was that it was easy going

the first scene, my new girlfriend wanted a bath and it meant having to get a clean towel which in turn meant i had to go and ask the manager for one

the bathroom was along the hallway three or four doors away from my door

in the next scene, the manager is at my door with the towel

he suggests that he takes my girlfriend the bathroom and i agree to let him

in the next scene, the three of us are together in my place again

the manager is standing in a doorway in my room looking and talking to us while we are sitting

he said something which made me respond with, “you’ve had your chance, now it’s my turn”

he lingered, and that was my cue to say “will you close the door on the way out”

the next scene, we are sitting snuggled up and facing sideways at the bottom of the bed

we have the quilt wrapped around us and i can still feel the moistness on her skin from the bath

her skin has lost its warmth and now she feels cool-to-cold (the stand-out moment of the dream)

she was relaxed and felt secure and showed it by resting her head on my chest and putting her arms around my mid-section, her legs were folded so that her knees were pressed against my legs

she began talking…

“your auntie iris had ten children didn’t she”, my girlfriend asked rhetorically

i had to think for a moment before i said “no, it was more like five”

what had caused me to hesitate was my new girlfriend was very new, within a couple of days

i wouldn’t have gone into the details of my family that quickly in a new relationship

i asked her, “how do you know about my aunt iris”

i never did hear her answer as i came out the sleep listening to myself asking her, “how do you know about my aunt iris ?”


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (30+) girl (20+)


the name of the dream: art takes many forms

avant-garde, interactive exhibitions are the latest form of art

all the scene’s of this dream except the last one is set in a museum-sized building

the inter-activity included individuals, pairs and groups enacting a minute or two of the most highly regarded parts of literary works, describing how they felt as they listened to passages of music, feeling sculpted works…

the last scene was a man lying on his back on a masseurs table wearing just his trousers

a young woman was sitting astride the man and she too was only wearing trousers

the expression on her face was of someone on a mission

a mixture of determination and pleasure or a determination to produce pleasure

her tits were disproportionately big for her body

couldn’t see the face of the male

addenda: vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: interactive art (2 +)


the name of the dream: blow and go

in the company of a couple of awake-time friends from days of yore

i had a little hash but with no money to buy any more while they didn’t have any but had plenty of money to get some

considering the conversation was about “scoring” blow both friends were in a serious frame of mind

it was almost a point of honour that they got some for the evening

in the next scene, there were two piles of one-pound coins on a table (the stand-out bit of the dream)

it was obvious what I should do

smoke mine with them now and then I would be part of their plans for the evening when there would be more people and loads of hash

addenda: vividness 3.6 – participant – the category of the dream: hash (10+) pound coins (3+)


the name of the dream: the necklace thief

in a very warm country, africa i think

i had become friends with a middle-aged man

during our friendship, he had shown me two necklaces (the stand-out scene of the dream)

one was gold and the other was a necklace made of beads which was valuable because of its historic significance

was informed of an emergency of a serious nature and had to get back home

didn’t have the money for the journey so i asked the man i was friends with for it

he didn’t have it to give to me and i took the easy way out and stole the gold necklace

i left a note saying why i had done it and that i would give him the money back as soon as i could

addenda: vividness 3.9 – participant – the category of the dream: theft (8 ?)  jewellery ( 2?) abroad (12 ?) africa (3+)


the name of the dream: a  waste of time

was in a squeaky clean environment designed to establish if i had a particular malady

i took issue with the team who was doing the investigation

he was someone who had an invested reason in wanting one specific diagnosis to be true

it was clear to me that if it wouldn’t be an accurate diagnosis and considering it was me who would be on the receiving end of the wrong treatment i caused such a commotion the entire procedure was called off

addenda: vividness 3.6 – participant – the category of the dream: medical ( 4 ?)


the name of the dream: terrible retribution

it was the end of the business day

i needed a pack of cigarettes and batteries

no sooner was i in a shop when the first person i spoke to tried to rush me to get what i wanted and get out

“right”, i thought, and i began “delaying tactics”

the first thing i did was whip out a twenty-pound note and made sure he and the others saw it

the sight of a twenty-pound note and the thought of it going into the till would, i knew, put pressure on the salesman to make sure i spent it

it had the added extra significance, and make the rest of the staff lower their opinion of the salesman, if a customer put money back in their pocket when they were so ready to spend it

the bloke who was serving me bit his tongue and forced himself to act like he had all the time in the world

i’d “got him”

first, i asked for a brand of cigarette i knew they wouldn’t sell and that drew the salesman into listening to me complaining about the amount of tax there was on a packet of fags

that opened the door for me to have a whinge about political corruption which in turn…

then i asked for the batteries and when he got them i suddenly remembered that what i wanted was rechargeable batteries, and i asked for a brand i knew they wouldn’t stock

as I began walking out of the shop I rubbed it in by saying I could get the cigarettes at another shop nearby

i had kept him a couple of minutes and had got “justice”

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: shopping (? 3)


the name of the dream: three pictures

somehow or other i’d managed to draw in colour and in a way that could be appreciated

by the third drawing of the dream, it was possible to do long, sweeping curved strokes from top to bottom of the paper

the paper or canvas was quite big, about a metre square

i woke up as the dream was ending on one of the long curves and i could feel my forefinger and thumb pressed together, as though holding a pen, running down my thigh in synchronisation with what was being drawn in the dream

addenda: vividness – 3.8 – participant – the category of the dream: drawing ( 3 ?) externalised ( 40 ?)


the name of the dream: the shopping list

the colours and sizes of the packets of all of the items were a perfect likeness of the ones in my cupboard

the exceptional vividness of the dream tells me this dream is a reflection of recent pde’s and also it foretells the imminent nature of this dream being fulfilled tomorrow

had been meaning to place a shopping order for the last three days

it was while having a cuppa after waking and thinking to place the order today that the dream sprang to mind

this is another instance of a precognitive dream, albeit of a completely insignificant nature

still… from little things do big things grow

addenda: vividness 4.7 – observer, i think – the category of the dream: precognitive (7 ?)

addenda 1806 : the packets in today’s delivery weren’t the coloured ones as in the dream

they were however about as  bulky

packets of food (1+)


the name of the dream: walking with a walker

using a walker and making my way along what looked to be exeter high street

everybody who knew me well enough to speak to asked the same question: “what did you do ?”

my answer was the same, “fell over”

was acutely aware of the ground under my feet

except for one scene which had a cobbled surface (the stand out part of the dream), the ground was smooth

the second stand-out scene of the dream was the feeling of mild twinges along the entire length of the tendons of both legs

legs felt rested and a little looser than usual when i got out of bed

addenda: vividness 3.1 to to 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: walking (8+) aided (1)


the name of the dream: the photographer’s photographer

was paid to take photographs of people as they entered a shop and present the photo’s as a slide-show with a ten-second voice-over for each photo

each ten-second “slideshow”, would present a slightly different slant of the company’s product

within three or four “snaps” i became aware of the sound of the shutter of another camera

looking around, i saw a young woman wearing a bob-hat and scarf with a determined look and manner taking photo’s of me taking photo’s

i didn’t need to ask her what she was doing as it was obvious i was the subject of her interest

i said something like “make sure you show me in a good light” and let her get on with it

addenda: vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: photography () business (4 ?)


the name of the dream: the club in the club

at what looked to be a working man’s club

there was a small bar upstairs that was the “in” place to be

it was certainly popular, there was barely standing room

there was an air of “happening”

somebody wanted to show me something and in the next scene we are outside

he has a green something, i think it was alive

back in the “in” bar, someone i didn’t know asked me to get them a drink from the bar downstairs

the nerve of it, who did he think he was ?

more to the point who did he think i was that i would do his bidding

it was time to deflate his ego

i offered to get the drink and pretended to be glad that such an illustrious person would ask me to do something for him

in the next scene, i am downstairs imagining the face of the person who asked me to get him a drink

it is livid with a touch of violence around the mouth

addenda: vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: working men’s club (4 ?)


the name of the dream: double-doppelganger day

jumped into this dream and landed on my feet feeling as confident as a testosterone-driven bull elephant and as enduring as the himalayas

found myself inside a spacious area about the size of a two-plane hanger

it had a bit of the feel of a cavern to it and there was a glistening red-hue, smeared through the air over there

i saw someone in the distance about twenty or thirty metres over to my left, he looked familiar

now we were closer and i could recognise his features

he wasn’t just familiar, it was me

i am now the size of the andes

i haven’t quite lost all my confidence but i’m on shaky ground

“what am i doing over there when my sense of awareness is over here ?”

i get to thinking, he must be me with both my sense of identity and location and i am being viewed by someone else

so if that’s me, who am i ?

after a space-age of deliberating the penny dropped

the sense of boldness i felt at the beginning of this dream is the sense of being the person who recorded it felt at the time they recorded the scene !

so, whose dream it ?

it could, literally, be anybody’s

how come ?

imagine we are living in the future

our mobiles show not just a pictures on a 2d  screen but 3d holographic visuals plenty clear enough to give you a feeling of “being there”

you take a ten-second 3d holographic video of me

the sense of confidence at the beginning of the dream is (in the video was) your own feelings of confidence when you took the original movie

so, whoever you are, because of the 3d gizmo we can deduce we’ve met and will meet in all future time-tenses

note 1

this dream is categorised as an “other person’s” experience

participant dreams now become easier to identify and assess… see also observer/participant

addenda: vividness 4 – observer – the category of the dream: other-person’s experiences in dreams (50+) (approximately one-third of this websites dreams are observer dreams ?)


second dream: the name of the dream: much better than expected

in the house of an awake-time ex-girlfriend

it is early in the morning and the children are still wearing their bedclothes

to a hungry child, food is the most important item of the day

the mother produced small yellow seeds sloshing around in a clear bowl (the stand-out visual of the dream)

ever the adventurist, i decided to try what i didn’t like the look of which seemed to be mustard seeds

it was scrumptiously good and i said so

the kids were way ahead of me having already downed three or four mouthfuls

addenda: vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: food ( 8 ?) seeds (1) taste (1 ?)

first dream: the name of the dream: pals in poverty

this dream takes place in a block of flats

there are gates made of ten or twelve centimetre thick cylindrical bars separating one landing from the next

each landing has four or five flats

the people are impoverished to the point of destitution

the extreme conditions have produced a camaraderie among the neighbours which lifts them above an isolated existence

whilst the gates are locked everybody leaves their front doors open and everyone has access to each others home and resources

the gates are locked in the early evening

a young boy of six or seven has attached himself to me

our friendship is based on a kinship of characters

he feels safe and comfortable with me and is noticeably at ease in my company while i experience the need to love him

both his and my family recognise a special bonding between us and feel the warmth between us and it pleases them

often we sit and lie together; regularly puts his arm around my neck with his face close to mine and i can see he wants to kiss me

an uninhibited urge to express his feelings in a way only a child can

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (33 ?) young boy (2 ?)


the name of the dream: poised for a disaster

here’s a strange one…

the first scene, sitting next to the window of a skyscraper on the thirtieth, or higher, floor

the next scene, a helicopter with a bubble-type cockpit was hovering ten metres or so away

in the the third scene i took a photo of the helicopter

the fourth scene, a boulder the size of a car was poised a couple of metres above the blades

the final scene, i was shouting and gesticulating to the helicopter to turn off its engine so it would fall and could turn its engines back on after the boulder and the copter was apart from each other

it was while thinking if it would possible for the helicopter to avoid the boulder by turning off the engine that the dream ended

addenda: vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: high-rise buildings () catastrophe situations (2+)


the name of the dream: in a new world

society had changed

no longer was the pop charts dominated by those who had gained fame because they had friends in the music industry (cronyism), instead, the pop charts had a plethora of new songs written and performed by the people (talented) who wrote them

the video of my song has me wearing a brown, pin-striped, brown suit with broader-than-usual lapels, brown shoes and white shirt with a tie

i had a thick head of hair which was brushed back (obviously a future time-tense)

this ten-second (dream-time) one-scene dream, was long enough for me to sing two lines of my song (dream tune 2)

one of the lines was: “how glad i am, to be an average man”

addenda: vividness 4 – participant – the category of the dream: music (13 ?)


the name of the dream: moms’ best friend

was at moms’, she was in a despondent mood

eventually, she let me know what was grieving her, pat, her best friend, had received bad news

it was going to be a long, drawn-out demise

i suggested one or two possible things we could do… i could cook a meal for the three of us, a night out somewhere

during the evening mom dropped the hint, “she’s a secret admirer of you”

if my best friend had been given a death sentence, i couldn’t have brought myself to ask my daughter to do what mom was asking me to do

men though, don’t have the empathetic feelings women have for other women

it wouldn’t mean anything to a woman if she had to pay for a man to man be with her

neither would it work if the woman felt the man was with her because he was feeling sorry for her

i understood where mom was coming from and the fact she had said what she did meant she knew i would consider it because she had asked me

the dream ended as i was recalling those times i had been in pats’ company and trying to remember if i had felt “drawn” to her on any of those occasions

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: x in exceptional circumstances (1)


the name of the dream: working up a sweat

in another time and another place i was enjoying full mobility

i was out jogging with a jogger’s essentials in a small backpack

there was a tug on the backpack and while still running i looked around and saw a female jogger with her arm outstretched touching the backpack

there was no way she was going to be able to “lift” something from the backpack without me knowing about it

it was obvious she wanted me to know she was there and the look on her face told me what it was she wanted

in the next scene, we were pressed together and i could feel the elastic cord of her underpants and the softness of her body through the soft material of her track-suit bottom (the stand-out moment of the dream)

in the next scene, another younger girl had joined the dream and we were trying to figure out how to get out of a hole in the ground two-and-half metres deep

we resorted to shouting occasionally between moments of amour

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: health (10 ?) pleasure in unusual situations (1 ?)


the name of the dream: the rebel waiter

working in a hotel as a breakfast waiter

the individual orders were put on a chart in the kitchen which made it easier to read and quicker to prepare

i became indignant that the chef and management were allowing the orders which were only slightly different to be lumped together into the same category

people who had ordered lightly-done toast or well-done toast were given the same toast

likewise, those who wanted hard or soft boiled egg were given eggs that had been given the three-minute treatment

i became doubly indignant when it occurred to me that it was affecting my tips and began to bring it to the attention of the guests

i was wondering what might happen to me if the hotel management found out what i was doing when the dream ended

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: hotels (4 ?) waiter ()


first dream: the name of the dream: the dream that didn’t want to be remembered

this dream had about eight different themes

every time i tried to recall the details of one of the scenes of the dream it faded and vanished

this dream is the opposite of all of the other dreams of late

most or all of recent dreams had nothing of the pde’s in them

this dream was exclusively drawn from the pde’s

with other recent dreams the more it was thought about the more detail came to the fore of the memory

not sure what conclusions to draw from this dream

addenda: vividness of the dream 3.4 observer and participant – the category of the dream: mixed-themes dreams (?)

second dream

the name of the dream: x dream

addenda: vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: x dream (12+) s (4 ?)


the name of the dream: the shoe-shaped fish

in a shop that sold tropical fish

it is a two-scene dream that stood out for its colour and vividness

the fish tanks were about the same size; a metre in length, half a metre in breadth and half a metre in depth (slightly bigger than the fish-container in the dream of 02062019)

the first scene was a tank that had one or two orange-coloured fish in it

the movement of the fish contained grace

the second tank had a grey/black fish in it the shape of the sole of a shoe with long straggly strands the width of the fish

notes 1

the variety of the colour in tropical fish is something that caught my imagination as a boy although there was nothing in the pde’s which could have stimulated this dream

have concluded, with greater conviction than ever recently, that our experiences are part of a vast, finite vault of a mechanical events

which means this, and all other dreams and experiences, in both dream-time and awake-time, are “repeat shows” accurate to within a number of molecules and a part of a second

addenda: vividness 4.4 – observer – the category of the dream: animals () fish () tropical (1)


the name of the dream: dizzying heights, babies and a stroll in the country

woke from sleeping and went into montage territory

the first set of pictures, some of which had motion, was of four or five different babies

unusually for montages, it was possible to hold the picture for as long as desired

it was while holding the image for a “good look” that motion occurred in some of the pictures (motion-montages)

the first two or three pictures were wonderfully colourful and i thought how magnificent are the capabilities of the brain/mind

when i recall memories of this lifetime the colour and detail are only vague outlines compared to the recallable montage images

the more these types of experiences occur the more is the inclination to have the memories of experiences of the dream-time conscious “on tap”

all of the babies in this montage had that innocent, blank look

the montage gave way to a period of r.e.m.

the dream that then unfolded was of mom, someone else and self in a dangerous terrain

mom was moving with the confidence of a mountain goat along a narrow surface that was at the top of an unusual protrusion of a grass-covered peak the shape of a tower computer that had an eighty-degree curved slope on its narrow left-hand side and which at its base had a seventy-degree slope that swelled out to ground level over a two-hundred metre distance

the only way down from the top of the protrusion was to slide down

i didn’t have the confidence to slide down the eighty-degree slope and the dream ended with me stuck on the top

back into montage-land

again, it was a string of pictures of babies that went on for the best part of a minute

then back into dream-time

there were three of us, fully-grown males, wearing barbour knee-length coats casually strolling through a terrain that had difficult-to-traverse areas way off into the distance

addenda: participant and observer – vividness 3.4 to 4.6 – the category of the dream/s: montage-dream mix (1)


the name of the dream: the specialist

met a woman in her early twenties on a train journey

the train was empty apart from us and we started talking

she was highly specialised in the treatment of babies with brain trauma

her method was based on monitoring one or two babies over a twenty-four hour period with twelve hours off for sleep for weeks and months at a time

a one on one approach, coupled with intense monitoring, gave her a unique insight into the character of the condition of the baby or babies’

i was interested in what she done with her twelve hours off

i wanted to know if she slept for the full twelve hours, how long before going to bed did she eat, did she have recreation time, what did she do with it ?

amongst the repertoire of novelties in her lifestyle was a very peculiar form of relaxation/therapy

as she explained it a motion picture-sequence of what she was describing formed in the dream (the stand out part of the dream)

it was a foot-bath; three-quarters of a metre in length by a third of a metre in breadth and depth deep

in the see-through foot-bath with a clear liquid (water?) there was a living thing

it looked like a tongue about the size of an ox’s tongue

it was moving in a slow, searching way

i assumed it was searching for a foot to go to work on

apparently, it had been genetically-engineered to simulate the actions of a human tongue

i think she said it could do its thing while a person was sleeping

notes 1

which is more sensitive, the fingertips or the tongue ?

notes 2

this dream is undoubtedly a future time-tense

a thirty-six-hour lifestyle is impractical today but who knows what happens off-earth ( space-dream evolution) or if the new habitation is built ?

interestingly, it maintains the one-third sleep, two-thirds awake ratio

addenda: vividness 3 to 4.2 – participant – the category of the dream: medical practices (1?) (the question marks in brackets are asking if there is another dream here in dreams diary that has the same category. i’ve lost track)


fifth dream: the name of the dream: assembly-line ignition-tester

the first scene of this dream took in a large part of an automated car production factory

as with the previous dream it was at the end of the production line

there was a minor problem that kept on occurring concerning the wrong ignition keys being in the wrong car nd causing the production-line to have to slow down every now and then

i went to the manager’s office where there were two men who had a view of most the assembly line and suggested the barrel of the ignition be kept the same until the car had come off the line

one of the two men went off to talk to someone and the other one said: “you certainly have plenty of new ideas”

i gave him the “thumbs up” and the dream ended

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: assembly-line worker (2) cars (1)

fourth dream: the name of the dream: the singalong job

it was my job to test the sound of portable cd players was not distorted at the end of the assembly line

inevitably, i began singing along with the songs

addenda: vividness – 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: work () assembly-line (1) cd players (1)

third dream: the name of the dream: motorboat attendant

i was the attendant of a motorboat-for-hire company on a lake about half a kilometre wide and about three-quarters of a kilometre long

there were two or three boats on the lake and it was my job to make sure no one got into a “situation”, mainly, not to get too close the land

as with the previous dream, the boats were two-seaters with a low top speed

the third scene, there was a bigger boat moored in among the others which could seat seven or eight

hadn’t seen or used it before

it looked a bit unwieldy but decided to “take it out”

without meaning to, i started it up as i got into it

the starter-cum-accelerator was a discreet slide mechanism that had been built into the top side of the gunwale

it took another scene of the dream to figure out how to work it

the next scene, as with the previous dream i was the attendant only in this dream there were more boats

i was now in a boat capable of getting from one boat to another boat in seconds

as i went past one of the boats with two girls in it i heard one of them say, “let’s try and find some (boys) who are more normal”

i said: “i’m normal”

the girl replied back at me and said, “you don’t look normal”

it made me laugh and i heard myself laugh (an externalised laugh)

in the next scene i decided to give the boat “the gun” and slid the accelerator about three-quarters of the way along the slide-accelerator mechanism

it took the boat to about seventy kmph within seconds and the dream faded out as the other boats became specks in the distance behind me

addenda: vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: powered boats (2?) lake (1?)

the second dream, pottering around on the river in a two-seat motorboat

the boat was not a speedboat, it was designed for cruising at about five kmph

the river was about six metres wide with no noticeable surface chop

addenda: vividness: 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: powered boats (3?) canal (1?)

the first dream: the name of the dream: auntie g’s birthday party

of all the family, auntie g always put on the best “shindig”

one reason was she had the most floor space, another was, she was a great cook; the only one in the family who could make a wedding cake

i knew it was probably going to be her most lavish “do” to date when the person who opened the door to me was wearing a chef’s apron and there were two other people also wearing cooking clothing visible in the kitchen at the end of the extended hallway

it was raining quite heavily and i had got wet (think this is the first time i’ve got wet from rain in a dream)

after drying out i went into the front living room and opened my backpack and got out my video and photo equipment for a “systems check”

i was the official photographer for the family on account that photography was one of the services i offered in my business package in awake-time

in the next scene, another single male was sitting next to me who also happened to be a photography enthusiast

his equipment was almost as good as mine and we were “checking out” each others equipment and getting along swimmingly

at one point i let out a sound of partial disbelief, i didn’t have enough film in my camera for the occasion and, even worse, my batteries were flat

the other man in the scene had a spare film and gave it to me as a gift

he couldn’t help me with batteries though but that wasn’t a problem as there was a hardware store at the top of road eighty metres away

in the next scene, there were three of us

the new arrival wasn’t anyone i knew but he spoke enthusiastically

when he did speak it was in a manner which suggested he wanted to get to know me

in the final scene, there were four of us

the latest person to join the dream was dressed out of context for one of aunt g’s party’s

he was scruffy and sat on the floor next to me

i thought he must have been a friend of a friend of someone in the family

the first thing he did was to produce a “pellet” of hash and give it to me

although there were only four of us of an expected thirty or so, the party was underway

addenda: vividness 3 to 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: parties () aunt g’s ()


the name of the dream: a dark cinema

this dream has the lowest vividness rating of any dream

the reason…

the first scene, walking down the slope to the front seats in a cinema, i think it was a multi-screen cinema

before getting to where i wanted to sit i knew something wasn’t right, it was too dark

there was nothing on the screen and usually, when there’s nothing on the screen there is more than enough light to see your way around

there were two or three red lights but they didn’t even light up any of the floor below where they were situated

it was necessary to feel yourself along the wall

the building had experienced a total black-out

next scene, people were being steered out of the building through emergency exits

the people beckoning the patrons out were doing so with stern commands and people who weren’t moving quickly enough were being man-handled into a “frog march” by burly men who should have been bouncers and not your typical cinema staff

i was the last or one of the last to get out and had seen the “helpers” being overly enthusiastic and demonstrating their impatience with those exiting the building too slowly by pushing and pulling them along

it wasn’t a life-threatening situation and their method of evacuation was out of proportion for the situation

in the next scene, a big man in a dark overcoat was in front of me and someone i knew was standing just behind and to the left side of me

the person i knew had brought me to meet the man at the man’s request

i had written my account of the incident and given it to the appropriate authorities as a complaint because of the rough tactics used by the men who in charge of the evacuation

the big man in the dark overcoat was a representative of the company who owned the cinema and had been instructed to offer me money not to take the matter any further

someone said something and the man in the dark overcoat turned away from me took a lighter and set fire to my account of what had happened

i said to my friend: “bear witness that he is burning my statement”

the man in the dark coat said to my friend: “tell him i’ll give him two-thousand pounds for every pound he spent in the cinema”

even someone with my limited arithmetical skills knew he was on a winner

i awoke from the dream feeling satisfied

addenda: vividness 1.3 to 2.8 – participant – the category of the dream: low-light environment (1) cinema (1 ?)


the name of the dream: thunder rail

the first scene, in an underground railway station

it was an impressive bit of architecture

fifteen metres from the rail track to the roof

the roof was made of girder-sized wooden beams that ran cross-ways to the tracks and the roof was further supported by square concrete pillars that looked to me as though they weren’t anywhere near as sturdy as they needed be

the non-stop intercontinental train appeared in the dream without any of the approaching sounds a person was accustomed to

it was passing through the station travelling at least a hundred and twenty kmph

a person is familiar with high-speed trains travelling along outdoor tracks at an appreciably fast pace but standing next to or near to one in an enclosed area was something i was not prepared for

the ground shook, the ceiling beams rattled and vibrated in unison as the sound and weight of hundreds of thousands of kilograms of metal on metal made its presence known

then, almost as quickly as it had appeared in the dream, it was a receding single carriage that had become the size of a playing card

i went to the information room and asked if there was a non-stop train that went to vienna

the man i asked done such a good job of ignoring me i thought he was deaf, perhaps he was

i asked someone else and he said there was

it was time to get back home and as i began making my way i noticed i was carrying a beige-coloured baseball bat (the stand-out visual moment of the dream)

someone sucked in their breath as i walked passed them

other people felt the bat was as lethal as a gun and sooner or later someone was bound to challenge me about it so i tucked one end of it into my armpit under my jacket to hide it

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: transport ()trains ()


the name of the dream: the return of the cave-trolls

definitely, a dream set in a past time-tense with a low vividness

this dream is set in a cold, low-light environment, where the dominant males are cave-troll man-shaped beings about two metres tall (this is the second dream to feature males with this brutish shape and character but unlike the first dream with them in it, the first was the dream of 17012019, these cave-troll beings were in control)

there weren’t any female cave-troll man-shaped beings

the men of this time had the disposition of the men of today but unlike the women of today both genders were all muscular and stocky

as big as the men were they were no match for the cave-troll males and had to live their lives in places where the trolls weren’t

the cave-trolls didn’t make love to the women, they “had” them

the women of this dream had the character of women of today but were stocky and, not unlike the women of today, they aren’t “phased” by the brutishness of cave-troll men or brutish men in general

i was in the abode of one of the women and we were waiting for her partner to return

i thought it would be fun to dress in loose clothes and pad them up to give me the appearance of being a troll-being when the partner of the girl in the dream showed up and scare the heebie-jeebies out of him

he came into the room and although he didn’t baulk at the first glimpse of me i sensed he hesitated but he denied it when i mentioned it

as oppressive as the atmosphere of the dream was it still had a touch of levity

addenda: vividness 2.7 – participant – the category of the dream: oppressive dream (12 ?)


the name of the dream: mixed-theme dream

woke up into dream-time

it may have been because of the sounds the young cat was making, the dog was using its weight to subdue the cat

from where i was as i sat up in bed it looked like it was attacking the cat

i had to act quickly

i jumped out of bed and pulled the dog away from the cat let them into the hallway

again the dog started roughhousing the cat so i opened the back door and let them both into the backyard

it was a bright summer day and the dog left the cat alone and it came back into the bedroom with me

in the next scene, the home help was tidying up while she was chatting to me

she said something which opened her up to a bit of ribbing

“all i’ve got to do is make a phone call and i’ll know everything about you” i continued, “i’ll know who your first boyfriend was. i’ll know when you had your milk teeth…” and said a few other inconsequential things

in the next scene, i was in a happy mood and was ad-libbing a song that expressed the way i was feeling

woke from the sleep as i was singing the third or fourth line

fell back to sleep again and upon re-awakening, i thought i had forgotten the dream until the first line of the song spontaneously popped into my mind (dream tune 1)

addenda: vividness 3.3 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: mixed-theme dream ( 100 ?) animals, home-help and a song externalised dream (?)


the name of the dream: an argument for standardising files

as with dream of 24052019, this dream began with me having trouble finding items when inputting commands/requests via typing

in this dream though, the difficulty was to do with a film-file on my mobile phone

more accurately, the film was on the phone but part of it was missing; as the film was being watched it ended abruptly halfway through

going back to the folder which contained the films was a finger-swipe action

as the files whizzed by (the stand-out scene of the dream) all of the content on the phone showed only momentarily, but the eye-brain coordination was sophisticated enough to pick out the different categories or types of files

differentiating was aided by the different size and the “boldness” of the text (although it wasn’t in the dream, identifying the files could have been made even easier if the text had more variation and better still, file-favicons)

when the phone arrived at the last of the files in the written master index all the films showed

the film i had been watching at the start of the dream (the name of the film eludes my memory as this is being typed) was amongst the files in the film index in the master index

i went to the film and scrolled through it to the part where it had abruptly ended and continued watching

now a new problem emerged

every now and then when the film changed from one scene to another the ratio of the width and/or height of the scene was, by varying degrees, bigger or smaller than the previous one

the dream ended

notes 1

it occurred to me when i woke that the reason for the mixed screen-ratios was because the film on my phone had been downloaded from the cloud (other peoples phones and computers) and the size of the screen was tailored to meet what the uploader deemed was the most popular screen ratio, which itself was determined by the size of the most popular size of a computer or t.v. screen

the mixture of screen ratios was due to the internet being totally open

when a download was in progress and someone turned off their phone or computer the request for the file was re-routed to a different uploader who had the same film but with a different screen ratio

notes 2

this dream has revealed that executing commands to the computer via finger-touching a keyboard is the reason why it is not possible to complete a command/instruction in dreams

in the dream of 24052019, it was concluded that clicking the mouse was the way to overcome the problem of not being able to give commands or make requests via a keyboard

this dream jumps forward and proposes finger to screen contact as THE means for interacting with the phone/computer (an l.e.d. screen in place of a keyboard) for both awake-time and dream-time

computer maxim: 1

the more inanimate links there are between the user and device the less responsive the device will be

notes 3

life-energy/inanimate energy

addenda: vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: devices () mobile phones (1)


the name of the dream: mutual attraction

x dream

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: x dream ()


the name of the dream: a step forward

as has been my routine for the last few months i have been making voice-notes of my dream first thing upon waking and before getting out of bed

however on this occasion, after waking up in the dream i saw, on the computer at the side my bed, a notification at the bottom-left of the screen a message waiting to be read

the message-icon wasn’t one i’d seen before

slightly curious, i clicked the message icon and it brought the message and a photograph onto the screen

first, i looked at the photograph and took in the detail (the stand-out part of the dream)

the overall impression of the picture was that it used to be a family home

the width of the building was approximately seven metres, as it was a “head-on” photo it wasn’t possible to see the depth

it was a stand-alone building that had a wide wooden door that could have been a garage for two cars or it could have been a stable for horses

next, to the wooden doors, there was an empty space the same width as the wooden doors

the back and both sides of the stone walls of the empty space were painted white and there were one or two brown wooden beams which went from the bottom to the top, denoting the empty space used to be used for something or other

above the doors and the empty space was the living accommodation

both windows had curtains and i formed the opinion the building was currently occupied by the person who had sent the picture

i clicked on the message icon and began reading the message

it read… i was wondering if you would like to treat a girl and go to some of these places…

there were about twelve place

none of them was places i was familiar with so i decided to take a quick look at one or two

for some reason, i wasn’t able to type the names in the message into the computer

so i decided to leave the message until after i’d made some voice-notes of the latest dream

it wasn’t until i had tried, and failed, to recall any part of the dream that it dawned on me, with no small degree of surprise, the message on the computer WAS the dream

notes 1

yet again, the failure to get a response to typing something into the computer caused a halt to the flow of the dream

this dream, however, is a step closer to bridging the chasm of being able to type and get a return of what had been typed

now it has gone from not being able to get a return from a typed input being the cause of waking out of a dream to not being able get a return to a typed request and then returning to the dream

this may have been the first time clicking something on the screen has produced a return

perhaps clicking is THE way to go

addenda: vividness: 3 to 3.8 – participant – the category of the dream: computer (11 ?) issues with typing (5 ?)


second dream: the name of the dream: the female tennis instructor

x dream

addenda: vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: x dream () w/j (10 ?)

first dream: the name of the dream: epic dream 5

the first three scenes were of me going from walking to flat-out sprinting

the feeling of power in the legs after achieving top speed within four or five steps was marvellous

in one case it was on a cobbled street

a couple in their early twenties came into the dream, they wanted to get to know me

i was o.k. with that

they were from norfolk

i mentioned something about the lay of the land being flat and that i had a day out on the beach there one time (an awake-time instance when the weather broke from spring to summer in the early eighties)

at one point during the three or four scenes with this couple i became concerned that people who expect to get an idea of what god was like by meeting me was completely askew

“i’m nothing like god,” i said

“we don’t look alike, nor do i do things or say things the way he would do or say them”

“the feminine side of god comes through in his looks,” i said “he looks like a woman facially but his upper-body is most definitely masculine”

“also people need to understand his compulsive nature to share” – a point which we should all dwell upon is that life is a continuation of the eternal expansive nature of reality

the eternal expansive nature of endlessness has only one bias… expand!

the idea of a clique or cult or any form of “specialness” felt by one or many people is more alien to him than a two-headed, four-legged alien would be to us

i urged the couple to do things which brought forward the idea of equality among man-shaped beings as a dominant feature of her/his character

a group of three came into the dream after the first couple had departed

they sought to gain an advantage through their association with me

one of them had a look which saw me as a meal-ticket

this group were in and out of the dream after one scene

in another scene, i was sitting on a wall that had ledges in it

to the left of me in one of the ledges, there was a dark-brown wooden horse about half the size of a packet of butter

it looked very old (i think this scene is from the latest version of the film blade runner which i watched two days before this dream)

in another part of the dream, the same man appeared in four scenes

in the first scene he subtly brought up the idea there was a meal ready for me

in the second scene, he never brought it up but i could tell he was hoping i would go and eat the meal he had prepared

in the third scene, i said “i know what it’s like when you make a meal for someone and they don’t sit down and eat it when it’s put on the table”

he nodded demurely, he was not in any way going to try to make me do what i didn’t feel like doing

in the next scene, i am eating, and thoroughly enjoying, chips, fried eggs and another item of food

in the next scene, i recognise the man, it is donald trump

we begin talking and i ask him if he plays a musical instrument

he said “yes. the bass guitar”

i replied “so do i”

we got talking about pop music and how it had changed for the worse

i brought up the point about the way current pop songs did not have melodies a person could sing along to was a change for the worse, he agreed (it was a humble donald trump in this dream. the complete opposite of the donald trump during his campaign for the presidency

notes 1

again, the two or three sprinting scenes were due to another slight improvement felt the day before after the third or fourth time of doing sit-down – stand-up exercises

the exaggeration of physical abilities in dreams as the result of very small gains in awake-time may be a feature of dreams (an alluring look from a girl may come through as a full-blown relationship in dreams)

addenda: vividness 2.9 to 3.4 the category of the dream: multi-themed dream (20 ?)


second dream: the name of the dream: future environments

this dream is set in a future time-tense

society has secured ways of distinguishing between those with a disruptive/violent bent and those with a natural altruistic disposition to life at a very early age

the practical result is that the two different types of people live apart from one another

both forms of society still have a police presence

a policeman from one of the peaceful society’s was being interviewed

“i love my job. seeing young and old people living together without either end of the age spectrum being aware of the difference in age”

note 1

it should be noted that in a peaceful society devolving beings are as fish out of water and are easy to spot

beings with a violent nature exhibit their destructive nature at a very early age

come the new habitation, recognising and effectively nullifying destructive behaviour will be no more difficult than distinguishing between different colours

addenda: vividness 3.3 – observer – the category of the dream: future societies ()

first dream: the name of the dream: an emergency and getting home

there was a “buzz” in the air that grew and then became an urgency

seven or eight streets over there was the unmistakable glow of a fire

it was in a residential area which meant lives were at stake; immediate action was needed

i shouted out “i have four picks at home”

someone said “they will be handy if we have to look through rubble”

a small crowd followed me to where i lived

i handed out the picks

one of the men saw himself as a leader of sorts and became antagonistic towards me when i didn’t make sure he got a pick

in the next scene, we had stopped and were standing and talking or debating something

the fire was still part of the dream but it was even further away than the first time i saw it and i decided to catch a bus

i asked people i didn’t know for instructions of which bus to get and where to get it

again, and as is usual with dreams, remembering the details of instructions throws a spanner into the flow of the dream

after two or three attempts at trying to follow directions, getting to the emergency was no longer the thrust of the dream

the big problem now was getting back home

addenda: vividness 2.9 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: emergencies () fire ()


the name of the dream: twinges and tickles

my girlfriend and meself were checking each other’s teeth

we were gently applying pressure to the gums using something metal

each tooth was being probed for twinges of sensitivity as an indication that we might need to visit a dentist

after three scenes of testing for possible signs of tooth decay the dream changed to us testing each other’s response to being tickled

we used the bottom of our feet for the test area

in particular, we found that the area where the toes joined the foot was the best spot

it was four, five or six scenes later when we had found the most sensitive area of each other that my girlfriends tickling caused me to laugh so hard it woke me out of my sleep

addenda: vividness 3.8 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships () female () care and laughter () externalised


the second dream: the name of the dream: a rat in the kitchen

it was the first morning of a term in prison

if it wasn’t for the feeling of being there against my will it could have been a new theme of a t.v. reality show

there were eight of us in the room, a mix of gender with two or three women

the room we were in was on the second floor

the windows weren’t barred or locked so it would have been easy to tie sheets together and climb to the ground but we weren’t that type of criminal

nor was there the accompanying feeling of oppression that usually accompanies a dream of being in prison

that it was a prison of sorts became clear in the second scene when a member of the staff of the prison came into the dormitory

he was wearing a black peaked-cap and a loose white jacket and shirt and dark trousers

he was a solid thirteen or fourteen stone and spoke in an adequately authoritative tone

“there is only one rule here. never get in the way of somebody doing their job”

he began allocating us jobs

something was fishy about one of the other inmates

he made a joke about the prison which derided it and by implication the staff who worked there

the guard talking to us wasn’t the sort of person to take criticism from a “low-life” and my assessment of him told me not to rub him up the wrong way

instead of “jumping all over” the dark-haired inmate with a slightly off-white complexion, the guard made a mock retaliatory comment which in no way contained hostility

the inmate, i then realised, was a plant

i was now on my guard and would be feeding him false info

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: prison () semi-open (1) mixed-gender inmates (1)

the name of the dream: an unusual approach

i think i was working in a hotel

a girl ten or twelve centimetres smaller than me was “on my case”

the slightest little thing became an issue

there were two more scenes where the tone of the dream was the same

she was looking for, and found, reasons to admonish me

then, in the next scene, as if by magic, we were kissing

my size meant that my body blocked the view of a woman member of the staff who was looking on and making commendable sounds

she could see us kissing but couldn’t see my hand inside her blouse as i caressed her nipple (the stand-out scene)

the girl in my arms was yielding to me and was leaning further back the longer the kiss went on

she was ready to lie down

the dream ended

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships () female () pleasure () torso ()


third dream: the name of the dream: amsterdam

this dream is categorised as a “serial dream” of the dream of 28042019

the weather was the same and, as before, i had a backpack and was in amsterdam

was in a good mood and felt amiable

made a friendly quip to a bloke walking past me

he smiled but it was the wrong sort of smile and it became obvious from his mannerisms he was a homosexual

he realised from my reaction i was embarrassed but understood it was he who had made the wrong assumption and carried on his way

went into a cafe and asked if it was o.k. to smoke

was told yes and i walked through into the lounge area in the back

i slipped off my backpack and swung it too energetically onto the table

there were two flasks of hot drinks in it and the tops came off both of them and made a right mess

i went over to the counter and saw that the bloke serving had a mop in one hand and a bucket in the other getting ready to come and clean up my mess

i gestured he hand me the bucket and mop, which he did, and in the next scene i am part-way through cleaning up

in another scene, i am enthusing to another male of my age about a project that could be a good “earner”

he is showing an interest when the dream finishes

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: serial dream (1+) amsterdam (5 ?)

second dream: the name of the dream: little boy lost

walking along on the left side of a side-street which led to the main road about fifty metres further on, think i was on my way to catch a bus into town

a boy of about seven with dark hair and wearing a dark suit appeared in front of me

he was standing still, not looking anywhere

his demeanour was unmistakable, he didn’t know where he should be going

i spoke to him but he shied away

i clasped him by his wrists, lifted up his arms up and pulled him up so he was sitting on my left arm

while he was leaning into my chest i said something and in response he threw his arms around my neck and held tightly onto me

how could a child so readily give his trust and love to a stranger ?

i felt his vulnerability and it stirred my soul

in the next scene, still carrying him, we had entered a shop

there were four or five people in the shop, two of them were young teen girls

i was looking at the girls while addressing all the people in the shop and said: “does anyone know this boy ?”

the girls shook their head, none of the others said anything

i asked the woman behind the counter “will you call the police please”

she lifted the phone and was talking into it when the dream ended

notes 1

this dream was the result of reading an article which told the story of a little boy who was murdered in front of an adult (see a child’s story)

addenda: vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: children ()

first dream: the name of the dream: a short dream about shortening

in the company of two other men who were about twice my age

they were a couple of strides ahead of me as they were walking and talking

one of the men was using a crutch to help him walk

i noticed that the tip of his crutch was touching the ground a few degrees off perpendicular to his body as he was walking

i told the men to stop and let me do something

in the next scene and final scene, a close-up; with a single backstroke of a handsaw i made a mark on a walking stick, cut through it and affixed it to the bottom of the crutch

notes 1

this dream has made me realise that a single “close-up” scene in an otherwise broad-view dream denotes a different tense of time

taking this notion further it can now be conjectured that every new scene in a dream represents a new time-tense

perhaps in the future, all dreams will be one-scene dreams which will last for the entire period of r.e.m.

example… a person gets out of bed and feels the change of temperature as they get from under the blankets and feel the carpet under their feet as they walk through into the kitchen where they notice the change of temperature on their feet as they enter the kitchen, feel the handle of a cupboard door and feel the edges the of two boxes as they take them out of the cupboard and hear the sound of the contents of the boxes as they are emptied into a bowl and feel the coldness of a hand-mixer as they whisk the contents of the bowl

the dream continues for twenty minutes of awake-time (two-minutes of dream-time) as they fulfil a notion they had while they were preparing a meal during the previous day when they thought that different proportions of two ingredients would produce an unusually pleasing taste

addenda: vividness 2.8 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: innovation (7 ?) walking stick (1)


the name of the dream: the day nature called twice

it was a gloriously sunny day

a day when the temperature of the air and skin were the same

the urge to be at one with nature overtook me and in the next scene i am walking along in the nude

i didn’t get any catcalls or any unsociable quips thrown at me although a few heads turned

about a third of the way home nature called again and this time the call was even more overwhelming

before i could get to a toilet my body released the unwanted matter

walking without any clothes on was one thing but walking in the nude with a dirty bottom was another and i knew i must do something about it

i ducked into somebody’s front garden but not quite quickly enough and now i needed something which would cover my front and back

a strip of white cloth appeared in the dream which was just long enough to go through my legs and around my waist

it meant having to walk holding the cloth to my right hand

the dream ended

notes 1

this dream is categorised as an informative dream

i think this is the mind telling me that my diet is not adequate enough for the purpose of disposing of un-needed food or, more likely, i am eating the wrong things

the implication is that i am eating unnecessary food or too much food

it is agreed that too much protein in a diet will cause varying degrees of constipation while too much vitamin c will have the opposite effect

most baby’s poop daily

it makes sense to think a baby’s metabolism is working at peak efficiency

consequently, pooping daily, or even within hours of eating, suggests that a person’s metabolism is working at its best

the precise needs of any individual will be slightly different from person to person

expect radical changes within a few thousand years as our understanding of dietary needs become known

addenda: vividness 3.9 – participant – the category of the dream: informative dream (9 ?) sunny weather and nudity (1) self () a number 2


the name of the dream: some cameras are too much

there are three of us, a girl and two males

we are sitting on a wall

our feet are touching the ground and we are looking the same way our feet are pointing

behind us, there is a two-metre drop onto the pavement

we are waiting for phil, a friend of the girl and boy

he works in a sony retail shop in the high street and i want to talk to him about cameras

he arrives in the dream and tells me to go to the shop and ask to see the most expensive camera

in the next scene i am in the shop and after telling the salesman i want to see the most expensive camera in the shop

while i am explaining to the sales assistant that i’m after a camera that has an audio input and will accept a programme that will let me mix sounds while i’m on a bus or train or sitting anywhere without having to be connected to the internet

the salesman shows me an all-singing camera that will do what i want but the audio aspect of the camera is quickly forgotten as he shows me some of the features of the camera

it can’t make a cup of tea but it can do anything imaginable with still pictures and movie clips

i must have it and ask how much it costs

the salesman fiddles with a knob or two and shows me the top screen on the camera

£4998 is showing in red on the screen (the stand-out part of the dream)

i said “what i should have said was… i’m looking for a quite expensive camera”

the salesman and someone standing by his side were both smiling

we all knew this was out of my financial league

the dream returned to the original scene and now there was another couple in the dream who had taken umbrage with the original couple in the dream because they had dismissed the suggestion that we all go back to their house because it didn’t have the scope to cater for everyone

in the final scene, as i got off the wall the thought occurred to me that a strong gust of wind might blow me off balance and cause me to fall backwards onto the pavement behind me

addenda: vividness 3 to 4.1 – participant – the category of the dream: technology () camera ()


the name of the dream: a prisoner freed

i was one of about twenty new prisoners standing outside the gates of a prison

there was a barred window to the left of the prison gates

about a metre beyond the window there was another solid brick wall

this wasn’t so much a prison, it was a labyrinth

it filled the observer with a sense of foreboding

in the next scene, we were shown into a room where inmates were being taught quantum physics

the teacher wasn’t doing a good job of explaining it

i got the attention of a young man sitting in front of me and began explaining the principle of indeterminacy

i made my hand into a fist and opened the fingers of my hand wide enough to get a tapered slither of paper through

as i began pushing the point of the paper through the gap between two of my fingers i said: “the closer you try to pinpoint the where of one of the particles in the atom the more difficult it becomes to give it an exact co-ordinate. the principle of indeterminacy is letting you know what the greatest degree of accuracy can be”

in the next scene, i was no longer in the group of twenty in the classroom, i was walking through one of the narrow corridors of the labyrinth

in the next scene, i was out of the labyrinth/prison and in an open expanse on a sunny day

addenda: vividness 2.9 to 4 – participant – the category of the dream: contrasting realities () prison and freedom (1 ?)


the name of the dream: the facilitator

when you’ve got a few decent connections it’s fairly easy to become a middle man

the drawback is once you’ve established yourself everybody else gets lazy and relies on you to do everything except pay for the goods and services (my goods and service was women and cannabis)

this dream was a typical day of “business”

person “a” would contact me

person “a” didn’t have enough money at the start of the transaction to complete their end of the deal at the moment of asking and so asked me to see person “b”, loan the money from them and person “a” would have the money by the time i turned up with the goods or service

sometimes it wasn’t as straightforward as that

person “b” wouldn’t be available until after the time person “a” needed the goods or service which meant contacting person “c”

person “c” didn’t know about person “a” or “b” which was handy because quite often person “a”, “b” or “c” wouldn’t have anything to do with one of the other two

it was nighttime and the business day was almost over, just one more stop to make

it was an elderly and frail man who’s only joy in life was a joint at the end of the day

i felt good about being able to do something for someone without getting anything out of it

he was an easy going, easy to like and an easy to talk to person

i supplied him with a “teenth” regularly every few days

the problem with a having a routine is it doesn’t take long for other people to latch on to it

they see your car parked somewhere regularly at a regular time

somebody they know knows somebody who knows someone who knows you… it doesn’t take long for people to figure things out who you are and what you do when you have a routine

when i got there two of the local “we get what we want” types were in the house with the elderly gent

their mere presence was enough to intimidate the elderly gent

he had told them what they wanted to know and now they could use it against me

it was only a minor inconvenience, it would just be a matter of breaking with routine for a while

as i was leaving i overheard one of the “visitors” say: “he only gave you a teenth ?. phone him up and tell him to get you an eighth”

i got the call, got the eighth, delivered it and left

notes 1

this dream was caused by reflecting about the way i used to live

addenda: vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: wheeler-dealer ()


second dream: the name of the dream: five faces of femininity

awoke from sleeping

try as i did, after five minutes i couldn’t remember what it was i had dreamt

for my efforts i was rewarded with a montage of five pictures

first picture, a fair-haired girl, slightly tanned and in her early twenties was seated and looking down and to the right

her clothing changed for each of the pictures

in the second picture, she was in formal clothing and her hair was brushed back

a white plastic hair band divided the first quarter of her hair from the rest of it

she was looking directly at the observer and smiling a broadly

the third picture showed her at her most appealing; relaxed, extrovert and smiling confidently; she reminded me of a model at the peak of her career in a photo-shoot, ready to adopt any pose and respond to the call of the photographers to look their way

in the final picture, she is looking forward and down and, as with the first picture, she is apparently unaware of the observer

addenda: vividness 3 to 4.2 – observer – the category of the dream: montage (10+) female (2+)

the name of the dream: at home with mom

it was late at night, a little after midnight

in the living room with mom

she was on the left-hand side of the room and i was on the same side as the telly on the right

we didn’t usually have long conversations, we never talked about religion or economics

the most likely reason we would have a lengthy chinwag was if there was something happening within the family or with a close relation

she got up and went to the kitchen, filled her hot water bottle, and come back into the living room and sat back down

i said, “i don’t think you could get to sleep if you didn’t have a hot water bottle”

she replied in a sincere tone, “no, i don’t think i could”

she then stood up and went to the window, stood there for a few seconds and said: “do you think it’s going to rain ?”

i’d never heard her comment on the weather before going to bed before and it took me by surprise

she remained standing, and in that silent moment i realised she was thinking of going out

i said, half-jokingly “you’re not thinking of going for a walk are you ?”

i woke up as the last few words of the sentence were sounding in my ears

addenda: vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: mom () at home ()


second dream: the name of the dream: toast, thigh, matches and a dog

had just toasted and buttered two slices of thin white toast

broke off a piece from one of the slices and because the bread was thin the butter had soaked into the toast and gave it a succulent texture

i knew on the first bite i would be making another two slices as soon as i had eaten the two in front of me

second theme: a girl was writing a word, her name i think, on the upper-outer part of her thigh, the word had about seven letters and began with a q

how a person could write a word that precisely and in a style of font that had as much style as it did i will never know; the letters were exactly spaced and perfectly even

third theme: needed a light for a cigarette

entered a garage forecourt, made my way to the shop beyond the petrol pumps and saw the boxed matches on the top shelf as soon as i got to the counter

walking away from the shop a woman was smiling at me but i had passed her by before i could return the smile

without thinking i struck a match and lit up the fag as i was passing the petrol pumps

fourth theme: while walking, i saw a woman feeding her dog, a brown huskie, with a titbit which she had placed on her thigh

the dog licked it off and looked at me

addenda: vividness 3.1 to 3.3 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: multi-themed dream (32 ?)

first dream: the name of the dream: a bright future

in a small room in a high-rise building

the room, the corridors, the blankets and clothes i’m wearing are all white

the top half of the door of the room was shatterproof glass

someone was trying to pass a message to me through a paper-thin crack between the door and the door-frame

he was saying something in an unsettling way which caused me to think he was mentally disturbed

the building was obviously a treatment centre for people in need of treatment for personality disorders

i felt i shouldn’t have been there

notes 1

the vividness rating of this dream was 4.4

a high vividness rating for a dream denotes it is a future time-tense

the society this dream is set in must be an affluent one

it doesn’t make sense to think that in a future time i would be in an institution where i need special care

addenda: vividness 4.4 – participant – the category of the dream: institutional environment (12 ?) mental hospital (1)


third dream: the name of the dream: singalong a think-read karaoke

was trying to “chat-up” a girl but wasn’t getting anywhere

a change of scene brought a five-verse song written in large words on a white background into the dream

i read and sang along with the words of the song for the first two lines but didn’t have to read any more than that

i began singing along with a song i’d never seen or heard before but somehow i knew the tune and could sing along with it without having to read the lines

when it got the third verse, which was the chorus, the girl i had been trying to woo joined in and we sang the song together to the end

notes 1

it strikes me as odd that i should know the words and tune of a song in a dream i’ve never heard before

it was a catchy little tune, not a number one, but certainly a tune i would have remembered if it was awake-time memory

this dream tells us that the dream-time memory has the same mechanism as the awake-time memory: it brings memories of previous experiences to the fore when stimulated by present-time experiences

i think the song had the word blue in it

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationship () female () music ()

second dream: the name of the dream: connivance

in the living room of someone else’s house with a girl who had been a girlfriend or she was someone i wanted as a girlfriend

she was friendly enough, even flirtatious, but that was about as far as it went for about another two or three scenes

she then became “available” and really led me on by sitting on me while i was sitting on the couch

as she was seated on me and facing away it was easy for me to lean all the way down onto my back with her still on top of me

she let my hands go anywhere i wanted to put them

it wasn’t long before my hands were inside her trousers

as i was pulling her pants down, through the periphery of my vision, i saw a male walk through the room

i was looking at her as he passed through and i saw her give him a smile and a quick nod

i knew the gesture for what it was, an assurance to him that i would be staying put

the heat of the xual moment gave way to my thoughts as i wondered what is was they were up to

i settled on the probability he was going to my place to nick something

i had nothing worth stealing and decided that what i was doing more valuable than anything i had and so carried on filling my senses with pleasure

the dream changed into a montage… the first ever black and white montage

there were about twenty-five pictures in the sequence

the first five or six pictures continued as an extension of the dream with the girl on the couch, i.e. an xual theme with a little motion in them

they were all simple one-line drawings that passed across the conscious more quickly as the sequence played through

the awareness of being in awake-time consciousness didn’t become obvious until the seventh or eighth picture

none of the pictures is still vivid in the memory as this is being typed

notes 1

this is the first black and white montage

the first half-dozen or so pictures are a break from the trend of all other montages in that i wasn’t aware of being awake

this montage is love/life getting the most out of the experiences which can happen in throughout all undulations and which appear to be endless, but stay focused people, true endlessness is reserved for love/time


dream: vividness 2.9 to 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships () female ()

montage: vividness 3.3 to 3.5 – observer – the category of the montage: mega-montage: black and white (1) mixed themes (1)


first dream – the name of the dream: fire at the railway station

on the bus, on my way home i think

one of the stops on the bus route was at the railway station

at the stop before the station, a voice asked us to stay on the bus at the next stop

didn’t know why we were being asked to stay on the bus but i did know i was in a hurry to do something when i did get off the bus several stops further on

i got to the front of the bus but the doors were almost closed

there was a gap between the bottom of the doors big enough for me to squeeze through which meant i would have to go through feet first

off the bus and as i neared the station the reason for being asked to stay on the bus became clear… there were twenty-metre flames raging into the air from the main part of the building

the station was at the bottom of a dip

i had gone down the hill and back up the other side when i looked back it was a complete view of the station and a hundred or so metres of the tracks

the flames weren’t evident but a thick black smoke was spewing out of the dome of the station

it looked like a volcano erupting

coming up the incline to where i was there, were four or five-hundred people with estranged looks on their faces

addenda: vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: unnatural disasters () train station (1

third dream: the name of the dream: cousin jim’s mother

was at aunt mauriels with my cousin jim

his mother came into the dream in the second scene with two bags of shopping

she handed my cousin a package and said to jim: “here’s something for you”

i didn’t feel slighted or in anyway “left out”

i said to cousin jim in a low voice that feigned hurt “why didn’t she get me anything”

aunt “moo” fell for it

she opened her purse took out a coin and said: “here you are”

i said it was alright and it didn’t matter

within half a minute i said the same or something similar to cousin jim just loud enough for her to hear

again, she took a coin out of her purse and offered it to me

and again, i convinced her it didn’t matter to me

a third time i said to cousin jim “i wonder why she didn’t get me anything?”
aunt moo, ever-patient, went into her purse again and brought out a coin

i protested most convincingly it didn’t matter

i waited for aunt moo to put the coin back in her purse and said to her, “how much were you going to give me ?”

aunt moo gave out a three-phase guttural laugh and then a two-phase softer laugh

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: laughter () auntie moo

second dream: the name of the dream: chef par excellence

a four or five-scene dream

enjoyed yesterday’s multi-veg soup so much i decided to start keeping various uneaten vegetables in the deep freeze using small, labelled jars

think-writing on a curve was too difficult and it brought me out of this dream

notes 1

an easy-to-associate-with-the-pde’s dream

distinctly remember thinking of saving small amounts of uneaten food during the day

addenda: vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: food () soups ()

second dream: the name of the dream: merging conscious states

i was invited to a party

i was expecting a music party but there wasn’t any music, in fact there wasn’t a party atmosphere at all, it was more of a “laid-back lounge party” with a dozen people sitting and reclining in a comfortably furnished large living room

next scene, a grown man, about six-feet-three, lean but not skinny and wearing a white shirt and jacket was standing in front of me with a cigar-sized joint in his mouth

when he took it out of his mouth i held out my hand and said: “may i ?”

he said “of course” and handed it to me

i took a few drags and became relaxed

next scene, the man from the previous scene sat down next to me and we got to chatting

after a few sentences when the topic of girls had come up more than once i realised what he wanted… the person who had organised the party had invited him along as she knew i knew a lot of girls (i had a photo studio which brought men and women together, ostensibly “for photo-shoots”)

as is the way of the world though, when a man sees a woman in alluring clothes the idea of aesthetic photo’s is replaced by other thoughts and feelings

the women knew this of course and they too wanted more than just photo’s of themselves

he wanted me to set up a “photo-shoot” and let me know by emphasising certain words what was on his mind

i considered the options and a girl that fitted the bill came to mind

i said “sylvia” would be agreeable

then i realised that sylvia was a dream-time girl

i let out a disbelieving sound, shook my head and said to him “i don’t believe it. sylvia is not a real girl but i girl i occasionally dream about. i have just suggested to you a girl that only exists in my dreams” and woke from the dream more or less straight away after that

notes 1

this blurred mixing of conscious-states is happening more frequently

it can be of a matter of proving it if we keep statistics of the length of time spent in r.e.m. throughout this millennium

the proof will be if r.e.m. is shown to be increasing from generation to generation

also, it should be borne in mind that if it is the case that the dream-time conscious becomes the dominant conscious then the schedule of it happening at is already fixed… (as it happened last undulation, so too it will happen next undulation)

we can get an insight as to what we will be able to do when we can mix the two states of consciousness by watching this video

addenda: vividness 3.1 participant – the category of the dream: mixed states of consciousness ( 3 ?)

first dream: the name of the dream: out walking

i was out walking and the weather wasn’t an issue

was wearing a dark brown suede jacket with a single vent, formal black trousers, a white shirt and light-brown casual soft shoes with thick soles (my current most comfortable walking shoes)

my legs didn’t feel either strong or weak, it was the feeling in my feet that made things sweet, while i was walking

there was a shallow, uneven and gravelly path with some large stones in it which caused my feet to slide and slip, while i was walking

the heels of my feet could feel the solid ground underneath, as i was walking

my feet weren’t splayed or pigeon-ed but almost dead straight, while i was walking

about twenty metres up ahead of me up i could see a boy too young to be asking for a hand-outs asking passer’s by for a hand-out , when i was out walking

i dug out the change from my right pocket and without changing my stride sorted the coins into a column by size, as i was walking

the boy held out his hand and i put about fifteen coins in it, a few steps ahead i swivelled my body and head and saw the boy totting up the amount, as i carried on walking

and then in town i gazed around and saw the eyes in a female looking in mine, i was feeling fine, i was smiling as i was walking

this was me as i was meant to be, gratefully alive with a gliding stride, as i am walking


this dream is the result of a new feeling of an added balance to my steps earlier on in the day

addenda: vividness 3.2 to 3.9 – participant – the category of the dream: walking (7 ?)


second dream: the name of the dream: put in my place

walking through the centre of town on a very wide paved area with my new girlfriend

she was an american who i really fancied and i was demonstrating, as we were walking, how well we were suited

she was to the right of me, my arm was slung over her shoulder in an exaggerated casual manner, and i was gesticulating with my free arm as we were walking and talking

it soon became clear that her feelings towards me weren’t anything like my feelings towards her

in a way that let me know that she wasn’t at all keen on me she dropped her shoulder down and forward which caused my arm to slide down her back

i got the message loud and clear

she then suggested that i put my school grades on all future correspondence, as was the american way

it then dawned on me her interest wasn’t in me but in my biography, she was doing a “write-up” on me

it was a real knock to my ego

and that was the end of the dream

addenda: vividness 3.2 participant – the category of the dream: relationships () female () american (1)

first dream: the name of the dream: money in the bank

this dream was a two-scene dream revolving around a query to do with my bank account

not sure who contacted who first but in the first scene a figure of £312 was quoted

the figure was spoken to me over the phone and it differed to the amount i had showing in front of me on the computer screen

i asked the person, a male, to verify the number and he did so but with a bit of rancour in his voice

was wondering why his tone of voice had changed when, without noticing the dream had ended, it was replaced by a thought concerning the detail in the development of a new platform which i first thought of yesterday (see the dream “wanted”)

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: telephone conversation (1) bank (1)


the name of the dream: cats and something else

in the company of an unknown person

had a pedal bike with a basket on the front

tried to ride up a steep gradient but it was too much of an effort so i got off and pushed it

a new scene, was now walking in the same area

came across a smokey-coloured cat with a thick coat, there was also some people nearby

i stroked the cat and i could tell it was enjoying it by the way it kept re-positioning itself back into the same position

another scene, another cat

with this cat, i gave it a long stroke along the entire length of its back

when the stroke was around its hindquarters i noticed it’s back legs buckled a bit so i itchy-scratched around its tail and the cat responded by lowering the back of its body to the ground which i took as a signal to itchy-scratch harder, which i did

then the cat lay on its side to get comfortable and moved into a different position and presented that part of its body it wanted to be massaged/scratched/stroked

the people in the dream began letting out sounds of appreciation as they could see the cat was experiencing a new level of gratification

at the top of the hill, a woman brought an animal out of her jacket and stretched out her arms for me to take the animal

if it had been your run-of-the-mill cat i would have held it but it wasn’t and i didn’t try to hold it

the animal had an elongated snout which made me think it was part fox and it gave me a look that exuded personality (the stand-out bit of the dream)

i said to the woman “it looks like a cross between a cat and a fox”

the woman said “yes. it’s got fox in it”

addenda: vividness 3.4 to 4 – participant – the category of the dream:animals () mammals () cats (6 ?)


first dream: the name of the dream: the stretch hallway

had been measuring the size of the bed and the sofa and trying to arrange a more comfortable and practical way of using the total area available in the living room the day before this dream

whether to use the fold-down sofa-mattress on the bed… would it be better to change the positions of the bed and sofa… buy a new bed and keep the sofa… buy a smaller sofa and keep the bed where it was… try and fit in a small dining table… perhaps a half-metre coffee table…

the first scene of the dream showed a hallway

the view of the hallway showed the entrance door to the building halfway along the hallway on the left with there being two metres to the entrance door and about the same distance beyond the door to the end of the hallway

with each new scene, the hallway became longer and wider as each new item that i had considered in awake-time found a place in the dream

by the end of this five, six or seven-scene dream the hallway had become ridiculously long

the point of view remained the same but now there were a plethora of items all made of a dark-brown glistening wood

the first item was a high-back antique chair, then there was a low-level coffee table and then there was another chair the same style as the first one, they had exquisite style (the stand-out scene )

beyond that, there was a longish gap to the next piece of furniture, another classy all-wood four-seater dining table

a metre or two after that was the entrance-door where a woman was greeting people coming through it

some metres past the front door there looked to be a glass partition separating the hallway from the kitchen


this dream is a classic example of the pde’s forming the theme and content of the dream

each new scene of the dream is a variation of the different ways the dreamer considered organising his living room during awake-time

addenda: vividness – 2,9 to 3.7 – observer – the category of the dream: furniture (1) home (1)


the name of the dream: all’s well that fits well

out and about shopping

needed clothes to go with a shirt for a particular occasion or reason, what the reason was eludes me as i’m typing

came across a downmarket men’s clothes shop that was having a “bargain basement” sale of half-decent items

found a shirt that was a good fit almost immediately

out of the shop bumped into arnold and told him that i had come across a shop with exceptional value-for-money clothes

being a big lad he was a bit sceptical the shop would have clothes that would fit him but not wanting to miss a “photo op” he came with back to the shop with me

the shop did have a jacket of his size and when he tried it on it was slightly bigger across the shoulders than it ought to be but to his surprise the extra width suited him and he was well pleased with it

if arnold could get a jacket that fitted him then i shouldn’t have any problem getting something that fitted me

asked the salesperson, a male, if he had a dark suit with pinstripes

the sales person took me to a rack of clothes with about fifty pin-striped suits on it (the stand-out part of the dream)

and, like arnie, i was over the moon with the style and cut of it, it was a perfect fit and to top it off it only cost a fiver

took arnold to see a family i knew from my awake-time childhood

there were duly impressed that i knew a celebrity and were basking in his company when the dream ended

addenda: vividness 2.9 to 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: shopping () clothes ()


4th dream: the name of the dream: leading nowhere

was in the living room of the house of one of the two ladies in this dream

the ladies had just folded a long white lead

the women couldn’t re-package it correctly and there were three or four parts of the lead where the folded wire was sticking out at both ends of the packet it came in

both of the women were concerned that it wouldn’t be acceptable, which made me think it was going back to where they bought it from

i said “in less than five minutes i can make it look neat”

the woman who would be taking it back to the shop wasn’t sure about the suggestion and didn’t say or indicate yes or no

i tried to encourage her and said “c’mon we’ll do it in two minutes”

the woman still hadn’t agreed when the dream ended

addenda: vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: unaccepted help (1 ?)

3rd dream: the name of the dream: coffee and pants

the first scene, on a train and nearing the stop i would be getting off

the second scene, got off the train and went to get a hot drink

got into a conversation with a male in his mid-twenties who enthusiastically agreed to swap a pair of trousers for a cup of coffee and enough blow to make a joint

got the coffee but spilt it and had to go and get another one

told him i had some more blow if he wanted it and again he agreed but we never struck up another swap-deal before the theme of the dream changed

addenda: first dream: vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: wheeler-dealer () clothes for blow (1)

2nd dream: the name of the dream: the athletic me

it was a summer’s day

i was feeling good, probably feeling athletic would be a better description

i was wearing a beige t-shirt with a black-“splash” pattern and was running along an open platform of what i presume was a train station

to save going all the way to the end of the platform and crossing the tracks via the stairs i jumped over a wooden palette which was sloped over what i presume were tracks, although there were no rail-tracks anywhere in this scene or any in any part in the whole of this dream

the palette was there to enable items that were too awkward to be carried over the stairs

at the height of the jump over the palette i caught my foot on the top of it and fell at a bit of an angle but managed to avert hurting myself by deftly putting out my right hand and bending my arm at the elbow which transferred the weight of my body through my arm and took the jolt out of the fall without any other part of my body touching the floor

it was quite an impressive move and two elderly women, who had both seen it, each gave the other their account of what had just happened

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: health () body ()

1st dream: the name of the dream: a quick date

i bumped into my sister and her friend, who i had a crush on, while out and about

i said i would see them later and suggested we meet at her friends’ place in two hours

two hours ! i was playing it too cool, reconsidered and said, “one hour” my sister’s friend chimed in and said “half an hour,” i said “great”

the dream ended

addenda: second dream: vividness 3 to 4 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships () females ()


second dream: the name of the dream: nice spice

the first scene, in a woman’s home having a conversation

the woman had a tanned face, i think she was carribean

she had an inviting charm, every time she finished a sentence she teeth-smiled which had a captivating quality

the subject became food, spicy food in particular

next scene, there was a four-seater table with a cream-coloured table cloth

the table had about seven main dishes and equally as many sundry foods (the stand out part of the dream)

i was invited to try them all

i tried about four before the dream ended and each one had a distinct taste and colour

one, in particular, that looked like it had kiwi fruit as the main food, was especially nice

addenda: vividness 4 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships (20+) food (5+) spiced/curried (1)

first dream: the name of the dream: pedal bikes and cars

three of us had super-sleek pedal bikes and cars

we were in our late teens, had the strength of men and the outlook of adventurer’s, which is what youthfulness is all about

each of us fancied his self as being a little bit more adventurous than the other two but i demonstrated it by doing daring things without the others

the pedestrian crossing ten metres before the busy junction in the area we lived had a policeman permanently on watch either on the pedestrian “stand-and-wait” in the middle of the road or overseeing the crossing from one or the other side of the road

tonight he was in the stand-and-wait area

it was easy to get him to give chase

all i had to do was ride at full pelt into the junction without slowing or signalling when turning left or right

tonight there was no traffic to speak of and no people crossing the road which meant i could be even more reckless than usual

with his heavy-framed bike with its thick rubber pedals, it was a no-contest situation especially if i turned left into the twenty-five degree inclined road

my two “partners in crime” were watching from nearby over on the right

i was still accelerating as i entered the junction when this dream ended and went seamlessly into this dream…  three of us in two super slick cars

i was driving one car solo while the other car had two people in it

although we had much faster cars we were outnumbered

it only took a scene or two for the police to block me in and left me with no choice but to ditch the car, head for home and try to bluff my way out of it

i had been in the house long enough to get undressed and fill the bath by the time the police arrived

i let them into the house, told them i was going to the toilet and went upstairs

they followed me upstairs and i had sit on the toilet naked with five men leaning against the wall in the bathroom

i took a good look at the faces of the plain-clothed policemen as they stood there, not watching me but smug in the knowledge that they had got me “bang to rights”

my conviction wasn’t as “done and dusted” as they thought

all i had to do was not say anything that could incriminate me

notes 1

as with the dream “a pigeon in the toilet” (29042019), this another dream with masses of innuendo in it

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: criminal activity () bikes and cars ()


the name of the dream: the tall guy

the first couple of scenes are missing from this dream

of the ones remembered…

first scene, talking with someone i didn’t know and we decided a party was a good idea

he in turn introduced me to another guy who was more of a party animal

the next scene, the original person i spoke to had left the dream and now i was standing in front of the lad he introduced me to

he was so tall i had to strain my neck a bit to look up into his eyes, it was like i was looking up to see the top of a skyscraper

i said “sheesh, you’re tall” and thought to myself he’s at least six-feet five

i looked down at his shoes to see if they had built-up heels, they did

i looked back into his face and said “six-feet two”

he immediately corrected me and said “six-feet four”

with the built-up heels was almost seven-foot, the tallest person i’d ever seen close up

we began walking and talking

i tried to impress upon him my party-animal credentials and told him about an awake-time situation when i was sixteen or seventeen and had been to a party every night for two weeks

the first party was on my birthday, 17th december, and the last one was on new-years night

the next scene, the lad in the first scene, the tall young man and myself had left the pavement and were walking around the corner of a solitary block of flats of three or four storeys and which was on the last well-kept field before going into the country-side proper

the two people i was with decided they wanted to have a bit of “fun”

there idea of a bit of fun was to tie a bit of strong, square elastic rope to two bits of wood driven into the firm ground and use it as a catapult to aim at the ground-floor flat where the occupants were clearly visible as they was moving about the room

can remember feeling uneasy about what they wanted to do but didn’t say anything

the dream ended

notes 1

the feeling of unease in the last scene represents feelings during the day when, if i had dwelt on a certain situation, it would have quite possibly affected the outcome of this dream for the worse

remember, in order to enter dream-time


fifth dream: the name of the dream: out of sync

the first scene, this dream was set outdoors in a college or university-type environment

i looked at my wristwatch and it showed 10:27 but i felt the need to cross-check it with someone else

the person i asked looked at his watch and i could see it showed 10:40

we were both unsure which of us was right

the man i asked turned to a passer-by and asked him

the time showing on the watch of the third persons was a different time again but all three of the different times were within thirty minutes of each other

it started a chain-reaction of people comparing the time of their watch with someone else

everybody was out of sync by between five to ten minutes or so within a two-hour slice of time

everybody was completely bamboozled and all manner of theoretical propositions were being considered when the dream ended

notes 1

as with the dream of 29042019 it is felt that this dream has a significance but with this dream i have no idea at all what it is

notes 2

given the mixed content of the dreams in this, the second sleep of the day, the vividness of the three dreams is a bit of a mystery

the only thing that might explain it is that a jam sandwich was the only food between the yesterdays day’s sleep and the first and second sleep today

addenda: vividness 4.3 – participant – the category of the dream: time-related () watch’s ()

fourth dream: the name of the dream: murderer

the location for this dream was the previous address to where i’m currently living

i woke up and saw a large bloke sleeping on scaffolding outside of my window

he just didn’t look right

he weighed about 130 kilograms (20 stone), most of which was blubber and looked more like quasimodo in the film “the hunchback of notre dame” than a normal person

he unnerved me

the more i studied his face the more convinced i became that he was the sort of person would kill me just to see my reaction as i was dying

i became scared and felt my life was in danger

i screamed out “murderer”

i kept on shouting it at the top of my voice

the third time i shouted it out he opened his eyes

his expression was confusion and perplexion, i kept on yelling murderer, i must have called the word out ten times in the dream

he never looked at me once and i eventually concluded he wasn’t going to kill me but until that moment when i felt safe i was gripped with a fear that was the stuff of a nightmare

addenda: vividness 4.5 – participant – the category of the dream: fear (4 ?) threat of death

third dream: the name of the montage: widescreen images

up until this image-sequence all pictures and scenes in montages had been square shaped

for the first time in a montage, there was a mixture of different formats

first, there were two or three square-shaped images, then there were two laptop screen-sized images and the last image completely filled my field of vision

the last scene was a moving scene and it took me completely by surprise

so much so, it caused me to wake out of the semi-sleepy state that accompanies the montage state of mind to a fully awake, eyes-open conscious state

notes 1

this made me think that the only type of scene/image format left for the mind to present to the memory is 360-degree scene or image

don’t you just love this continual stream of new experiences

notes 2

dreams five, four and three were in a separate sleep to dreams one and two

addenda: vividness 4 to 4.4 – observer – the category of the montage: mixed format montages

second dream: the name of the dream: competence in think-writing

was with a friend and his friend, both men were from iran

the friend of the friend was established as a businessman in food and entertainment

the first time we had a conversation i managed to convince him that after his clients had eaten i would be able to entertain them in an unused building adjoining his restaurant

he was taken with the idea and asked me to write down my number

he handed me a sheet of paper that already had a list with about twenty contact numbers on it

there was only enough room on the paper to write one more number

i looked for a table to place the paper on and write my number but there wasn’t one, nor was there a book or anything that could be used to place the paper on and write

it’s possible the man knew it wouldn’t be possible for me to write on the paper because there wasn’t anything in the room to write on and he was testing me to see how i overcome the problem

as can be the case with dreams, the dream-time conscious can draw from other dreams

on this occasion, it was from the dream of 08102014

i whipped out my magic pen and went to the nearest wall and started to write the number

wouldn’t you know it, the wall had a fine lumpy finish to it and made writing smoothly impossible (it should have, but didn’t, occur to me to go to the door and use that)

so now i had to go over just about every number twice while remembering my phone number

that i managed to remember my phone number, think-write it and write it on a bumpy surface (the number was all over the place… different sizes, different angles… but readable) is a new level of competence for me in dreams

addenda: vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: business (7 ?) think-writing (3 ?)


first dream: the name of the dream: pleasure without conjoinment

a rumour, which may or may not be true,  had got about that i knew how to produce more pleasure for a female without conjoinment than women were experiencing with conjoinment

a young lady, accompanied by two of her friends, had set up a meeting to find out if it was true

her two friends were watching while seated on a two-seater couch that was against the wall two metres from the bed and facing it

the girl and i got into bed and went under the covers

although under the sheets there was plenty of light for us to see each other

the girl had taken her top off and was in a half reclining and half sitting position

i reached over and using one finger stroked her nipple in an upward motion without touching any other part of her

her body responded and her nipple grew larger and harder

a slight of touch in her inner-groin caused her to make a sound of pleasure

i spoke “please don’t make any sounds. it takes away from the pleasure”

addenda: vividness 3 to 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: pleasure (33 ?) x (29 ?) without conjoinment (4 ?)


the name of the dream: deliberately demeaning

standing in a room that had a bare floor with a broom in my hand waiting for the people in the room to leave so as i could finish sweeping it

the room was on the first floor of a building that was being used as a care home for people of mixed ages and gender

while waiting for the room to empty someone threw a glass ashtray onto the floor

the ashtray broke into a dozen pieces of different sizes near my feet

swept it together into a little pile and pushed it into the main pile that was already gathered

to my left were two were women one of whom was the person-in-charge and who was criticising me

she asked why i wasn’t finishing the sweeping to which i replied with a touch of sarcasm “i’m waiting for you to go so i can do the area you’re in”

she realised she was in the wrong and started walking away

the next scene, i, along with a few other people, were waiting for two professional cleaners to do some work which needed the coordinated effort of two people

in another scene, the carer-in-charge was outside of the building

she had looked up to the room i was in and saw a tall glass, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom with a seven-centimetre glass stem

the glass was seven-eighths full with orange juice and said she suspected there was liquor in it; there was some liquor in it but too little for it to be noticed

the next scene, the carer was in the room and accused me of drinking, i said “that drinks harmless”

she thought she was going to be able to admonish me and get her own back for me admonishing her

she drank more than three-quarters of the juice in one swallow and i could tell she couldn’t taste the liquor in with the orange juice and was satisfied i hadn’t been “drinking on the job”

she mellowed and left the dream

another scene, the two professional cleaners had arrived

the only thing professional about them was their rate, £80 per hour ! and the dull orange-coloured overalls which had the letters v.p.c. in glistening grey on a patch over their left side of their chest’s

when you got close enough in microscopically small letters between the v, p and c were “ery rofessional leaners” became readable

they looked and acted like people who were living “rough” but had a haughty attitude which invited derision

they got on with whatever it was they were there to do

those of us in the room started to make “cracks” about them, “do you think if we gave them another quid they would do a decent job of it”, another was, “aren’t those overalls the ones convicts wear ?” was another

there was a lull in the wisecracking when a folding room-divider was collapsed and revealed that the two cleaners had been in the room while we were talking about them

they looked completely defeated

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: in care ()


second dream: the name of the dream: a pigeon in the toilet

walking past a toilet that was a little below ground level when an unusual sound caught my attention

went inside the toilet and saw a couple of young lads aged about ten tormenting a  pigeon which i assume had come through the window by mistake

when the two lads saw me they stopped what they were doing and left the toilet and the dream

the next scene, in what seemed to be an exact replay of the first scene, i went through the same door and this time there were ten pigeons and a large white bird, it may have been a seagull, which seemed to be trying to help the pigeons get through a small window and onto the ground that was level with the window

in this scene the pigeon that was in the first scene was pruning itself

the pigeon had its beak buried into the feathers at that part of its body where the end of its body and its tail joined (you must have seen a pigeon or another type of bird pruning itself this way. this was the stand-out bit of the dream)

the third scene, again i went through the same door and saw the same pigeon that was in the first scene was still there and on its own as it must have been before the two young boys walked in on it

was considering throwing a towel or cloth over it and picking it and putting it outside the window when the dream ended

  notes 1

there must be some significance to this dream

i have an idea of what it might be but will let you analyse it for yourselves

organising dreams into a fully codified science is one of the many things the coming generations can do while i’m between heartbeats

notes 2

did d-man have a hand in making sure birds survived the extinction event ?

and if so why ?

addenda: vividness 3.2 – observer – the category of the dream: animals () dinosaurs () birds (5 ?) rescue ? ( 3 ?)



first dream: the name of the dream: architectural flair

three pictures of different houses

each picture lasted about three-quarters of a second of dream-time

the houses were in the same street of a suburban area

all three of the dwellings had an equal amount of ground area and all three had a grass front lawn

it was difficult to assess the size of the buildings, probably not more than two-storeys

the first house was a white dome

the second structure was a black and wedged-shape

the third was a two-tiered L-shaped building

addenda: vividness 3.3 – observer – the category of the images: mini-montage


third dream: the name of the dream: the elderly, all-female, posh rotary club

if you’re not sure what a rotary club is, imagine a darby and joan club without any men

this dream was set in a large function room with about two-hundred women

the dream started when i sat down in the first unoccupied seat at the table nearest to me after entering the room

i turned the woman to my left and said “hello, my name is john and i would like to accompany you home when you go”

she looked at me gone out and said “what gave you the idea i would want you to come home with me ?” i replied “a man outside said this was a notoriety club” i knew this dream was going to be a fun dream when she said in all seriousness “it’s not a notorious club, it’s a rotary club”

in the next vacant seat to the left of the woman i had just sat down with at the long two-sided table with about thirty women seated along it i said to the woman “i’ll give you this gold one pound coin if you give me the gold sugar coffee spoon” (this dream isn’t called “the posh all-female rotary club” for nothing ) she replied “this is a 24 carat spoon. it’s worth a lot more than a pound” my reply was “but these are 45-carat gold coins” she said “there’s no such thing as a 45-carat gold pound coin” i said “yes there is. that’s how many carrots it took to make enough carrot juice to get doe smith tipsy”

at the next seat, i said to the woman “if you give me a pound i’ll tell you your future” she gave me a pound and i said “thanks. the next time someone asks you for a pound to tell you your future you won’t give it to them”

there were a couple more gags but they’ve gone into hiding somewhere in my memory after the hour and a half it took to get this much typed

addenda: vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: fun dreams (10 ?) females () large gatherings (1)

second dream: the name of the dream: a great dream, almost

on holiday in holland

it was great weather

i felt light and my legs felt strong enough to do just about anything i asked them to do

was wearing a white top and a fairly tight pair of black strides which were cut just right for my physique as they highlighted my buttocks (my best feature) perfectly

this day had the potential to be historic

in another scene, was looking for somewhere to sit and “put one together”

two vacant wooden tables about eight-metres away to my left caught my eye and i began walking towards them looking at the vegetables on an open stall as i walked

at the moment i became aware of a man to the left of me making a gesture and was about to say something i realised was not walking alongside a stall but was between two stalls and walking through his place of business

i shook my head in acknowledgement and as an apology and we both smiled as i about-turned

in another scene, had found somewhere to sit outside of a cafe

went into the cafe and ordered a coffee

the man behind the counter began getting the drink when i realised i had a flask of coffee in my backpack

i said sorry to the assistant and asked for coffee-cake instead of coffee but he looked sullen; the mood of the dream had changed

a man tapped me on the shoulder and stretched out his arm with three notes, two fives and a twenty, in his hand

i cottoned on straight away and felt my back pocket

the cloth of the inside of the pocket was pulled out and one or two other notes were ready to fall out

my first instinct was to give the man who had picked up the money that fell out the pocket as i walked into the cafe a five-note but then the enormity of the loss hit me

i had all of my holiday money with me, four hundred or more, and now i had less than a hundred

what was going to be enough for ten days had been reduced to a weekend

the sense of loss made me feel depressed and it wasn’t until i starting waking from the dream that the sense of loss gradually faded

addenda: vividness 3.9 to 4.1 – participant – the category of the dream: holland (9 ?) lost money (1 )

first dream

the name of the dream: dreaming of sleeping

was fast asleep when two men in their early twenties woke me out of my sleep

one of the men was six-foot-three, weighed about fourteen stone and he was giving the other person, a lad about the same age but lighter and smaller and who was lying in a bed at the bottom of my bed, a bit of earache

don’t know what the issue was, all i knew was i had been woken

i flipped the covers off me and swung my legs out of bed and sat up

i said to the big bloke “who are you ?” he replied with a dismissive reply that implied he was bigger than me and he could do what he wanted because he was bigger

i considered getting a heavy pan from the kitchen and whacking him with it but that would only mean i would be up all night being quizzed by the police

resigned myself to having to try to go to sleep while they were talking and lay back down

addenda: vividness 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: animosity (17 ?) male (14 ?)


the name of the dream: a dreamer’s dream

this dream was an informative dream about dreams

with this dream, love/life has, in a surprisingly uncharacteristic way, separated what is available in dreams for evolving beings and devolving beings

it revealed that entering the dream world is a progressive or structured process

when a specific level of interaction with the dream-time conscious occurs it opens up levels of access to more sophisticated dream content

the dream itself was a three-scene dream

the first two scenes gave the dreamer both a limited form of dream content and the second scene presented to the dreamer open-ended content

the first scene, a quite vivid picture containing some movement of people, was very brief

it was replaced by the second scene of an extending space of white light almost immediately

the contrast between the two scenes was obviously meant to denote both finite and unlimited scenarios

the third scene, a fifteen-year-old steve davis sitting on a pommel horse or perhaps it was a fun rocking horse, looking amazed and with a tinge of awe, as the scene/picture brightened over a two or three second period while the detail of the picture zoomed in on his face

notes 1

zoom-in scenes in dreams are quite rare

zoom-in scenes have, as far as can be remembered, until this dream have been, exclusively, in the domain of montages

treat yourself to the prospect of endlessly new things happening

addenda: vividness 3.4 to 4.2 – observer – the category of the dream: informative dream (11 ?) finite and infinite comparison


the name of the dream: a forceful young lady

x dream

a sex-hungry young lady didn’t give me a choice

she was going to have x and i had to comply

never mind that her parents were in the house and could come into the room at any moment

this dream made me realise why women are sometimes reticent when it comes to the advances of males

if all women were like this, men would become the gentler sex

there are indications that women will become more assertive further on into evolution

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: x dream () female-dominated advances (1)


first dream: the factory hideaway

people were looking all over for me

was wanted for something and i wasn’t going to just hand myself over

ducked into a large factory and managed to evade capture by lying down flat on the top shelf of a three or four tiered metal structure in the storage room until the night shift started filling the dream

the night shift wanted to know what the people were doing in the factory

the people looking for me couldn’t say they were looking for someone and because they couldn’t give a good reason for being there they were manhandled from the premises

second dream: sausages saved the day

going away for a holiday or a day out

a large contingent of friends and family had assembled and the mood of the day was turning grey because my brother, or it could have been a close friend, wasn’t going to go unless he could have the food he wanted

the kind of food he wanted became the sticking point and the day out was on the verge of being scrapped

the day was saved and the holiday mood returned when the final scene of the dream showed a deep fat fryer and a string of sausages about to be lowered into it

third dream: ordinariness

in a foreign country trying to remain anonymous

was hoping to live my life just like any other ordinary person

made an agreement with the owner of a cafe on a street corner who agreed to let me sit outside with my tripod and camera and take portrait photo’s of people passing by providing i ate and drank in his cafe

it was good weather and everything went well for a while until people who knew where i had come from began letting me know they knew where i was

it was just going to be a matter of time before people began trying to manipulate into doing this, that or the other

one man in his mid-twenties who i knew well from back home walked past me with a smile which said “your our’s”

i woke from this dream to hear myself saying “it’s like home from home around here”

addenda: vividness 2.9 to 3.2  – participant – the category of the dream: a three-themed dream


the name of the dream: laughter, a cause of  productivity ?

woke out of my sleep laughing in the wee early hours (about 3 a.m.)

it put me in such a good mood i used the buoyant feeling it produced to imagine i was in a quiz show in which it was acceptable to rib the other members of the show by slandering them with a tirade of polysyllabic nonsense along the lines of…the inexcusably redundant descriptive nature of (*****?’s, name of another guest of the show) persistently inconsistent gobbledegook is demonstrative of the kindergarten mentality and mannerisms associated…

went back to sleep after the imaginary quiz show and upon waking fully three hours later i am still trying to remember what it was that got me laughing in the dream that woke me up at 3 a.m.

addenda: vividness ? – participant – the category of the dream: externalised () laughing ()


the name of the dream: what’s more important than money ?

there were three men, of which i was one, vying to become the “main man” in the life of a middle-aged woman

the woman had more money than she knew what to do with

what she did know was that she liked men and would let the main man in her life have as much money as he wanted

that was where i was an advantage, i was more interested in x than money

she was happy with the current main man but, as most of the men in her life done, he let his desire for her money override his basic function, which from the woman’s point of view, was to keep her satisfied

my chance came when he slipped up and he tried to get the woman to let him sign her cheques in his name

the woman was generous to a fault but when the man let his greed for money get in the way of keeping her satisfied the man became boring

the woman herself was bigger than me, just a little plump but there was strength aplenty in those thighs

in the next scene, my main rival was no longer in the dream

the woman was reclining in bed and was wearing a loose, silky, thigh-length dressing gown that just about covered her crotch area

i was sitting up and on the left side of her with my hand resting on her knee when a movement caused my hand to fall onto her inner, upper-thigh, it really was sensuous to the touch (the stand-out bit of the dream)

she took my hand off her leg to let me know it was her who made the first move

in the next scene, it was just the two of us

i got off the bed and started for the door

she asked “where are you going ?”, i replied “to wash my hands. i want my hands to be clean when i touch you”

it was a lie

i was going to the bathroom to cut and then file my nails so she wouldn’t feel them at all while i was touching her

she was going to get “the treatment”

addenda: vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships () female ()


the name of the dream: in a quandary

the last couple of scenes of the x dream were of us kissing meaningfully

it was then followed by a relationship dream

b and i were living in different locations

for either one of us to see the other, it meant being away from where the other lived overnight

our relationship was a solid one

if one or the other had asked the other to get engaged or married it would have happened seamlessly, without a second thought

i had a gig on the following night that would go on until the early morning

although b could have accompanied me, we wouldn’t have been together in the way she wanted

i could tell from the way she reacted to my suggestion that she go back home and i join her the following day that was what she preferred to do

i was considering giving the work for the following night to someone to do for me so we could be together

if i stayed where i lived b would be doing things without me the following day and night

neither of us liked the idea of us being apart for two days and one night; it would be something that had never happened before

although we both had constructive things we could do in the absence of the other it simply didn’t seem right that we should be apart for the better part of forty-eight hours

at the end of the dream, i said something like”we might be able to be together” although my thoughts were bouncing form possibility to another

notes 1

usually, an x dream is the whole dream but on this occasion, it was followed by a relationship dream

this appears to have happened on 2004 as well

addenda: vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: x dream-cum-relationship dream (1) b (3 ?)


second dream

the name of the dream: it takes two to tango

a sequence of about half a dozen pictures

each picture was a youtube posting explaining the various key phrases relating to brexit; hard brexit, backstop, customs union, single market…

notes 1

in that this picture sequence is topical (the second dream about brexit in two weeks) the initial thought was that it was something that i was being prompted to do it

using the search phrase “brexit terms explained” the youtube postings did have short video clips explaining the most common words and phrases

this is the url the search term returned
it will be used in the next posting on brexit, perhaps it is something googoliers may want to employ

addenda: vividness 3.9 – observer – the category of the dream – topical (2) brexit (2)

first dream

the name of the dream: two is company, three’s trouble

it was late at night during the summer

didn’t have to but was taken with the notion to spend the night sleeping on a bench in the park

i wasn’t alone though, had the company of a new pet dog

had plenty of soft fabrics and we were settled in comfortably

the dog was already in a sleeping position with its nose nuzzled in between its hind leg and stomach

i thought we could be even more snug so i moved him from my thighs to my stomach

now we both felt more than just two beings together, we were bonding

it was perfect, but…

three young boys came into the dream

they were looking for something unusual to experience

trouble was brewing

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: animal () mammal () dog (8 ?)


first dream

the name of the dream: school, food and a baby

with my youngest brother at his junior school

everybody except us had gone home

we were waiting for the kitchen lady to finish her duties and then we could scavenge the kitchen and have a feast

the next scene had us eating a jacket potato wrapped in silver foil (the stand-out bit of the dream)

after we had finished eating it was time for sleeping

to get to the room where we would be sleeping we had to go through a room with a baby in it

when we were in the room where we would be sleeping the baby started crying

one or two attempts to pacify the baby failed

another woman went to the baby, cupped the baby’s head in her hand, lifted the baby up and the baby stopped crying

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: school (4 ?) younger brother (1)

notes 1

it has been my experience that cupping a baby’s head in my hand will stop her/him from crying

it also has a marked effect when she/he is on the floor and looks uncomfortable or agitated

second dream

the name of the dream: an ill wind

to start with i was an observer watching a film of instances of people being picked up and moved by the wind

had become a participant in the second scene

the wind picked me up about one-and-a-half metres into the air and dropped me down two or three metres away

then the wind was pushing me forward towards a cliff-edge

i didn’t have the strength in my legs to stop being pushed nor could i stop being moved forward when i tried digging my fingers into the ground

the wind subsided and i had enough time to push myself along on my bottom to a hedge with branches thick enough to hold onto

then i was observer again and a cow had been lifted up and was dropped down again

finally, a man in his tent was picked up and taken into the sky until he and the tent became too small to see

addenda: vividness 3.3 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: gale-force wind (1 ?)


the name of the dream: the look of a hundred laughs

the first brief scene of this dream had my mother “the matchmaker”, and a girl and myself at a too-large-for-three table having a meal

within an instant mom had left the dream and the young lady and self were left looking at each other along the length of the table

the young lady was waiting for me to say something

the gentle girl, quite a big lass, had gone along with my mothers’ invitation to meet me in a somewhat intimate setting after seeing me on one or two occasions in recent weeks

she was ripe for a relationship, as she had been for all of her life, but her experience’s of men through her schooldays and early adulthood had produced in her a sombre view of them

unfortunately, women being the more responsible gender, have a more serious take on life

still, she wasn’t going to give up on love and her acceptance of meeting me socially told me we would be able to begin a friendship

we had in fact met in amicable circumstances some short time before when mom had told her i was selling my beloved giant t.v. and she eagerly snapped it up the moment she saw it

anyway, back at the table the conversation was polite but wasn’t going anywhere

i decided to have a bit of fun

there was a big event coming up which had captured the imagination of the world

it was something to do with a space habitation or expedition and it was going out live

the media build-up was immense and everyone was talking about it, come to think of it the young lady bought the t.v. for the occasion

two or three times, i casually alluded to not having a big screen t.v. to watch the big event and then began lamenting about the decision to sell mine

gradually, i introduced the idea i wouldn’t be able to see the show on t.v. because she had bought my t.v. at a time when i needed money and hinted she had taken advantage of my circumstances, in effect, she had stolen it

then, when i saw that she was becoming concerned i delivered the knock-out blow “if you hadn’t taken my telly i could have watched it”

she had taken the bait and swallowed it hook line and sinker

she threw me a look that was priceless

i was a child that needed admonishing

i began laughing and laughing and…

she got up from her chair and began walking towards me

i was laughing so long and so hard i fell from the chair and began struggling for breath, wheezing every time i breathed out

in the last scene, my girl was standing looking down at me writhing on the floor, it could go either way

notes 1

let’s see if i can produce an x dream tonight (it took until the 2204)

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: laughing dream (8 ?) relationships () female (1)


the name of the dream: waiting for the waiter

yours truly was a last minute stand-in as a waiter at a wedding reception

the function room could accommodate about a third more people than there was for this wedding of about four-hundred people

there were roughly ten tables that stretched across the width of the room with each table able to seat about forty guests on each side

two waiters were at each end of each table and each waiter was expected to serve twenty people, which meant, in theory, the waiters should meet in the middle of the table at the same time

every waiter was at the end of the table waiting for me to get into position before the maître d’ waived his white cloth for us to begin doing our job

when i went to my designated position there was already a waiter there

it was a while before it was established where i should be and an air of impatience was starting to fill the room

when i did get into position there were three lads in their mid-teens at the end of the table who had taken their jackets off and grabbing the attention of the surrounding guests with unruly behaviour

whatever i was being paid for this job it wasn’t enough

addenda: vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: two-scene dream () wedding reception (3 ?) waiter (1)


the name of the dream: unstately behaviour in a stately place

a stately country house was putting on an open day for the general public

the theme of the event was an appreciation of the arts

what had drawn me to the event was that among dozens of presentations there was to be a performance of some of paganini’s music

first scene, about two kilometres away from the building i was heading for

it looked like an elegant fortress made of off-white stone, which gave it a slightly surreal appearance

the next scene, at about a hundred metres from the building, people were making their way through thick, tall privet hedges, like you see in a maze

beyond the hedges and sixty metres or so from the house, the pace of two girls who had just passed me and were now in in front of me was increasing noticeably

i picked up on their conversation… the seating for many of the performances were going to be limited and the rush was on to get a seat at the front

the only way i would get to the head of the queue was by running

the next scene, which was also the stand-out scene of the dream, i was in full flight

the sound of my feet was still resonating in my head as i woke

don’t know if i got a front seat but i definitely got there ahead of the girls

addenda: vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: running (8 ?)


second dream

the name of the dream: a windfall

walking along the pavement in the late afternoon

danny, an african awake-time acquaintance i used to to see down the gym on a regular basis, came from behind me and said hello in his usual friendly, extrovert manner

within a few steps he whipped out two thick wads of notes from the inside pocket of his jacket

each wad was as thick as a wrist

he peeled about ten notes from each wad and handed them to me

i put them into my inside pocket and danny walked away at a fast pace

after he had gone i looked at the notes and saw they were ten and twenty denomination

they weren’t a currency i recognised but they looked genuine

as well as the number five or ten there was an intricate picture and a face on both sides of the notes

there was also a message on each note that read “you hated the eight note” was printed on the ten notes and “you hated the twenty-five notes” was printed on the twenty notes (the stand-out part of the dream)

in the next scene, a bit further along the street danny was the celebrity in amongst a small crowd of about eight or ten people

addenda: vividness 3 to 3.7 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: money () notes () acquaintances ()


second dream

the name of the dream:  the abducted girl

it took a while to work out this dream upon waking

in this dream i dreamt i had seen a girl who had  been abducted and was the subject of a nationwide manhunt

i phoned the police and told them she was bound and gagged and that she was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt, the first stand-out part of the dream, and that she was being held in a lighthouse

being in a city nowhere near the coast the police thought it was unlikely

then i had another dream and was able to give the police a description of the building

the police arranged to meet me on the corner of the street near the phone booth i had called from

there was a long wait for the police so i went into a shop and bought a sherbet fountain

was sucking the liquorice stick and dabbing it into the sherbet powder, the second stand-out part of the dream, when the police arrived

in the next scene, a detective, the father of the girl and myself went to a building

the building had a circular, sloping walkway (the reason i thought it was a lighthouse)

the abductor, a young, lean glynn edwards, was coming down the slope as the detective was going up it

the detective went for him square on

immediately, i could see the detective was leaving himself wide open

sure enough, the abductor put him away with one punch

the father of the abductee, filled with anger and fury, was about to make the same mistake

i pushed passed the father of the abductee and before the abductor got to within arms length of me i kicked him hard in the goolies

as he was going down i gave him another kick in the face

the last scene of the dream was a scene of jubilation in which i was a spectator

addenda: vividness 2.8 to 3.4 – observer and spectator – the category of the dream: abduction (1) female (1) and dreams within a dream

first dream

the name of the dream: the adventures of an irishman and an englishman

first scene, in a pub and was introduced to billionaires who were financing a strategy to counter what was being done to them

in another scene, was introduced to the top ranking members of another organisation

in another scene, am in the thick of a battle

people were being shot and falling to the ground all around

seven metres in front of us a man with an automatic rifle was firing two rounds a second, the bullets were hitting the ground within a metre of us

a grenade landed within a body-length of me (the stand-out part of the dream)

dived to the ground and picked it up and threw it at the men with the automatic rifle

it landed next to him

before it exploded the scene changed

the scenes of battle kept on coming for another three or four scenes

in the last scene the man i was with said “i’m supposed to be on holiday” and i replied “what date were you supposed to go?”

notes 1

it was while thinking about this dream that i realised that both the best girlfriend i ever had and the best male friend i’d ever had were both irish and more than that, person’s i’d had the longest connection to had also been irish…hmmm

addenda: vividness of the dream 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: epic dream (7 ?) war (2 ?)


the name of the dream: misplaced generosity

while in a cafe getting a hot drink i heard a girls voice say “i haven’t got enough”

i glanced over and saw two girls about fifteen

it was the perfect opportunty to be a knight in shining armour

in the next scene, the girl who first spoke was accepting a handful of change, mostly copper, from me

they were so genuinely appreciative i decided to go the whole hog and buy them something to eat

wanting to give them the feeling of independance i gave them my card to pay for it

unfortunately it backfired and they tried to pull a “fast one” on me

they acted on impulse and tried to do a “runner”

fortunately it was easy to beat them to the door and, realising they wouldn’t be able to get away, handed the card back to me

the thought of having what woud be the “key to the world” prompted them into becoming devious

in the next scene, the two girls and a grown male were at my door

one of the girls held out her hand and gestured that i take a piece of paper from her

realising that if i took the paper it would be a legal admission of knowledge of the girls so i didn’t take it and started to close the door

the male, who was obviously the brains behind the stunt, knew that the “con” was about to fail and moved to the front of the girls and tried to put the paper through the door before it closed

the door was almost, but not quite, closed and the male, and possibly the girls, began pushing against the door

there was then a whole scene in this dream of pushing and shoving (the stand-out part of the dream)

eventually, got the door closed and the dream ended

addenda… vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: two-way pushing and pulling (3 ?)


the name of the dream: thieves in the night

a crew of four of us had just set off to do a robbery

i was in the front passenger seat

almost immediately a police car came out of a road on the right and began chasing us

not sure how they knew we were on the way to do a robbery, they might have been tipped off

our driver was wearing a full-length white mac and had on sunglasses

he didn’t just look the part, he could drive

there then began a five-scene sequence of being chased

the sensations of acceleration and braking and being pressed first one way and then the other as we turned tight and long left and right turns were as real as they come, amazing

don’t know how long the memories of the sensations of this dream will last but as it is being written there are no awake-time memories as vivid as the sensations in this dream

one of the men sitting in the back was shouting out instructions to the driver

we turned off the main road and into a lane that ran along the back of some houses

the driver turned off the lights and drove by the light of the night

i thought we had lost them but after about forty metres the lights of the police car lit up the inside of the car and the surrounding area

the driver of our car didn’t look or act phased, we were still in with a chance of escaping…

the vividness of the sensations of movement 4.5, the vividness of the dream 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: car chase (1? )


the name of the dream
in a pickle over stew

had prepared the ingredients and was about to begin cooking a chicken stew

wondered if it would make a difference if the chicken went into a pan of boiling water or should it be put into cold water and brought to the boil

i asked one person and got no answer

that happened another four or five times and the number of people i asked got bigger and bigger as the dream continued

still hadn’t got an answer from anyone when the dream ended

vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: food () chicken ()

ate ham on three different occasions today

was expecting to have an undesirable dream but this dream wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be…hmmm


the name of the dream
a spare wheel

a friend and i ended up at the flat of an ex-girlfriend flat

he sat with my ex-girl on a sofa

then they lay down and began kissing and cuddling

i felt a tinge of jealousy as moved to another part of the room

the dream ended after i asked them if there was a light i could put on that wouldn’t keep them awake

vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships () bystander


the name of the dream
sweets, drink and space rockets

to begin with, i was an astronaut on my way to the launch site

at the launch site, i realised that i left my sweets were in the van

went back to the van and fell asleep

at the pre-launch party, everybody including myself drank too much

my parents wanted to know why i was drinking so much and commented i would kill myself


the name of the dream
a violent dream

a shockingly violent dream

there were two stray thoughts during the day but the intensity of the violence in this dream was completely disproportionate to the two stray thoughts

it may be that this dream was due to the exceptional quality of the dreams of the fifth and seventh of this month

those dreams were so good a relatively minor deviation from love/life’s ways showed up in stark contrast

vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: violence (12 ?)

the question marks in brackets are there because the writer didn’t begin to index the dreams in more detail until quite recently and is having to make guesses

the reader’s of dreams diary may want to build her or his own database or spreadsheet and use a different system


the name of the dream
bye bye bike

it was the end of an era for the girlfriend and me

after what seemed forever, our day’s of biking as soloist’s came to an end

my motorbike was passed the point where it could be fixed and the sole and upper’s of my and riding boots had parted company

we were lamenting the loss of being independent rider’s as we would now have to ride two-up

my girlfriend was more upset than me at the loss of our individual freedom

we went to a biker’s ball in the evening but the gloom of our new situation spoilt what was usually a good night

vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: motorbikes (3 ?)


the name of the dream
a dream come true ?

if you had walked through the door of the pub in this dream and looked to your right you would have seen me and three other people in a celebratory mood

were singing the song “let’s all sing together”

we were celebrating because earlier on in the day it had been announced that britain had “thrown its hat into the ring” and would remain a fully-fledged member of the european union

we were planning the logistics of a party we would be hosting

the main detail to be settled was which corner of the junction next to the pub would be the best to set up the equipment

the pub was a few metres from the junction of bartholomew street east, north street, paul street and the iron bridge

in one scene, a man walked into the pub and looked over to where we were sitting and asked, with a tipsy slur in his voice, “where are the toilets?”

one of us pointed to our right and said “down there on the right”

as he walked towards the toilets one of us quipped something along the lines of “when you’ve made room for some more, come and have one with us”

he gave out a prolonged chuckle

notes 1

that this dream contains a current topic suggests to me it is a timed-to-occur dream

vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: topical (2 or 3) pub (1)


the name of the dream
a girl and a boy in the park

on a summers day when most people went to the beach, i went to the park

in the next scene, was settled into a fully relaxed frame of mind in partnership with my body

a girl i knew walked by

not sure who saw who first but we were chatting away comfortably in this, the next scene

in the next scene, a friend of the girl came into the dream and joined us

the dream took a dramatic turn when a tractor-sized digger came to within a few metres of us

before we had moved from the spot the digger was actively churning up the ground

the digger was uncomfortably close

a mishap could easily occur and cause a serious injury

i picked up the first girl in the dream, slung her over my shoulder and moved away

away from the sounds of digger i put the girl down and looked around for her friend

i said, “where’s you’re the friend ?”

she replied, “do we need her ?”

the implication was obvious

as my emotion’s stirred the dream ended

vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships () girl/boy () sunny day ()


the name of the dream

someone was looking for me

it was a young lad who had borrowed money from me before

he repaid the loan so it wasn’t that i thought he was a tricksters or didn’t trust him it was the thought of him using me as a loan company forever

he eventually caught up with me

i told him i could only lend him twenty pounds and that was enough to make his face light up but i gave him forty by mistake

vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: money-lending (1 ?)


the name of the dream
cash in hand

a young lad, about seventeen, asked me to go with him to a disused building

we were on the first floor inside the building when he produced a black briefcase

he opened the briefcase and in it was about two-hundred-thousand pounds

the notes were twenty-pound notes in bundles of two-thousand pounds

in the next scene, i was in the street and walking away from the disused building

a bundle of the notes landed near my feet, i assume the lad in the first scene had thrown them from the building

in the next scene, a policeman was about thirty-five metres away and walking towards me

the policeman had seen me pick up the bundle of notes and had probably seen the young lad throw the bundle to me

in the next scene, the policeman was standing in front of me with a smile on his face

i guessed he knew what was going on

i knew he could question me and one thing would have led to another and i could have been taken into custody

i separated four of the notes from the bundle and gave them to him

the policeman said something and the dream ended

vividness 3.1 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: money () banknotes (1 ?)

the vividness of a dream denotes the dreams time-tense

the higher the rating of the vividness of the dream the closer it is to the present and future

participant means the dream is drawn from your experiences of the present, past and future undulations, assuming your genetic line has reached further into the future in past undulations than where we are now

observer means the dream is not an experience you have had but is drawn from your ancestral genetic line (passed on through the genes) and, if your genetic line extends into the future, can be the experiences of your descendants

a dream can have content that is both as a participant and as an observer


second dream
the name of the dream
love: it’s the same old story

the wholly engrossing nature of this Dream-Montage sequence caused me to forget the first two or three scenes of the dream which preceded it

this dream-motion-montage sequence began with a woman and me in an embrace in a double bed-sized yakusi (without bubbles)

immediately, it was the clarity of the scene that filled the senses

it was so clear i was in awe

the sharp distinction of the cream and beige colours of our skin

the clarity was so marked, that as we moved the shadows we produced still allowed the darkened beige and cream colours of our skin to remain pronounced
(it was the same as the first time i saw a thirty-five millimetre colour still photograph through a stereo viewer*)

although we were both in the nude and kissing and holding in lots of different positions there was no desire to conjoin

you have probably experienced the same thing yourself

feeling emotionally fulfilled with kissing and embracing

the first three scenes, each one lasting fifteen or more seconds, were the most vivid

it went on and on

from the start to the finish, when the images became too dark and changed too quickly to see the detail, this dream-montage lasted about three and a half minutes

all in all, there was about two-hundred different motion-images

*a similar thing happened last year when i first saw a film through a virtual reality headset

notes 1
needed to go to the toilet after becoming fully awake and because i felt so relaxed and reinvigorated i thought the dream may have affected the way i looked so i decided to look at myself in the mirror

it was the best i’ve looked for eighteen months !

it is hoped that this dream-montage sequence will motivate those who are beginning to get a feel of what the future holds and it will encourage you to renew your efforts to become evermore ethically oriented

also, we need to appreciate the images in this dream are of two people reaping the effects of one person’s efforts

this in turn also reveals there is a woman somewhere who is doing routinely in her life what the writer did for just a couple of hours the day before this dream

even more inspiringly, the most loving feelings any person has or will have in an Awake-Time relationship is, compared to the heavenly state, no more than two people slumming it

the feelings of love in the heavenly state are transcendental (beyond the range of human experience)

it is not even possible to imagine what they are like !

all you need to know, is also all that i know, it can be attained

vividness 2.9 to 4.9 – observer – the category of the dream: dream-motion-montage (3 ?) relationships () woman/man ()

first dream
the name of the dream
the ship’s doctor

as the ship’s doctor on a luxury cruise my job was almost as much a holiday for me as it was for the passengers

an african man was getting his money’s worth by coming to me for the slightest thing

his third complaint was a stomach problem

i snook up on him in the restaurant just as he was starting the main course of his next meal

as i thought, he was over-eating and suggested he didn’t eat so much in future

he knew the jig was up and became sheepish

i was confident he wouldn’t call on me again and i could enjoy my holiday-job for the rest of the cruise
vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: ship’s doctor (1) ocean liner (1 ?)

first dream
the name of a dream
abundance of people, abundance of motion

first scenes, in an environment where there were people everywhere

there was more or less a balance of people, with a slight majority of people who had chosen an ethical lifetyle

in the next scenes, the distinction between the motions of those who were living an ethical lifestyle and those who were not was glaringly obvious

ethically orienting people were able to glide, swerve, speed up and make magical manouvres (the sensation of movement was the first stand-out part of the dream)

the sense of freedom of motion was addictive

whereas other people were walking in a slightly stinted way

the most common style of clothes for males was shirt and trousers

the final scenes, in a high-rise restaurant that was seving breakfast

the restaurant was for ethically oriented and orienting people only

as i walked to a table with a half-litre standard bowl cup of tea i passed a slightly built girl who was tucking into an twenty centimetre wide five-egg omelette

i sat down with my cuppa and a girl who had saw me looking at the slight girl in a quizzical way said “she’ll use all that up”

the final scene, still in the cafeteria, was a prolonged scene (this scene lasted about five seconds of dream-time and was another stand-out bit of the dream)

was sketching a design on a piece of soft paper

as this is being written the finished design is clear in the memory but for the life of me i can’t think what it was the drawing was depicting

will do the drawing and leave it in amongst other micellaenuous items

notes 1

the thoughts of the pde’s which formed this dream are clearly remembered

vividness 3.4 – observer and particpant – the category of the dream: sensations accompanying motions and drawings (1)

first dream
the name of a dream

after climbing up three or four flights of stairs i went through a door onto the roof of a building

what appeared to be a roof party at first glance soon turned into something a lot more serious

about fifteen people were attacking each other

it then became clear they weren’t just fighting each other but were mutilating each other

the distorted features of those doing the attacking told me they were cannibalistic zombies

there were a couple of scenes of wanton brutality and the dream went from observer to participant

one of the bigger ghouls saw me and came towards me

as in the films of zombies, those unaffected could move faster than those who were affected and i managed to get away

the places where i could run to were limited and the direction i chose led me onto an adjoining roof where more of the same type of killing was taking place

i still had another place to flee to but the dream ended before i had to use it

there was another two or three-scened dream about taking the bark off a tree after the zombie dream

vividness 2.8 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: zombies/ghouls (1)


second dream
the name of a dream
a flying nightmare

making my way through an area in suburbia

the road was wide enough to have three cars on it

in the second scene, a flying insect caught my attention

in the third scene, the flying insect was closer

in the fourth scene, the insect was closer still and i could make out it had two pairs of wings, like a dragonfly but it had a black body

in the fourth scene, it was even closer still, about three or four metres and now i could see its black body was segmented

in the final scene, the flying insect had zeroed in on me and was right in my face, within a metre, and i could make out all of its detail

it was at least a third of a metre long, its body had five segments and there was no doubt it was a predator

it hovered, ready to attack

i kept still, didn’t blink and the dream ended

note 1

in the early stages of life on land, there were dragonflies the size of eagles

vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: animal () insect () dragonfly (1)


second dream
alladin’s place

came across a newly-opened second-hand shop

inside the shop there were more items on display than i had ever seen in any second hand shop, there were thousands of goodies

nearly all of the goods were fist-sized or smaller

before i began looking for something i wanted the owner came into the dream

to my surprise and delight, he was an awake-time friend i had a special friendship with at school ten years earlier

i had almost forgotten about him until this dream

ours was a natural bonding of like-minded people whose special relationship was based on having the same sense of humour

we kept each other smiling by feeding off others comments like a couple of pro’s

there were so many items in the shop i wanted it was untrue

our common shared sense of humour also extended to a mutual attraction to gizmos and knick knacks!

eventually i bought a silver two-slice toaster and a handful of button-sized finger spinning tops

vividness 3.1 to 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: shopping () second-hand goods () re-found friends

first dream
the name of the dream
a girl came calling

had just moved into a new pad

two male friends were there to help me get the flat functioning

all of my belongings were in the bedroom and another room

we were standing in the bare living room thinking about what items to move into it

before any items had been brought into the living room a young girl of about twenty appeared in the dream

she wasn’t a girlfriend of any of the men

she was wearing tight black slacks and a tight fitting top and she had her black hair cut tight to her head; her figure was as good as it comes

not sure who she was representing but she wanted to know my basic details… age, name, previous address…

in another scene, all three of the people in the dream were bringing in various items they thought i would need from the other rooms and i was saying yes or no as each item was brought in

after two or three scenes the living room was still bare

one of the males brought in something that was obviously not a living room item, a sink plunger i think, and the dream took on a light-hearted mood

a series of scenes followed when the males brought items into the room which were even more unlikely than the sink plunger to belong in the living room

the dream became a banter and quip session with everyone trying to come up with a funnier “one-liner” than the one before

there was externalised laughter in two or more of the dreams

the mystery girl took the dream in a new direction when she brought a hula-hoop into the living room and began gyrating with it

the two males suddenly had nothing to say and stood there transfixed, obviously fantasising

i took in her movements for a second or two

she was promising us with her suggestive movements us but i managed to break the spell by saying “don’t look at her, it will only make her worse”

notes 1

this externalised laughing dream broke a run of dreams with dramatic themes and was a welcome relief

think i know what caused the good-naturedness in this dream and if i’m correct will refer back to this dream in a few years

vividness 3.1 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: externalised () mixed-gender ()


second dream
the name of the dream

was out and about on the edges of a city centre

next scene, in a cafe a japanese girl of about twenty introduced herself

within minutes of talking, she pointed to someone on the street outside of the cafe where we were sitting and said “you know her, don’t you?”

i went outside to see close up the person she had pointed out

it wasn’t until i was standing in front of her that i recognised who it was

the lady i was standing in front of was an awake-time friend and girlfriend of twenty years ago i had desperately been trying to get in touch with

she was thinner than the last time i saw her and some of the colour had gone from her face but she was much more energetic and had an enthusiasm she didn’t have before (the stand-out part of the dream)

we would be picking up from where we had left off

notes 1

cath broke away from me because the last time she called at my door she had travelled seven hundred miles to see me and mistakenly thought i was doing something that i regarded as having more important as i had led her to believe

because i hadn’t phoned her or left a note on the door she mistakenly thought that i had got something to do other than to see her and that i didn’t regard her as being as important to me as i had led her to believe

i phoned her several times to explain why i hadn’t been there to see her but she put the phone down immediately every time i phoned

she was so upset she even put the phone down on people who phoned her on my behalf and tried to explain the reason for me not seeing her

i was in fact at home but didn’t hear the bell

i didn’t hear the bell because i was sleeping in the bathroom

i was sleeping in the bathroom because my upstairs neighbours, who were associated with oligarch’s, had been making my life as unpleasant as possible by using sleep-deprivation to get me to sleep with the women who lived above me and was so tired i slept through the sound of the ring of the doorbell

when i get the chance i will be getting in touch with her and explain the situation

vividness 4 – participant – the category of the dream: relationships () female ()

first dream
the name of the dream
no honour amongst thieves

there was nothing in the pde’s or of the experiences in recent weeks which came remotely close to being the cause of this dream

for those reasons this dream is categorised as a “timed-to-occur dream”

the dream… an international gang of professional thieves organised the robbery of some of the most valuable works of art in the world

the exhibition was touring the world and would be seen in dozens of countries

the thieves had chosen the country where their plan was most likely to succeed

the gang had hired the most skilful criminals in the underworld to commit the theft

unbeknown to the hired criminals the masterminds of the robbery had got wind of the worldwide travelling exhibition years before it was announced publicly

before the word went out to the underworld for criminals with particular skills the organisation which planned the crime had already hand-picked another, even more specialised, band of people

the specialised group had spent a couple of years learning about and training for the robbery

the crime went ahead

a few weeks before the robbery the organisers of the crime had tipped off the police of the theft

on the night of the crime, the police were ready and waiting and arrested the entire gang

before the exhibition moved from its current location to the next a few days later the group of specialised thieves sprang into action

they had been hidden in the walls and under the floor of the building


vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: timed-to-occur crime () theft () art and fabulous items ()


the name of the dreams
with friends like that and abominable conditions

the first scene is set in a typical street

the scene showed many dozens of people

a convention to overcome abuse of children was underway

had just arrived and was looking for my son

he was with an awake-time friend from my teenage years about thirty metres way

my friend hadn’t seen me and as i got closer he gave my son a smack

i knew he was a bit resentful towards me but that he would take out his resentment for me on my son made me re-evaluate my opinion of him

i was on the way to get my son and let my friend know that he was no longer my friend

next dream, set in arctic-type conditions

was making my way from one place to another

i only had to go about twenty or thirty metres but the blizzard was so fierce it would be easy to lose the sense of direction and become a fatality

for a while, i thought i had lost my way but just in time a habitation became visible and the dream ended as i entered into it


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: multi-themed dream (?)


second dream

the name of the dreams
the overly-grateful young lass, unremembered discussion and loose bowels

done a favour for a young female college student

i hadn’t put a lot of effort or time into doing the favour and was taken aback when the girl was so grateful she said she wanted me to be her boyfriend

she was a nice enough girl but it seemed to me she was being too generous so i decided to refuse her invitation and did so by introducing character flaws which i knew would put her off me

the theme of the dream changed…

walking along a street that had two-storey buildings

outside one of the houses, there was a group of three or four middle-eastern young men

the relevant part of the dream, the topic of our conversation, had slipped from the memory when it came to writing it down

the theme of the dream changed again…

i was in dire need to get to the toilet

had just entered the well-kept and predominantly stainless steel fixtures of a two-cubicle toilet

alas, i didn’t make it to one of the cubicles and some of the ejected excreta were on the floor outside of the cubicle

now i was in a dilemma… to get into the cubicle and complete the bodily function or clean up what was on the floor before anyone come into the toilet

i managed to scoop up most, but not all, of the excreta in one hand and get into the cubicle before anyone came in

still, the drama wasn’t over… now i had to finish going to the toilet and wash my hands and clean up what was still on the floor

a sense of mild anxiety prevailed as this dream ended


vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: multi-themed dream (30 ?) soiling oneself (4 ?)

first dream

the name of the dream
cheap cigarettes-cheap money

i was selling duty-free cigarettes as a way of boosting my income

a woman was buying some of my stock of cigarettes

i gave her a pack of two-hundred and she gave me much too much money for them

i thought the extra money was her way of asking for more cigarettes so i gave her another packet

but, again, she gave me even more money for the second packet that she had for the first

she seemed flustered and in a hurry

it was as though she had more money than she knew what to do with it and was trying to get rid of her money

i got the impression she was fleeing from someone or something


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: one-scene dream (?) black market dealings cigarettes (1) woman (1)




the name of the dream
a dark theme in a bright environment

the first scene was all love and light

on holiday with my wife or long-time partner in a rural area, my sense of location suggested it was mexico

we were making our way along a dusty road that didn’t have any buildings nor were there any buildings anywhere

in the next scene, there were two men, one standing next to us, the other was standing nearby

the last scene showed my partner being led away as the other man was ready to subdue me when i tried to get to her


vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: subjugation (5 ?)

notes 1

while awake the writer had a two-scene dream with sounds
awake-dreams (1)


second dream
the name of the dream
ducks out of water

on the ground in a plane that had been shot down or had crashed in the jungle

there were six or seven of us

we were in unfamiliar territory and in a dangerous situation

all of us sensed we were in peril

the biggest threat, we agreed, was predatory animals

someone suggested marking our way with talcum powder in case the terrain was to difficult to traverse or we got lost

that idea was rejected because it was thought the smell would attract animals and insects


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: jungle (3 ?) hostility ()

first dream
the name of the dream
new history

re-made a version of a historical event of a political nature that was still a popular topic

the original version of the event was a written account that had left out some of the details which opened the event to a completely different interpretation

using some innovative camera techniques, it was possible to make a more realistic version of the event which then became the accepted version of the incident and replaced the official written version


vividness 3.3/4 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: technical innovation (7 ?) political history ()


the name of the dream
physical analysis

half a dozen or so images

each image was a two to seven-word sentence

the sentences were in the briefest form that the english language could use and still convey the meaning without having to think about it

not entirely sure what the diagnosis was diagnosing

it was either a general physical check-up or it was specifically tailored to determine the minuscule balance of vital physiological processes

the procedure was easily accessible to everyone via a mouth swab or a blood sample


vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: physical diagnosis of self (1)


the name of the dream
the cadaver specialist

working in a morgue

my job was to categorise the cause of death and write a few words describing the circumstances which led to the death

after labelling three or four the bodies i realised just how rotten my job was

was thinking about a way to get out of it when the dream ended


vividness 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: corpses (1) morgue (1)


the name of the dream


the name of the dream

this dream starts with the sound of a person wailing

then, there were four or five tortured sounds of varying lengths and each had a different pitch

the sounds varied between a scream of despair to a guttural anger

somebody was in great pain and i had to investigate

following the sounds took me into a bedroom-sized room

there were three grown-up women standing and sitting and a young girl between twelve and fourteen years of age

the young girl was stretched out on the floor with a pen in her hand and an a4 sized birthday card in front of her

the situation was the girl had recently been told that her sight would not be returning

the women were at a loss as to how to console her and they thought that getting her to write personalised sentence thanking her closest half dozen friends for their help and loyalty might be therapeutic

each “thank you” was a “sign-off” in the girl’s mind; she couldn’t expect to be in contact with them forever

the young girl’s mood changed and she stopped crying from the soul and became cynical

she didn’t think that what she had written was legible and asked me to read what she wrote

some of the remarks on the card were readable, some weren’t

i suggested i write them and that she put her hand on mine and get the feel of the movement of a pen

it then struck me that asking the girl to write thank you remarks was having the opposite effect of what was wanted

she needed hope

it would mean gathering information on her condition and wording the search questions in such a way as to touch upon vague prognosis’s and liberal evaluations

within a very short time, the searches uncovered a treatment centre which was pursuing a novel line of research which held promise

the clinic was in switzerland…


the name of the dream
magic memory

a girl toddler dressed in white and pink and lying in a sideways position in a pram

every time i look at her she smiles a shy smile and shuffles a little in an attempt to make herself smaller

i looked at her five times

this was a perfect example of the self-effacing characteristic we call shyness

the notes of this dream are, perhaps, more important than the dream itself

for the first day in a couple of weeks, i thought the previous night’s dream had slipped from the memory

during the day the memory of the dream played itself out three or four times

it was a typically enjoyable memory of the common experience of making a toddler smile

each time the memory was recalled i thought it was an awake-time experience which was coming to the fore simply because it was a pleasant memory

when it was realised the memory was the previous nights’ dream it also became even more evident that dream-time memories and awake-time memories are equally real


vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: inter-changeable dream-time-awake-time memories (1) smiling toddler in a pram (1)


the name of the dream
toothpaste and shampoo

a future time-tense dream in which it is fashionable, or it may be a civic duty, to have a website with two speciality products and continually update the pro’s and con’s

my products are toothpaste and shampoo

the toothpaste was in a white tube while the shampoo was in a light-brown container

it seemed someone was waiting for a reply to a question about one of the products and was “leaning” on me for an answer

woke up feeling under pressure


vividness 3 to 3.4 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: computer () website () consumer products (1)


the name of the dream
the paddling pool

this dream is set in an underground or a fully enclosed area

the main scene of the dream has fifteen or so eight/nine-year-olds enjoying themselves in knee-high water

it appeared that the water was in the hull of a submarine

the submarine must have become beached a long time before and the children had turned it into a paddling pool


vividness 3.1 – observer – the category of the dream: enclosed area () children () water (1)


the name of the dream
computer in charge

to watch films on the t.v. i put the video files onto a usb after downloading them from the internet

occasionally, there would be weeks and months between changing one batch of films for the next

waiting for the thumbnails of the films to show on the t.v. screen took longer and longer and every so often the t.v. went into “lockdown (waiting-for the-circle-chasing-itself to stop) ) ” which made every film on the usb inaccessible and that meant the only way to watch the films on the usb was to do a factory reset on the t.v.

it took forever to do a t.v. reset so i decided to reformat the usb instead

that did the trick and it only took seconds to do

the next time the t.v./usb interaction got sluggish i put the usb into the computer to re-format it

instead of being given the options for re-formatting the usb the computer generated a black-on-white message which read “do not re-format”

“ah well”, i thought, “the computer knows what’s best” and didn’t override the computer’s suggestion

notes 1

there’s a thought-provoking association between awake-time experiences and dream-time experiences taking place

in this dream, there is an intricate weaving of present-time and the other time-tense-memories taking place

the t.v. not loading, the t.v. going into “lockdown and the use of usb sticks are present-time memories but reformatting the usb and the pop-up message are of another time-tense

the ever-elaborating fusion between the dream-time conscious and awake-time conscious is taking place

we have yet to incorporate love-time (see heaven) into the formulation!

vividness 3.4 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: computer () usb (1)


the name of the dream
the bird slideshow

this dream, part montage, was a slideshow of birds with a running commentary of each bird as it appeared on the screen

the most imposing picture was of a breed of hawk

the picture captured the predatory character of the hawk

a chilling insight into the one-way outlook of a killer


vividness 3 to 3.5 – observer – the category of the dream: animal () dinosaur () hawk (2?)


the name of the dream
sweet foods

was watching, or i may have been the waiter taking the order, as two young teenagers picked and chose dishes from an haute cuisine menu

all the foods had exotic names which i couldn’t pronounce

i wasn’t alone in not being able to read or speak the names of the dishes, the youngsters couldn’t either

as the teenagers placed an order a description of the food and the way it was cooked became highlighted on the menu (the stand-out part of the dream)

it was the way the couple were choosing what to buy that was at the heart of this dream

it was like a couple of children with more money than they knew how to spend in a sweet shop

the name of every dish brought out in them a child-like excitement as they ordered, or as they were considering what to order

notes 1

somehow, we’ve got to take the personality we had as children with us into adulthood


vividness 3.5/6 – observer – the category of the dream: children () food () haute-cuisine (3?)


the name of the dream
homicide in the flats

the feeling of drama was present from the beginning to the end of this seven or eight scene dream

on the top floor of an eight-storey block of residential flats

in the second scene, the lead psychopath and his lieutenant had caused the death of a small boy by tricking him into thinking he could climb down a rope to the ground

the strength in the young boy’s arms had given out before he had shimmied down one floor

the psychopaths blood-lust had been awakened and the leader of the two looked around for another victim

i became fixed in his cross-hairs

the moment his gaze fell on me i recognised the danger and took to my heels

i managed to put a full floor between me and the two principle psychopaths

both of them were bigger and faster than me, so i had to come up with something, i looked for somewhere to hide

in the closing scene, am on the second floor and i could hear my pursuers getting closer


vividness 2.9 – participant – the category of the dream: murder () high building ()


the name of the dreams
the muslim girl and the dept for food

an intriguing two-theme dream

first dream

a young muslim girl of sixteen, about five feet six, wearing a white headscarf, and i had hit it off

she had grasped the main points of my philosophy and was drawing the right conclusions

we complimented each other in that she was young and enthusiastic and i was eager to share

the partnership or relationship was going to be a long-standing one

i wanted to show her off to an old-time and awake-time acquaintance who features in at least two other dreams

we went to the last place where i knew he lived and i knocked on his door

a stranger answered the door and when i asked the stranger for him by his first name the male who answered the door said, “do you mean steve *****?”

i didn’t know his second name so i said “yes” (how many steves could there be living at that address?)

steve appeared at the door in the next scene

he left the house and i introduced him to my girl companion who was standing in the street about five metres from the door

as soon as he heard her speaking and had taken in her demeanour he too became infected by her personality

i could see he was interested in her in a more-than-friendly way and i knew, given the chance, he would “try it on”

exposing her to lecherous advances would have opened her up or exposed her to a reality she wasn’t familiar with

i wasn’t going to chance her changing her outlook on life and so said my farewells to my old-time acquaintance and the dream ended

second dream

a hard brexit had occurred and society had degenerated to the degree that a nationwide programme of mobile soup kitchens had to be implemented

i was in charge of the local mobile soup kitchen and knew that the meal would have to contain bread and potatoes with a flavour of the meat

the image of people consuming the soup by tipping the bowl with one hand while biting off bits of bread in the other hand was the stand-out part of this dream

notes 1

the pde’s (thoughts) of both dreams is clearly remembered

the way people are holding on to their old outlook in the light of a new reality is frustrating

and, just how far down people are prepared to fall and still remain mute is another source of contention with the writer


first dream

vividness 3.3 to 3.6 – participant – the category of the dream: girl-friend (4?) muslim (1)

second dream

vividness 2.9 to 3.1 – participant – the category of the dream: brexit (1) food ( 12?)


the name of the dream
nearly trapped

had become a dealer in black market cigarettes

my supplier had opened my “account” with a few hundred cigarettes

had sold about one-third of them when the supplier told me that i had to “square-up” my account

it meant giving the money or cigarettes back to the supplier

the supplier was expecting that i would do what everybody else had done… spent the money from the sale of the cigarettes and the commission money

he could then turn around and demand i sold cigarettes for him without getting a “commission”

luckily, my natural tendency to keep my ingoings and outgoings balanced by keeping the money from the sale of the cigarettes and my commission separate, i was able to withdraw what i owed from the bank

he and his partner were double-checking the cigarettes, the cigarette money and the commission and were becoming frustrated that i hadn’t fallen into their trap


vividness 2.9 to 3 – participant – the category of the dream: black market cigarettes (1)


the name of the dream
new business

four or five newly-built premises replaced the previous buildings near the city centre of cover’s tree

the new building had been built underneath an existing historically important building

the new buildings were single-storey and due to the use of glass doors, looked, at first glance, as though it was a single building

all in all, it was quite impressive

the premises were ready to be occupied and were about to be launched officially

out of sight, someone pressed a button and it lit up a single neon light which straddled the length of all the new premises between the top of the re-modelled new premises and the old building

the blue neon light was about two metres in height and about twenty-five metres across

about three-quarters of this dream was taken up with the neon light giving the name of the new proprietors which preceded a four or five word explanation of the service they were offering

my business was the last business to show in lights but not to worry, the messages were looped and my message would get an equal amount of advertising
the blue neon light was the stand-out part of the dream (3.8 to 3.9)


vividness 3.8 to 3.9 – observer – the category of the dream: business () neon lights (1)


the name of the dream



vividness – 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: x-dream (32 ?) non-conjoinment (8 ?)


the name of the dream
the litterer

in a far-off past undulation, someone or some people began a press campaign to discredit me

it’s amazing just how effective the power of a single media outlet can be when it is the only media outlet

immediately, i became a piriha

contemptuous looks and the sudden absence of acquaintances

one associate stayed loyal but in a secretive way

it was touch and go i would ever have credibility again

that’ll teach me to drop a bit of paper in the street

notes 1

an example of how effectively people living in a one-media-format society can be controlled exists in our recent past

british oligarchs realised they were about to lose control of rwanda and decided to abandon any pretence of being benevolent

the british-laguage media in rwanda, a one-station radio system, set faction against faction (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rwandan_genocide) and it resulted in the better part of one million people being murdered

the british radio-announcer who set people against people has yet to be brought to book


vividness 2.8 – participant – the category of the dream: biased media (1 ?)


the name of the dream
the bouncing dad of a baby boy

my partner had recently become the mother to a boy, and a televised interview invited questions regarding the latest addition to the family

the first questioner asked, “do you intend to have any more children ?”

i nodded and said “yes.”

the questioner then asked another question, “how will you go about it ?”

i knew she meant “how will you and your next partner get together?” but that was not the most obvious meaning in the question

i was smiling as i explained, “usually, i let the woman decide which side of the bed to lie on, although on occasions…”

two other scenes in a similar vein followed, but this first scene captures the mood of the dream best


vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: t.v. interviewee (1) parenting theme (1)


the name of the dream
a world of hospitals

was asleep in the dream and then woke up into this dream

am in a bed in a hospital

it was a shared ward

no sooner was i out of a bed, when a young lady asked me to hold onto the ends of a crumpled eiderdown and help her to fold it

when we had done that she asked me to help make her bed

after making the bed, she then referred to something about her locker

i was aware straight away she wanted to be more than just friends but the signs were it was going to be one of those arrangements where she would dangle the promise of x to get me to do anything and everything for her before we “got to it” and so i decided to put my foot down

i said “o.k. as long as you lift up the end of my mattress and rest your head at the bottom of the bed”

she, of course, asked, “why?”

i said “it won’t you hurt as much when i sit on it” and then said, “what did your last one die of ?”

the quips hurt her and she opened up with her real feelings

“i was going to go into the bathroom with you and show you my body,” she said sadly

i had read the situation wrong

asking me to do things was her way of getting me to talk and be friendly

she was a shy, man-hungry young woman

i back-tracked in double-quick time

i pressed the back of the fingers of one hand against the hair resting on the side of her face and said “it’s alright. i was only joking with you”

the scene changed, i was in another ward and looking out

there was another building visible about three-hundred metres away

it was another hospital like the one i was in, cylindrical and huge

it had to be at least fifteen storeys and a hundred and fifty or more metres across

there was also a cylindrical, almost all-glass, walkway about fifty metres long which connected the cylindrical building to the top floor of an oblong building

looking beyond the tall cylindrical building there were more of the same buildings that stretched away into the distance and disappeared over the horizon

notes 1

this website asserts that every situation in a dream has its roots in reality

this dream is obviously future tense but what situation would call for a network of hospitals which could accommodate millions of people ?

there is only one thing that comes to mind…


the name of the dream
the chip shop incident

after a night out there’s nothing quite like piping hot fish and chips

walked through the door of the brightly-lit shop and before the smell of the food sent appeasing signals to the stomach, before the sight of the different shades of the yellow chips and fish met the eye, the imposing sight of a man the size of a mountain thrust itself into my world

he was six-foot-seven if he was an inch and he was stocky with it

there were two different themes that led on from the opening scene of this dream

one was to do with an altercation between the mountain-man and someone else who came into the dream and the second theme was an all’s well that ends well theme

this dream lost its continuity and became a mishmash of fragmented scenes


vividness 3.4 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: fish and chips () good and bad feelings


the name of the dream

the girlfriend and i have just walked into the dancing room

this wasn’t a night-club, it was a large room which had enough floor-space for two or three hundred people to dance

it looked like it was the function-room of a large college

there is danceable music playing, but no one is dancing

the dance area was brightly-lit, too bright for my liking

including ourselves, there were just four people in this scene

in the next scene, for reasons unknown i had bought a broadsheet newspaper paper with me, the paper had been folded twice width-ways

i put the paper on a table with a brown laminated surface, the table itself was flush against the wall

was just about to go onto the dance-floor when a man of about forty with fair hair caught my attention

he signalled to where the paper was, then lifted the paper and gestured that he wanted to take it away and read it

i said, “please bring it back”

in the next scene, the number of people in the room had become about ten but still, no one dancing

in the next scene, i have walked to the edge of the dance-floor nearest to me and start dancing slowly on my own

the man who borrowed the newspaper caught my attention again as he put the paper back from where he took it (i’m sure the newspaper has significance but don’t know what it is)

in the final scene, a girl, not my girlfriend, has started to dance on the other side of the dance-floor

it could be a good night for dancing


vividness 3.5 to 3.9 – participant – the category of the dream: dancing ()


the name of the dream
immaculate style and a winning smile

the first scene of the first theme

standing on the pavement looking through a glass window which stretched from a brick wall on the left to the door frame on the right

the business was antique or reproduction antique furniture

it was difficult to make out the details, to begin with

in the next scene, the details became clear

every one of the items of furniture was the same colour of dark brown

the wood was highly polished, so much so that it looked like the wood had been varnished

there were one or two items which had small silver protectors on the corners

what set the whole thing off and took the impression of what was being looked at into the realm of the surreal was a piece of abstract art the size of a family blender

in stark contrast to the colour scheme of all of the other items, the object was turquoise with one or two streaks of light green

second dream

walking through one of the malls where i currently live

a girl appears in the dream walking towards me

at the point of where we are closest, she configures a smile which lights up her face

the smile transforms her face and she looks more like a light than a person


vividness 3.2 to 3.9 – participant – the category of the dream: two-themed dream () furniture () a female smile ()


the name of the dream
the cracked building

in the first scene, i am on my own in a building with a high ceiling

the walls, floors and ceiling are made of granite and there is a smooth pillar about half a metre in width

in the next scene, i notice a fine crack in the floor

following the crack with my eyes showed that it ran from my feet to the wall three metres to my right

likewise, to my left, the crack went a metre from where i stood to the wall on my left

the crack ran up the walls on both sides of the narrow room to where the pillar connected to the ceiling

the crack that ran up the wall to my left exposed a sizeable portion of the wall underneath

in my hand, i had a walking stick with a solid rubber tip (the same as the one i am using at the moment)

i lifted the end of the walking stick and stabbed into where the crack on the left was greatest

in the next scene, i am talking to the curator of the building and he is explaining that the building has been restored and the cracks were the last of the details that had to be corrected to get the building back to its original state

in the next scene, there is a girl with me and we are walking slowly and close together through another part of the building

my own physical state and the girl’s unconfident manner makes me realise we are in a convalescent home

the girl wants to be more than just friends with me but i am reluctant to get involved with someone when i don’t know what it is that ails her

still, there’s no harm in letting her know that i like her so i put my arm through hers and hold her hand

occasionally, as we are walking, i say a few words

the last scene, the girl and I are relaxed and walking casually arm in arm

notes 1

that this dream has an object in it that i am currently using (a walking stick), and the vividness of the dream, tells me this dream is a present or future time-tense

probably Time-Tense 4

vividness 3.3 to 3.8 – participant – the category of the dream: greek architecture (1) girl/boy ()


the name of the dream
smooth driving

it was evening and i was in an urgent hurry, don’t know what the emergency is

the back of a white car catches my attention

a prolonged look tells me it is a “roller”

my opportunistic thieving instincts kick in and i decide to check it out

yep, the keys are in it

i’d never driven a roller but the ease of the power steering was so much better and easier than i thought it would be and the punch of a seven-litre engine put it into dream territory

the problem with a car like that is you can be doing a hundred without feeling that you’re speeding

the car had manual gearing and i soon discovered i only needed to use two of the gears

it wasn’t so much driving as flying on a flat

the acceleration and the braking power allowed manoeuvring that other cars didn’t have

there were a couple of times when i made mistakes which would have caused a police car to chase after me but the instant pick up to a fast speed got me away from the scene

it made driving a joyous experience

there was one person i knew, an awake-time second-hand car dealer from thirty years ago, who might be interested

i knew he had moved from the last place he lived but i went there on the off-chance the new residents would know where he had moved to, they did

i should have known a flashy car like that would draw attention and that’s what it did and was that was the start of the problems

the people who were now living where my ex-buddy used to live were a family of about ten

two or three youngsters came to the door to and when they saw the car they started making noises of disbelief and excitement, most of the rest of the family soon appeared

they knew where the person i was looking for lived, it was within a hundred metres of where we were

three or four of the family were at the destination when i got there

i rang the door-bell

my contact was in and he gave a quick look at the car and invited me in

we went upstairs where three or four of his friends were playing cards at a big round table

i only wanted a quick giveaway deal of a hundred pounds worth of “leb”

he told me to go back outside and he would be down in a jiffy

i went back outside and my anxiousness came back when i saw about twenty people milling around

the car had become the biggest thing in their lives

my one-time business mate re-appeared with two packets of soft, fresh leb

there were about three ounces in each packet (definitely a past-tense dream)

in an effort to keep the gathered people on my side i handed out one of the packets of leb which had been cut into about five or six strips

i gave about a quarter of a stick to each of the people who looked to be above a certain age and that made them happy

then one person, who probably felt he should have been given more than he got said out loud “i know you, you’re j*** ********”

his body language and the way he said it told me it was a threat

i said something like “if you mention me to anyone i’ll be coming to see you”

the dream ended here and i was thinking as it ended that it had been a mistake to make threats

my anxiety was still lingering upon waking

notes 1

fairly sure the anxiety in this dream stems from thoughts about how to solve the problem of a certain country during the day


the name of the dream
a female visitor

the girl i was expecting hadn’t arrived when the woman, from an awake-time relationship from a few years ago, arrived with another woman

in one scene, the woman from the awake-time relationship never once resisted my advances, in fact, i’m fairly sure she thought i didn’t make advances often enough

more than conjoinment, she got prolonged pleasure when we were sitting together and i would cup her breast in the most convenient hand and softly pressed and squeezed her while we were talking

i didn’t want to disappoint her, so the second her friend wasn’t looking i felt her breast in the way she liked

she pulled my hand down from her breast and said “not yet”

the next scene was a brief act of conjoinment between us

in the next and last scene, the woman i had been expecting originally and the two other women were sitting at a table

the lady i had been expecting wasn’t happy but i was slowly winning her round

i let her know we would have the rest of the day together when the other two left

in the next scene, i was standing behind her with a notepad and pen in hand taking her order

also, i was giving her an inventory of the food and suggesting ways of having it cooked and what to have with it

i suggested beef and said there was some mateus rose wine to go with it

the dream ended while taking the ladies orders


the name of the dream
amorousness and assassination at school

landed a job at a boarding school for mixed secondary pupils

the school was the size of a large village and looked as though it had in excess of a thousand pupils

the dress code was white blouses and dark-blue skirts and white shirts and black trousers

most of the paths were canopied or had a rigid covering

for reasons not remembered the chalet i occupied wasn’t suitable, and in the next scene i am in a different room

there is a male adult aged fifty with white hair and a slim physique in the room

while looking at him a red spot the size of a pea appears on his forehead

his expression becomes expressionless and he begins to fall

the accompanying sound of glass breaking causes me to look in the direction of the sound and there is a neat hole with a few small cracks surrounding a bullet hole

before he hits the ground the scene changes to another room the same size as the room in the previous scene

the dream changes from observer to participant status

it is early morning and i am lying on a bed

a young girl comes into the room and sits on a chair next to the bed

she says something which is meant to re-assure or relaxes me and then she puts her hand on the blankets above the area where my genitalia is and begins to rub me in a surprisingly accomplished way

i become aroused and mentally prepare myself for intense sexual feelings and say to the girl “you’ll have to be careful that no one misses you”

thoughts of caution are overridden by feelings of pleasure, and, wouldn’t you know it, the dream ends just as feelings are increasing

notes 1

for the entire month of february, with the exception of the dream on the 15022019, the dreams that have been published were not dreamt on the day of publication but are unpublished dreams from may 2018

notes 2

the experiment to establish the effect of thc on dreams has been concluded

thc represses dreams


vividness 3.5 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: school () assassination (1) x pleasure ()


the name of the dream
deep shit

it was around 10 o’ clock in the evening and was heading out of town after being to the pictures

the time coincided with people who were going to another pub for their last drink

completely out of the blue i soiled my pants

i was about five minutes from home and it made more sense to head for home and not go to the nearest toilets to clean up

so i tucked my trousers into my socks and began running

looking ahead i could see a group of three lads

i recognised the gait and could tell one or more of them was well on the way to being drunk

the least bit of confrontation would have spurred them into violence

they were spread across all of the pavement and i wouldn’t be able to pass by them without one or more of them moving to one side or walking onto the road which didn’t appeal to me

i considered scooping a handful of excreta out of my pants and if it did “kick off” i would smear it into their faces

however, if it didn’t work as a shock tactic i would be in double-deep shit

they hadn’t seen me as far as i could tell so i stooped down behind a bush and they went past me without noticing me

a friend and a friend of his who i didn’t know very well appeared in the next scene

i said i had to get home quick and told them why

one of them said “cooksons might work” and “or you could…?”

the dream ended there


the name of the dream
fun, laughter and a hint of love in the jungle

the last scene in this multi-sequence dream…

in a jungle, probably africa, although it could be any jungle anywhere in the world

most likely it was the inter-undulationary memory matching the thoughts and sights and sounds into the pde’s

we didn’t have any weapons in the dream although there was the chance we could come up against a pack of orangutans and would need them

as the physically weakest of the group and the one considered to have the best judgement i was elected to set the pace and lead the way

the seven or eight of us had just emerged from thickish’ brush

we were on the side of a hill that had a decline of about thirty degrees

i looked at my watch and it had just gone a quarter past nine (the face and the colours of the face of the watch was the stand-out part of this dream)

i declared “we’ll make camp here” and then said to one of the group “you can get a fire going” (cooking the meals was my responsibility)

of course, being the least macho of a group in a situation where machoism was considered a virtue meant the others decided for themselves whether to take any notice of my commands

two or three of them didn’t

they unloaded their backpacks and went to one part of the decline where a path had been worn into the side of the hill or mountain or whatever it was we were on the side of and used something to sit on, it may have been big and thick green lily-leaves, and slid down through the bush and into a river about forty metres below

i watched them thoroughly enjoying themselves as they slid down the embankment and crashed into the cooling water

i thought or said out loud “i’m going to have a go at doing that”

it was then i noticed three of the locals twenty or thirty metres to the left of where the men who had slid down the bank

there was one or two a girls/women amongst them…

notes 1

the contrast between my strength in the first dream today and this one

this is the second dream where the face of a watch has been the stand-out part of the dream

first dream

the name of the dream
too confident

the sensations of lightness and unbounded strength accompanied all of the scenes of this dream

it felt as though i was untouchable

no person or situation could throw me off my stride

it wasn’t so much as walking on air but more being one with the air

two males tried to penetrate my sense of invulnerability with physical challenges and they were dismissed without a thought with one quick punch

one male did get through, slightly

to give him more than one thought would have broken the magical spell of the sense of movement accompanying this dream which had about five scenes in it 22052018

third dream

the name of the dream
the looped train-journey

an asian man spoke to me and then got on a train

what he said to me made me realise he knew something important and i had to talk to him again

to find him meant having to catch the train he got on after speaking to me

the route the train took was a rural loop with only one point of boarding and one of alighting

i didn’t know the time of day he spoke to me initially so it meant staying on the train’s circular route for the entire day

one part of the journey replayed three or four times during the dream

it was of the track going off into the distance, the motions of the train and the sounds the train made as it gathered speed along a seven-mile stretch of straight track

at a guess, the train was travelling at two hundred kmh during that part of the journey

never saw the man though

notes 1

the looped aspect of the dream may be an attempt by the dreamer to resolve an ongoing problem or dilemma


vividness: 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: looped-sequence dream: train:(1)

second dream

the name of the dream
my first steady in a dream

the third dream with the same female

sitting on the end of a bed in a ward

i was leaning back on the bed supporting myself with my right elbow

the person whose bed i was lounging on was a friend or possibly a relative

i can’t recall if it was a woman or a man

i hadn’t spoken or done anything before one of the females working there came and joined us

i sat up and the person who i was visiting came and sat on the other side of the bed

the woman who had joined us put her arm around the person i was visiting and spoke encouragingly to her or him

in a natural manner my arm also went around the patient and now our three heads were more or less touching

the nurse/helper/care person changed her position slightly which moved her body closer to mine

my response was to put my left arm around her shoulders so we could all talk quietly

as the words were being spoken they took on a rhythm

the rhytmn caused the three of us to move slowly side to side along with the tempo in the rhythm

then things started happening more quickly but it was still at a slow pace

the woman who had joined us pressed her breasts into me in a firm, and unmistakably inviting way

both the person i was visiting and i were still sitting

i was resting one of my legs on a bar of the frame at the end of the bed which meant my knee was jutting out

the nurse or carer rested her crotch on my knee and bearing in mind we are still moving side to side my instinct was to move my knee as purposefully as possible in synchronisation with her movement

doing that made the woman become more aroused and as she pressed more firmly into me i, in turn, placed my hand between her legs and even through her trousers could feel the softness of her genetalia

another woman who was visting someone else caught my eye and her offended look told me it was time to stop

the dream became externalised at this point and i could hear myself saying “we’ll have to meet” up and “we’ll arrange it”


the quality of the dream: 3.8

vividness 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: serial dream () kissing and arousal ()


the name of the dream
incompatible inmates

in prison, a person with a happy disposition and an effusive character doesn’t go down well with other inmates who weren’t happy with their life before going to prison

this was the case in this dream

one of the alpha males was going to try and make me as unhappy as he was

there was no way i was going to get the better of him in a fair fight

i was wondering what to do when the dream ended

notes 1

if it strikes you as odd that this website has so many prison dreams read the dream of 01012017 for an explanation


the category of the dream: prison: open: ()



second dream

the name of the dream
coconut container

please read notes 1 to get the significance of this dream

the dream…

there was a bit of a flap on

details vital to the recurrence of an individual which had hitherto not been recognised had come to light

the solution was to house a persons dna profile in a container that was the size and shape of a coconut

the coconut-container was to be buried in the ground along with the dna profiles of other people who shared similar genetic compatibilities

when people were born in the future with similar characteristics the genes could be mingled

it was quickly realised that in order for that to work it would mean there would have to be a minimum combinative/permutive gene base of thousands if not millions and billions and billions

still, it was within the scope of technology

one detail that had to be factored in was keeping the coconuts stored at the right temperature

another consideration which had merit was to bury the coconuts in a soil that had been sterilised

so now there was a soil and temperature environment required which would be safe for millennias and would need to be the size of a planet

but still, it was do-able and besides dinosaur man would have worked out all the details by now

notes 1

this dream is time-tense three (the future of a past undulation)

notes 2

i woke from the dream not being able to reconcile why we would need to go to all the trouble of keeping a person’s genes in storage for millennias when nature had already got them stored in a persons genes and are passing them on through their children

and why on earth would we need to bury them in the ground ?

surely the best environment would be in an unbreakable jar on the mantlepiece in the living room where the “vibes” in the room would be akin to being in the womb

it wasn’t until i had been awake for ten minutes and replaying the dream that it became clear what the dream was about

it wasn’t about the genes of people but the seeds of food that most suited a persons physiology

peolple, we need to assimilate or recognise just how complicated it is going to be to tailor all of our needs to suit every individuals physiology through to transmutation

there are thousands of foods and millions of people

sure, we have lots in common, but equally we are all unique

in the milliards ahead, we will be fine-tuning the foods best suited for each persons metabolism and we may need to be accurate to within molecules

and if you think that’s complicated wait until the compatabilities between people come in for scrutiny

in the brain there are billions of neurons with an as yet unestimated number of connections

the connections between the neurons of possible soul partners may well have to “fire” in synchronisation and in a way not yet considered, for the “eternal link” to be established

don’t worry, it sounds, and is, complicated, but the route for each and every one of us is already mapped out

this dream is a reminder to keep us on our toes

we now know that it only takes a second for all of the painstakingly hard work he had to put in to count for nothing

first dream

the name of the dream
the enraged bull

i am standing and looking at a bull which was in a double enclosure along with a dozen or so cows

the bull and myself are talking telepathically

he wants to know what he’s doing in the field with the cows

i tell him

he then asks me when they will be eaten

i say “soon”

the bull becomes homicidal and breaks through the first enclosure

i’m not unduly worried, the first enclosure is made of flimsy wood, the outer enclosure was solid thick wood

this bull has got savvy

he goes to where the padlock is fastened through the gate

he charges for a few steps, gives the gate an enraged head butt and breaks the chain and is about to go through the gap and come out of the enclosure and do to me what he had done to the gate

if i didn’t find a wall to climb over within seconds it would be me who would be dog meat

i was running or about to set off at a sprint when the dream stopped


the name of the dream
the money that went missing

the opportunity of doing a regular gig at a pub came my way

it would be a nice little “earner” and would no doubt lead to other offers of work

all i had to do was buy a microphone, or it may have been a mixer, to have things set up nice ‘n neat on the night

i reckoned that a hundred quid would get the equipment needed to do the job

to get the money to buy the essential bit of kit i would sell a pair of speakers

the speakers were worth a lot more than a hundred pound but, if things went how they were expected to go, the money would be recouped within half a dozen gigs

the speakers were snapped up and i had got the money

went to a shop which sold the hardware needed and was waiting for the salesperson to bring the item to where i was at the counter

i took the money out of my pocket and put it on the counter

then there was a scene in the dream when something drew my attention away from the scene at the counter

when the main theme of the dream resumed the money was longer there

no one had the chance to steal it, it had simply vanished from the dream

i was thinking that someone might have seen the money on the counter and given it to someone in the shop for safe-keeping when i woke


vividness 3.3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: music () equipment () microphone or mixer (1)


the name of the dream
maiden flight

the opportunity arose for me to realise my greatest ambition, to travel into space

it wasn’t a journey to the centre of the galaxy type space-flight but was to be a couple of hundred miles up, take some photos and have a supervised-fiddle-at-the-controls affair

the excursion into space was part of an ongoing regular event to orient society to the idea of a lifestyle which may be part of our future

from the start of the dream to its end it was filled with petty down-to-earth squabbling, simple oversights and personal problems

there was only one scene in which the grandeur of the vastness of space was prominent but the rest…

there were four of us, two women and two men, who were going through a “prepping” routine

we were deliberately squeezed into cramped conditions to get us used to the restricted confines of where we would be spending most of our time while aboard the ship and the women weren’t happy about the fleshy parts of their bodies being routinely pressed against men’s bodies

the next thing was one of the women changed her mind about going and there wasn’t time to replace her

the other woman was having qualms about being the only woman with two men

then there was a problem with me getting out of the ship when we returned

alighting from the ship meant having to crawl backwards through a tight exit chute, hold onto a ledge at the end of the chute and drop about two metres to the ground

i tried it in practice but when it got to the part where i had to hold onto the ledge and balance my weight before letting go and dropping to the ground i found i didn’t have the strength in my fingers and arms to keep hold of the ledge, i was gripped with panic as my fingers began slipping

the other male had his wits about him and got into a position below where the chute projected from the side of the craft and caught me as i fell

the elaborate solution was to engineer a hydraulic hinge which slowly swivelled through forty-five degrees and give me time to adjust my balance

oddly enough, it worked

it wasn’t until we got into space that the other woman found out she didn’t have a head for heights

so before we had time to start exploring the environment we were thinking about the return

the view of the universe from outside of the atmosphere was mind-boggling though

i woke thinking… will space habitation be filled with such mundane circumstances?



the name of the dream
cpu (central processing unit) limitations

most of us will have hit the brick wall when it comes to cpu usage

this dream overcame the problem of having too many apps (applications) open at one time by using a built-in timer for each app which automatically put the app to “sleep” for a time determined by the user

i found that when using a dozen or more apps the best sleep pattern was five seconds

this stopped the cpu from “freezing” as neared 100%

the dream ended as i realised that the computer still had a way to go before it became the all-singing device it has the potential to become


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: computer (7 ?) cpu (1)


the name of the dream
on the warpath

it was nighttime

it had been dark for a few hours

under the cover of night a resident, for reasons which were to become the most divisive source of speculation in the history of the resident’s committee, had not picked up the dog’s poop

the problem was not easy to solve

there were only two dogs on the site and both of them were small dogs

the size of the poop meant it could have come from either dog

both of the owners of the dogs vigorously denied the possibility it was their dog’s doing

it was possible it was a non-resident but that was extremely unlikely

besides, if the idea that a stranger was responsible, it would mean there would be no one to blame

better to stick to the general consensus; it was a resident who was being deliberately offensive

sentiments were gradually consolidating against one of the residents in particular

decisions, tough decisions, would have to be made

it would be better if the person who had delivered the dirty deed got out of dodge before the guns were pointed in their direction

the committee was not the sort of people to mess about with


vividness 3.8 – observer – the category of the dream: dog poop (1)


the name of the dream

observing the rooftops of the houses as seen from the left-hand side of a train or bus moving from left to right

first, there was four or five rooftops in the scene, which then became, in the second scene, the first four or five houses in the first scene plus another four or five rooftops of the next row further away

the next scene, had another row which showed three tiers of houses, the next scene, four tiers and eventually the scene showed dozens and dozens of rows of houses stretching off into the distance

the houses were too close together for there to be a road between the houses

then i thought to myself “there must be some roads”

the next scene, magically the scene showed an expanse of a built up area with a busy two or three-lane highway

the three-lane highway was the only road in the dream

the demarcation line between where the front lawns and the back gardens met was at the discretion of the occupiers

there were some appealing flower arrangements and generally it appeared to be an harmonious arrangement so it will be assigned a future time-tense

the stand-out part of the dream was the third or fourth scene which showed the extra space that was freed up when roads were designed out of residential areas


vividness 3.5 – observer – the category of the dream: surburban housing (1) 13052018

18022019 18052018

second dream

name of the dream
after the dirty work comes the rewards

in the first dream, i was in what appeared to be a care-home

the care-home was clean, quite brightly lit with lots white and other shades of reflective colours

i had soiled my pants

i was too embarrassed to tell anyone and was looking for somewhere to clean up

the washroom didn’t have a sink big enough to wash the clothes and besides, it was too public

a woman was pressing me to come and join a group that was one of the highlights of the social day

“i’ve just got something to do and then i’ll be coming,” i told her

the woman wanted to get to the group as quick as possible and left me

i eventually came across a shower and bathtub and began showering

the water coming out of the shower was alternating between too hot and cold every three or four seconds which meant there was a one to a two-second window when the water was at the right temperature

it took ages to get myself and the clothes acceptably clean

the scene ended there

the whole tone of the dream changed and for the next five scenes of this period of r.e.m. the dream sequences got better and better

first was when mohammed ali appeared on the landing outside of the room i was in and said “i want you to come to a celebration”

i asked him why me and he said “you’ll find out when you get there”

it was obvious that a surprise waited for me but i couldn’t think what it could be

the next scene had marvin hagler in it

he knew that something special was in store for me and said something along the lines of “see you in a bit”

in the next scene, i was telling people of my invitation and the people i told hinted or asked me to take them as a guest

i was experiencing a sense of elevation as the clamour around the requests to go with me grew

in the next scene, i had just walked through the door of a popular pub in a city i used to live in

everybody who walked through the door got the once over but i was high on life and it was me who was giving them the once over

people turned their heads to their company or picked up their drink when i looked in their direction

that sort of thing didn’t happen in this pub

i was in a supremely confident mood and was gliding rather than walking

in the next scene, was at home

had just arrived after being away for a length of time sufficiently long enough for my return to cause a celebratory mood

one young lad led me upstairs and steered me into the bathroom

two people were already in there

he told them to give me a smoke of the hash

they apologised and said that there were only crumbs left, which there was

whatever it is that sets the tones of dreams it wasn’t going to let a simple thing like someone not having hash change the mood

i said something along the lines of “looks like i got back just in time” and produced a lump big enough to keep us going for the night

the mood of the dream vaulted to a new high, in both senses, it was top grade gear, and the party mood grew

in the next scene, i am at home and alone when callers arrive

it is a young couple with two children

both children are toddlers and both are girls

the mother and the youngest of the two girls come through the door last

i looked beyond them to see if there was anybody else and the woman or the man said “it’s just the two of us”

the youngest of the two girls was a wide-eyed seeing-things-for-the-first-time child and i could see she was ripe for my brand of seduction

i lifted the pitch of my voice to squeaky level pointed at her while looking at her said something like “i thought you said there were only two of you. there’s someone else here”

i held out my hand to her and said “c’mon”

she automatically held out her hand and let me lead her

she was mine

first dream

the name of the dream
potentially dangerous

it was nighttime and i had hitched a ride with the two-times world’s strongest man geoff capes

he never initiated any talk and when i said knew who he was it didn’t get more than a nod of his head

i wouldn’t have spoken at all if it wasn’t for the fact he was driving like a bat out of hell and i thought that if he started to talk he would slow down

i tried again to get him into a conversation by asking him if he thought the camaraderie between competitors had changed over the years

i said, “there used to be a friendly ribbing between the sportsmen and that made the competition more enjoyable.”

he agreed with that and made a two-sentence reply

it worked and he did slow down very slightly for a few seconds but then picked up speed again

as mentioned, it was nighttime and the lights of the car didn’t pick out any detail in the road beyond forty or fifty metres

at the speed, we were going that just wasn’t enough distance to make an emergency stop

we were going well over a ton

the thought crossed my mind that i would get hurt if the car did crash and then immediately amended the thought

hurt, who am i kidding, i wouldn’t survive a crash at the speed we were going

the dream ended just then


the name of the dream

the main theme of this dream was measurements

the most vivid scene was a marksman who had a handgun that looked like a flare-gun

the barrel of the gun was about five centimetres in diameter

the marksman rested his firing arm on his folded left arm and aimed at a length of a tube the same diameter as the barrel of the gun about five metres away being held out at arm’s length by the marksman’s assistant

the projectile or bullet was about ten centimetres long and the same width as the tube the man standing five metres away was holding

the projectile could be seen in flight just before it entered the tube

very impressive

a similar exhibition of accuracy was of an object being dropped from a height of about twenty metres into a container

there was no leeway in where the object to be dropped could land

it had to be, and was, accurate to within a centimetre

in another scene, there was a woman behind a glass kiosk cum office who was being short with her words which were being delivered with a sneer because i didn’t know what everybody except me knew, namely… there was only one way a person could apply an estimate of food over money

there was a scene involving a rabbit, but i don’t remember the reason it was the object of the dream

17052019 15052018

third dream

the name of the dream
for services rendered

was handed a lump of hash

the person who had just given the hash to me was an awake-time friend from eight years ago and he knew i would smoke all of it with him

he then showed me a gold dress-watch and said “i found it on the counter”

he wanted to know if it was valuable

he would know from my response if it was worth anything or not

he would either be bunging the watch in a drawer when he got home or he would be spending his night’s down the pub for the next week or two

the watch was had a square body and it was one of those watches which was either going to be worth a lot of money or something you could use as a christmas-stocking filler

it had a two-line inscription below the twelve o’ clock position and another above the six o’ clock position

the words were difficult to make out and for half the dream i was looking at the watch from one angle and then another and then another… trying to catch the writing in the right light and make it readable

i was absolutely flabbergasted when i did make sense of the writing

it read “presented to endic.at for services rendered by …?” and the end of the inscription read “a unique design by …? ….?” and the date and place of the manufacturer”

it was much too elaborate a hoax for my friend to have put together

my friend asked again if it was worth anything and i could sense his anticipation

i was absorbed in thought and didn’t answer him

second dream

name of the dream
in a hurry for hash

in prison in a narrow hallway where there was a lot of activity

the reason for the bustle was it was the prison’s equivalent of the “happy hour”

the leading wheeler-dealer had got a new batch of hash and the buzz was he was doing good deals

didn’t have anything to strike a deal with myself but there was someone i knew who had resources and was always ready to get high and would definitely want some which in turn meant i would get some

told the person selling the “gear” to wait where he was for a minute to give me the time to get something he would accept in exchange for the hash; in this case, it was baccy

dashed to his usual haunts but couldn’t find the person i was looking for so i nipped back to the man who was waiting for me and said it was going to take longer than i thought to get the baccy

as a seasoned wheeler-dealer myself i knew from the look on his face that he had decided that i was not going to deliver my end of the bargain there and then

even worse, i might ask him to give it to me and i would “square-up” with him later

an agreement that nearly always results in the person doing the collecting chasing around for the owed-amount for days

the dream faded out

first dream

the name of the dream
future-tense website hosting

this dream was a think-read dream

was reading the comments of the most recent entry on my website

the comments were of the three-to-seven word type and there were six or seven of them

they were neatly laid out in coloured boxes in a line

one of them read… “i’m innit too”

decided to respond to the comment

the rest of the dream was me trying to access/activate the “reply-to” comments feature

managed to access one of the replies but, as is usual with my dreams, wasn’t able to physically generate letters using the keyboard and type a reply

was between states of consciousness and was forming the question “has one.com got any plans to incorporate a message box into the website ?” as i woke

16022019 14052018

the name of the dreams
the powered buggy and the hole in the road dream

had a power-chair (mobility scooter)

its top speed on the flat was around twenty kmph

the buggy slowed noticeable on up-gradients and sped up to about thirty kmph going down

the first scene of this mega-scened dream has me trundling along at about top speed on a flat road

there’s next-to-no traffic in this or any of the scenes

another scene is in the centre of a city

there is a two to three metre deep and two-metre wide rectangular hole in the ground which has clearly been made with a mechanical digger and stretches from one side of the road to the other; the width of the road is the better part of twenty metres

i lay boards across all of the holes to enable me to drive the wheelie across

as i drive the vehicle over the boards they give significantly and i realise that the boards would break if a heavier vehicle were to try to go over them

on cue, a car appears thirty or forty metres away heading towards where i am

i run towards it and stand in the middle of the road with my arm out in front of me in an unmistakable “stop” gesture so the car has no option but to stop

i tell the driver there are roadworks ahead and he shouldn’t try to go across the boards as they aren’t able to bear the weight of the car

the problem was i had made such a neat job of laying the boards down it looked like they had been put there as a temporary measure by the firm which was doing the roadworks

the driver of the car thought i was being overly dramatic, as some people do in such situations, and dismissed my warning and drove away

i watched as the car moved onto the boards fully expecting them to break and having to call the emergency services but to my surprise, the boards did give a lot more than when my wheelie crossed over them but didn’t break under the weight of the car

in another scene, i was talking to a policeman and pretending that i had witnessed an incident involving a mobility chair

i asked the policeman who would be liable if the car had broken the boards and crashed

as i was relating the circumstances of the accident i slipped up in my account of the story and blurted out that i had only just acquired the power-chair

as mentioned, there were scenes coming and going at a speed in this dream

the details given are of the stand-out scenes of the dream


the cause of the dream: thinking about using a mobility scooter to move the p.a. equipment for the gig mentioned in the first dream of 12052018


the name of the dream: the art of mothering

this was a prolonged one-scene dream

the first impression of the fifteen-month-old baby wriggling and shifting her body from side to side was that she was uncomfortable

the baby girl was resting along her mother’s forearm and was nestled into the mother’s midriff

as i gazed, the expression on the baby’s face became clearer, she wasn’t in discomfort but was smiling

her smile was changing from hardly perceptible to varying degrees of a broad smile, and occasionally, her smile would settle into a relaxed contentment

finally, it was possible to see what was happening

the mother had, some time previous, discovered one her child’s tickle spots was around her lower-rib cage

the mother didn’t need to look at the child

she could tell from the baby’s movements that she was hitting the tickle-spot

all the mother needed to do was use her middle finger to cause the baby to experience sensations that caused her baby to smile

it was the casual, natural way, the mother was using her finger to maintain a state of “contact” between her and the child which was the stand-out bit of the dream

to the mother it had become as easy to keep in “contact” with her child as it was to scratch an itch

without having to even think about it, the movement of the baby told the mother how much pressure to use and where next to place her finger

it was quite an education see a mother using the subtlest of movements to entertain her child the way this mother was doing

this was a mother on top of her game


vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: mother/baby () tickling (1)

14022019 13052018

second dream

the name of the dream
too popular

an awake-time ex-girlfriend from seven years ago turned up out of the blue

i had some ace hash and was only too eager to impress her

she appreciated the “hit” and praised its qualities more than once

in the next scene, we were “getting into each other”, although i must admit i was more enthusiastic about getting back together than she was

the last time i saw her she was a little overweight and it gave her face a “heavy” look

in this dream, she had transformed

she had a classy two-sided hair-style, had lost weight and her face was a picture of health

i commented “you look really well”

in the next scene, i was answering the door to a youngish man

had never seen him before and he asked me if he could buy some hash

before i had time to tell him no the scene had changed and now there were three young men

the closest to me started to make his way through the door

i stretched out my arm and placed my hand on his chest and kept him back

he became more determined and now i was having to use the weight of my body to stop him moving forward

the two people either side and behind him began to move forward as well

the scene changed again and now there were five young men; the pushing and shoving had stopped

i said something like “there’s too many of you” and this part of the dream ended

the next part of the dream was the same house

now there was an awake-time neighbour looking through the letter-box

it was a friendly face

we exchanged one or two sentences through the letterbox

that’s all i can remember of this part of the dream

the stand-out parts of the dream: the girl’s complexion and the pressure of the young man pushing against my hand

notes 1

for the second time the writer is going to explain where you-know-who stands in relation to thc

on two occasions, while smoking hash, the state known as a “whitie” occurred

when i was firmly in the grip of the whitie she/he chimed in with “no more blow”; the tone of the sentence was unequivocal

the second time, a year more later, her/his words was “remember this time”

feeling as though i should be allowed to decide for myself i continued smoking it for some years after you-know-who had made her/his thoughts known

i pressed the point on one occasion “is it ok to smoke it once in a while ?”

that question got a reluctant “i suppose so” from the tone i could tell she/he was disappointed i had asked

then a year or two later i asked: “is it alright to smoke it once a year ?” that question went unanswered

lastly, i asked: “is it ok to eat it once a year” and to my surprise, she/he gave her/his approval

the tone of the words carried the feeling of a happy compromise

so that’s it, people

once a year

i haven’t yet met with disapproval for the idea of a weekend of non-stop dancing using hash cakes and hash soups for sustenance

friday night to sunday night of being high equals one one-hundredth and an eighty-fourth of a year !

notes 2

an instance of hypocrisy

ten days of continual use of marijuana has helped me break the habit of having two periods of sleep in one day

for three or four days before using marijuana and for the first time in three years, i had not been remembering dreams and the trend is continuing while smoking

what influence does cannabis have on dreams ?

first dream

the name of the dream
stop motion with looped sound

this dream took place in my current location

there were three of us, all males

we were standing in and around the doorway that linked the living room to the hallway

one of the others had rolled a really neat joint

it was the length of a hand and about as thick as a biro

then, the motion in the dream stopped

i was waiting for him to light it but he didn’t

both of them stood there motionless

i thought they were playing a joke on me, knowing i would be waiting to have a smoke myself i would get impatient and say something

they played their parts well and i did say something

but still, they didn’t move

i thought “i’ll turn the tables on them”

so i whipped the joint out of his mouth of the and put it in mine

still, they didn’t move

i thought “i know how to get them to move. i’ll light it and start smoking it myself”

i would be breaching the etiquette “the roller gets first dibs” that exists amongst tokers and would have a laugh on them

they will soon stop playing then i thought

i never lit it because now, after several seconds, they were still stock still and i realised something strange was happening

as more seconds passed i wanted someone else to see what i was seeing so i went to the front door and opened it

for the first few fleeting moments after opening the door the postman, who wasn’t delivering anything to me, was moving but then he too went into freeze-frame

before any other thoughts went through my head a dog’s bark sounded in the dream

it was a low, gruff/growl type of bark

it wasn’t until the sixth or seventh bark that i realised it was the same bark which was repeating and, to complete the weirdness of the dream, it was only in my left ear

the category of the dream: stop-motion dream (2)

notes 1

this is the second stop-motion dream

this one has the added feature of sound

1302201 12052018

first dream

both dreams about p.a.’s

the first one was my attempt to win the contract to host an event at what looked like the stands at a race-horse track

gave an assessment of equipment required and costs

that was it for this dream

the second dream was about what type of music to play and who to get to help me at a week-end festival

the last scene of this dream was some people in a car asking me if i knew where such and such a place was

i did and as it happened, it was where i was headed

it occured to me to suggest that i could take them to it and save me having to walk but the dream ended

cause of the dream: a local free paper through the letter-box which listed up-coming events for the summer

the emphasis of the first three pages were on out-door music events

12022019 11052018

second sleep, the second dream

name of the dream
the girl in care

became acquainted with a girl in a hospital

she seemed alright to me but was being supervised

a kinship between us developed immediately and i wanted to help her get out of the hospital

i ran up against a brick wall in the form of the hospital’s administration, it didn’t want to know about any suggestions i made

they had the attitude of knowing what was best for her which was frustrating because i knew what was best for her as well

i would have to see her as an out-patient

the name of the dream: the dream of a memory (?)

second sleep, the first dream

the same people as in the first sleep

we were talking about this, that and the other

that was it

this dream was about as uneventful as they get

first sleep

name of the dream: reluctant x

there were three of us in this dream; two males and a female

the male was an awake-time friend from years gone by

alan has featured in at least two other dreams, although
considering our friendship began sixty-plus years ago and lasted for twenty years, there should have been more

the three of us were in a reclining position and loosely clothed

the girl held my hand and then kissed it

she obviously wanted to become intimate

i felt awkward and held back because she was alan’s girl

the girl said “for goodness sake” and took the initiative

we conjoined and i was glad we did; it was nice


the name of the dream
the barber from another time

in the barber’s chair having a hair-cut

the barber had a lit fag dangling from his lips as he snipped away

at one point the red end of the fag touched my face

it didn’t hurt in the dream but it galvanised me into giving the barber a piece of my mind, a big piece


vividness 3 – participant – the category of the dream: hair-cut (1)


the name of the dream
prepping for heaven

a multi-themed dream in which one of the themes contained a scene which has been bubbling under the surface of the awake-time memory

the memory/image has been presenting itself independent of the mental decision to do so since the first time it occurred three or four days ago

how to describe it…

big, recall the biggest thing that impressed you as being big, and which is still imprinted your memory as the biggest thing you ever saw

now add colour, lots of colour, and a feeling of childish anticipation that the most exciting you can experience is starting to happen

give the size and colour linear shapes and nestle them in an area at, behind and above a black horizon

so now, the sense of the size of the objects isn’t quite as big but the space the objects are in has become the biggest thing your sense of size has ever tried to measured

notes 1

the reality this picture memory presents is of an earth-bound observer seeing linear-shaped images or beings almost as big as a planet

notes 2

it was within a day or two of this dream that a new variation cropped up

during a montage, i opened my eyes half-way and was presented with both the image of the montage and the sights being seen through half-opened eyes?

almost immediately, i saw the breadth of the application’s that two different time-tenses or consciousnesses working together could have

try it yourself the next time you have a montage


vividness 3.7 – observer – the category of the dream: linear shaped beings (1)


the name of the dream
an escape through a narrow shaft

there were three of us, a female and two males

somehow we had got trapped in a confined area below the floor which would give us access to the general population

a round pipe the width of a person went up through the concrete ceiling and there was a gap of about thirty centimetres to one side of it

the concrete ceiling was two-thirds of a metre thick and was two and a half metres above the floor we were standing on

i was the first to try to squeeze through the gap next to the pipe

the difficulty was pushing me up high enough so my arms were free of the restrictions which would let me rest my elbows on the floor above and haul myself up

we decided the best plan of action was for the smallest of us, the girl, to be pushed up

the girl would have to keep her arms by her side and keep her balance until we had pushed her high enough for her to arms to clear the thickness of the concrete floor

i sat on the shoulders of the other man and he lifted me to within touching distance of the hole, now the girl had to climb up the men

the idea was for me to place my hands, palm-up, on my shoulders which the girl would stand on and then for me to push her up

the dream didn’t have the scenes of the girl getting through the gap but the next scene was of the three of us standing in front of a black door that had a see-through panel half the size of the door

on the other side of the black door there was a smiling man with a fire hose and about to turn on a jet of water

in the last scene, the three of us are barracking and giving the finger to the man spraying the water at the door and full of jubilation we had been rescued


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: enclosed areas () accompanied ()

08022019 10052018

the name of the dream
the weekly report

the weekly report is a detailed written or spoken account of a persons most important moment or hour of the week and it’s something everybody does

it didn’t matter what the substance of the report/record was, just as long as the person was in the habit of making it routinely

somebody asked me if i would do their weekly report

the person who asked me to do it for him hadn’t forgotten to do it but intended to ask someone when there was no time left to do it and someone like myself who took the weekly report as being civic duty/responsibility would help out

there wasn’t time to make up something, it meant i would have to submit an hour of my life as his

if the report was reviewed by someone and the person who read it thought it should be highlighted for general discussion then it would come to light that the review wasn’t by the person named on the report it would be a permanent stain on my character

i was giving the person who asked me to do it ear-ache for not doing it himself when the dream came to an end

notes 1

this dream may well have a considerable constructive value

millions of people submitting the most significant hour the week

new thoughts and feelings

the report might only take ten seconds to read or listen to

or it could take an entire day

with the internet at our disposal, it is easy to imagine some reports containing insights or information which could reshape our outlook/values or way of living overnight

07022019 09052018

the name of the dream
broken dream

the chime of my door-bell is loud

was smack-bang in the middle of a vivid dream when a man delivering goods rang the door-bell

the dream was still running for three or four seconds after getting to my feet

i was completely disoriented for those few seconds

it was a mix of the two conscious states

it could be likened to being slapped across the face while relaxed

i felt as though i had been assaulted

whatever the content of the dream was it was broken into pieces

when i tried to recall the dream it had gone completely from the memory

it was though something had been damaged beyond repair and trying to fix it was like trying to re-assemble a stack of snowflakes in a warm room; the effort of trying to do something brought home the futility of trying to do it

note 1

perhaps an essential feature of dreams is that for the dream to serve its purpose it has to be experienced in full

notes 2

two days in a row that the dreams have not been accessible !

* * *

06022019 08052018

the name of the dream
seating arrangements

this is the vaguest dream for more than a month

lay awake trying to recall it for half an hour

it was something to do with being advised not to exert too great a mental effort

in another scene, at a cinema and there was a girl who was sitting in my seat

tried to get her to realise she was sitting in my seat by repeatedly looking at my ticket and then at her but that didn’t work

there was a compromise as to who should sit where

i wanted to get to know her but it didn’t happen

05022019 06052018

the name of the dream
good contact

this dream was either in london or amsterdam

a person said he would introduce me to someone who would supply me with the hash

when we got to the house there were two people there

the chap who was going to supply me had an extremely interesting persona about him

he had light-brown skin, slightly portly, a deep smooth voice, an engaging personality and was totally at ease

his relaxed manner could be a character borne of years of being “laid back” but it struck me as being a natural trait

he was only too prepared to give me what i wanted on a regular basis

i bought it there and then, smoked some with him and was walking away from his flat on a double high in the last scene


the stand-out part of the dream: the supplier’s personality

fourth dream
the name of the dream
the frog-being

same location as the third dream

am walking along when a sound catches my attention

looking at where the sound come from didn’t show anything

a second time the sound was louder but still nothing which looked like it could have made the sound

by now i was standing still so i could zero in on where the sound was coming from

when it sounded again i located the position of the sound but still nothing which told me where to look

the fourth time the sound occurred a slight bit of movement was visible from where the sound was

i moved closer and could now see the movement of the breathing of the animal

it was a light shade of deep green, half the size of a golf ball and its eyes were visible

if i had to describe it in one word i would say it was a frog

but when i picked it up it obviously wasn’t your typical frog

first off, it was closer to being round than any other shape

it didn’t have anything that looked like legs

where it limbs should have been there was small bits of flesh that didn’t look like they could move it or support it

when it made another sound i picked it up

as i was looking at it its mouth opened and a sound with two syllables came out

it was trying to say something !

whatever meaning the sound, it didn’t convey anything to me

two more times the frog-thing made noises and still, absolutely nothing suggested itself

then, completely out of the blue and out of character with its demure posture the frog-being gave out a shout-scream which lasted, like the other sound-dream a few days ago, for a full two seconds

the sound had a bass resonance which filled my head and left no room for anything other than the sound to exist between my ears

but the thing was, the sound was completely recognisable as a sound only a human being could make

i realised immediately this animal, if that’s what it was, had intelligence

i was focused on looking at it and ready to really try to understand what is what trying to get me to understand

twice more it made the captivating human sound

each time the characteristic of the human quality of the sound became more pronounced

it would be possible to understand what it was trying to say eventually but it would take dozens and dozens of attempts

the frog-like being, i would swear to, could read my mind and jumped out of my hand

i picked it up, it made the mesmerising sound again and then jumped out of my hand again

i wasn’t ready for it, yet

notes 1

if this dream is leading to where i think it may be leading to then the frog-being should feature in another dream

notes 2

this is the second dream within this week where the sound of the dream was the stand-out part of the dream

and both times the sound reverberated through my being

the third dream

at the start of this dream i mentioned the frog to the man in this dream

he was familiar with it and knew the name of the species and laughed slightly when he mentioned it

the man worked for a financial trading company

i had spoken to him on the phone and he told me to drop in and see him and he would explain what is was i didn’t understand in a couple of minutes

he was really friendly

i think he gave me some text to read or he was explaining what it was that i didn’t understand which caused this regular dream to become me a think-read dream

the think-reading became simple to put together

it became so easy it was possible to anticipate the text six. seven or eight words ahead of the last word formed

basically, it was two or three sentences that explained the grey areas of the graph

there were marker-positions on the graph which indicated, according to where the markers combined and became brighter or fainter shades of red and green, if it was a safe-buy with a good probability of making a profit or if it was a less than probable of the likelihood of being a success or if it was a possible or probable loss by looking at the markers and lines on the screen

two or three times as i was reading the explanation the description of the marker-graph became an image

category of dream: think-read dream with images (1)

notes 1

the think-reading in this think-dream was as easy to read as would be the writing of any new or unfamiliar text that had graphics in it

can it be presumed that think-read dreams which contain pictorial descriptions will as a matter of course automatically produce images as the description of the images in the text are dread ?

notes 2

another thing… as the images in the text were being formed there was a noticeable shift from the dream-conscious to awake-conscious

the merging of consciousnesses continues at a pace

second dream

name of dream: jumper

twilight-time in coventry

it was located where the odeon cinema is or was (you can google-earth it)

was in a sky-high mood and was jumping as i was walking

the jumps weren’t hop, skip and a jump type of jumps, the jumps put real distance between the ground and my feet

no one else was doing it so i presume the gravity-defying heights of most of the jumps were part of my mood or perhaps latent abilities coming through

no one was startled, on the contrary, people were enjoying watching the display and their broad teeth-smiles encouraged me to do more of the same

an african male who looked to be in his early twenties started to speak to me so i stopped jumping

we spoke for a few sentences and he said we should go back to his place

i was in too good a mood to disappoint anyone so i agreed

within a few steps he had clasped my right arm between his left arm and torso and had a firm grip of my right hand with his left hand and when i tried to jump he used his right hand as well which stopped me from being able to jump but i could still skip

he didn’t seem to mind the skipping but his vice-like hold on me told me he had become possessive

a possessiveness which became more and more accentuated through his tone of voice and it gradually dawned on me he intended to keep me as a pet, or even worse, a slave

it wasn’t going to be hard to break free of his grip and i was weighing up whether to give him a hard or soft jolt back to reality when the dream ended

notes 1

every ethnicity has a proportion of devolving beings

it’s too early in evolution to say whether any one of the ethnicities has a greater or lesser number of devolving beings than another or if there is an almost exact balance, so don’t let your prejudices sway your opinion

first dream

the name of the dream: the first day of business

had finally put together an awake-time pet project

if it was the success there would be the scope for huge expansion which could easily end up employing ten’s of thousands of people

a team of ten or twelve of us were checking every aspect of what was to be the first day of business the following day

we were wearing the clothes we would be wearing on the first day of business; basically, it was a dress rehearsal which doubled up as preparation

one of the team was a small man from eastern europe who was the “quietly efficient” type

a native british man asked, “why are there two packets of brown sugar ?”

the eastern european man said, “i thought it would help if we had an extra one of as many different of items we would be using regularly and have essential information of the product, quality, weight, cost… and compare them to the same product in the future”.

whether he realised or not it also meant that anyone and everyone would be able to check and make sure that every product we used and which was a repeat-purchase was the best value-for-money product on the market at that time and it also meant that there were would be no room for embezzlement

a man who was responsible for maintaining an ongoing repeat purchase said jokingly “i hope he doesn’t do that with me”

i jumped in, “it’s a good idea. do it with everybody. including me”

we had all agreed that the following day’s business would start at seven-thirty a.m. and it would give us ample time to make any adjustments and improvisations for oversight’s

the first contact with our client was scheduled for nine

the next scene was the following morning and i had just woke

i looked at the clock next to the bed; it was twenty-past eight

a feeling of panic flooded through me

i was due to meet the clients and begin my part of the business venture at nine o clock which meant i would need to be there at least ten minutes before to demonstrate i could be ahead of schedule if needs be

the place i had to be wasn’t too far away but neither was it within walking distance

i had to consider getting someone who should be doing their job to break their schedule and come and get me

could i run it in time ?

first thing’s first: wash, dress and shave

forget about breakfast, that was a pipe-dream

the thought of why somebody hadn’t knocked on the door or phoned me kept on going through my mind

that no one had contacted me might mean that others had slept in too

the day was turning into a disaster

in a way, all the future plans for the business revolved around this first day’s appointment

it would set the tone and it was on a downward slope

a feeling that something was wrong began welling up in me and it caused me to wake up

i looked at the wall clock

it was just after four a.m.

04052019 out of sequence

second sleep

the name of dream
see category of dreams

this was the longest-ever montage

the images in the montage were not that varied considering the length of the montage (five minutes plus)

mostly they were cartoon figures and settings and mainly they were rich-pastel colours

two or three times during the montage the sequence of images and actions stopped for two or three seconds but a relaxed determintation got them flowing again

i was thinking as the images and actions went on and on that a person could quite easily spend a whole day doing it

more than once i tried, without any success, to impose new themes into the sequence

here’s the new thing… this montage contained three dreams

part-way through watching the montage i slipped into dream-time three different times

the first time it was with a woman, the second was with a dog and the third was of myself explaining and describing to another person that i was experiencing a montage

the last dream in the montage…

we were in a small room with a window that was three-quarters of the wall

he moved to the window and looked out and i said “i’m not seeing what your seeing”

he nodded and i went on “as i’m talking to you i am seeing pastel-coloured cartoon figures and actions”

he said “yes, you said the export order for liverpool is here”

those words weren’t in any part of the montage sequence and i said “now i can see two fat elderly people, a woman and a man who are looking daggers at each other

the dirty looks they were giving each other were straight out of a cartoon and i could hear myself chuckling every time there was a slight variation of their expressions

so now it was an externalised dream within within a montage !

it is also a new category of dream-time conscious: narration of a dream as it is happening

the second dream within the montage was of a dog which wanted to approach me but was weary

i squeezed my lips together and made a kiss sound and the dog moved forward a little

after three times of doing that i was stroking the dog and it was relaxed

in the next scene it was a different dog

the new dog was a gold-cum-sandy-coloured and its mouth was open and its tongue was lolling out of its mouth in the way dogs do when they are too warm

we were looking out of a window and we were in a moving vehicle, i think it was a train

the third dream within this montage was of a woman

can’t remember hardly anything of this dream except it was of a woman; probably because it was the first dream within the montage and so much happened after this dream

category of the dream: montage-dreams (1) and narrated dream: (1)

first sleep, first dream

name of dream: seriously sexy curvature

same lady as one of the lady’s in yesterday’s x dream

we were both unclothed, standing and with mounting anticipation pulling each other lightly into one another

our heads were side by side and our ears were touching

i looked down during this part of the embrace and as i was looking down the sight of the curvature of her body from her neck down and along the spine and back out again to the peak of the protrusion of her buttock’s sent my senses reeling

i was at bursting point

the sight of the colour of her skin and the sweeping curves of her back was a top-flight x visualisation


category: x dream (32)

vividness: 4.7


the name of the dream
when men stopped believing

was watching, or may have been participating in, a review of a piece of art called “man on a train.”

it was a painting of five of the carriages of a train and it was moving from left to right as it passed through the viewer’s field of view

the viewer was meant to keep her or his head still as the painting moved from left to right, the idea was to give the viewer a different impression for each of the carriages as the carriages filled their field of view of between 100 to 120 degrees

three of the carriages were in colour and had around seven or eight persons in each of them

the passengers in the coloured carriages were looking in the direction the train was going or the direction it was coming from

the middle two carriages were in black and white and the passengers were looking out of the train looking directly at the viewer

when the two black and white black and white carriages had just gone out of the picture, a voice said: “did you see it? why is it in? it spoils it”

then, a woman and a man began debating, at great length, the minutiae of the painting and critiquing, of what seemed to be to me, completely insignificant things

the debate went on and on…

i couldn’t stand it any longer

i interrupted

“i like art as much as the next person, but there are other things in life which need to be given the same amount of scrutiny as we’re giving to this work of art.”

i continued, “don’t you know that the reason men in europe stopped believing in god was that the suffering they had to endure in world war one was so intense they couldn’t believe that a loving god would let it happen?”

notes 1

as i was growing up the phrase i heard, again and again, was, “if God existed he wouldn’t have let it happen”

the reason for most wars is money

only those living in denial or ignorance will fail to see the truth of the matter

as usual, it’s jewish and british financiers and the other two cliques mentioned in the lead article who are causing the current acts of mass murder

notes 1

the pde’s of the last couple of days are the foundation for this dream

one was watching a biography of turner, the other was listening to a programme that tried to whitewash what was the second greatest act of mass murder (the first is hiroshima) in history by saying that a thousand people were killed when it was, in fact, a hundred thousand


vividness 3.3 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: art/war (1)

02022019 01052018

first dream

the name of the dream
futuristic t.v.

staying with an awake-time friend from twenty-three years ago

he had an almost-square wall-mounted t.v. about one-hundred twenty cm

it had the most dicreet design of any t.v. i’ve ever seen

the only thing on the front was the name of the manufacturer

it was called a google netbox; there were three or four other words written on it

the words on the screen were a slightly lighter shade of black than the screen and they became invisible when the set was on

the design of the t.v. was captivating but the real bit of tech was the channel-receiver which was itself about a third of the size of the t.v. and had array of about thirty square coloured buttons which protruded slightly

i already had a t.v. but the large gizmo which passed the channels to the t.v. was a must

it could pick up any signal which was in the ether which meant tens of thousands and even perhaps even millions of channels

it was an internet version of t.v. channels

i ordered and paid for one and the delivery and installation of the “techmaster” is the next scene in the dream

a woman with a body that had a big frame was reading out the terms and conditions bit of the contract and mentioned a fifty pound charge for maintenance if it ever needed it

i said “that wasn’t mentioned when i ordered it”

the women said “yes, i know” and carried on reading out the terms and conditions as though she hadn’t heard me

i said “just a moment. fifty pounds isn’t nothing. in certain circumstances it can be a lot”

the woman had obviously had issues about the fifty pounds on other occasions and knew that a person would nod and accept it or would, like me, start questioning it

i saw she was bracing herself for what might be an awkward time

to me this sort of sneaky money-grabbing was a sore point and had been the cause of a done-deal becoming undone on more than just one other occassion

the dream ended


the name of the dream
back in prison

it was the first day of my sentence and i was in the dining area

against the wall furthest away from the serving area there was a part of the dining area that had goods for sale

the items were in see-through plastic packets about the size of a credit card

the packets were hooked onto the fixture with metal s-shaped hooks

the item i wanted was at the top of the fixture and i assumed a person wanting to buy an item would be able to detach the packet and make sure it was what he wanted


a thin, tall inmate was standing next to the hard cardboard fixture, probably to make sure no one nicked anything and was waiting for someone like me to do what i did which was to unhook an item to look at it in detail

he said “you’re not allowed to take them off the board. put it back”

i tried to explain i only wanted to make sure it was what i wanted but this guy had the protection of the guards and used his position to assert himself authoritatively, something he could only do if he had back-up

he caught the attention of one of the guards and the guard began making his way towards us

i hadn’t been in the place five minutes and already i was a trouble-maker

i knew there would be a harsh punishment and lost control of myself by grabbing the small finger of the hand of the trustee inmate and bending it back until he was wincing and said “if you get me in trouble i’ll see you later”

the inmate said “now you’ve assaulted me as well”

in the next scene, i am in an outdoor training ground with mud everywhere and am being escorted towards a scene of activity

it was two lines of young men in dark-blue overalls who were competing with each other

there were being trained for armed-combat

there was impressive coordination in their movements and they sounded-off in unison

i knew my fate and had accepted it

i said to the escort-guard “there is a strong camaraderie between them”

the last part of the dream was a montage which had about five scenes

it was a trailer of a war film which ended as the title of the film was beginning to show

it was called “the desert rats”

the category of the dream: prison () and short-clip montage (1)

notes 1

the last four weeks is the longest run of entries since beginning dreams diary without missing a day




name of dream:
a snack and a decent meal, not

the first scene, invited three mates back for fried eggs, tinned tomatoes and toast

they gratefully accepted and their warm response to my offer told me i had asked the right people at the right time

the second scene, back at my place on the second floor of a two-storey house

in the cramped room of the bedsit, the neon light went out

decided to take the tube out of its housing and reinsert it thinking it might be a loose connection

in the third scene, as i am stretching up again and trying to loosen the neon strip from its housing a round bit of silver-coloured metal fell from the light and shorted the electrics (the most vivid part of the dream… 3.6)

the mood changed as we all realised the meal was off

one of the invited people was really disappointed and started complaining with a challenging belligerence

i apologised as sincerely and humbly as i knew how

the fourth scene, the three males had left the dream and was still hungry so i decided to “splash out” and go and have a sit-down meal at a half-decent cafe

the fifth scene, at the almost-a-restaurant i discovered my credit cards were back at the bedsit

the sixth scene, back in the room the wardrobe was falling apart

the bottom of the wardrobe was crumbling and losing tiny bits of wood every time i moved something while looking for the cards

it was on the verge of becoming so unstable it might topple forward the next time it moved

the seventh scene, went to the next floor down where the landlady, a shapely and sturdy woman of about thirty, was telling me she couldn’t do anything about the wardrobe until the next day

the eighth scene, back in my room and looking down at the front door of the building watching the comings and goings of the people

the ninth scene was on the ground floor, as i was leaving the building someone’s visitor was coming into the house

he said something “sarky” in a dismissive and provocative way as we passed each other

notes 1

every scene was a different time-tense

the dream-time or inter-undulationary memory was doing its best to put together the pde’s

gauging it from the vividness factor, this dream was mainly past time-tenses

ideally, we’re trying to achieve a vividness factor of 3.3 and higher for all scenes

will start putting the vividness rating at the end of each scene


vividness: the average of all scenes… 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: food-theme dream without food (1)



the third dream

name of dream:

in my place with one or two other people

nothing special was happening

light chatter, a bit of movement

the bed i had slept on was like a bed that someone had just got out of

a figure went passed the kitchen window and in the next scene dennis had just walked into the living room

he had come to ask what was the best point of departure to get to france

“dover,” i said

“what’s the best way to get to dover ?” he asked

“train,” i said

in the next scene, he sat and then laid down on the bed i had just got out of

he had moccasin-style beach sandals on and the heels of them were resting on the sheets

“don’t put your feet on the sheets. i sleep on them”

he sat back up

i said “i’ll come with you. i’ve got the money and i fancy a holiday”

i wouldn’t be going to france though, i would be going to holland; my favourite country

there was some more talking about the journey to dover before the dream ended


time-tense: 6

notes 1

the most noteworthy thing about this dream was the details of the location

the location was accurate right down to the position of the sofa and the colour of the cover of the duvet and the people in the dream are people i know currently

in the dream, my feet are pointing west whereas the current, and long-standing position, is north

this is very much a present time-tense

a computer wasn’t in this dream and that means the dream was the past of a past undulation

the absence of a computer must mean it is between fifty or a hundred or so undulations of the present undulation

apart from precognitive dreams, this was the most accurate placement of the time-tense of any dream so far


with one raised to the 99th power years to go in this undulation, you may wonder why there is only a one-year step forward each undulation

love/life, you should be aware, is generous to a fault

love/life is also ultra-sensitive to the feelings of those who are terminally-ill: see the analogy of parents with terminally-ill children in the endic database


there is also the consideration of soul-partners who are coming-to-be and those who have yet to establish the connection with their soul-partner

the wanton acts of murder that have and are being perpetrated in the present and past of this undulation reflect the insensitivity of our nature

as we move forward into the future of this undulation our feelings become evermore honed-in to the delicate balance of the qualitative aspect of our lives

by the time you-know-who is with us these times won’t be of any significance

to take a qualitative run at infinity means attuning ourselves in a way and to a degree which we are not yet able to imagine

one insight we can project into the forever is pleasure

it can be stated with confidence that we will have to be in a state of pleasure at least five and ten thousand times more pleasurable than the most pleasurable experiences we currently experience

it won’t be football-match emotions, (over the moon one minute and down in the dumps the next) it will be a steadily increasing state of wonder

second dream

name of the dream: some men just can’t wait

in bed and there is a girl in the next room who was getting ready to join me

she was taking a space-age to come to me through from where she was

the longer i was waiting the more aroused i became

it got to the point where i couldn’t contain myself

so before you could say “cock robin” i masturbated and had ejaculated

and then there was another wait and still, in a state of arousal, i masturbated again and ejaculated again

i was still cleaning myself when she walked into my room from her room

she said “have you come ?” and i nodded

she deliberately waited for me to empty myself; it would take longer for me to get worked up again

i felt disappointed with myself for not being able to control myself

oddly, i was still feeling disappointed with myself even after i woke up and realised it was only a dream

category of dream: x dream (30)

stand-out part of the dream: take a wild guess

first dream

name of the dream
attempted intimidation

on the ground floor of a three-storey prison

a narrow-faced, narrow-eyed, diminutive inmate thought i was ripe for intimidation

he made a veiled threat concerning my future

i wasn’t in the mood to be threatened

i feinted a movement with my left arm to the left

his eyes followed my arm

with his gaze distracted i whipped my right hand to his neck and using the index finger ran the back of the nail across his throat

“do you realise how easy it would be to cut your throat with a piece of broken glass ?” i said

he was looking at me as the dream ended


category of dream: prison: closed ()
cause of the dream: thoughts during the day
vividness: – 3.1



the first dream
the name of the dream
a peoples banquet

the first scene, a family of about eight at a dining table having a meal

the atmosphere was more like that of people at a banquet

second dream
the name of the dream
swinging on a star

the first scene, moving about in a largish room singing the song “swinging on a star” and alternating between normal, falsetto and bass voice

second scene: one or two other people chimed in at various points in the song which gave the song more swing (the stand-out part of the dream)

the third dream
name of the dream
deadly peep ‘o

the first scene had to go to the bathroom

the second scene, in the bathroom and when i tried to lock the door the latch on the door slid over the latch-catch but slipped back off it just as easily with the slightest pressure

i expected to be in there for more than a minute or two and began trying different ways of getting the door to close securely

a peashooter-sized square metal bar materialised and slotted into position in the latch area and kept the door secure

the fourth scene, someone fired a bullet through the door which only just missed me

then there was another shot and another bullet which, again, buried itself into the wall

the door was made of a flimsy hardboard

there was a hole in the area where the latch was about the size of a salad tomato, presumably where the original lock for the door had been

there was also a button-sized hole in the middle of the door which looked like it was a peep-hole and there was a gap at the top of the door big enough for someone to stick there head through

i looked through the peephole to see who it was firing at me and saw the person with the gun who could now also see me

i jumped behind a wall to the side of the door just in time to miss the next bullet

the person with the gun knew the bullet wouldn’t pass through the wall and poked the barrel of the gun through the peep-hole and turned the barrel in my direction

a round tube of metal in the peep-hole became dislodged as the gun was forced through

i grabbed hold of it

now he could fire a shot at where i was but equally couldn’t see if i was still in the position i had moved to

he stuck his head over the top of the door to locate me

while he was getting into position it gave me enough time to slip the round, hollow metal sleeve that had lined the peephole, and which was now conveniently bent, and enable it to slip over the barrel of the gun and direct the exiting bullet to fire upwards

the bloke with the gun looked over the door, saw what i had done and said “you must be ******g joking”

i was waiting for him to pull the trigger when the dream ended


vividness 3.4 to 3 – observer (meal) participant for the other two – the category of the dream: multi-themed dream () food () singing () toilet drama (1)


28012019 – 24012019

the name of the dream

this dream is a new variation of a Montage

the first 4 or 5 images, were of winds blowing over walls, fences etc.

the montage sequence stopped after the fifth scene and it became a regular-type dream (prolonged scenes)

then, after the regular-type of a dream, another four or five
montage-motion images occurred

swapping between, montages and regular-type dreams happened three or four times

in the last of the regular-type dream sequences, a girl said something and i said to her “me?” and she said “yes, mr talk-to-the-feds, me”

all in all, there were three or four montage-motion scenes with hurricane-strength winds showing things being blown into the air or along the ground or broken

notes 1

i knew this was going to happen years ago

because dreams start at the beginning of time and encompass all the experiences of all people throughout all Undulations, dreams and dreams theory is going to become bigger than any encyclopedia could be

it’s not just the content of dreams which has to be evaluated but also the content of the dream has to be seen in the context of the type of the dream

i like a mentally challenging problem as much as the next bloke but there is no doubt, formulating dreams is going to tax the mind to the limit


vividness 4 – participant (regular-type dreams) and observer (montages) – the category of the dream: motion-montages alternating with regular-type dreams (1) hurricanes (1)



the name of the dream
bows and arrows and cars and freeways

this three-scene dream opens with one group of about twenty horsemen dressed in medieval garb being pursued by another group of about the same number

there is a gap of about two-hundred-and-fifty metres between the two factions

the leading group are at an advantage because the lay of the land between them is sharply inclined, the difference in height is about two-hundred metres

one of the leading group stops his horse, stands up in the stirrups, half-turns and, with a straight-arm overthrow, propels a two-metre-long spear at the trailing column

the javelin/spear curves through the air in a twenty-degree curve and hits one of the men in the chasing column

the scene changes to an aerial view which shows a mountainous terrain that stretches several kilometres to the left and takes in about a kilometre ahead where a dozen men are lying flat on their stomachs at the edge of a ravine

the men are looking down at a four-lane highway with dozens of cars winding like a snake through the ravine

notes 1

this dream has the added interesting variation for the dreamer due to an account of the dream being composed at the end of the dream using the think-writing technique which made recalling the dream, fifteen minutes after waking and having had a cuppa, a doddle

notes 2

it’s not easy to put this dream into a single time-tense

it is assumed because the horses are not in the final scene, this is the dream-time memory mixing time-tenses

the idea of a conflict with bows and arrows and spears with highways and cars is just about impossible to reconcile

…a dream worthy of the twilight zone

the category of the dream: three-scene adventure dream (1 ?) medieval-contemporary (1) think -writing (4 ?)


27012019 (26012019)

the name of the dream
the sublime simplicity… the bounteous nature…

the scene of this dream… about ten concrete stairs, each stair about a third of a metre high and they are a little deeper than they are high

a round, light-silver coloured hand-rail is affixed into the ground at the bottom and top of the stairs and is situted in the middle of the stairs

the stairs are sunk into a ridge of grass at an angle of about fifteen derees

i am at the bottom-left of the stairs and my girl is half-way up on the right of the handrail

i begin to move towards my girl and as the gap between us closes, first our eyes make contact, and at that moment of eye-contact our souls reach into each other and the physical presence our souls ignite

the mingling of our souls produces, yet again, that oldest and eternally-new feeling of plurailty, of being able to remain fused for as long as we want

we can play tag on the stairs for as long as the physical structure of concrete and metal lasts

given the variations of speed, hand-contact, lip-contact…

on those stairs we can play for years and years

oh, the bounteous nature of love/life

the superlatively simplistic joy of playfulness

the overwhelmingly attractive sensation of the eternal dictate

“you must be expansive”

notes 1

the third dream within in a month which contained the baulking sensation endlessness

this one though was the most pronounced and brought the writer out of his sleep

both the sense of an extended presence beyond the physical body, this sensation happened in awake-time, and the sense of freedom associated with the concept of endlessness have happened before but this is the first time they have happened together

the two sensations, being fused with another person, coupled with a sense of playfulness, made the concept of endlessness much easier to cope with, though i must say, in this dream i still found the sense of endlessness mildly overwhelming and it was that feeling which woke me up


vividness 4.1 – participant – the category of the dream: sense of freedom (4) sense of playfulness (1) sense of endlessness (3)



the name of the dream

the first scene, set in an open prison

returning to the barracks-style dormitories from the dining room

a pleasant looking young lad about ten-centimetres shorter than me sides up to me and makes a threat which isn’t threatening in tone, it’s more like a suggestion

i was looking at him and thinking about why he had said it

my first thought was that someone had put him up to it and whoever it was wanted me to hit him so they could start a fight with me

he then made another threat and pulled a gun out of his jacket pocket

the gun was made of black metal and oozed death (the stand-out part of the dream)

i was so angry that he had threatened my life i took the gun from him and quickly thrust it into my pocket

if i was caught with a gun in a prison i would get years added to my sentence

i had to get rid of the gun without delay

i walked passed the row of dormitories to my right and straight out of the prison

the second scene, in town and heading for a large store

my intention was to drop the gun into the pan in one of the toilets in the men’s room but that had drawbacks

the third scene was walking further away from the centre of town, thinking only of putting more distance between me and the prison

as i was walking between a footpath that separated two rows of terraced houses, to my left there was there was a crater-sized hole which had seven-feet deep murky water and had thick green foliage on the bottom and around the sides, perfect for disposing of a gun

threw the gun into the water and heard the plop as it broke through the surface

the plop sound was a lot louder than i thought it would be and so i looked up and around to see if the sound had caught anyone elses attention

it had, a woman sitting outside of her house, to the right and a storey above the pool of water, looked to where the sound had come from but didn’t see anything and looked away

i was satisfied it wouldn’t be found in a hurry

i was wondering if my fingerprints would still be on the gun after days or months of being in the water when the dream ended

notes 1

the gun in the dream was due to a vivid picture of a gun in an episode of columbo

the opening scene of prison is due to the continued feeling of oppression of the society i live in

the woman in the chair may be a random factor


vividness 2.9 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: prison () open () guns (1)



the name of the dream
confusion at the penultimate stop

was returning from a day out in exeter

the last but one stop the train made before it got to my destination (plymouth) gave me the opportunity to finish the journey by catching a bus from outside the train station

got off the train and the confusion began

the name of the station was different from the one on the map

no one i asked had heard of the station i thought i was standing on

i couldn’t leave the station to check the bus route because i would have to surrender the ticket to get out of the station

the pressure was on

if i got back on the train, the next stop might not be the destination i thought it would be

the people on the platform became assembled into groups of thirty or so and were becoming as confused as me

first, one group of people walked one way then a different group moved into where the first group had been

another group of people were coming up from the far end of the platform

the train would be pulling out any time now

i was alone, confused and everybody else was confused in groups

it had the potential to get worse

i woke up before it did

notes 1

think this dream was caused by being in a quandary about what, and what not to write, while composing an entry in endic earlier on in the day


vividness 3.3 – observer – the category of the dream: pde-influenced (1000 ?)




the name of the dreams
the magicians and the stretch room

had become friendly with two male magicians who lived in the same building i had just moved into

the first scene, the three of us are in their small flat

when they tell me they are professional magicians, i ask them to show me some of their tricks

they showed me several different acts

the one which impressed me caused me to start, and i remember recoiling slightly

it was when one of the young lads stood to the left-hand side of his mate and stretched his arm around his back and produced a card from behind the other boy’s ear

it was the speed at which the card materialised which took me by surprise

it was so quick it looked as if it came out of the thin air

the two lads became interested in my profession when i told them i was a d.j.

they were enthusiastic about doing music events, and when i said i would let them use my equipment and show them the ropes we began planning in earnest

in the next scene, my girlfriend was with me, and i ask the lads to show my girlfriend the tricks

as the trick of pulling a card from behind the ear was happening, i watched my girlfriend for her reaction

she too was taken aback and showed it by recoiling a little when the card materialised

the next scene, i am in the middle of moving my furniture and belongings into my room

already in the cramped room is a single bed, a two-seater settee and a table and chairs

the two lads are, with great difficulty, bringing up the steep stairs a fold-down, metal-based three-seater convertible bed

in the next scene, the three seater bed has found a home and one or two other seats has joined it

at this point of the dream, the dream becomes externalised as i count out loud the number of people who could sit if needed… it was thirteen or fourteen

the dream reverts to being internalised again, and now there are two distinct sides to the room with enough space for someone to walk along between them

beyond the furniture, there are sections on both sides of the room which have weight training apparatus and shiny metal frames with weights

the room looks to be at least twenty metres long and six or seven metres wide


the magicians’ – vividness 3.4 – observer – the category of the dream: magicians (1)
the stretch room – vividness 3.3 to 4 – observer – the category of the dream: changing perspective in same-theme dreams (20 ?) room-size (1)


23012019 not published

the name of the dream
a hint of piousness

two men, looked like they were from western indo-china, were taking questions from a live audience

the reply to one question from someone the audience was: “it’s only people who believe in jesus who will get to heaven”

notes 1

there’s a point made elsewhere in endic that’s worth a second mention

back in the late 1980s, the writer became involved with church-going christians

what became noticeable straight away was the fact that not one of them was living within ethical parameters

the answer given in the dream should have been… “it doesn’t matter whether you believe in jesus or not. as long you never commit murder a place in heaven is assured”


vividness 3.7 – observer – the category of the dream: christianity (3 ?)



the name of the dreams
ethical eating and unthoughtful parking

the food dream is only partly remembered

the theme of the dream was about applying ethics to eating

i can remember a pot of food with parsnips in it

and there was quite a lot of emotion about the issue of eating ethically

notes 1

this dream throws up the notion that some vegetables have greater ethical content or value than others

if this is the case, then there will be a formulatable index which denotes the degrees of ethicalness between vegetables

notes 1

to begin work on a list of the “ethicalness” of vegetables will mean ascertaining the date of the emergence of each vegetable

a new field of study/research… the tabulating of the evolution of vegetables

second dream

came out of the house and fifty metres down the street i saw there was a white refuse-collection truck parked in the resident’s car park, it looked like it had come off the production line the day before

there was no space between the top of the truck and the bottom of the concrete floor separating the floors of the car park; the concrete floor may have been the foundation of the apartments above the car park

my sense-impression, which are usually correct, was that the driver of the vehicle had the latest model of a refuse-collection truck and had a highfalutin attitude which allowed him to park wherever he wanted

the truck was blocking the access of free movement of other vehicles in the car park which jiggled my sense of reasonableness

i decided to do something about it

it was a struggle to squeeze over the wall and get to the driver’s side of the cabin

i could just get my hand to the door handle and managed to open the door and as i squeezed further into the cabin i held onto something to pull myself in further

the something i held onto was a lever which caused the tipping container to start rising

i realised i had unintentionally initiated a potentially serious outcome and could feel the panic welling up inside me which was growing when the dream ended

notes 2

there’s no doubt in my mind that this dream was due to not to stray thoughts during the day but thinking some seriously unhealthy thoughts about the people causing so much of the disruption in the world


food dream – vividness 3.5 – observer – the category of the dream: food (15 ?) ethics (1)

vehicle dream – vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: vehicles () parking (1)



the name of the dream
dorothy and the seal

the first scene, going up the stairs of a large four or five-storey block of flats

someone i knew was concerned about someone they knew and asked me to look in on an elderly woman called Dorothy

after getting to the top of the stairs i walk along two narrow hallways with doors every three or four metres

in the hallway where dorothy lived there were two elderly people in a huddle gossiping

i knew the number of dorothy’s door but asked the two elderly where no. ?was as a way ladies as a way of saying hello

in the next scene, i’m in dorothy’s living-room and before i can say hello to dorothy i was amazed to see a full-grown seal spread out on a deep three-seater settee

the seal was the size of a person and looked a lot heavier, at least fourteen or fifteen stone

the seal was looking at me intently and it seemed the seal was waiting to see what i would do next

i reacted to the seal the same way i would to a toddler… i pointed at the seal and started in with the baby talk… “whose the little person then? what’s your name? what are you doing here?

the seal was delighted, it looked like it was laughing without making any sounds

the more i pointed and spoke the more excited it became

the seal began swaying backwards and forwards, lifted one of its flippers and then rolled over and lay on its back

i knew the position; it was the position cats and dogs take when they want their stomachs to be scratched or tickled or wanted to play

i went for a soft scratch

i looked at Dorothy and said, “am i doing it right?”

the look on her face suggested i wasn’t and i said: “will you move my fingers in the way i should do it?”

she came over, laid her hand on my hand and i bent and moved my fingers in synchronisation with hers

the dream ended while we were gently moving our fingers over the seal’s stomach area

notes 1

this is the second dream of dorothy within a week

notes 2

composing and publishing dreams has, again, become the most time-consuming activity of the day and consequently, i have taken the easy way out and omitted composing dreams which didn’t have quality, or interest or entertainment or…

it appears that dreams diary is taking over my life, again

dreams theory’s implications and applications are thought to be more significant in the long-term than quantum theory has proved to be to date

as mentioned elsewhere, it is the single most powerful tool for bringing Soul Partners together

using dreams theory to bring couples together was also the prime reason for starting a dreams diary back in 2009

if things go as they could/should, by the end of this millennium we will have enough free time to spend a minimum of two hours each day exploring and merging the two states of consciousness

notes 3

the stand-out part of this dream was the eye-contact with the seal as i approached it

it exuded intelligence and had the most human-looking eyes of any animal of any dream to date

come to think of it, i can’t think of there being this much clarity with human eye-contact in any dream

surely there should be lots of dreams with people, especially of the opposite gender, where the eye-contact is the stand-out bit of the dream !

possibly the shape of a human being triggers neural connections which inherently have a “connectedness” in them which isn’t there with non man-shaped beings


vividness 3 to 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: animal () mammal () seal (1) and human (female) relationships () dorothy (2)


the name of the dream
the golden retriever (one of the lost 100)

someone’s child had gone missing

i went to look in a wood at the edge of the village

as i neared the wood there were half a dozen small bushes

in one of bushes i heard something or saw some movement and went to investigate

peering into the bush i saw a golden retriever with five or six of her new-born puppies

the mother of the dogs became lively, got up, ran two or three metres and then ran back

she done this twice more before i cottoned-on; she wanted me to stay with her puppies

i stooped down, that signalled to her i was staying

she ran off and disappeared into the wood

within moments of the dream she re-appeared out of the wood and stood still

it was obvious to me she wanted me to go to where she was, which i did

when i was close enough she ran back into the wood

i only had to follow her a short distance before i arrived at where she was with the toddler

once the golden retriever had done her motherly duty she ran back to her puppies

notes 1

will ask you to bear in mind that this website believes that dreams are composed of the memories of actual events of past, present and future undulations

with this in mind we have to assign animals with the qualities of human beings

at what point do we draw the line between instinct and intellect?



the name of the dreams
over-priced delivery and smut t.v.

two consecutive days when the dream was set in a mega-store, think it was the same store as in yesterday’s dream

a sixty-five or seventy-five-inch t.v. was on offer for £350

it was within my budget and so i began the process of buying it

in the next scene, couldn’t see the brand name on the t.v. and when i asked a female assistant the make of the t.v. she said “panative”

everything was going swimmingly until the t.v. was in the box and ready to be taken to the car

the t.v., when in the box, was, i realised, was too big to fit into the car

a female saleswoman suggested we take the t.v. to the car and see if we could fit it in

two saleswomen helped getting the t.v. to the car, but as i thought it was too big to fit into the car any which-way

i asked for it to be delivered and was told the delivery would cost £100

so now the price had become £450 and it was no longer a bargain price and decided not to buy it

the scene of the dream changed to being at home but the theme of the dream remained the same… the t.v.

a live audience gave out an anticipatory “ooooh” when the show’s host announced “here’s the picture we’ve been waiting for”

i had to concentrate my ability to focus to see the image on the screen and after a couple of seconds of dream-time a man with his trousers pulled down below his waist was showing his “knob” to a female celebrity

it was completely tasteless

it had been shown merely to break ground in live t.v. shows

there was then another four or five montage-type scenes of male and female genitalia, none of them had appeal and so i turned the t.v. in my mind off and woke up


shop dream – vividness 3.1 to 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: large store () shopping () t.v. (1)
home scene – vividness 2.9 to 3 – observer – the category of the dream: home () watching t.v. (1 ?) genitalia (1)



the name of the dream
feeling the pinch

first scene, it was first thing in the morning when i entered through the large glass doors of one of the high street supermarkets

it wasn’t a fly-by-night, here today, gone tommorrow, company but one of the long-established national brand-name food chains

to my left and on the floor, laid out and covering an area of about four by four metres were what looked to be two or three hundred small glass jars, all the same size (about ten centimetres in heighth and five centimetres across) were jars with screw-on lids

just in front of the glass jars there were items which were too big to fit into the jars

most of the items not in jars were in see-through packets

one of the items noy in a packet and too big to be in a jar caught my eye and i bent down and picked it up to take a good look at it

when i was standing up and it was in my hands i saw it was a mobile telephone

the phone was a stretched oblong shape, typically thin and cream in colour

the phone had a small white price tag cellotaped on the front with the price written by hand, it was £32

as i was looking at it one of two men in white shirts standing nearby approached me and said, nodding to my right “you have to take it to the pay-desk over there”

the phone was an absolute bargain and anyone who was thinking of buying or upgrading a mobile would have snapped it up

it wasn’t my style though, it was long enough but it was too narrow

i put it back on the floor and while bent down picked up one of the jars which had five or six rechargeable aa-sized batteries

my guess was they had come from a packet which had come apart

again, it was another snip of a buy and was on the verge of walking to the cash desk with them when the thought that they weren’t new but might have been used and then returned, crossed my mind

it wasn’t beyond the bounds of reasonable and legal selling practises for a firm to sell something as new without stipulating it wasn’t

i put the jar down and went off to buy what it was i had come shopping for, food, i think

after the above dream there was a single-scene

it was, i am reasonably sure, of myself

notes 1

when the dreamer, for one reason or another, gets the feeling that a scene is of self, it shall be categorised as a “selfie-scene” dream

there was a liitle movement in the scene so it wont be categorised as a pic although there have been several of these “selfie-scene dreams” over the years that did look like portraits of self (we can assign still pics of self as “selfie-portraits”)

as with the majority of other “selfie’s”, it isn’t clear cut it is of self, however, as they are “stand-alone” scenes and pics that are not in amongst dreams with scenes, i don’t know what else to call them

it will have to be left to the dreamer to determine whether it is self or not

as with other selfie-dreams and pics they can be flattering or downright grotesque, the one in this dream sequence was “acceptibly” me


vividness 3.3 – observer – the category of the dream: selfie-scene (5 ?)



the name of the dream
miss penny

it was known within the second second of the opening scene of this dream that miss penny was an oligarch “plant”

miss penny had gained notoriety within the last year and in this dream, she is into the half-hour after having had her “15 mins”

miss p’s claim to misfame is that she had, with the blessing of the “garch’s” (an abbreviation of “oligarch”), been given carte blanche to criticise “the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” through the mainstream media

one of the words she had used in her one-line attack of the show was “trite” which, mysteriously, had produced a wave of indignation which threatened to set fellow man against fellow

her refusal to recant left deep scars in society, which are still reverberating in the time-tense in which this dream is set

miss penny herself was a slight young lady, six-and-a-half stone tops, and about five-feet-four

she has the complexion of a person with ginger hair and wears her jet-black hair tight and swept to the back of her head

she had been briefed that she wouldn’t get what she wanted from me and her mission was to find a way into my life and create havoc

even though i was aware of her motives i decided to let her into my life and bed her as quickly as possible

the intention was to turn the tables and get her to join me in my purpose in life, so i invited her to come back to live with me

in one scene, i knew she had done her homework when she asked me to fetch an amplifier (she indicated the size of the amp by holding out her arm with her flat palm facing down at about half a metre from the ground) from where she lived with her last boyfriend, saying it was the only thing she wanted

in another scene, although she had an intense and determined attitude she gave me a genuine smile when i said “if you’re not careful i’ll start calling you miss prettypenny”; alluding to miss moneypenny

we were beginning to understand each other

notes 1

this dream was a fun dream

i took too long to get this dream typed and the humorous feel of the dream has been lost

notes 2

the dream was the result of watching twenty minutes of the film “”the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” before going to sleep


vividness 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: women () relationships ()



the name of the dream
the sure-footed toddler

on a sunny summer’s day outside the flat of where i used to live before where i live now, there was a steady procession of people i knew walking down a flight of fourteen brick stairs

in all, there were four groups of people known to me who walked down the stairs and each different group was a different scene of the dream

it’s unnecessary to give an account of the manner of the way each group of people made there way down the stairs, suffice it to say, a few lines could be written about each group which would distinguish the personalities of one group from another

the last group to walk to down the stairs was a family of four, two adults and two children

the youngest of the children, a toddler of two or three were ahead of the rest of the family

she was much too young to be allowed to walk, though navigate would be a better description, down the stairs herself and i felt angry that her parents were letting her try

each tentative step she took could have been the one before she lost balance and fell and hurt herself, which i was expecting her to do on any of the fourteen steps

it wasn’t until the thirteenth step that she momentarily lost balance but managed to rectify her imbalance and took a confident final step onto the level ground


vividness 3.8 – observer – the category of the dream: friends/acquaintances () toddlers ()



the name of the dream
the down-side of generosity

had made a really good contact of a hash-dealer

he sold me about four ounces of best quality hash in strips of half-ounces

the hash was brittle so the deal had about half an ounce in bits that had broken off the slab as he was cutting it up when he was weighing it out

made a gift of about a quarter to a respected tough guy not to gain favour but to let him know generosity could have had a good effect (he was one of those types of people who see generosity as a weakness)

so i knew straight away who had told the ruling criminal-class who sent two or three of their clique to dispossess me of my bit of good fortune

i was living in a first flat on the first floor and had fallen asleep in a little buggy-hole which wasn’t where a person who was looking for another person would look

it was the sounds of the flat being trashed which had woken me

i peered through the door and there was a smart-dressed burly african bloke who didn’t know where i was heading my way

behind him was the bloke who was turning the place upside down, not because he was looking for the hash but because trashing people and places were his nature

i kid you not, this guy had the build, and the character, of the cave-troll in the film “the lord of the rings”

he would have searched me in the same way he was searching the flat

he could and would have searched me by tearing the clothes off my body, causing me no-end of broken bones, cuts and abrasions

i was in deep trouble but woke up before he got to me

notes 1

this dream came about because of the impressions the film “atlantic city” made on me before going to sleep


vividness 2.8 to 3.1 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: drugs () hash ()


the name of the dream
the male kerb-crawler

it was late at night, after pub-closing time

i was about thirty metres from antie g’s house and was aware that there was a green car keeping pace with me about ten metres behind

not sure what age i am in this dream but am fully aware of the situation

in the next scene, i am indoors with auntie g and telling her about the car

in the next scene, auntie g is very animated because she can see the car is still prowling up and down the street, i tell her to call the police

i want this bloke caught and decide to go back into the street and keep him around by pretending to be interested in him long enough for the police to arrive

at one point the car has stopped and the driver has decided to come and talk to me

at this part of the dream, the car has become a green 5 cwt van

the dream ended here

notes 1

this dream is the result of thoughts over the last few days

there was an awake-time situation when something like this happened

i was seventeen or eighteen

it was about 1 a.m.

i was on the way home from a dance in the city centre and had about another mile and a half to go

was walking along on the left-hand side of the road

a car with three men, all a bit on the burly side, pulled up alongside me

as in this dream, i knew exactly, could sense, what the situation was

it was seven or eight metres to a junction just ahead of me and the pavement i was on was about three metres wide, so i didn’t feel hemmed in

the man in the back of the car asked me if i wanted a lift home

knowing what the situation was i politely declined by saying ” no thanks, i’ve only got a hundred yards to go”

he didn’t want to take no for an answer and persisted in as friendly a tone as he could muster to persuade me to get into the car

i could see he was looking me up and town and weighing up if he could get out of the car and abduct me

as mentioned, i wasn’t hemmed in and knew, being a bit tasty at the four-hundred metres, that i could out-run him if he did get out of the car

i figured that it was unlikely they would pursue me in the car

a car doing a u-turn at a junction in the middle of the night with a young lad “running for it” would draw too much attention to them if another car or person came along

notes 2

over the years i have wondered what would have happened to me if i didn’t have the presence of mind to see what was happening and had fallen into the trap

i have no doubt it would have been a life-changing or life-ending outcome

see also homosexuality


vividness 3 to 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: perverse sexual practices/urges (2) 14122017

*dream occured 14012019


15012019 not published

the name of the dream
dare-devil flyer, kitchen-cleaning and a montage

this period of r.e.m. https://www.verywellhealth.com/the-four-stages-of-sleep-2795920 produced two themes and a montage

two small groups of three or four people within thirty metres of each other in a level field which was about six-hundred by six-hundred metres

the sound of the engines of a light aircraft got steadily louder and became more laboured as it got louder

it was obviously descending

there was a thick low-level grey cloud about one-hundred and fifty metres above the ground

as the sound of the engine of the plane was at its loudest and it seemed as though the plane was about to break through the cloud and crash to the ground the sound of the engine lessened and the plane began to climb

eventually, the sound of plane softened, grew quiter and then couldn’t be heard

after a few seconds of silence the same sounds that we heard originally began again

this time though there was a sense of apprehension

the sequence of sounds happened another five or six times and because there was no way of anticipating where the plane would crash each time the sound began again our apprehension intensified and by the last sequence we were gripped by a sense of fear


two of us were in the kitchen where i currently live

my attention was drawn to some dust that had become black because it had been there for so long

a quick rub with a damp rag cut though dust and showed a clean, white ledge

some more areas that needed cleaning became part of the dream and as they were cleaned the kitchen got brighter and brighter

notes 1 kitchen-theme

from memory, this is the third dream of my current location


the first one or two images were, i think, of me

if the remaining four, five or six images were of me they weren’t of me this lifetime

like the increasing nature of the aeroplane theme, with each new image i became bigger, more muscular and by the last image (some of them had movement) muscles were still evident but i was vearing on being grotesquely obese


dare-devil – vividness 3.3 – observer – the category of the dream: flying () aeroplane ()
kitchen-cleaning – vividness – 4 to 4.4 – participant – the category of the dream: hygene () domestic ()
montage – vividness 4.2 – observer – the category of the montage: physique () torso ()



the name of the dream
how not to carry heavy items

three of us were full of enthusiasm to do a gig

it meant having to carry an odd-shaped fifteen-kilogram speaker and an even heavier orange amp with no carrying handles to the venue

with a gig in the offing, nothing was going to stop us from getting there and making a good job of it

both of the other two men were stronger than me so i had the job of carrying light sundry items… leads, mic, etc

we hadn’t gone fifty metres when the person carrying the amp was complaining it was too heavy and awkward

the strongest person swapped items with him, he wasn’t phased by the weight

then, via the magic of dreams, a shopping wheelie materialised in the next scene of the dream

we tied the two heavy items onto the wheelie and the problems were over for the two bigger guys when they discovered that with each of them pulling one of the handles of the wheelie the weight was no longer an issue

the bag i was carrying was starting to feel heavy though…

i woke up thinking about whether to buy a lightweight, ultra-efficient sack-truck for eighty pounds the same as the one a man coming out of a shop in town in awake-time about six months ago let me move about


vividness 3.3 – participant – manually moving heavy items (2)



the name of the dream
the job seeker

desperately needed a job and was methodically going from business to business along the high street of a busy city centre trying to sell myself

after trying a dozen or so businesses hadn’t had any luck

the same two reasons were given for not employing me… either i didn’t have any experience in the type of work the companies specialised in or i was too old

decided to try one or two more places before finally calling it a day

the next door i walked through was well-lit and had about twenty cubicles, ten on either side of the oblong room, separated by a single sheet of a chest-high glass plate

don’t remember what it was the companys’ service or goods were

after speaking to the person who started the company, a patient, friendly man, he too said i was too old for the job and that should have been that

as i was getting up and leaving i proposed that the company could do something unusual with regard to one of the things he had said during the informal interview

when i was out of the building and a few steps down the street i realised i had left something in the building i had just come out of and turned around and went back to pick it up

the stocky man in a white shirt who had interviewed me was now standing and further into the room

my parting remark must have tweaked his imagination because now he was overly polite and keen to hear more about the suggestion i’d made

i realised he would employ me if i could expand further on some of the details of the idea

while explaining to him he motioned to someone to come over to us and listen to what was being said

the final scene of the dream was me saying “so i should be here tomorrow at the same time, ten-thirty ?”

he nodded and i woke up to the thought that i had been job-hunting all day but it was still mid-morning

notes 1

this dream was due to one of the hundreds of repeating memories of awake-time experiences which assert themselves every now and then for no particular reason i can put my finger on

the awake-time experience this dream was based on an occassion when, as a teenager living in london, i was so desperate for money/work i went methodically from retail shop to retail shop in a street of retail shops trying to, and eventually, getting a job by by referring to a prestigious clothes shop that i used to work for

there’s also a funny aside to this awake-time experience which will get a mention if there is another dream which has the same theme as this one


vividness 3 to 3.9 – participant – the category of the dream: job-hunting (1)



the name of the dream
the creative camera-man, agricultural innovation and nonsense banter

the first scene, a slow zoom-out sequence which lasted about three or four seconds of dream-time

the opening shot showed a length of rail-track which went about two-hundred metres into the distance

as the field of view gradually pulled back to within ten metres of where the camera was the scene revealed first, the legs, then the legs and buttocks and then finally the legs, buttocks and the head and hair of a smiling woman in a skin-tight leotard leaning over with her face upside down smiling into the camera

the camera-man was attempting to be artistically creative as well as suggestively provocative

the second scene, another observer scene which showed eight to ten furrows in the ground

was unable to determine the width of the furrows but they went off into the horizon

the furrows were being hewn out of the ground by an unseen bit of technology from overhead that was causing the soil to become dry and was making little dust-devils

the statement… “the phelps award for the most significant contribution to food production in history” accompanied the scene

the third scene, there was an air of expansive good-naturedness in what looked like a thirty or forty-seater cafe with a group of four, five or six males sitting near the entrance-door and i was at the far end of the cafe about five metres away

the males had or were trying to “rib” me

good-naturedly, i hit back with something along the lines of “a deflated football would be able to challenge your intelligence”

one of the lads gave out with a flabbergasted laugh and came back with something like “how can a person make sense of that”

there were teeth smiles all round


vividness 3.2 to 3.5 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: three-scene dream (18 ?)



the name of the dream
tea and toast

there were three or four scenes in this dream

it had been decided that the toast that had just been made from a newly-opened loaf of bread was too thick and too brown, certainly not worthy of a connoisseur of toast

perfection was achieved in the last scene of the dream

it was a slice of thin white bread that was still a little soft and white at the edges, lightly-buttered with a hint of salt in the butter, a light-brown centre and as hot as the piping hot tea that accompanied and complimented it

notes 1

two food dreams within a few days


vividness 3.4 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: food () toast ()



the name of the dreams
the food organiser and tripod vehicles

the location looks like it is the mess of an army barracks able to cater for more than a thousand people

it is an all-male institution, possibly a military base

it is time for a between-meals meal of cheese on toast

the food on the eight or so plates already prepared and ready for eating looks like small pancakes

the first of the diners are starting to trickle in and have put a plate of the food on their tray and are sliding the tray along a counter to where the drinks are

the chief caterer is wide-eyed with apprehension

he isn’t going to have enough food ready when the flow of men is at its peak

i have a bread-cutting knife in my hand and start cutting the bread into slices at a rate of about one every two seconds

i say something along the lines of “keep the bread coming!”

the chief caterer sees it will be possible to have cheese on bread ready for everyone and is looking at me admiringly as the dream ends

second dream

this dream is of vehicles in a mountainous area

most of the vehicles are regular-looking vehicles which have the driving and seating arrangements of a typical car

there are two or more of another type of vehicle which is mounted on a silver metal tripod and has wheels that look too small

the tripod supports are about three metres tall

both types of vehicles are jet-propelled

there is concern that if the vehicle ahead of us accelerates the exhaust from the jet engine will reach us


vividness 3.3 to 3.6 – participant and observer – the category of the dreams: food () and transport ()



the name of the dream
practising what you preach

living in a bedsit and was in bed waiting for my girlfriend to arrive

in the next scene, in bed with a girl but it wasn’t the girl i was expecting

the girl and i were chatting and getting to know about each other

we were kissing intermittently and talking about our respective regular partners

at one point while kissing and chatting she asked why i was here with her and i said the most absurd thing… “if i wasn’t here with you i’d be rock climbing”

she thought it was funny and it changed her mood

i decided it was time to introduce some serious pleasure into the proceedings and began to practice what i advocate… pleasure without conjoinment

it was obvious she hadn’t experienced as much pleasure before

she was gyrating and thrashing about so much i couldn’t keep in contact with her

i stopped and waited for her to become relaxed again

when ws still i rolled back over onto my left side and felt for her only to find i had finished dreaming and was alone in bed feeling an empty space
notes 1

twice in one week when touch-pleasure activity has been halted because the sensitivity has been too intense

notes 2

the first dream when the writer has actually practised pleasure without conjoinment in a dream

see also the art of pleasure (28102018)


vividness 3.4 – participant – the category of the dream: x touch-pleasure (1)



the name of the dreams
a sensuous stomach, the little girl and the stretch and sway

a few of us had seen the possibilities of converting an underground bunker into a dance club and tonight was opening night

as the club was underground it meant the sound of the music wouldn’t reach the street and it could go on all night

in the first scene, i was there first and was testing the room for acoustics and resonance and was adjusting the treble, middle and bass frequencies while dancing to a compilation of my favourite dance tracks

in the second scene, there are about five of us

for some inexplicable reason, i only had a bath towel as clothing

the towel went from my waist to my shins; it didn’t stop me from enjoying dancing though and i tried some new dance moves

in the next scene, there were about a dozen people in the club and an atmosphere was becoming noticeable

in the next scene, a young girl walked in with a three-year-old toddler

i caught the toddlers attention as she passed by when i pointed at her and said “hey, she looks funny”

the tiny-tot responded straight away with a teeth-smile and a started laughing

i kept her laughing for a prolonged period with a few more quips before the scene ended

in the next scene, i was with an awake-time girlfriend of thirty-plus years ago

she had fallen asleep while sitting on my lap on a settee and was lying flat on her back along the sofa

i had the urge to feel her stomach, so pulled up her blouse or cardigan and rested the palms of both of my hands on her mid-section

as her soft stomach moved up, the frailty of her body became apparent and when she breathed out my palms sunk into her body and it produced a really sumptuous feeling (the stand-out part of the dream)

she woke up with a start, thought about what was happening, and relaxed again as she realised it was just me at it again enjoying touching a female

notes 1

the new dance moves were from the pde’s of two days before when, while doing stretching exercises, it occurred to me that some of the movements of the exercises could be incorporated into a dancing routine (the stretch and sway)


vividness 3.3 to 4 – participant – the categories of the dream: music/dancing () children () sensuous touch (ber) (3 ?)

* * *


the name of the dream
too sensitive

it was the first time in bed with a new relationship

the lady was a little apprehensive but willing to experience what was an important aspect of her life

we became conjoined relatively quickly and within a second or two of dream-time the young lady was telling me to stop, which i did

think the scene changed, then again, almost immediately after conjoining, she told me in a frantic voice to stop

it happened again on the third time we conjoined

her jerky, involuntary movements and panicky voice told me what the problem was

she was new to xual activity and her nerve endings were being stimulated for the first time

the intensity of the feelings being sent to her brain was overwhelming her

notes 1

this dream can be incorporated into the art of pleasure LINK TO PLEASURE DREAM

we can undertake an appraisal of the “life-length” of the pleasure receptor cells in all areas of the body and act accordingly

maintaining the sensitivity of the pleasure cells is undoubtedly achieved by applying the “gentle touch”

the pleasure receptor cells in the lips may well be tied-in to thoughts and sights and the lips could still be developing


vividness 3.3 – particant – the category of the dream: x () informative ()

* * *


the name of the dream
stranded in rural land

there was a group of seven, eight or nine of us in two cars and we were at a roadside cafe stretching our legs and having a drink and a snack before setting off on the final part of the return journey

we might have been coming back off holiday or it could have been a day-out, either way, there was about two-hundred miles of road to go

our group made up the bulk of the people at the cafe

i was the youngest and most sprightly of what was an assemblage of an evenly balanced mix of genders and was regarded as a youngster

a stranger, not sure if it was a female or male, and myself became friends

when it was announced i would make my own way home it generated an air of apprehension among my colleagues and one or two of them pointed out it could be a mistake

ever-ready for something new to happen i disregarded their resrvations and assured them it would be alright

my companions got into the cars and the serious, almost grave, look on their faces as the cars as they pulled out of the car park was the last but one scene of the dream

in the last scene, i discovered the person i had struck up a friendship with lived locally and she or he would be walking back home and, one by one, the options for getting back home by catching a bus or train, or getting a taxi to somewhere with public services were dashed and the dream ended as even the idea of stcking my thumb out and hitching a lift seemed futile

notes 1

can pinpoint the sprightly feel and the sense of apprehension (the two stand-out parts of the dream) in the previous day’s experience’s (pde’s)


vividness 3 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: location/settings () rural (5 ?)

* * *


the name of the dream
the celebrity dream

it was a blisteringly hot day

just about everyone was wearing a skimpy t-shirt or was bare-chested (alas, no women in the dream)

in the next scene, i was in a bodybuilding gym as big as the ground floor of a department store and it was kitted out with every type of mechanical aide, weight-stand, bench, rack… imaginable

it was much too hot a day for working up a sweat and that was probably the reason why there were so few people (about fifteen) in the place

however, the most dedicated, or is that the vainest, of us, are doing the occasional rep of this, that or the other with maximum weights

arnie, of “i’ll be back” fame was doing squats, he looked absolutely enormous (one of the two stand-out visual scenes of the dream)

we swapped comments and watched and critiqued as we each done a leisurely rep now and then

the scene changed, i am sitting down in what might be the carriage of a train but the seats are facing each other with the access-aisle for the passengers between the seats

at one point i look across the aisle and see a man sitting on the floor between the legs of a man sitting on the bench-seats

the man sitting on the seat is leaned forward with his head above and apparently resting his head on the head of the man on the floor

at first glance, it looked really freaky, like one body with two heads, one attached or growing on top of the other

i saw the opportunity for a fun photo

for the photo, i imagined getting behind the man sitting on the seat and resting my head on his head in the same way his head was resting on the man sitting on the floor

a picture of what it would like popped into my head… i had pulled the hair at the sides of my head out sideways and had a broad teeth-smile, the person sitting on the floor had a fun-smile on his face and hid his arms from view, as did the man sitting on the seat

the man sitting on the seat was wearing an off-white mac and his clothing was dishevelled, it was columbo, again (22122018)

it would be a great fun-photo

via the magic of dream-time, a sophisticated, multi-functional camera (the aperture dial and film-speed and the other features on the top of the camera was an equal stand-out visual of the dream ) was resting in my hands

asked a passer-by to take the photo and the dream ended as i was trying to explain, without success, to the passer-by about the settings of the camera


vividness 3.5 to 4.2 – participant – the category of the dream: celebrities schwarzenegger (1) falk (2)

* * *


the name of the dream
the website

had been developing my website for some while but was still discovering and experimenting

in one scene, i left lots of blank lines between the top half of the text and where the text began again

the blank spaces were big enough to contain two or more pages of text

in the next or another scene, i was reading an email from the providers (wordpress) of the website

their programmers had discovered a new and significant way of utilising a page with large gaps or spaces between the text with new features and had got the idea as a direct result of coming across my website with the large gaps between passages of text

they were so pleased with what possibilities had opened up the letter told me i could have any and every feature that was or would be available for their products and i could have as many pages and .com names as i wanted for free, for life

* * *


the name of the dream
the modern vintage bike

was surfing the net when i came across a bicycle made from modern materials but had a vintage look to it and it captured my imagination

the bike had a basket on the front and a basket on the back

the triangular frame had a light metal alloy green plate which filled the gap between the tubes of the frame

the pedals were thick and the bike itself looked “chunky” although the weight of the bike was the same as the bike i have in awake-time (one of those bikes you can lift with your little finger)

the person selling the bike was asking one-thousand pounds but was prepared to take my bike in exchange for the one being sold

the end of the dream was me in a state of dejection as i realised that swapping my bike for the advertised one was a monumental blunder

the bike i now owned didn’t have any gears (the bike i had to start with had twenty-seven gears) which effectively made it “unfit for purpose”

to get the performance of my original bike from this new vintage-look bike would mean having to spend more than the value of both the bikes combined

the longer the last scene of the dream lasted, the more depressed i became

it was a relief to wake up and find i’d had been having a bad dream

notes 1

the previous day’s experience’s which caused this dream are clearly remembered


vividness 3.2 to 3.3 – participant – the category of the dream: bicycles (1 ?)

* * *


approximately fifteen to twenty different themes

female nudity…furniture… are two of the themes still remembered as this is being typed three days later


vividness 3.5 to 4 – observer – the category of the montage: multi-themed (4 ?)

* * *


the name of the dream
a good giggle

the laughing part of the dream began about a third of the way into the dream

to begin with, it was a soft titter that grew and grew and grew until it became a noisy and unstoppable giggle that woke me out of the sleep

although the dream produced a nice feeling, i was still feeling tired and went back to sleep, and now, some hours later, i can’t recall what the dream was about


vividness 3.5 – participant – the category of the dream: externalised () laughing ()

* * *


the second dream
the name of the dream
wasted fried fish

arrived at the bus station with half an hour to spare

was feeling peckish and with more than enough time to eat a meal it follows that the second scene would be of me in a cafeteria

was sitting on a bar-stool style seat with my elbows resting on a narrow shelf about a third of a metre deep waiting for someone to come and take my order

in the next scene, i am giving the waitress my order of fish and chips

the waitress was writing the order when a man sitting near to me said, “you can have this fish.”

i looked to where the man was sitting and could see the fish on his plate

it was a shade of amber and crisp and fresh (the stand-out visual part of the dream)

i was about to ask the waitress to strike the fish off my order when another voice behind me said: “you can have mine as well.”

his plate too had a tasty-looking fish on it, only not as big as the first one

i was about to have a banquet for a few coppers

the waitress admonished the two men in a friendly manner and said something along the lines of “we don’t allow that.” and went out of the scene with her pen and notebook

the dream ended there


vividness 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: food () fish and chips (3 ?)

first dream
the name of the dream

it’s not just the brick walls that stop a person dead in their tracks when walking while in prison; in prison, brick walls come in many varieties

those of us who find “a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled” will be able to identify with the sentiment when it comes to having a “toke”

sharing your weed in the nick is something of a status activity

it says to others that the “system” hasn’t completely got the better of you and it also allows you to demonstrate your generous nature

the two lads who were enjoying the benefits of being “high” weren’t my best friends in prison but, as mentioned, a pleasure shared…

the “session” had been going on for an hour or two and, eventually, we had smoked all of the blow

the two lads asked if i had, or could get, any more

when i said “no” they got up, and without a “thanks” or “goodbye”, left me

at that moment the “feel-good” factor from the hash vanished and a sense of betrayal took its place

it felt as though i’d just come up against a brick wall

notes 1

in recent days i had spoken to someone who was aware of the situation we all find ourselves in and had chosen to live in, and for, the moment

the attitude the person had toward me was reflected in his parting comment

it has played on my mind for the last few days and is the cause of this dream

notes 2

the underlying cause of most, and maybe all, of the reasons people choose the here and now over the future, reduces to one thing, not being willing to put in the effort of acting ethically


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: prison () closed () hash () attitudes