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* * *



name of dream: everyone’s dancing

doing a gig on the ground floor in an unused office space

the room was about eight by eight metres

there was a slightly elevated section about two metres by two metres which was where i was set up

there were about twenty mature teens there and they were all dancing

the music that was playing wasn’t a particularly great track to dance to and that they were dancing to it told me they wanted to dance

it was going to be a cinch to keep these people dancing

the room was too bright

there was a dozen or so white pygmy lights of about forty watts peppered above the dancing area

got a chair and positioned it under one bulb which looked to be twice as bright as the others

asked one of the lads to hold my legs as i stood on the chair

i meant my legs and he took it to be the legs of the chair

when i stood on the chair it felt rock-solid and i felt safe

the bulbs were the bayonet-bulb type and should have been easy to remove but i struggled to get it out

when the bulb had been removed it dimmed the room noticeably and a cheer went up

that was the cue to remove most of the others


quality of the dream 3.9 quality of the sleep 3.7

the stand-out part of the dream: seeing everyone in the room dancing and the solid feel of the chair

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: going to get people dancing one way or another and have been feeling a bit of the strength coming back into my legs of late


category of dream: dancing (22)

vividness: 4

second dream

name of dream: the caligula template

this is the second or third most depressing dream ever

the last dream which brought about these type of feelings was the dream of 10122015

this dream was in shades of grey, no colour whatsoever, and that on its own is a good enough reason for it to be made into an entry

the first dream ever in shades grey

there is also another reason why this dream occurred

there is a choice to be made

the choice is implied in the entry of 28022018

the dream…

the person dictating events is in a reclining position and is relaxed

a despot who’s cruel pronouncements are issued in an unemotional way

his natural state was a complete indifference to the suffering that would occur as a result of what he said

he must have been born like it

a natural psychopath

a child had been born and the balancing of life was accomplished by ordering a reduction in life

“five to the pen” was his response to the news of the birth of a baby

the pen, i found out, was a compound where wolves were kept

in the next scene a naked, fully pregnant woman, was being dragged along the ground by her hair

she was not resisting

she was crying in the most heart-wrenching way and that was where the dream finished


time-tense: 9

quality of the dream 1.1 quality of the sleep 3.5

the stand-out part of the dream: the feeling of depression

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: see the 28022018

cause of the dream: see the 28022018


category of dream: twinned-theme dream (2)

vividness: 1.4

notes 1

the only dream which had no colour in it before this dream was a nightmare as a child (should a nighmare be considered a dream or should it have a another description?)

notes 2

the dream is named the caligula template because caligula comes across as being the best example of a psychopath

the film caligula (download the film here) will give you an insight into the brutality and depravity of the roman empire

there was nothing romantic about the romans

* * *



name of dream: a cry for help

working on a building site

my co-workers were an amiable crew and things were o.k.

heavy equipment being used to demolish a building and its foundations and go even further into the ground to make a sturdier foundation for a new construction

the old foundation and twenty metres of the earth below it were piled to one side of the site

next to the hill of excavated earth and concrete was an earth-removal container which was two to three metres high and twenty to thirty metres long and it was almost full

i walked around the front of the container and slowly started up the mound of rubble to get to the top of it

as i was about two metres up the side when a section of the mound loosened, and in the way of an avalanche, it slid to the ground taking me with it

it pushed me under the container but had enough room to crawl out

then yet more of the rubble came loose from the mound and it was enough to wedge me under the container and out of sight

it was a dire situation and i knew i was in danger and shouted “help me” which woke me out of the sleep


quality of the dream 3.1 quality of the sleep 3.8

the stand-out part of the dream: being pinned under the container

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: i think it’s me asking you to help me to help you

cause of the dream: thoughts during the day

category of dream: emotional stress (20)


vividness: 3.3

* * *



name of dream: a kiss and a grope

in a queue of about thirty people

people were looking at me and smiling

someone laid their hand on my shoulder and squeezed it as friendly gesture

then a smiling someone tapped me as they went passed

then a hand squeezed my buttock and i turned around and was relieved to see it was a female

then another female with no sense of shame grabbed my crotch

it didn’t hurt so i didn’t stop her

her manoeuvres were, i assumed, an embarrassment to others so i led her around the corner of a building where no one could see us

the scene changed and i was walking along a busy street

there was a man in his late twenties and an elderly lady who was incapacitated to some degree and a young boy of four or five or six

the man was struggling to cope with the two of them

i picked up the young lad and placed him on my hip facing me

we had to go up a steep gradient to cross a dual carriageway

when we were on top of the steep there were four or five railway tracks we had to cross

nearly lost my balance once or twice but we got across the tracks alright

we then had to cross a dual carriageway

it hadn’t occurred to me there would be traffic on it

it was a bit dangerous but no one beeped their horn or had to swerve or slow down

after getting across the road we had to go down another steep to get back onto the streets

the man thanked me

we were going in the same direction so i walked along with them

as we were walking the boy started tugging at my clothes

he wanted to be carried again

the man was happy to let me give a helping hand again

i sat the youngster on my right forearm and lifted him to a little above waist height with him facing forward and his left arm was around my neck

as we were walking my steps were out of sync with his balance and the effect was he moved forward from my body as one leg stepped out and he came back toward me as the other leg made a step

he was looking at me as we were walking and twice, as his face got to within a whisker of mine, he leant in a little further and kissed me on the lips


quality of the dream 3.8 quality of the sleep 3.9

the stand-out part of the dream: being kissed by the boy

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

a young boy may want to show his affection with a lip-kiss


vividness: 3.7


as a youngster, i can’t remember ever being kissed by a man and it’s certainly the case i never wanted to kiss a man

it’s one of those things

in picture page “i love you” you-know-who looked like he was going to kiss me

again, i don’t care WHO it is, i don’t CARE who it is, i don’t like being kissed by men and that’s all there is to it

* * *



re-defining: awake-time dreams and sleep-time dreams

today’s dream was a seven or eight-scene dream set in amsterdam

this entry though is not about the dream

it is the three one-scene dreams that followed three short periods of sleep after waking

upon waking and making voice-notes of the dream in amsterdam i continued watching the film i had been watching before going to sleep the night before

still a little tired, occasionally i let my eyes close while watching the film

on three occasions, the film i was watching, a black and white film, was replaced by colourful one-scene dreams as i woke and then drifted back into sleep three different times

the dreams varied in length of between two or three seconds and three to five seconds of sleep-time (multiply the seconds in sleep-time by a minimum of ten seconds to get the awake-time length of time)

the sleep-time sequences of the three one-scene dreams today lasted long enough to take in the detail of the scene which isn’t usually the case with montages

however, box montage sequences do have the same lengths of time attached to them as sleep-time dreams

it may be that there is a constant time value for both sleep-time and box montages which is in the process of being recognised


there are two types of dreams…


sleep-time dreams


awake-time dreams


sleep-time dreams occur after going to sleep and don’t usually have an awake-time conscious element

awake-time dreams occur after waking up and do have a degree of awake-time consciousness to them

they are abbreviated to sleep-time dreams and awake-time dreams

notes 1

one of today’s dreams is yet another testament to the different types of conscious states eventually becoming indistinguishable or totally fusing

i was out of bed and had taken two, three or four steps to the door before i realised i was responding to the situation in a dream

* * *



name of dream: an inspector calls

had upset the oligarchs past the point of their ability to tolerate me

if i was evicted it would put an end to me airing anti-national sentiments

i would be reduced to a soapbox on a street corner

the grounds for eviction was based on the flimsiest of laws

“using my abode for the purpose of the dissemination of information which could could mislead people”

the laws which protected a residents right to accomodation were much more staunch

the dream begins with me in the hallway behind a barricade of furniture and sturdy items and keeping them in place by leaning and pushing

it’s going to take a while for the bailiffs to get it

i phone the police

a flat-hatted inspector arrives complete with an upright posture and a conductors baton under his arm

he listens to both sides of the argument

he moves ten metres away from the door and makes a phone call

he is getting legal advice

within a couple of minutes he pronounces that i have the right to remain


quality of the dream 3.5 quality of the sleep 4

the stand-out part of the dream: the inspector arriving

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: support

cause of the dream: wondering what the inner-clique of the oligarch structure expect of me during the day


category of dream: pde’s-influenced

vividness: 3.6

second dream

name of dream dream: a cat with eight lives

standing at a bus stop which was on a busy dual carriage way

there were seven or so other people there as well

the stop was the one before an international airport

most of us were looking in the direction the bus would be coming from

a juggernaut passes by

it is no more than ten metres past where we are standing when the sound of its air brakes accompanied by the sounds of metal under strain fills our ears

we turn and look and see the lorry shuddering and juddering to a halt

it stopped in an impressively short distance

i stooped to look under the truck

i didn’t know what i expected to see

it was a pleasing sight; it was a white cat sitting in a haunched position with its tail lying along the length of its body

i started walking to the back of the lorry rubbing my forefinger and middle finger against the thumb and making squeaking sounds by sucking air through my pursed lips

it was moving towards me and was just about in touching distance when the dream ended


quality of the dream 3.7 quality of the sleep 4


category of dream: cat (10)

* * *



name of dream: buidings in the dark

was with an acquaintance from fifteen years ago and he takes me to his latest hangout, a castle

at the top of the castle, there was a steeple with small ledges that got narrower the further up it went

at the very top, the ridges weren’t deep enough for the sole of the foot to take the weight of the body

i tried to get my big toe to take my weight but it couldn’t take it and i lost my footing and balance and the scene changed as i was slipping back down the steeple

in another scene, i was in what looked like an abandoned warehouse and as i made my way to a window to get out i saw a partly rolled large cigarette and picked it up and finished rolling it

in another scene, i was looking for the person i was with at the beginning of the dream

i heard his voice coming through a hole in a small broken window and was looking for a way to get into the building when the scene changed

in another scene, i was at an open window which anyone who wanted to get into the building could have used to gain entry

in the next scene, a young male propped a board against the wall next to a window frame that didn’t have any glass and gave the window the appearance that the building was occupied and someone was in

in another scene, was walking away from somewhere with another male and each of us had one arm about the shoulder of the other

every scene in the dream was dark


quality of the dream 3.2 quality of the sleep 3.6

vividness: 2.7

* * *



name of dream: job dispute

don’t remember much of this dream

a scowling face that is mightily angry because the person he thought should have got a job i was offering didn’t get it


quality of the dream 3.2 quality of the sleep: 3.7


cause of dream: thinking about jobs for people during the day

* * *



name of dream: gold and silver afoot

the third or fourth dream of this exact theme and the first scene

it is evening, i’m on my own and walking along a streets

a glint of colour draws my attention to an object on the ground

a closer look and i can see it’s a pound coin

when i bend down to pick it up other coins are nearby

the coins are a mixture of pound coins and fifty pence and twenty pence pieces, there may be some ten pence and five pence coins as well

ten or twenty steps along and it happens again

only this time there is more than one pound coin and there are one or two fifty pence coins but there aren’t any five ten or five pence ones

and so it goes for five or so more scenes

so now instead of seeing just one gold coin when i look without stooping down i see two or three coins and when i stoop down to pick them up there are even more gold coins with two-pound coins amongst them

at the end of the sequence of these scenes i had between one hundred and two hundred pounds

the dream changes scenes completely and a girlfriend of more than twenty years ago is in the dream

we are walking along

in this scene it’s not a pavement-next- to-the-road scene but a metre-wide tarmac path that cuts through a football pitch-sized, and slightly muddy grass field, that links one stretch of pavement to another

the tarmac path wasn’t in the original design plans for the estate but because people coming from a different direction had hewn out a path across the scenic-cum-playfield as it took sixty or seventy metres out of the walk from where they were coming from to the shops there were going to

the local authority had been forced to implement a solution to the resident’s complaints that their children’s play area was turning into a mud-bath

at first, it is the two of us walking along the eighty-metre long tarmac path and i am telling her about what’s been going on in my life

we are walking and talking when the same thing that happened at the beginning of the dream starts happening again

i tell her to watch what i’m doing

when i see the first coin i point it out to her and then bring her attention to the other coins nearby which she hadn’t previously noticed

there are a couple more scenes of seeing and picking up the coins; by now it’s almost exclusively gold coins

i explain to her that it appears to be only me that can see them as there are other people in this part of the dream who must have seen me bending down and picking things up from the ground as they approached from behind and then overtook us because we were walking very slowly as one of the passers-by started looking at the ground around his feet

the conversation was still about money

i related to her my recent financial dealings on the stock market and how the big financial institutions always come out on top because of their “trawling” tactic and asked her to evaluate
whether a countermeasure which had occurred to me looked as if it could work

the dream ended there


time-tense: the pound coins have the edges of the new ones that only recently have been brought into circulation which means this dream is a present time-tense dream

so it is either time-tense 2, or 4

quality of the dream 3.7 quality of the sleep 3.7

the stand-out part of the dream: the scene with the first two pound coin

the significance of the stand out part of the dream: wealth is a state of mind

if i had all the money i wanted i would still be writing this

cause of dream: the recognition earlier on in the day of the sentence above


category of dream: money/wealth (12)

* * *

dreams diary



‘the most important think-read dream

name of the dream: ‘the garden

the last line of today’s think-read dream was “this dream is not a new dream. it is the way new things can happen”

this think-read dream was a no-frills dream

no pictures, no people, no sounds, nothing at all

it was as if the person who wrote it didn’t want anything to detract from the message

the message of eight lines didn’t make any sense at all and i was ready to forget about it when the dream of 24102017 came to mind

the word garden was used in that think-read message too

in both the dream of 24102017 and in today’s dream the meaning of the word garden was used to convey a state or a meaning or a purpose in life

is it possible that the two dreams are connected ?

the message seemed to be a long, very long, odd type of proverb

it told the story of someone who had introduced “new things into the garden” and enriched the garden and also of the consequences of not introducing new things into the garden

the line “…doesn’t introduce new things into the garden… …can not go to the toilet… (there are a few interpretations of what that could mean) was in the message

the message made the same point repeatedly… new things need to happen

the words “dream” “garden” and “new things” was used once or more than once in every sentence

the words “go to the toilet” were used twice


time-tense: ?

quality of the dream 3.4 – quality of the sleep 3.6

cause of dream ?

category of dream: think-read (18)

notes 1

who’s writing these messages ?

where are they coming from ?

what time-tense did they originate in ?

are they from self to self  ?

are they from you-know-who and timed to occur at this point of time ?

if they are from the lover they have come from time-tense 3 or 9 for application in time-tense 5

* * *



name of dream: box montage

woke from sleep still feeling a bit sleepy

changed position in bed a couple of times and relaxed

a regular montage began

after a dozen or so scenes the format of the sequences, all of which had motion, began showing in a rapid/runaway style

the sequences became too fast to take in

then, the format changed from single sequences to a group of sequences of about eight across and the same number of sequences down and they were all the same size, hence the name box montage ( pic 1 )

well, it’s one thing to have a “one-image-a-time” montage but this new format… it was like giving a child the keys to a sweet shop

first of all… they were all in colour and all had motion

it was possible to view one “box” then go to another, look at that, and then go back to the one before

none of the sequences watched was looped

how long each sequence would last i didn’t discover

when you’ve got fifty or more films to watch you want to take a quick look at each one before deciding which one to view, which is what i did

after two minutes or thereabouts the assembly of films had other sequences forming at the corners and at the side

it struck me… i could go on with this for hours

so i turned over and opened my eyes and looked at the wall clock to see what time it was

it was still early and there was nothing pressing to do so i rolled back into my previous position ready to indulge myself

closed my eyes and went to continue where i had left off less than a minute before

couldn’t summon the images though

i felt like i had been robbed

still, the sequences before i opened my eyes was still fresh in the memory so it would have to be re-runs

category of dream: box montage (1)


it was only a few weeks back (04122017) when replays of montage sequences were the latest cool faculty of the dream state

a week later (09122017) the latest and greatest new faculty was the freeze-frame, and now this

how many new faculties are there going to be ?


notes on the box montage

was unable to get the freeze-frame option to work in this box montage, nor the replay

it was possible to zoom in with some of the films though

again, the semi-sleepy state comes over as being the best frame of mind to be in to bring montages into being

another consistency is the awake-time time-sense that accompanies them

and further, the post-sleep state of consciousness is the time when montages are more likely to occur

so, upon waking and without opening the eyes is the best time to try it


the dream in the sleep which came before waking up had some cool special effects in it

a quick mention of it… was walking through thick, lush grass which came up to my shins in an open expanse of the countryside

something in the distance caught my eys and i started running towards it

after ten strides i ran off the cliff and was plummeting through the air to a river or stream eight hundred or more metres down

the scene was similar to the gorge in pic 2, only the gorge in the dream looked twice as deep and there was thick foliage everywhere

instantly, i knew i was a goner

and instantly after that thought, a thick bush about half as big as a house and growing sideways out of the cliff about thirty metres below me came into view and i landed in it

to get to the cliff-face it meant breaking branches and i can remember the effort of pushing and breaking branches

the dream went from participant to observer at this point, and now i’m in what looks like a rock cave looking at one of its walls

the wall began to break and turned into squares and the squares dissolved out of existence before reaching the ground

a young man wearing a suit and and a shirt with the top button of the shirt undone and a tie which was slightly dishevelled came though where the wall had been

he was an adventurer

a sense of adventure gripped me and some exciting things began

after seven or eight scenes the dream became fairy-tale like and i knew i would have to remember it for dreams diary

after waking it took thirty seconds to get the voice recorder ready for use and after dictating up to the bit of the dream when the wall dissolves couldn’t remember what happened after it but do remember it had a sense of fantasy

pity about that


qod 3.9 qos 3.7

the stand-out part of the dream: the wall dissolving

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: the dream has become a new category of a dream… fantasy-reality

participant and observer

category of dream: fantasy reality (1)

notes 1

thinking about the dream and what the awake-time circumstances would have to be for this dream to happen in awake-time are being held back until we get going

some of what has to be conveyed needs to be conveyed when people are in a receptive mood and for that we need the right atmosphere

picture 1


picture 2


* * *



name of dream: grex

it was evening in location two

there were three characters at the start of the dream

a young boy of eight or nine and a cat with a thin fawn coat

the boy was dawdling

didn’t want to get authoritarian with him and decided to lure him into walking at my pace

went into an off-license and bought two small bars of chocolate while the boy and grex waited at the door

when back outside there were three young adults standing there as well

grex had been frightened and i could tell it was the twenty-year-olds because of the look on their faces

you’ve probably seen the look… a slightly sadistic smile that people who delight in intimidating people exude

they lost a bit of their composure when they saw i might take them to task but they weren’t overly worried; it was still three onto one

besides, there was the youngster and grex to think about

i picked grex up and placed him around my neck with its back legs hanging loosely over my left shoulder and its front legs draping down my front-right side with its head brushing against the side of my face

i gave the boy one of the bars of chocolate and said “we can get another one when we get to the next shop”

grex was comfortable now and i could sense he was his relaxed care-free self again

we were just starting to move away from the front of the offie when a friendly person who i didn’t know that well but well enough to have a friendly chat with came up behind us

he was a sturdy peaceful man with a satisfied-with-life charisma

he was, like me, something of a loner

his calm confident manner disturbed men like the ones who had picked on the small boy and most despicably had delighted in frightened a cat

men who like to dominate other men are quite common but happily not that numerous; the balance is tipped toward peacefulness

one or two men like the ones being described had made the mistake of trying to disturb, through violence and aggression, the demeanour of the man who had just joined us on two occasions past

his response to violence toward himself put paid to aggressor’s, when, with one blow of the fist, he knocked all the aggression out of them; they had never heard the maxim “never rile a peaceful man”

he had to demonstrate his defensive prowess twice and both times it was with bully-men who had the reputation of being the type of people you kept away from and if you did find yourself in their company you had better know how to kowtow

his “one-punch and it’s over” status was legendary, particularly amongst the bullies

it was my chance to make the men who had got a kick out of taking on a boy and a cat feel like the small men they were

the man who just joined us was walking in the same direction as we were

the four of us were ten or fifteen metres from the shop from the shop when i said something which was designed to make the man who just joined stop and turn around and look

i could almost feel the bullies at the shop squirming as they thought i had just told the peaceable man what they had done

and if that wasn’t justice enough across the other side of the road walking in the opposite direction to us was another no-nonsense man who was respected by everyone

i told the man who had just joined us that i had to give him a message and would only be a few seconds

i crossed the road, said hello and some other things to the man and then pointed down the road and said something fitting like “be careful if you go in that offie. there’s a woman in there who will eat you alive”

i took a look at the three offending men as i crossed back over the road

they were dawdling


time-tense: see notes 2

qod 3.4 qos 3.6


category of dream: animal – cat (9)

notes 1

grex is german rex

i bought a german rex for a bit of company in 1988

it didn’t take long to realise it wasn’t like other cats

as in the dream, i would lay it across my shoulders when i went out and about

usually, for safety sake, its front paws would be in my right hand and its back legs in my left

it was completely content in that position

it would follow me just like a dog

among the memories of it is the time we went to the park in the dead of night

i took a torch with a tight beam

as i shone it here and there both grex and myself would take in the scenes the torch highlighted

we climbed trees together that night

i could walk it on a leash and had got him to respond to a whistle when his meal was ready

friends and neighbours were well impressed

notes 2

what has got me wondering is why, when the exactitude’s used to ensure that all the random events which could change the course of history and evolution are so carefully woven into our lives, the exactness of events from undulation to undulation isn’t accessible to the sleep-time memory

perhaps they will be

let us consider that the moment of conception for dreams and dreams theory was 2009 (see the origins of dreams theory) and its birth was october 2017

october 2017 was when the notion occurred that the sleep-time conscious is superior to the awake-time conscious and is slowly coming to the fore

our corporeal selves and the awake-time conscious are nothing more than the means through which we enter into a necessary stage of evolution

the more we practice using the sleep-time faculties the more accurate will be the chronology of the information therein


* * *



name of dream: the return of the alligator

been a couple of years since the last crocodile dream

all these allagator dreams have a menacing feel to them

was in a two-storey house which had been converted into bedsits

i was in friends room who lived on the second floor, i was on the first floor

there were three or four people in the room when the alligator came through the door

it didn’t seem to see anyone else

it came straight for me

i jumped onto the bed and was safe for the time being

it appeared another two times in different scenes of the dream and both times i managed to thwart it

i was more than just a bit unhappy about the way the owner of the reptile had given it the freedom of the house

there was every chance it would catch me unawares

i had got into the habit of opening the door i was about to through and peer into the room

i told the person who had brought it into the house that if he didn’t get rid of it i was going to take action

i had already formed a plan to get it to put its head over the bath and kill it by thrusting a half-metre hunting knife through its throat and into its brain

i had become homicidal towards it

i knew it would be gone eventually

the matter still hadn’t been resolved when the dream ended

woke from the sleep and had a mini-montage of women in wedding dresses


time-tense: past tenses

quality of dream 2.8

quality of montage: 3.9

cause of dream: had to be stray thoughts or did it ?

category of dream: stray thoughts

notes 1

the contrast between the dream and the montage is worth a mention

was both the sleep sequence and the montage something of my own making or is the montage of my making and the dream not or is it vice versa ?

to begin making inroads into answering these sorts of questions a new entry called “the rate of change of evolution and devolution from undulation to undulation” is being initiated

* * *



name of dream: nervous dog

an awake-time friend of some years ago had a golden retriever as a pet

the dog had been traumatised, it had an accident or an operation or had been mistreated

the effect was the dog was nervous of people

i tried to coax it to come to me by talking to it but it didn’t come to me

when i made a move towards it moved back

then when i moved back it came forward a little

i offered it the back of my hand to sniff, usually offering the back of the hand works for timid and aggressive dogs alike, but again it backed away

and yet again it came forward when it was withdrawn

then i stretched out both arms and invited it to come to me in the same way as i would to a toddler or a crawling baby

that done it

when it was close enough i put my left hand on its chest below the dog’s chin and ran the nails of my fingers down its spine and it produced a quivering of the dog’s skin

the dog was a normal dog again and proved it with a lick


qod 3.5


category of dream: doggy dream ()

* * *



name of dream: a prison of the future

a person only attended this prison if they wanted to

the prison was a low-ceiling building, along the lines of a large hospital ward

it had beds which were arranged like a hospital ward as well but with a lot more distance between the beds

the prison was for someone who had committed a crime and only felt as though they needed to be reminded occasionally that they had done something wrong and sleeping at the prison was an acknowledgement by the person of having done something wrong

my crime was teleporting an item from its place of origin to where i designated it without taking due care and attention to the place where it was being received

the item was, i think, a bag of chips

the problem was the device which received the item made a bit of a bang when the item arrived

if you knew an item was coming it wasn’t a problem, you knew what to expect, but if another person happened to be nearby it could give her or him a bit of start

a bit like letting off a banger too near to someone on bonfire night


time-tense: any future tense – qod 3.0 – participant – category of dream: future technology prison (10) – vividness: 3

cause of the dream: ?

notes 1

* * *



name of dream: ‘message from a goldfish

notes 1

the notes are being placed first in this dream because there is a tendency not to read the notes after reading the dream

that’s o.k., but this dream, it is thought, has an urgent message which needs to be evaluated

i can’t remember the last time i saw a goldfish

nor is the last time i heard of or spoke about a goldfish remembered

neither can i recall ever reading about a goldfish or seeing a film with a goldfish in it or seeing a photograph of a goldfish

the point is… there is absolutely no reason that i can think of why a dream with a goldfish in it should occur

a dream that seemed to have no basis for being dreamt about is not new to this website

what is different about this dream is the manner through which a communication was presented

the dream…

was about a half of one metre away from a fish tank and looking into it

almost immediately a goldfish like the one in the picture swam from left to right across the front of the fish tank and then disappered from view behind some ornaments

soon after it re-appeared from the left and swam out of view again, only this time it was moving more slowly and seemed bigger

when it returned for the third time it was swimming slower still, almost in slow-motion, and it was as close to the glass of the fish tank as it could be

the image of the goldfish filled my field of view

over a four or five or six seconds period of sleep-time, the goldfish moved from the bottom of the fish tank to the top

those few seconds became everything

as the goldfish moved slowly up the front of the glass, and closer to me, it’s mouth was opening and closing in a slow and deliberate way

as it was as close to the surface of the water as it could get, i realised… it was gulping for air

it turned slightly to the left as it reached the surface; at that moment its movements looked that of a whale

i looked into its eyes and believe me, people, it conveyed its feelings to me as meaningfully as an animal ever has

it was unmistakable, it was gulping slowly because it was dying from a lack of oxygen and it was asking me for help

the image of the goldfish was replaced by a fishless tank as it was at the beginning of the dream

i kept looking expecting it to re-appear and see again what i had just seen but it never came back

notes 1


time-tense: 5

qod 3.0

qos 3.7


vividness: 4.1 or 2

the stand-out part of the dream: the moment of eye contact

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: see notes 2

category of dream: …?

notes 2

is the writer reading too much into this dream or do some of the writer’s dreams have a significance for us all ?

assuming it has significance, what is the significance ?

most of those familiar with the k-t extinction event will hold the view that the prime factor which brought about the demise of the dinosaurs was the cloud which blocked out the sunlight long enough to stop the growth of plants

once the plants had stopped growing the dinosaurs that relied on vegetables for their food had nothing to eat and began dying too

then, when the dinosaurs which relied on vegetables for their existence died, the dinosaurs which ate the dinosaurs which ate the vegetables had nothing to eat and they died too

imagine the sudden loss of all vegetables in our lives… no bread, potatoes, rice, corn, rice…

the same thing happened with the fish

the sun’s light didn’t reach the oceans so the plankton began dying and when there was no plankton the fish which ate the plankton died and then the bigger fish which ate the smaller fish died and so on

‘notes 3

this website hasn’t searched for information to link this dream with the possibility of whether the water where goldfish first originated in, or are currently most abundant in, does or does not have sufficient oxygen for goldfish to thrive

that’s your job

the information that you present ( see method 1 ) will be dwelt on long enough for it to become the dominant pde and, if we’re on he right track, we will get an answer through a dream

that’s my job


you’ve heard the story of how the bumble-bee is a barometer of natural balance

well this is something akin to that

if the loss of one particular genetic line amongst the population of the goldfish dies it will have ramifications which affect the quality or quantity of the lives of all man-shaped beings


* * *



name of dream: james smith the second

this dream is set in africa

an awake-time friend from a few years back is with me

we are standing at the top of an open-cast mine

the mine was shaped like a shuttle-cock and was tiered

the tiers had been made into standing and sitting areas

it could accommodate four or five-hundred-thousand people

there was music playing but whoever had set up the p.a. hadn’t done his homework and the music sounded like it was coming from a pocket-sized transistor radio or a mobile phone

i said to my friend “we could get this place humming with a bit more organisation” but he wasn’t the slightest bit interested; i knew why

the music stopped and a voice came through the speakers

it was an essay or a soliloquy and was composed by a man and it was introduced as a song by james smith the second, he was an african man

it began… “words are the second most important means of communication we have; language is the first…”

it was meaningful and captivating and i tried to think-read it so i would remember it but it was too difficult, besides it was satisfying to listen to it

it had made its way into my psyche


time-tense: 4

qod 3.7


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream: the words of the speaker

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: the souls of all men contain goodness

* * *



name of dream: my baby’s safe

the care of my baby had been entrusted to the wrong person

he was a heroin addict and both he and the baby were living in squalid conditions

i took my baby from him and started for home

it meant going through a railway tunnel

there was a narrow ledge a half of a metre above the track and it was only a third of a metre wide

not being fully physically able i would be taking a chance and would almost certainly hurt the baby if i lost my balance and fell

a woman entered the dream and when she realised what was wrong she gladly offered to take the baby through the tunnel

she herself lost balance and had to drop onto the tracks but she was sure-footed and didn’t fall over

when we were through the tunnel we started talking and she walked along with me as i made for home

i explained the situation and the dream ended as i was saying “everything will be alright eventually. there are a few bumps along the road”

* * *



name of dream: party-goer’s and friends

at a bus stop in the twilight hours

there was a bloke already at the bus stop when i got there

we started a chat

he said he was going to a party and wanted to know how to get there

i said i could take him there and could i go as well

he didn’t exactly jump at the idea and hadn’t committed himself when his girlfriend came into the dream

he told his girlfriend what i had said

she looked at me giving me the up and down and then asked me my name

there was umming and ahhing

before either of them said anything else i said “what sort of music will it be? “the girl asked “what sort of music do you like?” i said, “carl cox”, she said “who’s carl cox?”

a little demeaning was in order… i said “if you don’t know who carl cox is i’m not sure i want to go”; i think they realised it was tongue-in-cheek demeaning

nothing had been settled when an awake-time friend from years before came into the dream and the two people already in the dream realised that it now meant that if i was going to go with them yet another person would have to tag along

the scene changed here, still early evening, to another bus stop !

his name was alan (also in dream 16122017) and we got to reacquainting ourselves

the girl and boy party-goer’s were no longer in the dream; i was now engrossed in a conversation with alan

we had settled that he could sleep at my place and were still talking when his awake-time girlfriend from our teen days entered the dream

she was a pretty little thing, unassertive and desirous of having the right man in her life for all her life

she had found that person in alan

it meant that i would have to stay with another person for the night but that was never going to be a problems

on the way to my place i was talking twenty to the dozen and at one point i said something which would conclude with me saying his girlfriend’s name

it wasn’t until i had to say her name that i stopped dead and a slightly awkward empty pause occurred for all of us

of the three of uss alans girlfriend seemed affected by it most

i could, of course, remember her, although i can only ever remember ever speaking to her once, compared to her disposition i probably seemed brash, still she obviously thought i should have remembered it

i said “give me a clue”

she said something which referred to a colour and i said “hazel”

not getting it right didn’t help things and she made a dismayed sound

the dream ended just after that


time-tense: 4, 5 (the most accurate time-tense placement yet.)

qod’s 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.3

second dream

name of dream: getting the feel of it

in a living room with a lady

the conversation touched on health

that was my cue to mention the benefits of exercising

at one point i suggested she had a little go at doing an exercise

she said o.k.

i produced a dumbbell that weighed a couple kilograms and showed her how to do a seated one arm shoulder press and suggested she do three of them

she had a go but was really struggling

i gave her few tips and coaxed her into doing another two

when she had finished i apologised for pushing her too hard but she was genuinely pleased with what she had done and i could tell she was feeling the blood rushing around in that part of her body and liked the feeling


time-tense: 3 or 4

qod’s 3.3 – 3.2 – 3.4

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.4

category of dream: weight training (5)

 * * *



name of dream: extremes of societies

was found guilty of not paying a bill

the sentence was death

after the sentence had been passed and the convicted person left the courtroom the sentence was automatically made into a life sentence

the next scene was a busy reception where people were re-sentenced again

there were dozens and dozens of people in the reception area who had been sentenced that day

there were three men in a cage who looked apprehensive and angry

the looked like they could be mudrerers

the latest sentences were given out to people at a glass-partitioned office and everything was happening fast

the sentences were being reduced from life in prison to various amounts of years in prison to months in prison to community work to fines…

i ended up with three months in prison


time-tense: this seems more likely to be a future tense than a past tense

qod 3

qos 3.6

category of dream: prison dream (9)


vividness: 3.4

cause of the dream: probably the continuing thoughts of today’s injustices

notes 1

the shock value of the extreme penalty… hmm

devolution starts with a relatively minor thought containing injustice for someone

see death-outcome assertions

* * *



name of dream: double standards

two men, putin and a celebrity, were lying relaxed

putin was on his front and the other male lying on his side almost at a right angle to putin

their faces were about a third of a metre apart

the unknown male leant forward and kissed putin on the lips

putin had the same satisfied look on his face before and after being kissed

i said out loud to myself “you bastard”, i said it twice

“typical”, i thought, “one law for the lawmakers and one for the rest of us”


qod 2.9

qos 3.5


vividness: 3.5

category of dream: homosexuality (1)

cause of dream ?

* * *



name of dream: lost (2)

on a bus

thought i knew the road the bus was on but some of the surroundings weren’t right

if i was where i thought i was the bus would turn left at the t-junction two hundred metres further on

asked the driver if the next turn was right or left

he said left and i said that’s alright. that’s where i want to go

it meant i was only six hundred metres from walking through the front door

as we were approaching the t-junction the bus turned left

in the next scene, we were in a bus depot and i didn’t know where i was

there was a bus behind the one i was in and i thought it was the bus to get on to finish the journey

as i approached the bus a man got off and asked me to “wait over there”

as i was walking to where he indicated a man in a grey uniform said to me “where are you going?” emphasising the you

didn’t like his tone of voice so i replied “going to get some information if that’s alright with you

again he asked me a completely irrelevant question and i said “what’s it got to do with you?”, i was getting uppity by now

“he said “if you don’t tell me i’m going to take you down”

i completely lost my cool and shouted in my loudest, steady voice, and it reverberated from every acoustically reflective material for thirty metres, “down”. paused and saw him cringe and then again, even more vehemently “down”

he shrank and made off like a rabbit and was still accelerating at twenty metres as i finished him off, “you’re going to take me down” but by then he was in amongst other people who wouldn’t know who i was shouting at

a wannabe authoritarian had bitten the dust

my situation wasn’t any better

i was in a strange place and it looked like i was going to be sleeping in a waiting room

i was becoming concerned and as my concern compounded and was looking for a solution i realised i was in a dream and woke up



qod 3

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.3

the stand-out part of the dreams: the shouting

category of dream: lost

notes 1

that i knew i was dreaming before the dream ended is relevant

* * *



name of dream: mini-montage – children’s gallery

a montage sequence with twelve or fifteen different pictures

the pictures were children’s themes

the pictures were drawn using single lines; there were no “filled-in” areas

each picture was instantly recognisable

a house, a tree, a bird…

the colouring was in pastel

it could have been a set of pictures which someone was presenting to a publisher for approval to accompany the words of a book

a picture on one page the writing on the next

you must have seen this type of format for a child-book and know exactly what i mean



q 3.5



vividness: 3.8

the stand-out part of the dreams: the simplicity of the drawings

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: can be life simple?

category of dream: mini-montage

notes 1

wouldn’t it be great if the technology in the dream heisenberg’s proof was available to us now

we wouldn’t to have spend years studying art

each one of us with our own unique style dreaming up pictures that no one else would dream of

each person conjuring up pictures worthy of being put on display

it would take umpteen lifetimes merely to browse through them all

the future IS coming and it is unstoppable

* * *



first dream

name of dream: mechanics unknown

you’ve seen the film, here’s the dream…

including myself, there were four people in the dream, a girl and two other males

i was sitting close and listening to one of the young males who was talking directly to me: he looked like he was in his early twenties

the conversation had been going on for quite a while

the scene changed and it went from me sitting and listening to me standing and moving

i was two metres to the right of the male and moving slowly further to the right

i was looking at the person who had been talking and could see he was still in the same position as when we were talking

within less than a second of sleep-time, i could see that neither he nor the other two people in the dream were moving

they were stock-still, completely frozen in time

their absence of movement didn’t take me by surprise or phase me in any way, i was at ease; the situation seemed natural

this was obviously not an experience that was new to me

the dream ended there but if wanted the dream could have continued


time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

qod 3.8


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of the dreams: last scene

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: a glimpse into the future

category of dream: ?

cause of the dream: ?

notes 1

the three females who “dropped in” on me a few years back ( transmutation ) were at a stage of evolution ahead of the people in this dream

the ability to move amongst people without them realising you’re not there is less than sixty-five million years away !

second dream

name of dream: a kiss on the ground

while out running came upon a girl with her friend

in the next scene, it’s just the two and we are sitting on a wall

in the next scene she is behind me and squeezes the back of my neck and it sent a shudder through me

i said: “that sent a shudder right down my spine” and then said “do it again”

this time when she squeezed the sensation was so intense i had to pull away and leant forward

she kept her grip and it caused her to lose balance and we both ended up on the ground next to one another

our faces were just inches apart

we were in the perfect position to kiss

at first contact, her lips were tight but then loosened and softened and the kiss lasted for about eight or ten seconds of sleep-time

i suggested we meet again but she didn’t seem enthusiastic

in the last scene i was standing and as i started to walk away i said: “i’ll see you later”



qod’s 3.5


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of the dreams: the kiss

category of dream: kissing dream (14)

cause/s of the dream: a persons continuing desire to experience pleasure

notes 1

there was quite a bit more at the start of this dream but the recording was garbled

third dream

name of mini-montage: 3-D girl

there were about ten pics of nude and flimsily clad women in this mini-montage

two linger on in the memory

one seems to have become a fixed memory

the one which is already fading was an overtly aggressive stance that was so blatantly provocative of sexuality it intimidated me

this woman had made herself into a sex-war machine

sex was a battle she intended to win

there may be a man somewhere who could take her on but it wasn’t me

the one that appealed most was nude

her genitalia was the healthiest part of her body, it immediately caught the eye

it seemed as though her major labia was in 3-D while the rest of her was in 2-D

it almost seemed as though it was a separate entity with a different purpose, alive with a personality of its own; vibrant, full of life

any man could make this woman pregnant

if that’s on the outside then what’s on the…

i wanted to explore…




q 3.5


vividness: 3.9

the stand-out part of the dreams: 3-d pic

category of dream: mini-montage

cause/s of the dream: a persons continuing desire to experience pleasure

notes 1

for every woman, there is a man who is perfect for her

* * *


first dream

name of dream: baby in prison

a man was walking along the second-tier landing of a prison

he was carrying a baby in the crook of his right arm with the baby’s body lying along his forearm and its head resting in his palm

the atmosphere of this scene dark and foreboding



qod’s 2.8

qos 3.5


vividness: 3

the stand-out part of the dream: the feeling of oppression

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: it’s a reflection of those feelings which accompany living in an oppressed society

category of dream: prison (8) babies (1)

cause/s of the dream: the emotional content accompanying thoughts during the day

second dream

name of dream: regimental prison (7)

in the first scene, i was sitting on the end of a bench against a wall with a dozen other men

we were wearing thick dark-blue jumpers and darker trousers

in the next scene we were standing in a line in what looked like a gym, and again i was at the end of the line

in the third scene, the other men were doing something energetic while i stood there watching

the instructor came over to me and said: “why aren’t you running” i said “i can’t run” the instructor said sarcastically, “why, are you crippled ” and i said “no, disabled”

the instructor asked a couple more questions and realised i was not an able-bodied person

he stood there with his mouth open not knowing what to say

i knew that i shouldn’t be there and now so did he

he was going to have to leave the men and take me somewhere and get it sorted out

the instructor was annoyed that someone had not done their job and wanted, but didn’t, to give me a dressing down and lay the blame on me

third dream

name of dream: in the arms of my baby

it felt as though i was carrying a heavy burden

it felt as though i had been carrying it all my life

i entered the room where my girl was lying down

i walked over and joined my girl lying down and the burden came with me

in her arms, there was some solace

i said “i have missed you”

notes 1

it is those who have known great things who feel wrong-doings most acutely

* * *



name of dream: x (d)

simply superb

it’s difficult to convey the intensity of the feelings in this dream

when both the woman and the man gave more than they received

there was nothing more we could have done

the contract between genders had been fulfilled



qod 4.2

qos 3.7


vividness: 4

the stand-out part of the dreams:

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: x

cause/s of the dream: thoughts during the day

notes 1

changes are occurring

the feelings in dreams are becoming more real than the memories of the experiences of awake-time memories

we know from the 12112017 dream that the pan-undulation memory is more accurate than the awake-time memory

in all likelihood, we can confidently speculate that the pan-undulation memory is more accurate in respect of feelings too

it is thought that this is because then pan-undulation memory has more experiences to draw from

within our lifetime we should be able to accurately place the time-tense of most of the dreams

at the moment only one in fifty dreams have correct placings

notes 2

the writer has now reached the point where he can induce this type of dream

it’s come at the right time

there’s absolutely nothing happening in awake-time

now, how to make the dreams longer or seem longer

* * *



first dream

name of dream: diamonds

there were three of us, two men and a third person i couldn’t see standing between the person i could see and myself and we were standing in front of a woman

the woman was talking but for some reason, the words weren’t reaching my brain

her voice was loud enough for us to hear but we couldn’t hear what they were

every bit of our conscious state was fixed on what she was wearing

our brains had shut down the other senses so our eyes could totally focus on what it was we were seeing

this woman, whether by design or not, could hypnotise a person into just seeing

what had captivated us was the diamonds that were nestled into the net-weaving on the front of her cossack-style hat, her eight centimetre long earrings with three diamonds in each earring and a necklace with a mans hand-sized elongated v-shaped design around her neck

i’ve seen large expensive seen diamonds on the fingers of women that made you look at them longer than you did at other jewellery but these, they were in a different league

the unnoticeable movements of her head that must have been occurring as she was talking and was causing the earring diamonds to move slightly and made the diamonds flash and glint and drew the attention to them; the diamonds in the hat had the greatest effect

after looking at the spectacle for about eight or ten seconds of sleep-time i glanced over at the man on the right of the person standing next to me (never did see her or his face)

every time i looked at him i began laughing

whoever it was that conceived or discovered or designed the outfit knew the effect which she/he wanted to create and it had the desired hypnotic on the african guy who i could see

the way his eyes were going from hat to necklace to earrings over and over and the stupefied look on his face made me laugh louder every time i looked at him and i was laughing as i woke from the dream



qod’s 3.6 – 3.2 – 3.4

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.8

the stand-out part of the dream: the light coming from the diamonds

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: jewellery

* * *



first dream

name of dream: lion-dog

 the first scene of the dream was a dog on the lawn outside of the front of the house (location 2)

the dog looked about one year old

it was well-built especially around its chest, like a doberman but with shorter legs and a longer body

it had short, thick, smokey-grey hair over all of its body except for around its neck

the crop of hair around its neck was mostly on the top of its body and anyone who saw it wouldn’t have said it was a mane not a tuft of ha

i immediately thought it was an unusual breed of a lion and the thoughts and feelings associated with lions accompanied the first impression

its movements though were unmistakably dog and when the mind had time to take in the dog’s movements it would go back to being relaxed

it was the initial first impression that everyone would have which gave it its uniqueness

it would draw looks, comments and interest wherever it went

and if anyone was slightly startled when they first saw the dog that feeling would be replaced within a second as she, yes it was a female, emanated her retiring disposition

smokey and me would be the latest buzz in the hood

second dream

name of dream: mom’s treat

it was either mom’s birthday or it was that i was flushed and wanted to give her treat

invited one of her sister’s and a non-relative who i knew would be welcome to both mom and aunt and began mentally arranging the night out

first, we would have a drink at a pub near a picture-house and then we would go to the cinema and then more drinks with a nosh-up, did i mention i was flushed, afterwards

with about hour to go before we had to go into town i went to the house of the friend of mom’s to bring her back to where mom and i lived

i waited while mom’s friend got ready and it took five minutes to cross the green which separated the two estates to get back mom and i lived

as we turned the corner and our house came into view there was a medium-sized removal van which was loaded from the side and parked outside the house with household items, some of which i recognised

was surprised before i became suspicious and exclaimed: “ay up, what’s happening here?”

i knew something wasn’t right and whisked out the phone, called the police and explained the situation and they said to stay where we were until someone arrived

the police had arrived and were listening to me when the dream ended

third dream

name of dream: the changing tide

was walking from somewhere to somewhere and passed by a large group of people smiling and in a jubilant mood

they were outside a court that had just made a statement which was in favour of ordinary people

the judgement meant that people as a whole would be protected from arbitrary claims by companies who, let’s speak plainly, were, as usual, feathering their own nest’s at the expense of decent ordinary people

was handed a sheet of paper and was reading the relevant sentences and the dream then turned into a think-read dream

the important sentences were “the court believes the rules are imbalanced. we now believe they should be changed”



qod’s 3.3 – 3.2 – 3.4

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of all three dreams: the smiling faces outside the court

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: thoughts during the day that change is occurring

category of dream: doggy dream () – mother dream 12 and externalised dream – happy-ending dream 30

cause/s of the dream:

notes 1

could tell from the sound of my voice as i said “ay up, what’s happening here?” that it was externalised

*  *  *



name of dream: house arrest

first dream

first, all my gizmo’s and most of the electrical devices that were in continual use were confiscated and all i was left with was a portable t.v. that had a forty centimetre screen and a stereo system with twenty-centimetre high speakers

then there was someone checking on what i was doing whenever i did something different

as the dream changed scenes the room the dream was set in began to fill up again with even better items than the ones that were there before and i felt that i was back in control of my life and was in the position to dictate what happened in the outside world


don’t know what i had done to be getting this sort of treatment

possibly it was a time when the society was a lot more oppressive than it is today

this is the sort of situation i could imagine being in if i had been born in the russia of today

which means this dream was the past of a past undulation or even the present of a future undulation


second dream

name of dream: think-read (16) computer (4)

at the computer when a message came on the screen which read… “the programme has not been installed. it is a danger to the computer and can cause irreparable damage”

note 1

this message is the first the time have read the message on the first read


third dream

name of dream: the delivery couple

at home (location 2) when a lounge chair was delivered

it was unusual because the chair was delivered by a man and a woman wearing matching clothing, i got the impression they were married

the house had been extended at the back with a conservatory that was as wide the living room and the same length

seeing it in the dream for the first time was the stand-out scene of all three dreams

the french doors in the original part of the house blended perfectly with the design of the conservatory which had an even more spacious feel to the conservatory because it was mainly made of glass and it gave even greater depth to the length of the combined rooms which was about thirty metres

in one scene of the dream i volunteered to make a cuppa’ and went to the kitchen

the delivery woman was standing in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen so i placed my hands on her hips to let her know i was there and expected her to move to one side

the delivery woman put her hands over my hands and pressed them firmly into her

i had never seen her before and it was unlikely i would see her again and i couldn’t see where it could lead to as the person who i took to be her husband was right there



qod’s 3.0, 3.0 and 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.2 to 3.4

the stand-out part of the dream: the impression of depth of the living room and conservatory

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:?

category of dream:

cause/s of the dream: ?

* * *



name of dream: air display and a think-read (15) about cream pastries

two lines of jets with about ten or twelve of them in each line

in one scene they swooped down and headed towards a hanger

the hanger was somewhere between five hundred and seven hundred metres high and two or three hundred metres wide

at either side of the hanger there was a slightly flattened semi-circular chute about one-third of the width of the hanger

both rows of the jets disappeared momentarily after they entered into the hanger and then, still in formation, re-appeared out of the top of the chutes in a nose-up position

in the next scene, a close-up of just one of the jets filled the entire frame of the movie

the jet had just emerged from the chute with its nose pointing up and was balanced between falling and rising and it remained hung in the air for a long moment

if it wasn’t for the colour of the exhaust flames changing colour very slightly it would have been a picture

the jet then slowly lowered itself, tail first, back into the chute

everybody watching was stunned

it captured the imagination and it was so impressive the buzz was it was alien technology

the dream changed scenes and went from the air display to a stationary aeroplane on the ground

the plane was the size of air-force one, maybe a bit bigger

there was a screen on the side of the plane which was displaying messages

the screen looked as though it was part of the plane

as i began to read the message the dream turned into a think-read dream

i nearly got the two-sentence of the message in one read but slipped up and had to go back four or five words and amend one word before the whole message fell into place

the message was… “the negotiations are in recess and the two parties will now take a break and enjoy some ***** pastries. five of the world’s royals regularly eat ***** creams and pastries”


time-tense: one or more of the future time-tense

qod 3.5

qos 3.8


vividness: 4.2 (jet scene)

the stand-out part of the dream: the nose-up stationary jet and the coloured message on the side of the aeroplane

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:?

category of dream: air display (2)

cause/s of the dream: jets were in the pde’s

notes 1

the harrier jump-can/ could hover

if you have seen a harrier jump-jet you will have seen that even in stationary mode there is a noticeable wavering

the craft in this dream was perfectly stationary in the nose-up bit of the dream

that was what got the buzz going

Here is a clip of a harrier jump-jet

*  *  *



name of dream: it’s my tune

someone had brought legal proceedings against another person for using the melody of his song and changing it and calling it his own

the tune was catchy and had been a hit sometime before, quite recently i think

the original song was played in court and the second version was played and the two were compared

the person who changed the song had done nothing more than lower every single note of the original song by one half of a pitch and changed the tempo a little

the person’s legal counter-challenge was still being argued in the court when the dream ended

the dang of it was the tune that was modified sounded much better than the original and would probably be a bigger hit than the original and apparently, that was a valid legal reason for counter challenging the originality

category of dream: music (30)

*  *  *



name of dream: short stay

moved into a new area and had the choice of two schools to go to

the one i chose was a boarding school and had extensive grounds and several hundred pupils

the problem with large schools is that to organise them properly the organisation becomes a dominating feature of the school and such schools have an impersonal feel, this one was no different

i was in the dormitory which was white everything with a small suitcase that had a new pair of light-grey suede shoes and a shaver in it

it was an open-plan dormitory that had about two hundred beds in it which i assumed slept the entire year/age-group i came into

was talking to somebody a few beds away from where mine was and he told me it wouldn’t be safe to leave my shoes in the locker and suggested somewhere

then a lad with a trolley came into the dream and was putting sheets and blankets on the beds so i went to make my bed up

the scene changed and discovered my shaver was missing

the scene changed again and i was holding my watch, i distinctly remember the make of the watch it was a timex, i seem to remember a hair-spring was poking out of the side of it

it was broken so i took the metal back off and then separated the glass front from the rest of the watch and had a go at fixing it

made a right muck-up of repairing it and if it wasn’t beyond repair before i tried to mend it was now

between one thing and another decided not to stay at the school and started gathering my bits and pieces together

on my way out of the grounds, a member of the staff sided up to me and tried to counter the reasons i gave him for leaving

the last scene of this dream was out of the school area completely and in the high street looking for a shop to replace the missing shoes


time-tense: 3, 4

qod 3.3

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of the dream: looking at the watch

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: school dream 5

cause/s of the dream: ?

notes 1

there were at least two more dreams in this sleep

thought i had made notes on one of the others but couldn’t find them if i did

*  *  *



name of dream: short stay

moved into a new area and had the choice of two schools to go to

the one i chose was a boarding school and had extensive grounds and several hundred pupils

the problem with large schools is that to organise them properly the organisation becomes a dominating feature of the school and such schools have an impersonal feel, this one was no different

i was in the dormitory which was white everything with a small suitcase that had a new pair of light-grey suede shoes and a shaver in it

it was an open-plan dormitory that had about two hundred beds in it which i assumed slept the entire year/age-group i came into

was talking to somebody a few beds away from where mine was and he told me it wouldn’t be safe to leave my shoes in the locker and suggested somewhere

then a lad with a trolley came into the dream and was putting sheets and blankets on the beds so i went to make my bed up

the scene changed and discovered my shaver was missing

the scene changed again and i was holding my watch, i distinctly remember the make of the watch it was a timex, i seem to remember a hair-spring was poking out of the side of it

it was broken so i took the metal back off and then separated the glass front from the rest of the watch and had a go at fixing it

made a right muck-up of repairing it and if it wasn’t beyond repair before i tried to mend it was now

between one thing and another decided not to stay at the school and started gathering my bits and pieces together

on my way out of the grounds, a member of the staff sided up to me and tried to counter the reasons i gave him for leaving

the last scene of this dream was out of the school area completely and in the high street looking for a shop to replace the missing shoes


time-tense: 3, 4

qod 3.3

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of the dream: looking at the watch

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: school dream (5)

cause/s of the dream: ?

notes 1

there were at least two more dreams in this sleep

thought i had made notes on one of the others but couldn’t find them if i did

* * *



name of dream: money/wealth 11

two of us were going through items in a box or bag

the items were all on the small size, nothing bigger than a golf ball

every one of the items had a useful value

the more we rummaged through the box or bag a more expensive object was discovered

the dream ended just after we came across a gold trinket

it was the size of a thimble and had chinese writing on it

it also had a number on it

it was a different colour gold to the other gold items, it looked a deeper shade of gold and felt heavier

it also looked very old and i sensed it had significance in the chinese culture

we were both infused with a sense of having hit the motherload


time-tense: 3, 4

qod 3.4

qos 3.5


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream:

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: money/wealth

cause/s of the dream: see notes below

notes 1

there has been a bit of a run of these types of dream lately

it is believed they stem from a sense of financial security which has taken root in recent months

unfortunately, a sense of financial security carries with it its terrible twin… a sense of financial insecurity

a sense of financial insecurity is, of course, a tactic used by british and jewish financiers to infuse a sense of insecurity in the lives of people who don’t see the merit of accumulating wealth for its own sake

people who would, were they in the position to do so, see wealth was distributed evenly

there have been dreams in which there was great wealth for everybody

great wealth for everybody is not a difficult thing to achieve

it does, however, mean that the natural fair-minded disposition to other people inherent in Evolving Beings is allowed to flourish

a flourishing society has its roots in the outlook that we, as man-shaped beings, are an extension of eternity

the only thing which eternity expects of us is that we follow its lead and incorporate expansion into every aspect of our existence

the unhappiness in our and other peoples lives is brought into being by people who are attempting to exist outside the realm of reality

second dream

name of dream: persistent pussy – cat dream 8

was lying on the floor in the living room

there was at least one other person in the room although i couldn’t see them

as i was lying there the cat licked my face, my eye i think

i found it distracting and so rolled over

the cat came around to the other side of me and licked or attempted to lick my face again

i rolled back over onto my left side again

the cat didn’t walk around me this time but jumped over me and headed for my face

i put my hands on my head and shielded my face with my forearms

the cat jumped over me two or three more times trying to figure out how to get to my face

it first tried pushing its head under my arms and then tried prising my forearms open by pushing its head through them and then got really determined and started to headbutt its way through my forearms

the other person in the room starting laughing at the cat’s antics


time-tense: could be almost any time-tense

qod 3.4

qos 3.5


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream: the head butting

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?

category of dream: cat dream

cause/s of the dream: ?

* * *



name of dream: high in the air in a basket

read about a bit of news which described how easy it was to travel between countries in a basket using helium without needing an aeroplane-sized balloon

it wasn’t expensive to do, in fact, it was dirt cheap

it came down to whether a person was prepared to be adventurous

i would take a water raft and water-wings in case i had to ditch in the channel

apart from that it seemed fairly straightforward

a scene or two later i had the journeying-basket but my ideas of a glamorous ride were dampened when the basket was in front of me and

it was a lot less glitzy than imagined and the sight of the helium-filled canisters around the side of the basket made me realise it was a bit of crude kit

a bit like a boy buying a toy plane that could soar above the houses in the advert only to find that it was powered by a wind-up elastic band

there was only one scene of flying but it was right up there, really high up in the air but apart from that there wasn’t anything else about flying

the next scene was in a bank and the cashier was weary of me

then i was outside the bank leaning back against the wall, think i was waiting for a transaction to go through

and then i woke up to the sound of myself singing “return to sender”

and then thought about elvis presley for a minute before getting out of bed and making a cuppa, which i drank quickly, and then made my way to the computer and typed this entry

and now the dream entry is done the rest of the day is mine to do with as i please


time-tense: various

qod 3

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream: seeing the cylinders around the basket

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?

category of dream: flying

cause/s of the dream: ?

* * *



name of dream: lounge in a car

the family were in the car and on their way to the holiday destination

the car was full

somehow seven people, two adults, two teens and three children, had managed to fit into the vehicle

a fair amount of the holiday time was going to be taken up travelling, thirty-six hours !

the car was too noisy, even the youngest was complaining

next scene

a different car; now the sound of the car wasn’t a problem but it was way too small and everyone felt cramped up

someone had the idea of taking the back seat out and putting in a wooden frame

next scene

that done the trick

the car was magically transformed into a small living room

now we were seated along both sides and the back facing one another and everyone could lean back with their legs stretched out

the holiday was underway


either an and or of time-tense: 3

qod 3

qos 3.8


vividness: 3.5

the stand-out part of the dream: the last scene of the dream

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: a happy ending

category of dream: travel dream

cause/s of the dream: haven’t got the foggiest idea

notes 1

can’t see any significance at all in this dream

the only thing i can think of is that the mind wanted to express it was satisfied with the pde’s

* * *



name of dream and references

crossword ‘think-write 1

was at the computer searching for a vital bit of information which i didn’t think i wouldn’t get an answer to but got the answer straight away

at that moment i felt a surge of gratitude toward the provider of the information and decided to post a sentence of praise

the think-write message was going to be… “it was “****” who provided the solution but i don’t want to mention the company’s name because they get good enough publicity as it is”


part one

think-write dreams are messages “from me to you”

think-read dreams are messages “from you to me”


think-write is a message sent and think-read is a message received

when composing a crossword think-write message a selection of words becomes visible in a column

when forming a think-read message a person “vocalises” a word in her/his head and the word becomes placed on the “write-line”

part two

crossword think-write messages

they have been given the name crossword think-write because as they are being composed a selection of words appears in a column of four or five 1 x 3 rectangles


every column in this dream was made of four or five
1 by 3 rectangles

every column was above or below the write-line but not on it

there were columns to the left and the right of the last word on the write-line

there were columns several words to the right of the last word on the write-line

and in one scene there was a column several words to the left and below the last word on the write-line

i think, but am not completely sure, there may have been an empty column or two somewhere above the write-line as well

the columns were coloured

every column had four or five words in it

pic 1

crossword think-write


crossword think-write dreams have the scope to become extremely elaborate

see matrix mechanics


notes 1

after waking and after three or four attempts to remember the name of who it was who posted the answer i gave up trying to recall the name

i couldn’t see any point in making the dream into an entry because the part of the dream which was thought to be the crucial part of the dream, the provider of the information, wasn’t known

it wasn’t until i had been up and about for about an hour that the applications of the dream dawned on me (also read the p.s. of the notes 2 in the dream 17122017)

notes 2

there was nothing in the pde’s which pointed to the cause of this dream

it is concluded it is you-know-who moving things along

the reason for this dream is that it would be realised that crossword think-write dreams are a new and valuable tool

again, it wont be until other people start posting their dreams and allow everyone the opportunity to cross-reference their dreams for continuity, compatibility and commonality and discover if crossword think-write dreams are a constant and constructive aspect of love/life in the same way as dreams that are less than desirable are associated with stray thoughts, unsocial attitudes and destructiveness are connected

notes 3

as this is being typed an application for crossword think-write dreams has presented itself… ?


you post… “i had a crossword think-write dream last night which said “jayne, i have lost your phone number. it is important that i contact you. is your surname smith ?”

the jayne smith has a think-read dream from the person who had a think-write dream


*my reference name is – john 10 21 57 11022015, which means twenty-one minutes and fifty-seven seconds past ten in the morning of the eleventh of february two-thousand and fifteen** (see Time for Time)

my chosen name is googoled


it is expected that the current time-format we use will change when we begin interacting with d-man

it is thought that d-man will have the age/time of the universe accurate to within one million planck Times

this, in turn, brings up the question… at what time does our dependence on the universe stop ?


at what time does the reliance on quons for our existence stop, assuming we no longer need quons for our existence after transmutation ?

notes 4

when the momentum of change is underway wordpress will have to be able to host a few thousand million free websites


time-tense: 5

qod 3.5

qos 3.4


vividness: 4.2

the stand-out part of the dream: the colours

the significance of the dream – a new faculty for use in sleep-time

category of dream: crossword think-write dream (1)

cause/s of the dream: see notes 2 above

second dream

name of dream: pleasent police

1st scene

on the continent and my documentation was being checked

2nd scene

in a police station

the most casual/relaxed atmosphere of any police station i’ve been in

was being questioned politely by angela merkel

3rd scene

angela merkel taking one or two delicate puffs of an electronic ciggie

4th scene

reading three or four a5 sized sheets of papers which were folded twice and three or four cards

5th scene

searched for a card three times, couldn’t find it

came across an official-looking note that had “fled the scene on it” and became anxious

6th scene

a wallet with seven or eight different slot/pockets and three compartments

there was a two-pound coin in one compartment and i could feel another coin in another compartment which took three or four attempts to find

it was a fifty-pound coin, which meant i was rich (think there was a fifty-pound coin in another dream)

7th scene

lying with angela merkel

not sure if we were naked but both of our shoulders were showing and they were bare

she was softly, very softly, giving me meaningful soft-kisses on my cheek

time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7

qod 3.9

qos 3.6


vividness: 4

the stand-out part of the dream: 7th scene

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?

category of dream: kissing dream

cause of the dream: not known

notes 1

this is the eleventh kissing dream in the dreams diary

thirteen is my new lucky number !

3rd dream

name of dream: stray-thoughts dream 50

this dream was all bad feelings and hostility

time-tense: 5

qod 2.8

qos 4.1


vividness: 2.9

category of dream:  kissing dream (13)

the stand-out part of the dream: none

the significance of the dream: to remind me to keep my thoughts in check

category of dream: twinned-dreamss (1)

cause/s of the dream: stray-thoughts

notes 1

how a sleep can contain a tender love scene one moment and change to this type of dream hasn’t yet been formulated

an hour after writing the sentence above the thought occurred… a constructive dream, a love dream and a destructive dream

the constructive dream cancels the destructive dream and we are left with love !



name of dream: u.f.o.’s – sky-high car ride

first dream

a car and its passengers fell from the sky

there were three occupants in the car when it was taken into the sky

the occupants of the car came out of the sky ahead of the car and landed or were lowered safely to the ground (see e.t. lowering people to the ground Here)

the event must have been announced beforehand because there were several crews from the media filming the event from the ground

the three men who were in the car were not scared about what had happened and were full of smiles and enjoying the attention they were getting as soon as they were on the ground

there was film of the event which included the car coming out of the craft and the men coming to the ground

the whole thing was as solid as a sighting could be and would convince everybody who would see the film of the existence of extraterrestrials


time-tense: 1 or 2

qod 3.6

qos 3.3


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream: the happy mood of the men as they were being interviewed

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: evolving e.t.’s and ourselves are compatible

category of dream: u.f.o.’s

cause/s of the dream: had been thinking about looking on the net for new sightings and posting them

second dream

name of dream: money 10

three of us had come into possession of two suitcases with money and valuable possessions in them

the money was neatly arranged and the bulk of the money had money-bands around each wad

there were about ten wads of money in each suitcase that had money-bands around them and each wad had fifty notes of twenty pounds

the unwadded money looked to be about one-tenth of the amount of the rest of the money


either an and or of time-tense: 3, 6, 8, 9

qod 3

qos 3.3


vividness: 3.8

the stand-out part of the dream: counting the unwadded money

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: unsure

category of dream: money dream

cause/s of the dream: thinking about money and how much i would need to complete five projects currently being mulled over

third dream

name of dream: ten in a bedroom

think the occasion was a wedding

the bride and groom must have been a very popular couple because people had come from near and far to be there

those people who couldn’t get back home on the same day of the wedding were offered somewhere to sleep

one of the persons who offered sleeping accommodation said they could sleep eighteen people

the arrangement was nine women would sleep in one room and the men would sleep in another

the scene changed in the dream and i was now looking at the room where the men would be sleeping

the room could sleep nine people alright but it meant two groups of three men would be sleeping in the same bed and two other men would be sleeping on a mattress on the floor

what didn’t look promising was that the room was big enough to house the beds and the mattress only if the beds and mattresses were touching, and i mean touching in the scrunched up sense

the scene changed to the evening when the beds were occupied

as is the case with pre-planning, it looks great on paper but almost inevitably something unforeseen crops up

one of the men, or it might have been his partner, had decided they didn’t want to be separated and so now there was a woman sleeping in the room

the scene changed again… the partner of the woman vigorously jumped out of the bed

the man who was on the other side of his partner had made a “move” on his wife or girlfriend and he was going to do something about it

he said “let’s settle this outside”

the dream came to an end

* * *



name of dream: organiser 5

had landed the contract to be the site manager at a shallow, open-cast mining project which would have forty or so men working on it for three, four or six months

had presented myself at the interview for the job as a modern-looking, fair-minded and innovative manager

at the interview my new approach justified the company accepting a lowering of profits to ensure they fulfilled the contract on schedule and avoided penalty clauses and the proposals would stand the company in good stead for future contracts by ensuring that when the word got out that the company gave the best working conditions there would never be a shortage of applicants for future business

what clinched it for me was the proposal that the wives or girlfriends would be able to accompany the men

there would be the two accommodation sites

one accommodation site would be for the women and the other for the men

the sites would be separated by about five kilometres

audio/visual communication links between the two sites

a four-day working week (monday through thursday)

on thursday nights the men would be transported to the women’s site for the long week-end

sleeping and entertainments for both sites during the week and more detailed planning for the long weekends

water, food and cooking arrangements

drinking only on thursday night, friday and saturday

termination clauses for employees who didn’t keep to the rules

wives or girlfriends of the men who had knowledge or experience of nursing and emergency procedures would give their partners an edge when applications to work for the company were being assessed

was thinking about how to include children for a few minutes after waking


either an and or of time-tense: 1, 2, 4, 5

qod 3.8

qos 3.8


vividness: 3.5

stand-out moment: at the male camp assessing where to start the organising

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: as the cause of the dream (below)

category of dream: organisational

cause/s of the dream: thinking about how to organise a venture of similar complexity during the day

* * *



name of dream: x dream -can’t wait

we were three couples going out for the evening

it was my job to pick the girls up from their various locations and we would all meet up at the rendezvous

had collected the first girl and we were waiting at the home of the second young miss who was making a few finishing touches to her appearance when the first girl to be picked up came over to the large seat i was on and sat on my lap

she placed her hands on my chest and under my jacket and then slid her hands over my shoulders which caused my jacket fall off my shoulders

she said “you’re so handsome” and then said something else of a complementary nature and then pulled my head forward and gave me a really long kiss

a good snog never hurt anyone so i got into the swing of it

that was my mistake, it was though someone had fired the starting gun and it was a race to the finish

her hands had loosened my clothing and before i could stop it from going any further in a way which didn’t seem like a rejection to her she had my genitals in one hand and was unclothing herself with the other

while my senses were reeling from the sensations of her in the cowgirl position i felt a twinge of embarrassment and awkwardness

the other young lady came to my rescue and with typical female diplomacy and threw a blanket or sheet over us

it was supposed to be a night out and amour after

some women just can’t wait


either an and or of time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

qod 3.9

qos 4.1


vividness: 3.7

stand-out moment: under the blanket or sheet in the last scene

significance of the stand-out part of the dream: most pleasurable

category of dream: x dream

cause/s of the dream: thoughts and feelings during the day

notes 1

there was this one time when i was on the dance floor with a new-found girlfriend at one the city’s most popular dance clubs

the music was stopped while a couple of bouncers came onto the floor and removed a couple who had got carried away

they had removed the clothing that would get in the way

sometimes love/life just can’t wait

* * *



name of dream: derby-copter

at my auntie’s house (g)

on the lawn at the front of the house was a bullet-shaped contraption that was the size of a two-man bobsleigh and like a bobsleigh, it was hollowed out

it was as makeshift as something could be

it was a garish green and it looked like it was something straight out of a soapbox derby of an early disney film i had watched as a kid

in the next scene, it was flying about three hundred metres away a hundred metres up

it made a terrible racket and i thought to myself “it’s noisy”

then my auntie said “isn’t it noisy”

in the next scene, it had just landed in the front garden

only now the helicopter blades were prominent, there weren’t any blades on it in the first scene

the dream ended there


either an and or of time-tense: 3, 6

qod 3

qos 3.8


vividness: 3.8

stand-out moment: the colour of it in the first scene

category of dream: unassigned

cause/s of the dream: unknown

notes 1

it’s as likely as not that the three scenes of this dream aren’t in chronological order but were put into a logical sequence by the dream-conscious

what brought this dream about in the first place ?

it’s possible to connect the sound of the helicopter to a helicopter which flew over the house a few days back

the colour, the shape of the device, the sound it made and my auntie weren’t part of the previous few days experiences between then and now though

if the stand-out feature of the dream is assigned to the noise it made then that could explain it but then why a four or five day’s delay before the dream-conscious presented it to the present-time conscious ?

and even if it was the helicopter sound what connection or relevance has it got ?

the only thing which presents itself is if i draw your attention to the noise of the helicopters that used to wake up large swaths of the population at the last place i lived as helicopters flew just above house-level whilst pursuing a joy-rider or car thief

the police would wake thousands of people out of their sleep whilst pursuing a joy-rider or car thief; there is a disproportionate response to events here

it wouldn’t surprise this website to find out that the use of helicopters in the middle of the night and which wakes thousands of people out of their sleep is a deliberate ploy done to make people feel less well

a person who is tired or fatigued is a lot easier to control than is an alert person !

which makes the relevance of this dream an alert-notice to the subtle and sinister methods used by The Oligarchs to maintain control of what people do

* * *



name of dream: lion being shot

in africa

from where i was looking i could see two hedgerows about two metres high separated by seven or eight metres of grass

the hedgerows stretched away into the distance as far as the eye could see

about sixty metres away and between the hedgerow, there was a brown african bull resting on the ground with its legs folded underneath it

a lion came into the scene about twenty-five metres away from where i was and was walking in a very casual manner toward the bull

i pointed at it and said “lion”

a man with a rifle appeared to my right, took aim and fired a shot

the lion, still moving casually, turned its head, looked at its hindquarters, and then started walking towards us

i had a moment of panic as it looked as if the lion was coming to get us

after a couple of steps in our direction the lion changed direction again and carried on walking the way, and in the same manner, it had been walking before being shot

the lion took another three or four steps and then slumped to the ground

the way it fell to the ground told me it was dead


time-tense: 6, 9

qod 2.8 qos 4


vividness: 3.5

stand-out moment: the casual manner of the lion

category of dream: unassigned

cause/s of the dream: unknown

notes 1

a lion that has been fatally wounded doesn’t react casually after being shot

perhaps it was in greater pain before it was shot

perhaps it was at the end of its life and was about to die anyway


second dream

name of dream: x dream – reunited (my ref. b)

a friend of mine took me to the house of a friend of his

unbeknown to him, or me, the partner of his friend was an awake-time girlfriend of mine from some years before

i never spoke to her during the time my friend was there

when the person who had brought me got up to leave i followed him to the door and said “i’ll catch up with you later” and turned and went back into the living room

it was obvious to me she wasn’t satisfied with the relationship she was in and i needed to find out if the looks she had been giving me meant what i thought they meant

they did, and within seconds of dream time we were undressed and conjoined

about fifty seconds of sleep-time later the sound of the back door opening caused us to separate

i headed upstairs for the toilet

two or three steps up the stairs i knew i had to go back and get my clothes

had gathered the clothes and was going back up the stairs when the dream ended


either an and/or of time-tense: 1, 4, 7,

qod 4

qos 4.2


vividness: 3.5

stand-out moment: a long, moist kiss while conjoined

category of dream: x dream

cause/s of the dream: thoughts about women during the day

notes 1

the ex-girlfriend and me had been separated by circumstances beyond the control of either of us (i’ll tell you about it sometime)

at the time we spilt-up our relationship was very much an ongoing one

we suited each other down to the ground

she was the only girlfriend i ever had who had a sense of humour

she didn’t make me laugh out loud but her sense of humour regularly brought a prolonged smile to my face and as is the case with smiles they produce Endorphins

she used to enjoy me “ribbing” her, which i did routinely

we only ever said “no” to each other once

the time she said no to me it really rattled me and although i tried to hide it she knew she had “got” to me

within a day or two, i got the chance to give her a tatse of her own medicine

it was a night in at my place

films, music, food, marijuana… by an open fire

i felt bad about it but it had to be done

she had gone out of her way to make herself look appealing on the night… clothes, just the right amount of make-up and she was in “that” frame of mind with “that” look in her eyes

the look on her face when i said “no” affected her more deeply than expected and i nearly buckled

it had the desired effect though, neither of us said no again

notes 2

it is agreed that it is the woman’s prerogative to say no, however; when a woman says no she has to live with that decision

a male isn’t obliged to accept an invitation of “yes” after the female has said “no”

notes 3

very few people understand the writer’s position with regard to gender

of mammal-man-shaped beings, it is only he who can be either gender in any point of time throughout the course of evolution

that he manifests as a male is due to the fact that males are, generally speaking, bringing up the rear in terms of evolution

it is the writer’s “lot” that, of mammal-man, he is always “bringing up the rear” (not that he’s complaining)

as we edge toward transmutation his feminine traits will emerge and he will become a “her” again

it is slowly coming to be realised that women are ahead of their male counterparts where it matters most… the disposition to love

notes 4

there was just one time in my life when i said “no” first

it was at a community centre for teens

a girl a sent her friend over to tell me she wanted to go with me

i looked over to where she was

i know a “wrong’un” when i see one

i shook my head

the girl who sent her mate over to me made a gesture and said “f… off then”

what do you think ladies ?

was my judgement right ?

was my “no” justified ?

* * *



name of dream: plant 1

came across a young man who was down on his luck while i was out and about

we got on together and i invited him back to where i lived

in the very first scene of us back at my place, he became confrontational

there followed seven or so more scenes and in each scene, he was provoking me into becoming violent

in one scene he wheeled a motorbike into the flat

i was in a controlled-anger mode and said “the first chance i get i’ll be throwing that out of the window

he wanted me to strike him but i knew what he was trying to do and wasn’t going to fall for it

in the last scene of the dream, i said “it comes down to which one of us falls asleep first”

his expression told me i had out-foxed him


time-tense: 3, 6, 8, 9

qod 2.8

qos 3.1


vividness: 3.6

stand-out moment: the last scene of the dream

category of dream:

cause/s of the dream

thinking about someone i had befriended recently

thinking about the antagonistic nature of the oligarchs, and what to do about it

notes 1

three awake-time mega-montages followed this dream

the theme/s of the montages wasn’t obvious

* * *



name of dream: bed dream 2

in front of a computer screen

there was red dot the size of a lower-case letter o above a rectangular section which had instructions which took up more than half of the screen

the red dot was throbbing and was waiting to be clicked

the decision to click the red dot would be taken if the person decided to accept an invitation or offer to win or try or buy a product

the product was a luxury single bed

i barely looked at the writing in the rectangular area and clicked the red button

the scene changed and i was in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night with the bed which had just been unloaded off a delivery vehicle

there was light enough to see my surroundings coming from somewhere and i could see i was at the bottom of a lane that had a steep’ish gradient

i began to push the bed up the hill

after half of a minute of sleep-time of pushing and stopping and pushing and stopping i realised the task of going up the lane was beyond me and i would have to leave the bed

the next scene was me in a building sitting outside of an office with its white venetian blinds closed waiting to be seen by someone

before anyone saw me i needed to go to the toilet

the last scene of this dream was of me soiling myself

the sensations of passing excretions was so real that as i woke i felt the bed


a mixture of time-tenses

qod 2.9

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.8

stand-out moment: the effort of pushing the bed

category of dream: multi-themed dream

notes 1

that i felt the bed as i was waking will tell you how real the sensations in dreams can be

this dream brings to the fore the opportunity to assess the conditioning we instil in ourselves to accommodate the body’s need to expel waste as things are now

as baby’s we aren’t encumbered with the thought processes that toilet-training demands and it is a fact that eventually the need to pass solid and liquid excretions never becomes a neural configuration

for that to happen we will have to refine our diet to the point that waste is never ingested in the first place

the indications are this could be achieved within a handful of millenniums

notes 2

this is the type of dream which makes people think that dreams are insignificant

what have dreams like this got to do with anything ?

i’m looking forward to other people sharing their dreams online in the near future

it’s going to be educational and fun sifting through each other’s dreams

and again… pairing up with your Soul Partner, could happen for some within this lifetime and a dreams diary, it is believed, will become instrumental in bringing that about

aside: moon/star

this may be nothing

before settling into bed to watch a film for half an hour before going to sleep i checked the Live Stream Channel to make sure it was streaming

there are four screens on the stream

the bottom-right screen is a live-feed from a camera which shows a sky/land/sea area of about one or two kilometres wide, two or three kilometres of depth and about twenty to thirty degrees of height

there was a large white object at the upper-left area of the screen

couldn’t identify it by looking at it on the computer screen so i rolled up the blind and looked out of the window

it was a quarter moon pointing to the right

about one moon height below it and slightly off-centre to the right of the moon was a bright star

they were the only two objects in the sky ! (have never seen a sky with just those two objects in it before. highly unusual)

being a staunch believer in u.f.o.’s (have seen one) i looked at it for a couple minutes ready to do a screen capture just in case

nothing happened though

second dream

name of dream: Think-Read numbers (14) failed to dial

urgently needed to make a phone call

it was my own number i was trying to dial

i could remember the numbers of my own phone but the numbers on the dial pad of the phone i had borrowed to make the call weren’t laid out numerically

it was after five or six attempts to remember where the numbers were on the dial-pad after locating them and then recalling the location each time a new number was tapped in that i became frustrated and gave up


time-tense: 5

qod 3

qos 3.8


vividness: 4

stand-out moment: none

category of dream: number/think-read numbers 1

notes 1

yet again, a dream where the ability to use numbers with ease was lacking

it is assumed that these dreams with numbers, that have been occurring in recent weeks, is the dream-state conscious “cutting its teeth” with numerics

*  *  *


name of dream: who’s the boss ?

was presented with a charge-sheet

the charge was “the dissemination of seditious, illegal and libellous information”

had been handing out flyers levelling all manner of accusations against the Oligarchs for a number of days in the middle of town

the heinous crimes i maintain the oligarch structure was perpetrating were… cannibalism, child-sacrifice, swapping babies in maternity wards, adult gang-rape of minors, the spreading of diseases… (in the same way as war is good for business for weapons manufacturers so too is ill-health good for the drug companies)

i had obviously hit a raw nerve and the people committing the crimes decided to do something about it

i was in an interview room in a police station

there were three, four or five men in the room and they were “leaning on me”

the men were probing for a weakness in my character or an angle which would get me to recant

they meant business

i realised i had only one way out

was thinking how to make my initial response believable when the dream ended


this is an and/or time-tense of 3, 6, 7, 9

qod 3

qos 3.5


vividness: 3.3

stand-out moment:

notes 1

during the day had been thinking of how to present crimes being enacted against humanity by the oligarchs to ordinary people



name of dream: x dream – sight and finger sensations 1

a two-scene dream

in the first scene, my girl was standing at the furthest point away from me in a room about six metres by four metres… waiting

i got up from the couch, walked over to her and held her hand and led the way back to the couch

she lay back on the couch

her eyes were closed

i had my arm under her neck and leant down into her and said: “let’s kiss for an hour”

within a minute or two of dream time, i said: “let me touch you. i won’t hurt you”

she never said anything

just after i began to touch her i glanced at her face

her face had an intense sensuous look that was most noticeable around her mouth and eyes, which were still closed

at that moment the sensations of her came through my finger-tips and the sight of the pleasure on her face produced the same sensations in my head of the pleasure she was experiencing (empathetic x sensations)

i woke up at this point and construed the dream and made it continue for another twenty minutes


this is an and/or time-tense of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

qod 4

qos 4


vividness: 3.8

stand-out moment: the sensation of touch and the look of pleasure on her face

notes 1

one thing that always gets me thinking is that regardless of the frame of mind of a woman or girl is in she is always receptive to kissing

notes 2

for a male, the pleasure-receptor cells cover about one ten-thousandth of the surface area of the body

for a woman, the pleasure-receptor cells cover one five-thousandth of the surface area of the body

on the way to transmutation, the pleasure of x experiences will intensify ten-thousandfold for males and five-thousandfold for females

as transmutated beings, we will enter the heavenly state with those feelings of pleasure described above

the feeling of pleasure being described here is the minimum physical state needed to begin the experience of the endlessly-expansive character of eternity

notes 3

this point is going to be repeated until you are fed up with hearing it… getting to heaven begins and ends with keeping abreast of the writer ethically for the next five thousand million years
(see Ethical Parameters)

* * *


name of dream: haute cuisine 1

at an extremely elegant restaurant

was at a table and in the company of a couple of ladies dressed up to the nines, bejewelled, and wearing their hair up

the women were wearing light-coloured clothing and their posture told me they had been to a finishing school

their confidence was somewhat misplaced

they weren’t that good-looking

what tipped the balance out of their favour was their teeth-smile

their teeth were evenly-spaced and symmetrical but their teeth were just too big

the food, however, was perfection

one of the dishes put in front of me was on a clear-glass boat-dish about three centimetres deep, twelve centimetres one way and five centimetres the other

it was a two-layered creation

dark-white on the bottom and snow-white on top

the top looked like folded white tissue paper

it was obviously going to taste out of this world but the intricacy of the weave of the top layer kept my gaze on it and the dream ended before i tasted it


the time-tense is an and/or of 1, 2, 3, 4

qod 3.4

qos 3.5


vividness 3.5

stand-out moment/s: the teeth-smile, the haute cuisine food in the last scene

notes 1

not 100% sure why some people like to flash their teeth when smiling

* * *


name of dream: x dream – in a hurry

the second consecutive hurried x dream

unlike the previous dream, both parties were satisfied with the quality


time-tense: 3

qod 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.8

stand-out moment: the final part of the dream

notes 1

why there is an urgency in both dreams is not clear

it may be that in one respect time is running out

second dream

name of dream: ravel’s bolero

was at a table in a public place and as i was reading and writing bit’s ‘n’ pieces of ravel’s bolero was sounding out of my mouth

on occasions, i was adding to the melody by stuttering an extra few notes

the notes complemented rather than detracted from the tune

someone nearby heard the variations and began a conversation


time-tense: an and/or of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

qod 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.6

stand-out moment:

third dream

name of dream: winning ticket

in the dream, i was woken out of my sleep

an excited somebody was telling me i had won a money-prize on a scratch-card

i had to verify it and went and saw a woman who was asking a small gathering to check their numbers for the number ninety-three on the third line down on their scratch-cards

it was in my numbers

with more than a little enthusiasm, i pushed my way through other people, who were disappointed not to have won, to where the woman who was asking people to check their tickets was standing and thrust the ticket at her

she looked at the ticket and said “yes, it’s a winning ticket”

i think she anticipated what i was going to say next and before i could ask how much i had won she said “we just have to wait to see if the person who has the number ninety-three in the fourth row of the ticket makes a claim”

the dream must be a future time-tense because with the twiddle of a nob or two on the tablet-sized screen she was holding the woman organiser showed me the asset’s of both the woman and myself

our assets were neatly laid out on a five or six step display about a metre and a third high and eight metres or so wide

a quick comparison of our assets showed that i had, by far, more assets than the woman and only a stingy, greedy, money-grabber would begrudge the woman-winner the prize

at that moment i could see the amount of the prize money on the screen of the tablet

it was forty-eight pound

it was going from bad to worse

why had i been woken out of my sleep for a measly forty-eight quid ?

it was more likely i would pay someone fifty pounds to make sure i wasn’t woken out of my sleep


time-tense: 3

qos 3.7

qod 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.8

stand-out moment: the picture on the screen of the tablet showing my asset’s

they were impressive

notes 1

perhaps there is a moral somewhere in this dream

it’s something to think about for the rest of the day

* * *


name of dream: improvised song 5; rub-a-dub

eight or nine two-line impromptu lyrics sung to the tune of rub a dub soldier

i’m just a rub-a-dub soldier,
trying to keep the music alive

music makes us feel young as we get older,
keeps the spirit alive

looking forward, never over the shoulder,
to a destination, do we ever arrive ?

i’m just a rub-a-dub dubbing,
keeping dancing alive

singing is a way of romancing,
sweet tunes keeps love alive

can see other people coming,
it’s the start of a vibe

we’re all rub-a-dub soldiers,
a part of the music tribe


woke up on the seventh or eighth couplet


time-tense: 5

qod 3.5

qos 3.7



stand-out moment:

notes 1

was awake from the third or fourth line onward

which makes this an Externalised Dream

* * *


name of dream: into the heart of postulate 1

the significance of this dream lies in both its location and time-tense

the time-tense underpins the efforts of love/life across many undulations which encapsulates the present of the present undulation (time-tense 5)

the location in the dream is not a location which exists in time-tense 5

this dream exemplifies the endeavours of love/life and epitomises or sums-up the trials and tribulations we are currently experiencing and will continue to experience for many undulations to come at this point in time

this dream has a slightly oppressive feel to it

the oppression in the dream reflects a limit of love/lifes capacity to indulge devolutionary trends and practises at the expense evolutionary trends and practises

your attention is drawn to the despair love/life feels as it “closes down” or “tapers off” those circumstances which permit beings with death-outcome realities to practice being themselves

the dream itself had four or five scenes

the most relevant one is where the dreamer is running at a sustainable pace from place to place delivering a message

running in the dream occupied most of the dream


time-tense: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 probably future tenses

qod 3.2

qos 3.6


vividness 3.4

second dream (second sleep)

name of dream:
dream-state mate 1

got a text from a girl whose phone text-name was “boys from brazil”

the text read… “where can i find you ?”


time-tense: 5

qod 3.4

qos 3.4

p/o ?

vividness 3.4

stand-out moment

as the dream ended and it was realised it was a “follow-on dream”

notes 1

the original dream took place in a large and crowded bed and breakfast, there may not have been a breakfast

i was going from room to room, opening each door and calling out a name, can’t remember the name i was calling out

one of the doors opened into a single room

in the room was a girl sitting on a bed next to a window

she looked lonely

i went and sat next to her and she responded to my presence by leaning into me

x followed but i felt it was done with too much haste and we both felt it was unsatisfactory or could/should have been better

i took her number and remembered her phone name because it was unusual

the name she was using was also the name of a film which didn’t have any connection to her or us which i could associate with it

notes 2

this dream is a continuation of a dream from the second or third of this month

it wasn’t made an entry because the original dream was an x dream

with so many infants on the receiving end  (currently eighteen thousand children dying each day) of the realities brought into being by those with death-outcome assertions in their souls it occurred to the writer that his x dreams are, to a person who is suffering, inappropriate

however, this dream is a new variation within the dream-state and needs to be placed on the record

notes 3

with the trillions upon trillions of variations of experiences contained within all undulations so far enacted it shouldn’t be a surprise to realise that there will appear to be an endless variety of new experiences waiting to be tapped into within both the dream-state and the awake-state

the reader needs to bear in mind that the experiences of undulations are finite

the point that experiences with finite values become bland within the context of eternity has been made elsewhere

it is though, an important point and the experiences of undulations should be noted by the individual as something which is nothing other than the means to an end

that being said the experiences we will be enacting throughout this undulation are/have been tailored to be the run-up leading to the forever newness embodied in straight-line action and our experiences throughout this undulation can be considered as part of the conditioning or preparation we have to undergo to acclimatise ourselves to endless variation

* * *


name of dream: comfortableness can be complicated

the whole of this dream revolved around the variations which came from making modifications to an adjustable bed

an awake-time neighbour was interested in buying an adjustable bed the same as the one i had bought a week or two before

the slats of the bed were made of wood and didn’t have any degree of flexibility

it was thought that if a different material was used, in the dream the wood slats had been changed for black, semi-rubberised, slats, it would give even greater comfort through flexibility

there were eight or more changes that were suggested as being improvements and with each new suggestion a different scene occurred in the dream showing the bed with the new changes

keeping abreast of the changes was quite difficult

for each new suggested change, it meant rolling back the design features that had been added which could be three, four or five modifications

in effect, it meant having to re-design the bed from scratch every time a new idea was introduced

the difficulty was re-summoning the pictures in the order they would look with the new changes added

the degree of difficulty in bringing the pictures to mind was akin to a think-read dream but with pictures and not grammatically correct wording

surprisingly, it was easier to recall pictures in sequence than it was to remember the word-sequence of think-read dreams


time-tense: probably future tenses

qod 3.7

qos 3.8


vividness 3.3

stand-out moment: the ease with which pictures could be recalled in the correct sequence

* * *


name of dream: warming technology 1

two of the dreams last night featured a cylindrical object about half a metre tall and approximately the width of an average-sized clenched fist

in one dream it was a portable heating device

anything combustible could be dropped into the top of the cylinder and the device, which didn’t weigh hardly anything, would convert it to white heat

at the bottom, there was a slide-across flap that went around half of the width of the cylindrical device and was about seven or eight centimetres in height

when the flap was open enough heat came out of the opening to make toast or marshmallows and if the area it was in wasn’t much taller than a person and not more than a couple of metres wide it was efficient enough to warm four or five people in an impressively fast time

the dream was set in a small courtyard which had three or four or five-storey buildings which surrounded the courtyard on four sides

the courtyard itself was not more than five metres across

people were gathering and the merits of the device were being talked about as this sequence of the dream ended


time-tense: probably past tenses

qod 3.4

qos 3.5


vividness 3

stand-out moment:

2nd dream: name; sound technology 1

in this dream, the cylindrical object was a portable p.a. and a music player

my girlfriend and me were enjoying being the centre of attention, which is what we became every time we turned on the device

on this occasion, we were sitting in an empty part of a very large cafeteria which could cater for a couple of hundred or more people

the nearest people to us were fifteen to twenty metres away

we chose a popular piece of music and slowly and subtly increased the volume of the music and balanced the volume of our voices so both were at the same volume

it didn’t take more than seven or eight seconds for heads to start turning in our direction

this is what was drawing peoples attention to the music and the voices of my girlfriend and me in the dream

they could hear what we were saying in a normal tone of voice twenty, and more, metres away !


time-tense: future tenses

qod 3.7

qos 3.5


vividness 3

stand-out moment:

notes 1

the trick to playing music that people twenty metres away can hear without it being obtrusive is to have high ohm speakers

i first became aware of the merits of high impedance speakers when i was about twenty-two

i was friendly with a sixteen-year-old boy called julian and we both lived in muswell hill in london

shortly after becoming friends he took me to his home

we went to his room

it was sparse but had style

he turned the music on and i became confused

i could hear the music only too clearly but couldn’t see where it was coming from

all i could see was the stereo system, a deep alcove with shelves which had books and a t.v. on them

there were two radiators, one either side of the room, and the sofa i was sitting on and there may have been a picture or two on the walls

after eight or nine or ten seconds i had to ask: “where’s the sound coming from”

he pointed to the radiator nearest to me and said “there”

the vast majority of you will be familiar with what a speaker looks like but very few of you will be able to visualise an electrostatic speaker

will let you delve into the technicalities of them for yourself

the thing about them which is relevant to this dream is their clarity and their ohmage

typically, professional speakers are eight ohms, electrostatic are sixty-four

what does that mean ?

in the summer when the french doors to the garden were open and the family were moving between the living room and the garden people would comment that the sound of the music was as clear at the far end of the garden as it was in the living room

the beauty of high impedance speakers is that the volume stays the same at greater distances away from the speakers even when the music is being played softly

i bought the speakers from julian a couple of years later for £55

dreams 3 and 4 only vaguely remembered

the first an x dream

the second was something to do with deciphering

notes 1

an x dream only partly remembered !

must be getting old