dreams: a mini-montage

a mini-montage is a sequence of five or less images which, may or may not, have movement in them

a montage is a sequence of images with or without motion in them which last for a half of one second or less and can be as long as one or two seconds

a montage is characterised by the accompanying realisation of being in awake-time

montages can be controlled by the person in that the images can be of the persons own making

moving images can be replayed and still images can be “freeze-framed” which enables a person to take in the detail

as of today, 15012019, this website has had no black and white montages

montages are categorised first, by the number of image/sequences they contain…

a mini-montage:five or less images =

a montage: five to ten images

a mega-montage: ten to one hundred images or sequences

a maxi-montage: one hundred to five hundred images

montage-minded: more than five hundred images


same-theme montages


mixed-theme montages






awake-time montages


dream-time montages
one times two times three times four times five times six times seven times eight times nine times ten times 11 = 331 000 000 + categories of montages !

see also the dream of 15112017