dreams: 2009 through 2016

index of the meanings of unfamiliar words and terms used in dreams diary

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using the dreams database                                         dreams 2009 through 2018


first sleep

had to pick up some money for a job done

at the house there were two young boys using a long, thin bit of flat metal trying to scoop coins through a small gap at the bottom of the door

they looked up at me and thought they were in trouble

they didn’t realise the door was open and were even more non-plussed as i opened the door by the handle

the money had been stacked in piles of £1 coins, fifty pence pieces and smaller denominations

i picked up the pound and fifty pence coins and shoved the three or four other stacks of coins to them

qod 3.4 qos 3.5 p

second sleep

was in a small room

the moment you took a step into the room you were up against the bed

there was a single bed, a dressing table about a metre long and half a metre wide against the wall which left about another half of a metre gap between the bed and the dressing table

on the bed was a polar bear the size of a stocky young men and looked like it weighed about two hundred pound

from it’s movements it was obviously a youngster

i didn’t feel threatened and wouldn’t be frightened if i had to share the bed with it when it was time to sleep

however i knew it would be just a matter of time before it became hungry

i had shepard’s pie in a white porcelain bowl about half the size of a fruit bowl and put about an eighth of it into the lid of the bowl put it near the polar bear

i don’t think the polar bear even saw the lid portion and went straight to the bowl and woofed it down in about three gulps

i offered the bear something else in a mug and the stand-out part of the dream was the movement of it’s nose as it sniffed at the contents in the cup

first ever dream of a polar bear

qod 3.0 qos 3.3 p

* * *


epic dream

what a dream!

an x dream (5) that contained responsibility

qod 4.3 qos 3.2 – participant

* * *


a baby in the family

a real-time teenage best friend and i were chatting away as we were walking back to where i lived

i unlocked the front door and my friend entered first and enthusiastically said his hello’s

a chorus of shhh’s resounded through the room

“the baby’s sleeping” my mother said looking towards a baby cot

i woke up wondering whose baby it was

qod 3.6 qos 3.8 participant

* * *


montage sequence (with one exception all images were black and white)

this montage had four unusual characteristics compared to other montage sequences. 1) it happened before going to sleep and i was fully conscious. 2) it was black and white. 3) the images and movements were blurred or undefined. 4) there were at least fifty image/sequences (more than double that of previous sequences)

the thought has occurred that because montage sequences contain more consciousness than dreams it may be a natural ability which can be brought into the conscious state at will

what the purpose of such an ability is isn’t known yet or has yet to be developed in a way which has purposeful applications


* * *


montage sequence

hadn’t slept for twenty eight hours and was feeling tired

the moment i closed my eyes this montage began

this montage sequence was different to other sequences in that every image/sequence was in a frame (imagine the task-bar of your computer twice as thick and being on all four sides of the screen)

specifically, what this experience has highlighted is the very slim margin between the awake-state and being asleep


* * *


most of this dream was spent planning a robbery with an accomplice

he had come across a metal wardrobe-size safe in the government dept he worked in

it was oligarch slush money which wasn’t on the books

if the money went missing a full and proper investigation wouldn’t be possible which upped our chances of getting away with it

in the next scene we had opened the safe and were amazed at just how much money there was and how we were going to transport it

in the next scene we were having some friends over for a meal

our guests were on their way and i was standing at the cooker doing the cooking which was two large pots of sauce, one white and one brown

i was still thinking about the robbery and kept getting the feeling we were going to get caught

my girlfriend came into the kitchen and let me know the sauce needed more of something or other in it

i phoned the guests and asked them to stop off somewhere and buy some chips

qod 3.3 qos 3.9 p

* * *


in a wooded area with a group of thirty or so other males

we were picking up rubbish, it may have been a prison work-party

i saw an oval object about the size of a pomegranate and picked it up

the outer part of the object had two distinct halves which were metal or a hard plastic

on the top there was a finger-hole which was there to enable the finger to press down onto the inner body of the object which could be depressed

one of the work-party came over to me and let me know it was his

i asked him what it was used for and he explained it was a plunger for a particular situation in plumbing

i was very impressed with the cleverness and the simplicity of it and asked him if he had designed it

he nodded

i walked over to where a couple of supervisors were standing and said to them “this person has invented a device which has useful applications and a person who can originate one good idea can originate two good ideas”

the next scene was in the same place just a few metres from the previous scene

there was a brown patch of ground about two-metres across

there were two women and a man standing evenly-spaced around the inside edge of circle and they were waiting for me to take my position

as soon as i was in position the four of us began rising into the air

i could feel the firmness of something solid under my feet but couldn’t see anything

the dream ended as we were ascending

qod 3.8
qos 4

* * *


a taxi pulled up near me to pick me up

it was a large limo-type taxi, a merc i think

i got in and the driver began reversing very fast

i could feel the weight of the car as i was pushed back in my seat, it felt like i was sitting in a luxurious sofa

it looked like we were going to crash into a lamppost but the driver was in complete control and pulled up in time

the car began accelerating and as i was pushed back into the seat and again the feel of comfortableness was the stand-out bit of the dream

qod 3.2 qos 3.3 p

* * *


* * *


x dream (5)


it should be mentioned that most, if not all, of these types of dreams have a wholesome nature where the writer is the participant

* * *


was at a train station with another person

the person i was with hardly spoke at all

i think he had a mental disability

we had a choice of which train to catch

the train which was going first was leaving more or less straight away

i decided to get on it

we tried to get to the platform but there weren’t any stairs to get to it

as far as i could see it meant having to cross some tracks on foot

the thing which made me decide not to try to get across the tracks was that the line looked like it hadn’t been used for years

there was long grass growing between the rail track and the platform we would have to go to was deserted and the buildings and structures of the platform looked like they hadn’t been used in many years

so i decided to wait where we were and catch the later train

it meant we had time to get something to eat

we were in a fairly busy cafeteria which served a cook meal

there was hot pork still on the bone and it looked delicious

two men in white catering attire we were ready to serve us

one of them could see i had my eye on the pork and said “how do you like your pork?”

i said “large and succulent”

he cut off a sliver of about 12 ounces

one of the men said something to the person i was with but his reply didn’t answer the question

i spoke on his behalf and said something which made the men behind the counter smile

another question was directed at the person i was with and his reply didn’t make any sense at all

i jumped in and quipped “do you know what century your’e in?”

four or five people laughed out loud and the dream ended there

qod 3.9 qos 3.5 p

* * *


a dream about e.t.’s and ufo’s

it brought the reasons for people being so reluctant to talk about the evidence to the fore

upon waking the idea to do something more about the problem was considered

the thought of listing the film studios in the forefront of portraying aliens as killers over the years and coupling that info with with their links to the oligarchs and the oligarch structure began to form…

qod 3.1
qos 3.3

* * *


embarrassment in dreams

was in a small accomodation with an oriental woman

i could tell she liked me and i leant forwards to give her a quick kiss

as soon as our lips touched i became ravenous and went into a full hard lip-press

she was taken aback for a moment but soon responded in a similar fashion

it was her who then went into overdrive and reached down and held onto me

i began pressing my pelvis into hers in a x rhythm

before i knew what had happened she loosened my clothing and hers and conjoined us

the sensations were as good as usual and this dream could have gone on to a natural conclusion but after half a minute or so another woman’s came from the right of me

it was a friend of the woman and she spoke to her in a causal way and the woman i was embracing began talking back to her in an equally relaxed manner

i was mortified

the stuation got worse when a mans voice sounded at the back of me

i immediately stopped everything and re-dressed myself and went to the nearest corner of the room and buried my face in my hands

it was the most embarrassing moment of my life

i was thankful to the nth degree that the woman i was embracing hadn’t let my trousers fall to the floor, that would have been the end of my own sense of respectability forever

i would never have been the same again

i kept my face hidden under my hands and was shaking my head and letting out the occasional sound of disbelief

the conversation between the three of them continued and it was obvious they had taken the situation in their stride

i had to get away but didn’t want it be an unsociable exit

i began waking and for some eight or so seconds i was still feeling the embarrassment to the extent that i ducked my head under the quilt to keep my face hidden

can’t think of what the pde’s were which brought this dream on

the chances are the origin of this dream is something much more subtle

qod 4.2
qos 4

* * *


secretive goings on

i had become accepted as a useful addition to a group of personnel who were part of a government “black ops” set-up

in one scene there were three operatives of imposing physical stature dressed in black and they looked like they could cause some serious problems

a meeting was set up in an isolated area and i arrived there with one of the operatives who was the spitting image of lou diamond phillips

we were waiting for someone and i was out of the car looking for them

a car sounded its horn and we both turned to see someone who wasn’t part of the operation sitting in a maxi car

he had obviously deliberately drawn our attention to him and sat facing away from us indicating he didn’t want us to approach him

the man i was with was seriously concerned

someone he didn’t know was ahead of our game and must have known what was happening

i realised the man in the car was letting me know he was on my side

the man pulled away from his stationary position and waved his hand in an acknowledging way as passed by us

the operative was stunned

how could the man in the car possibly have known he would be there?

he was expressing his disbelief of the situation when the dream ended

qod 3.2
qos 4

* * *


an undressed young woman who looked like she had just got out of the bath moved closer to the camera of her computer clasped her hands and said “i’m looking for a firm relationship”

qod 3.9 qos 4

* * *


3rd sleep

i was in my mothers company

we were talking about an up and coming visit of relatives

the husband of my mothers younger sister was to be stopping with us but no mention was made of his wife

i exclaimed, “does that mean iris is dead?”

i woke from the dream at that point

i had sent but not received a christmas card last year

i thought one of them had died

at of this writing i still don’t know

qod 2.6
qos 3.3

2nd sleep

1st dream

in an aunties house (g’s)

x was in the air

someone said “in a while”

it became a while and i began looking for her

tried one or two rooms but couldn’t find anyone

i went upstairs but still there was no one anywhere

i shouted out something hoping she would answer

a sound from downstairs drew me back down

i opened a door and my mother was sitting on the toilet

she said “a bit later”

the dream ended

2nd dream

was walking from the bus stop back to where i was living (location 3)

i had a grey dog with me which was just out of the puppy stage (a real life dog from 30 years back)

he didn’t seem to want to walk so i picked him up

after a half a dozen steps he was struggling to get out of my arms

i put him back down again but he seemed to be having trouble moving

i thought he was ill

i bent to pick him up again and noticed a few blobs of poop near him and when i looked at him again he was letting it all go

doggy bags weren’t compulsory back then and i began cursing to myself

i looked for something to put it in

there wasn’t any paper to be seen

i was becoming impatient, this wasn’t something i wanted to have to expend time and mental effort on

a plant with cabbage-sized leaves came into view which would do the job even better

all the poop went into one leaf and i dropped it into a drain

next scene

i was another forty or fifty metres closer to where i lived

there was a two-tone brown piece of wood which was about two inches square just ahead of me

i done a little shuffle to get myself into position to kick it onto a lawn a metre or two to my left

i put no more energy into the kick than was necessary to move it a metre or two but when i kicked it took off and went about thirty metres and nestled into a position in the wall which seemed to be made for it as it was symmetrical to the wall and complimented the colour of the wall

if that wasn’t enough of a surprise when i told someone nearby what had just happened and drew their attention to it i noticed the wood had landed perfectly flush into a position in a gap between the first and third of three other similar brick-shaped objects which were there for decorative purposes

i said to the person “you couldn’t do that again if you tried” and “it would take a million years to do that” and was thinking of what else to say when the dream ended

third dream

was on my own in what looked like the stoke area of location 146

i was walking along a busy row of shops in what seemed to be early evening

i was taking in the sights and sounds and then, for no apparent reason the scene of the dream changed

i was now in completely unfamiliar surroundings and i had a quilt wrapped about my unclothed body

the surroundings were spacious

apart from a building to my left it was a distant horizon in every direction

i was standing at the edge of what struck me as being the car park of a motorway cafe or the customer car-parking area of a small mall or except there were no vehicles

i saw a group of five women standing and talking about thirty metres away and walked towards them

as i approached them they began dispersing

the one who was closest to me was finishing her cigarette and walking away from me as i approached

i said “exscuse me, i’ve lost my bearings. can you tell me what area i’m in?”

she said “america” and after a small hesitation, “your’e not him”

i said “not who?”

she said “moses”

in that moment the dream began to make sense

i said “how about jesus?”

i walked to the door where she had walked through

to the left of that door was another door

i decided to go thorough that one and not the one the woman had walked through

it was the men’s room

a man, 6 feet eight if he was an inch was facing the wall

i said “do i look like a reasonable person?”

he said something with an american accent and i didn’t understand a word of it but the tone of voice told me not o speak to him again

back out in the open i decided to go to a police station and let the police disprove my story that i had been abducted by good-guy aliens and put in america for a purpose

how were people going to be able to explain getting how i had got through customs, was in england the prior to appearing in a car park, point them to my website…?” this was going to be fun

qod 3.8 qos 3.8

* * *



new category of dream

head/torso/arms/observer montage dreams

this dream had about seven different picture sequences

they were all of women in the act of giving or receiving x

the man wasn’t evident in any of the sequences, not so much as a finger

the two sequences which are most vividly remembered are of a young woman in the cowgirl position

her movements were what a girl enjoying dancing would be be making

not backwards and forward but left to right sideways turning, more in the fashion of the “twist” dance

by complete contrast, there was a frail, pallid looking woman on her back who was totally unresponsive as the thrusts pushed her back

she was either in a deep sleep or dead

it is said that the the mind thinks in extremes

this dream may have been the mind encapsulating all of the possible realities we can experience

not too difficult to asses what the pde’s of this dream was

a woman i spoke to in the street a few months back said that man think about about sex every two seconds

now there’s a woman in need

qod 3
qos 3.2


name of dream: carmen

there were three things in this dream that had characteristics which should be brought to your attention

the first is the sounds of the song itself

it was bizet’s carmen

for those not familiar with the song you can treat yourself to it here

there were twenty or thirty people in this dream

we were in a circle and began to shuffle in a slightly stiff manner when the song began

then, when the chorus began, we began to move more fluidly and started humming along with the tune

each time the chorus came in we began singing in harmony with it
our harmony was at a different pitch to the song

we then started to ad-lib the words of the song and, believe it or not, the sound of the performers meshed with ours and the song took on an even more appealing sound

it was beauty in music

there may be those who scoff at the thought of the song sounding even better than it does

this is dream-time reality people

dreams are where your most daring fantasies can/will come true

the most relevant aspect of this dream was the chance to gauge how long a dream lasts for

those who know the song also knows the song lasts for four to five minutes

this was the first time it has been possible to get an objective comparison of the difference in values of the sense of time in dream-time and the sense of time in the awake-time

if this difference between dream-time and awake-time holds for all dreams then the difference in time-values between sleep-time and awake-time tells us that dream-time passes at least ten times more quickly than awake-time experiences

if i didn’t know the song and based how long it lasted purely on the dream i would have said the song lasts for twenty to thirty seconds !


either an and or of time-tense 1 or 3 – qod 4 – qos 3.5 – p/o ? – vividness: 3.6

stand-out moment: the harmonies

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: our ability to appreciate beauty in any form

category of dream: informative

cause/s of the dream: ?


holiday with brother in amsterdam… transfer from voice 1 on samsung  phone


epic dream 2

within the first few seconds of this dream, the word love sounded out

the sound of the word conveyed the stamp of time

the word love could have been the first sound a baby made (possibly the baby hadn’t cried when she took her first breath or had just learnt it as her first word or perhaps it was a spontaneous and simultaneous collective sentiment [a sentiment so powerful it took on form], that emanated from two or more babies (it would be a challenge to a film director to portray this scene)

there was an air of efficiency but also a professional detachment of what was probably a hospital

the dream had me at a dozen or so different places, walking along corridors, walking up stairs, standing and sitting in rooms

at about the tenth scene a single note, of what sounded like a sitar, resounded throughout the building

gradually, in very subtle ways, the air of detached efficiency started to change

first, the lighting became softer, then people, without actually saying anything, became more amenable

there wasn’t the detached air of professional efficiency there was previously

people slowed as they walked past as though they wanted to stop and speak

the single note sounded again, and again subtle changes occurred

the lighting became lighter, the building looked cleaner, the women’s uniforms had style

again the note played, only now the lapse of the time between one note and the previous one had shortened

the dream continued like that… every time a note sounded the intensity of congeniality improved, people walked with a more relaxed gait, smiles became more regular, little touches of cooperation could be seen, the tone of people’s voices took on concern, compassion, friendliness, interest…

eventually, the notes formed a melody

the melody matched the new mood

caring dominated the drive to accomplish

love had taken residence there

the dream ended

this dream could, with the right director, be turned into a great film

* * *


epic dream 1

a dream-drama of a thousand scenes, but no story

each scene stands alone, complete in itself

there were dozens of scenes in this dream

the dream itself was a long one, a very long one


an air of trepidation accompanied many of the scenes and every scene conveyed the need to accomplish

the big size of the sea and of the even bigger size of the city

every person was a person of courage

every thought and movement were weighed for advantages and disadvantages

never knowing if the next man would be an indispensable ally or an undefeatable foe

minds so pricked to danger they could sense the air on their feet

not knowing whether to chance to bribe a guard and winning the day, for if the guard was a man of loyalty it would bring immediate death

men dressed in the toga-style but with the top and bottom separated and made of sackcloth


a tumultuous sea with giant white horses, a battle could be sensed raging between the horses, but no fighting could be seen

movements of great subtlety and stealth as fingers touched
sheaved-knives and swords

tall rampart-type streets, empty and filled with caution

a woman poised, dressed stylishly, and waiting, waiting, waiting…

a man against a wall, slowly, patiently, inching his way along

another man in an enclosed area, his body cocked, ready for anything

a fearless gate-keeper confronting a would-be entrant


this dream could be this point of time of a past undulation of mammal man’s evolution; it could also be this point of time of a future undulation

this dream was thoroughly enjoyable despite its theme

it was akin to a think-read dream in that oneself could will the next part of the dream to occur

unlike a think-read dream, it didn’t present the dreamer with a conclusion

but can’t life be viewed like that?

uncountable different parts that never conclude

based on the pde’s, interpretations could be assigned to this dream

instead, it is preferred that it be left without analysis (paralysis through analysis?)

we can analyse our dreams, and the analysis can be correct

it is thought though that the points made so far and the application of the awakening common sense should be enough to get people by for this epoch

it is hoped that this is the first in a long line of epic dreams and it is thought that the best way to achieve that hope is to regard this dream as the timeless-conscious demonstrating it’s unique character

therefore, the timeless-conscious is going to be left alone, in terms of analysis, and left to do its thing… merging with the time-conscious


serial/episode dreams

this is the third serial/episode dream of the writers unillustrious life

the first episode of this serial dream (a one-scene dream) was the day before this one

in the one-scene dream, i was standing and looking down at a rectangular see-through malleable plastic container that had a removable top to it

the contents were clearly visible

the objects in the plastic container were about five centimetres tall and about two and a half centimetres wide

at first look, the objects looked like mushrooms, only the stalks were noticeably hyperboloid in shape (pic 1) and at the bottom of them were what looked liked thick white/grey roots

the cap of the mushroom-like objects was grey/brown with four or five red spots on it and the cap of the mushroom-like objects stuck out from the stalk by about a centimetre

my first thought was that they were sweets

i took the lid off the container with the intention of smelling it to confirm if were sweets

i don’t recall if it had a smell or not but decided not to eat it

and that was the end of the scene of this one scene-dream


the dream the next night started as i had just gone through the front door of the house where i was staying

it was a two-up, two-down house and i had a bedsit at the back

as i walked through the hallway to get to my room, on my left, the door to the flat at the front of the house was open

i looked in and saw a man looking at me

i stopped and stood and glanced around the room

there were two men

one had a pair of earphones on and was busy adjusting knobs and switches of audio equipment and the other, the man i saw first, was holding a microphone and, as i was about to find out, was hosting a radio competition

the man holding the microphone invited me to be the challenger to the person who was on the other end of the phone

i’ve won a few real-life competitions in my day (the last one was over the christmas season just gone. in that one i won a handsome sekonda watch) so i fancied my chances, besides, what did i have to lose?

it was a three-question competition and the winner would be the one who got all of the three questions right

it seemed the quiz lasted about three seconds in this dream, but we’re in timeless-conscious in dreams, and could have been three minutes

anyway, i won, easily, too easily for the quiz-master

he was one of those sorts of people who’s got a bug up his a when it comes to smart a’s

with an air of smug delight, his smile had broadened, he was the adjudicator and his decision was final, he pronounced the challenger on the phone was the winner (this may be linked to a real-life phone-in competition i was in back in christmas time of 1968. in that competition, i didn’t win outright but was level with my competitor at the end of the quiz. the host of had to choose who was the winner and i was the loser. i felt i’d got the short end of the stick then too)

i looked at him with disgust, and he was loving it

i’d have the last laugh though

the time would come when he would need a stand-in challenger again

he’d come knocking on my door and i’d tell him to shove it)

at that moment though, i was well mift

i turned away as quickly as i could so he wouldn’t be able to gloat at me fuming and went into my room

i went to the other side of the room and emptied my pockets of bit’s ‘n pieces on to the top of a table

i turned around and immediately noticed that one of the mushroom-like objects, from the dream the night before, was on the other side of the bed

within a second, again, in timeless-conscious it’s hard to tell, of me staring at it the mushroom-like object began morphing

it became a five-centimetre cat

it was sleek and had the body of a cheetah, although it had the face of a kitten

it began to walk along the bed towards me (it is at times like this i wish i had an expensive computer graphics programme and the skill to use it. i’m not going to attempt to describe its movements. the movements of the animal were out of this world. it wasn’t flying or anything like that. it was the…)

i stood fixed, trying to make sense of what it was i was looking at

i was very slightly nervous, this thing could be or do anything it wanted

the man who had hosted the radio quiz was standing in the doorway

his teeth smile was bearing down on me

he let out an ordinary, quick, laugh

amazement, awe, incredulity… yes, but laughing, definitely not

i did start laughing, though, and woke to the sound of my own laughter (this is also the third laughing dream this year)


the movements of the, what i’m going to call a being, being are indelibly fixed in my memory

the time will come, i hope, when they’ll be a little help on hand which will enable me to share some of the things i have to share

those of you who are new to dreams and dream theory… you are missing out by not tapping into your timeless-conscious

there’s stuff in there that will broaden your view of life, and even enrich your life


it’s possible that the one-scene dream was a “set up” i.e. the one scene dream episode of this serial dream sequence was contrived to arrive at the second scene

“set-up by whom?” i hear you asking

take a wild guess

this explains why I didn’t win the phone competition and the out-of-context smile of the quiz-master


hopefully, this is the first and second of what will turn into a multi-episode, and if it carries as much significance as i think it might, it may turn into a multi-serial dream

we know from other episode/serial dreams they can span years


this dream has opened up new thoughts regarding evolution…

the writer has assumptions regarding how evolution occurs, i.e. all classes of the man-shaped being (summary: long version. part 8) follow the same pattern… primitive fish, amphibian, and several stages of quadruped

it’s possible that within the next two or three hundred or two three hundred thousand or two or three million or two or three hundred million of the hundred thousand million classes of beings scheduled to emerge over the next five thousand million (summary: long version. part 8) years will go from a sophisticated “vegetable” stage to the quadruped stage

missing all the in-between steps


over the past three months, dreams and dream theory have been neglected and i’ve got out of the habit of remembering and recording dreams

perhaps this the time to start anew, and as i get back into the routine of remembering dreams i can tell you how i did it and it should be the same for you

but these dream entries take up masses of time to convey

putting this and the other entry together has taken three to four hours!

* * *



two types of consciousness in dreams

if movements and visualisations in dreams get any more sophisticated than this, this website would like to hear about it

however, it is not the incredible motions and sights in this dream which makes it worthy of note

it is because in this dream the dreamer got closer than ever to being able to form the content of the dream while in timeless consciousness

admittedly, it was towards the end of the dream (the “crossing-over” point between the two states of consciousness) however, the ability to affect the content of the dream was marked, distinct…

there were, at least, two separate occasions when consciousness went from one state to the other

the implications, if taken to their logical outcome, have fantasy-level implications

another step has been taken in crossing the bridge of comprehension of self

we are entering a world where time and timelessness co-exist

we can carry on using the comparison/analogy with quantum theory…

the quantum character of substance is the timeless conscious and our everyday experience of reality (classical mechanics) is time-conscious

our time-conscious can, and does, affect events at an atomic, and even at a simple molecular, level (see the act of observation)

it is beyond dispute that pde’s affect the timeless conscious

the dream itself… sequence one*

a sickeningly-smug religious man, wearing a black habit with white trimmings at some of its edges, and large black skullcap, was, at first, normal size, but became the size of a finger-puppet, when i attached two or three string-cables to him which were highly responsive to my touch

the slightest touch sent him one metre one way and then he swung back, with slightly less momentum, to more or less where the movement began

he became life-sized again and was still maintaining the composure of self-righteousness, which is what i was trying to change

i mind-willed him to finger-size again and gave him another, slightly more energetic, push

when he was life-sized again he agreed with my way of seeing things (will let you work out for yourselves what the pde’s were for this part of the dream)

sequence two

was at a computer or a games console

i pressed something or toggled something and the screen came to life, and a video sequence began

the sensation of movement was immediate and fast, too fast, but before it unsettled me, my mind became focused on the shapes and colours and…

i was on a roller-coaster ride, but it wasn’t a carriage, and it wasn’t on tracks

couldn’t see the shape of whatever it was that was transporting me, indeed it may have been just a mind thing

it was a roller-coaster ride through a tube

the surface area of the tube was now the screen and it became a rapidly changing display of kaleidoscopic images that were continually changing, some stayed formed long enough to take in the detail

the roller coaster movement went at a slope down, slope up, slope sideways, twisting up, down and sideways, turning as it was twisting up, down and sideways, slowing down, speeding up, and always at a break-neck speed

it was a saturation of patterns and colours, predominantly orange

it was taking the mind to the very limits of its ability to perceive volume of input of motion, shape and colour

then it stopped, and the moment it stopped the desire to experience it again filled the senses

sequence three

i was back at where the dream began*, at a computer screen or game console, when the cross-over between states of conscious states occurred

it was possible to re-enter the roller-coaster reality twice more as a result of me wanting to, while in a time conscious state

in this, a time-conscious stimulated dreaming sequence, the motions and colours weren’t as intense as the original but, like eating another spoonful or two of a sweet pudding after becoming sated, it was still o.k.

it happened again on the second attempt, again the detail and newness of the experience had deteriorated

i knew i had crossed back fully to time-conscious as i was trying for the third time


we have to open up to the possibility that this type of dream can happen as a shared dream and, who knows, perhaps as group, and as a collective shared dream


*because i didn’t get to the computer straight away after waking can’t be sure which of the first two sequences came first

the third sequence is in the right place

* * *



intricate graphics in dreams

this dream is being made into an entry because of the extremely sophisticated pictures and visual sequences it contained

the reasons that caused the dream are known

we don’t need to go into those

what has to be thought about is the ability of the dream-time conscious to produce such complex visual content

this is the second dream with this type of visual content; the first was on the 15102015

we’re entering into a new dimension of abstract form (e.g. linear-shaped clouds)

the conundrum is why does the dream-time conscious feel the need to introduce to the awake-time conscious completely unfamiliar content when everyday visualisations could do the job just as easily

the first thought is we are being exposed to another aspect of reality

one which is as equally important in the understanding of self as quantum theory is to understanding physics

is the timeless conscious the underlying character upon which the time conscious is built?

physicists found themselves questioning the credibility of their discoveries as quantum theory was being formulated… “can nature really be as strange as the experiments indicate” (werner heisenburg)

the answer, we now know, is yes

furnace place falls into the category we’re talking about

for now, the dream-time conscious is going to be assigned as being the underlying character of the awake-time conscious: the conscious upon which the awake-time-conscious rests or is built



externalised /laughing dream

these dreams are becoming too much

listen to this…

the first half of the dream was a replay of a dream from between five months and two years ago

unfortunately that dream wasn’t made into an entry for dreams and dream theory

if it had it could have been accurately analysed and purposefully used

does the idea of spending half of your day concerning yourself with sleep and dreams seem a waste of time?

for some reason dreams and dream theory seems to be high on the agenda of love/life

in that, and this, dream… got onto a single-decker bus/coach

the bus/coach, almost immediately, started going too fast

within a couple of seconds (sleep-time) it had got out of control and careered off the road and into a circular tunnel, which went under another road, and became wedged between the sides of the tunnel

managed to squeeze out of the coach via the front door and began walking towards the other end of tunnel which was about thirty metres away

the entry/exit to the tunnel to which i was walking was at ninety degrees to the tunnel itself and was quite steeply sloped and the light of day was reaching into the tunnel… this is the end of the old dream

the new sequence begins here…to the left of me were a budget-film crew (sound man, director and camera man)

they were filming a crime movie

two men were having a fight against the wall on my left

the bus that had crashed had drawn two athletic, have-a-go type women, into the tunnel, to do they’re christian duty

they bounded into the tunnel and stood for a moment looking around to see where they could be most helpful

i couldn’t help myself, i shouted, “stop it, stop it, stop fighting”

it worked

the two, very healthy, women pounced on the two actors fighting and stopped, in double-quick time, what they thought was a real fight

as they were wallowing in the satisfaction of a job well done they began to realise that they had interrupted a filming sequence and it didn’t take them long to figure out who the culprit was

in the next scene of the dream one of the women made a hasty exit from the tunnel and the other one, wearing trousers, was slouched in a squat position, trimming the skin off the ends of her fingers with her teeth

i got the impression she was on the verge of coming over to me and poking me in the eye for making a fool of her

now, i had begun silently laughing the moment they had started moving, at speed, toward the two fighting actors

my amusement was growing, and every time i recalled the expression on their faces, as the embarrisng truth dawned on them, it became stronger

between looking at the girl with a disgusted-at-herself-for-being-so-easily-duped look on her face and recalling the expressions of the women (an awkward bemusement) at the moment of realising what they had done, the silent laughing had turned in to involuntary, noisy tittering and chuckling

it got to the point where the laughing was interfering with my physical ability to breathe

a final glance at the girl showed she was becoming infected by my laughing, and it was starting to make her smile

i woke up at a point of the laughing fit where i was not breathing in enough to feed my body with the air it needed to laugh

i was laughing hard for a full minute after waking and it took another minute or two after that for it to subside completetly (still chuckling a little as i’m writing this)

this dream was the result of what i thought was witty and amusing writing in a chat room on the internet yesterday

this entry has been made into an entry to point out the timeless conscious mind’s ability to turn or use a semi-disastrous event as a prequel for a bloody good laugh

we need to learn about, and develop, the faculties of the timeless conscious

there’s so much good stuff to unearth in it

a quick read of this article provides the scientific evidence of the benefits of laughter

the above corporeal interpretation explains laughter as the pituitary gland releasing endorphins into the brain

methinks it will, eventually, lead to laughter being tied into the timeless-conscious

perhaps a straight equation of a numerical increase or enhancement of love/life

this is the 3rd laughing dream this year

* * *



time conscious/timeless conscious dream

got back into bed after going to the bathroom and was waiting for sleep to claim me again

after a couple of minutes i began to feel more awake and realised i wasn’t going to back to sleep

i couldn’t figure it out…

hadn’t laid down during the day before and watched a film, as is common for me

had put twice as much effort into weight traning than usual

had been more active than usual about the house

had gone to bed early (10 pm)

normally that would have guaranteed a full-nights sleep or, as has always been the case until today, would have fell back to sleep within seconds of getting back into bed after coming back from the bathroom

i was miffed

it would mean i would be too tired to go through the whole day without having a sleep

which means my sleep routine still wasn’t settled

after coming back from the bathroom and before getting back into bed had looked at the wrist watch on the table… it was just after 2 am

after about 5-10 minutes, as i started feeling more awake it was noticed, through the cracks of where the curtains meet, the street lighting was brighter than usual

curious as to why that would be, i parted the curtains and had a peek

it was the daylight!

it was 8’o clock

i had dreamt i had woken up gone to the toilet, had the clear sensation of the cold bathroom floor on the bottom of my feet, looked at the watch before i got back into bed…

the cause of the dream?

fell asleep the night before watching the film dark skies

in the film two people had been “tampered” with and their waking and sleeping states had got mixed up

o.k. my mind latched onto the idea of not being able to distinquish between awake and sleeping

but that the sleeping mind can so fully convince the awake mind of a different reality!

you had better start accepting it people… there are going to be more twists and turns marrying the time conscious and the timeless conscious than there are in figuring out how we got here from nothing

* * *



externally-influenced dream

woke from this dream feeling drained, lethargic and more tired than before going to sleep

it was the most violent dream the writer has ever had

close to being a nightmare

three scenes of apparently wanton murder

its only saving grace was there were no children involved

a dozen or so people were burnt alive by some type of liquid fuel

a hose was jetting out a fountain of the fuel at any and everyone who came near me

there were some truly horrifying images in the dream and they were still occurring as i awoke feeling ill

feeling defeated that i’d had stray thoughts sometime during the day i began going through the thoughts and feelings of the previous day

there were one or two thoughts that weren’t fully wholesome… along the lines of not feeling too perturbed by the idea of homosexuals not gaining access to the future… but nothing of a destructive nature which would produce this type of dream

then it occurred to me that the last dream that was really violent happened more than a year ago

it was identified as being brought on by eating too much ham

the food the day before this dream was typically low-meat content meals so it couldn’t be attributed to food

then it was thought it might have been a combination of food and thoughts (had eaten some corned beef for the first time in several months) but that didn’t make enough sense

lay there for a full half-hour or more trying to isolate the cause of the dream and eventually gave up thinking it was one of those dreams that couldn’t be analysed

at the very moment i took that decision an image-sequence popped into my mind and the reason for the dream revealed itself…

fell asleep watching a film (automata) which had a scene of a man-shaped being doused in a liquid and then setting fire to itself

the scene lingered in the eyes of the being as it was burning and it conveyed a sense of melancholy

it was clear… this was an externally-influenced dream


normally this type of image-sequence wouldn’t have affected the writer in the way it did

over the last week or so, since the entry of stray thoughts was composed, the writer has kept his thoughts and feelings in line with the underlying thrust of life… an ever-increasing quantity and quality of life

honing in on inner-self produces, for evolving beings, a more relaxed and wholesome feel for life

any increase of orientation to more life will produce a change in the person’s conjugate position

when the change is sufficiently great it will re-position a person’s temperament to the degree it will be affected more easily by life-reducing circumstances, such as happened to the writer because of watching the burning sequence in the film

the point is… the violence being put out through all of the media outlets is depleting your children’s feel for life, and consequently your chances of making it into the future

* * *



informative? dream

reference: dream 05122015

was trying to steal some toothbrushes from the counter in a store

toothbrushes… six or seven assorted individual and coupled items in each package… a mixture of items… toothbrush and re-usable/disposable wet shave razor… two different types of toothbrushes, one soft, one hard, a packet of four (all soft) and two or three individual packets of
mixed items by the same manufacturer (blue and grey design/colour and sleek/modern looking)

had my hand hidden under a cloth and was slowly inching my hand to the items i wanted and was succeeding

next? dream

first scene

a public playground

from seemingly nowhere a steady white/blue beam of light, about thirty centimetres wide, emanated from two feet above the ground for about a second near the wire on the inside of the playground

second scene

within a second or two a blue/white pulse light, like the green pulse light in the original film of war of the worlds, again seemingly coming out of thin air from the same place the beam of light came from

i knew what was happening… two kids had got hold of the invisibility cloth (although in this scene it had become big enough to cover the two
kids) and were using it to have some fun at the expense of grown-up’s

one was holding a hand-held gun which shot the pulse light and the other was operating a mounted-cannon gun which was emitting the steady beam

new scene

a small group of people were gathering around but kept their distance (most people publicly deny the existence of aliens but secretly harbour thoughts about them and weren’t going to take any chances…)

a young woman who was more curious than afraid was approaching the point of emanation of the light

next dream

first scene

was at a cash machine that had a small slit in the brickwork a metre or two away from the cash dispenser

had stashed some money there previously and was retrieving it

people thought i had got the money from the machine but couldn’t figure out how i had got so much money out of the machine (the limit was £250, i had hundreds and hundreds)

next scene

a queue had formed hoping they would be able to do the same

next dream

standing at the end of a tight alley where i left my push-bike overnight

second scene

a male person (had been wondering about a person in real life and real time, and if he had joined the “force” or not

turned out he had because he was now using a push-bike) couldn’t leave his bike where he wanted to because mine was there

he couldn’t see me because i was still invisible

woke up

as i lay awake thinking about this dream i recalled another scene in the dream (associated with the two-scene
push-bike dream sequence) of me looking at my wrist-watch and noticing the time was two minutes to six

on a wild speculative hunch i decided to check the time in real time which prompted me to get out of bed

it took about two minutes to get dressed and look at the wristwatch

it was exactly 5 a.m., not 6 a.m. as it was in the dream

this may or may not be significant but there is an imaginative idea forming that a synchronization
between dream time and real time, will have implications and applications related to “getting connected”

this dream is entered because of the possible application of sleep-time and real-time for use in getting connected and
also because it is another one of those dreams in which packeted toothbrushes of the same colour and design had featured in another dream

in the last year and that dream itself was based on an real-life incident from at least eight years previous to this date (looked through the images pages of blue/grey
toothbrushes, no matches)


this entry has taken 3 hours to get to this point

have still got to colour the words and re-read it and probably change it

it’s going to be closer to four hours than three before it can be published

this entry is typical of how much time this web site spends on dreams and dream theory for each entry

we’re now at the stage where the time it takes to keep abreast of sleep and dreams is going to take up half of the day

and, it’s demanding greater attention

* * *



stray thoughts dream

this dream wasn’t a quality dream

it didn’t take long to figure out what caused it

while composing the new page stray thoughts the writer allowed himself to dwell on disastrous thoughts and feelings towards devolving beings

anything less-than-loving content has been removed

* * *



laughing dream

externalised dream

this is only the second laughing dream this year

time was when i was having two or three a week

the point to be made is more important than the details of the dream itself

the point is…

this dream was the result of following through with my own suggestion of doing and thinking things for benefit of other people

it really does work

the most influential factor in producing enjoyable dreams is not to allow “stray thoughts” into your view of people

stray thoughts (thoughts which contain a reduction in the quantity or quality of life) are counter-productive to nice dreams for the simple reason that reality demands, yes, demands, of us that everything we do, think etc. embodies endlessness

that’s all there is to it and that’s all there is to it

sweet dreams

* * *



name of dream: crumpets and photographs

in accommodation of average size

was eating crumpets

two or three uncles were there and were looking at the food

got the feeling they wanted some and went into the kitchen and started toasting another four or five

second scene

it became a full blown gathering of the clan with twelve men and the room had got bigger

third scene

was back in the kitchen

opened the fridge to find another couple of dozen crumpets and a dozen scotch pancakes had materialised

fourth scene

back in the living room where everybody was eating and there was an atmosphere of celebration

a large oval silver platter with twenty or thirty slices of beef had come from somewhere

bread and other items were needed to make it a proper buffet-type meal

left the gathering and went off to go to a nearby shop for the food

fifth scene

was outside and the surroundings were unfamiliar to me, it was going to be necessary to catch a bus

sixth scene

was in a street that was curved and sharply inclined

there were buses and it was bustling with people

it occurred to me that it was going to take too long to get the food and get back to the family gathering in good time

seventh scene

was walking along another street when a voice to my right said “hello john”

it was someone i didn’t recognise standing in the entrance of an open-front shop which sold assorted up-market knick knacks

he was smiling

eighth scene

he raised his hand to offer me something and i saw what looked to be a £20 note

i could see the zero but i couldn’t see the two

he handed it to me and then the number became clear but it wasn’t a 2 but a 3

a £30 note was a sure sign of prosperity

he could see i still didn’t understand who he was or why he was giving me money

then he said “thanks for the photo”

i said “have a good christmas” and then realised it was christmas and, as i started waking from the dream and realised i was dreaming, i heard myself say “or should i say a merry christmas”


again, as is becoming the writers waking routine, with eyes closed, lay still in bed thinking about the dream

after half an hour the pieces started to fall into place…

in another dream, a year to two years ago, i was the official photographer of a wedding

in that dream the man who gave me the £30 note in this dream asked me to take a photo of a young man (a real-life person who had been a regular caller to my home over a period of four to five years 15 to 20 years before)

in the dream of a year or two before he was not the father of the young man but the lover of the young man’s mother

the man who asked me to take the photo in the dream of 1 to 2 years ago thought the young man epitomised what he thought a decent, clean-cut, well-balanced young man should be and was proud to have become involved with a woman who could produce such a fine example of manhood and he regarded the young man as his own son

in the dream of one to two years ago there had been a gap of 18 months to two years between the wedding and the man receiving the photo

the time-gap was because i could never remember to give the photo to the young man to give to his step-father

the man who wanted the photo had resigned himself to not getting the photo and had formed a poor opinion of me

he was completely surprised when it turned up and it restored his belief in people

he had wanted to show his gratitude to me for some years himself but, like me with the photo, the circumstances had never presented themselves… until today’s dream!


the crumpets were the result of me thinking how much i had enjoyed honey and peanut butter on crumpets the day before, but that’s the only one of the pde’s of this dream that writer can put his finger on

this in sharp contrast, or perhaps the complete opposite, of yesterday’s dream

the really complicated bit is how a dream from more than a year ago should find a conclusion in this dream

the one factor that may explain it is that the writer began practising his dancing steps with a determination the day before for this dream for the first time in more than fifteen years and was pleased to discover he had still “got it”

this dream has produced the outlook that dreams aren’t just the influence of the pde’s but are to be evaluated over years or, incredibly, over a lifetime and, c’mon people i’m only twenty five years ahead of you, even more incredibly, across lifetimes!

more than just a little bit of satisfaction was derived from this dream

that dreams can be this sophisticated bolsters the view that dreams are a portal to understanding our inner-self

quantum theory opened the door to understanding the physical world and it’s applications are still only in their infant stage

dreams and dream theory, it is boldly conjectured, is going to be as big a breakthrough in understanding what the soul is and just what relationship between our soul and our corporeal selves is, as quantum theory was in explaining the workings of the inanimate worldPOSSIBLY A NECESSARY PREREQUISITE TO BECOMING PURE SOUL (SEE YOU)possibly a necessary preresquisite to becoming pure soul

it was obvious from the outset of dreams and dreams theory that it was going to become a “biggie”

it looks like it may become even bigger than was first envisaged


category of dream: serial dream – externalised dream

* * *

‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means… something to say when you have nothing to say

* * *



two -themed dream: humorous & inventive

first dream

in an enclosed area about four times the size of a sqaush court

two men came in followed by two women

both the ladies were very attractive

the first of the two men who came into the area moved out of the squash court

the second of the two men was a burly, well-dressed and serious- looking chap

second scene

i was in a comfortable chair

one of the women sat opposite and close to me the other one was two meteres to the left of her and the man was was to the back and left observing me

the woman closest to me exuded a nervous apprehension

i asked her what her job was. she said “i work for aa media”

i said “so they know where you are then”

it disspated her anxiousness and she visibly relaxed and the other woman smiled and moved closer

the dream ended there

not much in this dream to write home about

am making this an entry because it was possible to pinpoint every thought of the pde’s that formed this dream

the first of the two men who entered the dream was an acquaintance from some years back who let me down on something quite serious and who was in the doghouse

had thought about him during the day

the second man represented the establishment

had been thinking over what the outlook of the oligarchs was and how best to nullify their influence

the point of this entry is to make you aware that it is possible to understand why you have the dreams you do… the most influential thing which forms the content of dreams are you thoughts of the pde’s

the second dream… way too complicated and time-consuming to go into in detail

these few sentences alone have took more than 90 minutes

suffice to say it was a business venture… had a woman in it (no, not xul. mores the pity)… was set high in the sky

going into the detail of dreams is a feat of concentration

it took almost two hours of thinking about these two dreams to recall every detail and marry them to the pde’s

lying there after waking for two hours with eyes shut did produce some other insights into dreams though

going to have a drink (coffee) and will then add some more to why do we dream

* * *



humorous dream

one scene

humour in a dream is nothing new for this website

this difference in this dream is that the joke was on me

can’t tell you the specifics of the humour except it was two people who were at ease with life, more so than myself

at the moment the penny dropped there was a non-plussed moment for me but it immediately changed to a feeling of appreciation of being out-humoured in a way that is one the hallmarks of my sense of humour

this dream is the result of realising during the pde’s there are people out there who are on the train and don’t know it

* * *



feel-good dream

first scene

at the start of the dream there was a baby bear in a small room

it was in a semi-frantic state looking for food

i picked it up and and left

second scene

was in the company of six or seven other people and the bear was the centre of attention

third scene

took the bear home and let it run around the house

big mistake

fourth scene

every time it the bear moved it broke something or knocked something over

fifth scene

magically, a sturdy thirty foot tall pine tree and a cave appeared in the back garden

sixth scene

the dream ended as i stepped out of the back door and into the garden

a feeling of satisfaction swept over me as i realized that between the simulated habitat and human company the bear would be completely happy


have had a run of enjoyable dreams this last week

it has prompted this entry

the dream itself was caused from watching the last third of the film
monsters inc. (had watched the first and second part the two previous nights. i crash out while watching films)

the enjoyment of the film transposed itself into the dream where both the bear and the human got what they wanted

the enjoyment factor of dreams over the last five or six day is the direct result of following my own advice and not allowing “stray thoughts” to figure prominently during the day

by stray thoughts it is meant thoughts which do not contain life-enhancing outcomes for other people regardless of who they are or what they’ve done

it has led to this consideration…, and because it’s such a radical thought it may have to be rescinded at any time, the part of the brain* where the dream takes place may not be the digestive system of the soul, the analogy being used to simplify the reason of why we dream, but it may be the you


the gratifying feelings in this dream weren’t as great as the feelings that were felt while watching the film

but then again there are plenty of instances where the content of the dream was far greater than the conscious experiences on which the dream was based

so to determine with greater accuracy which of the two possibilities is closer to the truth, i.e. the dreamer in us is more real than the conscious self or the dreamer in us is a barometer of our conscious selves, a little experimentation is needed

what this web site will do, and if you’re in the position to do it, you do it too, is, on the run up to christmas, maintain or instil in ourselves a wholly “others are more important than self” attitude and, without spending less than the world wage on yourself, follow it through in deeds

what the experiment is trying to establish… if our dreaming self can be more enjoyable than our conscious self

* id, person, essence, psyche, soul, spirit, you… the writer is in a unique position to define that part of the person which remains constant in the eternal sense

it’s not just memories

in the same way that a person who practises playing the piano develops flexible fingers and those characteristics become part of the genetic structure which, if continued through successive generations, would result in even more deft skills

so too it is with practicing ethics

the more it is practiced the more those traits which produce evolutionary progression manifest themselves

once more; the characteristics and abilities which lead to more life aren’t an intellectual ideal but the natural order of the state of being


the implications of this are that in the dream state we would have to able to communicate with each other, move together…

this web site has no experience of doing this

externalised dreams makes communication possible but even then it’s a one way thing

other ideas that led to insights about things what were previously thought to be beyond our range of understanding started off in this unwieldy state

will let this idea run for a while and see if it takes us anywhere

* * *


woke up today feeling completely refreshed and relaxed and lay there luxuriating in the feeling

began reflecting on the dream i’d just had…

the dream being thought about had so many new sights and variations in it that after an hour of thinking about the dream it dawned on me… for an interpretation/analysis of dreams it will mean having to organise the content of dreams into many distinct groups and categories

the need to make this entry galvanised me into action and got me out of bed

in the dream… a game of jai alai was being played not in a court with a cesta but with a cap on a flight of stairs with what could have been a small but heavy ball-bearing that would have caused an injury had either player, and, it should be mentioned, the person i was playing was playing with great reluctance, got their head in the way of it

two mineral stones, one was oval/round, predominantly black with white streaks, the other was cube-shaped, predominantly white with black streaks

a class of spider-insect about the size of a grasshopper but with a body the shape of the spaceship millenium falcon with an “i’ll attack you if you try anything with me” and a “i want a friend” character all its own

a group of avant garde thinkers led by myself

some of them were enticed into making money from the mineral stones. some of them wanted to make a name for themselves by exhibiting the friendly spider.

the game of jai alai was certainly the result of watching a bit the film tron

various thoughts during the day can explain some of the other contents of the dream but too much of this, and many other dreams, aren’t understood

* * *




informative dream

first scene

i was employed as a dogsbody in a factory

although the company supplied a sweeping brush i had bought my own into work because there was more demand for brushes around the factory than were on tap and it took the pressure off me having to wait or hunt around for one

there were two or three people in particular who let their resentment of me get the better of them and had hid my brush knowing it would cause me problems

being me, i went straight to the people who i was sure were behind it and asked them where it was

they shook their heads and were ready to get angry if i accused them of doing it

looked in all the places where it could be hidden and ended up back at where i had left it

the people who had moved the brush were and looking at me with an air of sly satisfaction that there dirty deed had succeeded in causing me to become flustered

i had no choice but use a company brush

second scene

i went to get one from where they usually were only to find the two brushes that were there had been screwed together in such a way that it was completely impractical to use them

it was the end of the working day by now and the dream ended and i woke still feeling annoyed and frustrated


being honest, happy, and having an open disposition with a flair for originality doesn’t go down well with some people

the thoughts and memories during the day which furnished this dream are remembered

i never left the house during the day and spent most of the day at the computer

several things went particularly well

exercises seemed unusually productive… came across four or five exceptionally good songs i had never heard before and they brought a compilation of disco songs together beautifully… ate three hearty meals… zeroed in a little closer to getting a 3d programme to render a more life-like depth to the picture and for the first time the cloud backup system proved its worth when i found a registration key which saved me having to buy the programme again

also during the day, the memory of a conversation with someone a few years back had been recalled and this relatively short period of reflection dominated this dreams content

the person was given to trying to bamboozle me with misleading comments and statements

on one occasion, being in a open and well-disposed frame of mind, i followed through on his comment by asking him a two or three questions in quick succession which brought the incorrectness of what he had said to the fore

it laid the lie bare and he became disconsolate and moody

you will know what i mean if you can think of a time when you were in the presence of a parent telling a child something and when the child asked questions (they have the knack of getting to the heart of the matter by asking a few “why” or “how” questions) was rebutted with a “don’t ask so many questions” reply

as we create the circumstances where honesty and openess become the norm, the bullshiters of this world will become uncomforftable at not being able to lie or get out of a situation they have created by becoming angry and/or violent

these people will feel as out of place in a peaceful environment as a peaceful man does in a war zone

we’ve still got a ways to go yet

main point

that so many good things happened during the day yet the the main theme of the dream was dominated by a mere fraction of the total time of consciousness causes the writer to conclude that the psyche has to address problems before it can engage in enhancing itself

this dream exemplifies the situation mankind is in

the good stuff isn’t going to happen until we overcome the things that are holding us back. see oligarchs


the spirit or soul or essence of the person is undoubtedly housed in the brain

the body sorts out the food via the digestive system

dreams are the extremely subtle mechanism the psyche uses for bringing out the compatibilities and incompatibilities of the previous days experiences

bad food will cause salmonella and can make a person feel very ill

bad thoughts, feelings etc. will cause bad dreams and can produce nightmares and night terrors which are equally awful in another way

note 2

the test of a correct theory is that it explains and predicts

at the end of the day reflect on the main thoughts, feelings, images etc. of the day and see if you can predict whether the dream/s you are going to have will be desirable or not

* * *



multi-scene/multi-theme dreams

first dream

a group of 300-500 people wanting to be friendly

was slightly apart from them trying to avoid being the focal point

started walking to the right of the people

2nd scene

was as far right as i could go and couldn’t go any further because it was at the edge of the sea

3rd scene

there was a green, plastic-coated, 15 feet high, chicken/rabbit mesh fence which was there to prevent anyone from falling over into the sea about thirty feet below

4th scene

everyone gravitated to the fence

5th scene

the people at the front put their fingers through mesh and let their weight rest against the fence

6th scene

the weight of the people caused the fence to give way

7th scene

most of those who had their fingers through the mesh kept a grip on the fence as it gave way but eight or so people fell onto the sand

without knowing for sure it looked as though some were injured

2nd dream

in a built-up area

the buildings were sturdy, castle-like and looked as though they had been there for a long


2nd scene

was crossing a bridge over an impressively energetic river

there were two young ladies in front of me

the river was turbulent the water was washing up against the buildings and where the water was swelling against the buildings it was forming into sideways-funnel vortexes

3rd scene

there was an air of awe as the water began defying physics as it began sculpting itself

it produced giant holes and recognisable images of real-life objects as it flowed tumultuously

3rd dream: kissing dream

three or four people in a shop being served or waiting to be served

2nd scene

a man and a woman were doing the serving

a man who had just bought something was quietly talking to the person he was with

he was concerned that he had been given more money back in his change than he had given to pay for what he bought

although he didn’t bring the discrepancy to the assistant’s attention

3rd scene

the same thing happened with the next customer

when it was my turn to get served i asked for two bars of chocolate and paid for them with the largest denomination note i had thinking i would get even more back proportionally to what i handed over, and i did

the male assistant knew what was happening and wasn’t worried about it

i was trying to understand what was going on

at first i thought the female was mentally challenged

a concentrated look at her told me that wasn’t the case

4th scene

i was with the woman in a room and we were looking, more than talking, to each other

it became obvious she wanted to be more than just acquaintances

she lent back and pulled me on top of her and we started kissing

after five to ten seconds of very enjoyable kissing i stopped and was trying to understand what was happening as i woke

category of dream:  kissing dream (7)


most, but not all, of the significant points of the elements of the third dream sequence were thought/sights and feelings from during the day

although not all of the thoughts during the day which produced the content of the dream were remembered we can now evaluate those thoughts retrospectively

for instance in second dream second scene, the presence of women suggets the turbulence in the water was the result of turbulent thoughts i had during the day concerning women

without knowing what the thoughts were it’s a safe bet it is along the lines of a continuing theme of troubled thoughts concerning women that has been going on for more than 20 years

the details of those thoughts are to do with non-interaction

a hardening of this resolve will occur in less than three months if…

the events of the day are, in this persons experience, the principle cause of the content of the dreams

we can comfortably assume the reason we dream is the same reason we eat and breathe and love… to stay alive

dreams, we can provisionally postulate, can be likened to the digestive system

“we dream to assimilate, evaluate… the experiences of the day before and, like food, the better the quality of the thoughts, feelings, images etc. the more enjoyable our dreams are”

so, our goal is to have laughing, singing, kissing, flying etc. dreams for the entire period r.e.m.

the postulate above is the initial basis on which dreams and the theory currently rests

* * *




in a block of flats where i used to live and a too-young-for-me girl insisted on a kiss

i began making a meal of it and she said “don’t be greedy”

i said “don’t limit yourself”

category of dream:  kissing dream (6)


again, the qualiy of the kiss was the stand-out aspect of the dream

upon waking i began remembering other kisses and comparing them

the most vivid kiss that presented itself was a real-life one of 35 years ago

elsewhere in dream diary it is said that the quality of kisses in dreams seem more real than awake kisses

this entry changes that opinion

* * *



music in dreams

first scene

was at a train station when an impressively large train (it looked as tall as one of those double-decker trains but it only had one tier) came in

as soon as it had come to a stop the engine revved up and i could tell from the sound it was about to start moving (this train was keeping to a time-table that was measured in seconds)

i ran to the front of the train to tell the driver to wait until i got on

second scene

the driver was sitting relaxed in a semi reclining position and i could tell he had gunned the engine to make me hurry up

i said something to him and he said something to me and we both relaxed

i asked him if he wanted a cup of tea

he said yes and i went off to the buffet to get it

third scene

as i walked through the first carriage i saw it was full of mainly smartly-dressed men

then began to rib me and i hurried on to the buffet carriage

fourth scene

ordered the tea and took a sip

fifth scene (second dream?)

was in a built-up area, in london i think, there was a town hall the size of the albert hall

sixth scene

was talking to a young lad
who told me he was a singer/songwriter and was asking me if i had any suggestions as to what to do to make it in the pop music world

i asked him to sing one of his songs

he sang seven or eight lines and i was completely blown away

the first four lines of the lyrics were full of real emotion and when he started to sing the chorus lines the quality of melody vaulted onto another plane

the difference of quality between the lyrics and the chorus was moving (a bit like the change of melody in poker face) only in the dream both the melody and chorus were better (i tried to sing it into the voice recorder of the phone when i woke up but what was in my mind and what came out of my mouth was as different as chalk and cheese)

seventh scene

we were in a pub with other members of his band and i was asked if i had any suggestions

it occurred to that he could roughen the style of the singing for the lyrics (something like bankrobber) and brought in one of the group to do a harmony instead of double tracking his own voice

eighth scene

i was sitting on some stairs in the pub looking down at where the group was and began improvising on how i thought the harmony should be sang

the group looked up at me with a look that didn’t show admiration

the dream ended there

* * *



think-read dream 4 – one scene dream

came across an article while surfing on the net

there were some people in washington who wanted to talk to a young girl from a south american country

they wanted to find out how a girl (the girl had left home to go and stay with her sister) of thirteen with no education could write a story worthy of the nobel prize in literature

there was a photo of the girl in the article which triggered the memory of the face of the girl in the film amelie

the article went on to give an outline of the story the girl had written…

while playing near the house where she lived she found an egg

the girl took the egg home and put it in a box

some time later, to her delight, there were chirping sounds coming from the egg

the bird hatched out

it had a dozen or so light spots on its grey/brown feathers

the story continued about the adventures of the girl and the magical bird…

in this think-read dream the outline of the story went on for about another ten or twelve sentences when it was realised it could go on for dozens more sentences and i decided to stop doing the think-reading


the theme of this dream came from looking through a list of the top 250 films of all time

had watched twenty or thirty minutes of the film amelie four or five years back and had been meaning to see the rest of it

the face of the girl had the same type of smile that the girl in the film amelie had, although the picture of the girl being sought portrayed a fun-filled lively extrovert

will try to watch the rest of the film today

* * *



music in dreams

had done the dj’ing at a party

everybody had gone

a few of us were lying down and drifting off to sleep

left a compilation of songs playing and the sounds filled the whole building and was considering turning the volume down

the music playing was good enough to want to listen to and kept me awake and listening

the next song was of a completely different complexion but again it had a mesmerising quality and kept my attention

the third song, like the previous two, was a completely different style of song

it didn’t have a melody to speak of but it did have a feel to it which produced a sense of admiration for the singer who had projected his own feelings of love into the song

looked over at someone across the other side of the room who had also been kept awake by the music and was looking at me in appreciation of my choice of music

i smiled back at him

as i began to wake up the realization that it was the individuality of the different artist’s which had given the songs their appeal


thinking about heaven during the day was the basis for this dream

one of the things that will keep you thirsty for heaven is the insight which will reveal the scope for the limitless expansion of individuality which heaven holds for each and every one of us

see also… the roney analysis

* * *


how to remember your dreams


unremembered dreams

there was another episode dream that was going to in for these two days

left it too late after getting up and they slipt from the memory

“i don’t have dreams” is a common reply people give to the question “how often do you dream”

as surely as a person breathes, they dream

to remember dreams start by saying to yourself after waking up “i am going to try to remember my dreams”

try thinking the thought a few times during the day and then again when you put your head on the pillow as you enter into sleep

if you do it over a period of days and weeks it will come

dreams happen for a reason

understanding what the reason is and, more importantly, why you have the types of dreams you do, will result in a greater understanding of yourself

* * *



was sorting out what belongings to keep and which ones to throw away

in a large (3 feet by 5 feet) black leatherette carry-all was a 5-piece set of percussion instruments each in their own smaller bag

decided to keep the three smallest bags

changed my mind a few seconds later and decided to keep all of the items

within a second or two began walking with a feeling of frustration because i didn’t have the presence of mind to be able figure out where to put them

this dream is entered because it raises the question… “what are the limits of a dreaming mind ?”

* * *



name of dream: kissing in the flats

two scenes

category of dream:  kissing dream (5)

the memory of the quality of kisses in dreams isn’t less than the memory of the quality of kisses while awake

redefining the word abstract is necessary

in turn. the words conscious and subconscious come in for a re-examination

the fact that we can/do experience in dreams those things we experience while awake tells us that the abilities of the brain, to a large extent, and, most remarkably, is capable of exceeding the conscious functions, while dreaming (select precognitive dream/s)

opening remark concerning the consciousness in the dream state… ” ? “

* * *



externalized dream (singing)
jingle bells duet with a child and mother looking on


the thoughts during the day which produced the three main details of this dream are clearly remembered

* * *


episode dream


it was the same opponent and the same hall as yesterdays (26082015) dream

this time though we had a choice of three different swords ranging from a light, easy-to-wield sword and another one slightly bigger or the same one that was used in the previous contest

i chose the same on as the first time

the contest wasn’t re-enacted though

the content of the first dream was caused by thoughts during the day about how to deal with devolving man shaped beings who had an intractable bent for killing

this, the second dream, was result of thinking about the first dream during the day

this is only the second episode dream the writer has had

the first, as a child of nine, was a wholly enjoyable dream

in both instances the content of the dreams were brought on by thinking about them during the day

* * *



first scene was in a small hall

a serious altercation led to a duel

what i thought was going to be a fight to the death with a large, brutish opponent changed into a exhibition of killing skills

second scene

had a large heavy sword

the opponent and i were eight metres apart

the winner would be the person who could get to a block of wood next to the other person and chop it in half

third scene

cut through the wood in three swings of the sword

and beat the opponent

* * *


first scene: in an unfamiliar house with six or seven people three women and four men two of the women were african

* * *



time in dreams.

first scene: it was a sunny day, very warm. i looked at my watch and saw it was two minutes before 12 a.m..

went into a pub and bought half a pint of guinness shandy.

second scene: was outside of the pub and out of the pub’s premises on the pavement with the drink, the drink was in a dimple glass.

third scene: took a sip of the drink which was really refreshing. two males in the dream became belligerent and i began looking for a way out of the situation.

fourth scene: right on cue, at three minutes past 12 a bright white double-decker bus entered the dream.

fifth scene: i got on the bus and was chatting happily to someone on the bus when the dream ended.


first scene

the dream lasted 5 to 6 minutes of awake-time (thirty or so seconds of sleep-time)

during the day of the dream remember thinking it was the warmest day of the year and got dressed ready to go out

alas by the time i was free to go out the weather changed to cool and so didn’t go out

the crossroads junction was near to where i grew up during my early years (family connections meant i visited there 20 or more times a year over the following decades)

this specific road junction has featured many times in dreams over the years

there must be a reason why this real-life place occurs so often in dreams

second scene

the glass was vivid in the dream. don’t understand why the glass was such a dominant feature of the dream

third scene

since i can’t remember a particular instance of a satisfying drink during the day of the dream, the satisfying taste of the drink may reflect a physiological need for a drink during the dream

fourth scene: the white bus must surely be equivalent of a knight in shining armour coming to the rescue

fifth scene

the outcome of life is a happy ending.

in the writer’s experience, as often as not, the content of dreams are formed by the thoughts a person has during the day of the dream

and still recognition of his sacrifices go unmentioned

* * *


three-scenes dream


first scene…

on a settee

was with a real-life female acquaintance of 20+ years ago

her intentions were the same as mine

she knew me well enough to be able to “play me”

she diverted the moment by talking about where she would like to live

resignedly i went along and we got talking about the pro’s and con’s of living in one place or another

second scene…

i was sitting on the floor and the next “diversion” became about what to eat

another conversation about food began

i got enthusiastic with the topic and became engrossed in it

third scene

was back on the settee when the next “diversion” was on the topic holidays

i began to go into the details of getting a holiday organised

when she realised i was playing her game the dream ended

this woman was one of only three or four women the writer knew who had a sense of humour


she’s often in my thoughts so it follows she’ll be a regular “visitor” in dreams

the theme of this dream is the result of a real-time experience we shared, and i often think about, in which the tables were turned on her and she was less than happy about it

upon reflection it’s not a man’s prerogative to say no and the real-time situation should have been different

* * *



sounds in dreams
(latent beauty?)

was in a town or city

needed to make some money

went into a pub and talked the landlord into letting me d.j.

it went o.k. and was chatting to a customer about the merits of music

a song was playing which was a perfect example of what i was describing

i said “take this one. “it’s got just the right pace. the lyrics express deep feelings. the harmonies are exceptional. the pitch is just right…”

at that point i started listening to it properly

my appreciation of the song reached a point where i thought to myself “what’s this one called?” then “who’s it by?”

it was in my collection of songs but i couldn’t remember who sang it

a track this good would normally be right at the forefront of my memory

i began looking through the lists of songs to refresh my memory of who it was

i looked for the lists and it started to dawn on me i didn’t have the song


the confusion of the situation caused me to slowly wake

when i was fully awake i was still trying think of the name of the group who sang the song

it took a full half minute for me to realise it was a song i’d never heard before

i went to sleep while watching a film

aah… that’s it, i thought, the music was in the film

started watching the film again from where i’d left off

it wasn’t in the film

this is the first dream i’ve had with outstanding quality of music which i’ve never heard before

where did it come from?

the closest to it in terms of quality is along the lines of songs by the delfonics

this one though was more accomplished by far and penetrated the soul a lot deeper

where did this sound come from?

* * *


multi-themed dream

first theme… evening, socialising in a pub, smiling, good humoured banter…

someone rushed into the pub saying a monster was on loose and was making its way to the area

sure enough, within a few seconds this nimble seven-footer with an extraordinary large head and a menacing look was visible through the windows and was heading to the door of the pub

everybody, including myself, panicked and ran for it

the monster-man came into the pub and everyone was trapped

i hid behind a wall in the pub and was expecting him to get to me eventually

then the words of the person who first raised the alarm played through my head again and i realized it was a hoax

the monster-man got to me and realized i knew he wasn’t a monster and things started to get back to normal

second theme… thought of a new way of making money through a new technique in photography and so printed off mini-sized and a4 sized examples which i stuck on walls in public places and started to make some dosh

third theme… went back to the home of two ladies

x activity

clear plastic bag by the side of the bed with very small fish swimming around in it

one of the women said they were a food so tried them and they weren’t unpleasant to eat even though they were alive as they were being eaten

fourth theme… was playing football in a park with a cat

i was in goal and the cat was doing a good job of using the flat of its paw to strike the ball and was scoring as many as i saved

the last paw/kick really made me stretch

i dived to the right and just managed to push the ball away with my right hand

under where my right hand made contact with the ball it touched the ground and landed in some fresh animal muck

went back to the house where i had been in the previous dream-theme and used the fish like a soap, rubbing them between the hands to make a lather

fifth theme… in an auditorium with an audience of five or six women

was giving a lecture cum demonstration of xual foreplay with young woman who was wearing just a skirt and lying on her back

was still giving a demonstration when the dream ended

this dream was the direct result of thinking about multi-themed dreams while composing an answer to a question about
multi-themed dreams that had been asked on a q and a forum

the details within the dreams are various thoughts and influences during the day

have any of you watched lifeforce ?

* * *


was revisiting the family of a previous dream (date…?)

a family i used to board with in london in the late 1960s

the family had five or six young girls, the eldest was ten or twelve

to the girls i was the centre of the galaxy and they were gathered about me

one of the girls handed me four or five pennies

puzzled, i asked her what they were for

she said, “the last time you were here you said you marry us if we each gave you a penny”

my mind paused for a moment before her words caused me to become the person i was when i was her age

feelings i had forgotten about filled my being and awakened that gone-by time as a boy

water welled up in my eyes and tears began trickling down my face

the unhideable love of childhood had stripped away the accumulated years of me “growing up”

a mixture of uncontainable happiness and deep regret… i felt her love, the love i had lost

* * *



writing/(informative dream?) had been acknowledged as being the person who could lead mankind into the future

was in a largish room that had a floor to ceiling window which looked out onto an expanse of greenery about 80 metres wide and a hundred to two hundred metres long

there were many people milling about outside

the greenery was inclined and at the top was a building or buildings

i was in the presence of a group of about 14 people

the people were the behind-the-scenes movers and shakers of world policy

they were listening and watching what i was saying and doing i, began writing…

to give away what is desired for self is to give to self… to share with others what is desired for self is to receive from self… to…

woke up as was beginning the third sentence


it may be worth noting that this dream breaks a succession of love, x and kissing dreams

it can be construed that they truly are some of the special effects of love/life (let’s hear it for the lover)

* * *



while speaking to someone yesterday (19112014) they mentioned their dream from the previous night

while it was being related the realization occurred that in the absence of influencing thoughts, images, etc. in the day, emotions become the dominant content of the dream

emotions are considered to be of a lesser order in the table of the experiences of the human condition

now we can introduce the idea that dreams are “tiered”

in the writers experience the highest tier is the runaway experience that accompanies a comprehension of space

the lowest order is the feelings that went with the one and only nightmare the writer had (as a child)

which in turn prompts the need to highlight the sensitivity that goes with childhood

the worst feeling ever experienced by this person was the result of the emotional content of parents arguing

this is another example of how interaction produces results

i know you think that with the knowledge presented so far you know all you need to know

in one respect, and one respect only, this is true

in terms of improving the quality of our lives… we have only scratched the surface dreams diary

* * *


02112014 (first think-read dream 2)

externalised/two-themed/think-read (informative ?) dream first scene, lab set-up the size of a large classroom

between six and nine people in three tiers standing in an off-set line formation facing toward a pulse-gun which could detect the heart and fire an unseen packet or bubble of “physio”-energy

the gun was used for the treatment of the heart

second scene, i turned side-ward to discover if the detector could still locate the heart at that angle

it couldn’t and hit the person behind me who needed life-saving surgery

next dream, was think-reading an article about the way the body ejects viruses

it was a highbrow wiki-type article which needed a dictionary to look up the definition of every other word

the mental effort in forming the sentences got too strenuous and eventually woke me out of the sleep

the theme was about expelling viruses anally

the gist of the article was the inter-dependence of the workings of the body and, specifically, the importance of the role of the excreta in the isolating of the virus

the crux of the article was the chemical substances or the substances in the cells which play the key role in surrounding the virus and keeping it isolated

interpretation/analysis: don’t know if this dream has an application in the real/conscious world or is just the result of thinking about the workings of the body/heart during the day

wouldn’t have made this entry in the dream diary if it hadn’t woke me

waking up in the middle of the night while the dream is still in progress is taken as a “prompt” from you-know-who

his attention to the heart marks the end of an attempt to incorporate dementia into the sphere of priorities for this epoch

* * *



thought/food/conversation-influenced dream: first scene, in a built-up residential area

thought i had become trusted by a man trafficking in drugs but was unaware of his treacherous motives

next scene, was given a mission to track down drug-related criminals who were holed up in thick brittle bush

the bush was so brittle and spikey it was necessary to wear a special protective suit

next scene, moved stealthily through the thicket and found the two men

next scene, the moment i saw them they moved out of their position and i realized they knew i was there

as they moved away from me i sensed that something bad was going to happen to me

next scene, unbeknown to me my movements were being tracked and i was being monitored by others who were fighting the war on drugs

there was a violent, fiery explosion

this explosion and the way the men died was the most brutal and horrific vision of death i’ve ever had in a dream

next scene: back to the original scene and the man, not in the picture, at the start of the dream

the man was being assassinated by three or four men who were pouring dozens of bullets into him with automatic rifles

again, although i couldn’t see the man being shot it was clear it was a bloody and brutal execution

interpretation/analysis the violence in this dream is, i am absolutely certain, due to eating ham

* * *



this is the last of the routinely daily entries

it’s time to give our attention to the heart

hopefully what we have so far in dream theory is enough to get the ball rolling

will continue to enter new dreams that have something important in them

informative dream: first scene set in africa, talking to an african girl/woman who was about nineteen

her attitude to me was that she regarded me as she did with all other people, just another person

she saw all people the same way, as a separate part of self

that embracive acceptance of all people that goes with childhood

the natural tendency for an immediate friendship with any and every other being

here was a woman who didn’t see a difference between a man and a woman

next scene, bought an expensive diamond ring at an affordable local price

next scene, we were sitting talking and i gave her the ring she laughed thinking it was my sense of humour

next scene, i expressed my feelings by leaning over and kissing her on the neck

my lips were slightly parted and without thinking about it i touched her neck with the tip of my tongue

that was the moment her thoughts changed

the moment of magic when two people make that transition from two people in life to two people in love

i was no longer another person among many my feelings had touched her in that way which produces the thoughts and emotions which we describe with the word love

it can come from the woman or the man

the time and the place is one of the marvels of his terrible love

try to imagine how it can be that love/life can arrange events so that two people can be brought together from a vast array of seemingly random circumstances

how could events in heaven possibly be translated to events here on earth when the people who are affected by the events had never met before ?

it’s easy to imagine someone suggesting to their best friend that they come around to sunday lunch having already invited someone that her or his best friend had mentioned they liked and that from initial meeting love blossomed but how could you do that from another place without either one of them having met before ?

further, how could you be sure that both of them would exist at a point in time through thousands of millions of years of murderous events ?

this is the basis by or through which soul partners make the connection to each other in the first instance

next scene, we were thinking of how we could be together permanently

she was part of a national darts team who played international games

her team were scheduled to play a game in france in the near future

it was the opportunity we needed we could get together in a culture we could both identify with

next scene, we were near the top of a wooded hillock that overlooked her village which had about five hundred people in it

the villagers were being shot at by a group of armed invaders

at first it was a slaughter

the villagers gradually became organised and began fighting back effectively

there were a group of armed villagers on the hill near where we were who were preparing a flanking manoeuvre

looking down into the village it was obvious that the tide had turned and the villagers would repel the invaders

there were some skirmishes going on the other side of the hill

a stray bullet hit my love

interpretation/analysis: for some years now it has been the writer’s intention to write an entry specifically addressing the problems that accompany people’s sense of identity

the entry, called identity, responsibility and happiness, inspired by a neils bohr, appears to have found its natural place and the time here

two of the main causes that furnish the divisions which allow wars and animosity to flourish are nationality and ethnicity it

was recognised many years ago that a persons identity is tightly bound up with her and his (mainly his) sense of national identity

it is so thoroughly ingrained into a persons sense of identity that the mere mention of not seeing oneself as a being who belongs to the country they live in has a treacherous tinge to it

“for king and country” is, and has been for many centuries, the rallying cry when mustering a fighting force

it is currently being successfully reinforced via the oligarch-controlled mainstream media

for a day or two just count the number of times the word british or england is used on british t.v. programmes and you will get the picture and understand why it is that britain is the most unequal society in the western world

it’s not just this country, it’s all of them

even the handful of countries who aren’t controlled by the oligarch’s do it

it’s the same systemic creeping-death that has found its way into every country in the world via the old testament through the notion of unintentional murder

there is some relief coming through the european union which is successfully ridding the continent of the nationalistic outlook which whips up divisions but even here ethnicity is a closet issue

the problem of identity has its roots in the absence of a person’s ability to compare the finite numerical value of individuals against the overwhelming and incomprehensible reality of endless space

the realization of just how thinly spread out life is within the infinite will produce the recognition of just how appallingly few of us there are

what people see around them in the world is the complete opposite of our timeless, eternal reality

over-crowded cities, self-serving motivations, people ready to snuff out people’s lives at the drop of a hat… it’s a complete nightmare

the extremes are being pointed out in an attempt to bring about a thought or two in your mind that the here and now is no more than a moment or two of the greater reality awaiting those who choose it

this dream itself is the second one in which an interaction with an african woman has contained insights

both the first one and this one have in common that aspect of character which is so appealing it borders on fantasy

all four of the ethnicities have their fair share of devolving beings and it will serve us well to keep in mind the bigger picture of evolution before allowing ourselves to form outlooks that favour one over the other

any thought which reduces the stature of other beings will reduce your own standing within love/life

the frame of mind that will keep you on an even keel should be along the lines of recognising that the frailties and foibles between one type of man-shaped being and another came and come from the mistake

we live in linear time and it’s not possible to turn back the clock

however, it is possible, through repetitive practice, to rectify those things that contain the unreality of non-existence

the more often you think the thought that all man shaped beings are/were invaluable the more you become part of the forward thrust of life

by taking responsibility for your thoughts and identifying with all other man shaped beings the happiness this fleeting time-reality contains will produce the feel for life expressed in this dream

* * *



two-themed dream: first dream, first scene… had won second prize in a lottery or competition

the first prize was a party-sized trifle

my prize was an unimpressive looking concoction with a marshmallow or a soft biscuit cake stuck on the top of it

mine was in a fridge

second scene, opened the fridge to have a look and took it out

it was in a pyrex-type jug which i had to tip forward to get out from between the shelves the contents of the jug swelled toward the angle of the tip and the biscuit-thing started sinking

the dream came to a welcome end

second dream, first scene… had been out and about for a few hours and arrived home (the place i used to live before i lived here) where an acquaintance and his son were waiting for me

i said “you been waiting long” and he said “ages”

second scene, inside the flat he said “…? is looking for you”

the person he referred to was trouble

third scene, was closing the windows and drawing the curtains so i could give the impression of not being in and the acquaintance made a jibe along the lines of… “no point in looking for trouble”

fourth scene, the details of this scene had faded by the time got around to writing it

* * *



dreams and dreams theory: the beginning, straight-line-action related dreams: first scene, an impressively big structure that was an assembly or gathering area

it was also a launch area

it looked to be four to eight square kilometres

it had a skeletal look to it, as though it was made of girders

there were small and large groups on every part of it

second scene, it was the beginning of a week-end or a week long activity

every group was preparing, and discussing how to maintain motion that could be sustained indefinitely in a qualitative way

i listened to the reasoning of several different groups

the predominant theme was mathematical

it was agreed by all that it had to be done in a straight line

third scene, one group thought that the best way to sustain motion was to have an intertwining, in the same way a rope is made or how women plait their hair, mechanism

although it could work in theory when it was tried it caused lumps or knots in what should have been a seamless or smooth formation

the way it was tried out was by people launching themselves from the structure into the surrounding environment which was in zero gravity and endless space

fourth scene, another group used the straight line action approach but had problems because they were using a mechanism other than love-motivated reciprocating actions

it occurred to me that initiating motions with the attitude of just wanting to be might have merit

the dream ended without the idea being tested

interpretation/analysis the sense of space and the intensity of the feelings associated with the application of the various mechanisms of motion was the stand-out features of this dream

there is difficulty in employing the roney analysis to this dream

* * *



two-themed dream: first theme, first scene… what looked to be a cinema that had been converted into a dancing arena

there was room for fifty or so people to dance down in the front

it was fairly busy more, than a hundred people

second scene, there were about a dozen people (all women i think) already dancing at this point in the dream

i was raring to go and was the first male to start dancing

third scene, it soon became an exhibition some of the moves were jacksonesque (we really do need to present these dreams in animated comic-strip form to do them justice) and i became the whole show within a half a minute. this dream ended here

second dream, first scene… four of us (all fair-haired males) were on holiday and had arrived at our destination

second scene, we were in a shop buying something to eat

we settled for baguettes with white meat

third scene, a boy of four or five was given a baby-sized one and stole the show when he looked at his and said “boy baguette”

we all felt a warmth and liking for him

fourth scene, the dream changed its feel about here

we were out of the shop and a menacing predatory dinosaur came from between two streets and made its way towards us

fifth scene, the dream became jumbled up here and there were other scenes which are too vague to recall

* * *



two-themed dream: first theme, first scene… the telephone rang

it was my eldest auntie

she said she was coming over

couldn’t remember what it was we had arranged to do

second scene, we were waiting for someone

an uncle arrived (not her husband)

was having polite conversation with my uncle but could tell he wanted to know why we had gathered

i then realised my auntie hadn’t actually said why she was coming to see me it was just a casual visit and there was no reason why the uncle had to be there

dream ended

second dream

my mother was at the door with her belongings

her items were in a flat travel bag that must have been three or four metres long and a metre and a half high

there was tension between her and the person who brought her

the driver was agitated because he had been compromised into carrying an item he didn’t want to transport

was getting the cab fare when the dream ended

* * *



two-themed dream: was in a rink that was slightly elliptical in shape

there was a black line about one metre from the edge of the rink that ran all the way around the rink

the black line splayed out to about two metres for about three metres halfway along the long side

on each of the long sides, the idea was to maintain a gracefully still motion in the one-metre lane and do something eye-catching in the ‘manoeuvre’ area

the rink was shiny and looked like it was made of wood

the skates were of the single-blade or roller-ball design

i was practising in the central area by scooting around soon got the hang of it and could do some pretty nifty moves which got the attention of some people

second theme, first scene…had a whistle-sized object which had a wire which went from end to end inside it

there was a opening in the device big enough to get a finger in so a person could use their nail to pluck the wire which would produce a note (not in the dream but worth adding is the idea that the wire could be stretched to make a different note) by plucking the wire every time the song hit the note

the device made it possible to get a simple accompaniment

second scene, the device had five or more wires and had become a pocket zither

the dream ended as i was trying to play it using most of my fingers

* * *



externalized/informative dream ? two men were playing a game of billiards

the winner could decide whether important decisions were taken by an individual who was deemed to be the most knowledgeable or whether important issues should be decided collectively (democratically)

the game was being viewed from the ‘spot’ end of the table

the stroke was played and the red ball went into the left-middle pocket and the white was rolling toward the same pocket

the ball got as close as it was possible to get to the edge of the pocket without falling in

i woke up to the sound of my own “oooooh”

interpretation/analysis: how, when the situation exists that the right decision is not clear-cut, do we arrive at the answer ? the greatest quantity and quality of life ?

* * *



informative dream ? first scene, was observing someone in an elaborate overall that covered the hands as well

they were suspended above a fine network of fibres that looked as delicate as a spiders web

the breast/nipple area of the overalls had finely engineered conical-shaped nozzles that could release a tacky fluid when the wearer of the suit brought the nozzle into contact with the delicate weaving

they were suspended above in a free-fall position

the overalls also had the same mechanism on the fingers of the overalls

the finesse of the engineering on that part of the hand which released the fluid was much more sophisticated than the breast/nipple mechanism

while watching the operator performing a manoeuvre she or he came into contact with the web-like structure with the nozzle of the hands of the suit and the whole network of fine strands lifted in response to coming into contact with the tacky substance

second scene, in contrast to the first scene which was done with high levels of concentration and serious purpose this scene had the same sort of atmosphere as you would expect at a fete

everybody was having a good time and there was an abundance of smiling faces

a woman was in an ordinary type overall which, like the overalls in the first scene, had liquid-release valves around the breast/nipple area

the fluid release mechanism on the woman’s overalls was a purely fun thing though and it became obvious why people were laughing an smiling when a man tried to suck out or drink some of the liquid from the crude mechanism around the breast area and it went all over him

interpretation/analysis: now, if we take the roney analysis seriously then what we have here is a bit of future technology

this is the more purposeful side of dreams and dream theory

you are now being asked to consider whether the interpretation being put on the analysis of dream content has any merit and/or relevance and/or application in our lives now or in the near future

when we get going, when we get going, dream analysis will be presented in an animated comic-strip form

* * *



dreams and dreams theory: the beginning, same-theme dream, first scene… was out cycling in the evening

it was an ordinary bike but there were two of us on it

i was doing the peddling

second scene, stopped to ask instructions from a couple sitting and having a drink outside of a pub and got an awkward response

third scene, was heading out of the built-up area towards the edge of the city

the bike suddenly slowed because the brakes were defective

the front light was very bright and lit the road like a spotlight

there was something wrong with the linkage of the braking system and the bike slowed again

fourth scene, sat back on the seat to do the peddling (had been standing-peddling up until now)and could feel the passenger’s (don’t know who it was) p000s digging into my coccyx

fifth scene, got to the area where my aunt lived but didn’t know the number of her house

had to go through the back gardens where there were clothes hanging on clothes-lines to get to a door to ask if anybody knew her

sixth scene, a teenage girl answered the first door i tried and when i asked her if she knew where the person i was looking for lived she said she didn’t know but said her mother might know and asked me in

seventh scene, there was some conversation and the young girl said “you’ve got bad breath” i said something apologetic and she said “i’m a nurse. i can make it better”

she told me to lie down and pull the front of my shirt out of my trousers

she lay down next to me with her knees close to my head and started kissing my stomach i responded and started massaging and squeezing her b000000s

eighth scene, could see her mother through the legs of the chair and thought it would be best to get her involved

the dream ended

interpretation/analysis the sameness of this dream is the aunt in the dream

although she doesn’t make an appearance (because she died a decade or so ago ?)

will have to start an index reference for dreams

* * *



first scene, wandering around coventry late at night with nowhere to stay

second scene, standing in the street looking up at the football stadium and thinking it looked less impressive than i remembered

third scene, up in the stands behind the goal-keeping area taking in the structure and thinking it would be possible to have a musical event using my p.a. equipment

fourth scene, bedded-down going to sleep

fifth scene, awake and looking around

sixth scene, four or five people were going past me on the way up to the commentary box

they saw me and were curious about what i was doing there but weren’t alarmed or bothered about me being there

seventh scene, was in the commentary box with them and asked one of them if there was anywhere i could have a wash

he pushed a door open and there was a washroom with the sink visible

eighth scene, was more or less finished washing myself when one of the group said: “how are you off for money” ?

i realized he was going to offer me some and i said “if you’re trying to tap me you’re out of luck” someone laughed and i woke up

* * *



was trying to get people interested in a prototype emergency food pack for use in life or death hunger-situations

it consisted of dried potato, several small whole potatoes, a plastic sheet about two or three square metres, a tinderbox or matches, a collapsible spade, a small cooking pot and salt

the idea was to plant the potatoes which would be ready for eating by the time the dried potato had been used up

the plastic sheet was for collecting water overnight via condensation

interpretation/analysis can’t think of what it was that caused this dream

* * *



delayed-theme/two-themed dream: first theme, first scene… a woman of a large family was having difficulty organising a meal for her family

helped out by buying an extra large grill/oven which could cook two lots of burgers at the same time

second scene, the dream ended as the burgers were placed on the cooking tray and there was obviously going to be more than enough room to do the meal

second dream, first scene… was approaching a small gathering of people clustered around someone who was proposing something radical

second scene, jimi hendrix was in the crowd and wasn’t getting any attention

the person’s proposals were so revolutionary it made jimi hendrix’s impact on society seem insignificant

i said “i can remember when you were radical jimi” the dream ended there

interpretation/analysis: first dream, the oven/grill part of the dream was from tuesday last week when it was necessary to have to two separate cooking dishes to cater for seven people

second dream, earlier on in the day was programming the recorder to record several of next week’s programmes

considered recording a programme about jimi hendrix but decided not to

* * *



delayed-theme dream: first scene, a young girl unaffected by me telling her off for not keeping a dog on a leash

the dog was wandering to and from the street to the road

second scene, called the dog to me and when it got close enough gave it a light smack on its hind quarter

third scene, the dog didn’t know what it had done wrong and it slinked away into a small cluster of bushes

felt emotions of annoyance for not being able to impress on the girl the importance of taking responsibility for the dog and frustration for not being able to think of a way of educating the dog to the dangers of the road

interpretation/analysis: a week ago there was an instance of a man whose dog had sauntered into the road and was completely unaware of the danger from cars

two cars had to slow and stop to avoid it

the dog’s owner became angry with the dog and began shouting at the dog

the dog knew it was in the doghouse over something

timidly and reservedly, the dog walked to where the man was

remember looking at the dog as it walked by me and noting that is was bemused as to what it had done wrong

* * *



thought-influenced dreams: first scene, in the city centre of a town where i used to live

had two parking spaces for a business that supplied peeled potatoes

my prowess at peeling potatoes peeling was so good it had become a successful business

was talking to someone who was interested in knowing how the business got started in the first place

second scene, was holding a large potato in my left hand and one of those t-shaped peelers in the other

was having difficulty in peeling the potato with it, dream ended

interpretation/analysis: during the day had been thinking about a comment someone made earlier on in the week about the importance of the potatoes i had supplied for a meal

the most real aspect of this dream was the potato in the second scene, the colour, the shape… the memory of it has as much reality as any potato that can be recalled from a real-life experience

* * *



speech-spoken word-influenced dreams: first scene, explaining to one person in particular in a group of three or four people about the features of a pen

i told him… “had been trying to buy a pen for the last few years which would always write when you used it”. “all the pens i had bought would need coaxing’ into use when they hadn’t been used for an hour or two”. “it meant running the pen frantically over a part of the page to warm it up”. “the must do something about this’ moment came when i had to fill in a form to get a reduced price on an item”. “as usual the pen needed warming up but there wasn’t any paper to hand to run the pen across”. “it wouldn’t do to use the form and i stood there feeling, and probably looking stupid, while trying to think of how to get around it”. “determined to get a pen that done the job, i had spent £30 on one pen and a similar amount on another and was about to spend even more on another”. “told the salesman what was what and he suggested a pen the shop had in stock”. “bought the pen but wasn’t over confident it would do what was expected”. “later on in the day went on the internet to find a pen that claimed it would always write”. “the pen i had bought in the shop earlier on in the day was a toshiba and so went to their site first”. “two or three searches at the web site and the pen i had been looking for over the last half dozen years came up on the screen”. “it wrote upside down, on wet paper, in zero gravity and at -20 degrees below freezing”, “the jam on the bread was the price… £12 for 10 pens with a free retractable pencil-pen and 12 refills’ a lifetime of pens for just over a tenner” ! “not only that, the pen can cut through a hair from someone’s head”

second scene someone fetched a length of wire the width of a human hair

everybody was thoroughly impressed

dream ended

there were several themes in this dream but this was the only one that revealed its details

interpretation/analysis: this dream was the result of explaining the virtues of the pen to a group of four or five people earlier on in the day when were about to play a game of scattegories

applications: we are now at the stage when we can begin to use our dreams to our advantage

we know that dreams can inform us what experiences during the day caused a problem

we know that thoughts produce the theme of a dream

we know that talking about something in particular can form the theme of a dream

we know that reading about something can produce the theme of a dream

example of application… a parent wants a solution to the problem of why two of her children are “always fighting and squabbling”

it will need to be a sincere and genuine attempt to getting a solution

the parent thinks about it during the day

the parent reads about the problem on the internet (try this link )

the parent talks about it to a friend

the parent writes the details into a blog or reads about other people with the same problem (try this link)

* * *



vivid-thought influenced dream, one scene dream

brightly-lit scene, a woman wearing a red dress with a tight, pink, waist-length jacket

she was lying on her back rubbing her self extremely energetically with both hands

the dream lasted for about four or five seconds

this dream has produced two new categories of dream… one scene dreams and vivid dreams

interpretation/analysis: as with all dreams the writer applies the roney analysis

there is nothing about this scene that couldn’t be a slice of real life

it was probably, but not definitively, marlene

this dream was brought into being as a result of thinking about marlene and how her feelings of not having someone to love in a physical way impacted on her

it was as vivid as any dream i’ve ever had

* * *



fleeting-thought/two-themed dream, first theme, first scene: was composing a new layout for the home page of this website and was having trouble getting a word to link to a particular page

second scene, managed to get it to work by using a word with more letters

interpretation/analysis: this dream was formed from a single, fleeting thought during the day

possibly the most important about this dream is that the thought was remembered

a stand-alone thought mixed in with all the other thoughts and feelings and sights and sounds, tastes and smells of hundreds and thousands of sensory inputs during any day

if you have difficulty in assigning the reason for the theme of a dream this may be the reason why

the question is “why did the dream machinery latch on to this particular thought and make it the theme for a dream” ?

new category of dream… fleeting-thought influenced dream, second-theme, first scene: this was set at the home of where i lived in my junior and teenage years

had nearly completed putting together all the components to make a barbeque

just needed a board about twenty-five metre squared to level a bit of the ground, there were some comments

second scene, the wood had appeared and the barbeque cum party was under way

third scene, my father was the last to arrive and was having trouble getting into the garden using the entrance at the side of the house

used the board to enable access to the garden

interpretation/analysis: unable to put my finger on the reason or cause for this dream

* * *



recurring dream, same person, same theme; xual: interpretation/analysis

this is a recurring theme/dream because i’m at a loss as to know what to do about marlene

there’s no doubt marlene has symptoms of dementia

the uninformed consensus is that it’s a deteriorating condition with no chance of recovery, however, that’s by no means written in stone, quite the opposite, with the exception of three or four separately identified types the prognosis is bright

there are at least four proven prognoses for other types of the ailment

links to articles read so far… with this particular problem i’m stuck on how to contact her brother

all i know about him is that his name is john

what has to be taken into account is that nothing happens to the writer by chance

every single little thing that happens in his life is there by design

it wasn’t just chance that marlene was standing by my door on that day at that time

there’s more going on here than a chance encounter although the writer considers the heart as the number one priority for all people it may be we’re getting involved in a secondary priority

think about it and respond if you’re inclined to 95 minutes R.E.M.types of brain waves

* * *



same-day influenced dream

first scene

was deleting entries from the web site on u.f.o.’s which didn’t seem to carry much weight

second scene after deleting 4 or 5 had a look on the internet to see what new sightings had been uploaded

third scene every new upload of a u.f.o. sighting was more impressive than the last and the final one looked at was as dazzling as a carnival and i realised that my input to the u.f.o. scene was no longer needed… it had an impetus all of its own

interpretation/analysis was working on the-web-page-to-be `red giant` and had been looking at sun/space photos

one photo in particular reminded me of a u.f.o. sighting and got me thinking about them

e.t.’s are going to figure in our lives in a major way in the very near future

as is to be expected the oligarch-controlled media barely mentions them

the oligarch’s, with monster-sized egos, can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that there’s something more influential in life than themselves

40 minutes R.E.M. types of brain waves

* * *



two-themed / externailsed dream

first theme first scene

was in palm tree avenue which is within a couple of hundred metres of where i lived between the age of 6 and 18

there were 30 to 50 people holding a political meeting on a small green nearby

david cameron was doing a reasonable job of defending his corner for people living on amounts greater than the `world wage

second scene

listened to what was being said for a while and decided to add my two-penneth

made my point sarcastically, “don’t you realise”, i said to the gathering at large, “the cost of sending children to a public school ? it’s a thousand pound a week. then there’s holidays. the children work hard at school and they deserve a holiday during the school breaks. we like to get away from it all and find the seychelles a good place to relax”

a few people started smiling when they realised what i was doing

second theme first scene

at the alterationist’s in exeter

was lying down on a pile of paper

second scene

the alterationist’s son came in with his exceptionally good-looking girlfriend

third scene

there was conversation between the males while the father done a repair to something his son was wearing

fourth scene

the father had seen the couple out of the building and returned to the room where i was still lying down

he was really happy about the way his son’s life was going and was singing `yellow submarine

i picked up on his good mood and joined in had sang the chorus line twice and woke up as i was singing it the third time


first dream

small crowd david cameron… seen his smiling face on the telly, without the sound on, a lot over the last two days

second dream alterationist… reset my mobile phone and his was the only number i wanted to keep and had been thinking about young girls and boys

both dreams had feel-good endings comment… can’t tell you what a relief it is to be having normal dreams again (see analysis/interpretation for 28th september 2014)

* * *



kissing/x dream: first scene and second scene, forgotten

third scene, kissing with a difference; a little difference that made a whole new world of difference

fourth scene, we were guests at the house of a famous person

i was embarrassed that i wasn’t wearing clothes that suited the surroundings

the famous person put me at ease and i felt comfortable about having x

category of dream:  kissing dream (4)

interpretation/analysis: you’d better believe it men women out-passion us by at least two to one

they just need the opportunity to do it their way

there were one or two scenes before the memorable part of the kissing dream

the stand-out part of the dream was the kissing itself

as much as i’d like to share this dream experience in full it would be bad etiquette to reveal another person’s inclinations

it is the case that where there is both kissing and x within a dream nine times out of ten it has always been the kissing which was more enjoyable

this dream was also an informative dream; it was sensational x dream (4)

an added aspect to kissing which vaulted kissing into a new realm

can’t think why it never occurred to me to do it

it is thought that the reason why kissing holds such a special place in the feelings between women and men is that kissing is represented in the heavenly state as the sensation that is produced when physical contact occurs between two beings and stimulates a feeling for more life in a numerical sense

if this the case then it is indeed the subtlest of mechanisms that take the time equivalent of 1 ^ 83 000 years to reach a crescendo

the explosive sensations we experience through the act of x may be related in some way to the explosive ideas we attach to the big bang, although the assertion “this time we do not stop” suggests the big bang comes about for a different reason

in terms of trying to understand what the beginning and the end of the mechanistic nature of the cyclic nature of love/life is… it seems likely we haven’t even learnt the basic structure of the language of love in its broadest sense and we’re trying run before we can walk or tell a joke before we can talk when attempting to formulate these matters, still, it’s not a hanging offence to think about them and who knows what such speculations will throw up

* * *



short-term consecutive-theme dreams, first scene, was sitting at a table

next to me was another man at least half as big as me again

it was part of a formal introduction to a religious cult

we were at the lowest point it was possible to be within the hierarchy of the organization, more specifically, the person next to me had superiority to me by a matter of hours or days

his manner was friendly and although he was bigger than me i felt i was on a par with him

second scene, an air of anticipation was growing as senior figures within the group were expected any moment

third scene, three men dressed formally appeared and seemed separate, distant from me

fourth scene, in a different place and it was just the other new guy and me in a spacious area

i wanted to talk to the three men who had been in the room in the previous scene

immediately the mood and feel of the dream changed

i had opened a sacrosanct door and the full weight of officialdom was making itself felt

fourth scene, i wasn’t allowed to talk to them, i wasn’t even allowed to talk about them

the reprimands were coming thicker and faster as the dream ended

interpretation/analysis, both today’s and yesterday’s dream had secrecy and structured authoritarian themes

still reeling from the previous seven days of the oppressively rigid encounter’s from both the police and from hospital staff

how severely such attitude’s affect a person is relative to that persons own disposition or outlook of life

how good or bad the world appears depends on an individual’s sensitivity or feel for life

depending on how many day’s, week’s, month’s or the year’s the same theme lasts indicates the sensitivity or feel an individual has on that specific facet of life

* * *



written-word/externalised/two-themed dream

first theme, first scene, part of secret book society clandestinely moving through streets and back-alleys to get to a meeting

second scene, at the meeting

it was a very large hall and had two or three hundred people in it which was a surprise considering it was supposed to be a small secret set-up

third scene, wanted a cigarette

was waiting for someone to start smoking so i could ask them for a light

analysis/interpretation: secrecy, cigarette

second theme, first scene: in a war environment in a middle eastern city

the city was in ruins

people were rebuilding the ruins and building bomb-shelter type accommodation

second scene, felt the situation needed music

found a small blackened frying pan that produced the sound of a chord when i ran my nails along the bottom of it in skiffle-style

shuffle-danced around in a small circle singing a single line that was easy to vary…”gotta have a lotta love, mmm mmm” “we need a lotta love, yea, yea”

done it six or eight times

although people took notice realised it wasn’t going to change the situation in a way that made any real difference

interpretation/analysis – middle east war environment, beleaguered people, music, futility

* * *



delayed-theme/consecutive-feel-good/informative dream

a truly delightful dream (with a dash of poignancy) that makes the dream state what it is… a place where there are experiences better than the best things we can experience in our conscious state

first scene, reading an article in a paper or magazine about a teenager who had come up with a way of measuring the polarization of light (see delayed theme further on down the page)

the lad was the son of a farming-family

they lived in a rural area and lived a more or less isolated life

the young man dreamed of being someone else somewhere else

he had heard or read about the difficulty science was having in establishing how to measure the polarization of light and the wavelength of light at the same time

second scene, he devised an apparatus that consisted of a photon-emitter and a photon collector-plate

the collector-plate was transparent and it enabled an observer to clearly see both the position and the shape of the particle/wave

third scene, he was overcome with joy

a young man with no distinguishable achievements had answered a question that had baffled the best brains in science

it was the happiest moment of his life

he now knew that even though he lived what he thought was a drab life he could quite easily realize any and all of his dreams if he wanted to

fourth scene, he was filled with an unbounded happiness

the first thing he decided to do was to fly the crop-sprayer aeroplane

he knew he wasn’t supposed to fly it until he was a year or two older but that didn’t dissuade him

up in the air in the plane, his thoughts were soaring way above the height the plane could fly

he could do anything

his thoughts were sweeping and soaring but the plane couldn’t do what his thoughts were doing; so when he put the plane into an impossible manoeuvre it crashed

analysis/interpretation delayed theme… took a book to read (quantum reality) on the train to exeter on the twenty-fourth

read and re-read the couple of chapters that explained polarization in an attempt to come up with an easy-to-understand graphic definition that could be used in the entry-to-be on polarization

informative dream… the contrast in the types of dreams between the violent dream period between 21092014 and 25092014 and yesterday’s dream had caused me to re-think what it could be that had changed

it was the ham and, i now believe, that it was, specifically, the blood in the ham that was responsible for the violent dream period !

it had occurred to me, because of another violent dream (21042014) that the thoughts and feelings associated with marlene weren’t the cause of the bad dreams and had been considering eating a large amount of pork to test the theory

this dream has convinced me (although may still try the pork test) there hasn’t been any other significant changes in my life that would cause such a big difference to the content of the dreams

feel-good theme… x dreams are all well and good but this is the type of dream that lifts us above and beyond the mundane

the very stuff of the spice of love/life, never knowing what new angles or directions our thoughts and experiences will take us

always and forever surprising us

always something new and exciting and inspiring and rewarding and uplifting and…

the spur that drives us on with an ever-increasing momentum

the heavenly state is, beckoning, beckoning, beckoning

the poignant bit… the writer was reminded of the time he read a one-paragraph item in readers digest about a man in spain

his wife had just delivered their first baby into the world

he was so happy with the mixture of a first child and it being a boy his heart exploded and he died of happiness !

the sheer poignancy of it

the poignancy in this dream didn’t tarnish the overall quality of the dream

not even sure the boy/pilot was killed

there doesn’t seem to be any other reason why the story would mention the crash, though perhaps, it was a local rag

it also brought to the fore the magnificence of his sacrificially-creative love

* * *



multi-themed dream – first theme

developed a really heavy-duty gravelly/phlegmy cough

analysis/interpretation… smoking a bit more than usual during the day

it crossed my mind that i was slipping backwards in phasing out smoking

second theme, an acquaintance of some years back thought he had found a system for beating the casino’s and asked me for a way of signalling someone at another table what card he had

i said “looking left or right” he went off to try it

analysis/interpretation… this dream was brought about while setting up my place for a game of cards in the evening

the person mentioned was always trying to figure out ways of making money by getting the better of the establishment

it still makes me smile when i think of him

third theme, large ships in a port, two men dressed in rescue-team suits were informing me my mother had gone missing while on a ship cruise in the antarctic

analysis/interpretation… can’t think of what prompted this theme 50 minutes

* * *



two-themed dream /kissing dream/x dream (3)

first theme, first scene

was in a cafeteria that could accommodate 50 or 60 people and was looking out onto a golf-course-sized lawn

there were men running around and i heard a voice say “now she’s gone into… ?”

second scene marlene came into the cafeteria she had a sweaty face and torso

we saw each other and moved towards each other

third scene – we embraced and had one of those soft, supple lip kisses that lasted for 5 or 6 seconds

the fourth scene when the hospital personnel were a few feet away i whispered “we’ll be together soon”

category of dream:  kissing dream (3)

analysis/interpretation – this is the most obvious and easiest analysis/interpretation have yet had

a child could put this one together

second theme first scene x

second scene x analysis/interpretation

now this is more like it

this is how dreams should be pleasurable, enjoyable, moreish, repeatedly desirable…

it is worth mentioning again that of the experiences awaiting us in the heavenly state pleasure hardly figures at all

there are much, much more fantastic feelings than pleasure when enacting Straight line action

read the link and try and get an insight

it must be the sexist in me but i find myself intimidated when the female is showing greater passion than me during x

both themes were with marlene

it occurred to me while thinking about the situation with marlene that in an ideal world the situation would be to have alternate days with marlene and the days in between with a different

ladies, tragically, the people who currently control our live are too oriented to death to embrace life

see oligarch

* * *



first theme, first scene, seven or eight of us were at a woman’s house

there was an even mixture of women and men

second scene, it had whittled down to five of us and another person left

third scene, there were now four of us and i fancied the woman

one of the men was a real-life person from twenty years ago

the other man was a sturdy muscular thirty-year-old

he became awkward with me and his manner had a threatening undertone

the person from 30 years ago decided it was time to go

fourth scene, he became belligerent with the woman, who, i had just discovered, was his current or ex-wife or girl-friend

fifth scene, he started making threats

sixth scene, the woman looked at me and formed the sentence “call the police” with her lips

seventh scene, two or three men came through the door

one was a real-life person who was a no-nonsense tough guy, he pointing as he was striding to the troublesome man and said “get out”

eight scene, the aggressive man didn’t move and then the no-nonsense man hit him twice in the head

there were headbutts and more punches and eventually, the troublesome man was subdued

analysis/interpretation: don’t remember having so many dreams within a few days that had violence in them

was in someone’s house the day before yesterday and someone had filled a usb stick with 100 films for him

they were all this years films i had a quick look at ten or twelve of them to see if any of them were worth adding to my film collection

every single one had extreme violence in it

they weren’t fringe-films with unknown actors, they were the latest offerings from the major studios with all the top names taking lead roles

to this, we add the latest news items… violence, violence, violence

it seems the whole world is caught up in violence

this web site has a theory about this which means the major film studios are in on the conspiracy or have been caught up in it without realising it or this person is deluded and paranoid

second theme, first scene, was relaxing by the river where i used to live

had a green plastic bag with me

second scene, found a yellow plastic bag with items in it which i recognised as coming from a stately house a mile away

third scene, walked with the bags to the grounds of the mansion and came to a steel cattle-gate which led onto the estate proper

i saw three or four people on the other side of the gate and recognised one of them as someone i didn’t want to see

third scene, was now at the house itself and could see that some sort of event was ongoing or being organised

fourth scene, was in the house itself and was explaining my presence to a couple of people

i was hoping the items were things they valued and would think it appropriate to give me a reward

no such luck (mean gits. only got money to spend on their mates)

fifth scene, they had become suspicious of me and thought i had stolen them so i could claim a reward and had called the police and i was being scrutinised by a detective

he thought he had caught me out when he said “watch where that woman goes” the woman went through a door and i said “she’s gone into kitchen” he said “how do you know which part of the house she went into” i explained that i had gone from room to room hen i first got there looking for someone to talk to about the items i had found… end of dream

analysis/interpretation: relaxed start to dream, mini-treasures, big-house, activities (was thinking about organising an event during the day), looking for a hand-out ?, both dreams had the police in them (still thinking about marlene)

* * *



first scene, a young boy and myself were climbing up scaffolding that was attached to the side of a cliff

the cliff was a 100 to 120 metres high

there were four or five workmen about seven tiers of scaffolding below us

second scene, about two tiers from the top we went into a cave and made something to eat

third scene, when the meal was ready to eat i said “this meal needs potatoes. let’s get some”

fourth scene, the dream ended when we had gathered everything together and were walking along the cave away from the cliff-face

analysis/interpretation: yet another dream with the beginning missing

am thinking that the beginning of dreams holds the key to the interpretation of them

the spoken bit of the dream was probably due to thinking about a meal that is on the tuesday-lunch-club menu for today

looked on the internet yesterday to see what ingredients are in chile con carne

after looking at the ingredients thought “there need to be some freshly-cooked vegetables with it”

the first vegetable that always comes to mind with me is potatoes

analysis/interpretation: young boy, cliff-face, scaffolding, workmen, climbing up, cave meal, spoken word

* * *



pain-dream: first scene, went into a hi-fi shop in town to ask advice about an amplifier

the technician who could answer the question asked me to wait while he did something

second scene, there were two of us in the shop now and the owner of the shop came in wearing a suit and started talking to the other customer

third scene, had another call to make while in town and decided i could do it before the technician got back

it was a blistering hot day

took off my shirt and wedged it in an out-of-the-way space on a shelf

fourth scene, i was wearing a vest under the shirt

i opened the door of the shop and intended to let it close behind me

i launched myself off my right leg to start sprinting and the moment i did that a sharp pain started in the area below the knee

the momentum of the launch of the start of the sprint was great enough to make me continue taking steps

fifth scene, every step produced a seemingly greater discomfort than the one before

it was twelve to fifteen steps before i came to a stop and with every step, i heard myself making a whoo, whoo, whoo sound (keep on meaning to set up a microphone over the bed to find out what sounds in dreams are externalised)

sixth scene, was propping myself against a building when a girl/woman appeared and said “i know your father. what’s wrong” i said “i don’t know”

seventh scene, pulled up the trouser leg to have a look and there was was a small bloody gash with a yellow colour just below it in the area of the funny-bone

was about to pull the trouser leg further up to look at the knee because that was the pain was worst when the dream ended

analysis/interpretation – pain in a dream is new to me

it was real enough for me to look at my knee when i woke up to see if i had done something to it when i was sleeping

amendment… on the sixteenth went shopping with marlene

she liked ham and so we bought two of those wafer-thin packs of ham that people put in sandwiches and a pack of mini-sized gammon steaks

when marlene was taken from me i put the food in the fridge

thought i may as well use them up today and the over the next couple of days i pigged-out on them

this, i am now sure, is the reason for this dream and the dream on the 25092014

analysis/interpretation was the original entry used to explain the cause of why there was pain in this dream

the only way to explain this is to associate it with the thoughts and feelings that have been swirling around in my head because of what happened with marlene

if this is the case then as evolving beings we’re not even allowed to have recriminatory thoughts or feelings

it’s the nature of reality

reality can only accommodate things that have endlessness

wishing or wanting something not to exist that can exist is an unreality

1 ^100 years is the most time-reality that love/life can generate

every conscious entity can endure for that length of time if she or he wants to

devolving beings are to be identified and observed

we should no more bare ill thoughts or feelings towards them than we do with a dog with rabies, or an insect or a virus

they are to be identified and grouped together and quarantined or at least separated from evolving beings in a way that doesn’t allow any form of contact

in short, a thought that breeches reality by wishing to reduce its length or time (the endless straight line or universal time) is going against reality

which in turn produces consequences, hence this dream

shop in town, technician, another customer, shop owner, hot day, taking the shirt off, attempting to run, sounds in a dream, girl/woman/speech, coloured wound

* * *


21st september 2014


multi-themed dream, first theme

two scenes in bed with a couple who were established partners

too xual to detail

second theme, several scenes in the living room of a family who were struggling to make ends meet

thought it would be appropriate to offer them some money

the last of the scenes remembered was giving one of the grown men a fiver (had about fifty pounds in my wallet and it was in a time when a fiver was an amount that could buy a family its basic needs for a week or two)

third theme, first scene – was travelling abroad in a country that was impoverished (again it was an earlier time in history)

was trying to get back home and the nearest i could get to making it home was to catch a train to france

second scene, can remember saying “parie, parie” to a porter in my best squeezed french

third scene, he conveyed to me the train i wanted stopped at the platform i was standing on

fourth scene, a massive train thundered into the station

there was nothing to indicate where it was going and i became hesitant about getting on it

the train was gone before i could change my mind and board it

fifth scene, i was left alone on the platform with no one else anywhere to be seen

fifth theme, first scene – was in yet another train statio

something was amiss but can’t remember what

second scene, a fast-talking, smarmy and too obviously cunning con man was trying to lure me into going with him or go along with a suggestion

i sensed he was bad news and declined

third scene, when he realized i wasn’t going to be fooled two of his mates suddenly appeared and it was their intention to rob me using violence

fourth scene, i kicked him the groin and he still had his con-mans smile on his face as he was crumpling to a heap

fifth scene, a small crowd of locals came from behind me and set upon him with sticks and began beating him violently over all his body

sixth theme, first scene – yet another impoverished country (by now any semblance of affluence was gone. i had no money, no belongings. i was destitute)

was looking away from where i was out into an expanse of a semi-industrialised area

second scene, a young urchin with a winning character and sincere smile warned me of an impending threat to my life

third scene, he looked to a bend in view of the expanse and indicated that was where it would come from

fourth scene, he jumped off the elevated walkway where we were standing and ran across about a forty metre gap to a line of decaying buildings and disappeared through an opening and the sound of roaring began

fifth scene, i looked to the bend of the view and saw a low wall of white water coming

sixth scene, it was easily strong enough to wash me away so i ran to the point in the buildings where i last saw the boy

seventh scene, found a gap just big enough to get through and got as far as i could into the buildings

eighth scene, the water arrived and was lapping against some stones a metre away. the dream ended there

analysis/interpretation: sexuality, money, lack of money, people, travel, trains, foreign countries, bad people, good people, violence, poverty, water, unsatisfactory ending

* * *



happy-ending dream: first scene, was on a bus coach

the second scene, a news story of a bank robbery came over the coach p.a.

the third scene, the coach went off the road and into a ditch

the fourth scene, four of us were in a waiting room (two girls, two boys)

the fifth scene, we were told the luggage was unrecoverable but it would be valued by remote machinery and compensation would be paid in silver bits by an automated cash dispenser

we would be given value tokens to put in the automated cash dispenser as soon as the valuation was completed

the sixth scene, i went last and couldn’t get anything on the first or second token but on the third token the machine paid a jackpot of tens of thousands

i said “it’s put the stolen bank money into my claim”

the seventh scene: gave the girls what would be two or three thousand pounds worth each and gave the other man about seven thousand pounds worth of the little bits of silver

we were all very happy with the way it worked out: the end of the dream

analysis/interpretation: the most real part of this dream was the sound of the bits of silver as they poured out of the money dispenser

the two things that happened during the day that connect to this dream is hearing the previously unheard sounds that became noticeable when listening to music through a new pair of speakers and a coach-trip brochure i browsed through for ten or fifteen minutes earlier on in the day

all the other elements of the dream must have something to do with emotional states, fleeting thoughts, persisting desires or other, as yet unrecognised, dream-forming stimuli, coach journey, stolen money, two girls, two men, coach in ditch, damaged luggage, (luggage again. second time this week) bits of silver, automatic machinery, happy ending

* * *



two-themed dream: first theme, the first scene

wanted to be part of a group or gain access to something or other to become part of it

a woman had to examine my teeth within a second or two she declared that my teeth weren’t good enough and dismissed any chance of me becoming part of it

the second theme, scene one, a man dressed all in white with fair skin and fair hair was standing at the door

he looked more of a vision than a person

he said “i’m from the local helper’s association and i’ve come to help”

i said “come on in”

i turned to lead him in and then something gave me pause for thought and decided against it and said i didn’t want his help and asked him to go

analysis/interpretation: desire to become part of something, teeth, a man in white, hesitation

* * *



emotionally-based / two-themed dream

the first theme, first scene,

an indian person had invented a cylindrical-shaped strimmer that recycled the energy of the machine as it was using it and had solved the energy problem

the second scene, another invention (am trying to remember what it was. will put it in the entry if it comes back to me)

the second theme first scene, sitting on a two-tier concrete step

there were about twenty-five kgs of two or three-inch screws scattered around where there are two of us

came into possession of about one-hundred pounds worth of marijuana

had the idea to hide the marijuana in amongst them if a prison guard happened to appear

the second scene, in an open cell in an open prison and the people in the cell, all african, were amazed at the amount of money i had made in just a few hours

one said “you must have had a rush on” and i replied “as soon as the cell door opened everyone flooded in”

the third scene: organised a game of cards for five people and thought it would be a good idea to have a woman in on the game

we were playing cards when a bottle of mango chutney became the main content of the dream and i returned it to another cell which was another card game, only this card game was reversed in terms of gender (four women and one man)

there were a few sentences of good-natured banter

i left their cell and as i was going back to mine when someone in my real-life (an authority figure) said to me “is there a woman in there” ? i said “yes” and she said back “you could get in a lot of trouble over that” the dream ended

the odd thing about this dream was there was nothing that happened during the day that could be even remotely connected to the themes of these dreams on the contrary with the exception of the first three hours of the day, which were extremely rewarding emotionally, the day was filled with feelings of frustration and defeatism and a determination to get around what was a body-blow to me, but more urgently, the degradation to the life of someone else

however two aspects of the dream could be related to events and thoughts over the last two or three days

the first three or four hours of yesterday were unusually satisfying and it is thought that this determined the tone of the dream but why was there no visual connection between the most rewarding part of the day and the themes of the dream ?

a new category of a dream… emotionally-based dream

analysis/interpretation indian man cylindrical strimmer, concrete steps, a large number of screws, marijuana open prison, money, african men, cell card game, mango chutney, women’s card game, real-life figure being referred to this month was brought about because ham was eaten as the last food of the day

the second dream happened because of eating a larger than usual amount of beef as the last food of the day

it isn’t remembered what the food was that caused the first original dream some twenty or more years ago but it has to be assumed that the similarities of the dreams are too similar for them not to be connected

that the meat of devolving beings can cause undesirable feelings in dreams wasn’t considered before this month
the dreams were of pieces of food being regurgitated which were causing a mildly choking

similar to the reaction the body’s mechanism employs if a person tries to swallow an amount of food that is too big for the throat

the interpretation being put on these dreams is that consuming the solid tissue of devolving beings too close to going to sleep, as commonly experienced with cheese, does not suit the physiology

* * *



‘the first think-read dream

name of dream: think-read dream 1

first scene

in the centre of a large busy town looking for a sign that points to the railway station

second scene

having a confab with a railway employee about buying a ticket

third scene

a woman in the same situation as me (we both missed the last scheduled commuter service and we would have to use the employee’s transport-home train)

fourth scene

slept during the journey and woke to find a message on the seat next to me

could only read the message by “think-reading it” one word at a time

the first word was your, when i had read that word in order to read the next word it meant using a word that made grammatical and contextual sense before it could be read (in this instance it was luggage) the next word could be is/was/has etc.

if the sentence wasn’t making sense it meant going back to that part of the message where more than one word could be used to form a grammatically correct sentence and trying different words until the right one had been chosen and the next word revealed itself in both grammatical and contextual sense

while reading/forming the message i can remember thinking “why is it in the luggage office” and “well how did it get broken”?

i realised i could go back to the note/message and ask the question “how did it get broken”? and so i did

the message began forming itself and eventually it all made sense

the note read…“your luggage is in the luggage office because the hand-strap of the large black bag broke as it was being handled and the contents spilled out. you can collect it from there up until 1 a.m.”

think-reading was the longest scene of the dream and it took bleedin’ ages

the think-reading became a real chore and it may have been the case that the task of think-reading was becoming so much of an effort i concluded the message so i wouldn’t have to keep on think-reading

when the message was fully formed and i felt relaxed i would eventually get the luggage back i woke from the dream


centre of a large busy city… train station/journey with a woman in the dream… one-word-at-time message (second time recently that a message has occurred this way in a dream) missed the last train from birmingham to coventry

* * *



tactile-informative (physiology)

this dream started in a spacious underground station

was asking an african man for instructions to get somewhere

he told me the exit i wanted

got to the start of the exit and was taken aback by how steep and long the incline to the street was

there was the strong sensation of gripping the hand-rail as i got toward the top of the steep and i only just managed to pull myself up the last half metre

a woman with a young baby in a pram was standing at the top of the exit anxious to get into the underground but she could see it would be unsafe to try and get the pram down

i told her she shouldn’t even try it. the dream ended

the sensation of gripping mentioned was so strong it was on the verge of waking me up

this is the second night running the dream has had an incline in it

analysis/interpretation: the sensation of grip was linked to weight training earlier on in the day (had to grip a dumbbell more firmly than usual to do a particular movement)

pushed myself too hard and stretched a muscle or ligament or fibres and breathing was uncomfortable for the rest of the day

the grip aspect of the dream enabled me to identify the reason for it the steep incline… the underground… the african man… the woman and baby… note am keeping the time spent on dreams and dream theory to 2 hours an entry (times up for today)

* * *



two-themed dream: first dream… moving-sequence influenced/same-day influenced dream

was looking into where the driver sat in the latest model of a jaguar car which had a fully computerized push-button dashboard which was clustered into an area the size of a laptop keyboard

took it for a test drive in the centre of a town i used to live in

the very centre of the town was at the top of an in incline

the lights were against me and at the top of the incline and although the incline brought the car to a stop the car started to slip backwards and i became panicky when i couldn’t figure out which of the buttons to press to apply the brakes so i accelerated to stop the backward roll which took me through the red stop lights

the dream ended with the police on the scene

the cause of the dream was, in part, due to watching the italian grand prix and i remember dwelling on the way so many of the operations were done through the steering wheel

the second dream… written-word influenced/same-day influenced dream

this dream wasn’t all love and kisses either

someone, who wasn’t in the dream, was trying to kill someone in a telephone booth using a snipers long-range rifle

i was part of the security team trying to catch him

the dream ended before the shooter was caught

this dream was brought about by reading up on the origin of the word assassin

note.. could spend an hour or two trying to analyze the intricacies of the associated themes within these dreams

in the future as the analysis of dreams becomes formulated an easy-to-use guidebook will help us to make sense of every single aspect of any dream

* * *



ssame-day-experiences influenced dreams / delayed-theme dreams

was getting things prepared to do a discotheque for an evening wedding reception a few days hence

a helper who had been looking forward to doing the djaying had become wary that we would ever do one and was voicing his reservation’s that it wasn’t going to happen

“you’ve seen the request,” i said, indicating with a look to a letter, as i was getting the equipment ready

he became convinced as i continued with the preparations and got into helping to get things ready

two causes for this dream, 1, earlier on in the day had all but finished getting my pad ready for receiving visitors

had been making half-hearted attempts to get it ready for the best part of a year but just couldn’t bring myself to make it a priority with all that’s been going on since the start of the ukraine crisis. 2, was spurred on to start thinking about getting a discotheque going as a result of dream 05092014

notes ~~~ this dream has brought about two new categories of types of dreams 1, same-day-experiences influenced dreams 2, delayed-theme dreamsame-day-experiences influenced dreams / delayed-theme dreams

was getting things prepared to do a discotheque for an evening wedding reception a few days hence

a helper who had been looking forward to doing the djaying had become weary that we would ever do one and was voicing his reservation’s that it wasn’t going to happen

“you’ve seen the request” i said, indicating with a look to a letter, as i was getting the equipment ready

he became convinced as i continued with the preparations and got into helping getting things ready

two causes for this dream, 1, earlier on in the day had all but finished getting my pad ready for receiving visitors

had been making half-hearted attempts to get it ready for the best part of a year but just couldn’t bring myself to make it a priority with all that’s been going on since the start of the ukraine crisis. 2, was spurred on to start thinking about getting a discotheque going as a result of dream 05092014

notes ~~~ this dream has brought about two new categories of types of dreams 1, same-day-experiences influenced dreams 2, delayed-theme dreams

* * *



thought-influenced dream

there was a gigantic spaceship hovering in the atmosphere displaying a stream of writing along its hull

am on the ground with other people

the writing was in two-tiers and was running as a ticker-tape style information read-out of events that were going to happen

eventually, i twigged-on to what was happening

love/life has the ability to copy and paste real events

the people in the spaceship are able to tap into periods of times in the future but can only experience and portray it in written form

the implications of their abilities were too startling, too stark because i could interpret what was being displayed

i was assigned with superhuman abilities and elevated to a position of a deity because copying and pasting leads to understandings that increase knowledge which in turn increases the quality of life to a degree which is sufficient to enable us to continue along the right track of evolution for the foreseeable future

it resulted in the choice for this person to ascend and leave earth and the evolutionary process behind once and for all for this undulation

the dream ended when the choice to ascend was declined, preferring instead to continue to interpret and implement the lifestyle which the intricacies of copying and pasting had opened up to us

the basis of this dream is a decision that was taken earlier on in the day which anticipates someone else’s decision, which will be taken in the near future, and it was also influenced by thinking about the lifestyle we will be experiencing at the gathering place

this entry may lead to an insight of the lover’s abilities and highlight the futility in, and the consequences of, trying to steer the course of mankind’s history when that course does not contain an increase in the quality and quantity of love/life

in the same way that you and i have at our convenience the means to copy and paste words, pictures, moving images etc., that convenience is available to the lover in real-life situations over great periods of time involving a few or all people

the outcome of the decision mentioned above is already known to the lover

contingency planning has begun in case it does happen

if it does happen the writer will explain in a little more detail the way the lover uses this person

notes… the thought keeps occurring that there is something useful or important to be got from being aware of the start of any dream sequence

what’s the first thing the mind/brain does to get the images, thoughts etc. to become part of the faculty’s of the consciousness/memory ?

can it be something simple like a basic sine wave that grows in complexity ?

* * *



thought-influenced dream

was working on a web page

tried three or four times to review the page

became frustrated when the page wouldn’t show the new entry and woke up from the dream

during the day had been thinking that it had been two days since had done anything on the website and it was probably too long to go without adding something

* * *



two-themed dream

walking with great ease and flair in town with an old girlfriend shopping for and buying clothes

tried on some clothes in a large department store

it was some sort of special occasion, party atmosphere

liked a jumper, in particular, was trying it on in a fitting room as when the dream ended

second dream… with friends in town again looking for somewhere to have a smoke

five or six of us ended up in a stretch limo

the car stopped at a junction and we started pushing it – dream ended

* * *



two-themed dreams

both dreams had x content

it might be thought that a normal person wouldn’t have this many of this type of dream

there are good reasons for it

the next 1000 years can take many different courses (schrodinger’s cat)

day by day the best one is being replaced by the next best one

the lover has done all that needs to be done to let the best one happen

women who are not yet connected to their soul partner instinctively know what it is and in the course of time men will acquire the instinct too

by indulging the second and third party (the russian’s didn’t want to join the european movement seventy years or so ago nor will they in the future and the third party are even more entrenched in the past than the second party)

you’re going over ground the lover has already covered

over the next one thousand years the incompatibilities of outlook, which are in the genetic coding, will manifest themselves as physical malady’s for which there will not be a remedy (exactly in the same way as there is no way to get beings who are committing murder to change their outlook)

the new habitation will only constrain them not change them

the worst possible future is that there will be more people with untreatable conditions than healthy people

these types of dreams is the way love/life is keeping the hope of the best of the possible future’s alive

* * *



sitting in a car

there was an air of expectation

was waiting for someone or for something to happen

a white cloud or a cloud of white smoke filled an area about the size of four or five houses fifty metres in front of where i was

it formed into a twirling pointed funnel and started coming towards me

it looked menacing so i scarpered ~~~ there was a lot more to the dream than is in this entry

most of the detail was forgotten by the time this dream was entered into this page because something else happened during last nights’ sleep

for the first time in almost thirty years and for only the second time in my life, i was woken up by my own snoring

both times there was a quality/depth to the sleep that gave me a feeling of being rejuvenated

i lay there for an hour savouring the feeling

for every second i lay there i could feel the tiredness in my bones seeping away

this sleep was brought about by a finding the perfect way of doing dead-lifts which enabled me to do fifty without any real effort or strain

wasn’t keeping notes of what was happening in my life thirty years ago but weight-training was part of my routine then too

will assume that it was the same thing that brought about the same type of sleep that caused me to snore the first time it happened

the dream itself was due to thinking about the situation in gaza

one day there at each other’s throats the next day there’s an extended cease-fire the next day their at each others throat’s

again a rapid kill-no kill, start-stop, situation is what’s to be expected when devolving beings get going

* * *



externalized-laughing dream three-themed dream

the first dream was of me lying on a bed in a room that had microphones on mic stands and one or two japanese people tending to technical things

this dream was the result of thinking about how to use the dream state to further our understanding of how the mind/brain works and, specifically, to capture the externalized content of dreams

the second dream started off with a tense situation over the ownership of a pedal-bike

it was undoubtedly my bike and i had caught the person who stole it red-handed

the thief dashed out of the scene and the dream ended there with me feeling rankled that i didn’t get the bike back

the third dream, again, started off with antagonism, in it, the mother of our child was angry and frustrated that i refused to resume our relationship

another man related to the woman was there, and, obviously, he took her side

realizing i was on a hiding to nowhere, i left

the next scene didn’t have any details that i can remember

a baby six or seven months old was making happy baby sounds and i responded with like-sounds

that went on for four or five exchanges of sounds

it was realized that the baby and i had something in common

the scene changed to a different place where my mother was there with the baby

my mother was trying to convince me that it would be for the best if the relationship with the mother could continue

i became vehement and made three or four points saying why i didn’t want to get involved

the final point i made was with the most determination “i don’t want to and that’s it. don’t mention it again”

my mother said “it would be for the best though” and i softened my stance

my mother was like that she had a character-deformity that made her try to bring people together

she was forever match-making

she loved people being in love

the next scene was with the baby and we were doing the sound-swapping thing again

it reached a crescendo of reciprocation

the dream ended with the baby looking at me with a broad smile on his face and i woke up laughing (second laughing dream this week)

the eye contact of that final moment of the dream is one of those aspects of a dream that gets etched into the memory

notes: each of the themes were the result of thoughts, which i clearly remember having, during the day the bike… it would be an idea to record the sounds when sleeping… the mother/child relationship… remembering a particular interaction with a baby by and large men don’t “get off” on babies (their too busy being manly)

when you get into it you will realize that babies need as much, if not more attention, than toddlers

this person is famous for getting a six-week-old baby laughing a long, loud, really deep guttural laugh

when babies are lying on their back on a flat surface try putting your cupped-hand under their head

this person found it gets a positive reaction

* * *



externalized-laughing dream, five-themed dream

1 a twenty or more storeyed building: open-plan glass structured: waiting for a lift: in a dilemma about something

2 multi-room in a stately house: clothes theme

3 large room with an open fire

4 in a low-roofed enclosed cave with a coal shale floor: claustrophobic feeling at first

am on my own and have a claustrophobic moment

then another person is in the dream

i get out, the other person remains trapped and says “i’m insane” and the dream ends

5 large store: in a sky-high mood with an old acquaintance from 30+ years ago

walking-cum-floating movement when moving from place to place

am in a great mood but it is misconstrued or resented and is taken as being flippant and disrespectful

old acquaintance walks away from me

have a fawn jacket in one hand and take it to the old acquaintance who is now lying down on a masseurs couch

i say “is this yours,”? he says “no,” i say “it should be” he nods

i leave the jacket on a peg by where he is lying down and go on my merry way

woke from this dream laughing before opening eyes

while trying to probe the details of the first dream an in-the-head sudden muffled sound woke me up in a start

notes: first and fourth dream are separate or distinct periods of r.e.m.

is the last dream or final r.e.m. period the mind ‘summing up’ all of the r.e.m. or dream periods for that sleep ?

* * *



externalized-laughing dream

second laughing dream this year

a female friend of 20 years ago and i were in a room

we were both completely stoned

she had the fridge door open and was drinking from a jar

she was a heavy-duty coffee-drinker but on this occasion wanted a dark fizzy drink

as i looked at her she was poised with a jar in her and looking perplexed

could see she was struggling with something or other and said as i pointed to the dark fizzy on the table next to where i sat “it’s over here”

she looked at the fizzy drink next to me and then at the jar and realized she hadn’t been drinking, what she thought was a dark fizzy drink that had gone flat but beetroot juice (i used to use beetroot juice to splash on chips)

throughout a three second period, with a grim resignation tinged with disgust, she said “oh, jesus christ”

she had told me the worst possible thing a living being could have in their body was beetroot

she hated it with a passion

if you’d known the woman and you would know that she was as mild-mannered as they come and didn’t hate anything

it would be acceptable to have a good laugh that something as simple as beetroot juice could cause such an emotional reaction

if you’ve been “out of it”, i mean really shit-faced stoned out of it, you’ll know that this is the sort of thing you do

if this had been a real-life incident it would still be making me smile today

first thing… you’ll find mentioned elsewhere at this web site what the lover thinks about weed… he’s against it

it adversely affects the mental processes

what has caused the writer to defy the lover on this is the fact that being stoned on marijuana gives a person pause for thought when it comes to doing things that are wrong and particularly violent acts

in the early 1980’s the writer and another person were laying the groundwork for committing a very serious crime

when i was “straight” the thought of doing what was being planned didn’t twinge my conscience at all but when smoking bud it did

in fact, while smoking a joint just thinking about it gave me a feeling of fear as the seriousness of the crime became clear

it is thought the reason the lover is against my use of it is that for a person who has made the Transition In Thinking the effect of the t.h.c in cannabis are more disruptive than it is to those who haven’t

the mind/brain is so much more of a creation than is the creation of the universe

it’s as, or more, finely balanced than the critical density of the universe which is known to be balanced to an accuracy of at least 1 ^60 of a degree

the universe has to be at the critical density in order for straight line action to occur

the workings of the brain have to take on continually complicated configurations throughout universal time to attain those changes which will make the heavenly state accessible

the lover, of course, knows precisely what the consequences are

the long and the short of it… cannabis lessens the quantity and or the quality of life in the near and/or long-term

* * *



thought-conversation-influenced dreams

this dream was set in amsterdam

struck up an instant friendship with a chinese man and mentioned that i wanted some soft, fresh, moroccan black

he decided to let me know about his illegal drug supply operation and took me to where the organization operated from

he showed me around the building and then took me through to a room where a woman and man were doing something important

he said “this is… and this is…” they were faces that were familiar to me and i said “i already know them”

the chinese man look astounded and said to them “what kind of fool do you think i am”

for some reason, it was the kiss of death for the woman and man and they both looked resigned to their fate

the dream ended there

every part of this dream came from thoughts, memories and conversations during the day can’t figure the ending though

* * *



unassigned categories of dreams

this dream opened up in a self-serve cafe on the first floor of a building in a built-up area

i was in the queue when someone close to me said something which had to be written down

i stealthily took a pen from a man’s shirt pocket to write it down

the man was so impressed with the deft way the pen was taken from him he got friendly and began a conversation

it turned out we both had music in common

the scene changed to a hall where the music was going to be played

he was in the process of organising a musical event but didn’t have the right equipment for what he was planning

after assessing his equipment it was obvious he didn’t have enough wattage for the venue

this part of the dream ended with him being pleased that the equipment i had would enable him to go ahead and hold the event

the scene returned to the cafe where a man who claimed he could levitate was going to give a demonstration

the scene then changed to down in the street where the levitation was taking place

it turned out to be a genuine act of levitation which impressed us all

the scene went back to the cafeteria where a fuss about whether we should eat the meal and then pay for it or, as the owners wanted, pay for it first and then eat it

suddenly a wall of water higher than the building we were in was rushing towards us

someone said, “what is that” ? and it became obvious a seriously dangerous situation had developed

i remember moving away from where the water would be crashing through the large glass window

as it broke through the window the glass smashed into large and small pieces and caused fatalities

the water quickly filled the cafe and in the next scene i was managing to keep on top of the water

the only way out of the situation was to take a deep breath and swim to the end of the cafeteria where the water was still coming in and get outside and above the water to breathe

as the water was swirling me around i took a deep breath and was just about to duck under the water when i passed that part of the self-serve counter where the sandwiches were

i grabbed a sandwich and took a big mouthful and immediately thought “this is a bad idea” as i realised opening my mouth was going to affect my breathing

the next scene was back in the street outside the cafe where someone else made the claim he could fly and was about to do it

he took off and moved straight up and away and returned in the angle of an arc

everybody was thoroughly impressed and we all applauded and cheered

woke up at this point but my eyes still very tired

was laying there with my eyes closed for about three to five minutes and fell asleep again for a couple of hours during which time had another dream

the dream was with my second eldest brother

we were using a magazine as a frisbee

the first few flicks made the pages flap wildly, which is what you would expect if you threw a magazine across a room, but that soon changed and within half a dozen tries we were getting the gliding effect, then we were getting a semi-permanent hovering effect, then a new movement for the frisbee… a hovering stall-before-fall effect

the magazine-frisbee was hanging for an unusually long time at the pre-stall-fall stage

am sure if the dream had gone on the splayed pages of the magazine would have taken on a life of its own and begin to fly gracefully

notes: nothing in this dream can be assigned to anything that happened during the day perhaps a new category of dreams is needed

* * *



word/conversation/thought-influenced dreams

the contents of this dream… arnold scwharznegger, manfred hoeberl, two films and politics

there was a two-hour window in which to discuss politics and political strategy

one of the films was half the way through when the confab began

the conversation lost its momentum and changed to deciding whether to watch the film that was showing and talk afterwards or talk then and watch a film later

analysis… the two films were the result of a chat with someone about actors and films

the personalities and politics was the result of thinking about them

notes it is becoming easy recognise what generates dreams and it should eventually be possible to use the ability’s of the brain to instigate solutions and insights (see precognitive deterministic dreams)

the writer will be maintaining his stance on not associating with people who are not living within ethical parameters

a broad range of themes was part of today’s thoughts

why did the dream settle on these three

it could be that these were the most productive to the writer from a conjugate-position of love/life point of view

* * *



two-themed dream/thought-influenced dream

there were half a dozen or so people in a very elaborate spaceship

there was an air of anticipation as we readied ourselves for an encasing procedure that would give the spaceship the ability to endure for an unlimited amount of time

someone voiced reservations about the long-term effects it would have on us

the process began and the noise of the encasing had the sound of permanency

the dream stopped there and was replaced by one of an x nature

the first dream was brought about by trying to understand what the physical composition of evolving beings is while composing page four of the entry “the mistake” earlier on in the day

* * *



multi-themed dream/film-influenced film

the first theme was something to do with washing clothes can’t remember the details

the second theme… the ukraine/russia crises was over and was on a train on my way to russia with an attache case full of money and expensive items that were going to be used to help people who were having a hard time making ends meet

got off the train in a city where the hardship was obvious

the very first person i tried to encourage to organise things saw the contents of the case and took me to a group of nationalists who weren’t happy with the way the crisis ended and were looking for a way to find faults with my motives

feeling invulnerable, i was not prepared to compromise the way the valuables were used (they weren’t going to use the wealth in a way that benefited most people)

when they realised i wouldn’t budge they decided to take me out of the equation and dropped me off the top of a fifty-storey building

i fell through the top of another building (had watched the last ten minutes of the empire strikes back. anything skywalker could do…) and into the next scene

this dream sequence was in a classroom where there was a discussion about the value of different people in society (had been thinking about how equality and work could be married several times over the last few months and thought the solution could be “time-for-time”. a web page entry explaining how this could work will eventually be presented)

the lecturer was maintaining that some people were more important than others

needless to say, a debate began

the debate ended when i proved my point by using an analogy between boys and men

the lecturer left the room smarting and quipped “and you’re obviously a boy”

the next scene was a high-speed pursuit (again, watched twenty minutes of a film earlier with a car chase in it)

i was chasing a suspect

we both had super fast cars

eventually, the suspect drove off the main road along a dirt track that ran alongside a field with twenty or thirty metre-tall plants in them

the suspects car had crashed and was overturned but there was no one it

i became aware of a huge black object the shape of a wide bullet that looked like a spaceship

the top half of the spaceship morphed into a giant alien who was who was ready for trouble

realising i was out-gunned i backed off and the alien-cum-space ship took off

assessment… all the main visual aspects of the dreams… the clothes, the ukraine/russia crisis, being dropped off a building, the debate, the time-for-time idea, the car chase and the alien ship can be joined to thoughts and images during the day

the attitudes interwoven throughout the dreams are attitudes the dreamer holds

the way the dream ends… in two of the remembered dreams there was a concessionary-ending in one it was a fantasy-film ending

* * *



was in a room with a woman who had just become an acquaintance

the xually graphic aspect of this dream was the result of meeting someone earlier on in the day

two periods of sleep and two dreams today

the first scene or two of the second dream today vanished from the memory almost instantly

it would probably have explained what caused the dream

the theme of the dream was a woman and me striking up a relationship and beginning a film project

the idea of the film was to portray the real meaning of life

our shared emotions was the key factor in this dream

they produced some sublimely touching moments

one, in particular, was getting a robot to feel and appreciate life and exhibit love

another was the excelling harmonies that flowed from an impromptu duet as we took it in turns to originate lines and sang them to the tune of “where have all the flowers gone”

the dream ended, while we were still singing, with the sun shining over a hilly area the size of a county

* * *



two-themed dream

had a raft of things to do the first thing today and by the time i got to the computer had forgotten the details of the dreams

there were a few days on the trot during the past week when a certain satisfaction accompanied the detailing of the previous night’s dreams as they were being written

immediately after waking should we make the analysis of dreams the first order of the day ?

happily, this person is in the position to try it

let’s see if any constructive happens

* * *



film sequence dream

in an underground, but nothing that fits into my experience of them, that was absolutely jam-packed with people

there wasn’t more than a metre between the elevators which extended to the edges, both in the depth and the height of the scene

the elevators were arranged diagonally to each other

the depth showed twenty or more elevators with the ones furthest from view between forty and eighty metres in height

there were four or five people abreast of each elevator and toe to toe

assessment… this is the first time the writer has had the feeling there were too many people

it looked like there were about one-hundred thousand people in the sequence

applying the roney analysis to this dream suggests there has been a poor organization of large numbers of people in undulations past

there are at least two interpretations of this dream the one favoured is… there can only be too many people if the organization isn’t right

* * *



a tender love dream

in a room with two women and a man

accepted an invitation to cuddle from one of the women and i immediately suggested we kiss

the kiss was surprisingly forthcoming and felt the direction of the togetherness should be toned down

the woman felt differently and it meant having to steer her feelings into a less passionate state

having done that we continued in a way that allowed tenderness to dominate our feelings and they could have gone on indefinitely

things continued like that for the rest of the dream which ended when my hand accidentally brushed against her nipple and it brought out her procreational instincts at which point the man in the room came over to us and suggested we stop

* * *



a loyal champion of the cause was making the case to an audience that the writer has done all he needs to do and need not involve his self any further (with current affairs)

the writer wasn’t sure he felt/feels that more could/can be done

the writer is in a quandary on this point

this dream is a direct result of that quandary this dream that may recur

* * *



two-themed dreams x dream (2)

have had some graphic x dreams before but this one takes the cake

the first theme of the dream was brought about by images and thoughts

the news today was the most death-filled five to ten minutes of news the writer can remember watching (they move with great fury for they know their time is short) mixed with the images of c-clip (my reference)

the thoughts surrounding the news contained the understanding that the lives being lost would be replaced through love/life and the emotions and feelings contained in the replacing of lives would be greater and the lives would have immeasurably more longevity

the dream itself was ten to twelve different scenes, each one lasting between a half and one and a half seconds of dream time

the scenes were much too xual for a description; suffice to say, when it comes to love/life and reproduction, love/life does it with a passion that is driven by a hunger for more life that would make death-oriented beings hang their heads in shame

the sequence of images stopped and was replaced by a lying down view where i could see my left knee and a woman’s right knee

a metre or two beyond our knees was a nude male who began talking about his x habits

within a sentence or two, it became apparent that he was homosexual and rancorous emotions surfaced in the writer when the woman next to him insisted on listening to what he had to say

the theme of the dream changed to a gymnasium-sized room where there was excited talk about someone special who had just joined us

the buzz was he could levitate

suddenly the person was sitting in the lotus position in the centre of the room

immediately he rose up into the air and descended again but in a less than a steady way

he looked like david blaine

the writer had seen the illusionist do a fifteen to twenty-centimetre levitation trick on the telly umpteen years ago and thought then he had used helium or something akin to it to do the trick so i challenged its genuineness

again from the lotus position he rose and descended only this time it looked much more real

then again from the lotus position, he began lifting and suddenly he gained speed went out of control, bounced off the ceiling, then off the wall, then off the floor and was on his way toward the ceiling again when (there was a microsecond break here. again, my reference) he turned into a bumble bee

the bumblebee was flying erratically, and from person to person

someone said “he’s scared someone will hurt him”

the bumblebee landed on my hand, walked a bit, and then flew off

the dream ended there

nothing stands out as being the cause for prompting this dream though it makes sense to think they are related… hmmm

* * *



the dream opened up with a fierce fire in some residential buildings

the fire, image-influenced dream content, was not from a news clip but from a film the writer watched before going to sleep (life oriented beings are so easily influenced by disruptive events it’s a wonder there’s any happiness at all in the world)

within a second the scene changed to a conservative cabinet meeting where the cause of the fire was being discussed

it took a humorous turn when one person started to explain how he knew from personal experience how difficult it is to clean dustbins (where the fire began) using cumbersome protective gloves it then got even funnier…

the cabinet leader, a very attractive version of margaret thatcher, had been born in an up-market maternity ward in a posh constituency but it came to light that she had, in fact, been conceived in the working class town of barnsley

the meeting then became very serious again as a damage-limiting cover-up story became the main topic of the meeting

the writer was in the process of making up an comically lame excuse for such a serious breach of etiquette when he woke up

* * *



thought-influenced dreams

sometimes a meal will cause the writer to sleep during the day…

the first theme of this multi-themed dream was about christmas eve

woke up in the dream at midday and got a bit panicky because it was going to be touch and go whether i could get into town and buy a bottle of whiskey and be back in time for the beginning of the festivities

the second part of the dream was about a friend the writer had in his teenage years who was more interested in a wooing a girl than anything else and a friend of his who was a budding guitarist who was more interested in being friendly than he was being a musician

the third part of the dream was in the kitchen of the house the writer grew up in

the kitchen had been expanded and could now seat ten people and had become something of a meeting point for people

a young woman was proudly showing the results of the very first vegetables she had grown (flat beans)

these three themes are the result of three distinct thoughts that the writer remembers occurred during the day

one about christmas, one about the adjoining kitchen where he currently lives and one about spending more time doing musical things

it may be that the other details in the dream were associated thoughts that surrounded the distinctly remembered thoughts which determined the main themes in the dream

in which case the main factor in determining the content of dreams may be thoughts

* * *




was in a meeting where a children’s party was being organised

the entire dream revolved around the details of the logistics of the
party… what was needed… how many… where to buy them from…

the dream ended when the adult organiser’s had done everything and
we were getting stuck into a page-sized steak sandwich

this dream was brought about by a conversation during the day when
a committee the writer belonged to came up in the conversation

am fairly sure it was the use of the word committee and the thoughts
and feelings associated with the committee, that was the basis of the

* * *




was baffled

couldn’t figure out why the dreams over the last few weeks were less enjoyable than usual

it wasn’t until yesterday (310714) when the writer didn’t watch anynews and had a typically pleasant dream that it got the writer thinking then the penny dropped…

the news over the last few weeks was mainly about gaza with the accompanying explosions

it was recognised and mentioned in the dreams diary entry of 110609 that fireball-type explosions unsettled the mind and affected the quality of dreams

even without the visuals of explosions the non-stop barrage of murder and unnatural death presented to us every day by the
oligarch-controlled mainstream media will cause a mild depression in life oriented people (this is well known to the Oligarchs)

the news format of the mainstream media is a mixture of death and sport

it’s the ancient roman empire outlook of life (a devolving beings future)

to those heading that way… love/life does not salute you you’re love/lifes tragedy

a permanent poignancy in an otherwise joyous mathematical function

ordinary people, do yourself a favour and give the news a miss

this website will keep you appraised of what’s happening through the ukraine entry

* * *



had the same meal as the last meal of today as the meal on the twenty-first of april 2014 in an effort to establish if the less than desirable feelings in that dream were caused by an unusually large amount of meat but didn’t remember the dream !

* * *



externalized dreams

the dream began with someone in a small group asking me what i thought was a hypothetical question

my answer was something along the lines of… “if a person suggests something is it fair to accept what the person says as being true”? (wasn’t going to enter this dream into the diary to start with. it was a few hours before it was and by then the precise wording of the question had been forgotten) i said “yes”

the next scene was of someone who i had known as a boy/teenager and he was walking away from where he lived

in the next scene, i was upstairs in the house where he lived

there was a cat miaowing outside a bedroom door

it was obvious the cat wanted to go into the room so i opened the door and let it in

with the door open i could see the friends mother by her bed and i said sorry for intruding

she immediately asked me why i had testified to her having done something

it then became obvious why the opening scene of the dream was a matter-of-fact type question… my answer was meant to be used to incriminate the friend’s mother

the externalized aspect of the dream began as i started speaking “just a moment” i said “i didn’t know that the question i was asked was going to be used to incriminate someone” (at this point i realized i was becoming conscious but finished the point) “if i had been told that my reply was going to be used in a court of law i wouldn’t have answered the question or would have qualified it”

the cause of the dream… that day someone brought to my attention a newspaper headline

it was about max clifford

the person who brought the story to my attention said he was convinced he was guilty because he was the sort of person who would do something like that

for the first time in many a month, i read a tabloid

it’s wasn’t too difficult to understand what’s going on

max clifford was the only person who had the character to mention my existence on the telly

it is the courage of his convictions which has brought about his predicament (there are a handful of people who have demonstrated the courage of their convictions. they, through their progeny, will be offered more life this undulation)

some of you will be aware there has been a spate of prosecutions of sexual crimes against high-profile people in recent months

ken barlowe is the one that most people will have heard about

he was persecuted through prosecution because he had the temerity to voice the fact that a person’s disabilities were/are brought into existence as a result of them doing things, undulation after undulation, that reduce the quality and or quantity of life time and time again

this touched a raw nerve with the british oligarchs

there are many amongst them and their families who have mental and physical disabilities

when you control the media and can use the resources of a country to persuade, bribe, induce… people to do say and do what you want them to do there’s always enough people to do the oligarch’s bidding

the oligarch’s know that the mere mention of a sexual crime will condemn that person when the accusation is made through the mainstream media

too many ordinary people, being lazy-minded, believe everything they see and hear on the telly

the tears shed for the loss of the original ancestor’s of today’s oligarchs were shed many, many undulations ago

the lover tried and tried and tried to get them to see what that they were doing was wrong and what the consequences would be

he suffered in ways you can’t imagine… until, literally, the end of the universe

understand fully the following points… the mental faculties of the “original sinners” were working perfectly

there was nothing in the environment that could harm them

there was no external reason at all that could have given them the cause to choose non-existence

perhaps they just wanted to be different from everyone else (see also the mistake)

for the record… the oligarch structure putin heads is the most powerful in the world and putin has a major role in forming its strategies (this website is fairly certain it was he who formulated the rationale that convinced people close to and far from the writer that it is, inevitably and ultimately, a doom and gloom no-hope outcome for everyone other than the writer)

he is wrong!

israel’s netanyahu and britain’s cameron (the second and third most influential oligarch-controlled countries in the world) do not originate strategies

* * *



precognitive determinism

this dream is a picture dream there was another image before the main one but it wasn’t dwelt upon and the details faded quickly from the memory

the picture in the dream was of chips there were twenty or so of them in the picture

what caught the attention was their colour they were much browner than the ones that the writer usually makes

the next day decided to have chips and make them the vivid golden-brown colour they were in the picture dream

when it came to cooking the meal it meant cooking them differently in order to get them the same colour as they were in the picture dream

it was simpler than it was thought it would be

the writers approach to eating is to let his hunger lead him to when he eats and as the need for food increases it determines what to eat

the meal was home-made fresh bread, chips, mashed swede, chicken pie and gravy

the meal was every bit as enjoyable as usual and yes, the chips did have a more-satisfying-than-usual quality

this person is only now starting to take dreams seriously enough to get “with it” and let dreams influence his waking state in a way that dictates his motivations (see precognitive dreams)

people who don’t regard dreams as anything special may find this alarming

it can be pointed out that the average person probably didn’t regard physics as being particularly relevant to their lives either

the knowledge that has come from quantum theory in the last two decades has opened up pathways in the neural structure which has changed our way of thinking so radically that the views that were expressed before its implications were realised has made our previous ideas about reality as outdated as a flat earth

it is believed that dream theory is going to reveal more about what is important in our lives than quantum theory ever will

this is the most intellectually and rewarding situation imaginable

a mechanism whereby previous events and actions that can enhance the quality of life present themselves before doing the same or similar things pre-mechanistic determination!

the writer has acted on the content of dreams before, this dream though is the first that is recognisable as being from the self that are for self

the applications are immense…

pre-dream-pooling of the previous nights dreams before taking decisions of profound importance (the issue will be presented the day before)

it was mentioned some years ago that there was some frustration about there not being memories of past experiences

what’s emerging far-surpasses that limitation

memories from previous undulations that can guide us on our way now! wow things are taking off like a rocket, let’s hear for the lover

it is believed that what’s happening is in the vein of the roney analysis and the more we act on our dreams the greater the benefits will be

* * *



(food influenced dream ?)

two different dreams

both of them had ill-feeling in them

the first… was in a house watching a large-screen telly that was hanging from the ceiling

there were four birds in the room (cockateels i think)

one of them was very unhappy about being there and was exuding an air of restrained belligerence and defiance

a big black predatory bird in flight came onto the screen and the unhappy bird became uncommonly frightened, not sure if the frightened bird thought the bird on the screen was real or not but it acted as though it was, and flew to me for safety but was so frightened and unhappy about the situation it was in that it bit into my foot between the big toe and the toe next to it

there was no sensation to the bite nor was there was any feeling in the second bite

immediately afterwards the scene changed to where i was about five metres away from where the first scene took place and was standing looking up at where the bird that didn’t want to be there was sitting on its perch shaking with fear

the second dream… walking down a street where i once lived

there were eight or nine of us of mixed ethnicities and we were happy with each others company

went to a shop for something and joined the queue of about twenty people

someone who had been a friend for a long time came over and was looking for trouble and began to goad me into striking him so he could retaliate with greater force

i felt intimidated and was trying to figure out why the friend was doing what he was doing

it then became clear that he was a closet racist and was venting his hatred on me for mixing with non-whites

there was nothing in the day that that was obviously the reason for the content of this dream

the possibility of the cause of this dream may be the diet for that day

not being a big meat-eater (a quarter to one half of kg per week) it is thought the unusually large amount of pork meat (one hundred and fifty grams… five and a half oz) for the main meal of the day might be the reason for this unsettling dream

it will be easy to test this theory

will keep to the usual amounts of meat for three or four weeks and eat the same meal again

* * *



(a taste of freedom)

Whoooa! usually, the writer wakes up from dreams in a semi-sleepy state

this dream was the first that has jolted him wide awake

there was nothing, no images, feelings etc. that preceded it

there was a dark, featureless slumber then there was a white/blue-light/space which drew the conscious into it as it was being looked at

it took on depth and the depth began expanding in all directions of the one hundred and thirty degrees or so image (vision ?)

the attention became focused at the centre of the image as it began increasing in depth

the thought “the endless” occurred then, suddenly, things became dramatic

over the course of about three or four seconds the endless took on a new perspective as its depth deepened in a smooth but fast way until the depth became a tangible quantity which caused the mind to balk as the reality of endless depth diminished the individuals identity of self and forced it to withdraw as it realized it was experiencing something greater, so much, much greater than its ability to encompass

the dream lasted a second and a half of sleep-time, but, people, you had better believe… it is going to take every minute of the evolutionary process to adjust to the endless in a way that allows a continually-expanding state of mind to become part of our conscious

there have been two experiences that were notable for their sense of space/movement/freedom before this one

the first, another dream, as a child and the second, while fully conscious, is mentioned elsewhere at this website

both of those had both wonder and appeal

this one, however, was a mind-expanding one and it is the writer’s delightful privilege to pass on to yourselves one of the features of the heavenly state

this dream-experience was similar to the quantum shock although it wasn’t as sudden

from “normal” self to a different mental state faster than our current mind process’s can willfully perform

applying the roney analysis to this dream/vision leads to the conclusion that all of our desirable experiences of previous undulations are re-emerging as evolution takes place

what is also new is the idea that the endless void of space can, subjectively, be turned into a colour-rich environment

* * *




‘the roney analysis – ‘precognitive dreams

preface to the roney analysis…in a nutshell the roney analysis is saying that the images and sequences in dreams can be from any time-tense… far, far off into the future, right to the very end of time, and at any point in the past, all the way back to the beginning of time

imagine a caveman or cave woman having a dream of looking through the window on a plane and and now try and conjure up what sights you would be seeing in a million years from now when you’re living in a space station that has two-hundred thousand million living on it

the roney analysis

the dream that triggered the thinking…

it was nighttime and was looking at a cluster of four or five lights way up in the atmosphere

another person came into the dream and wanted to know what it was i looking at

“u.f.o.’s” was my reply and he said “no they’re not”

when he said that the group of lights turned into about twenty lights of different colours and it became obvious it was u.f.o.’s

i dashed to the house to get my camera and when i got inside there were people rushing about

“there are u.f.o.’s in the sky at the front of the house,” i said, thinking it would get the people rushing about to stop what they were doing and get interested in what it was i was excited about

a voice standing on my left shoulder said “take a look out there” indicating with his head

i could see at the periphery of my field of vision he was indicating the back of the house

as i moved to the window a bright white light started to get brighter and brighter and i realised the light was coming from a huge spaceship that was coming down to the ground

the dream ended there with me in a state of resignation that e.t.’s are much too advanced for us to do anything other than accept that they are superior to us in every important way… technologically, altruistically, responsibly…

thinking about this dream made me wonder… where did the images of the lights up in the atmosphere come from ?

does the mind have the ability to generate images that fit the dream or is every conceivable image, thought, emotion etc. that can exist in reality already there in the brain in the form of a modifiable template?

this, in turn, produced the notion that the content in dreams may be jumbled up in terms of time, and further, they could have come from the experiences of previous undulations, as is suggested to explain precognitive dreams

thinking about my own dreams, every single dream i’ve had, and i’ve had some really bizarre ones, could, when thought about in the context of a love-length, exist in actuality, so now this possibility has to be entertained…

everything that occurs in dreams has already hppened

the odd and baffling sequences in dreams are the mind drawing on experiences that have already been enacted or witnessed in previous undulations !

the seemingly random generation of images, motions etc. that occur in dreams is the mind using the experiences we’ve had in past undulations !

the mind is presenting the most apt image available from our own experiences to the dream sequence, albeit the aptest content may be hundreds or thousands or even millions of years before or after now !

this, in turn, means the brain contains the memory or has the ability to retrieve or construct or reconstruct any and all of any individuals experiences from that initial moment when their own, unique, experiences began*

if so then dream theory, and especially the analysis/interpretation of dreams has taken a completely different, radical turn

interpretations of dreams based on this theory will be referred to as “the roney analysis”


formulating which undulation it was an individual was conceived in and whether the memories of the mother or father or both is passed on to their children or if memories are truly personal (can’t be passed on) or only certain types of memories can be inherited or… is not a priority for this website

but knock yourself out

* * *



laughing dream

the first dream this year when was woken out of the dream because of my own laughing…

in a picture house that only had seven or eight rows of seats either side of a central aisle

there were four or five of us men who had arrived late and our wives were in the front row and all the seats were taken

i got the attention of my wife and gave her a smile and she waved which in turn had a knock-on effect on the other wives who then all turned and waved to their respective husbands

what was funny about it was the short distance between where the men were standing and the front row (three or four metres)

it was the same circumstances and the same sort wave a toddler gives to someone who is within a metre or two of her or him

it made me smile and decided to capitalise on the moment, which one or two of the men had also latched on to, by saying something which caused another childish response and everybody, except the women, realised what happened, and started laughing

two points here… the sense of distance that a child, and to a lesser extent, women have, is different from males

why that is so is to do with the attitude of a person or outlook on life…

the more attuned a person is to life and other people the more distance there is to reality

again, children and women are leading the way

this dream was the result of the day being an “other persons day” (spent all day working on things that were for the benefit of other people) this an externalized dream




dream within a dream

never had one of these before

dreamt someone was staying with me and while we were sleeping i dreamt i was explaining something important to him

was talking out loud in the dream within the dream (speaking out loud in dreams is quite common for the writer) which woke up the guest and he began talking to me about the points that were made in the dream

when i began reiterating the points in the dream within the dream i woke up

alas, it took three hours to iron-out a problem with the computer and by the time it was working had forgotten what it was i had said out loud in the dream within the dream

it may be linked to some unusual mental activity in the last week (will go into what that is if it continues and can figure out what it means)

* * *



loving thoughts-laughing

the last time laughed this loud and long was in 1978 (while awake)

it was that type of laughing when you have to force yourself to stop laughing to take a breath

it woke me out of the dream and i played the scene over half a dozen times before it didn’t make me laugh out loud any more

the funny scene involved an acquaintance of five years back

he was at my home and was using the computer for something or other

the computer itself was a desktop that had three screens, like a woman’s bedroom mirror, and each screen could work independently of the others or in sync with either or both of them

had programmed the computer to respond randomly with a vivid picture on one of the screens when it was not being used and the other two were bieng used

when he began touching the keys a 3d black and white picture jumped onto the right-hand side screen and took him aback

as he overcame his disorientation he saw the funny side of if and started having a laughing fit that caused him to lose control of himself and he slipped off the chair and onto the floor

as i took in the event i saw the funny side of it too and started laughing as well

am currently in the process of buying a 3d t.v. and during the day had been thinking about what sort of effects i could expect when it was installed

also earlier on that day, while at the computer, had a series of humorous thoughts concerning a screen cast which had a love-theme

the moral of this dream must be… think loving and happy thoughts

* * *




insignificant dreams ?

got a couple of new saucepans

while cooking with them ws using a metal knife to move the food around in the pan

as was doing so the thought ocurred that the knife could score the bottom of the pan so began using a wooden utensil

the dream that night was of me looking into a saucepan that had deep scores along the bottom

why did the subconscious reaffirm a decision that had already been taken ?

possibly as a validation that a correct decision had been made with the possibility that a future dream where the previous day contained thoughts and actions that were not so easy to resolve would be validated, or invalidated, via a dream

or is it that the content or theme of a dream reflects the most significant thought/action of any given day (just goes to show how uneventful the writers life can be) or neither of these two interpretations

* * *



‘externalised dreams: dreams in which the content of the dream can be observed by others (movement, talking, laughing, singing, shouting etc.)

externalised dreams happen to the writer on a regular basis

why does it happen?

the initial thought is… in the fullness of time there will not be a distinct difference between being awake and being asleep (it is known that we do not sleep in heaven)

the conscious and sub-concious merge

the things that can be experienced in dreams that can’t be experenced in our waking state (flying-type acrobatic feats etc.) will eventually become natural abilities

it looks like it will start to happen within a million years so

externalised dreams are to be viewed as latent abilities beginning to emerge

the emergence of these latent abilities will begin when our dreams produce content that both the dreamer and those observing the observer’s are considered desirable

* * *




food-influenced dreams in a prison cell with a dozen other men who didn’t like me rancour, hostility, resentment… that’ll teach me to eat cheese before going to sleep

* * *



what an incredible dream

first dream of its type… an adventure dream

* * *



had been thinking throughout the day which points to put in the entry 1st july 2013

there are three extremely serious consequences that are inherent in the issues to be written and only one that promises hope

the dream was of a flood

there were four people in the dream… a child who had drowned and was floating on top of the water and a man with a child who were occasionally sinking and were on the verge of sinking below the turbulence

as the man and the child got to within arms length of the boat he shouted that there was another child that needed saving

the writer informed him that the child was already drowned and we both started crying as he passed the surving child into the boat

the water was gushing into the boat and we both started bailing the water out with our hands

as it became apparent that we were saving the boat from sinking the dream ended

the interpretation of this dream is that regardless of whether the points are written into the web page or not there are half who can be saved and half who can’t

* * *


* * *



informative dream

what a strange dream

small cluster of shops in a one-street town centre (similar to plympton, possibly based on the visit there)

i found a larde wad of money but did not assert a claim to it

i felt that i should have made a greater effort to acquire it

in the next scene in an area of coventry (spon end) a wind blew a silver purse decorated with five or six rows of evenly spaced beads on both sides and another object into my grasp

the small purse contained a silver latch key and a gold coloured £2 coin and another coin

made an effort to find out who the key belonged to and returned it to the female

a fruitful realtionship with amorous feelings began
earlier on in the day it was realized who would win the american election

am fairly sure the money in the dream was the winnings from a bet i was thinking of making and using the money to pay for a visit to holland

the writer took the thoughts of what he was thinking of doing to bed with him that night
the intended bet was wrong in three ways… it would have been hypocritical

an entry in a web page earlier on in the day promoted doing the opposite of what i was thinking of doing

it was also a personal indulgence or loveless act

it was based on insider knowledge

it is worth pointing out that when a person accidently spills some water or stubs their toe or drops something or… when there isn’t an external cause for the mishap; it isn’t the lover telling them off or punishing them

it’s all to do with reality

the thought that precedes or accompanies the accident is an unrealistic one

that is it can’t be expanded upon into infinity
the £2 coin and the new relationship was the alternative outcome for not using knowledge for personal gain

after waking and thinking this dream was one dream that would be unfathomable

it became clear when it became obvious what the meanings associated with the dream were…

it was the decision not to place the bet

* * *


for the first time in a year or two woke up laughing from the dream (was laughing so long and loud it woke me up)

it was a singing/laughing dream that was brought on by a continual desire throughout the day to make a concerted effort to get something in particular thing organised for other people

* * *



food-influenced dreams

this was the second dream of this type within a month

another dream with this content occurred some years ago

that there was such a large time gap and the fact that it was remembered suggests it needs to be expounded

the first of the dreams being referred to this month was brought about because ham was eaten as the last food of the day

the second dream happened because of eating a larger than usual amount of beef as the last food of the day

it isn’t remembered what the food was that caused the first original dream some twenty or more years ago but it has to be assumed that the similarities of the dreams are too similar for them not to be connected

that the meat of devolving beings can cause undesirable feelings in dreams wasn’t considered before this month

the dreams were of pieces of food being regurgitated which were causing a mildly choking similar to the reaction the body’s mechanism employs if a person tries to swallow an amount of food that is too big for the throat

the interpretation being put on these dreams is that consuming the solid tissue of devolving beings too close to going to sleep, as commonly experienced with cheese, does not suit the physiology

* * *



there were three distinct dreams last night

the memory of the thoughts that caused the themes for the dreams during the previous day are still clearly remembered

there was also some strong emotional content during the day

the emotional content during the day was greater than the emotional content that accompanied the thoughts which prompted the dreams

it is concluded from this that thoughts are a more influential in a persons life than emotions

the dreams themselves…

one was sexual

the next was a world where everyone was rich beyond belief

the third was a world where our man shaped dinosaur cousins were as visible as clouds in the sky

are multi themed dreams only ever a manifestation of desires?

this will be borne out if it is a common experience amongst all people

if multi-themed dreams that have undesirable content are commonplace then it is reasonable to assume that the person needs to evaluate their outlook and/or lifestyle

see dreams and dream theory

upon waking and thinking about the dreams a new realization occured which is going to make bringing soul partners together a lot easier than had been thought

however; it does mean world wide cooperation

(the writer is not going to encourage the group/clique/cult mentality by putting essential information on this web site when the vast majority of the population don’t have access to it)

more life available this undulation and only seventy visitors a day !

it’s sheer madness

* * *




listened to the news earlier in the day in which iran called israel liars and israel called iran liars

for some minutes after, the currently held view of evolution and devolution was overidden by a whole gamut of possibilities of other ways it might be happening

the dream that night was set in the deepest, densest jungle scene that the writer had ever seen, dreamt or visualised

all manner of deadly creepy-crawlies were out for a kill

the emotion in the dream, which was initially a mild form of panic, was quickly replaced by a determination not to allow killer instincts to gain sway

when the determination to best the killer instincts had established itself the threat of danger, and the creepy-crawlies, faded and the dream ended

this dream highlights the delicate and subtle nature of love/life

how a calm mind that lets its imagination run amok will pay for it

the lesson learnt from this dream is… keep thoughts and feelings towards all man-shaped devolving beings as generous as possible

the lover is giving such beings as gentle and as gradual an exit from existence as circumstances and reality allows

* * *



although there were no conscious thoughts during the day of the previous night’s dream this nights dream was with an african woman (the writer knows that the lover has no qualms about using the writer to experience certain things with the sole purpose of them being relayed to yourselves)

the sensation of the kiss in this dream was almost, but not quite, as pleasure-filled as the night before

what was different though was that the second scene of the dream was of us being about two metres apart

there was an air of mystery about the woman that is still playing on the writers’ mind

the atmosphere was recognizable as a look into the character of the lover his self (don’t overlook the fact that african mammal woman was the first extension of mammal man’s soul partnership’s and as such is special

in the same way a first child is special

not more important or favoured just special)

the dream didn’t highlight love or pleasure it highlighted an air of mystery

it was more of an insight into the depth of the range of experiences that awaits us as individuals

as we probe the infinite the character of love changes into a completely different thing in the far-off reaches of eternity

notes… it should be noted that although we are individuals our individuality is a part, or rather, an extending part of an individual part of the lover his self

each individual person is a result of love in heaven and love on earth

* * *



a triple-themed dream

the first theme was of being in a car with very few other cars in the dream

it is thought that this was a knock on effect of mulling over and extending an entry in politics; the three-party interpretation earlier on in the day which addressed the problem of the car in our lives

the second theme was trotting up a flight of stairs in a sprightly manner

no doubt an expression of the desire to be able to move normally ( a desire which won’t go away )

the third theme was… this is one of those dreams that remain personal. the writer doesn’t want you to know just how unhappy he is with the way you are dealing with the current state of the worlds affairs quick index

* * *




recurring dreams

dreams with the same or a similar theme

the reason we have recurring dreams is that there is an important issue to be resolved

they recur to prompt us to pay attention to them and make necessary changes to find the solution

example… a person dreams of being in an ocean or in or by a water environment on a regular basis

on one occasion the surface of the water is smooth

the smooth surface of the water is a reflection of the dreamer’s emotional state which in this example denotes the dreamer is calm

in another dream, some days later, the water will be choppy or turbulent

this denotes a change of or in the dreamer’s feelings of the subject matter that caused the dream in the first place

the recurring theme of the dream will be because of circumstances which could be work-related or money related or because of a relationship or because of a moral or philosophical dilemma or one of a thousand other possible set of circumstances

it is for the dreamer to identify what is causing the undesirable feelings in the dream and resolve it by adopting a different attitude and then acting it out in real life until the water in the dream is consistently calm

turbulent waters and the attending feel-bad emotions brought on by an incident or experience not of the dreamers making, i.e. a physical attack or experiencing violent attitude or an upsetting news report in the media or… the list goes on, should be easy to identify

how to resolve circumstances forced on us is a social/political problem in the first instance

living within ethical parameters is the solution

see also dreams and dream theory entry by lola noble and the writer

notes… consistently calm waters in the dream and the accompanying feel-good emotions denotes there is no issue to be resolved

is there a reason why it is water and not wind or a terrain ?

* * *



although there was no conscious thoughts during the day of the previous nights dream this dream tonight was with an african woman ( the writer knows that the lover has no qualms about usining the writer to experience certain things with the sole purpose of them being relayed to yourselves )

the sensation of the kiss in this dream was almost, but not quite, as pleasure-filled as the night before

what was different though was that the second scene of the dream was of us being about 3 metres apart

there was an air of mystery about the woman that is still playing on the writers’ mind

the atmosphere was recognizable as a look into the character of the lover his self (don’t overlook the fact that african mammal woman was the first extension of mammal man’s soul partnership and as such is special, in the same way a first child is special (not more important or favoured just special)

the dream didn’t highlight love or pleasure it highlighted an air of mystery

it was more of an insight into the depth of the range of experiences that awaits us as individuals as we probe the infinite

the character of love changes into a completely different thing in the far-off reaches of eternity

it should be noted that although we are individuals the individuality of ourselves is a part or rather an extending part of an individual part of the lover hisself

each individual person is a result of love in heaven and love on earth

* * *



what a great kissing dream

category of dream:  kissing dream (2)

* * *





‘the origins of dreams theory

you would be right to think that being in touch with you-know-who has endless advantages

the downside is he is a hard taskmaster and he expects

the writer was prompted a few days ago ( 2nd june) to start a dream diary but made the mistake of thinking he could do it at his own discretion

he won’t let me think of anything else until this is underway

there’s obviously something important to be conveyed, sooner or later, ( it would be foolish of the writer to try to fathom what )

from the start it should be known the writer usually has love/kissing/sex dreams

an analysis of all the details will be necessary for an interpretation and for this reason you may want to keep the dream diary away from minds that are too young and while your at it keep them away from those bloodbath and murder news stories that are shown regularly before the watershed hour of nine p.m.; they’re guaranteed to produce less than desirable dream content, and further, screen children’s programmes that have fireball-type explosions in them they have a an unsettling affect on a calm mind and alter the theme and the overall quality of a dream

the affect on the mind of fireball-type explosions will be known to some, but not all, in the film and t.v. industry, they wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t one or more persons in the chain of the film or programmes production with a death outcome assertion

finally, start your own dream diary and in the not too distant future a blog site will be opened up and we will compare and dissect the meanings of what the content of our dreams means and make sure we are in agreement on important points

* * *



the writer has concluded that he should make getting back to health his priority

not being able to move as he is used to doing is affecting what he thinks and it is creeping into the things he writes

also the amount of time needed to prepare a new entry (a seven sentence entry can take the best part of a day) is clashing with his fitness recovery plans

if things go as the writer thinks they can he believes he can be doing those things he was doing fifteen years ago within a year and some of them in six months (turning the corner in sync with the economy)

if anything of significance needs to be passed across then an entry will be made in the usual way

* * *



there are at least five states a being can occupy

the least in terms of quantity and quality is that as a devolved being

a devolved being goes from being a mono or multi celled entity to an inert life form in the shortest possible time in which that change can happen

the inherent ethical bias that devolved beings had took trillions of undulations to lose completely and cannot be reacquired

for those who are losing their ethical bias… between now and next year is the final chance in all eternity to change their state from being a decreasingly quantitative/qualitative one into a state that is becoming increasingly quantitative and qualitative

there are some who will not take the opportunity

they are to be considered insane

* * *



1st dream

a highly graphical x dream (1)

upon reflection, dreams with sexual content wont be analysed

it is now thought they are meant to be between the individual and the lover only

2nd dream

the writer, as a close friend of a person being groomed for public acceptance, was asked to influence the remarks he might make at a interview that would define his career, alas, the interviewer coaxed the interviewee to use the word (either dead or…?), that was to be avoided and his career as an establishment figurehead was finished

the writer thanked a panel of 5 or 6 people of the establishment, who had deeply disappointed expressions on their faces, for allowing the up and coming personality to continue with his career

as he and his close friend walked out of the room and the dream ended

this is a two-themed dream

* * *



a typically enjoyable kissing dream with a slightly amiss moment

woke up for half a minute or so then went back to sleep only to have another even more sensational kissing session with a different person

one of the many intriguing aspects of dreams is the almost indistinguishable emotional feelings between them and memories of real events

the quality of kisses in dreams are always of a stand out quality whereas in real life that isn’t always the case although real life stand out kisses have the advantage in the mind of being of reality and thus can be repeated but then, there are recurring dreams which can also be repeated

category of dream:  kissing dream (1)




the closest the writer came to being able to make himself get out of bed and start doing things while asleep was when he was six or seven or eight and willed his self to continue the really satisfying dream from the previous night

it wasn’t just a “i’m glad this isn’t a dream” type dream

in awake dreams there is a level of control through which the dreamer can introduce into the dream whatever content is desired


there’s no sleeping Heaven

somewhere along the path of Evolution the need to sleep/dream will no longer be needed

incorporating the subconscious into the conscious (it’s possible that it’s the other way around i.e. the conscious becomes incorporated into the subconscious) is, without doubt, a major transition of evolution

one of the writer’s interactions with E.T. suggests that e.t.is able to manipulate/merge the the conscious and sleep periods

it is safe to say that for most people some dreams do have a moreish quality

try revisiting a dream you enjoyed and experiencing it again

* * *



with a girlfriend in the early evening at the edge of a largish city centre

an air of foreboding-cum-fear arose and then a group of a killers entered the picture looking for victims

mostly everybody starting running for their lives in the direction away from the writer

the writer and someone else were left alone as a couple of the killers moved towards them the dream ended

* * *



on the underground asking for directions and looking at the maps for a place called… ?


earlier on in the day had problems finding a web site of the same name

the connection is too obvious to look for any other meanings but why the underground and not rooms in a house or drawers in a sideboard quick index

* * *



5/6thjune 2009 only partly remembered

all dreams, whether desirable or undesirable, should be remembered

desirable dreams tell you that the previous days experiences were in accord with the love/life and you should continue with the attitudes and activities that produced them

undesirable dreams tell you that you were out of accord, or were subject to events that are out of accord, with love/life and should take steps to change yourself or the external factors that caused the undesirable dream

* * *



in a room with two men

they had all of the writers belongings and were treating them as their own

the writer asserted himself and began collecting all the things together except for a power tool and a couple of weight training dumbbells which had been modified to suit their requirements

the dream ended at that point

the larger of the two men was known to the writer (a couple of dozen conversations) the other the writer had seen for the first time only a few of days before

both have a bullish disposition in real life

the meaning being attached to this dream is… don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by size or attitude (there’s a really effective way of dealing with bullies. it completely decimates them and causes them to change in double quick time)

notes… a common feature of kissing dreams is the fullness of the lips

* * *



‘precognitive dreams

precognitive dreams are the dreams that perplex people

a precognitive dream is the result of the experiences of previous undulations

there is no experience there are no set of circumstances or events there is nothing that can happen, either desirable or undesirable, that has not already happened throughout the duration of a love length, in previous undulations

all the variables that reality can contain had to be factored, through experience, into the evolutionary process so that evolution could be completed by the ethically oriented and the ethically orienting and also predispose the conditions to enable the act of one times one to continue for eternity

everything you have experienced, are experiencing or will experience, has not only happened before but is destined to happen over and over again, throughout the duration of a love length, for all undulations to come

the worst things that can happen have already happened

the best things, those experiences which contain the greatest quality and quantity, has already happened for googoled beings

however each new undulation the quantity of the quality is increasing

an increase of the quantity of the best thing which can happen intensifies the feelings of the previous best thing which happened

making the latest experience of the best thing that can happen even more desirable

it’s not just a win win reality, it’s an increasingly win win situation

let’s hear it for the lover


animate, inanimate and the variable

the variable is the compounding of a person’s personality traits

the inanimate universe doesn’t vary from undulation to undulation

the electric charge of the electron is always exactly the same

you and i however are the complete opposite, we are forever changing

the innermost part of our being is slowly accruing a qualitative energy

every time we do, think, say, produce, reproduce, induce, share, disseminate, create… becomes more firmly embedded into the fabric of reality

the trick is to do things which contain an increase in the quality and quantity for others

the sad truth is when a person does things that reduce the quality or quantity for others the effect on others is temporary whereas for the originator the act compounds into ever-greater acts of a reduction of the quality and quantity which the person who brought them into existence has to experience


the writer’s precognitive dreams began in his late teens

the first was a plane crash with a loss of many lives

the writer regarded it as a coincidence but couldn’t forget it

the second, mid to late 1960’s, was the images of oriental faces in great sorrow with rubble buildings in the background

the night before a chinese earthquake

the third,1972, was while on the way to work one day when the writer suddenly realized that the surrounding buildings and the driver were part of the previous night’s dream he turned to the driver and said ” i dreamt that we were driving to work in my dream last night and i turned to you and said you’ve left the handbrake on”

the driver looked down and i followed his gaze and we were both more than just a bit surprised to find that the handbrake was still on

the fourth was in 1974 it was a helicopter crash with the loss of lives

a two-week stint as a labourer on an oil rig had come to an end and the writer was due to be helicoptered to the mainland for 2 weeks off

the helicopter crash dream of the previous night didn’t happen but the writer was curious about it

he bought a newspaper and scanned the headlines and sure enough, a fatal helicopter crash had occurred

the fifth was in 2007 it was when the writer went into a shop to pick up an item that had been paid for and the shop assistant became flustered when he couldn’t find an accompanying item that went with the main item

as the writer was watching the salesman becoming a bit irate it triggered the memory of the previous night’s dream of the salesman behind a counter in an agitated state looking for something

the writer mentioned the dream aspect to the salesman

the writer isn’t sure if it relaxed the salesman or not

the last time it happened was in 2008 it was while cooking a meal

as the writer was about to put a piece of food into a hot oily frying pan

again it triggered the previous night’s dream when, in the exact same surroundings, a food item was placed in a frying pan and the fat energetically boiled over

the writer initially thought not to take any notice of the dreams contents as he felt he would be taking things too far if he began acting on his dreams then on a second consideration gave in to his caution knowing that if nothing did happen he would have crossed a line of reasonable behaviour

so reservedly and at arm’s length, he placed the food in the frying pan

the amount of oil that jumped out of the frying pan wasn’t as much that was in the dream but it was still enough to have made a visit to the hospital necessary

so that’s 3 dreams that didn’t involve the writer directly and 3 that did

the writer believes that the reason why these dreams happen is to give him credibility so that when he has a dream about something that has major ramifications that concerns everybody he will be taken seriously


* * *



june 2009

a precognitive dream is the mind/brain drawing from the experiences of past Undulations

precognitive dreams are the dreams that perplex everyone

there is no experience, there are no set of circumstances, there is nothing that can happen, either desirable or undesirable, that has not already happened throughout evolution in previous undulations

all the variables that reality can contain had to be factored, through experience, into the evolutionary process so that evolution could be completed by the ethically oriented and ethically orienting people

further, because of the mechanical nature of the undulationary process, it also means that the mathematical function of one times one will be able to function forever without a breach in its function ever occurring again (see the mistake)

everything you have experienced, are experiencing or will experience has not only happened before but is destined to happen over and over again, throughout the duration of a love-length for all undulations to come

there is a variable but the worst of the extremes that are contained in the destructive outcomes that this variable can give rise to have already been nullified, again through the lover’s terrible love

the variable is the person’s response to the truth

an individual’s response to the truth will either increase the quality and quantity of more-life outcome realities or it will decrease the quality and quantity of life-outcome realities

although the qualitative aspect of life has been experienced before, throughout the entire period of a love-length, an increase in the quantitative variable is completely new to love-life, eternity and the person or persons who choose an endless existence (see Ethical Parameters)

the difference is that the worst thing that can happen has already happened and the best thing that can happen is an open-ended scenario (within the context of eternity, any finite goal that can be achieved will be achieved and the last thing we want is something that comes to an end) that may never be fulfilled

experiences that are exactly the same from undulation to undulation, with the variable already mentioned, and are, in the writer’s experience, there to produce insights into events that have happened in previous undulations which are less than desirable and can be avoided

now that dream theory is subject to public scrutiny it should start a trend that makes taking dreams seriously an acceptable point of view

* * *



the content of dreams

that dreams serve a purpose and that an uderstanding what that purpose is will result an enhanced quality of life

the content of dreams

1: colour 2: motion 3: emotion 4: shape 5: sound 6: touch 7: taste

there is a division in thinking here

there are those who maintain that it is possible to experience pain in a dream

pain in a dream is not in the writer’s experience

the experience of pain in a dream may have significance

the initial thought is that a person who feels pain in a dream may be undergoing a change in his/her conjugate position

if it is in fact the case that pain in a dream represents a change in the conjugate position of the dreamer she/he can be aware of this possibility and take steps to correct their lifestyle

the content of a dream was initially, for the writer, formed by his mental activity during the day but the content can be influenced by external events

the feel-good content in a dream is a direct indication of a persons perception of life

it is thought that it is not possible to have a feel-good dream that contains murder, torture, rape etc.

if such circumstances do exist they are to be assigned as being a serious breach of an individual’s attunement to love/life

a person thinking and acting in accordance with love/life can expect regular feel-good dreams

the more intense the feelings of love the person has the greater the feel-good factor of the dream will be

it’s a great way to start the day… to wake up from a dream laughing

* * *



dreams and dream theory

that dreams serve a purpose and that an uderstanding of what that purpose is will result an enhanced quality of life

dreams diary archives 25th may 2009

this is going to be one of those entries that will keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger

who cares if they dream or not

does it matter anyway?

a show of hands would you rather wake up smiling or laughing with memories and feelings that are pleasing or wake up feeling less than as good as you know you can feel ?

25th may 2009 types of dreams

that dreams serve a purpose and that an uderstanding what that purpose is will result an enhanced quality of life

25th may 2009 dreams will, to start with, be put into two groups 1: remembered dreams 2: unremembered dreams unremembered dreams will become the focus of our attention in the years to come

there is a division in thinking here

there are those who maintain that it is possible to experience pain in a dream

pain in a dream is not in the writer’s experience

the experience of pain in a dream may have significance

the initial thought is that a person who feels pain in a dream may be undergoing a change in his/her conjugate position

if it is in fact the case that pain in a dream represents a change in the conjugate position of the dreamer she/he can be aware of this possibility and take steps to correct their lifestyle

the content of a dream was initially, for the writer, formed by his mental activity during the day but the content can be influenced by external events

the feel-good content in a dream is a direct indication of a persons perception of life

it is thought that it is not possible to have a feel-good dream that contains murder, torture, rape etc.

if such circumstances do exist they are to be assigned as being a serious breach of an individual’s attunement to love/life

a person thinking and acting in accordance with love/life can expect regular feel-good dreams

the more intense the feelings of love the person has the greater the feel-good factor of the dream will be

it’s a great way to start the day… to wake up from a dream laughing

25th may 2009 notes the combinations and permutations of types of dreams runs into the hundreds of thousands

perhaps dreams will come to represent points of transition from universal reality to straight-line-action reality

in a future environment unremembered dreams may become a reason to see a doctor

* * *



delayed dreams

an event which occurred some time before… days, weeks and even years, and which becomes the main theme or sub theme of a current dream

see also informative dreams

it was obvious from the beginning that dream theory was going to be a big one which was going to grow and grow

the completion of this theory is not going to happen in our lifetimes

isn’t it just typical of love/life to package the expression of freedom, the realization of aspirations and the experiencing of seemingly unfulfillable desires in a tiny fraction of time we call rem

there is little doubt that one of the more significant advances that will occur during this millennium will be an understanding of ourselves

insights will flow from dream theory which will seem like revelations

our perception of reality will slowly adjust to the surreal nature of straight line action

as it does the distinction between what we are experiencing now in dreams, assuming you are enjoying your dreams, as that ever-looming-larger reality takes root in our soul the distinction between the unconscious and the conscious will merge ( you do know there’s no sleeping in heaven )

whatever it is that makes rem necessary in our lives at the moment it will be superseded as our spirit matures

those wholesome and delightfully enjoyable experiences in dreams will become part of our waking state and the distinction between the dream world and the real world will become entwined

dreams and dream theory is destined to have as great a contribution to our knowledge of our selves as quantum theory did in the understanding of physics

see also the nervous system in endic

* * *



informative dreams

a kiss before waking… last night (11th may 2009) the writer dreamt of an acquaintance from more than 20 years ago

the woman, not someone he had or wanted a relationship with, had, in the dream, taken on facial and personality characteristics that were so appealing the writer had to respond to the desire to kiss her

the thought of kissing her did occur to the writer all those years ago but for reasons that elude him now he didn’t

the events in the dream were tied in with a film he watched (leaving las vegas) before going to sleep

while watching the film it crossed the writer’s mind that a woman’s facial characteristics and her personality traits were, and are formed, in a greater measure than he had previously thought, through her experiences with the opposite sex

had the writer given in to his inquisitiveness all those years ago the woman in last nights dream may well have become, albeit only by a small degree, more womanly

in last night’s dream as the writer moved closer to her… at the moment our lips were about to touch… he woke up

waking up with an unfulfilled feeling when it could have been a fulfilling feeling

we can learn, and heaven knows there is much to learn over the next 5000 000 000 years, from each other and from our own experiences and in particular from our dreams

as is going to be realised dreams are an integral part of evolution

* * *

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