women of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

here we are guys

(the above clip is an extract from this clip)

our first “pin-up” of a female of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

have named her celine

as can be seen from the video she walks like a young girl who has just found her posture

could be any age from 15 to 20

we have to bear in mind that they live for a long time

d-man has been evolving for nearly seventy-million years

from our own trend of longevity, we can project that our descendants will be living for one million years in a million years from now

it do open up some mind-boggling possibilities

if celine lives for a million years, in a thousand years time, she could be celebrating her ten-thousandth birthday, which would make her age, relative to ours now, one year old!

but in 10 000 years, our lifespans will have increased into the thousands of years

in 10 000 a.d. we could be living for 1250 years

at the age of 250 we meet celine (hands off, i saw her first) who is in her 20 000th year

within 300 000 years, we could have a meaningful relationship !


and ladies, wouldn’t you just love to be able to do things like this?

if you would like to be instrumental in awakening the awareness of the next class of man-shaped beings (scheduled to emerge in 15 to 25 million years time) as to what life is all about follow my lead of ethical behaviour

there are only two types of extraterrestrial





dinosaur man

evolving dinosaur man-shaped beings are alive and well and it will become known to the general public by march 2026

the film below was broadcast on china’s national t.v. at peak-time viewing in 2016

the people who control the media in the english-speaking world want to keep things as they are… an us and them, rich and poor two-tiered society

over the last few hundred years they’ve got used to having the very best of everything

unfortunately, for a few to have the very best of everything the rest of us have to pay for it

devon atlantic

24/7 broadcasting of e.t. activity, ufo sightings

phone-ins, type-chats…


disclosure day for dinosaur man

disclosure day is going to be the most significant day in the history of mammal man

when the evolving of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings begin sharing their knowledge and technology with us it will re-shape our civilisation within days, weeks, months and years



the day of disclosure for  dinosaur-man

the day disclosure occurs is the day mankind takes a new direction

women are invited to have a guess as to what the actual date of the disclosure will be

to enter, post the date you think it will happen into this page

in the event of more than one person  getting it right, the date/time of the submission comes into play


scaffolding for speakers

contingencies for rain


large screen

food/soft drinks/hot drink stalls


first aid/medical


there are two types of spaceships



(of or having straight lines)

spaceships that have a linear shape are the craft of evolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings



spaceships that have a round or oval or curved shape are the craft of devolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

there are two different types of e.t.’s

evolving and devolving

each has a different reason for being here

the evolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings are here to embrace the evolving beings of the mammal class of man-shaped beings

evolving beings of the dinosaur class of

man-shaped beings and the evolving beings of the mammal class of man-shaped beings will be spending eternity together

first, for the next 5 ^11 to 1 ^100 years as man-shaped beings and then when their evolution as man-shaped beings is complete and they have evolved into mathematical entities, they will be sharing the timeless experience of straight line action

the knowledge and technology of the evolving beings of the  dinosaur class of man-shaped beings will change our lives for the better well beyond what we imagine in our wildest dreams within months

the no. 1 priority of evolving man-shaped beings is never to take the life of another man-shaped being

were the evolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings suddenly to appear in the sky with thousands of spacecraft the size of cities it is more than likely that at least one person will die from shock (in 1969 a man in turkey died from shock when he realised he was watching men walking on the moon!)

to prevent anyone dying from shock the mainstream media will have to gradually introduce their presence over a period of a few months to mentally prepare people


devolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings are at various stages of devolution

some are looking to extend their lives

some are hoping to continue to perpetuate by mixing their genes with ours

some just want to be friendly

some, a very small percentage of them, are malevolent

most devolving beings are non-combatant and can mingle with us


there are devolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

and  there are also devolving beings of the mammal class of man-shaped beings

the devolving beings of the mammal class of man-shaped beings do not want to lose their wealth or lose their control of the events which allow them to  stay rich and do not intend to tell ordinary people the truth about e.t.’s

before our lives can change for the better through the technology and knowledge which the evolving man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class of beings are ready to share with us we have to wrest control from the organised murderers in our midst…

see here and here

who are they and where do they come from?

the answer to the questions “who are they?” and “where do they come from?” is the same “they are man-shaped beings who evolved from the dinosaur class of beings sixty-five million years”

the odds of two man-shaped beings evolving at the same time in the universe is greater than one raised to the one-hundreth Power (1 ^100) against

if you don’t understand how the odds can be that great try looking at it this way…

imagine the same person winning the lottery every week

yes, it can happen but it doesn’t

it’s so unlikely that the same person would win the lottery every week that if someone did win it every week we would say the lottery is rigged

it’s the same principle

it’s just too improbable

hence, the universe is “rigged”* for life and specifically for man-shaped beings

* the Anthropic Principle 1

because the odds against it happening are so great we are forced to accept the idea that all man-shaped beings must have originated here on earth

you will get a better insight if you read the link below

the Anthropic Principle 2

following this line of reasoning, as most scientists do, we are compelled to deduce that e.t.’s are man-shaped beings who evolved through the dinosaur class of beings, just as we evolved through the  mammal class of beings


sixty-five million years ago we were the shape and size of a rat

evolution for man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class was at least twice as violent as our evolution

imagine a lion the size of t.rex and you’ll start getting the picture


the assertion that from the first life to walk on two legs (the dinosaurs) one species, man-shaped, attained the ability to perpetuate independent of earth

this conclusion is drawn from appraising the anthropic principle and finds support through dale russell

when we civilise ourselves (learn how to live without taking each other lives) we will be joining them

what do they want ?

who are they and where do they come from ?

there are only two types of dinosaur man-shaped beings… evolving and devolving

an evolving female man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class of beings

here is an evolving being of the dinosaur class of beings doing what evolving beings do.. increasing the quality and quantity (in this case quantity) of life

24/7 livestream of d-mans activities

the strongest argument against the idea of a man-shaped being having evolved from the dinosaur class of beings is that there is no evidence of their existence

in the 1960’s when the writer was working in a hotel in london he had a one-off chat with a woman archaeologist who told him that the skull of a dinosaur man had been found

(the woman could talk to a nobody about it as it was unlikely it would go any further. to speak out publicly would have… see oligarchs)

within the first few months of the writer being active on the internet, he spoke to a man (the man didn’t know anything about the writer) who told him that the remains of a civilisation millions of years old had been found and that it had been blown up

this is what ordinary people don’t realise…

the oligarchs and the third party are devolving beings and it is their nature to lie and deceive and cheat and murder and…

they think it’s the way life is

n.a.s.a.’s (national aeronautical space administrations) transmissions of astronauts describing ufo’s

the most convincing evidence of their existence the writer has come across is the phoenix lights sightings in 1997

what makes it believable is…

the large number people (10 000) who saw it

the sincerity of the witnesses

the writer has a picture of a craft of a similar shape

it occurred at the same time the hale-bopp comet was in the sky and hundreds of people were ready with their camcorders and cameras which means they knew they would be seen, and more significantly, wanted to be seen, and there would be hard evidence of their presence

their spaceships are big

the problem isn’t they aren’t ready for us the problem is…

in 1969 a man in turkey died from a heart attack when he saw the live t.v. coverage of men walking on the moon

the cultural shock killed him !

the problem isn’t that they aren’t ready for us, the problem is…

are we ready for them?

ethically advanced beings do not kill

if they revealed themselves tomorrow all around the world in craft as big as cities and one, just one, person died of shock they have become murderers

they will be treading very carefully to make sure that doesn’t happen

things to bear in mind…

some species of dinosaurs were warm-blooded and gave birth to live children

they’re 65 million years ahead of us


their personalities are what we will be in like in 65 million years…

neither the men nor the women will have hair…

the women won’t have breasts…

their skin will be silky smooth…

their nervous system will be highly evolved…

genetic theory is completely understood…

( each person knows, to the day, when their next recurrence is )

they have banished pain…

the average lifespan is well in excess of 1 000 000 years…

murder only exists in their history books…

inter-class procreation doesn’t seem probable but there’s a simple way to find out…

none of this alters the fact that 10 000 children will die unnecessarily tomorrow

when is contemporary mammal man going to grow up ?

if there were a live 24/7 t.v. channel showing the spacecraft of d-mans comings and goings just outside of the atmosphere and we had a remote to flip between our favourite soap or sports or movie channel the probability is that within a very short time the d-man channel wouldn’t be the first channel we looked at when we turned on the telly

the reason why dinosaur man isn’t as commonplace in our thinking as what the weather is doing is because it is known to strategic military planners, who are in tight collusion with the arms manufacturers, that d-mans spacecraft are so advanced that they can come and go as they please within our atmosphere and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it

( america’s $70 000 000 000 ” star wars ” programme in the 1980’s was an attempt to destroy them in space )

if it had to be admitted that there are spacecraft that can come and go as they please within our atmosphere then the thought arises… what’s the point in spending huge amounts of money, that could otherwise be spent on improving the standard of living of ordinary people, on weapons systems to protect the population from the invasion of an earthling army if those same weapons are completely useless against d-man who can drop in on us any old time they want to?

hence the cover-up

one point that needs bringing up

in the same way as there are those amongst us who, for different reasons, justify killing people so too there are those in the dinosaur class of man-shaped being who has the same bent towards life

the devolving of the dinosaur class use the technology they have to vent their death outcome impulses

it only takes one virus to produce trillions of offspring and infect an entire body

likewise, it only takes one family and a handful of the offspring of a devolving man-shaped dinosaur to tar the entire class of all of the dinosaur man-shaped being’s

devolving man-shaped dinosaurs living in space do not have any love left in them

they are at varying degrees of losing both their man shape and the accompanying facial features that go with a loving nature

they do not, repeat do not, represent the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings who are treading the evolutionary path

you’ve seen the films and heard accounts of what “aliens” look like and what they get up to

beings with distorted heads, oddly shaped bodies and weird facial characteristics are going to start appearing in the loveless of the mammal class over the coming generations

indeed if you know what to look for the characteristics being mentioned here are starting to appear now

if you want to know what a typical evolving man shaped dinosaur looks like pick someone who looks like what you consider to be a typical man-shaped mammal person with typical facial features then remove the hair and breasts and cover them with a silky, shining skin

neither overlook the fact that the wisdom that brought the technologies into the world that is meant to increase our knowledge and make our lives more comfortable was done so by those treading the evolutionary path

quantum theory, which is meant to increase our understanding of existence is a perfect example

it took just 45 years to use quantum theory for murder (hiroshima and nagasaki) and is currently being used by the devolving to keep people on edge with the ever-looming possibility of a nuclear war

you can relax about that possibility

it’s already happened

mammal man and nuclear war are of eternity past; see (war-room hostage)

films that point to the existence of dinosaur man-shaped beings and that have credibility are…

the disappearance of flight 412

this film portrays the fears within the american military of a technologically advanced life-form with a destructive tendency

in all fairness who wouldn’t feel scared to know there were beings light years ahead of us technologically with the desire to kill


the last half hour of this film reveals majestic 12’s involvement and methods in dealing with e.t.

the fourth kind

this film is an account of a murderous e.t.

dark skies

one account amongst thousands of the devastating effect grey’s have on society


a harvard professor of psychology losses his position of eminence when he announces e.t.’s are real

the true story of john mack and how his view of the world is turned upside down when two of his patients in different parts of the country give the same account of their experiences while under hypnosis


download the film here or here

film of whitley strieber’s autobiography

a wholly believable true-life encounter with greys

night skies

 this true story, based on transcripts from actual hypnosis-therapy sessions, finally reveals what happened when six people encountered more than just lights in the sky

* * *

for the reasons mentioned here the writer has got to hold back an understanding of the brain and the subtle mechanism of genetic theory that is applicable to this generation

to release the information now while death oriented persons (the 2nd and 3rd party) are still calling the shots will give the devolving more ammunition to foul up the future for even more of you than is already the case

bear in mind… devolving beings are only doing what is natural to them

in many instances avoiding the pit of despair is simple… practice ethics

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