controlled imaging

if movements and visualizations in dreams get any more sophisticated than this, this website would like to hear about it

however, it is not the incredible motions and sights in this dream which makes it worthy of note

it is because in this dream the dreamer got closer than ever to being able to form the content of the dream while in dream-time

admittedly, it was towards the end of the dream (the “crossing-over” point between the two states of consciousness) however, the ability to affect the content of the dream was marked, distinct…

there were, at least, two separate occasions when consciousness went from one state to the other

the implications, if taken to their logical outcome, have fantasy-level implications

another step has been taken in crossing the bridge of comprehension of self

we are entering a world where time and timelessness co-exist

the dream…

was at a computer or a games console

i pressed something or toggled something and the screen came to life, and a video sequence began

the sensation of movement was immediate and fast, too fast, but before it unsettled me, my mind became focused on the shapes and colours and…

i was on a roller-coaster ride, but it wasn’t a carriage, and it wasn’t on tracks

couldn’t see the shape of whatever it was that was transporting me, indeed it may have been just a mind thing

it was a roller-coaster ride through a tube

the tube was now the screen and it became a rapidly changing display of kaleidoscopic images that were continually changing, some stayed formed long enough to take in the detail

the roller coaster movement went at a slope down, slope up, slope sideways, twisting up, down and sideways, turning as it was twisting up, down and sideways, slowing down, speeding up, and always at a break-neck speed

it was a saturation of patterns and colours, predominantly orange

it was taking the mind to the very limits of its ability to perceive volume of input of motion, shape and colour

then it stopped, and the moment it stopped the desire to experience it again filled the senses

sequence three

i was back at where the dream began, at a computer screen or game console, when the cross-over between states of conscious states occurred

it was possible to re-enter the roller-coaster reality twice more as a result of my wanting to, while partially in the awake-time state

in this part of the dream, a time-conscious stimulated dreaming sequence, the motions and colours weren’t as intense as the original but, like eating another spoonful or two of a sweet pudding after becoming sated, it was still o.k.

a deterioration of the sense of being immersed in the dream occurred on this attempt,

i knew i had crossed back fully to time-conscious as i was trying for the third time


we have to open up to the possibility that this type of dream can happen as a shared dream and, who knows, perhaps as a collective shared dream