between heartbeats

death has had its day, now it’s life’s turn

when a person dies it is, from the point of view f the person who has just died, only one heartbeat between the last heartbeat of that person’s life and the first heartbeat of the next time they live again

a person who has died is not dead in the way the word dead is by used by the majority of people

the word dead and phrases like “has passed”, “is no longer with us”, “rests in peace”… are at best misleading at worst they carry the notion of the finality of non-existence

it is suggested that a person who has died is referred to as being between heartbeats (saying “between heartbeats” instead of “dead” or “has passed” or “is no longer with us”, or “rests in peace” will almost certainly cause a person to ask you what you mean and will give you the chance to explain the latest knowledge)

for the most unfortunate, the time between one experience of consciousness and the next is 1 ^83 000 years, while for those treading the ethical path it is in the thousands of years