the buildings where the organizing of the construction of the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation will take place

translators for the world’s 200-300 different languages and another 300-500 translators for sub-dialects (approximately 1000 interpreters will be needed) at least eight times that number will be needed for eight three-hour shifts for a 24/7 live broadcasting network

a two-way flow of ideas for the entire world population to and from the auditoriums, the greater the input of ideas the more likely it will be that the correct solutions will be arrived at in the quickest time

continually running archive channels of one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, one decade and one generation

technical, catering, cleaning, maintenance, computer c.g.i. personnel and free-hand artists for as-we-go graphics and visuals… at a rough guess 20 000 + people will be necessary for a well oiled and smoothly running auditorium

sleeping accommodation, recreation, lounge areas…

lifestyle channel

we will utilize every day to its maximum effect

living accommodation with an adjoining room for health/fitness purposes and an en suite shower/bathroom for at least one person

the privacy of the bedroom and bathroom will be expected

you can and must have everything else

while the writer is shopping for food (the writer does his own washing, shopping, cooking and cleaning) and preparing food and cooking it, he will be talking to nutritionists and others who are seen as being experts in their field and asking questions as to why one food has preference over another, what foods compliment basic whole foods, what is the best way of preparing a particular item and why, what is the best method of cooking a meal… boiling, pressure cooking, steaming, microwaving etc.

the same goes for a health/fitness routine

what soap to use for washing and what shampoo and what toothpaste to use and why

what materials are best suited for coming into contact with the skin

what substances are best for the inner and outer of the shoes

where there is a difference of opinion, initiate a research project to establish the most comprehensive all-round materials

then, while we’re not working on what features and facilities the new unnatural-death-designed-out-habitation should and should not have, we’ll have at least half the day for rest, relaxation and generally socializing (full-time socializing is how we will be spending most of our time)

all the while we’ll be practising the real business of life… how to love