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to understand the obstacles it means having to do some reading


the central intelligence agency… Link 1

the c.i.a. controls the bulk of the sales of heroin and cocaine world-wide

they may or may not cooperate with Maj 12


the national security agency… Link 1

the n.s.a. is primarily a data-collection organisation

the information they collect is shared with other organisations


maj 12… Link 1 

militarist’s (people who think a country should have a strong military capability)


jewish and british financiers… Link 1… Link 2


british and russian Oligarch’s


non-aligned Devolving beings

to get an insight into how a handful of cliques have erected the obstacles which is preventing d-man-day from happening see Link 1


if and when we break the grip of the handful of organised killers, link 1 above, we will begin an open dialogue with the Evolving beings of the man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class of beings; this is called d-man-day

it will change our lives utterly and permanently almost overnight


many people will be overjoyed to hear that the first ships to land will be “hospital ships”

(our man-shaped dinosaur cousins calls them healing chambers)


get ready to be healthy again


what would take us millions of years to achieve… medical cures for all our terminal illnesses and lesser ailments, rejuvenation procedures, vastly increased longevity, recurrence of self through the application of Genetic Theory, interstellar spaceships, space habitations which can accommodate many more of us than there are now, more gizmos and technological toys to play with than we would have time to try in a lifetime…


unfortunately, before evolving Dinosaur man-shaped beings

can interact with us properly we have to constrain the organised killer’s in our midst


there are three organised groups of devolving mammal man-shaped beings who have to be constrained…


Jewish and British Financiers


British and Russian Oligarch’s


an American Military Shadow Movement known as Maj 12

Link 2


the russian oligarchs are more devolved than the british oligarchs and are thus more efficient at plotting

elaborate deceits

gulf war 1* and the twin towers atrocity are their “babies”

understand, contrary to what the mainstream media says, the british and russian Oligarch’s are joined at the hip


Maj 12

these are the ones who are trying to get us to go to war with our man-shaped dinosaur cousins

they’ve been planning a war with e.t.’s for more than fifty years (see Here)

these man-shaped dogs are Devolving beings who live for war

also known as Maj 12 this u.s.a.-based clique and are the people who initiated the Star Wars programme

a programme that was funded through the sale of cocaine and which has, since the 1980s, generated Trillions of dollars

the money is used to maintain and further their compulsion for war

a by-product of this stratagem has resulted in a noticeable degradation of the moral structure of the united states (the three groups highlighted in this entry, do as a natural consequence of their outlook of life, produce death and the degradation of life leading-to-death)

clique 3

Jewish and British Financiers

this lot don’t care how many of us die as long as there’s enough of us left to control and manipulate into generating the wealth for them

all three of these cliques need large amounts of money to operate efficiently


we have to constrain the people of these self-serving groups before Evolving

man-shaped beings of the dinosaur class of

man-shaped beings can fully share their knowledge of medicine, technology and science with us

(try to imagine just what it is they have learnt over the last sixty-five million years)

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* * *



*in 1987 this website wrote Axiom One, Two and Three on small cards and began handing them out and showing them to people

for the last two thousand years, the russian and british oligarch’s knew when to expect me

the cards steered them to me

instead of declaring my existence via the media, the Russian oligarch’s went into “lockdown” and began a stratagem which would turn me against america and make me sympathetic towards them

gulf war 1 was that stratagem

i want you to think about that… more than a million people murdered just to gain my sympathy

this will give you an insight into the oligarch’s total psychopathy (a complete indifference to the feelings of other people)