analysing dreams

analysing dreams is no more difficult than remembering what it was that you done during the day before the dream and specifically which of those things in particular it was which caused this or that part of the dream

the content of dreams is, more often than not, made up from the previous days experiences… the things you think, see, feel, hear, etc.

it is thought that dreams reflect how closely the experiences of the previous day are to the purpose of life itself

the purpose of life, it is thought, is to align itself with the character or mechanism of eternity

the character or mechanism of eternity is increasing endlessness

from these assumptions we can gauge whether the experiences of the previous day of the dream were “correct” from eternity’s point of view

put simply, a dream which is enjoyable means that during the previous day you did, on balance, live in a way which eternity can accommodate

another way of thinking about dreams is to imagine that your dreams are your mind/soul digesting the experiences of the previous day in the same way we think of the digestive system digesting food

what’s good or bad for the physiology is not an open question

if we eat food that has salmonella bacteria in it we become ill

neither is what’s best for the mind/soul an open question
(see right and wrong)

the analysis, interpretation and content of dreams begins with the recognition that the contents of dreams are, as often as not, formed by thoughts, sights, feelings etc. during the day

in this person’s experience, the dominating influence of the cause of the content of dreams comes from the thoughts during the day

the second most influential element in the formation of the content of dreams, again, in the writer’s experience, comes from the feelings/sentiments accompanying the thoughts

third in the order of things which dominate the content of dreams are the sights/images during the day

for now let’s see if using just these three considerations is enough to give us a workable method for our purposes

our goal is to be the author our own dreams