as an ambassador of love/life you will need to arm yourself with the facts

to convince or persuade other people of how things really are is not too difficult to do

improving the conditions here on earth doesn’t come from cajoling or berating people

it comes from ideas, scientific truths, a love-felt regard for others and the ability to pass on this knowledge in a way that other people can grasp

these bits of knowledge aren’t just any old pieces of information, contained in this knowledge are the essential facts a person needs to know to make their way into the future

there are half a dozen or so really important points

possibly the most powerful idea is the arithmetic proof of life after death

once you have familiarised yourself with it have “go’s” at explaining it to people you know

you will soon hone your technique and in no time at all you’ll be converting people all over the place

the writer finds his unsuspecting victims in different places and different times…

in a café, in the bus queue, on the train, on the plane, the phone operator, the shop assistant, auntie, uncle…

the way the writer does it is to start by saying… i can prove to you that there’s life after death ( emphasize the word prove )

if the circumstances are right and if you say it right most people are interested in hearing someone prove there is life after death

as often as not the person you’re saying it to is expecting a jehovah’s-witness-type pitch

little do they know what’s coming
the opening line is… how many times can you flip a coin before the same side comes up again?

you might have to coax the person into arriving at the answer

make sure that the person is absolutely convinced that the answer is two

in fact have a coin ready so you can demonstrate it
so that the person is satisfied that the maximum number of times is two

then the next thing is to say is… “how many times can you roll a dice before one of the same numbers comes up again?”

it’s important that you don’t tell them the answer if they’re having trouble getting it

if you do the thinking for them it doesn’t have the same clarity and conviction as is does when people get the answer for themselves

if necessary go back to the example with the coin and explain how the first time the coin is flipped it can be either heads or tails

the second time it is flipped it can be heads or tails and on the third time it must be either heads or tails

when the person realizes that the maximum number of times a dice can be rolled before one of the same numbers comes up again is six you should be able to make the point that if there were a dice that had 8 or 10 or 40 or 100 or 1000 sides it would just be a matter of time before the numbers start repeating

then the next thing to say is… you may not know this but the maximum number of ways the genes can be combined within the dna ( actually it’s the nucleotides but keep the language in a form that ordinary people can understand ) is 1^214
( most people will need to have 1^214 explained to them. to give 1^214 a perspective… there is something like 1^30 individual bacteria alive on earth )

carry on the conversation with… if we make the assumption that we ( mankind ) continue indefinitely into the future sooner or later previous combinations, that is you and i, not only can, not just might or may but must happen again

you will find that any reasonable person will get the point

when people realize that there are implications for themselves one of the first thoughts they have is ” when will my genetic combination re-occur “

to answer that question we have to go into ethics

more simple to explain is the definition of life as in axiom 3

some people though have difficulty in seeing the obvious

it’s simply a matter of asking the person if she/he has ever seen a pregnant woman and then ask if the pregnant woman got bigger or smaller and then ask if the woman put on weight or lost weight as the pregnancy progressed

then say… so the pregnant woman got larger and heavier for nine months and when the baby was born the mother of the child lost weight and size whereas the baby started to put on weight and size as she/he grew as the days and months past

if necessary point out the same is true with children as they grow

again, any reasonable person will take your point

those who are sceptical about people who believe in god say… “you can’t prove it”

dit’s true, the existence of god can’t be proved, equally it can’t be disproved

it can’t be proved but it can be demonstrated through the anthropic principle that reality is saying that life isn’t a fluke

the two most popular phrases that sum up the anthropic principle are… intelligent design and designer-principle universe ( finely-tuned for life )

it is in fact the other way around… life fine-tuned itself to the universe

the way writer tries ( and this one can be a real labour of love ) to do it is to start off by saying… “you know what electricity is, well, the electricity that goes around the wires in the house is made up of millions and millions of individual particles called electrons. every one of those electrons has exactly the same amount of electric charge as every other one. for the purpose’s of this conversation let’s say the amount of electricity that each electron has is 1 amp. if the electric charge of the electron was one-thousandth more or one-thousandth less we wouldn’t be here. it’s the same for the values of every particle in the universe, they all have to be exactly the way they are or else we wouldn’t be here and it’s not just the specific values of the individual particles. the amount of matter in the universe has to be just the right amount or we wouldn’t be here. the rate the universe is expanding has to be just the way it is or we couldn’t be here. and further… we occurred at the earliest moment after the universe began  (in breach of the law of averages.  the weight of the planet, as well as the distance it is from the sun, has to be just so. also, we ourselves have to be the size and weight we are…  the ozone layer, the magnetosphere, the salinity content of the oceans. then there’s the carbon consideration. there’s a little over 100 elements in the universe. if you add up the number of ways carbon can be made into compounds it is more than all the rest of the elements put together. which, as carbon-based life forms, gives us incredible versatility and scope. how could a purely random event ( which is what those who won’t entertain the idea of god believe ) produce carbon-based life-forms. and then there are the chemical combinations… to arrive at the right chemical combination for the molecules to begin the life processes, life had to pick the right combination from 1^113 possibilities ( 1^113 is 40 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 times bigger than 1 ^20 ( 1 ^20 is the number of all the stars in the entire universe ) to get the right combination it would mean having to try a million combinations every second of every day for 1000’s of millions of years. how on earth could life know what the right combination was ?)”

some people come back at you with the old mutiverse argument

i haven’t come across a one person who uses the multiverse idea to explain why things are the way they are and understands why the notion of a multiverse exists in the first place

when the reason for the multiverse interpretation is explained to people who believe in it they realise just how ridiculously flimsy the foundation for their belief is

it’s got to the point that it’s those who don’t believe in god are the looney tunes

there are two or three more points that are crucial

when they have been simplified this title entry will have a new date

if you went to see the doctor about something and while examining you he noticed that there was something else seriously wrong with you and didn’t say anything about it you would be able to take him to court and a court would find him guilty of a crime

love/life doesn’t take you to court

his terrible love is the equivalent of a court’s mercy

the mechanism of reality brings about the persons own rewards and punishments

go to a fete or any organized open-air event where you can put up a stall or a tent and have a sign that says ” for five pounds i can prove to you that’s there’s life after death or your money back plus another fiver”