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first dream

a dream about a dog: animal () mammal () dog ()

second dream

the name of the dream

two greys and myself in a room about the size of a living room

one of the greys was lying on a table, she or he was seriously ill

the other grey was standing nearby watching what i was doing

there were twenty-four wooden pegs about the length and width of a big cigar

the pegs looked like the pawns used in chess but without the base or the bails used on the top of wickets in a game of cricket

the pegs were evenly spaced on a wooden frame which had four tiers and there were about five or seven centimetres between each peg

in another scene, the pegs had been moved and i was counting out loud the number of pegs in their new position (the stand-out part of the dream and it was externalised)

there was a bit of hesitation at number twenty-three (for some reason the number was a crucial aspect of the diagnosis as it revealed the competence or degree of the severity of whatever it was that was afflicting the patient) before i saw the last peg and said with a confidence that implied a remedy was possible “twenty-four”

notes 1

this is the first ever dream about greys

it is one of the cornerstones of dreams theory that the content of dreams are events that have, and, depending on the Time-Tense, will happen again

the events of this dream, will, therefore, not happen for centuries or longer

it is certain that greys of the dinosaur-class of man-shaped beings and mammal- man-shaped beings will share the same timeline for many thousands of years into the future

it is possible the greys in this dream are of the mammal-class of man-shaped being


vividness 3.8


the category of the dream: greys (2) mammal/dinosaur (?)

* * *


second sleep, the second dream

the name of the dream
the conga

there was a dream about placing an ad in a paper before this dream

the accompanying rhythm to this dance dream was…
da, da, da, (then up a pitch) da/da da, da,
then… da/da, da, da, da, da,, da… da/da, da, da, da, da,, da

i was aware people were looking at me

i wasn’t being exhibitionistic

the rhythm had gripped me and i felt compelled to move to it

there were four or five different scenes

in the last scene, a man stood in front of me and brought me to a stop

he said something like… “i can see what it is you’re dancing to”

notes 1

this dream wasn’t as good as the dance dream of 08112017 but, like that dream, i woke up in a great mood

that’s four feel-good dreams on the trot

on more than one occasion in awake-time i have, spontaneously, broke into dance steps while walking

i’m going to assert that there is a connection between music and feel-good dreams

for the past few days when i was at a loose end and without the motivation to do something purposeful i composed “rave riffs”

composing original riffs and modifying existing ones means listening intently for minutes at a time to the same patterns of notes and beats

we should note that all forms of desirable experiences (a devolving being gets “pleasure” and gratification from acts of violence) originate from the experience of straight-line-action

prior to straight-line-action, it was a state of indifference

we will probably find that appealing feelings we get from melodies, beats and rhythms are at the edge of the cross-over point between non-destructive indifference and the endlessly variable structure contained in straight-line-action

there was a village in medieval england that danced non-stop for two weeks

it is going to be revealing to discover whether x dreams or dance dreams are the most numerous type of dreams

my ref (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_dance)


vividness 3.7


category of dream: dancing () solo () outdoors ()
first dream

the name of the dream
three under a blanket

it was nighttime, it may have been closer to dawn than dusk, and it was mild weather

i had joined forces with a girl unknown to me

we were settled under a quilt or blanket with a bit of a view of the town

we both had accommodation but neither of us suggested going to each other’s place

within a scene or two, another girl joined us and she too got under whatever it was we were using as a blanket

the late addition to the trio was interested in me and the other girl became less prominent in the dream as we got familiar with one another

i let the newcomer know i was interested and put my left hand on her upper-thigh

she responded straight away by turning on her right-side and swinging her left leg over my legs and resting her leg across my hips

her bare thigh made contact with my genitalia (the stand-out bit of the dream)

i wasn’t wearing trousers, and she immediately pulled her leg away

she was obviously wanted x but it was happening too fast

i put my left-hand between her legs, i was lying on my right, and she reached over and started to fondle me

i asked her if she wanted to go and get some breakfast

she never replied but i sensed she did

i started to ask her what she wanted to eat but my voice sounded gruff so i cleared my throat and woke up to hear myself saying something about mushrooms and bacon

notes 1

these x dreams, i have noticed, often occur in clusters of two or three or more

as unlikely as it seems there may be a connection between music and x

have made a mental note of the possibility


vividness 3 to 3.5


the category of the dream: x dream () threesome 2f () outdoors ()

* * *


the name of the dream
three in a bed

on this occasion, the young lady brought a companion with her

normally that wouldn’t be a bad thing

this time though it was a male

i knew the young man and it wasn’t a problem

nor was i offended when he went first

the woman’s personality was her most attractive feature and she knew i liked her and also knew i wouldn’t mind waiting

she was lying on her back with the other male on her right-hand side with me on the right

the young man was either asleep or trying to get to sleep lying on his right-hand side

i was lying on my right hand-hand side and looking at the girl who was naked

her face, breasts and genitalia were flushed red

she looked really healthy (the stand-out part of the dream)

her prepuce and clitoris were up close to her belly button and i could see the marks her trouser-belt had made just above her belly-button

she suggested i should begin and i said “i’ll let you rest for a while”

she replied she had to go at five o`clock (it was four o`clock)

i said again that it would be alright if she had a little rest

it took me by surprise when she said “it’s alright, i can do it sixty times in a day”

i felt as though she was exaggerating or bragging and said something along the lines of “and i thought you were my girl”

the dream ended without foreplay or coitus

notes 1

this is the fourth, fifth or sixth x dream with this girl, although this is the only one where there was no pleasure in it

this young lady features in more dreams of all of the serial dreams and of all categories of dreams, which is heartening

the sequence where i was admiring her healthy body will stay fresh in my mind for a while

is there a female in the history of the world whose genitalia extended to within two or three centimetres of her belly-button ?

can a woman do it sixty times in a day ?

it seems excessive to me


vividness 3.2 to 4

participant and observer

the category of the dream: x dream () threesome 2m () indoors ()

* * *


the name of the dream
the seven seas

approximately seven scenes in this dream

each scene conveyed the depth and breadth of the water covering the earth

in one scene two men were waiting expectantly for me to join them

all of them except for their feet were visible in the scene

from where i was observing to where the men were standing was about thirty metres

behind and to each side of them was an expanse of smooth grey water that touched the horizon in all directions

in another scene, the sea showed its menacing character

energetic thirty-metre waves crowned with wild, white horses ready to buck anything that tried to ride them

in another scene, a submarine the size of an aircraft carrier was making out to sea

the sea had been conquered

first from above and now this, the stamp of authority of the will of man-shaped beings to best the indifference of the forces of nature

each scene of this dream had its own unique character which produced a feeling of excitement

the other scenes were equally impressive but they faded from the memory quite quickly


vividness 3.3 to 4


the category of the dream – the sea/s ()

* * *


the name of the dream
the two of me

a two-scene dream

in the first scene of myself, i looked glamorous, appealing and highly shagable

in the second image i looked exactly like i looked the last time i looked in the mirror… the opposite of above

notes 1
i’m sure there must have been more images during r.e.m. but this is all that is remembered from this sleep


vividness 4

participant and observer

category of dream images of self (2)
* * *


the name of the dream
out and about and in the house

wanted to add two bars of soap to the essential-items-to-have-in-my-backpack “survival kit”

didn’t have a box or container the was just the right size to keep them in

went into a bookshop where i was on good terms with the owner who would have an assortment of boxes of about the size i needed

he got me a box of exactly the right size within a minute

in another scene, i was in the library looking through the two-volume compact version of the oxford english dictionary
(can associate this dream with a recollection during the day)

there was another scene where i was sitting on the brown and cream coloured linoleum-covered floor of where i used to live

the room looked spacious but the spacious look came at the price of no seats or a table

* * *


the name of the dream
i should have known better

there are valid reasons to incorporate a serious approach to rest and relaxation into our lifestyles

in this dream, i am using my skills and instructing women on how to lay on their backs with their arms folded across their chest with legs slightly raised

a gentle massage around the neck area complimented a feeling of well-being

what was a genuine and sincere attempt to maximise the body’s ability to replenish itself at opportune times during the day soon took a different turn

it was as much the woman’s fault as much as mine

let’s face it

we’re locked tight into a pleasure cycle

* * *


the name of the dream
folder issues, again

am at the computer and trying to organise files within folders

could double-click the folders and get access to the files within the folders o.k. but the files in the folders had radio buttons which made a change to the content of the file

each file had five or six radio-button options which would, when clicked, cause a black dot to appear in the centre of the radio button just clicked (the stand-out part of the dream), and automatically change the written content of the file without having to double-click the file and change it by re-typing it

the difficulty was in remembering the name of the folder which had been accessed and why it had been accessed in the first place

one radio button changed the content in the file from “a film about natural people” and another button changed it to “a teenage couple change the events of witch mountain” (don’t remember the exact wording)

clicking different buttons produced sensible changes in some instances but not in others

notes 1

as mentioned, the difficulty was remembering the name of the folder which had been accessed and why it had been accessed in the first place

currently, and as it has been from the beginning of think-read dreams, the limitation is in the recalling of the written word and the associated thinking


vividness 3.8 to 4


the category of the dream think-read dream () folders (2) files within folders (1) radio buttons (1)
* * *


the name of the dream
the lengths women will go to

aliens have landed and people have gone into hiding

a group of about twenty of us have holed up in an abandoned building the size of a bowling alley

in the next scene, three or four girls join us and explain that the aliens are choosing couples who can copulate continually to join them

one of the newcomers wants me to be her partner and find out if we could maintain conjoinment continually

there was an air of futility to it but at least we would be enjoying our lives

the girl i was with couldn’t go on after a couple of hours and one of the girls that had come with her took her place

it was while i was with her that it occurred to me i hadn’t actually seen an alien or an alien spaceship and the whole alien thing was a ruse concocted by nymphomanics

it was while i was going through the motions of x with the second girl (externalised dream) that i woke out of the dream

notes 1

i completely misinterpreted the original entry


vividness 3.2 to 3.4


the category of the dream x dream ()
second dream

the name of the dream
health and fitness

again as with the previous theme, there was a singular measure of a persons standing in society… their fitness

one exercise, in particular, was used as the yardstick to measure the health of a person… pull-up’s behind the neck

i went down a flight of stairs in a spacious open-plan building and at the bottom of the stairs was a pull-up bar

anyone who went down the stairs was expected to use it

it meant having to jump up to grab hold of it a step or two before the bottom of the stairs

people stopped and watched if someone was using it

i found the first two times i found it difficult and knew people watching thought i was sub-healthy

on the third time, i found that thrusting my chest out allowed me to bring other muscle groups into play and made the exercise easier

in the last scene, i had full and glistening muscles in those parts of the body employed by the exercise


vividness 3.2 to 3.5


the category of the dream muscularity (2)

* * *


the name of the dream
the whatsit

standing at the entrance/exit area of a shopping mall with two other people

we had a see-through tube shaped like a matchstick man without the head about the size of a toddler

the tubing was about ten centimetres wide and had different types of liquid in each of the five segments of the tubing

we were trying to collect donations from passers-by to spend on the development of the device

the bulk of the dream was a scene where i was explaining the usefulness of the device to two shoppers

notes 1

spent twenty minutes after waking up trying to figure out what it was that thingy could be used for


vividness 3.5


the category of the dream devices/inventions () see-through objects (2)

* * *


the name of the dream
here and there

sitting on a chair next to the dance area at a wedding reception

the speeches have finished and the dj plays the first song

the song is sam cooke – twistin’ the night away

several people go to the floor and start dancing

it’s a slippery wooden floor which allows me to do an almost full circle turn with one good twist/thrust of the hips

a bit of carpet half a metre by half a metre is on the floor by my feet

it is just big enough to stand on and when i do a hip/thrust it has enough momentum to spin me around twice

then, there are three scenes where i am dancing with girls

the scene changes completely to country terrain and i am looking for the girls in the previous scenes

to get to where i think they are means going through a wooded area

the trees have thin trunks and are growing too close to each other to squeeze through

the only way to get to the other side of them is to climb to the top of the trees and go from one tree to another

at the top of the first tree when i attempt to get to the next one my weight causes the next tree to bend and the more weight i put on it the further it bends

i then discover that if i put all of my weight onto the tree it bends into the next tree and getting from tree to tree becomes simple

at the edge of the mini-forest, the last couple of trees have thinner trunks than the others and i am able to cause one of them to bend down to the ground by pushing against it

as one of the girls comes into the scene i bend it down so that the top of the tree is almost touching the ground in front of the girl

the girl is impressed with my little manoeuvre and i am climbing down a tree to go and join her when the scene finished


vividness 3.3 to 3.5/6


the category of the dream dancing () wedding (1) and trees () climbing (1)

* * *


the name of the dream
winning isn’t the be all and end all

the second fastest four-hundred-metre runner in the country missed his qualifying run to secure a place in the national squad for the olympic games

the form book showed he was indisputably the second man for the squad and would be in with a chance of qualifying for the finals as well as being part of the four by four-hundred relay team

his reason for missing the qualifying run was perfectly understandable and everyone agreed the reason for missing it should not disqualify him from taking part in the games and he was going to be given the opportunity to do a solo run which would be the official qualifier

i was at the track as he was limbering up and it occurred to me that if he had a pacemaker for the first two-hundred metres it would help to produce a better time

he was in agreement and there was nothing in the rule book which said we couldn’t do it

he was in the lane behind me, i was in lane three or four

he had overtaken me by the time we came out of the first bend and he was slowly pulling ahead of me

a little voice in my head said “lengthen your stride”

i did and it dramatically increased my speed

so much so, i was catching him up and i realised that i would catch him up by the time we reached the second bend and it was obvious to me that i was going to win
i liked and admired the other man and felt it would be wrong to beat him and decided that breathing down his neck would push him around the final bend and down the home straight in a faster time

the dream ended before the race finished

notes 1

this dream was the result of thinking during the day that lengthening my steps while walking might improve my stability in walking

something i will try when i go out later


vividness 3.7


the category of the dream running () athletic track ()
* * *


the name of the dream
another girl montage

there was a two-themed dream before the montage sequence but that was quickly forgotten as the moving and still images began

it was an exclusively all-female show with asian-girls/women featuring frequently

after about thirty images i realised it was going to go on for a long time and relaxed into it

at one point the sequences and images were so absorbing and clear i realised my mouth was wide open in amazement and in an act of vanity recomposed my face

it was predominantly but not exclusively x-themed

there was a rapid change of themes for parts of the montage with there being about four images’s/sequences for each slightly different theme

notes 1

it was only a few days ago that the thought that i missed not having montages occurred


vividness 3.5 – 3.9/4


the category of the dream Mega-Montage () x-theme ()

* * *


the name of the dream
proof of Pde’s

during the day a faulty fire alarm sensor in the flat where i live sounded three times indicating there was a smoke or fire-threat when there wasn’t one

in the dream, a fire alarm, the same sound as the one in awake-time, sounded three times throughout the dream

notes 1

this is proof positive that the previous day’s experiences are a main factor in the forming of the content/themes of dreams


the name of the dream
an underhand sales-pitch

in a small town which only had four or five shops in its high street

one of the shops sold mobile phones

i needed a phone for someone else and in the next scene a salesman is singing the virtues of a phone

it was matte black and had everything a modern phone should have and one or two new features which made it a good buy

i decided to get the new phone for myself and give the phone i was using to the person who needed one

it was a done deal until the salesman gave me the phone he had been showing me as the phone i would be buying

i wanted the model of phone for sure but i wanted it in a box that hadn’t been opened

the salesman tried to fob me off with the phone he had been demonstrating and nearly broke down in tears when i insisted that i would only buy a phone in a box

his emotional ploy nearly worked and it was touch and go for a scene or two of the dream as i started feeling sorry for him

in the end, i didn’t buy the phone and decided to give the person who needed a phone one i no longer used

vividness (3.1)

* * *


the name of the dream: controversy

there was a controversy about whether the account of an event of historical significance given by a book was correct or if a film that portrayed the events slightly differently was right

a highly charged emotional debate was being televisd which was becoming a shouting match between people who were noted for their level-headedness

the issue was the use of a weapon which had caused the loss of a lot of lives

in another scene not related to the previous scenes i became introverted when it was revealed that i had a secret crush on carole king that went back to my early teens


observer in the first scenes
* * *


the name of the dream: the shortcut

was headed for home in the middle of the night

there weren’t any ghouls or vampires about but any time which could be shaved off a nighttime trek which didn’t have any people or sights or sounds in it was enough of a justification to find a way to shorten it

decided to take an established shortcut of mine, which took a steep climb, three hundred metres and four or five minutes out of the return route

the only drawback was climbing over a two-metre slatted wood fence

not an obstacle for an athletic, full of life, twenty-something-year-old person like myself

upped-and-over’d the fence in the blink of an eye and landed in thick, mushy, squelchy mud

didn’t see that one coming

all of a sudden the shortcut had become a negative gain

it would take five or ten times more time to clean my clothes than was gained by taking the shortcut

could see the ground under my feet

this scene was in shades of black, darkest brown and grey

my sense of smell let me know that the two or three centimetre-deep mud i was wading through wasn’t honest to goodness natural mud but was a really obnoxious smelling animal excreta

looking ahead i could see it went on for fifteen or twenty metres but it never occurred to me to go back, the damage to my shoes, socks, trousers and my sense of being clean and kept had been demolished

then i knew why the poo was there

the person who’s property i was on had decided to piss off those who were making a path through his property in the same way i and others were pissing him off by not giving a second thought to his sensibilities of his land being trespassed upon

i suppose it was as good a way of any of getting people to give him his due consideration

putting barbed wire on the fence would have been completely inappropriate

anyway, i waded on and opened a gate which would get me back on the public ground and my jaw dropped to the floor

there was a man four or five metres in front and to the left of me and another man ten or twelve metres in front and to the right of me and they both had shotguns or rifles

the man closest to me had the rifle under his right arm with his hand taking the weight of the gun half way along and under the barrel which was pointing to the ground

his left hand was in his jacket pocket and he was the picture of standing relaxation

the man furthest from me also had the rifle under his left arm

his left hand too was under the barrel which was also pointing at the ground but his right hand was on the trigger-housing guard and he could, i had no doubt, have his firing finger on the trigger before the barrel was levelled at whatever it was he intended to shoot

they looked like what they were… professionals

neither man said anything or moved

i knew what was wanted of me

i started walking forward but not at either of them

when i was a couple of metres past the man on my left him he began walking at my pace two metres behind and two metres to the left of me

i was being arrested for trespassing

the manner of the arrest… two armed private security guards, meant they were going to make an example of me and i would get a stiff sentence

the thought that two armed professionals would shoot a trespasser dead didn’t strike me as a probability, in fact as i thought more about it became clearer… this was to be a “show trial”

justice would be done in a fair and measured manner, the last thing they wanted to do would be to shoot a person dead for walking through someone’s private property

the man ahead and to the right of me reached a one and a half metres high wrought gate, opened it and stood back to let me pass through it and as i did he said something in a friendly manner

that clinched it

they would definitely not be shooting anybody

three metres through the gate i ran for it

there was no way two middle-aged men with rifles were going to catch the school cross-country champion and county representative in the four-hundred metres

i had managed to lose them within seconds of dream-time

no sooner was i savouring the satisfaction of having got away when the next scene introduced another person into the dream who was also intent on “taking me in”

i didn’t give him chance to corner me and got away from him although he did almost catch me

now i felt i was free and clear and was on my way home

the sense of being free and clear perfectly complimented the ambience of the night

initially, the temperature made this dream feel like it was happening on a summer night

then the temperature began changing

with every cognizant evaluation of the temperature, it dropped noticeably

soon, the night air was a degree or two above freezing

then it went to freezing, then to below freezing and then it started to become uncomfortably cold and then it became a cold-snap

a few snowflakes appeared in the dream

then the snow got thicker

and then thicker still, it was difficult to see through it

then the snow was being pushed by the wind

then the wind got stronger and stronger, now it was a blizzard

at the height of the blizzard, the scene changed

first, a few drops of light rain

and then, like the snow, then the rain went through three, four or more changes until the narrow concrete steps i was walking up had a torrent of water eight centimetres deep gushing down them

the temperature wasn’t a factor in the rain scenes

notes 1

about twenty scenes in the weather-theme dream which makes this an epic dream

first epic dream for a while

that’s two lengthy dreams in two days


vividness 3.1 to 3.5/6


the category of the dream epic () weather (1)
* * *


the name of the dream: embarrassingly raunchy

it took twenty minutes to understand why, when this website advocates/promotes a gentle, sensitive and prolonged state of pre-ejaculation pleasure (those moments immediately before the pleasure explosion), these types of x dreams occur

it is because the films of females viewed (for the purpose of research) engaged in x always seek to experience the eruption of ejaculatory pleasure

the dream 17052018 is to be the introduction page to an entry which will be called “the art of pleasure”

over the coming years, we will endeavour to introduce the three main forms of pleasure into our lifestyle and set the trend for coming generations

the name of the dream: wow !

was surfing at the computer and had just joined a written livestream conversation

judging from the length of the script the chat or conversation had been a going on for many minutes before i joined it

there were just two people type-chatting as the fast-flowing script was making references to other people and websites

i became immersed in the conversation when a name i was familiar with came on the screen and another familiar name showed within two or three sentences

the livestream didn’t have a scrollable chat-box but the computer in this dream had on its left side a four or five centimetre-wide, grooved roller about as thick as a thumb built into it, which could rotate the roll of paper with all of the conversation of the livestream on it backward or forward

here’s where it gets complex…

because i needed to scroll back and reference previous comments i was no longer abreast of the latest remarks of the livestream

and then, via the marvel of the inter-undulationary memory (Notes 2), the written livestream conversation became voices

so now i could hear what was being said and carry on checking the references on the paper roll

then, the dream went into completely new territory when the reason some of the names seemed familiar was because they were phrases and words of mine

then the dream took another new turn… i was no longer someone who was being talked about but the voice began talking directly to me

it wasn’t a friendly voice

everything he said spelt doom and gloom…

the police wanted me, my accommodation was burning, i had better do this or that or else, my possessions were confiscated…

i’m not sure if i said it or vocalised the thought in my head but i’d had enough of this unseen person whoever it was and became defiant

i began waking from the dream and as i was waking and even when i was fully awake he was still berating me

it was a full four or five seconds before i got my bearings…

had fallen asleep while listening to radio plays on a memory stick plugged into the telly

the t.v. play settings were set for “play all”

the play i had been listening to as i fell asleep had finished and had gone through two or three more plays before the one which woke me up

the recorded volume of the play which i woke up to (woke me up ?) was much louder than the one i was listening to when i fell asleep

loud enough to penetrate dream-time and affect/influence/merge with the dream

notes 1

for reference… the play i woke to was Fahrenheit 451 and i think the influence of the play on the dream began somewhere between sixty-four minutes and forty-three seconds and sixty-six minutes and twenty-seven seconds

notes 2

it’s possible that the external sounds caused or at least influenced this dream


vividness 3.7 (the sight of the paper-scrolling mechanism)


the category of the dream externally-influenced sound dreams or merging awake-time sleep-time conciousnesses (1)

* * *


the name of the dream: fighting over nothing

this dream came about as a result of stray thoughts during the day

occasionally a string of five or so stray thoughts asserts themselves…

was in a shop and bought something, a shirt i think

i bought the item from the only shop in town that gave a coathanger with a purchase

for some ridiculous, reason coathangers had become impossible to get

when i paid for the item the salesman brought out a bag of coat hangers from under the counter and was going to give me one

there were forty or more wire coathangers which had be come tangled and ten or thereabouts of wooden ones

i didn’t expect to get a wooden one so i took about a dozen of the wire ones

the salesman told me to them back but i refused and said something like “you’ve got plenty. what does it matter”

when i refused he called security and they took them off me and said they might be pressing charges

in the next scene, i was outside the shop and the salesman was walking towards me

he face was contorted with disgust and i said something which made him hostile

he was going to hit me so i kicked him in the crotch and he looked nauseous with pain

i said, “do you want me to do that again ?”

he was well past the point of wanting to do anything and he shook his head in a manner which conveyed total defeat

notes 1

there was another dream with violence either before or after this one

in both instances, i was in the wrong

catch those stray thoughts within the first sentence or two

they will foul up the content of your dreams


vividness: 3.3 first scene and 3 for the second


the category of the dream: stray thoughts: () man-to-man violence ()



the name of the dream: technology troubles

two or three men had called on me where i am living now

there was a disruption of world-wide communication systems

the cause of the problem was beyond the atmosphere of the earth and out of the scope of the means to repair it

the men who had called on me were hoping there was a remedy of a theoretical nature which hadn’t been envisaged

at one point i asked rhetorically what time it was as i looked at my wrist watch

i couldn’t see the face of the watch clearly so i turned the kitchen light on

there was a lingering silence of four or five seconds while waiting for the neon tube to flicker on

notes 1

participant means it is something you have experienced

an observer is an event, experience, etc. you have witnessed

the category of the dream is for evaluation and reference


vividness: 3.2


the category of the dream: technology: () problem/s: ()
* * *



the name of the dream: larger than life

a one-scene dream of an office

the office went off into the distance as far as the eye could see

it was well lit and it followed the curvature of the lie of the land

it reminded me of the time when i was five and the family went on a holiday to the seaside and i saw the the sea for the first time

there was an air of anticipation of seeing the sea

the person driving the car said “we’ll see it when we get to the top of this hill”

as we went over the brow of the hill the land fell away and joined an expanse of greyness bigger than anything i had ever seen or imagined; it was bigger than the sky

the impression of the image of that moment is still fresh in the memory as my mind was presented with a new perspective of size

this office was like that

at the furthest point the office looked to be dozens of kilometres away

the office looked as though it occupied the entire surface of whatever it was it was built on

like my first sight of the sea, it could quite easily have gone all the way around the planet


vividness: 3.8

observer ?

category of dream: size: () office: (1)

* * *


second dream

the name of the dream: a crowded bus

got on a bus, went upstairs and sat on the front seat

within three or four stops the bus was full up and i could feel the person next to me pressing against me

the pressure of the person seated next to me was increasing when the dream ended


vividness: 3.1


the category of the dream: bus-travel: () pressure against the body: (1)

first dream

the name of the dream: intellectual property

a think-read dream about rights of ownership

it went along the lines of…

“the automatic removal protocol (a.r.p.) of content has been completed

all material which is listed in the a.r.p. has successfully been removed

if you wish to add content belonging to … ? (the name is forgotten) you must now re-submit an application to access … ? content”

the message went on forever

notes 1

when i woke up from this dream it brought to mind another think-read dream which seemed to be a prequel to this one and i spent seventy-five minutes looking for it in the database

couldn’t find it

i know i had the dream within the last couple of months but i must have decided not to enter it into dreams diary

not entering dreams, for whatever reason, can bring about the loss of vital understandings and formulations with applications which would have enriched our circumstances

the more this website tries to streamline or condense the methodology of dreams theory the more the dreams demand to be expanded


vividness: 3.3

the category of the dream: think-read () copyright (1)

* * *



second dream

the name of the dream: with friends like that

we were four males in a room

it was another smoke-in

four familiar faces and a relaxed atmosphere

out of the blue they jumped me

i was disoriented and incapicitated from the first blow

i think they were robbing me

it caused me to wake with a start


the category of the dream: violence ()

vividness: 3.2


first dream

the name of the dream: the tennis coach

was having a game of tennis on a hard-court with someone who was new to the game

as is the way with games the idea is to bring out the best in the person you’re playing

that’s the way it was in this game

don’t remember if it was a girl or a boy i was playing but i do remember they were enjoying the game

notes 1

this dream reminds me of an awake-time experience of a game of table tennis

it would have been easy to give the person i was playing an humiliating defeat but that wouldn’t have been rewarding for either of us

instead, i was determined to get a good game going

it meant using different speeds and angles to place the ball at the limits of the others persons ability to get to the ball

within three sets my opponent was causing me to stretch

it could have been a game of ping pong but become an energetic game of table tennis


the category of the dream: games () tennis (1)

vividness: 3.4



the vividness of the dream indicates the degree of likeliness that the experience will occur in a future time-tense

participant means it is something you have experienced

an observer is an event, experience, etc. you have witnessed

the category of the dream is for evaluation and reference

* * *



the name of the dream: a con job

the opportunity to make oodles of money came my way

i could be the advertising agent and sole booking agent for short-term holidays and honeymooners

the location was a “lake” with fishing and boating facilities

i had struck gold

it wasn’t until i went to take photo’s of the “resort” for the advertisement that the awful truth of the situation revealed itself…

the lake turned out to be a stretch of water a hundred metres by three hundred metres

the near-side edges of the land next to the water was churned up and the far side was a uninviting, if it was accessible, wheat field

the boating had nothing to do with sailing but was rowing boats in a state of disrepair

the accommodation for newly-weds was the upstairs of a dingy mini-hanger with a corrugated roof where the rowing-boats and paddling boats were housed

but the at-the-door stalls and nearby-hot food restaurants were, in legal-speak, accurately described

a mobile food van with sandwiches, tea and hot dogs was within a few metres of the hanger and the restaurant was a fish and chip shop a hundred metres away

my job was to take photo’s that fitted the worded description in the advert

if there was any come-back yours truly would be the whipping boy

notes 1

this is the way people who extract money out of people by misrepresentation get away with it

as long as their description of the goods or sevices are “legally” accurate, as would be the case in this dream, they are not con-men

notes 2

this dream takes me back to the time when, as a budding photographer, i agreed to do a weekly glam photo for the local rag

on the third week, the “editor” (an ex-employee of the times) wanted me to ambush a male client of a call-girl set-up

at the designated time and place (a hotel room in the afternoon) i was to be in the wardrobe of a hotel room with camera ready and when a prearranged signal was given i would burst out of the wardrobe and make with the flash photography

i was game to start with but it dawned on me that someone who could afford an expensive call-girl would probably have the money to hire a couple of thugs to call on me

if there’s another dream about a photography con of some sort i’ll tell you, in an aside, of a really funny incident about what has to be one of the most brazen attempts by a man to get a woman to pose in the nude

* * *


the name of the dream: mixing time-tenses

five or six of us had just watched a film

as i was wondering what film to watch next i thought it would be a good idea to let one of the girls choose

i decided to ask the girlfriend of latest pair to join our little group

i was about to say “….. can choose what film to watch next” and realised i didn’t know or had forgotten her name so i thought to get the film list on the screen and her name would spring to mind in the meantime

as i began looking at the screen for the folder which contained the films i realised the storage disc which had the films wasn’t attached the computer

i was searching my memory trying to remember where the storage disc was when the boyfriend of the girl i intended to ask said “we’ll have to go after the next film”

it was three or four thoughts later that i realised i couldn’t find the storage disc because the location i was in was not my current time and location but the time and location of thirty plus years ago when six of us, three couples, would gather for a weekend of films and smoking !

notes 1

this dream gives us a bit of an insight into how the dream-time memory works

the dream was the result of me thinking before i went to sleep that it would be possible to have a private film club where i live now and had spent five minutes or so assessing what i would have to do to set the room up for half a dozen people

the idea of having a home film club sprang from the dream 12062018

it is assumed that the dream of 12062018 is a future-tense dream

another dream with this theme will make this a serial dream

the category of the dream: mixed time-tenses: () film club: (2)

* * *


third dream

the name of the dream: beauty is in the sound of the listener

was walking along a wide path which went through a wooded area

the sounds of amor off to my left and out of sight drew my attention

as i listened the sounds took on a special quality which reverberated through me

i knew the i must know the woman who was producing those sounds

i waited for the couple to come out of the bush

they came out and i followed them to the end of the path

the couple split up and the woman went to the right and the man went to the left

i didn’t see her face but the colour of her hair was fixed in my memory

i thought i had lost her when the colour of her hair seperated her from everyone else

i began moving toward her and when i was about four metres away she turned around to speak to someone

she wasn’t anything like what i thought she would look like

in fact, to me she was unappealing

she must have qualities which a person would find very appealing but i knew she wasn’t for me

second dream

the name of the dream: the run

in a rural area running along a two-lane “a” road that twisted and turned, went up and down and only had short lengths of straights

there was no sensation of movement in my legs

the effort was in keeping the speed at a constant rate which would enable me to follow the line of the road at top speed while avoiding the sparse traffic and occasional push-bike

the distance covered in the dream was three, five or seven kilometres

the speed varied between thirty and seventy kilometres an hour with the average speed closer to sixty than fifty

notes 1

this dream was the result of thinking i may regain full mobility

the experience itself has to be a future time-tense and the low vividness rating suggests it is a long way into the future

notes 2

the longest run in any dream so far


vividness: 3.2


the category of the dream: running () road: ()

first dream

the name of the dream: kiss, touch and go

a girl likes the look of a boy and wants him to kiss her

if she likes the kiss she parts her legs and invites the boy to touch her

if the boy’s touch is more pleasurable than the kiss they arrange to continue enjoying each other

notes 1

this dream was shorter than usual for a pleasure-dream

it is thought this dream is a scheduled dream, i.e. a dream timed to occur now

it is from you-know-who to people in general and is meant to introduce the idea that pleasure can/should be organised

do i need to say the “touch” part of the dream was the most pleasurable part

notes 2

this dream is also tied in with the dream of 30052018 (scheduled for publication in about five weeks)

the connection between that dream and this one will be obvious

notes 3

it is to be my privilege, ladies, to show you what you will look like a few million years hence

none of the films produced about extraterrestrials even hints at the state of mind that accompanies evolving beings

it is an intense sense of well-being which produces physical characteristics which will blow your mind

the person to person contact this website had with three females of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings some years back was charged with a sexual connotation

their wondrous and appealing sense of well-being has a cheeky, very cheeky, fun-filled approach to sexuality

the three females who “dropped in” exuded this cheekiness

they left me lying on my back with my legs spread open with nothing covering my body

my sense of their frame of mind was “wait until we get our hands on you”

contemporary mammal man, you had better start adjusting your outlook to women

she has a lust for more life at least twice as great as yours

keeping abreast of her evolution is a non-stop endeavour of “catch-up”

more than being physically fit, a male has to have a “fit-for-purpose” outlook of life that compliments the character of females


vividness: 3.3


the category of the dream: pleasure without conjoinment: ()


the vividness of the dream indicates the degree of likeliness that the experience will occur in a future time-tense

participant means it is an experience you have had

an oberver is an event, experience, etc. you have witnessed

the category of the dream is for evaluation and reference

* * *

the name of the dream: comfortable

in a room about four by three metres

it was a home cinema set-up

the sscreen was about two metres wide and one ond one-third metres in height and was fixed at headhieght to the three-metre wall

the only light in the room was the light from the screen

there were’nt any chairs just bean-bags and cushions

the bean-bags were big enough for people to sit in and the cushions ranged in sizes from a metre square to a third of a metre square

it could accomodate fifteen people in comfort

most of the people were people already in the room and the film was about to start when i entered and went to my “reserved” position a metre or so from the back wall

“my” position allowed me to lie on my right side with a cushion behind my back and against the wall

there was a girl who had inadvertantly encroached into part “my space”

it meant that when i was lying down with my head propped in the viewing position her thigh was under my head

she didn’t like me using her leg as a cushion and kept moving her leg to get me to change my position

i was having none of it, i refused to budge from my well-established viewing position

another girl came into the room and laid down and positioned herself so that her head was level with my waist

she positioned her cushions in such a way that i had to lift my left leg up so there was no weight on it and when her ccushion was in place i became even more comfortable and to top it off she hooked her left arm under my right leg so that her hand was resting just above my knee

the girl who was originally unhappy with my position must have seen what the new arrival had done and realised that if anyone was going to change position it would have to be her

she compromised and put a cushion under my head

i said to her “that’s really comfortable”, she didn’t reply

it was perfect, i was so comfortable from head to feet i could feel myself going to sleep

the film would be starting any moment but hadn’t started when intro/end-credit music started playing

and was still playing when i was fully awake

here’s a nice little touch… i went to sleep while listening to a ninety-minute radio play

the music at the end of the play in awake-time coincided with the beginning of the film in dream-time !

it’s conceivable that in another time in another place the dream-time film that was about to start in this dream becomes a dream-within-a-dream category of dream in a future time and place

altogether now in the key of c major… scene by scene dream your dreams see past and future blend:
… (sung to the tune of merrily row your boat)
* * *

the name of the dream:

in unfamiliar territory and decided to catch a bus

a bus appeared over the brow of a hill seventy metres to my left

asked the bus condutor for a ticket to …. hill

he said he didn’t know where …. hill was (i knew the full name of in the dream but it has slipped from my memory as i’m tying this)

i said “surely you know if the bus stops at …. hill or not”

the conductor suggested i ask at the ticket office across the road

as i was going through the door of the ticket office i saw the bus pulling away
* * *

the name of the dream: pre-world war II housing estate

in the second scene of this dream i was walking through a district of a town that was built of dozens and dozens of streets of terraced houses

i had been there before but i couldn’t recognise the house from the front and had got used to walking along an unkept metre-wide path that seperated one row of houses from the next at the back of the houses

still, i wasn’t sure exactly which house it was but knew i was within four or five houses of it

then, the woman of the house appeared in the dream and we walked another couple of houses along the path to her house

there was a fairly steep path than ran from the gate to the back door of the house

we were inside the house in the next scene

there were three or four people in the room

it was the kitchen but it was where the family spent the day and it had a couple of lounge chairs

the home was bare of trimmings like pictures or ornaments and the dream must have been pre-t.v. because it didn’t have one

someone asked out loud if anyone had a cigarette paper

i got mine out and handed one to him

he said thanks

that he had to say thanks for a fag paper seemed wrong and i cetainly didn’t want him to ask again so i put the packet of cigarette papers on the shelf above the fire and said something like… “will leave them here”

the atmosphere in the room changed

they were a step below being hard but as is often the case with people who haven’t got anything they and didn’t want charity

i realised i had touched a raw nerve and diffused their feelings by saying “in fact from now on everbody puts their tobacco tins on the shelf and leaves the lid of the tin so anyone can help themselves whenever they want one”

they saw the humour in it and there were teeth-smiles all round

the category of the dream: poverty:() humour:()
vividness: 3.3
* * *
the name of the dream: maximum security

in a maximum security prison

there was no free association with other inmates

inevitably other long-term prisoners became trustees and delivered food which meant they could, and did, do small favours like getting a pencil or passing a message to another inmate which was highly forbidden

a corrupt turnkey would, for a price, smuggle out a letter or make a phone call

it all hinged on the prisoner not to reveal who the inmates and prison staff were if anything came to light

if a trustee was dicovered to have broken the rules then the much-prized ability to move around the prison with a fair amount of unsupervised freedom would be taken away and he would be re-categorised as a “tier 1” prisoner in and be in virtual isolation for many years after

if a prison guard was implicated then he would lose his job and the other prison guards would make sure the inmate suffered to breaking point

it was the tacit understanding that a breach of prison protocol automatically got the prisoner a bloody beating for incriminating a guard

i desperately wanted to send a letter and had got hold of a pen from a trustee

i hadn’t been careful enough and was caught with a partially written letter

a guard came into my cell and asked me who gave me the pen “i’m sorry sir, i can’t tell you that” i said and said the same thing when he asked me who i was going to give the letter to

the next and last scene of the dream was a view at a distance of about one hundred metres away of the ground-level prison with a red, smokey curtain-plume that looked like it was a liquid, (blood) rising from the entire area of the building

notes 1

this dream is the result of watching bouts of bloody boxing during the previous twenty-four hours


the category of the dream: prison dream () closed:

vividness: 3.7

participant for the first two scenes and observer for the last scene

* * *

the name of the dream:

this think-read dream starts… youtube urgently needs literary agents to assess submissions for the book of the month prizes… and continued… this months award for best programme goes to quick-draw

there were other sentences related to the above sentences but have kept to the most relevant info

notes 1

decided to check to make sure there wasn’t a programme called quick draw and wouldn’t you know it there was

not only was there a programme but it had been devised by google

don’t consciously remember seeing it at any time


there wasn’t a book of the month club offering prizes for literary achievements

the category of the film: think-read () youtube (2)

* * *


second dream:

the name of the dream:

this dream starts with the sound of a person wailing

there were four or five tortured sounds of varying lengths and each had a different pitch

the sounds varied between a scream of despair to a gutteral anger

somebody was in great pain and i had to investigate

following the sounds took me into a bedroom-sized room

there were three grown-up women standing and sitting and a young girl betweeen twelve and fourteen years of age

the young girl was stretched out on the floor with a pen in her hand and an a4 sized birthday card in front of her

the situation was the girl had recently been told that her sight would not be returning

the women were at a loss as how to console her and they thought that getting her to write personalised sentence thanking her closest half dozen friends for their help and loyalty might be therapuetic

each “thank you” was a “sign-off” in the girls mind; she could expect not to be in contact with them forever

the young girls mood changed and she stopped crying from the soul and became cynical

she didn’t think what she had written was legible and asked me to read what she written

some of the remarks on the card were readable, some weren’t

i suggested i write them and that she put her hand on mind and get the feel of the movement of pen

it then struck me that asking the girl to write thank you remarks was having the opposite effect of what was wanted

she needed hope

it would mean gathering information on her condition and wording the search questions in such a way as to touch upon vague prognosis’s and liberal evaluations

within a very short time the searches uncovered a treatment centre which was pursuing a novel line of research which held promise

the clinic was in switzerland…

notes 1

first dream

the name of the dream:

woke up into this dream in a bed in a hospital

it was a shared ward

no sooner was i out of a bed when a young lady asked me to hold onto the ends of a crumpled up eiderdown and help her fold it

when we had done that she asked me to help her make her bed

then she referred to something about her locker

i was aware straight away she wanted to be more than just friendly but the signs were it was going to be one of those arrangements where she would dangle the promise of x to get me to do anything and everything for her before it got to it and so i decided to put my foot down

i said “o.k. as long as you lift up the end of my mattress and rest your head the bottom of the bed”

she of course asked why

i said “it won’t you hurt as much when i sit on it” and then “what did your last one die of ?”

she was hurt and opened up up with her real feelings

“i was going to go into the bathroom with you and show you my body” she said sadly

i had read the situation wrong

asking me to do things was her way of getting me to talk and be friendly

she was a shy, man-hungry young woman

i back-tracked in double-quick time

i pressed the back of the fingers of one of my hands against the hair resting on the side of her face and said “it’s alright. i was only joking with you”

the scene changed and i was in another ward and looking out

there was another building visible about eighty metres away

it was another hospital like the one i was in and it was rotund and huge

it had to be at least fifteen storeys and fifty or more metres across

there was an oval, almost all-glass walkway of about fifty metres which connected the rotund building to an oblong building at about the fifth-floor

looking beyond the tall rotund building i could see there were more of the same buildings and they stretched away into the distance and dissapeared over the horizon

notes 1

as you should be aware this website asserts that every situation in a dream has its roots in reality

this dream is obviously future tense but what situation would call for a network of hopitals which could accomodate millions of people ?

there is only one thing that comes to mind…

* * *


the name of the dream: a rainy seaside would have been better

the family was all set to go on holiday

the family was two children and two adults

the children were full of anticipation of what was going to be a grand adventure

it was evening when we arrived at the destination

it wasn’t a hotel at the beach but a dull ordinary house that didn’t have an ounce of appeal

notes 1

how the dream went from being upbeat to dissapointment so quickly could reflect a similar mood-swing the dreamer had during the day

vividness first scene 3.7 – vividness second scene 3.2

* * *


the name of the dream: the art of pleasure: outlook

the unusual content of this dream was when our motions stopped and we spoke of things unrelated to what we were doing and how our resumption of movement after speaking complimented the emotions in the speech

at one of the pauses, for about five sentences and the longest of all the spoken parts of the dream, as she was talking i saw how she was feeling and got an insight into what it was she liked me doing most

she spoke quickly so as to finish speaking and continue and without realising it the way she positioned herslf ready to re-conjoin told me she saw me as being hers and a lifetime of pleasure was ahead

she liked the momentary talking but more than that it was when the whole of the body was steeped in the best of sensations that the purpose of a woman and man in union touched upon and became what was previously in the realm of the transcendental

for some men the most rewarding aspect of x is seeing the sense of well being it produces in your lover

notes 1

this dream lasted for about forty-five seconds of dream-time which translates to more than five minutes of awake-time

the longest x dream so far

if this trend continues awake-time experiences may well become to dream-time experiences what dream-time experiences are to awake-time experiences


the name of the dream: another drug-deal dream

found out that a friend of 30 years gone was back in town

got to where he lived and was in his flat in the next scene

there was two strips of carpet in the room which formed a cross

one of them was furled up in the middle and we grabbed the ends of the carpet and straightened it by pulling it

in the next scene another acquaintance made at about the same time was in the room with us and was whetting our appetite with the promise of a good grade of blow he could get hold of there and then

he went on to say that if we wanted he could some cocaine which was an even better “hit” than the hash

the person whose flat we were in was enthusiastic

in the next scene another person who i didn’t know was in the dream and wanted some ss well

we had to buy a minimum amount of eighty pounds worth

i had enough money my friend didn’t have any money, as usual, and the latest addition to the dream had sixteen pounds

the person who was getting the drugs didn’t think it was a good idea when i suggested i would pay for the taxi and all four of us could go together

the bloke who only had sixteen pounds wasn’t prepared to part with his money unless he could go along so i uggested i would cover his money

he was happy with that

i hadn’t seen the acquaintance for quite a few years and knew if the chips were down and he needed a fix wasn’t beyond diddling me out of my monaey and keeping me waiting before repaying me

i wasn’t prepared togive hime the money unless i could go with him but he explained it wasn’t possible

my answer was to give him twenty pounds and when he rutuened with the drugs i would give him the money to get the rest

he was umming and ahhing and i felt something wasn’t right

i began complaining… “all i want is a smoke”, “i’m happy with hash”, “it’s my favouite drug”, “i’ve tried all..”

was still complaining as i come out of the sleep

st-out and straightening the carpet

vividness 3.2/3

* * *


name of today’s entry: a bank holiday monday

at the computer

a lead article said it would be the hottest day of the year so i decided to head for the beach

at the coach station was informed that the coach stop i wanted was a hundred metres away

at the coach stop the notifications board told me it was the right stop but didn’t have the times of departures

a helpful woman said she would get a timetable from an information kiosk

the leaflet gave the times but not the departure point, the woman told me the coach i wanted was on the other side of the road

at another bus shelter on the other side of the road there was still no information about departure times

another helpful woman suggested i ask a bus driver

the coach driver i asked happened to be the driver of the bus i wanted and told me the bus would be leaving in two minutes from across the road

arrived at the seaside and bought some milk and chips

tried one of the chips and they were too hard

a hundred metres from the beach a woman was offering passer-byer’s sample chips

they were delicious so i bought some

the beach was choc-a-bloc with people so i settled for a patch of grass overlooking the beach

after a couple of hours i headed back home

at the coach station i had to walk the length of the station three times before finding the boarding point; it was set aside from the rest of the numbered departure points

the coach left the staion and a few stops along the route two young ladies were holding up the coach because they couldn’t use their credit cards to buy a ticket

the driver told them to get off the bus

i could see they were upset and i asked the driver to ask them if they wanted me to lend them the five pounds they needed

the girls were visibly relieved and promised to give me the money when we arrived at our destination where they could access an atm

when we arrived the first atm wasn’t dispensing money

the next nearest machine was fifty metres away

the girls got the money but as a ten pound note

we had to try four different places before we managed to get the ten-pound note changed

end of the…

notes 1

the above wasn’t a dream but a condensed account of what i done on this day

the actual dream for today was a three sentence think-read`dream

the sentences were long sentences, really long sentences

it was someones review of how great a book was

it was boring, boring, boring

it would take ages to write it into dreams diary and so it was decided to do something different

hope you didn’t mind

* * *


second dream

the name of the dream: reversal and ascendancy of traits

in the frst scene cc and i are heavily laden with shopping and fall through the door of a pub

inside the pub and before settling at a table i pick up a menu to see if it has food that i want

the pubs fayre was more than adequate but then the scene changes to a supermarket

i am on my way in and cc is on her way out

we have words and cc goes through the exit doors while i head into the supermarket

within a few steps i remember i owe her twenty quid and dash back out and see her loading her shopping into the back of a taxi

i opened my wallet and picked out one twenty pound note from others (the colours of the notes is stand-out part of the dream) and hand it to her

in the next scene we are seated facing each other on a bus

cc is wearing a lilac thick-thread button-up blouse and a dark purple skirt (the stand-out part of the dream)

i form the sentence “that outfit really suits you” but don’t speak it

notes 1

in awake-time i am the most able-bodied and she has the clearest mind

in this dream my mental processess are sixes and sevens while she is fully able and mentally in charge

notes 2

this is the fifth or sixth dream with cc in it

before categorising dreams there was a serial dream of her

the dreams being referred to are in the “lost one hundred” dreams which may yet surface


the stand-out part of the dream: the two-tone outfit

second dream

name of dream: should have been an x dream

in the company of a male in a room above ground floor in a house of bedsits

i leave the room, to go to the tolet i think

as i close the door behind me a girl opens her door to my left

her door is at a right angle to the door i’ve just closed with only five centimetres of wall seperating the two doors

merely being outside of the door places the person in front of the other persons door so now there is less than metre between us

it was one of those occasions, i’ve only had two or three of them in awake-time, when a sexual connection occurs is made at the moment of eye contact

like magnets, without thinking about, without willing it we were physically embracing

my hands were everywhere except in my pockets and likewise she was was exploring and responding

another friend of mine came calling and the first we knew of his presence was as he was squeezing passed us

i said to her “let’s go into your room”

the dream ended before she said anything

* * *


the name of dream: measured passion-unmeasured passion

for the first time in a dream i am an elderly person

there were three x scenes in this dream

two with young women and one with an elderly lady

i had not taken into account the effect energetic x would have on an elderly lady and she was not stable on her legs

the last scene of this part of the dream was of me going toward her as she was about to cross a road

notes 1

it will be another four, five, six or seven years before i get my strength back and vital physiological systems are at an acceptable level

between now and then it will have to be instructive-x (non procreative – see first dream and notes of 17052018)

notes 2

the opening scene of this dream was of me having to get out from under a large metal frame in a room of a house being demolished and being pushed into a crusher


the scene repeated three times although there was slight variation in one of the loops

the category of the dream/s: x dream (33) and looped-sequence dream: (2) confined space:(1)

vividness: varied between 3.3 to 3.8

notes 1

it will be another four, five, six or seven years before i get my strength back

between now and then it will have to be instructive-x (non procreative – see first dream and notes of 17052018)

see first dream 17052018

* * *


second dream

name of dream: beethovan’s class

a man is explaining or teaching a class of children (?) the story-line of a song

the song is laid out on a three-metre by one and a half metre blackboard with the words of the story written under the bars and there are four or five bars in each line of music and there are three or four or five lines

the narration/explanation is in three or four or five or six-word sentences and each sentence fits one bar of the music

the music may have been transposed from orchestral to non-orchestral instruments

at one point in the dream the teacher says “this is where/when/what beethovan…”

there was at least four sentences/bars of music that i can remember being explained in the dream although the words aren’t remembered

the tune didn’t stick in my memory either


while this entry was being composed it triggerd the memory of a film i watched umpteen years ago

two scenes of the film are clearly remembered

the one which has relevance to this dream was when beethovan was explaining to a colleague the story which accompanied the music while he was composing the muisc as it was playing in the film

something about a man going to the rescue or to join the love of his life

did all of beethovan compositions routinely have a story line ?


category of dream: music: classical: beethovan (1)

the vividness of the dream: 3.7/8

first dream

the name of the dream: intracies

all i can remember about this dream is that the theme was about intracy

* * *


name of dream: contrivence

this dream is in current time; time-tenses 4,5, and 6

circumstances are such that certain information pertaining to the recurrence of people is being kept back

organisations who thrive on secrecy know something is being held back and are using devious tactics to find out what it is

the latest attempt is to make out that the bit of knowledge they want and you need is getting to certain people of my choosing by coding it into file names of content which i post regularly

they hope that ordinary people will come up with incorrect interpretations which are relevant to their lives and that will put pressure put on me to affirm or deny what people have incorrectly construed

the aim is to get enough different plausible possibilities of what the information is and present the ones that are most alarming

in one scene, the latest favoured “decoding” showed a picture via the mainstream media of a file name that looked something like this “Lk0te-6” which became three sentences of a believability

the more outrages the interpretation the more likely people were to hold onto it

there’s nothing the controllers know how to do better than feed your fears

notes 1

this dream is the result of thinking during the day about an awake-time situation which is in fact causing the cessaton of the continuation of genetic lines

many people have been caught in this net because of an unenlightened understanding of the delicate, wispy nature and the solid concreteness of the substances love/life has to use to incorporate immortality into a our finite corporeal selves

if and when it does become public knowledge it should, if nothing else, bring about a more comprehensive insight and an appreciation of both the frailty and strength of the substances that we are comprised of and more than that, the incomprehensible determination of the lover to share with us a reality that she/he knows you want

* * *


third dream

name of dream:

indoors and anticipating a female visitor

the girl i am expecting (from dream 2nd dream 21052018 ) hadnt arrived when the woman from an awake-time relationship of a few years ago arrives with another woman

the woman from the awake-time relationship never once resisted my advances, in fact i’m fairly sure she thought i didn’t make advances often enough but she wasn’t the type to say something

more than conjoinment she got most pleasure when we were sitting and i cupped her breast in the most conveniant hand and softly pressed and squeezed while we were talking

not wanting to dissapoint her, the second her friend was not looking i felt her breast in the way she liked

she quickly pulled my hand down from her breast and said “not yet”

the next scene was a brief act of conjoinment between us

in the next and last scene the woman i had been expecting originally and the two other women were sitting at a table

the late-comer was not particularly happy i had other guests but i was slowly winning her round

i had let her know we would have the rest of the day together when the other two left

i was standing behind her with a notepad and pen in hand and was taking her order for a meal

i was giving an inventory of the food i had and suggesting ways of having it cooked and what to have with it

i suggested beef and said there was some mateus rose to go with it

the dream ended while taking the ladies orders

second dream

name of dream:

it was around 10 o’ clock in the evening and was heading out of town after being to the pictures

the time coincided with people who had been to one pub and were going to another one for their last drink

completely out of the blue i soiled my pants

i was about five minutes from home and it made more sense to head for home and not go to the nearest toilets to clean up

so i tucked my trousers into my socks and began running

looking ahead i could see a group of three lads

i recognised the gait and could see it carried a tipsy swagger

the least bit of confrontation would have spurred them into violence

they were spread across all of the pavement and i wouldn’t be able to pass by them without one or more of them moving to one side or walking onto the road which didn’t appeal to me

i considered scooping a handful of excreta out of my pants and if it did “kick off” i would smear it into their faces

however if it didn’t work as a shock tactic i would be in double-deep shit

they hadn’t seen me as far as i could tell so i stooped down behind a bush and they went past me without noticing me

a friend and a friend of his who i didn’t know very well appeared in the next scene

i said i had to get home quick and why

one of them said “cooksons might work” and “or you could…?”

and the dream ended

first dream

name of dream:

it was evening and i was in a urgent hurry

don’t know what the emergency is

the back of a white car catches my attention

a prolonged look tells me it is a “roller”

my opportunistic theiving instincts kick in and i decide to check it out

yep, the keys were in it

now the anxiousness is acompanied with wheeler-dealer options

i’ve never driven a roller but the ease of the power steering was so much better and easier than i thought and the punch of a five litre engine put it into dream territory

the problem with a car like that is you can be doing a hundred without feeling that you’re speeding

it was manual gearing and i soon discovered i only needed to use two of the gears

it wasn’t so much driving as flying on a flat

the acceleration and the braking power allowed manouvering that you wouldn’t get with another car

there were a couple of times when i made mistakes which would have caused a police car to chase after me but the instant pick up to a fast speed got me away from the scene

it made driving a joyous experience

there was one person i knew, an awake-time second-hand car dealer from thirty years ago, who might be interestd

i knew he had moved from the last place he lived but i went there on the off-chance the new residents would know where he had moved to, they did

i should have known a flashy car like that would draw attention and that’s what it did and that was the start of the problems

the people who were now living where my ex-buddy used to live were a family of about ten

two or three youngtsers came to the door to open it and when they saw the car they started making noises of disbelief and excitement and most of the rest of the family soon appeared

they knew where the person i was looking for lived, it was within a hundred meres of where we were

three or four of the family were at the new destination when i got there

i rang the door-bell

my contact was in and he gave a quick look at the car and invited me in

we went upstairs where three or four of his friends were playing cards at a big round table

i only wanted a quick give-away deal of a hundred pounds worth of “leb”

he told me to go back outside and he would be down in a jif

i went back outside and my anxiousness came back when i saw about twenty people milling around

the car had become the biggest thing in their lives

my one-time business mate re-appeared with two packets of soft, fresh leb

there was about three ounces in each packet (definately a past-tense dream)

in an effort to keep the gathered people on my siide i handed out one of the packets of leb which had been cut into about five or six strips

i gave about a quarter of a stick to each of the people who looked to be above a certain age and was happy with the way things had gone

then one person, who probably felt he should have been given more than he got said out loud “i know you you’re j*** ********”

his body language and the way he said it told me it was a threat

i said something like “if you mention me to anyone i’ll be coming to see you”

the dream ended about here and i was thinking as it ended that it had been a mistake to make threats

my anxiety was still lingering upon waking

notes 1

fairly sure the anxiety in this dream stems from thoughts about how to solve the problem of a certain country during the day

* * *


second dream

name of dream: fun, laughter and a hint of love in the jungle

the last scene in this multi-sequence dream…

in a jungle, probably africa, although it could be any jungle anywhere in the world

don’t know why we were in the jungle

we may have been boys/men doing a training course or adventuring

it could have been a terra-formed planet light years from here

we could have been in a holograph mock-up

it could have been just me hooked up to a mind-imaging machine

it could have been…

most likely it was the inter-undulationary memory matching the thoughts and sights and sounds into the pde’s

we didn’t have any weapons in the dream although there was the chance we could come up against a pack of oranguatans and would need them

as the physically weakest of the group and the one considered to have the best jugement i was elected to set the pace and lead the way

the seven or eight of us had just emerged from thickish’ brush

we were on the side of a hill that had a decline of about thirty degrees

i looked at my watch and it had just gone a quarter past nine (the face of the watch and the colours in general was the stand-out part of this dream)

i declared “we’ll make camp here” and then said to one of the group “you can get a fire going” (cooking the meals was my responsibilty)

of course, being the least macho of a group in a sitution where machoism was considered a virtue meant the others decided for themselves whether to take any notice of my commands

two or three of them did’nt

they unloaded their back-packs and went to one part of the decline where a path had been worn into the side of the hill or mountain or whatever it was we were on the side of and used something to sit on, it may have been big and thick green lily-leaves, and slid down through the bush and into a river about forty metres below

i watched them thouroughly enjoying themselves as they slid down the embankment and their big teeth-smiles as the crashed into the cooling water

i thought or said out loud “i’m going to have a go at doing that”

it was then i noticed three of the locals twenty or thirty metres to the left of where the men who had slid down the bank

there was one or two a girls/women amongst them…

notes 1

the contrast between my strength in the first dream today and this one

this is the second dream where the face of a watch has been the stand-out part of the dream


category of dream: looped-dream: train: (1)

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?

first dream

name of dream: too confident

the senations of lightness and unbounded strength accompanied all of the scenes of this dream

it felt as though i was untouchable

no person or situation could throw me off my stride

it wasn’t so much as walking on air but more being one with the air

two males tried to penetrate my sense of invunerability with physical challenges and they were dismissed without a thought with one quick punch

one male did get through, slightly

to give him more than one thought would have broken the magical spell of the sense of movement accompanying this dream which had about five scenes in it

notes 1

* * *


third dream dream

name of dream: the looped train journey

an asian man spoke to me

it made me realise he knew something important and i had to talk to him again

to find him meant having to catch the train he got on after speaking to me

the route the train took was a rural loop with only one point of boarding and one of alighting

i didn’t know the time of day he spoke to me initally so it meant staying on the train’s circular route for the entire day

one part of the journey replayed three or four times during the dream

it was of the track going off into the distance, the motions of the train and the sounds the train made as it gathered speed along a seven mile stretch of straight track

at a guess the train was travelling at two hundred kmh during that part of the journey

never saw the man though

notes 1


the category of the dream: looped-sequence dream: train:(1) – vividness: 3.5

second dream

name of dream: my first steady in a dream

the third dream with the same female

sitting on the end of a bed in a ward

i was leaning back on the bed supporting myself with my right elbow

the person whose bed i was lounging on was a friend or possibly a relative

i can’t recall if it was a woman or a man

i hadn’t spoken or done anything before one of the females working there came and joined us

i sat up and the person who i was visiting came and sat on the other side of the bed

the woman who had joined us put her arm around the person i was visiting and spoke encouragingly to her or him

in a natural manner my arm also went around the patient and now our three heads were more or less touching

the nurse/helper/care person changed her postion slightly which moved her body closer to mine

my response was to put my left arm around her shoulders so we could all talk quietly

as the words were being spoken they took on a rhytmn

the rhytmn caused the three of us to move slowly side to side along with the tempo in the rhytmn

then things started happening more quickly but it was still at a slow pace

the woman who had joined us pressed her breasts into me in a firm, and unmistakebly inviting way

both the person i was visiting and myself were still sitting

i was resting one of my legs on a bar of the frame at the end of the bed which meant my knee was jutting out

the nurse or carer rested her crotch on my knee and bearing in mind we are still moving side to side my instinct was to move my knee as purposefully as possible in synchronisation with her movement

doing that made the woman become more aroused and as she pressed more firmly into me i in turn placed my hand between her legs and even through her trousers could feel the softness of her genetalia

another woman who was visting someone else caught my eye and her offended look told me it was time to stop

the dream became externalised at this point and i could hear myself saying “we’ll have to meet” up and “we’ll arrange it”

i wont tell you what i done after i woke up


the quality of the dream: 3.8

the category of the dream: kissing and arousal ()

vividness: 3.7


first dream

name of dream: incompatible inmates

having a happy disposition and an effusive character in prison doesn’t go down well with other inmates who weren’t happy with their life before going to prison

this was the case in this dream

one of the alpha males was going to try and make me as unhappy as he was

there was no way i was going to get the better of him in a fair fight

i was wondering what to do when the dream ended

notes 1

if it strikes you as odd that this website has so many prison dreams read the dream of 01012017 for an explanation


the category of the dream: prison: open: ()

* * *


second dream

name of the dream: details of recurrence

please read the notes to get the significance of this dream

the dream…

there was a bit of a flap on

details vital to the recurrence of an individual which had hitherto not been recognised had come to light

the solution was to house a persons dna profile in a container that was the size and shape of a coconut

the coconut was to be buried in the ground along with the dna profiles of other people who shared similar genetic compatibilities

when people were born in the future with similar characteristics the genes could be mingled

it was quickly realised that in order for that to work it would mean there would have to be a minimum combinative/permutive gene base of thousands if not millions and billions and billions

still, it was within the scope of technology

one detail that had to be factored in was keeping the coconuts stored at the right temperature

another consideration which had merit was to bury the coconuts in a soil that had been sterilised

so now there was a soil and temperature environment required which would be safe for millennias and would need to be the size of a planet

but still, it was do-able and besides dinosaur man would have worked out all the details by now

notes 1

i woke from the dream not being able to reconcile why we would need to go to all the trouble of keeping a person’s gene in storage for millennias when nature had already got them stored in a persons genes and are passing them on through their children

and why on earth would we need to bury them in the ground ?

surely the best environment would be in an unbreakable jar on the mantlepiece in the living room where the “vibes” in the room would be akin to being in the womb

it wasn’t until i had been awake for ten minutes and replaying the dream that it became clear what the dream was about

it wasn’t about the genes of people but the seeds of food that most suited a persons physiology

peolple, we need to assimilate or recognise just how complicated it is going to be to tailor all of our needs to suit every individuals physiology through to transmutation

there are thousands of foods and millions of people

sure we have lots in common but equally we are all unique

in the milliards ahead there will be a fine-tuning of the foods best suited for each persons metabolism which may well need to be accurate to within molecules

and if you think that’s complicated wait until the compatabilities between people come in for scrutiny

in the brain there are billions of neurons with an as yet unestimated number of connections

the connections between the neurons of potential soul partners may well have to “fire” in synchronisation before the eternal link between them is established

don’t worry, it sounds, and is complicated but the route for each and every one of us is already mapped out

this dream is a reminder to keep us on our toes

we now know that it only takes a second for all of the painstakingly hard work he had to put in to count for nothing

first dream

name of the dream: the enraged bull

i am standing and looking at a bull which was in a double enclosure along with a dozen or so cows

the bull and myself are talking telepathically

he wants to know what he’s doing in the field with the cows

i tell him

he then asks me when they will be eaten

i say “soon”

the bull becomes homicidal and breaks through the first enclosure

i’m not unduly worried it was made of flimsy wood the outer enclosure was solid thick wood

this bull has got savvy

he goes to where the padlock is fastened through the gate

he charges for a few steps gives the gate an enraged head butt and breaks the chain and is about to go through the gap and come out of the enclosure and do to me what he had done to the gate

if i didn’t find a wall to climb over within seconds it would be me who would be dog meat

i was running or about to set off at a sprint when the dream stopped


name of the dream: just a dream

the oppotunity arose for me to realise my greatest ambition, to travel into space

it wasn’t a journey to the centre of the galaxy type space flight but a couple of hundred miles up, take some photos and have a supervised fiddle at the controls type affair

the excursion into space was part of an ongoing regular event to orient society to the idea of a lifestyle which may be part of our future

from the start of the dream to its end it was filled with petty down-to-earth squabbling, simple oversights and personal problems

there was only one scene in which the granduer of the vastness of space was prominent but the rest…

there were four of us, two women and two men, who were going through a “prepping” routine

we were deliberately squeezed into cramped conditions to get us used to the resrticted confines of where we would be spending most of our time while aboard the ship and the women weren’t happy about the fleshy parts of their bodies being routinely pressed against mens bodies

the next thing was one of the women changed her mind about going and there wasn’t time to replace her

the other woman was having qualms about being the only woman with two men

then there was a problem with me getting out of the ship when we returned

alighting from the ship meant having to crawl backward through a tight exit chute, hold onto a ledge at the end of the chute and drop about two metres to the ground

i tried it in practice and when it got to the part where i had to hold onto the ledge and balance my weight befor letting go and dropping to the ground i found i didn’t have the strength in my fingers and arms to keep hold of the ledge and i became gripped with panic as my fingers began slipping

the other male had his wits about him and got into a position below where the chute projected from the side of the craft and caught me as i fell

the elaborate solution was to engineer a hydrolic hinge which slowly swivelled through forty-five degrees ang give me time to adjust my balance

oddly enough it worked

it wasn’t until we got into space that the other women found out she didn’t have a head for heights

so before we had time to start exploring the environment we were thinking about the return

the view of the universe from outside of the atmosphere was mind-boggling though

will space habitation be filled with such mundane circumstances?

surely not, it was just a dream

* * *


second dream

name of the dream: after the dirty work comes the rewards

in the first dream i was in what appeared to be a care-home

clean, quite brightly lit with lots white and other shades of reflective colours

i had soiled my pants

i was too embarrased to tell anyone and was looking for somewhere to clean up

the wash-room didn’t have a sink big enough to wash the clothes in and besides it was too public

a woman was pressing me to come and join a group that was one of the highlights of the social day

“i’ve just got something to do and then i’ll be coming” i told her

the woman wanted to get to the group as quick as possible and left me

i eventually came across a shower and bathtub and began showering

the water coming out of the shower was alternating between too hot and cold every three or four seconds which meant there was a one to two second window when the water was at the right temperature

it took ages to get myself and the clothes acceptably clean

the scene ended there

the whole tone of the dream changed and for the next five scenes of this period of r.e.m. the dream sequences got better and better

first was when mohammed ali appeared on the landing outside of the room i was in and said “i want you to come to a celebration”

i asked him why me and he said “you’ll find out when you get there”

it was obvious that a surprise waited for me but i couldn’t think what it could be

the next scene had marvin hagler in it

he knew that something special was in store for me and said something along the lines of “see you in a bit”

in the next scene i was telling people of my invitation and the people i told hinted or asked me take them as a guest

i was experiencing a sense of elevation as the clamour around the requests to go with me grew

in the next scene i had just walked through the door of a popular pub in a city i used to live in

everybody who walked through the door got the once over but i was high on life and it was me who was giving them the once over

people turned their heads to their company or picked up their drink when i looked in their direction

that sort of thing didn’t happen in this pub

i was in a supremely confident mood and was gliding rather than walking

in the the next scene i was at home

i had just arrived after being away for a length of time sufficiently long enough for my return to cause a celebratory mood

one young lad led me upstairs and steered me into the bathroom

two people were already in there

he told them to give me a smoke of the hash

they apologised and said that there was only crumbs left, which there was

whatever it is that sets the tones of dreams it wasn’t going to let a simple thing like someone not having hash change the mood

i said something along the lines of “looks like i got back just in time” and produced a lump big enough to keep us going for the night

the mood of the dream vaulted to a new high, in both senses, it was top grade gear, and the party mood grew

in the next scene i am at home and alone when callers arrive

it is a young couple with two children

both children are toddlers and both are girls

the mother and the youngest of the two girls come through the door last

i looked beyond them to see if there was anybody else and the woman or the man said “it’s just the two of us”

the youngest of the two girls was a wide-eyed seeing-things-for-the-first-time child and i could see she was ripe for my brand of seduction

i lifted the pitch of my voice to squeeky level pointed at her while looking at her said something like “i thought you said there were only two of you. there’s someone else here”

i held out my hand to her and said “c’mon”

she automatically held out her hand and let me lead her

she was mine

first dream

name of the dream: potentially dangerous

it was nighttime and i had hitched a ride with the two-times world’s strongest man geoff capes

he never initiated any talk and when i said knew who he was it didn’t get more than a nod of his head

i wouldn’t have spoke at all if it wasn’t for the fact he was driving like a bat out of hell and i thought that if he started to talk he would slow down

i tried again to get him into a conversation by asking him if he thought the comararderie between competitors had changed over the years

i said “there used to be a friendly ribbing between the sportsmen and that made the competion more enjoyable.”

he agreed with that and made a two-sentence reply

it worked and he did slow down very slightly for a few seconds but then picked up speed again

as mentioned, it was nighttime and the lights of the car didn’t pick out any detail in the road beyond forty or fifty metres

at the speed we were going that just wasn’t enough distance to make an emergency stop

we were going well over a ton

the thought crossed my mind that i would get hurt if the car did crash and then immediately amended the thought

hurt, who am i kidding, i wouldn’t survive a crash at the speed we were going

the dream ended just then

* * *


second dream

use 20042018 entry for pleasure entry… name of the dream: accuracies

the main theme of this dream was measurements

the most vivid scene was a marksman who had a hand-gun that looked like a flare-gun

the barrel of the gun was about five centimetres in diameter

the marksman rested his firing arm on his folded left arm and aimed at a length of a tube the same diameter as the barrel of the gun which a man five metres away was holding out at arms length

the projectile or bullet was about ten centimetres long and the same width as the tube the man standing five metres away was holding

the projectile could be seen in flight just before it entered the tube

very impressive

a similar exhibition of accuracy was of an object being dropped from a height of about twenty metres into a container

there was no leeway in where the object to be dropped could land

it had to be, and was, accurate to within a centimetre

in another scene there was a woman behind a glass kiosk cum office who was being short with her words which were being delivered with a sneer because i didn’t know what everybody except me knew, namely… there was only one way a person could apply an estimate of food over money

there was a scene involving a rabbit but i don’t remember the reason it was the object of the dream

first dream

name of the dream: the art of pleasure

this dream is future tense

dreams diary has reached the stage when visualisations accompany all the dreams

there is still some way to go before the accompanying visualisations are wholly accurate but a dreams diary in this time which doesn’t give a fair visual representation of the dream just doesn’t get viewed

my own outlook is simple… women lead the way in the experiencing of pleasure and men don’t achieve an increase of their experience’s before learning how to generate greater feelings in the females

for the female the act of conjoinment has the added pleasure of the accompanying sensations that only women know… the feeling of accompishment of being able to produce more life in concrete form

in this dream i have a three or four bedroom set-up

it is my pleasure to instruct women how to show men to produce the greatest pleasure for a woman without conjoinment

my “set-up” is geared for introducing this approach into our lifestyle

very early one morning i can hear one of the lasses moaning in pleasure as she is practising on herself while watching the latest pleasure-dream video showing what a male should be doing to bring out the maximum feelings in her

it causes me to become aroused and i decide to make a video of myself masturbating to the sounds of a female masturbating

notes 1

the art of pleasure (new page)

notes 1

this is not an act of indulgence, it is because a minimum level of a feeling of well-being is necessary to embark on straight line action (it is the case that few if any have gained an insight of the totally overwhelming sensations the mind is exposed to as the concept of endlessness becomes a reality. take my word for it people, it will cause you to balk)

acclimatising ourselves to pleasure is something which has to be viewed in a purposeful way

both sexes have, in my experience, yet to learn how to produce large volumes of prolonged pleasure in the opposite sex without conjoinment

new page


pleasure, which comes from the brain/pituitary gland, is put into three categories


pituitary pleasure


the pleasure of x


the pleasure of laughter/smiling


pituitary pleasure

pituitary pleasure is considered to be the superior form of pleasure

when a persons is in a certain frame of mind (propitious/magnanimous) the pituitary gland puts chemicals (details link here) into the brain and it produces exactly the same the same feeling as ejaculation

the writer has experienced this twice

it doesn’t leave you feeling drained and it can occur seconds later and seconds later after after the first time and seconds…

the quality of the deeds which accompany the feeling become enhanced

for reference and incorporating into the pleasure page… https://endic.at/T/THE/THE%20N/THE%20NERV/THE%20NERVOUS%20S/THE%20NERVOUS%20SYSTE/THE%20NERVOUS%20SYSTEM/the%20nervous%20system.html

x pleasure (details… https://www.quora.com/What-happens-in-the-brain-and-body-leading-up-to-orgasm ) also relies

laughter/smiling pleasure

* * *


fourth dream

name of the dream: the baffled patient

being tended to by a nurse in a cubicle in a hospital

was wondering why i was being given the “once-over”

the nurse who was a mind-reader tapped the side of a see-through tube with a mouth-piece at one end that gave the tube the look of a snorkel

“we’re putting a hole in this” she said

was trying to figure out what she meant as the dream ended

was trying to figure out what she meant when i became fully awake

still trying to figure it out twenty minutes later

third dream

name of the dream: the selectee’s

six people had been selected

what we had been selected for wasn’t known

we each had our own self-contained accomodation

the accomodation was already furnished

i had been there for a while and had familiarised myself with the mod-cons in the living room and was opening and closing drawers and cuboards to see what they had in them

in one compartment, in a thigh-high, half-metre wide cupboard was a large, stiff, brown envelope

the envelope had pictures and a concise description of the skills and interest’s and other bits of information of the other people who had been selected

after looking at them for a while i picked up the old-fashioned style phone connected to a screen half the size of a laptop that was within arms reach and dialled the number of one of the women selectee’s

i was looking at her on the screen and said to her “i think i know what we’ve been selected for”

in the next scene the two of us were in my living room and i was telling her what i thought was going on

“we’ve been selected because we have a broad range of abilities. between us we have technical, cooking, writing, inventive, artistic, social, organisational, manual and other traits necessary to be self-sufficient.”

there was more converstion for half a minute or more and then the woman left me

i was thinking of what changes to make to the accomodation when the dream ended and for a little while into awake-time

second dream

name of the dream: reprobative behaviour

in prison

a typically claustrophobic prison environment; low light, sparse, dingy…

it was my first day

it was evening before my processing had finished

a tolerent and talkative turnkey showed me to my cell

it was a three or four bed cramped cell and he was talking to me while i oriented myself

i needed to go to the toilet and he told me it was just to the right outside of the cell

i walked out of the door and without thinking closed the door behind me

it wasn’t until i went back to the cell that i realised what i had done

didn’t feel the need to tell him that i was going to get someone to open the door and went straight to where there would be another member of the staff

in the next scene another prison guard had opened the door and i went through it first

to the left of the door and hard up against both the wall the door was built into and the left wall was the first bed

the white of the sheets caught my eye and i looked down and had surprised two men under the sheets and naked with one lying on top of the other

the man on top jumped out of his position at high speed and went to the furthest point away from the door

the repurcussions were going to be scandalous

the dream ended

the category of the dream: prison: closed ()

notes 1

first dream

name of the dream:

fairly sure that there was more at the beginning of this dream than what is remembered

it starts on a football pitch

the game is between nottingham forest and another team which isn’t identified in the dream

the play of the ball is at the bottom-right corner of the field around the corner flag

one of the players deliberately puts the ball out of play to gain the advantage of a goal kick

the referee cites the player for unsportsmanly gamesmanship and the offending team is deducted a point

the loss of a point takes the team from being one point ahead in the championship race to being level-pegging’s

the team isn’t too perturbed although there is a drop in the feeling of the players and their supporters that winning the championship was no longer a sure thing

the game part of the dream ends there and in the next scene in the dream i go from being an observer to a participant

i’m filling in the details on a computer of what size of shorts i have been using and what size i require for the next dozen or so games

while filling in the form i realise it’s possible to keep the ones i used and get a new pair without having to hand back the ones i have

it was my chance to amass dozens of pairs of shorts and hand them out as gifts or raffle prizes or make a few bob from selling them

to accrue lots of pairs of shorts it meant changing the dates the shorts had been used and also different sizes for each different date and changing the dates meant back-dating so as to double-up on the number of shorts i could claim for

i would have to do it several dozens times

then for the first time in a dream the obstacle of clicking the pointer of the computer on a box on the screen became possible

this was the longest part of the dream and it required more concentration over a longer period of time in a dream than i have ever been able to muster before

i managed to keep my concentration focused on what i was doing (bear in mind that there were figures to remember and what boxes the numbers would have to go into) for at least twelve to fifteen different scenes on the computer screen

this was in the epic dream category

i doubt if i could have done it in awake-time !

definately a break-through in the application of applied concentration in a dream !

it must have triggered something in the id because the next part of this dream was great fun

i’m on a train and a carriage with less than a dozen people in it

my mood is such that no matter who i talk to it causes them to smile

all i want to do is make people happy and feel good and it came easy

the highlight of this part of the dream was when i asked a girl if she would like me to sit in the seat in the opposite side of the carriage to and one row in front so we could talk without me having to raise my voice

the girl was up for fun but nothing else and she quipped something about my hair soiling the white cover on the head rest and spoiling her view if she wanted to look to her left

in another scene the train was entering a station and as is the case with a largish station there were several sets of rail tracks which crossed and melded with other tracks

as the train was slowing, it was about a kilometre or so from the station itself, a line of about fifteen faces attached to bodies were standing on a moving platform without sides

it slowly caught up with the train i was in and then kept abreast of us for a few seconds and then started receeding

amongst the line of people on the sideless moving platform was a cheeky looking young girl looked who like she deserved to be out-cheeked so i stuck my tongue out her

the scene changed again to me standing on a platform and asking a member of the rail staff what platform and time my train was due

i made a mental note of what he said and decided to double check what he said with another member of the rail staff when i got to the platform

category of dream: epic dream ()

* * *


third dream

name of the dream:

another hash dream only this time i had it in my hand and was looking at it

the person who had just given it to me was an awake-time friend from eight years ago and he knew i would smoke all of it with him

he showed me a gold dress-watch and said “i found it on the counter”

he showed it to me for a couple of reasons… he wanted to know if it was valuable and he would know from my response and if it was worth anything or not

he would either be bunging it a drawer when he got home or would be spending the night down the pub for the next week or two

the watch was had a square body and it was one of those watches which was either going to be worth a lot of money or something you could use as a christmas-stocking filler

it had a two-line inscription below the twelve o’ clock position and another above the six o’ clock position

the words were difficult to make out and for half the dream i was looking at it from one angle and then another and then another trying to catch the writing in the right light and make it readable

i was absolutely fabbergasted when i did make sense of the writing

it read “presented to endic.at for services rendered by …?” and the botmom read “a unique design by …? ….? ” and the date and place of the manufacturer”

it was much too elaborate a hoax for my friend to have put together and who was now asking me if it was worth anything and hopefully anticipating i would pronounce its worth in his favour

i was absorbed in thought and didn’t answer him

second dream

name of the dream: in a hurry for hash

in prison in a narrow hallway where there was a lot of activity

the reason for the bustle was it was the prison’s equivalent of the “happy hour”

the leading wheeler-dealer had got a new batch of hash and the buzz was he was doing good deals

didn’t have anything to strike a deal with myself but there was someone i knew who had resources and was always ready to get high and would definately want some which in turn meant i would get some

i told the person selling the “gear” to wait where he was for a minute to give me the time to get something he would accept in exchange for the hash; in this case it was baccy

i dashed to his usual haunts but couldn’t find him

the person waiting for mr wouldn’t wait for as long as i needed to find the person i was looking for so i nipped back to where i left him and said it was going to take longer than i thought to get the baccy

as a seasoned wheeler-dealer myself i knew from the look on the face of the person i wanted to buy off that he had decided that i was not going to deliver my end of the bargain there and then and quite possibly i might ask him to give it to me and i would “square-up” with him later; an agreement that nearly always results in the person doing the collecting chasing the owed-amount for days

the dream faded out here

first dream

name of the dream: future tense website hosting

the dream was in think-read form

reading comments of the most recent entry that had been uploaded to my website

the comments were of the three to seven word type and there were six or seven of them

they were neatly laid out in coloured boxes in a line

one of them read… “i’m innit too”

decided to respond to the comment and the rest of the dream was me trying to access the reply-to-comments feature

managed to access one of the replies but, as is usual with my dreams, wasn’t able to physically generate letters using the keyboard and type a reply

was between states of consciousness and was forming the question “has one.com got any plans to incorporate a message box into the website ?” as i woke


time-tense: future time-tenses

th category of the dream: think-read ()

* * *


name of the dream: the powered buggie and the hole in the road dream

had a power-chair (mobility scooter)

its top speed on the flat was around twenty kmh

the buggie slowed noticeable on up-gradients and sped up to about thirty kmh going down

the first scene of this mega-scened dream has me troddling along at about top speed on a flat road

there’s next-to-no traffic in this or any of the scenes

another scene is in the centre of a city

there is a two to three metre deep and two metre wide rectangular hole in the ground which has clearly been made with a mechanical digger and stretches from one side of the road to the other; the width of the road is the better part of twenty meteres

i lay boards across all of the hole to enable me to drive the wheelie across

as i drive the vehicle over the boards they give significantly and i realise that the boards would break if a heavier vehicle were to try to go over them

on cue a car appears thirty or forty metres away heading towards where i am

i run towards it and stand in the middle of the road with my arm out in front of me in an unmistakable “stop” gesture so the car has no option but to stop

i tell the driver there are road works ahead and he shouldn’t try to go across the boards as they aren’t able to bear the weight of the car

the problem was i had made such a neat job of laying the boards down it looked like they had been put there as a temporary measure by the firm which was doing the road works

the driver of the car thought i was being overly dramatic, as some people do in such situations, and dismissed my warning and drove away

i watched as the car moved onto the boards fully expecting them to break and having to call the emergency services but to my surprise the boards did give a lot more than when my wheelie crossed over them but didn’t break under the weight of the car

in another scene i was talking to a policeman and making out that i had witnessed the incident involving the mobility chair and the hole in the road and not been part of it and asking him who would be liable if the car had broken the boards and crashed

as i was relating the circumstances i slipped up in my account of the story and blurted out that i had only just acquired the power-chair

as mentioned, there were scenes coming and going at a speed in this dream

the details given are of the stand-out scenes of the dream


cause of the dream: thinking about using a mobility scooter to move the p.a. equipment for the gig mentioned in the first dream of 12052018

* * *


second dream

name of the dream: too popular

an awake-time ex-girlfriend from seven years ago turned up out of the blue

i had some ace hash and was only too eager to impress her

she appreciated the “hit” and praised its qualities more than once

in the next scene we were “getting in to each other”, although i must admit i was more enthusisatic about getting back together than she was

the last time i saw her she was a little overweight and it gave her face a “heavy” look

in this dream she had transformed

she hag a classy two-sided hair-style, had lost weight and her face was a picture of health

i commented “you look really well”

in the next scene i was answering the door to a youngish man

had never seen him before and he asked me if he could buy some hash

before i had time to tell him no the scene had changed and now there were three young men

the closest to me started to make his way through the door

i stretched out my arm and placed my hand oh his chest and kept him back

he became more determined and now i was having to use the weight of my body to stop him moving forward

the two people either side and behind him began to move forward as well

the scene changed again and now there were five young men; the pushing and shoving had stopped

i said something like “there’s too many of you” and this part of the dream ended

the next part of the dream was the same house

now there was an awake-time neighbour looking through the letter-box

it was a friendly face

we exchanged one or two sentences through the letter box

that’s all i can remember of this dream

the stand-out parts of the dream: the girls complexion and the pressure of the young man pushing against my hand

notes 1

for the second time the writer is going to explain where you-know-who stands in relation to thc

on two occasions when the mental state known popularly as “a whitey” (google def for whitey) occurred when i was smoking hash her/he chimed in

the first time the words were “no more blow” and tone of the sentence was unequivical

the second time was “remember this time”

feeling as though i should be allowed to decide for myself i continued smoking it for some years after you-know-who had made her/his thoughts known

i pressed the point on one occasion “is it ok to smoke it once in a while ?”

that question got a reluctant “i suppose so” from the tone i could tell he was dissapointed

then a year or two later “is it alright to smoke it once a year ?” that question went unanswered

lastly i asked “is it ok to eat it once a year” and to my surprise she/he gave her/his approval

the tone of the words carried the feeling of a happy compromise

so that’s it people

once a year

i haven’t yet met with a disapproval for the idea of a week-end of non-stop dancing using hash cakes and/or hash soups for sustenance

there will be a thc to food/drink optimum ratio which should be averaged out as standard

in the course of evolution it will become known whether that amount is prohibitive or condusive to attaining of transmutation

friday night to sunday night of being high for one one-one hundredth and an eighty-fourth of a year !


first dream

name of the dream: freeze frame, looped sound

this dream took place in the current location

there were three of us, all males

we were standing in and around the doorway that linked the living room to the hallway

one of the others had rolled a really neat joint

it was the length of a hand and about as thick as a biro

then, the motion in the dream stopped

i was waiting for him to light it

he didn’t light it

both of them stood there motionless

i thought they were playing a joke on me

knowing i would be waiting to have a smoke of it myself i would get impatient and say something

they played there parts well and i did say something

but still they didn’t move

i thought “i’ll turn the tables on them”

so i whipped the joint out of his mouth of the and put it in mine

still they didn’t move

i thought “i know how to get them to move. i’ll light it and start smoking it myself”

i would have breached the etiquette of “the roller gets first dibs” that exists amongst tokers and would have a laugh on them

they will soon stop playing then i thought

i never lit it because now, after several seconds, they were still stock still and i realised something strange was happening

as more seconds passed i wanted someone else to see what i was seeing so i went to the front door and opened it

for the first few fleeting moments after opening the door the postman, who wasn’t delivering anything to me, was moving but then he too went into freeze-frame

before any other thoughts went through my head the sound of a dog bark entered the dream

it was a low, gruff/growl type of bark

it wasn’t until the sixth or seventh bark that i realised it was the same bark which was repeating and, to complete the weirdness of the dream, it was only in my left ear

category of dream: freeze-frame (2)

notes 1

this is the second stop-motion dream

this one has the added feature of sound

* * *


first dream

both dreams about p.a.’s

the first one was my attempt to win the contract to host an event at what looked like the stands at a race-horse track although what i could see of it was curved

gave an assessment of equipment required and costs

that was it for this dream

the second dream was about what type of music to play at a week-end festival and who to get to help me

the last scene of this dream was some people asking me if i knew where such and such a place was

i did and as it happened, it was where i was headed

it occured to me to suggest that i could take them to it and save me having to walk but the dream ended

cause of the dream: a local free paper through the letter-box which listed up-coming events for the summer

the emphasis of the first three pages were on out-door music events

* * *


second sleep

name of the dream: the girl in hospital or in care

became acquainted with a girl in hospital

she seemed alright to me but was being supervised

there was a kinship between us and i wanted to help her get out of hospital

i ran up against a brick wall in the form of the hospital’s administration

it didn’t want to know about any suggestions i made

they knew what was best for her

which was frustrating because i knew what was best for her as well

i would have to see her as an out-patient

name of the dream: dream of a memory (?)

second sleep, first dream

the same people as in the first sleep

we were talking about this, that and the other

that was it

this dream was about as uneventful as they get

first sleep

name of the dream: reluctant x

there were three of us in this dream; two males and a female

the male was an awake-time friends from years gone by

the friendship with the male, alan, in at least two other dreams, began sixty-plus years ago and lasted for twenty years

the three of us were in a reclining position and loosely clothed

the girl held my hand and then kissed it

she obviously wanted to become intimate

i felt awkward and held back because she was alan’s girl

the girl said “for goodness sake” and took the initiative

we conjoined and i was glad we did; it was nice

* * *


name of the dream: the weekly report (withold for use)

somebody asked me if i would do their weekly report which would detail what they considered to be the the most important or significant hour of the previous week

the report was something everybody done

the record should be in written form although a spoken record was acceptable

it didn’t matter what the substance of the report/record was just as long as the person was in the habit of making it routinely

the person who asked me to do it for them hadn’t forgot to do it but intended to ask someone when there was no time left to do it and someone like myself who took the weekly report as being civic duty/responsibility would

it meant i would have to submit an hour of my life as his

if the report was reviewed by someone and the person who read it thought it should be highlighted for general dscussion then it would come to light that the review wasn’t by the person named on the report and two people and not just one person would be seen in a poor light

i was giving the person who asked me to do it earache for not doing it himself when the dream came to an end

notes 1

this dream may well have considerable constructive value

thousands of millions of people submitting the most significant hour the week

new thoughts and feelings

the report might only take ten seconds to read or listen to

or it could take an entire day

with the internet at our disposal it is easy to imagine some reports containing insights or information which could reshape our outlook/values or way of living overnight

* * *


name of dream: broken dream

the chime of my door-bell is loud

was smack-bang in the middle of a vivid dream when a man delivering goods rang the door-bell

the dream was still running for three or four seconds after getting to my feet

i was completely disoriented for those few seconds

it was a mix of the two conscious states

it could be likened to being slapped across the face while relaxed

i felt as though i had been assaulted

whatever the content of the dream was it was broken into pieces

when i tried to recall the dream it went from the memory completely

it was though something had been damaged beyond repair and trying to fix it was like trying to re-assemble a stack of snowflakes in a warm room; the effort of trying to do something made it less likely it could be done

note 1

perhaps an essential feature of dreams is that for the dream to serve its purpose it has to be experienced in full

notes 2

two days in a row that the dreams have not been accessible !

* * *


name of dream: seating arrangements

this the most vague dream for more than a month

lay awake trying to recall it for half an hour

it was something to do with being advised not to exert too great a mental effort

i ended up in a cinema with a girl who was sitting in my seat

there was a compromise as to who should sit where

i wanted to get to know her but it didn’t happen

* * *


name of dream

my wife was unwell and it was causing complications with her second pregnancy and she was on her way to receive specialised help

the dream starts on a train with two female escorts and self in a train carriage of a train used exclusively by the hospital, my wife and a third female escort are in the adjoining carriage but neither my wife or the third escort feature in this dream

i had just received news by mobile phone

the news was crucial information about our first child which could affect the mental state of the mother which in turn could/would boost her physical state

the entire dream revolved around me trying to explain to the two escorts that my wife’s mental/physical state would change for the better if she had the news

the escorts argued that the condition of the mother was finely balanced and i was refused permission to speak to her at all

the escorts were adamant that whatever it was that i had to say would have to be relayed to her by them

i was equally determined to pass on the information myself as it concerned circumstances which was only known to my wife and me and i would be able to inject subtleties of tone and meaning at certain points

the women were wearing their “our word is final” hats and either wouldn’t or couldn’t see my point

i tried two three different ways of presenting my point of view and finally decided that the only way i could get access to my wife was to wait until we got to hospital

even then i might have the same problem

the only thing i could think of was to get legal representation

before making the call i prepared my point of view as briefly as possible

each time i had formed a one or two sentence presentation of my rationale a counter-argument formed in my head

my reasoning was sound but it wasn’t more valid than the opposing reasoning

that happened three or four more times and was still happening as i came out of the sleep

notes 1

the overriding tone of the pde’s were positive, more so than usual (my ref. take-over), so am not looking for an answer in the pde’s for the feelings of frustration in this dream

it’s possible to take the view that there was one particular, fleeting, moment of the previous day which formed the content of the dream but this website holds the view that the reason we have dreams, and more imortantly, remember our dreams, is so we can evaluate them and continue to do that which brings about dreams we find desirable and identify and remove from the pde’s those experiences which produce dreams we find undesirable

it is easy to recall momentary sights being featured in a dream but momentary sights/thoughts/emotionss… aren’t usually remembered as being the cause of the theme of a dream

this website holds the view that unless the content of the dream can be assigned to particular sights/movements/thoughts/emotions… that occurred the day before the dream then the content of the dream has to be assigned to something other than the pde’s

we have to consider the possibility that, like precognitive dreams, a proportion of dreams are timed to happen

this is a mechanistic interpretation which is moderated by love/lifes ability to act out of accordance with inanimate reality (see axiom 3)

* * *


name of dream:

this dream was either in london or amsterdam

a person said he would introduce me to someone who would supply me with hash

when we got to the house there were two people there

the chap who was going to supply me had an extremely interesting personna about him

he whad light-brown skin, slightly portly, a deep smooth voice, an engaging personality and was totally at ease

his relaxed manner could be a characteristic borne of years of being “laid back” but it struck me as being a natural trait

he was only too prepared to give me what i wanted on a regular basis

i bought it there and then, smoked some with him and was walking away from his flat on a double high in the last scene


the stand-out part of the dream: the suppliers personality

* * *


fourth dream

name of dream: frog-being

same location as third dream

am walking along when a sound catches my attention

looking at where the sound come from didn’t show anything

a second time the sound was louder but still nothing which looked like it could have made the sound

by now i was standing still so i could zero in on where the sound was coming from

when it sounded again i located the position of the sound but still nothing which told me where to look

the fourth time the sound occurred a slight bit of movement was visible from where the sound was

i moved closer and could now see the movement of the breathing of the animal

it was a light shade of deep green, half the the size of a golf ball and its eyes were visible

if i had to describe it in one word i would say it was a frog

but when i picked it up it obviously wasn’t your typical frog

first off, it was closer to being round than any other shape

it didn’t have anything that looked like legs

where it limbs should have been there was small bits of flesh that didn’t look like they could move it or support it

when it made another sound i picked it up

as i was looking at it its mouth opened and a sound with two syllables came out

it was trying to say something !

whatever the meaning of the sound was it didn’t convey anything to me

two more times the frog-thing made noises and still absolutely nothing suggested itself

then, completely out of the blue and out of character with its demure posture gave out a shout-scream which lasted, like the other sound-dream a few days ago, for a full two seconds and the sound had bass resonance which filled my head not leaving room for anything other than the sound it made to exist between my ears

but, the thing was, the sound was completely recognisable as a sound only a human being could make

i realised immeditely this animal, if that’s what it was, had intelligence

i was looking at it focused and ready to really try to understand what is what trying to get me to understand

twice more it made the captivating human sound

each time the characteristic of the human quality of the sound became more pronounced

it would be possible to understand what it was trying to say eventually but it would take dozens and dozens of attempts

the frog-like being, i would swear to, could read my mind and jumped out of my hand

i picked it up, it made the mesmerising sound again and then jumped out of my hand again

i wasn’t ready for it, yet

notes 1

if this dream is leading to where i think it may be leading to then the frog-being should feature in another dream

notes 2

this is the second dream within this week where the sound of the dream was the stand-out part of the dream

and both times the sound reverberated through my being

third dream

mentioned the frog to the man in this dream at the start of this dream

he was familiar with it and knew the name of the species and laughed slightly when he mentioned it

the man i was with worked for a financial trading company

i was with him because i had spoken to him on the phone and he had told me drop in and see him and he could explain what is was i didn’t understand in a couple of minutes

he was really friendly

i think he gave me some text to read or it was as he was explaining what it was that i didn’t understand which caused the image-dreaming to become me a think-read dream

the think-reading became simple to put together

it became so easy it was possible to anticipate the text six. seven or eight words ahead of the last word formed

basically it was two or three sentences that explained the grey-graph areas and marker positions which indicated, according to where the markers combined and became brighter or fainter shades of red and green, if it was a safe-buy with a good probability of making a profit or if it was a less than probable likelihood of success or if it was a possible or probable loss by looking at the the markers and lines on the screen

two or three times as i was reading the explanation the description of the marker-graph became an image

category of dream: think-read dream with images (1)

notes 1

the think-reading in this think-dream was as easy to read as the writing of any new or unfamiliar text that had graphic descriptions in it

can it be presumed that think-read dreams which contain pictorial descriptions will as a matter of course automatcally produce images as the description of the images in the text are read ?

notes 2

another thing… as the images in the text were being formed there was a noticeable shift from the dream-conscious to awake-conscious

the merging of consciousnesses continues at a pace

second dream

name of dream: jumper

twilight time in coventry located where the odeon cinema is or was (you can google-earth it)

was in a sky-high mood and was jumping as i was walking

the jumps weren’t hop, skip and a jump type of jumps, the jumps put real distance between the ground and my feet

no one else was doing it so i presume the gravity-defying heights of most of the jumps were part of my mood or perhaps latent abilities coming through

no one was startled on the contrary people were enjoying watching the display and their broad teeth-smiles encouraged me to do more of the same

an african male who looked to be in his early twenties started to speaking to me so i stopped jumping

we spoke for a few sentences and he said we should go back to his place

i was in too good a mood to dissapoint anyone so i agreed

within a few steps he had clasped my right arm between his left arm and torso and had a firm grip of my right hand with his left hand and when i tried to jump he used his right hand as well which stopped me from being able to jump but i could still skip

he didn’t seem to mind the skipping but his vice-like hold on me told me he had become possessive

a possesiveness which became more and more accentuated through his tone of voice and it gradually dawned on me he intended to keep me as a pet, or even worse, a slave

it wasn’t going to be hard to break free of his grip and i was weighing up whether to give him a hard or soft jolt back to reality when the dream ended

notes 1

every ethnicity has a proportion of devolving beings

it’s too early in evolution to say whether any one of the ethnicity’s has a greater or lesser number of one than another or if there is an almost exact balance, so don’t let your prejudices sway your opinion

first dream

name of dream: first day of business

had finally put together an awake-time pet project

if it was the success it could be there would be the scope for huge expansion which could easily end up employing ten’s of thousands of people

a team of ten or twelve of us were checking every aspect of what was to be the first day of business the following day

we were all wearing the clothes we would be wearing on the first day of business and as many other first day aspects of the business as was practical; it was basically a dress rehearsal which doubled up as preparation

one of the team was a small man from eastern europe who was the “quietly efficient” type

a native british man asked “why are there two packets of brown sugar ?”

the eastern european man said “i thought it would help if we could keep an extra one of as many different items as possible we would be using regularly and have essential information of the product, qualiity, weight, cost… and compare them to the same product in the future”.

whether he realised or not it also meant that anyone and everyone would be able to easily check and make sure that every product we used which was a permanantly ongoing purchase was the best value for money item of the product on the market at that time and it also meant that there were would be no room for embezzelement

a man who was responsible for maintaining an ongoing repeat purchase said jokingly “i hope he doesn’t do that with me”

i jumped in, “it’s a good idea. do it with everybody. including me”

we had all agreed that the following day’s business would start at seven-thirty a.m. and it would give us ample time to make any adjustments and improvisations for oversight’s

the first contact with our client was scheduled for nine

the next scene was the following morning and i had just woke

i looked at the clock next to the bed; it was twenty-past eight

a feeling of panic flooded through me

i was due to meet the clients and begin my part of the business venture at nine o clock which meant i would need to be there at least ten minutes before to demonstrate i could be ahead of schedule if needs be

the place i had to be wasn’t too far away but neither was it within walking distance

i had to consider getting someone who should be doing their job to break their schedule and come and get me

could i run it in time ?

first thing’s first: wash, dress and shave

forget about breakfast, that was a pipe-dream

the thought of why somebody hadn’t knocked on the door or phoned me kept on going through my mind

that no one had contacted me might mean that others had slept in too

the day was turning into a disaster

in a way all the future plans for the business revolved around this first day’s appointment

this would set the tone and it was on a downward slope

a feeling that something was wrong began welling up in me and it caused me to wake up

i looked at the wall clock

it was just after four a.m.

* * *


second sleep

name of dream: see category of dreams

this was the longest-ever montage

the images in the montage were not that varied considering the length of the montage (five minutes plus)

mostly they were cartoon figures and settings and mainly they were rich-pastel colours

two or three times during the montage the sequence of images and actions stopped for two or three seconds but a relaxed determintation got them flowing again

i was thinking as the images and actions went on and on that a person could quite easily spend a whole day doing it

more than once i tried, without any success, to impose new themes into the sequence

here’s the new thing… this montage contained three dreams

part-way through watching the montage i slipped into dream-time three different times

the first time it was with a woman, the second was with a dog and the third was of myself explaining and describing to another person that i was experiencing a montage

the last dream in the montage…

we were in a small room with a window that was three-quarters of the wall

he moved to the window and looked out and i said “i’m not seeing what your seeing”

he nodded and i went on “as i’m talking to you i am seeing pastel-coloured cartoon figures and actions”

he said “yes, you said the export order for liverpool is here”

those words weren’t in any part of the montage sequence and i said “now i can see two fat elderly people, a woman and a man who are looking daggers at each other

the dirty looks they were giving each other were straight out of a cartoon and i could hear myself chuckling every time there was a slight variation of their expressions

so now it was an externalised dream within within a montage !

it is also a new category of dream-time conscious: narration of a dream as it is happening

the second dream within the montage was of a dog which wanted to approach me but was weary

i squeezed my lips together and made a kiss sound and the dog moved forward a little

after three times of doing that i was stroking the dog and it was relaxed

in the next scene it was a different dog

the new dog was a gold-cum-sandy-coloured and its mouth was open and its tongue was lolling out of its mouth in the way dogs do when they are too warm

we were looking out of a window and we were in a moving vehicle, i think it was a train

the third dream within this montage was of a woman

can’t remember hardly anything of this dream except it was of a woman; probably because it was the first dream within the montage and so much happened after this dream

category of the dream: montage-dreams (1) and narrated dream: (1)

first sleep, first dream

name of dream: seriously sexy curvature

same lady as one of the lady’s in yesterday’s x dream

we were both unclothed, standing and with mounting anticipation pulling each other lightly into one another

our heads were side by side and our ears were touching

i looked down during this part of the embrace and as i was looking down the sight of the curvature of her body from her neck down and along the spine and back out again to the peak of the protrusion of her buttock’s sent my senses reeling

i was at bursting point

the sight of the colour of her skin and the sweeping curves of her back was a top-flight x visualisation


category: x dream (32)

vividness: 4.7

* * *


name of dream: four in a bed

two of the ladies were in their element, as i was, but one of the girls wasn’t

the dream was completely satisfatory apart from that

i came out of the dream and was playing it over in awake-time adding a little here and there as i fell back to sleep

the minute or so of awake-time consiousness caused the dream-time consciousness to set in motion a different set of circumstances

now i was in a room about three by two metres

the room was an ablution with four or five sinks and a drinking fountain; one of those ones that have a toggle at the side of the basin which could be moved sideways or up and down and at any angle but it had to have downward movement to get the water to spurt

it was while on the third or fourth swallow that an “ooye” sounded out (search for ollie, ollie ollie, ooy, ooy, ooy for correct spelling)

it couldn’t have been any louder without waking me out of the dream

it lasted a full two seconds of dream-time

it resounded off the bare, granite walls and the solid concrete floor and shook me right out of a relaxed dream-state into a state of attentive-awreness

then the scene changed… there was a large, stocky man in dark clothes who filled the door frame and he was not happy

it wasn’t until the moment when the door was opened that and saw the man in a uniform i realised it was night-time and yes, i’m in prison again

a few different things ran through my thoughs quite rapidly

i was under lock and key; it was the middle of the night; the night-guard had been doing his rounds when he came across my empty bed and was put out that he had to open and close doors to find me; i had to be careful how i reacted, if i said the wrong thing or didn’t move in the right way he would make an entry into his log and it would mean misery of one sort or another if the prison governor had to spend time adjudicating a minor infraction; but more than any of these things the night-guard had been totally officious and had used his safe position to address me like a dog that was in the middle of pooping on the doorstep

in my book he had just verbally assaulted me

but how to get back at him without getting into more trouble ?

i slowly looked around and said in a quiet purposeful voice “where am i ?”

the guard didn’t respond, he was weighing things up

i then asked “who are you ?” still the guard was silent, he had bought it, almost

he then said “c’mon”

a few steps along the doorway he asked “which is your room ?”

i wasn’t going to fall for that

i was looking from left to right and slowly shaking my head with uncertainty every time he asked “this one ?”

after asking me three times he opened one of the doors and motioned me in

“this is your room” he stated

i looked around the room, made out like i was thinking for a few moments and said resignedly “i’m in prison”

the guard said “yes”

i waited for what seemed to be a long enough time

” i can’t get to sleep. i haven’t slept for two days ” then… “i’ve been a sleep-walker all my life” i lied convincingly, and continued with… “it’s been the cause of more trouble than anything”

the guard was becoming human again and i could see he was ready for the full treatment

“in case your wondering what i’m in for it’s handing out papers in the street calling the government liars and murderer’s and i was charged with libel”

the guard hadn’t come across a real-life cool hand luke and was looking at me

i asked him if he could give me a smoke and in the next scene think we were back in his night-office

if i played my part and things went well there could be a cup of tea to go with the fag


category of dream: prison dream: closed () and x dream: (31)

notes 1 of x dream

it is a sad fact that the writer is getting more pleasure from his dream-time x dreams than he is in awake-time

the pleasure’s of x is a whole bookfull of knowledge on its own

for starters… the level of pleasure that is associated with x is almost at a minimum at this time compared to how it will be

again, pleasure is a state, a state that increases five and ten-thousandfold while we are man-shaped

it doesn’t stop there

try to imagine the next time you engage in x… you are in an incomprehensibly intense state of pleasure and are minding your own business enacting straight-line-action when you feel a level of pleasure in your back greater than anything you have known before

while still moving forward you turn around to see what caused it and there’s nothing there

you turn back around again, still moving forward, and see another mathematical entity a little way ahead of you and the mere sight of the mathematical entity produces an increased sense of well-being

you have just experienced loving-fun coming from a more seasoned straight-line practitioner

or, you are moving in a straight line in a state of incomprehensibly intense state of pleasure when you feel a surge of pleasure the likes of which you never thought possible

still moving forward you turn around to see what caused it and there’s no one there

you turn back to looking the way you were going and there’s no one there

you have just experienced mysterious love (a more seasoned straight-line practitioner dropped out of the fourth dimension kissed on your back and popped back into the fourth dimension)

the most seasoned straight-line practioner of all knows more ways of producing pleasure than there are quons in the universe

playful love… mysterious love… exciting love… dynamic love… joyful love… persistant love… calming love… shared love… speed-love… relaxing love… exhilarating love… shy love… bold love… acrobatic love… blissful love… ecstatic love… active love… passive love… straight-line love… see-saw love…

playful love with a small amount of mystery… playful love with a large amount of mystery… mysterious love with a large amount of playfulness… mysterious love with a small amount of playfulness… playful love with a large amount of mystery and a larger amount exciting love… playful love across five dimensions… playful love with exciting and bold love across five dimensions… playful love with exciting and bold love across six dimensions… exciting and bold love with a hint of blissful love across seven dimensions… exciting and bold love with a hint of blissful love with five entities across seven dimensions… exciting and bold love with a hint of blissful love with five entities across eight dimensions… exciting and bold love with a hint of blissful love and playful love with twelve entities across eight dimensions… exciting and bold love with a hint of blissful love and playful love with twelve entities across eight dimensions… exciting and bold love with a hint of blissful love and playful love with twelve entities across eight dimensions while turning on a vertical axis… exciting and bold love with a hint of blissful love and playful love with twelve entities across eight dimensions while turning about a vertical axis while tilting slowly forward and backward… exciting and bold love with a hint of blissful love and playful love with two groups of twelve entities across eight dimensions while turning about a vertical axis while tilting slowly forward and backward…

* * *


name of dream: breakfast in my head

was in a queue at a cafe in railway station and had ordered a breakfast of tomatoes, eggs, beans, bacon, toast and tea

there were a couple of people in front of me

the queue shortened and when i was the next in line to collect my order i dug my hand into my pocket and brought out what money i had ready to hand it over

i looked at the coins and realised that i didn’t have as much as i thought

in fact there was not going to be enough to pay for the meal

while counting the money and hoping the coppers might add up to the better part of a pound i saw a fifty-pence piece on the floor

as i bent down to pick it up another fifty-pence coin came into view

as i picked both of them up i was aware that the man behind me was exuding a condemnatory presence

in the next scene i was trying to juggle the amount of money, i now had four pounds something, to get as many of the items of food as i could

was still trying different combinations of foods to fit the money i had when the dream ended

category of dream: money (4? 5?)

* * *


second dream

name of dream: the restauranteers

four of us, two women and two men, having a night out at a classy restaurant

we men had decided to live beyond our budget an spoil the ladies

the evening would take every penny we had

the restaurant was very, very popular and had international standing; best service, food, and drink available without being exclusive

most if not all of the tables were four-seaters with about three metres between them

we had eaten our meal and had hours to go before people would begin leaving for home when it occurred to me that a little imprpomptu entertainment might be a good idea

i suggested an off-the-cuff improvised mini event to my friend

he was up for it so we stood and positioned ourselves at the point furthest away from the closest seven or eight tables which gave us ample room to move around

he began to speak in ye olde english style

i don’t remember word for word but it had a theme like this… “you” he said “terrible knave that you are have besmirched my families good name”

i responded with “and you have a misguided opinion of yourself. were it that you had a good name to sully i would not deem to speak unwell of you. your very accusation is unfounded and i do believe you speak with a mischevious intent”

he came back with… “the mischeviousness is not mine but yours. it was you who saw my wife with envious eyes and with lust in your body did seek to possess her very soul”

“you words have summoned outrage within me” i began “it is well for you that i do not have a sword about my person. for if i had the flat edge would find not your shoulder but your backside”. and i continued “what haughty claims you have for you and your wife. it is because i am a man of principle that i speak not of roumours that abound in nearby villages and towns of escapades concerning a couple who leave morals at home and seek to make charlatans of unsuspecting maids and lure decent men into the ways of the ungodly”. and continued “tis true you wife has a wholesome body and a wily wit. it is you who does not deserve the title of gentleman for having turned a goodly woman into an impish nymph and who has lured her into a trap set by the very devil himself” and continued “i am of mind to bring you to book and speak of you to clergy and sheriff. the reason i do not is to keep out of harms way the minds of children who would hear such things. it is well that none of what is being said here…” it went on like that for another ten sentences or so and by the end of it a small crowd had fromed a circle about us

the scene changed, i was on my way to the bar or toilet and a small, full-bodied young lady wearing a tight black dress was teeth-smiling at me as we approached each other

as she passed she said that she like my speech

i thought it was an ivitation and said “i could make myself availble and do it in private”. i felt confused when she said “no thanks”

the next scene was at the cashier’s desk near the entry/exit doors

i was headed back into the restaurant and decided to pay the bill then instead of on the way out

i took out my wallet and handed all of the money in it, thirty pounds, to a man who handed it to the cashier

he never said thanks or gave me a reciept

he thought i was giving him a measley tip

i became a bit panicky

if my mate couldn’t cover the bill our reputation would be mud

i said to the cashier “i’ll pay the rest of the bill on the way out”

think the dream ended there


first dream

name of dream:

staying with an awake-time friend from twenty-three years ago

he had an almost-square wall-mounted t.v. about one-hundred twenty cm

it had the most dicreet design of any t.v. i’ve ever seen

the only thing on the front was the name of the manufacturer

it was called a google netbox; there were three or four other words written on it

the words on the screen were a slightly lighter shade of black than the screen and they became invisible when the set was on

the design of the t.v. was captivating but the real bit of tech was the channel-receiver which was itself about a third of the size of the t.v. and had array of about thirty square coloured buttons which protruded slightly

i already had a t.v. but the large gizmo which passed the channels to the t.v. was a must

it could pick up any signal which was in the ether which meant tens of thousands and even perhaps even millions of channels

it was an internet version of t.v. channels

i ordered and paid for one and the delivery and installation of the “techmaster” is the next scene in the dream

a woman with a body that had a big frame was reading out the terms and conditions bit of the contract and mentioned a fifty pound charge for maintenance if it ever needed it

i said “that wasn’t mentioned when i ordered it”

the women said “yes, i know” and carried on reading out the terms and conditions as though she hadn’t heard me

i said “just a moment. fifty pounds isn’t nothing. in certain circumstances it can be a lot”

the woman had obviously had issues about the fifty pounds on other occasions and knew that a person would nod and accept it or would, like me, start questioning it

i could see was bracing herself for what might be an awkward time

to me this sort of sneaky money-grabbing was a sore point and had been the cause of a done-deal becoming undone on more than just one other occassion

the dream ended

* * *


name of dream:

thought it was too good to last

back in prison

was in the first day of my sentence

there was a part of the dining area that had goods for sale

the items were in see-through plastic packets about the size of a credit card

the top of the packet was made of a sturdier material than the rest of the packet and they had a hole in them which was there to allow them to be attached to a fixture about two-metres high that also had holes in it

the packets were hooked onto the fixture with metal s-shaped hooks

the item i wanted was at the top of the fixture and i assumed a person wanting to buy an item would be able to unattach the packet and make sure it was what he wanted


a thin, tall inmate was standing next to the hard cardboard fixture, probably to make sure no one nicked anything, and was waiting for someone like me to do what i did which was unhook an item to look at it in deatail

as soon as i had it at waist level he said “you’re not allowed to take them off the board. put it back”

i tried to explain i only wanted to make sure it was what i wanted but this guy had the protection of the guards and used his position to assert hiself authoritively; something he could only do if he had back-up

he caught the attention of one of the guards standing by the line of inmates standing in the food line and the guard began making his way towards us

i hadn’t been in the place five minutes and already i was a trouble-maker

i knew there would be a harsh punishment and lost control of myself by grabbing the small finger of the hand of the trustee inmate and bending it back until he was wincing and said “if you get me in trouble i’ll see you later”

the inmate said “now you’ve assaulted me as well”

in the next scene i am in an oudoor training ground with mud everywhere and am being escorted towards a scene of activity

there were two lines of young men in dark-blue overalls who were competing with each other to complete various obstacles before their counterparts in the other line

there were being trained for armed-combat

thre was impressive coordination in their movements and they sounded off in unison

i knew my fate and had accepted it

i said to the escort-guard “there is a strong comaraderie between them”

the last part of the dream was a short-clip montage with about five scenes of a trailer of a war film that ended as the title of the film was beginning to show

it was called “the desert rats”

category of dream: prison () and short-clip montage (1)

notes 1

the last four weeks is the longest run of entries since beginning dreams diary without missing a day


second dream

name of dream: confusing times

another dream i thought had been forgotten but following the success of remembering the previous dream persevered trying to recall it, and did

woke up and looked at the wall clock; it was four o clock

in the next scene was in the kitchen area when a woman and three or four children came through the front door and into the living room/kitchen

the next scene, the woman was folding up washed clothes and the children had made the place their own

i was flabbergasted

i had to ask, “what are you doing ?”

“mrs ?’s housework” she said while continuing with arranging the clothes

mrs ? was the next door neighbour

i queried “why are you doing it here?”

“mrs ? isn’t in and your name is point referenced” she said matter of factly

i knew what she meant

if, for whatever reason, mrs ? wasn’t at home couldn’t be accessed i had volunteered to accept the shopping or medicines or anything else

it was the sort of thing i would offer to do but couldn’t remember actually being asked

the youngest boy was about seven years of age and eager to be friendly

i had a bit of fun teasing him and tricking him with a play on words and he loved it

his deep-smile reaction to my word-play was the stand-out part of the dream

a childrens radio play was coming through the t.v.

the screen was displaying a colourful still picture which suited the theme of the play and i began listening to it myself

it was an entertaining story with children character actors and i became immersed in it

it was the longest part of the dream and if when remembering the dream initially i had focused on remembering the details of the story it would have made entertaining reading

the play went on for a space-age and there were things i had to do

i said “i have to go out at five o clock”

one of the children said “it finishes at at four o clock. it will be over in a minute”

the clock was at four when i had woken

rather than say it’s not four o clock i would let the person realise their mistkake for themself

i said “there’s a clock on the wall. what time does that say?”

when a voice said “three o clock” i became confused trying to figure out why the clock was an hour wrong to start with

then the woman said “we have to leave at five ourselves”

that done it

the dream had become too complicated to cope with and i woke

notes 1

there was a point during this sleep when i woke up to the sound of an adult male voice introducing a childrens radio play and started listening to the play and thinking as i listened it was a quality production

i had listened to bits of the play several times before as a result of falling to asleep while listening to a narrated pre-historical programme which comes before it on a continouous loop on a usb (the t.v. has an “auto off” facility which is set for an hour)

will use the childrens play to “crash out” to in the next sleep and report anything worth relating happens in that dream

notes 2

did the dream-time conscious intergrate ongoing awake-time stimuli to the dream or were awake-time and dream time “cooperating” ?

notes 3

there was also another dream which had elements of both conscious states in it in this sleep

again it was while trying to click a part of a computer screen to get a different page to show

on this occassion the awake-time conscious came to the fore and i managed to press down on the device which would command a change of page, which it did and then i slipped back into dream-time

the determination to apply pressure through the fingers to get the computer to go to another page in dreams is producing some unusual coordination between awake-time and dream-time

the conclusion is that dream-time conscious needs to be able to work a computer for reasons that will reveal themselves during this millenium


first dream

name of dream: what! three females and no x

in line with most dreams recently, i thought i wasn’t going to be able to recall it until, after trying twenty or more times to remember the dream, a quick flash of a memory told me it was there and it was just a matter of coaxing it into awake-time

ten or so probing thoughts later it began presenting itself

it was walking and sitting-on-the-grass weather

it was set in exeter in the park near central station with the statues in it

was in a fabulous mood and it was as though i was the person who had discovered walking

seamless movement without being aware of any sensation in the legs

a day when there is a ready-to-smile smile on the face

a day when it feels as if nature itself is in a good mood

one young lady and myself traded glances and shared the same smile

the next scene was back at her place

she shared her accomodation with two other women, all looked to be twenty ish’

think they may have been grads or post grads

my good mood was still playing out

i captivated their imaginations and attention by answering their questions and remarks with simple reply’s that hinted at intelligence but mainly portrayed a man in love with life and people and especially women

the girls started to take me seriously, too seriously

the darting looks to each other as i spoke and when i caught them stealing quick look’s at my crotch i knew where it was leading

one of the girls was noticeably less good-looking than the other two; a lady who men didn’t automatically take a shine

she emanated the air of a woman with a history of unsatisfactory relationships

she had to try to make herself wanted by men, not something women are happy doing

to make all three of the girls accessible, to what to me be would be a fantasy-reality, i would first have to win the affections of the woman who had been least successful in her interactions with men

fate threw me a life-line, she had a two-year old daughter

in the next scene the mother was presenting me to her daughter for the first time

the three women and my first-time-encounter with a two-year old child !

if ever there was a test designed to guage a mans character… it was make or break time

the little girl was dressed delightfuly, bushed dress (the type that has white padding and makes the skirt flare out) and a bow in her hair

it was easy to like her

she was in front of me sitting on her mothers knees

her fists were almost clanched, as is the way with very young ones

i put my forefinger in one of her hands and cheated a little bit by gently scratching her palm with my nail

she grasped my finger

from the pressure of her hold i could judge how much movement i would be able to make in her whole arm

i gave, what would seem to be to the toddler, a hearty hand-shake, and while shaking it said in a soft, fun way “my name is john. how do you do ?”

she didn’t back away or change her expression

my next move was to go for her ribs or the side of her neck or her toes…

if this went right i was set up for at least a year

the trick was not to rush things…


tie-in smooth walking with last heel-squats an the firmness of the steps the following day

* * *


second dream

name of dream: a contemporary building and historic buildings

can’t make heads nor tails of this dream


an open-air sports field with the usual sloped-tiered spectator area running around it and a wooden fence enclosing it

not all of the stadium was visible in the dream

that part of the stadium which was visible, about forty-metres, was stacked with collapsable, wooden-slatted chairs about two, three or four metres high and went to the top of the enclosing fence

in the next scene i am on top of the chairs unfurling a white thin canvas with about two or three metres of the chairs still to be covered along the length of the chairs

in the next scene am lying on top of the chairs looking down at a wild-west, one-street town with about twenty or thirty buildings

i am “casing” the bank in the town assessing the best way to rob it

the dream changes to a think-read dream and the message is “if you find a bag with money in it its because i succesfully robbed your bank but left some for you”

still in the dream, i was trying think why i had written the message

there was then a period of composing and re-composing the message

then, the composing of the message gave way to me slipping in and out of awake-time and dream-time conscious as i tried to remember what it was i had dreamt of today thinking that the dream about the stadium was an awake-time construct and i was awake when i was in fact still dreaming

still dreaming, i settled on the thought that at least i had a dream and was maintaining one of the longest runs of recording a dreams on a daily basis

it wasn’t until i came to the computer to make the entry that i realised this was the second dream of the day

category of dream: dream-time/awake-time (1 ?)


over the last couple of months there has been several instances like this when the dream-time and awake-time have become indisdinquishable

if nothing else dream theory is paving the way to us getting used to the idea that the two apparently different states of conscious are more connected than we realised and, most radically, the dream-conscious is the “parent” state of the two types of conscious


first dream

name of dream: the incident in the hospital

in the reception area of a hospital with an awake-time acquaintence of twenty plus years ago

not sure why we were there

i didn’t need treatment and i don’t think he did either

we may have been there visiting

the person with me was talking to two female members of the staff

one was admin the other was a nurse or doctor

i occasionally looked at them as they were talking but was mainly looking elsewhere

the tone of their conversation changed

i think one of the ladies said something demeaning to my mate or he had said something which caused one of the girls to respond with a quip which was slightly derogatory

she said something like “what do you do then ?”

he didn’t respond to her remark but instead went straight for her jugular and said “how many lives have you lost ?”

the woman was hurt and stunned

my ears picked up and my attention became fully focused on the chat

he pressed her, “c’mon. youv’e saved lives. how many have you lost ?”

the women weren’t going to take that sort of remark

one of the women picked up a phone and asked for dr birch

things had moved into the area which breached hospital protocol

i was thinking of telling him to apologise before it got ugly

the dream ended there

* * *


name of dream: burly busker

saw a biggish’ girl walking along a street in the centre of town

she had a back-pack which looked liked it weighed a good twelve kilos and a guitar slung over her shoulder

her clothes were all-purpose and of the army-style; loose trousers and flak-jacket with boots

in the next scene we were talking

one bit of conversation led to another and when she mentioned that her portable p.a. wasn’t quite loud enough in the next scene we were back at my place with me showing her an amp and speaker set-up which would meet her needs

the wire which connected the amp to the speaker looked like it had been cut into with a knife, it was a clean cut

when i man-handled the wire it broke in two

there was a sturdy screw-in connection about the same size as a house bulb which connected the wire of the amp or the guitar to the speaker

it didn’t take long to get the wire ready to be soldered to the back of the two-point screw-in connection

she was helping with moving things around and when she positioned the speaker she felt its weight and her face told me it was a lt heavier than she expected

i mentioned that that the weighed about twenty kilo’s and it might be too heavy for carting around

she acknowledged it was too heavy for her

the conversation changed and the dream became an externalised dream and after saying two or three sentences i woke to the sound of my own voice, again


the stand-out part of the dream: screwing the bayonet-style onnection into the speaker

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: have never come across an amp or a microphone which had a screw-in connection

do they exist ?

* * *


name of dream: introspective nymph


details withheld

* * *


third dream

name of dream:

in my place with one or two other people

nothing special was happening

light chatter, a bit of movement

the bed i had slept on was like a bed that someone had just got out of

a figure went passed the kitchen window and in the next scene dennis had just walked into the living room

he had come to ask what was the best point of departure to get to france

“dover” i said

“what’s the best way to get to dover ?” he asked

“train” i said

in the next scene he sat and then laid down on the bed i had just got out of

he had moccasson-style beach sandals on and the heels of them were resting on the sheets

“don’t put your feet on the sheets. i sleep on them”

he sat back up

i said “i’ll come with you. i’ve got the money and i fancy a holiday”

i wouldn’t be going to france though, i would be going to holland; my favourite country

there was some more talking about the journey to dover before the dream ended


time-tense: 6

notes 1

the most noteworthy thing about this dream was the details of the location

the location was accurate right down to the position of the sofa and the colour of the cover of the duvet and the people in the dream are people i know currently

in the dream my feet are pointing west whereas the current, and long-standing position, is north

this is very much a present time-tense

a computer wasn’t in this dream and that means the dream was the past of a past undulation

the absence of a computer must mean it is between fity or a hundred or so undulations of the present undulation

apart from precognitive dreams, this was the most accurate placement of the time-tense of any dream so far


with one raised to the 99th power years to go in this undulation you may wonder why there is only a one-year step forward each undulation

love/life, you should be aware, is generous to a fault

love/life is also ultra-sensitive to the feelings of those who are terminally-ill: see the anology of parents with terminaly-ill children in the endic database


there is also the consideration of soul-partners who are coming-to-be and those who have yet to establish the connection with their soul-partner

the wanton acts of murder that have and are being perpetrated in the present and past of this undulation reflect the insensitivity of our nature

as we move forward into the future of this undulation our feelings become evermore honed-in to the delicate balance of the qualitative aspect of our lives

by the time you-know-who is with us these times will be as a vague as a bad dream we know happened but can’t remember

to take a qualitative run at infinity means attuning ourselves in a way and to a degree which we are not yet able to imagine

one insight we can project into the forevever is pleasure

it can be stated with confidence that we will have to be in a state of pleasure at least five and ten thousand times more pleasurable than the most pleasurable experience we currently know to take on the quantitave character of space/eternity/nothing


second dream

name of the dream: some men just can’t wait

in bed and there is a girl in the next room who was getting ready to join me

she was taking a space-age to come to me through from where she was

the longer i was waiting the more aroused i became

it got to the point where i couldn’t contain myself

so before you could say “cock robin” i masturbated and had ejaculated

and then there was another wait and still in a state of arousal i masturbated again and ejaculated again

i was still cleaning myself when she walked into my room from her room

she said “have you come ?” and i nodded

i think she deliberately waited for me to empty myself

the female wasn’t put out though; it would take longer for me to get worked up again

i felt dissapointed with myself for not being able to control myself

oddly, i was still feeling disappointed with myself even after i woke up and realised it was only a dream

category of dream: x dream (30)

stand-out part of the dream: take a wild guess


first dream

name of the dream:

on the ground floor of a three-storey prison

a narrow-faced, narrow-eyed, diminutive inmate thought i was ripe for intimidation

he made a veiled threat concerning my future

i wasn’t in the mood to be threatened

i feinted a movement with my left arm to the left

his eyes followed my arm

with his gaze distracted i whipped my right hand to his neck and using the index finger ran the back of the nail across his throat

“do you realise how easy it would be to cut your throat with a piece of broken glass ?” i said

he was looking at me as the dream ended


category of dream: prison: closed ()
cause of the dream: thoughts during the day
vividness: – 3.1

* * *


second dream

name of the dream: will the last person in the dream please stop talking

don’t remember the beginning of this dream which contained the details of how it was that an ex-boxer and myself had come into the money

we were talking about what we could do with the cash

at first we considered buying the place he was living and doing up the place

he became enthusiastic about the idea of starting a cafe

it wasn’t a bad idea and had plenty of scope

i went on “one”

at this point of the dream i could hear myself talking

the dream had become externalised

“we could run it ourselves”

“we could get a friendly, chatty type of chef who would be on friendly terms with the rugulars”

“we could keep the food simple. mashed potato, peas, pie and gravy”

“we could could have a small menu which offered a variety of more elaborate meals”

“we would need a drinks licence”

“if it became succesful we could go nationwide”

“what would you want to do if it took off ? “

i then realised the person i was talking to had left the dream

i was talking to myself in a dream, yet again

first dream

the name of the dream: a knight in dull armour

living in a protected or sheltered accomodation

a middle-aged woman who i was attracted to asked me to write a petition on her behalf to a tribunal or commitee which would present her reasons for having access to her daughter

her reason for being in the type of accommodtion we were in was because she had become addicted to cocaine and it had ruined her domestic life

my reasons for being there was also drug-related but not because of using drugs

i had supplied heroin

i hadn’t explained my reasons for being in the housing unit but but told her it was because of heroin and let her assume i had was also an addict

it was easy to read between the lines and understand what had happened in her life

a glamourous and exciting personality had found herself in a humdrum lifestyle with a possesive husband who had tied her to the home through the responsibility of a child

her husband had manipulated the domestic scene to keep her in the house

the woman and me were considering what would be the best reason to give to the tribunal as the dream ended and i awoke to hear myself saying “why don’t you speak to them yourself ?”

the category of the dream: relationships ()

notes 1

second day running that heroin has featured in the dream

the reason for it being in this dream is, it is thought, because after yesterday’s dream i had thought about the afghan war and weighed up the possibility that the war in afghanistan was a ruse by the militarist’s of america and britain to get the heroin and use the money from selling it to their own population to further their militaristic ambitions

* * *


second dream

name of the dream: music, cronyism and heroin

at a bare, wooden, four-seater table in the restaurant area of an empty nightclub

the dining-area had another fifteen or so of the same type of table and was alongside of the dance-floor

i was tapping away on the keyboard of a laptop

in the next scene i was in the same place and reading a paper

the club was still empty only now there was music playing

two or three songs had played and each song was as good or better than the previous one

i hadn’t heard the songs before and wanted to know who was singing them and the titles of the songs so that i could add them to my collection

the paper i was reading was the daily mail and wouldn’t you know it, it also happened to be the same paper that was sponsoring a competition which wanted to know particular personal snippets about some of the members of the bands

there was 1.3 million in prize money and at £10 for each correct answer it would mean that a one-hundred and thirty-thousand contestants would win something

notes 1

one of the drawbacks of dreams is the speed at which they become forgotten

the details of the words in the think-read aspects of both sequences of this dream stayed fresh in the memory for several seconds after the sequences had finished

it’s beginning to be the case that dream-time memories are slowly becoming more accessible to the awake-time conscious in detail and quantity

notes 2

the sequence of the dream with the songs playing must have been seven or more minutes of awake-time

if the scene with songs in it represents one-third of this dream then the total awake-time of all of the dream of this sleep must be close to thirty minutes of awake-time

this means the remembered part of this r.e.m. must be more than half of the total r.e.m. for the sleep

coupling this with the dream in the second sleep accounts for most of the entire time adults are in r.e.m. in any one day (one to one and a half hours) which is about half of the time a baby dreams for on average)

check r.e.m. for lengths of time and if a trend of r.e.m. lasting longer is occurring and/or can be established

notes 3

some of us have noticed that the top 40 has over the last ten years has undergone a major change

youngsters born into this type of “popular music” now think that songs that don’t have a melody, which means you can’t sing along to them, and which you can’t dance to, is what pop music is all about

the reason the songs haven’t got melodies and don’t have a dancing beat is that bands who perform the songs that get into the charts do so because they have friends in the pop and music industry who make sure that it is their mates who get promoted and publicised and not those who are more talented (cronyism)

giving friends jobs and positions instead of giving the jobs and positions to the people with the most talent is called cronyism and the oligarch-controlled countries are built on it and it is also the reason why we haven’t got a decent football team

it won’t be realised by most people that the silky-smooth voices of melody-less songs have the appealing quality they have because the artist’s are taking heroin

heroin and pop stars go back to the eighties

many a no. 1 hit song made it to the no. 1 position of the charts because of the quality of the singing-voice which accompanies the use of heroin

more on the use and the consequences of heroin, who is supplying it, how it gets into the country, what the money is spent on… another time

notes 4

isn’t it just typical of an oligarch-controlled country… handing out a small basket of essential items to one in every five-hundred people and the recipients of the baskets basking in the warmth of their win and momentarily thinking how great life is

the instance of a village in russia a few years back which had suffered a natural disaster and was completely demolished sticks in my mind

meanwhile, the bulk of the population continue to scrape by

first dream

name of the dream: a changing world

one of, if not the, most influential dynasty of the banking structure was giving a day-by-day account of his month-long incarceration

as he was speaking his words became translated into think-read form

there were five, six, seven or more clearly readable sentences which were, i think, at the end of his account of being in prison

he didn’t get abused or receive harsh treatment when he was locked up

he did however fully understand that he would be in prison for life if a compromise wasn’t arrived at

he had resigned himself to the possibility of spending his life in the prison that had tiered-landings as is the style of many prisons the world over

it was while he was relating the last days of imprisonment that i began recalling and narrating my own period in prison

somewhere between realising that the person in the dream was finishing or had finished telling his experiences of being in prison, i started recalling and narrating a period of my own imprisonment

the experience i was recalling was not of this lifetime but of a past time-tense when i had been in the same situation as the man in the first part of the dream and was being held as a bargaining chip

my recollections were also being re-formed as a think-read sequence

notes 1

the crucial points of sleep-time-cum-awake-time experience are… for the fourth or fifth time in last month or so immediately after waking and trying to remember the dream and thinking it had been forgotten the dream came to the fore when re-tracing the latest awake-time thoughts led seamlessly to the beginning of the sleep-time dream, or, while thinking in awake-time i became immersed in the dream i was trying to remember

the sleep-dream came from awake-time thoughts while going into sleep-time memory

both themes were of the same nature

again, sleep-time and awake-time are fusing together

and also again, this type of experience is re-affirming the outlook that the dream-time conscious will replace the awake-time conscious as being the “master-conscious” in the fulness of evolution

also of late, memories, mostly pleasurable, of dream-time conscious states are becoming the dominant memories whenever the memory is tapped for details

that the sleep-time conscious may be superior to the awake-time conscious and become the “full-time” conscious was the most radical thought that came from that flurry of insights and thoughts which began ten months ago

re-tracing awake-time thoughts immediately after waking promotes access to sleep-time memories (add to how to remember your drearms)

this dream began with one of the historical banking families’ being interviewed or it may have been a narration by him to a biographer and without realising it at first it became a continuation of my awake-time conscious relating my own experiences of being imprisoned by the same people who had to yield their grip on the world of finance to get one of their own back

one-quarter of the content of this dream was narrated and translated into think-reading in awake-time
* * *


name of the dream: conflict of outlook

was earning money by manipulating the local stocks and shares in properties

specifically, the prices individual landlords and small associations of landlords were asking

i had carved out my niche when i saw the opportunity to start a service which offered a no-advance-fee for tenant’s who couldn’t afford to pay an advance and/or deposit for a flat if i covered the advance fee and deposit

by being selective about which property or properties they should live in it was easy to make the value of the assets of one property, in particular, go up or down and move money from one company to another beforehand

there was one landlord in particular who didn’t like the fact that his livelihood was determined by me mainly because i didn’t like him because he had an attitude problem toward life

* * *


the name of the dream:
self portraits

seven or eight pictures of my face

most of the pictures, one or two had noticeable movement in them, were recognisable as myself

two or three though certainly did not look like me, at least not in a way i have seen myself in a mirror in this lifetime nor are the youthful complexion of the face’s something i expect to see in this life

the pictures that didn’t portray how i look now could be of different time-tenses

also, it’s just possible it was you-know-who

if it was then another possbility has opened up… with the exception of a handful pictures, the pictures pages referred to as “personal picture pages”, which i thought were me, could be the lover

notes 1

dreams diary is in such a state of flux it seems unlikely that it will be complete in foreseable millenniums, unless we are interacting with d-man before then

notes 2

when a person starts reading dreams diary for the first time, for accuracies sake read it from first to last entry

for fun, read it lucky-dip style


category of dream: mini-montage: self (1)

vividness 3.4 to 3.7/8

participant/observer ?

* * *


second dream

the name of the dream: someone out there…

had just purchased a new programme and was looking at the options before running it

there was a complimentary programme which came with the main programme

as i read what the extra programme could do its usefulness revealed itself

it could hone in on any part of the main programme and fine-tune it to the nth degree

the main programme itself was a tool for fine-tuning applications

the extra programme took efficiency to a completely different level

it gave the computer the means to raise the accuracy of any other programme installed on the computer well beyond the specifications that came with the original programme

the “add-on” was more valuable than all the other programmes on the computer put together

it was like someone had taken the latest bit of space-age military technology and bundled it in with a typically handy programme by mistake

not only that, there were four copies of it

the programme was in a visual form

it was a triangular tube with rounded corners

along one side of the triangle was a dark metal corkscrew, along another side was a ball in fluid and on the other i think it was a scale with a red dot of light

when using the programme the three different mechanisms changed the pace they moved at from imperceptibly slow to too fast for the eye to distinguish

imagine being able to select one letter from a document and saturate it in whole or in part with as many pixels of any colour and make the letter turn on its axis while making it glow and dim as it increased and decreased in size as the letter took on each hue of the spectrum in incremental steps or randomly as slowly or quickly as you wanted

in the next scene, i was with two acquaintances and beside myself with excitement showing them what it could do

i said “iv’e had this sort of thing has happened before. the member of the staff in the company responsible for designing and/or publishing a web page had added to the page an overly generous offer and made it available on the internet for a fraction of a second knowing that at the exact moment it was made available there was only a one in a million chance that someone might also at that same exact moment click the download after purchasing it” and i went on to tell the guys in the dream of two awake-time instances about five years apart when i came across two great deals but when i went to buy them for the second time the page no longer had the offer on it although the url was the same

first dream

the name of the dream: not if i’ve got anything to do with it

this dream was set in a large village environment (about a thousand families)

a preliminary meeting of less than half a dozen people was gathered with the purpose of forming policy

it was believed that i would want a key position in the administrative/policy-forming committee

someone suggested that certain aspects of the admin structure should have an elevated or privileged position

an outlook that had obviously been envisaged by a few people who had already assumed that they would be making the important or crucial decisions and it smacked of self-interests

one person said … “it will be us who… “

the group/clique mentality was beginning to take root

my hackles were up

i said loudly and demeaningly “us ! ” and again “us ! “

i was determined not to let the group/clique mentality take hold

someone was “hushing” me in an imploring way as the dream ended

* * *


x dream

details witheld


name of dream:

people i needed to be with had gone without me

it would take hours of running to catch up with them

i started running at a fair pace along the only path the people could have took so at least finding them wasn’t going to be a problem

there was nothing but fields of beige-colured grass in every direction

in the next scene the path took a long wind to the right

i could leave the path and run though the shin-high grass and take a substantial amount out of the distance

the straight-line through the grass would take me along the side of a wood

to my right and two hundred metres away and closing in on me i could see a large animal which was running alongside of the wood

due to the angle i was running at the animal could catch up with me within four hundred metres

in the next scene, the animal was only a hundred meters away

now i could see what it was

it was a stegasaurus but without any blades on its back (this was the stand-out part of the dream)

at a hundred metres its size took on a new perspective, it became threateningly big and the dust it was kicking up told me it was heavy

i could be have been wrong about its intentions but it didn’t look like it wanted to be friends (i had probably strayed into its territory)

the trees in the wood were sturdy and too close together for the animal to get to follow me

it was just a matter of ten seconds before it had caught up with me

shortened the time it would take to get the wood by changing the angle i was running at but it would take me perilously close to the beast would, i was cutting it fine

in the next scene, i was in the wood and was on a path that looked like it had been made by people, although this path didn’t look like it was hardly ever used

came to an animal gate/grid only this was one was much more intricate than the one we see in our fields

it was a two-stage grid/gate made even more complicated by the first part of the grid which, like a see-saw, went down when the animal stood on it, became level when the animals weight was in the centre and then lowered as the weight went through far end of it

the gaps between each of the bars of the grid were too close together for an animals foot to get wedged into but what was the purpose of the design ?

and if that wasn’t bad enough, when the see-saw bit of the grid-gate was low enough for the animal to step onto the next part of the grid-gate there were two narrow’ish plates it had to walk along to get across

was it to ensure that only animals with a certain level of intelligence could use it ?

an animal, which looked the size and shape of a donkey, done the first manouvre but was having difficulty placing its hooves on the plate of the second section of the grid-gate

i tried to help by guiding its legs onto the plates but the animal shunned my attempts to place one of its feet on the plate by jerking its leg away from my grip when i got hold of it


the category of dream: animal: dinosaur: stegasaurus and mammal: donkey or mule

notes 1

the first dream sequence is obviously past-tense unless of course dinosaur-man has dinosaur zoos the size of counties or countries

if dinosaur-man has dinosaur-zoos it’s conceivable that…


the name of the name of dream: nighttime de ja vue

there were two of us, both males

we were iin grizzly adams’s terrain… thick forest with tall trees and a fair amount of bush

we were prospecting for gold although the word prospecting is a bit misleading

i had some “insider-information”

i was the only one who had the precise location of where to find what was going to be a life-time “payday”

the info had been passed to me by a totally reliable person who knew i would do the right thing and give him a share

there needed to be two of us so i brought another person in on the venture

after the first day of trekking we had set up camp for the night and were around the camp fire and in high spirits

before we had considered bedding down for the night two other men showed up

they had twigged or had been told that i knew where to find gold

one of the new men had an arrogant air about him and i knew he would double-cross if he got the chance

in the next scene it was the middle of night

i had a stick as heavy and the shape of a metal pole

i went to where the cocky late-comer was sleeping and began beating him with it

the noises he made woke up the others

when everone was awake i got the person who i had hit to agree he would done as i said or else…

he agreed

in the next scene it was night again and it was the same setting as the night before

first it was just the original two of us and then the two men from the previous night showed up at the same time as they had the night before

only this time the arrogant male wasn’t so arrogant

the dream was a “looped” dream

when it was realised it was a “looped” dream it meant tonight, in the middle of the night, i wouldn’t have to beat him so hard to get him to agree

the last scene of this dream was the expression of the man who had been hurt by me only now he had a defeated and forlorn look

i had a hunch may know he was in a loop as well

cause of the dream: known but known revealing

the category of dream: looped-dream: (1)

* * *


name of the dream: ending copyright

accidentally discovered a way to remove the logo, photo’s and brand marks from web pages

it opened up all sorts of possibilities

was applying it to one company in particular when the dream ended

* * *


third dream

name of the dream: think-reading can be pleasurable

at first, and as is common with a think-read dream, it was stopping and starting when forming the sentences, which was a bit of a labour

quite quickly though it became easier and easier to read and eventually the sentences were forming as fast as i could read them

then, at the very end of the dream, it seemed as though the forming of the words and sentences and the reading of them was simultaneous

it seemed as though i was re-reading my own composition

it was a think-read dream about someone who had written a book

was think-reading a review of the book

the writer of the review went into an explanation of the author’s life-experiences and explained that the author had been peer-pressured into writing the novel

the circumstances of author’s life, the way he was expected to deliver an artistic work of art in line with family tradition and how his yearning to be an ordinary person, gave the novel a unique and insightful perspective

this think-read dream was a pleasure to read, the first time have got pleasure from think-reading in a dream

notes 1

it was calming and satisfying to be able to think-read the writing even though the reviewer used sophisticated literary skills

it may be there is a library of books available to the dream-time conscious

so when we want a change from box-montages…

notes 2

will check the time-tenses of think-read dreams to discover if they are mainly future time-tenses

if they are then our descendants are destined to re-write their previous literary works


the category of the dream: think-read () book ())

second dream

name of the dream: a menacing person

a wimp, who knew that i knew that he had the backing of violent friends and family, tries to intimidate me with the threat of violence

didn’t hit him but threatened to and that was enough to bring on the wrath of his clan

a coward who is brave with a crowd to support him, and it must be said have come across women who used their aggressive family to get away with intimidating people, is a particular type of cowardice which brings out feelings of despicability in fair-minded men

sure enough, people came looking for me and at their first attempt to do “justice” only just managed to keep out of their clutches by a whisker by taking an unattended push-bike and peddling for it like mad

his connections went even further than i realised. the police were on my case as well

was in trouble and felt it was a matter of survival

it didn’t matter where i went, a person or people on foot or in transport would appear in the dream

in another scene, still on the bike, three men in a car came up from behind when i was waiting at a busy roundabout

drivers had to swing around me and i was causing problems but it would be me who got hurt

at least this way there was a chance i wouldn’t get injured

if the crew in the car behind got their hands on me they would have to mess me up as badly as being in an accident just to maintain their reputation

in a later scene, a policeman was talking to me about a petty point in the law concerning riding the bike

hadn’t done anything wrong that mattered and was puzzled over why he had pulled me over

the conversation had been going on for a while before realising he was keeping me in one place long enough for the people looking for me to block off any way of me getting away again

this time there was no way the bike was of any use

i had to “leg-it” like the devil was after me

had slipped their clutches once again

the “hunt” was still on when this dream ended


was in my early twenties and at work when i came across an awake-time version of the wimp in this dream

the first time anyone spoke to him he would exhibit a genuinely aggressive attitude which made you think he would become violent to the point of being homicidal if you upset him

but this little rat, as i soon found out, went a step further, he exhibited his genuinely violent bent with women as well (if there’s one thing that rankles men it’s men who hit women and children

the staff of the company shared the tea-room and after i had seen him performing his act twice with males it seemed the best thing to do was not talk to him, which i didn’t

he was like it with everybody except the administrators of the company

it didn’t matter who spoke to him, he gave out with the truly menacing attitude

big guys, small guys, young women, old women they all got the “treatment”

there was one chap, a mini-sized hulk and an irishman to boot, who was unintimidatable and even-mannered and rebuked the little nasty and little rat fell as silent as a priest contemplating god

i realised, his violently dominating characteristics were natural but he had no courage

decided what to do

first, go and talk to him…

if there is another dream of a coward will insert an aside into the entry of the dream and complete this note

third dream

the name of the dream: the shoe wheeler-dealer

in the company of my peers, friends and friends of friends

someone mentioned he liked the style of my shoe’s

the shoes were black and white without being garish and were latticed-leather on the upper-front

i thought they were pretty neat myself

i liked them so much i had bought more than one pair

it was a bit of good fortune that i just so happened to have the other shoes with me and realised the potential of a profit was in the air

in the next scene, there are at least three boxes of the same shoes being examined by the people in the room

money was being exchanged… i was in wheeler-dealer mode


cause of the dream: bought two new pairs of shoes recently and the boxes they were in are still in the living room ready to be re-used for storing other items


the name of the dream: good news from the doctor

with a dream-time buddy

we had a day planned

the first thing to do was to go the doctor’s surgery

buddy needed to go and it was going to be a quick in/out

at the surgery the doctor had finished with buddy and we were moving toward the entrance/exit door when the doctor enquired about my health

i said i was o.k except for a long-standing malady, which i had learned to live with

the doctor, a genuinely caring and world-weary man who could adopt an air of superiority, knew what my problem was and asked me if i was still feeling any pressure in a particular part of my back

the question was the key factor in diagnosing whether i was improving or not

i said the pressure had moved from one place to another

he said “oh, really. whereabouts ?”

i said it had moved up or i may have said down, don’t remember which

he asked me to tell him exactly where it had moved from and where it was now

it meant having to pull the shirt out of my trousers

he was placing his fingers here and there and i was saying a “bit higher”, “to the left”

the doctor then needed to touch the area around my hips

in the next scene i’m standing in my shorts and socks undergoing a full-blown examination

after a while the doctor pronounced that my condition had now reached a point where, with the proper care and guidance, i could be one hundred percent better in next to no time

the dream ended here with me feeling in high spirits


cause of the dream: thinking about my physical conditiion during the day

vividness: 3.2/3

the quality of the dream: 3.8

the quality of the sleep: 3.4

notes 1

in awake-time i’m haven’t got a regular doctor

the way i look at it is… when a person registers with a doctor a person has in that act admitted into their thinking that something might go wrong in their life

how much of what goes wrong in our lives goes wrong because we think things may go wrong ?

how much of who we are is formed by what we think and what we do ?



name of dream: joining consciousnesses

the dream was about three dogs

was having difficulty in remembering the details of the dream after the third scene and because when i tried to recall the fourth scene i began having difficulty in recalling the three scenes i had remembered i decided to type what i could remember in case the three scenes that were fresh in my mind faded completely

typed the first two sentences easily enough but when i got to the third sentence it wasn’t making sense with the first two

so i put the third sentence first and put sentences two and three as sentences one and two

now i was having difficulties in remembering and composing when trying to put the written scenes in a different order to what they happened

it finally started coming together when i started think-reading what i had written and began composing it in think-write style

however, the think-write technique was not of the type of think-write dream of 18012018 but in the style of a think-read dream of 15092014

all in all i had spent so much time trying to form the wording and the order of the scenes the third scene had slipped from my memory altogether

i abandoned trying to put this dream together

feeling dissapointed with myself i concluded that unless there was another dream in the next sleep i would be having later on in the day, today would be the first day without recording a dream since the 28032018

tried to rationalise why the details of dream were so elusive and what could be done to avoid it from becoming a regular thing

though about it for a while and then woke up into awake-time

after some time in awake-time it was realised… it was the type of dream that was the dream not the scenes of the dogs

a little smile formed as i thought again what i had known for many years, as much as anything, in you know who’s eyes, i’m a tool

it’s possible that i furnished the thoughts that caused the theme of this dream but the real cause is, i’m sure, the dream was scheduled to appear about now

notes 1

three points


believed i was in awake-time and at the keybord from the moment i began to type a record of the dream


stradled both dream-time conscious and awake-time conscious for seven or eight thoughts


on our way to transmutation awake-time conscious and dream-time conscious become fully inter-changeable


category of dream: timed-to-occur: think-writing in think-reading style (1)



the name of the dream: prequel to x with miss x

this is the second pleasure dream with this unknown lady

it’s possible this dream will become a serial dream (three dreams)

neither dream contained x although in both dreams we were both unclothed

a slightly longer than usual pleasure dream

the first scene was a kiss and it was fairly brief, about three seconds of dream-time

in the second scene, we had re-positioned ourselves

she was lying on her back with her right arm under and around my neck with her hand resting on my chest

her left arm was at her side or resting on the left side of her body

i was laying slightly lifted on my left side with my left hand under her head with my elbow taking the weight of my body and poised ready to rest on her if she pulled me down

we began another kiss

i took the lead and refrained from pushing back body when her hips began moving up and down

instead, using two, three and four of the finger-tips of my right hand, i was pulling up and gently letting go of her left nipple; my lips and tongue would have been the best “tool” for that motion but the night was still young

the sensation of the kiss and the feel of her nipple was something to be savoured

at that moment it would have been a good time to conjoin* but, as this website is hoping to convey, the purpose of pleasure is to acquaint and imbue our physiology with ever-increasing levels of pleasure

not sure what, if anything, went through her mind when i didn’t conjoin

her movements in response to what she was feeling were a natural consequence of the situation, a built-in stimulus-response mechanism, put there by you-know-who

the second kiss was most of the dream, between eight and twelve seconds in dream-time (don’t forget, in awake-time ten seconds is at least five, six or seven or more times longer than dream-time)

in the third scene, we touching but were not pressed against each other

she said, “i want to be with you for a while”. she was referring to the relationship

can’t remember exactly what my reply was but it contained the words… “take our time”

she then said something else which i can’t remember and i replied “why is something wrong? “

i woke up as i was saying “why is something wrong?

notes 1

*conjoinment occupies a special place within our consideration of pleasure

we can begin to separate the building of pleasure via non-procreational sexual activity and the explosive pleasure of synchronised ejaculation in conjoinment

the sensation of pleasure is part of the “toolkit” of an evolving bein

we have to learn why we experience pleasure and how to use pleasure to make more of it

the sensation of pleasure is set to increase by five and ten thousandfold before we transmutate

feeling that much pleasure permanently is necessary to cushion what would otherwise be a stupefyingly overwhelming sense of freedom (the word endless and the experience of endless are two completely different things)

notes 2

it looks like the categorising and formulating of dreams will not be completed in the writer’s lifetime

people are invited to copy and paste all pages related to dreams and dreams theory and put them into a database and have a go at categorising them

it will be one of the things the writer has to “catch-up” with at the start of the five-hundred-year epoch which follows the current one-thousand-year epoch

the database/s which the writer refers to most one-thousand from now will…

p.s. keep a copy of The Current Database


vividness: 3.7


the category of dream: pleasure: () kissing and finger touch: () non conjoiment: ()

third dream
the name of the dream: a double-catch
a dog-catch-frisbee contest was in progress

it wasn’t just a dog-catching-a-frisbee competition

the dogs handler was to catch the dog with the frisbee at of the heighth of the jump with the frisbee in the dogs mouth

someone who was practising it in the practise area and didn’t catch the dog right and the dog got hurt

cause of the dream: often think of playing with a dog doing frisbee-catch

participant – the category of the dream: animal: () mammal: dog (13) frisbee-catching (1)

second dream

the name of the dream: street-walker

in the local gym which had enough equipment to cater for about ten people

americans were in town and were scheduled to drop in and see what facilities the gym had

was doing a shoulder-width-and-heighth straight-arm hold barbell exercise

three americans came in and i lost my concentration on two or three occassions and either bent my arms or had to lower the bar

most of the time was doing the exercise right and when it was done right my shoulders felt immensely strong

in the next scene was out and about in town and felt so much strength in my legs while walking i could adopt any one of two or three different gaits

was impressed by my own ability to change my style of walking and was still trying new ones as the dream ended


the stand-out part of the dream: the feelings of strength in the shoulders and legs

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: this may be how i would like to feel or how i have felt or how i will feel

cause of the dream: pde’s: a continuing drive to regain strength and mobility and thinking about the american political-influence earlier on in the day

a participant – the category of the dream: health: strength: () – vividness: 3.4 – the quality of the dream: 3.7 – the quality of the sleep: 3.7 – name of the dream: street-walker
third dream
the name of the dream: a dance and a death
first scene, was at a dance in the company of three or four others, all girls i think

second scene, on my own in a pub

a girl came into the pub and began asking questions about one of the girls who was at the dance in the previous scene

between the first scene and this scene the girl had died

the girl asking the questions was ardent in her quest to find out what had caused the girl to die and wanted any information which would satisfy her feeling that someting unusual and possibly untoward had happened

i said “i was with her just before she died and she didn’t seem to have anything on her mind”

the young lady in her middle-twenties didn’t say anything

thinking it might make her feel better i said “she was enjoying herself at the dance”

the girl never replied


can’t make head nor tails of the reason for the second scene



name of the dream and references: my sister’s playful brother

it was the prodigal sons’ homecoming reception

not sure where i had been but i was back

it was going to be a semi-formal affair

i was chatting to an acquaintance while the reception room was still being set up

there was a long table which would have a delicacies and drinks along the lenghth of it and there was a stage furthest away from the entrance door

i would be relating my adventures and achievements in snippet-form as people walked along the table picking and choosing what to put on their plates

second scene

my sister turned up and had some fantastic news

she had become engaged to …? (can’t remember his name)

he was a prize

he was a celebrity in his own right and, it must be said, occupied a more celebrated position in society than i

in fact the engagement became more of a talking point than my return

i was fond and proud of my sister and obviously she occupied a special place in my life but she had stolen my thunder

a little ribbing was in order

when she was within earshot of the person i was talking to i said just loud enough for her to ear “don’t ask her about …?”

the momentary look of consternation on her face told me she had taken the “bait”

the man caught on to what i was doing and played along
it was only as i deberately made light of the value and sanctity of marriage and how it was overrated that she began to think i might not be serious about what i was saying but she still wasn’t sure

in the next scene my sister and i had moved away from the table and we were away from the main body of people

i could see see she was still a bit concerned and she had decided to ask me what i thought about her new realtionship

i couldn’t stop myself from silently laughing and my body was jerking in the way it does when a good belly-laugh is in progress

my sister had formed the question she was going to ask and had said half of it before turning to me and delivering the pertinent last few words of the sentence

i had to put my fingers to my teeth and pretend to be scraping them so she wouldn’t see i was fit to burst out laughing

id’e had my revenge and it had ran its course

my sister realised she had been “had” and her face became a wonderfully relaxed teeth-smile which carried an admiration for the male sense of humour and a tinge of weariness

from the moment i had penetrated her cacoon of bliss to the end of the dream i had been the jester-joker of the gathering and the dream was one long parade of smiling and laughing

when i woke the endorphins were gushing through my body and the feelings lasted for minutes after waking


the stand-out part of the dream: sisters teeth-smile
a participant – category of dream: pleasure () humour/laughter (1) – vividness: 3.8 to 4 – the quality of the dream: 4 – the quality of the sleep: 3.7



second dream

name of the dream:

dreamt i was making leek soup and was tasting it as i was making it


the stand-out part of the dream: the taste of the leek in the soup
cause of the dream: a physiological need/desire for soup ? or it might have been throwing away a fair-sized container of leeks away the day before

a participant – the category of the dream: food: (6) leek soup (1) – vividness: 4 – the quality of the dream: 3.2 – the quality of the sleep: 3.4

first dream

the name of the dream:

was trying to organise folders on the computer and woke up frustrated at not being able to single left-click a folder and drag and drop it

category of dream: computer ()

notes 1

this is not the first dream that has caused a feeling of frustration because i couldn’t left-click and drag and drop an item on a computer screen

with this dream and i think with at least one of the others it was for the same reason… not being able to drag and drop

in this deam and i think with one of the others the sensation of pressing my forefinger was still happening after the dream had ended

there may be a good reason for feeling frustrated

the capacity to exert pressure through the fingers into a dream is a faculty that does exists but is not yet developed

the frustration can be likened to a child who becomes frustrated when being shown how to tie a shoelace or eat with a knife and fork… knows it can be done but hasn’t yet developed the coordination to do it



name of the dream and references:

first theme

think-read dream

got a notification from youtube that i had been given a “strike” for a breach of copyright

because it was my second “strike” my account would be suspended

was cursing and fuming at first but then realised it wasn’t the end of the world

had already given up on the the world’s first 24/7 live channel devoted exclusively to e.t.’s making a difference

after the cursing and spitting thoughts and feelings had faded the think-read message changed and became a first-aid tip to apply to birds with broken wings (another dream of a bird with a broken wing 20112017)

the category of the dream: think-read: () youtube: (1)

it then went from a think-read dream to a normal-type dream

it was night-time

as i turned from the path that ran alongside of the road onto the path that led to the house i saw a bird about the size of a pigeon, it might have been a pigeon, standing just in front of the the outside door that led to the garden

it was obviously alive but was standing motionless

there was a gap of about ten or twelve centimetres between the bottom of the door and the ground

through the gap i could see the legs of a cat which was walking back and forth from one side of the door to other side the door

the cat could smell the bird and was moving about waiting for the bird to come under the door

the cat’s movements had alerted the bird to the precence of the cat and was in a dilemna

the bird was out in the open and wanted to get into the relative safety of an inconspicous area

i made a movement towards the bird

the bird considered me threat and tried to fly away

it attempted to fly over the garden gate but crashed into the wall just below the top of the garden gate and fell to the ground

as it was trying to fly away i could see that one of its wings wasn’t flapping properly and that was the reason it was in the predicament

i realised it was my movement that had frightened it and stopped still hoping it would calm it down

after ten seconds or so i started to move towards the bird again and again it tried to fly away and crashed once more

it would be easy enough to catch it but what then ?

then the hints about healing birds with broken wings in the think-read came to mind

in the think-read part of the dream a splint was mentioned

it occured to me that if i put a thick elastic band about its body it would keep its wings still until i could get it a to a vet the following day

the dream ended here

notes 1

it was only yesterday when it was stated in the notes of that dream that the next dream that this website has of a bird it would write an aside about birds

and now, here we are only a day later with a bird dream ! (see the aside below the notes)


the stand-out part of the dream: reading the think-read message

a participant – the category of the dream: animal: dinosaur: pigeon (1)

vividness: 4 for the think-read dream and 3.2 for the normal dream

notes 1

it must be a possibility that the thoughts about writing an aside while writing the account of yesterday’s dream affected the content of the dream of this sleep

to think otherwise will mean having to consider that some dreams are “timed” to occur or one type of dream will “trigger” similar themes



was in the habit of taking some brown bread with me when taking a walk along the path which runs alongside the river exe

the pigeons would eat just about anyting but it was noticed that brown bread made the birds eat with a hint of frenzy

i would take about a third or a quarter of an eight hundred gram amount of bread with me on the walks

usually as i walked along, i would break off a fistful of bread and squeeze and rub it in my hand and let the bread fall through my grip as it broke down into small bits

it amused me to see the birds take a few beak-fulls of bread and then hop or flutter to the head of the trail of bread

it wasn’t much fun to just throw a lump of bread down and watch a free-for-all scramble

this way was much more civilised and everyone got some

on this day i decided to try something new

holding the bread in one hand i broke off small bits of bread with the other hand and pressed them into pellets about the size of small peas

again, as with the previous method, there was a bit of a scramble to start with but very soon it turned into the hop and flutter style

this new way of feeding the birds meant that it took a lot longer to drop the bread

usually it would all be gone in about fifty metres but this new way kept the food going for three to four hundred metres

occassionaly i would glance behind to see the hopping and fluttering

because it was going on for so long i didn’t look back as often as i would normally

the bread was very nearly all gone when the woman of a woman and a man couple walking in the opposite direction said in a quizzical and amused way as they were level with me “what’s going on here then ?”

it was just me feeding the birds in my own peculiar style, i thought

i smiled and looked behind and looked at what they were seeing and saw a picture that has become a fixed memory

the birds weren’t hopping and fluttering but had become fifty or more birds walking as though out for a liesurely walk themselves

occasionaly, one in every two or three of the birds would pick up a bit of bread without changing its direction or the pace it was walking

try to imagine it… fifty pigeons over an eight metre distance walking in single-file

it’s the sort of thing that only happens in dreams

altogether now in the key of c major… row, row, row, row your boat gently down…



third dream

name of the dream and references: wordy two

was a contestent on a t,v. show

a woman and a man hosted the show

not sure if it was for a prize or money or prestige

each contestant had thirty seconds to say as many different words as possible

i went about it alphabetically… darling, do, dollar, don’t… fever, forever, friends… rat, ratchet, rattle…

was given a score of nine out of ten and was leading

was dead chuffed with my performance and done it some more after waking up

cause of the dream: was talking to someone an hour earlier and we were trying to remember the names of film stars and the names of the films we thought were their best perfomances

one way of recalling the names and words of people, places and things you used to be able to remember at will is to go through the alphabet lingering on each letter

it does work

second dream

name of the dream and references: wordy

two of us was looking through a phone book looking for the name of someone

cause of the dream: probably the same reason as the previous dream

first dream

name of the dream and references: group-hug

daytime and out and about

a cat which culd have been grex (13022018) appeared just in front and to the right me

i thought it was grex and stooped down and pulled the front of my jacket or shirt out in front of me at about a forty-five degree to the floor

when i done this with grex in awake-time he recognised it as an invitation to climb up me and onto my shoulders

either this cat wasn’t grex or his character had changed

so i tried saying something to him which i also used to say him… in a squeaky voice i said “where you bin'”

he appeared to remember it and let out a soft miaow

i put my hand on the back of his neck and gave him a nail-scratch arounf his ears which brought him closer, so now he was nestled into my knee

i put my other hand on the other side of his head and we were now hugging

in the next scene, another cat, a black one (grex was also friendly with a black cat back in the awake-time day and i would get back home and find the two of them huddled together: got a photo of the two of them in this position) was next to grex

the length’s of the two cats bodies were touching each other and i was soothingly finger-rubbing the neck/ear area of both cats at the same time

it was a feline-human group-hug

just then, from the left of the scene a dog about the height and length of the cats but twice as stocky and was within a body-length of us

the dog had seen what was going on and decided to have get a bit of the action her or hisself

this group-hug was getting too popular

in the final scene it was the four of us and i heard a woman’s voice say “look at that”


the stand-out part of the dream:

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

a participant – category of dream: animal: mammal: cat (5)- vividness: 3.7- the quality of the dream: 3.8- the quality of the sleep: – 3.4location

notes 1

when i have the next bird dream there’s a little aside which you will find endearing

and there’s another little awake-time event to relate the next time there’s a bumblebee dream

and if i ever dream about a bull there’s another unusual thing which happened



second dream

name of the dream and references: drag and drop

this dream was about how get a parachute to automatically open

there was an app on the computer or phone which allowed a person to link the height a person wanted a parachute to open in the event of a having to bail-out in an emergency

there was a recommended minimum height which it should be set at although it could be overriden

the code on the the app would be synced to the automatic progamming built into the parachute which caused the parachute to open at the specified height

i had been using the app, or it had been in use for a while, and it was a standard, though not compulsory, part of an air-travellers package when they bought an air-ticket

i was on a flight and had just dragged and dropped the app on the phone into the parachute app which in turn caused the parachute-pack to blink a light and make a sound which confirmed that the parachute had been programmed

the dream then got a bit confusing

i was going to have to use the programmed parachute and was wondering what height to get the parachute to open but in order to do that i needed to know what the terrain i would be dropping into was

if it was mountainous it would be be best to set a hieght and override it if needs be

i seemed to recall that something had gone wrong with the parachute height-opening programme when a concorde flight had to ditch

also at this point of the dream, i became aware of being in free-fall and realising i was in a dream and not having to worry if the parachute didn’t work


the stand-out part of the dream: looking out of the window of the plane

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: don’t yet understand the significance of flying/faling dreams

cause of the dream: ?

time-tense: – an observer and a participant – category/s of dream: – flying/falling (3) awareness dreaming (2) – vividness: 3.3 to 3.7 – the quality of the dream: 3.3 – the quality of the sleep: 3.6

notes 1

being aware of being in a dream as it was happening is highly unusual for this person

it is believed that it is beneficial to be aware of being in a dream

this belief will be borne out if this type of dream starts to happen more often

being aware of being in a dream will enable a person to steer the events of the dream

first dream

name of the dream and references: 06082015 and 05082014 and 18082014 and 21092014 and 27092014 and more

in one scene it was a spacious jungle or forest with trees fifteen or twenty metres high but that was all

nothing happened

don’t recall seeing any living thing

in another scene dogs two dogs are in a wooded area

one was a doberman the other was a dog with a sturdy build

when the dogs saw each other the hair on the nape of their shoulders stiffened and they ran at each other snarling

the moment they got to within pouncing distance they dropped their aggressive manner and became friendly

another scene was of a t.v. show which was highlighting the lives of two famous personalities of years gone by

one was of an establishment figure the other was jimmy jewel

he was leaning forword on the edge of a lounge chair with a cigarette in his left hand

he was ultra-relaxed and super-confident

the t.v. programme was in black and white

in another scene it was late evening, after pub-openinng time

was wearing shorts and walking with a strong step

one or two shops were open and decided to get a quick bite of something

felt through the cloth of the pockets of the shorts for my credit card

couldn’t feel the credit card in any of the pockets and began running back to where i lived to get the card

in the next scene the cards had magically appeared

the sight of the blue of the card was the second most vivid colour in any of the dreams

next scene: was now going in the same direction as i was headed at the start of this sequence

a well-groomed brown horse and rider passed me going the in the opposite direction

the horse and rider ooked like they were practising a dressage routine

then another horse, a black one, going the same way as me passed by

don’t remember seeing a rider on it

next scene: was at the digs of the i lived in before the place i was living in the dream

they were crummy, run-down digs

the way in which people accepted living in them suggested this type of accomodation was standard

went in through the always-open back door and up to the second-floor

next scene: walked through the door of the room i used to live in expecting to see my two old buddies

the room was now a girls bedroom

there were four girls in it

i knew two of them

the two young ladies i didn’t know were uncomfortable with a male having come into their room while they were dressed for sleep

one of the girls i knew felt the same way and said the landlord wouldn’t like it if he found me in the room

the dream continued and we were chatting casually

in the next scene one of the two males i had come to see was in the room with us

we were talking about going out for the night the following day

he asked me if i had clothes that would be suitable for a night out

i said i had casual jackets and dress jackets

the dream ended somewhere here


the stand-out part of the dream: jimmy jewel sitting on the edge of the chair leaning forward with a cigarette in his left hand exuding confidence and charm

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?

cause of the dream: unable to assign any of the pde’e to this dream

category of dream: multi-themed dream with different scenes () – vividness: inconsistant – the quality of the dream: low 3’s to high 3’s- the quality of the sleep: 3.2- location

notes 1

have just searched the database to see if this is the first multi-scene dream with different themes

it isn’t

one similarity emerged immediately

have yet to formulate the causes and meanings of the wide content of dreams

assuming some headway is achieved it means this websites dreams diary is to be used for reference purposes for coming generations



name of the dream and references:

this appears to be a one-scene dream

two young men were asking if i was still looking for musicians for the band which they knew i was forming

i said that thr group was formed and didn’t need anybody else

one of the males said in a challenging way that he and his mate should be in the band; inferring i should dismiss members already in the band and let them take their place

i treid to put him at ease and said “there’s plenty of talent around. you wont have any trouble getting members for the group”.

he replied with something along the lines of “yes, but you’ll be able to get it organised better than we could”

was a bit non-plussed

i was supposed to break up my band and start a new band with these two young men

can’t remember anymore of this dream, if there was any more to it


the stand-out part of the dream:

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

cause of the dream:

time-tense: – an observer/a participant – category of dream: – vividness: – the quality of the dream: – the quality of the sleep: – location

notes 1

yet again the memory of awake-time thoughts and dream-time thoughts and memories continue to merge

i knew i had dreamt just after awaking, there’s a “sense” of the dream being there

i was trying to remember the visual content of the dream but couldn’t bring them into awake-time

recalling the most recent thoughts was what brought the dream to mind

this may be the way for those of you who are trying to remember your dreams

rather than trying to remember the visual content of the dream, go over your most recent thoughts and see if it works for you

notes 1

this dream is a continuation of another dream from a while back (didn’t enter it or it is one of the dreams of the lost 100)

this is a serial dream but because the other dream isn’t in the diary it can’t really be given the status of a serial dream

there is obviously significance to serial dreams, quite probably an important significance

the significance will come to be known eventually


first sleep

name of the dream: a kiss and a cuddle and a whole load of trouble

first theme

was visiting a family i hadn’t seen for a couple of years

towards the end of the day-long visit someone suggested i should sleep there for the night

everybody was in agreement about it

the daughter could sleep with her sister and i could have her bed

i was nestled into bed and starting to drift off when the girl whose bed i was sleeping in came ito the bedroom and hovered over me asking without asking that she wanted to get into bed with me

i shuffled about a bit to make room for her and let her know i knew what she wanted and she slipped in beside me

to let you know i’m not a complete letch i didn’t want x but felt more like a sincere exchange of embraces between two people who appreciated the simple joy of sharing their feelings

some clinging embraces and savoury kisses fitted the bill perfectly

second theme

outside a court or tribunal where a a genuine misfit of society had been sentenced

his crime was one against society as a whole and it stirred a sense of revulsion in ordinary people and a gathering of a few hundred people wanted a greater punishment for the man than the one which the court or tribunal had passed down

third theme

it was evening and i was returning from somewhere or other

as i entered through the front door i noticed a car pull up to a stop about forty metres away on the other side of the road

it struck a chord with me because i got the feeling it was the same car that had passed me at a snails pace about a hundred metres from the front door as i was almost back home

in the next scene there was a heavy knock on the door and i suspected it was the driver of the car and the forceful knock told me to be weary

i opened the door slowly and sure enough whoever it was tried to push his way in

i was partly braced as i opened the door and was able te resist the initial pressure

the person was stronger than me and was gaining ground in the door-push so i had to use my back to press against the door so i could pass the strength from the pressure i got from my legs as i braced them against the wall on the other side of the hallway

it was a stalemate but i couldn’t keep it up forever and it came down who had the greatest resolve to get the upper hand

i would try to bluff it

i shouted “go and get dave” to a non-existent person and then again “get dave”

that done the trick

the pressure against the door lessened and then stopped

whoever it was knew he could get the better of me but an extra, unknown person, was something he hadn’t bargained for


causes of the dream: can place the three different sources of the thoughts which caused these three dreams from the previous day

the first theme was the result of thinking about women in a different light

as transmutation looms ever-larger in our minds a determined resolve, which can only be achieved by incorporating the subtle recognition, that eternity has to be approached with love

you/we/i can’t barge our way into eternity

it means digging deep into our character and laying the foundation via the understanding that the glue of love is the only tool we have and it’s never too soon to start practicing it

the second theme was the result of thinking about two particularly nasty anti-scocial criminals of recent years; crook and tobin

third theme was the result of trying to think who it was and what they wanted

am referring to the two people who knocked, in an insistent way, on the front door in the middle of the night within the last month or two

time-tense: – an observer in the second theme and a participant the other two – vividness: 3.3 across the board – the quality of the dream: 4, 3.1 and 3.4 – the quality of the sleep: 3.3

after waking up from this dream i intiated a montage sequence which became a new category of mntages…mixed themes montage (1)



name of the dream:

struck up an acquaintence with a woman

she was slim, fair-haired and as tall as me and smartly dressed

we went back to where she lived

we were feeling each other out

she wanted to know about me but compared to her i was a lot less interesting

in fact i wasn’t sure i was up to her standards

she was sharp-witted and it got in the way of her femininity from my point of view

she was very appealing to me and so i let the her ask lots of questions about me

i was lying on my front on the floor turning the pages of a newspaper

the woman made a joke which made me laugh

on the front page of the newspaper there was a photograph which took up most of the page

the photograph was of a woman who looked like the woman i was with

i had turned several pages of the paper before i realised the woman on the front page and the woman i was with were the same person

at that moment i looked up at her and she answered the question i was about to ask

it was her on the front page

she was a police woman who had been dressed to look like a woman who the police were trying to find

i became aware of another man in the room

i think it was her husband and they were seperated but were still on amicable terms

he didn’t mind me getting to know his ex-partner but between him and her overly confident manner a relationship between us was becoming less likely


the stand-out part of the dream: the photograph on the woman on the front page of a newspaper

cause of the dream: during the day i was lamenting over not having struck-up up a meaningful relationship with a woman, any woman, over the last thirty years

a participant – vividness: 3.8 – the quality of the dream: 3.5- the quality of the sleep: 3.5

notes 1

can’t remember a woman making me laugh in a dream before this dream



name of the dream: two women, ice-cream and cars with two petrol tanks

evening time

out and about with a local man

went into a shop to buy an ice-cream but the shop didn’t have any

the local chappie wanted to buy a car which must have two petrol tanks

we went into another shop

the shop did have ice-cream

again, he asked about buying a car which must have two taps for the petrol

i asked him why a car needed two taps

he said something about it helping the car to keep its value

there were two women in the shop who were interested in us joining forces for the evening

the local man was hesitant

he had a girlfriend

i didn’t and it looked like i would have to go with the women on my own

someone suggested the pictures

the women were happy to do something as long as we ended back up at their place

the dream ended there


a participant – category of dream: – vividness: 3.2- the quality of the dream: 3.3 – awareness dreaming (1) – the quality of the sleep: – location 3 (windmill road) –

notes 1

yet another dream when the thoughts and circumstances of the dream merged with awake-time thoughts and i tied in the thoughts and circumstances of the dream with awake-time thoughts before realising they were two different conscious states

it is becoming clearer that the two different conscious states are linked

dream memories and awake-time memories are to be associated with one another in the same way we associate events we witness and which become memories as being the same as memories of events we participated in



second dream

name of dream: awake-time tactile in a dream

there is no doubt in the mind of this website… dream-time can house the exact same desirable experiences as awake-time

probably even more so


the stand-out part of the dream: the feelings transmitted through the pleasure receptors of the skin

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: a furthering of the conjoinment of the two states of consciousness

cause of the dream: thoughts about women

a participant – category of dream: x dream(29) – vividness: 4.4 – the quality of the dream: 4 – the quality of the sleep: 3.4 – time-tense: every tense


name of the dream: dilapidated housing, a bottle of water and fine art

a run-down house with blocked toilets and seedy management

one part of the dream was externalised

it was while talking to a plumber who realised just how bad the house was and seemed to be asking me to report it to the health and safety authorities

i turned to him and said “i could make a fortune if i rented out some of the rooms of where i lived. it would be the hotel royale compared to this one”

in another scene of the dream i was being interviewed to do the artwork for the label of a bottle of water

the colour of the label was orange

in another part of the dream, it was a collection or presentation, it was a bit of a montage, of art-work

the pictures in this bit of the dream were as fine a collection of fine-art as iv’e ever seen

delicately done, extremely detailed, colour and black and white…


the stand-out part of the dream: the colour of the label on the bottle of water

an observer in the art-work sequence and a participant in the other scenes – category of dream: externalised/water (10)- vividness: 4.1 for the art pictures and 3.7 for the interview sequence and 3.5 for the other two scenes – the quality of the dream: 3.8 overall – the quality of the sleep: 3.4

notes 1

there may or may not be a connection to the water-theme sequences in this dream but when i woke up my mouth was dryer than other times when iv’e woke up with a dry mouth



name of the dream: close to true love

category of dream: x dream (28)



name of the dream: no amourous advances causes problems

at aunt g’s

in the company of three or four women and two or three men

i was the person in the spotlight

my girlfriend was unhappy with me

we had only recently struck up our relationship and she felt i wasn’t being as forward as she expected or wanted

her sense of a meaningful partnership included kissing and petting and words which solidified my commitment to a long-term relationship

she was misconstruing my lack of passion as a signal that i didn’t want her

it wasn’t that at all

i felt comfortable with her and she was, in my mind, the woman i would be spending my life with and my true feelings would become known to her as time went by

a woman and a man friend, or they may have been relatives, of my girfriend were showing a little hostility towards me and i was considering going on the offensive when the dream ended


cause of the dream and notes: during the day had been recalling the situation/circumstances of a relationship when in my mid-twenties

a very attractive young woman did, to my complete surprise, accept my advances and agreed to have a date with me

i couldn’t believe my luck

she was exceptionally attractive and had those personality traits, obliging, somewhat demure, a permanant gentle smile… that we men find so appealing and the physique of a model to boot

she wanted me to meet her family before we had our first date

i arrived at the house and in the living room i met her father and brother but there was no mother

the two men were totally hostile towards me and i could see the girl was uncomfortable

they were spiitting out dissmissive and contemptuous jibes and remarks from the very start

they was a violent undertone to them

they didn’t frighten or intimidate me

i was confused

what was even more odd was that physically they were like chalk and cheese

the man was fair-haired and slight and the son was really bulky, much taller, jet black hair and the more hostile of the two

have come across this chalk and cheese, father/son pairing once more since the seventies and it could have been the same two people i met all those years ago

during the half-minute, more recent, encounter with two unlikely-related father/son pairing left me with the impression that the father of the two was copletely dismayed and disillusioned that he could have fathered such a miserable creature and it had changed his outlook of life

there is no way i could make sense of it

it wasn’t until the case of the child-swapping case in south america that a plausible explanation surfaced

bearing in mind just how sinister the acts of devolving beings can be child-swapping is one of their lesser crimes

how this beautiful girl could keep her attarctive qualities living with two men like that is one of three reasons i keep on returning to our brief time together

i can’t remember what happened on the first date but when we met on the next date she was insistent, and i do mean insistent, that we go back to my place and let me know just what she wanted when we got there

when back at my place i went out she room for a couple of minutes and when i got back she had stripped off and lay there in black underwear

fair coloured skin, blonde hair, an out-of-this-word physique a magnetic personality in black underwear… it was an awake-dream

by the time of our third date, a few days later, i had changed lodgings and we were sitting on the sofa watching the telly

within a few minutes she told me she had met another man and wanted to be with him

i remained calm and composed and asked her if she was sure

she said she was

i walked her home; about seven hundred metres

while we were walking i was talking about this and that but she didn’t want to talk and responded to what i was saying with nods or quick yeses

her body was rigid as though she was bracing herself for something

she looked troubled, something was wrong

it was her manner and gait as we were walking back to where she lived that has stuck in my mind

another thing has come to mind as this is being written…

when i first met her she was with a friend

her friend was…

you should know … this person’s gene has been *****f about with, used and manipulated by a group of people ( m.i.1.?) for the last thousand years

they have peculiar mental and physical characteristics

i can see them

note 1

in the last week the sharp disticntion between the thoughts and the and the sights in dream-time has begun fusing with awake-time thoughts and their accompanying mental imagery

in the latest two dreams after this one the train of thought has included both time-senses and i am unable to tell you where one ends and the other one starts

a re-defining of consciousness is occurring

the blurring or merging of conscious states has given me an idea for a little experiment

if the experiment produces the results that it is thought they may it will be a breakthrough in accessing or opening inroads to inner-self



name of the dream: out-passioned

it’s kinda intimidating when the woman’s sex-drive is greater than the man’s

i’m not complaining, just hope it doesn’t swing too far in the woman’s favour


cause of the dream: the endless fascination/appreciation of life’s ability to bring more life into being

a participant – category of dream: x dream (27) – vividness: 3.8 – the quality of the dream: 4 – the quality of the sleep: 3.8



name of the dream and/or references: the riches of a poor family

was visiting a family with four girls all under the age of ten

the mother was quite a slight woman and liked to wear dark-coloured clothing

she saw the children as her treasure and guarded them with a diligence that only women have

she wanted to share them but was very cautious about men

her husband had left her and, like most well-adjusted women, wanted a man in her life

the girls were typically loving and innocent to the world’s ways and regarded males as something wondrous

the children and i took to each other

the mother didn’t realise just how much enjoyment i got from the company of the children

i didn’t find the mother particularly attractive

she wanted me to show her affection and let herself relax in my company

I decided i would become involved with her

the mother and the children were preparing to go shopping and she gave the girls an equal amount of pocket money of about one pound fifty

i gave each of them a little more

a participant – category of dream: – serial dream – vividness: 3.3 – the quality of the dream: 3.7 – the quality of the sleep: – 3.4

notes 1

this is the second or third dream of this family, which makes it a serial dream

the family is a family i used to board with in london in the 1960’s

second dream

x dream

it may have been the same woman as in the first dream

it was evening or night-time and it was the first time we were going to conjoin

we were outside; it may have been a beach

the women was letting me lead

she had no idea of what to expect

i think women like it that way; they hope it’s going to be that type of x which fulfils all aspects of what can happen when a couple want enjoy each other

typically, men tend to expect women to enjoy them enjoying the woman

it occurred to me about seven years ago, there’s a much more rewarding way of intensifying the pleasure/enjoyment of x for both the woman and the man

i was going to introduce her to my “the woman’s pleasure first” philosophy

this was going to be my pleasure in a way women aren’t familiar with

we were both still clothed: she was wearing three or four garments and there were two or three on me

i lay on my back and manipulated her onto the top of me

within a short time the tips my fingers found their way under the elastic band of her trousers…


the stand-out part of the dream: the first touch of her skin inside her trousers – the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: x dreams are meant to be dreams that are tactile – cause of the dream: thinking about women during the day – a participant – category of dream: – serial dream/x dream (26) – vividness: 4 – the quality of the dream: 4 – the quality of the sleep: 3.4

third dream

name of dream and references: a mixing of consciousnesses (h4)

this six or seven-second dream happened in awake-time

i had just woken up

was still feeling very sleepy and began thinking about a fairly recent relationship

my thoughts took me into a bed-scene, it was part-memory but mainly mind-embellishment

i was awake and i wondered if my partner was awake as well

i asked “are you awake” and she said “yes”

then i said “give us a kiss” and she rolled over and our lips automatically found each other

the kiss lasted for a full five or six seconds and it could have gone on a lot longer or led to something else

it was though, just a kiss that i needed at that moment

when the sensation of the kiss had filled my senses i started to pull away but she was still in a kissing mood so i pressed back into her lips and laid my hand on her bare hip and kept contact with her skin with my hand as i relaxed back into a sleeping position

she could have touched my hand and i would have responded but she didn’t and the experience ended there

category: kissing dream (15)



name of the dream:

was the manager of a shop or office sitting with the awake-time girlfriend of an awake-time acquaintance of many moons ago

she was dressed in blue and was preoccupied with what she was doing

she took a package out of a bag and unwrapped it

there one or two packages wrapped in see-through polythene which contained two or four ounces of marijuana

inexplicably in amongst the marijuana were a couple of bolts and two or three metal sleeves for use with a squat-stand which i had been searching for a couple of months ago

i hadn’t found them at the time of this dream but why they should be part of this dream isn’t understood

she may have known they were mine but she re-wrapped the parcel with the metal items and when they were wrapped the metal objects chinked every time the package was moved

in the next scene, her boyfriend had shown up

she was so upset that he had managed to find her she started crying

the male asked to me to get some take-away food from a shop nearby

in the next scene, i was back with the food and it was just the male and me in a kitchen area

the male didn’t want to talk to me and was walking away as i was speaking to him

i asked him what i should do with the food and still he didn’t say anything

i was wodnering what was going on with him and me an his girlfriend when the dream ended


the stand-out part of the dream: the sound of the metal in the package

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: sound is becoming more prominent in dreams

will assume that it is dreams becoming more detailed

a participant – category of dream: – people/emotions/sounds – vividness: 3.3 – the quality of the dream: 3.1 – the quality of the sleep: 3.4



name of the dream: the sermon in the room

the first scene there were three of us

i was explaining the mechanics and consequences of a persons decisions and actions

in the second scene there were four of us

the person who had joined us had a position of responsibility in the community or society

he was having difficulty in recognising how his decisions had more of an effect on himself than it did on others

someone had told him that there was a person (me) who could explain it

he was sincere in his approach to listening to what would be said

it would be the right thing to do to explain the main points to him in a deliberately slow way

i began… “everything we do becomes a part of reality…” the monologue went on for more than a dozen sentences and there was still three or four main points to cover

after the second or third sentence i began coming out of the sleep and was listening to the sound of my own words

by the seventh or eighth sentence i was fully awake but continued

i wanted to know if i could say what it was i wanted to say in awake-time

by the twelfth sentence or so i realised there were other points to be explained but they would not be in chronological order and would have to backtrack which would confuse the issue

next time this situation arose i would begin “before there was time, before there was anything…”


cause of the dream: formulating the story of us during the day

a participant – category of dream: same-theme same-sleep-serial-dream (3) – vividness: 3.5 – the quality of the dream: 3.7 – the quality of the sleep: 4.1

notes 1

serial dreams are considered to be most relevant when they occur in different sleeps

this serial dream in the same sleep has relevance

what the relevance is hasn’t been identified yet



name of the dream: you slept last night

most of the occupants were settling in to their homes on a new housing estate even though it was still in the finisheing stages of being completed

there was mounds of rubble to be collected and most of the tradesmen were still there fitting and painting doors and window frames and there was also light construction equipment still in use mixing concrete

it was alive with activity as people were getting to know one another and the children were engrossed in exploring their new environment

the women were making their mark and one group of women had become the unofficial official commitee pointing out to the workers and their husbands what colours they wanted and what chores should be prioritised

one woman asked a man who believed he knew what it was he thought should happen, in what order and why, to explain his views

the man gave a responsible and tert four or five sentences reply which covered the main points the women had already agreed were the priorities

the man’s ideas finished with… and made eminent sense

the wordly-wise woman who led the women recognised the man’s good common-sense and acknowledged his understanding in her own way

she said “you slept last night”

notes 1

the intuuitive feel for and understanding of life in women is to be given greater sway


* * *



the name of the dream: is dancing a trait of heaven?

was at a shindig, think it was a wedding reception, with mainly middle-aged people

they were having a good time dancing to the birdie song… the bump… the hokey cokey…

the song “let’s twist again” began playing

it was an opportunity to get a group vibe going

with my left hand i held the hand of the person who was at the end of a loosely-formed line and with my right hand held the hand of someone else hoping she would pick up on what i was trying to do

in the next scene, we were all in a circle but our movements weren’t in sync with one another

i began chanting “left hip, left hip…” whilst thrusting my left hip in rhythm with the beat of the music and was still doing so as i woke up

* * *



the name of the dream: not all dogs are people-friendly

the opening scene of this dream was of two lions at a distance of about thirty-five metres

in the second scene, i was in a seated reclining position

one of the lions was now a dog with a very large face not unlike the face of a bulldog but without the flappy jowel-skin

its head was as big as a lions’

it opened its massive mouth and grabbed my right arm and now my right arm, all the way up to the shoulder, was in its mouth

it was trying to get more of me into its mouth and i knew if it got my head into its mouth it would try to bite me

i must have been expecting something like this to happen because i had a pistol with me and the gun was in my right

so now my right arm and the gun were inside the dog

it was the lion-sized dog or me

the movement of my wrist and hand were not restricted and i could point the gun in a fairly wide arc

the first shot didn’t phase the dog-lion in the slightest so i pointed the gun down and pulled the trigger

the dog gave out a death-grunt

i knew it was fatally injured

it didn’t try to eject me though

i would have to fire again

there was movement from the dog and it made it difficult to cock the gun

after what was the longest sequence of the dream, several attempts of trying to pull the hammer back, i managed to fire again and the lion-dog relaxed its grip of me and i pulled my arm out of its insides

then it was its mates’ turn

this lion-dog was much younger and looked more like a wolf

it was still big though and it did exactly the same thing as the dog before

it opened its mouth and put my right arm into it with much more skill than the previous dog

there could be no pussyfooting around with this animal

i fired the gun immediately

it died straight away

* * *



the name of the dream:
a good catch

with an awake-time acquaintance of twenty-plus years ago

we were in an area about two metres wide and roughly six or seven metres long

we had a soft ball, a tennis-ball i think, and the game was to get the ball to touch the wall behind the person

the rules were… a player couldn’t bounce the ball off the sides or the floor or the ceiling of the room and the ball had to be thrown under-arm

because my under-arm throw was stronger than the other player i was scoring twice as many points

he was a trier if nothing else

as my tally grew he became more determined and placed some good balls

the fact that he was younger than me by a generation told him he should be winning and that he wasn’t winning only spurred him on

i was toying with him and was laughing more and more as he started getting sweaty but had no intention of giving up

have you ever seen the determination on the face of a child who was giving it their all ?

i was laughing out loud as i woke


the category of the dream: physical games: () ball (3) and externalised ()

vividness: 3.5

* * *



the name of the dream: three’s lovely company

this dream should have gone on longer


the category of the dream:
x (25)

vividness: 3.7

the stand-out part of the dream: all of it

* * *



the name of the dream: killer whale in the swimming pool

it was party-time

there were two rows of lights from the back of the house leading to a large swimming pool thirty metres away

i was the only person at the pool, others would be along soon

i got into the pool and then ducked under the water to see if the lights were visible, they were

when my head was back above the water-line i saw a killer whale at the far side of the pool, it seemed to be stationary

it didn’t give me cause to be concerned after all killer whales are quite friendly

then it wasn’t to be seen, it was under the water and out of sight

now i was on edge

i needed to see it

i dipped back under the water-line but still couldn’t see it

it was possible it was coming at me from an angle

by now i was too far away from the side of the pool to get out of the water before the whale got to me

i stuck my head above the water and took a big gulp of air and went back under the surface

i would be better off if i could see it coming

after a few seconds of dream-time, my lungs were ready for more air

what should i do ?

the longer i left it the greater the chance the whale would be on me but the thought of it catching me unawares from under the water if i stuck my head above the water for more air was my greatest fear

my lungs were at bursting point

i felt myself take a gasp/gulp of air as i was waking


the category of the dream: water: () swimming pool: () – vividness: 3.4

* * *



the name of the dream: the house next to a road with a very steep slope

the ridiculousness of it

it was all wrong but there it was

neither the house nor the road should have been there

the front of the house the lie of the land to the left of the house was level with an asphalt road that marked the left extreme view of the scene; whether the asphalt road connected to other roads somewhere to the left wasn’t in the dream

the twenty-five metres to the front and left of the house to where the road began its decline on the right of the house a was a two-lane, asphalt road with a decline of about twenty-five degrees

from the top of the road to the t-junction at the bottom was about a hundred and fifty metres

it was unlikely a person could walk up the steep and there could be serious repercussions for someone going down it if they lost their balance and it was and accident waiting to happen for any vehicle

at the rear, the ground sloped at about ten degrees over eight-hundred metres

there was a one-vehicle wide road with winds in it which helped offset the angle of the descent/ascent

the winding road snaked its way off into the distance to the right and looked like it would join the road that branched to the road that ran from the left of the t-junction at the bottom of the decline at the front of the house

there were no other buildings of any sort in the dream

the house was isolated

the person who chose to live there must have had a lot of money or a lot of influence or both

* * *



the name of the dream: snow-prison

second dream

in prison and i wanted to escape from it

the prison was in a clearing in a forest or at the edge of a forest

outside there was snow on the trees and the snow was thick on the ground

there was no chance of trying to bribe the guards to help me escape, it would have to be done in a roundabout way

it was a cunning plan, first, i had to bribe the right people to get me a fish and chips meal

the people who i approached were big-stomached men who liked food themselves and could sympathise with someone who wanted their favourite food over and above everything else and would be less likely to think of it as being part of an escape plan

i had convinced the two men involved that fish and chips were something i missed more than anything else in the world and i would pay handsomely if i could only have my favourite meal of fish and chips, something which was never served as a meal in the prison

it would have to be a hot meal because that was one of the things which couldn’t be brought into the place without other people becoming aware of it and someone would have said something which in turn would have turned the spotlight of suspicion onto the guards

arranging the meal had cost me a small fortune

because the food couldn’t be brought into the buildings i would have to eat the food outside

i was outside when the first shafts of the headlights of the car penetrated the forest

what others thought was someone giving me a meal was a colleague taking me to freedom

first dream

the name of the dream: mice in a store

a neighbour from six years ago knew i was going into town and asked me to pick up a lightweight raincoat that had been altered

got to the three-storey store where he had bought the trousers and went up the escalator to the first floor

as i was going to the collection counter a couple of children aged five or six were making excited sounds about something

as i got closer i could see what they were excited about

there was a mouse with a dark fur under the bottom shelf of a wall display

the mouse was straight out of a child’s film; there was a mouse with a dark fur under the bottom shelf of a wall display

its whiskers were twitching and its eyes suggested an intelligent awareness

i would show the children that mice were friendly

i produced a nugget of food about the size of a pea and bent down and held it out near enough for the mouse to get without having to come out of the cover of the shelf

the mouse took the morsel and delighted the children when it began tucking into it

within a second or two of dream-time, another mouse appeared but i didn’t have anything to give it

so i held out my finger thinking it would come close and let me stroke it

it came close alright, close enough to bite into my finger, thinking it was a food-offering no doubt

the scene changed and i was walking out of the store with the raincoat and there were two uniformed police officers, a woman and a man, checking the items people were taking out of the store

i made a joke about something and the dream ended with the sight of the two smiling police officers

* * *



the name of the dream: targeted programming

this think-read dream appears to be a memo or a summary of a new programme or stratagem being used to collect information about popular trends and interests for the purpose of ever-greater control or manipulation by those who seek ever-greater control of the manipulation of people

the memo explained the usefulness of a new spyware programme for the shadow government

“this programme is designed to gather information on what people are downloading and want to watch and find interesting and enjoyable without putting their identity at risk

the programme is designed to gather information on what people want/like by gathering their downloaded or viewed material and assess, using the mojo, what it is they find enjoyable in the areas of entertainment and media and use the resulting information to deliver a systems programme to deliver appropriately modified programmes

the programme is designed to provide the most enjoyable programmes via the delivery system, and most importantly, to asses the effectiveness of the programme in relaying modified information

the gathered information will enable the production of another programme which, through its mojo, will list for people programmes they find enjoyable and then use the response to the new programmes to develop more effective programmes

the purpose is to find the most suitable programmes to play with other programmes which then releases information and other programmes to find out what it is that people want to download in order to present them with enough relevant information to get them to sift or desist disallow or destroy any dreams they have about programmes on the internet being freely available for downloading…”

the memo went on for a few more long sentences but you’ve got the idea

the point is oligarch-controlled countries will use up the wealth of the country to control it


the category of the dream: think-read (19)

* * *



the name of the dream: uncle les on the telly

entered a house with an awake-time friend of more than thirty years ago

in the living room, there was a woman and two men and a dog with longish dark hair

the two men looked too alike to be anything other than father and son

as soon as we were in the room i said: “hello, remember me?”

the younger of the two men got up from lying on the floor and sat at a table

the woman and the man were in lounge chairs and the t.v. was on

the woman didn’t respond to my question

i went on… “i came round and took some photo’s of the family a few years ago”

hesitantly, the woman leant her head forward in a partial nod

she didn’t remember me but i was so familiar and friendly with her she knew that she had forgotten something which she shouldn’t have forgotten, quite possibly for the first time in her life, and i could she was concentrating on trying to recall the time i was referring to

i extended my hand to the dog and it came to me and i began to give it the ever-popular dog-treat of a slow itch-cum-massage behind the ears while the family were looking at each other and me and back to each other with a curious-to-know-who-i-was smile on their faces

i looked around the room hoping to see one of the photographs i had taken and jog their memories

while looking around the room the t.v. caught my eye and on the screen, my uncle les was being interviewed

my uncle looked like he could be another brother or father of the men in the room of the people we were visiting

“that was it” i exclaimed to myself

when doing the photographs for formal occasions people would often ask me to come to where they lived and take family photos in their home surroundings

it was while i was trying to remember the function my uncle had attended and had introduced me to other members of his family that it began to occur to me that i hadn’t been to this house before

in fact, i’d never met these people before or seen them before until they invited into their home a minute before

how could that be ?

why had i knocked on their door along a street that had hundreds of doors ?

most uncannily, why was the telly showing some film of my uncle who looked like he was a member of the family of the door i knocked ?

now it was my turn to become confused and the only things i could think of to say was things that were lies… “i just thought i’d pop in and say hello”… “i would take some photos but i haven’t got a camera with me”… and i could hear more lies coming from my mouth as i came out of the sleep

notes 1

we’re into deep analysis here

having thought about him a few days before this dream why did the dream-time memory not serve up this dream in the sleep on the day i thought about him ?

do we need to consider that the dream-time memory “stacks up” memories and presents them in the much broader context of the inter-undulationary memory ?

and if that is the case an examination or appraisal or analysis becomes an extremely complicated process

will opt for the possibility that the pan-undulationary memory has so much material to align it orders/presents memories in a different way to our awake-time memories

we might have to start thinking that the themes of dreams or the quality of dreams are being “spread out” as evenly as possible within our lifetime or lifetimes for an entire undulation or perhaps they are presented as averages of “packets” of the experiences across millenniums or even across all undulations

the coming forty generations will have the opportunity to evaluate the connectivity of the dreams of genetic lines; be prepared for some surprising revelations about ourselves


the cause of the dream: thoughts about my uncle a few days before -vividness: 3.3/4 –  participant  – the stand-out part of the dream: uncle L on the telly – the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: see notes 1 – vividness: 3.5 – location: 3

* * *



the name of the dream: an organiser’s buzz

there was a definite buzz brewing

eric burden was ready to do some gigs

a local newly-emerging voice would definitely be interested in sharing the stage and i had heard another local talent singing recently and who was good enough to be a star in his own right

organising the where and when of a concert had fallen on me and it would also be necessary for me to bring the three of them together for a first meeting which would be the making or breaking of what had the potential of being an event worthy of national interest

in the next scene, two men and an awake-time friend of some years ago who had a heart of gold but was absolutely no judge of character had brought the two men to my local hangout, a busy tea, coffee and snack cafe, to talk about moving my equipment the fifty kilometres to the gig

within a sentence or two of the conversation it was obvious these two men were capable of picking up my goods and making off with them

all they had to do was to con me into trusting them to do the moving

they were fairly skilled at a con and were doing a reasonably good job of giving the impression being men who were negotiating the price of a day’s work by asking me the amount of space the items would take up, how much it weighed in total and other relevant information but their real skill was the way they managed to divert my attention by haggling in a completely genuine way about the price of the day’s work; it was wholly believable

what con men and crooks don’t seem to realise is an honest man has a character which recognises looks, sounds, gestures, poise etc. which aren’t in his own character

as the dream neared the end, i heard myself saying… “i might bring someone along to give us a hand”

i said it to give them the impression i would be hiring them

i got their telephone number but had no intention of ever speaking to them again

notes 1

the second dream where someone has tried to push their way through a door

addenda – participant – the category of the dream: music – the quality of the dream: 3.4 – the quality of the sleep: 3.8

* * *



the name of the dream: insistent entrant

second successive prison dream

this prison was even laxer than yesterday’s prison

it was so lax i had managed to smuggle my girlfriend in for a few hours

the dormitory was of the barracks-style with eight beds either side of the room and i was sleeping down against the wall furthest from the door

the scene changed and i was at a door responding to a knock and asking who it was who wanted to come in

the person never answered but the door started to open

it was, as mentioned, an easy-going place but not so easy-going that it would tolerate non-inmates from coming and going whenever inmates wanted

i had to stall the would-be entrant from getting in long enough for my girlfriend to get dressed

the door started to open again and i put my weight against it so it didn’t open more than a couple of centimetres

the weight of the person against the door ceased and i whispered loudly to my girlfriend to hurry

again, the door began to be pushed open and the gap was almost big enough for the person on the other side of the door to get their head through, which is what he tried to do

i put my hand around the side of the door and made contact with his head

he was really making an effort to push his way in and for the longest part of the dream it was a push and shove battle of determination

the scene changed and now it wasn’t my girlfriend in the room but a long-time male acquaintances

i told him to get out through the window and the dream ended as he was doing so

notes 1

the second dream where someone has tried to push their way through a door

addenda – participant – the category of the dream: prison: () open () – the quality of the dream: 3.4 – the quality of the sleep: 3.8

* * *



the name of the dream: prisoners plan a wedding

in a “soft” prison

shared a cell with two others and we had become friends

when they found out what i did for a living they asked me to do the music at an up and coming wedding

their release from prison was imminent, as was mine, and we spent most of our time going over the details of the wedding day

as the day of our release and of the wedding drew near some of the details would have to be finalised when they were out of prison which meant they would have to contact me and let me know what song the bride wanted to dance to when they led the dancing after the meal

i suggested “stay as sweet as you are” sung by nat “king” cole or “can’t take my eyes off of you” by andy williams as the lead dance and they would let me decide

we were still beavering away with the plans as the dream ended

notes 1

wedding day themes have featured frequently over the last couple of months

if memory serves there have been three or more in the months before this one


a participant – the category of the dream: weddings (3) prison: () – the quality of the dream: 3.7 – the quality of the sleep: 3.8

* * *



* * *



first dream

the name of the dream: the uninvited wedding guest

at a wedding reception but not as a guest or relative

walked into a room next to the room where the wedding party were having their meal

a woman guest twigged that i shouldn’t have been there and decided to bring it to the attention of other people

the woman detective began looking around for the equivalent of a bouncer

if it had been an awake-time situation i would have left and that would have been that

in dream-time though it’s not always that simple

things seem to either work out wonderfully or the situation degenerates into a full-blown drama

there were lots of people coming and going so i mingled in with the crowd

i ducked into the room where the main body of guests was and went to the far side of the room

i needed to become one of the invited and needed to merge

a man was struggling to get the small pieces of onion floating on top of a bowl of soup into a ladle so i offered to do it for him

with a certain amount of deftness which wasn’t born of practise i got fifteen or twenty bits of onion into the ladle

i was wearing dark trousers and a white shirt and the man who i had helped with the soup said thanks in a way that told me he thought i was part of the hired help and that was my cue to get chatting to him

i stood with my back to the door so anyone looking for me would see the back of me chatting with a guest and wouldn’t guess i was an intruder

the dream faded

addenda – a participant – vividness 3.5

second dream

the name of the dream: the hair-hat

was browsing in a shop which sold all manner of things

a woman walked in wearing dark-themed clothing and a hat which looked like it could be her hair or looked like it could have been her hair which looked like a hat, and that was where the appeal was

getting noticed is half the battle, is it not ladies?

she alluded to her head and asked the sales-person for another hat like the one she was wearing

the headgear did suit her, perhaps complimented her face would be a more accurate description

the hat was white on top and merged unevenly into the shade of her hair about half-way down her ears at the side and it went down the back of her neck and was tickling her skin where the neck becomes the shoulder

she was dead chuffed with the effect it had and wanted a second one just like it

i knew the feeling, i have had clothes, and items, which were just right or special in one way or another and bought a second one

addenda – vividness: 3.6 – category of dream: fashion: clothes ()

third dream

the name of the dream: an embankment, a shopping trolley and a brightly-lit supermarket

it was night-time

the scene had an embankment, a shopping trolley and a brightly-lit supermarket

that’s all i remember about this dream

* * *



first dream

the name of the dream: correcting grammar

was being interviewed or being coached on how to write an application for a job

there was one scene where the other person in the dream said something about using a noun at one point while i was writing

second dream

the name of the dream: dream dressage

a brown horse and its rider being viewed from the left and above

the horse was doing a bit of dressage in an enclosure of about fifteen metres by fifteen metres

the pair approached a marked line that went from one side of the dressage compound to the other and was about two metres from the farthest part of the enclosure

when the horse and rider were at the closest point to the line a voice shouted a command and a person on the ground made a signal with his arm

the rider of the horse gave the reins a gentle tug and the horse, with the subtlest movement iv’e ever seen a horse make, moved its whole body ninety degrees into perfect alignment with a line on the ground and came to a standstill

it was obviously a real horse and a real rider but the impression was that of something which had a mechanical precision

when the movement was completed the pair had to hold their position and for that moment they looked more like a still picture or a classical painting than living, breathing things


the cause of the dream: thinking about japan during the day time-tense: possibly 5


vividness: 3.1category of dream: dressage: (1)

the quality of the dream: 3.8

vividness: 3.7/8

third dream

the name of the: invasion of the viruses

it was a crowded, slightly claustrophobic, all-male environment

it was the ablutions area of what might have been a barracks or a penal institution

there was a feeling of oppressiveness

one person was keeping a vindictive eye on me

i had to go to the toilet and when i had finished there wasn’t any toilet paper

i had to get off the seat and crouch-walk a couple of metres to get some

i could feel the evil eye watching me

fouth dream

the name of the dream: a dream with no theme

was in a restaurant or up-market cafeteria ordering a meal

a message had to be sent

fifth dream

the name of the: all at sea ?

for some reason this dream gave me the feeling i was on board a ship

notes 1

have yet to formulate the reason behind multi-themed dreams

perhaps all dreams are multi-themed and i/we don’t remember all of them


* * *


first dream

the name of the dream: a ticket to japan

on the phone to a japan getting prices for a flight (had been on the phone with them earlier on in the dream)

the line was poor quality and the conversation was taking three times longer than it should have taken

the quote for the flight was two-thousand two-hundred euro’s

not sure by how much but the original price had been less

as soon as i had got the quote i ended the call and the dream ended as well


the cause of the dream: thinking about japan during the day


vividness: 3.1

the quality of the dream: 3.1

vividness: 3.3 to 3.5

the quality of the sleep: 3.6

second dream

the name of the: invasion of the viruses

was in a stationary car

there were more vehicles in the scene than people

most of the traffic was at a junction fifty metres up a seven-degree incline just off to my right

a woman was walking from my right to the left across the car park which was about half the size of a football field

for no reason i could see she dropped to the ground

before i had time to think about what had caused it another person further to my left also dropped down

and then another and another… people were falling down everywhere

i noticed that none of the vehicles had crashed or was crashing and concluded it was an airborne virus

i looked to see if my window was closed and reacted quickly when i saw the door was open by five centimetres or so

notes 1

there are airborne viruses which could cause people to drop down as they were walking along but as far as i’m aware such an incident as the one in this dream has never happened, hence the time-tense


the cause of the dream: a prolonged sense of security during the day

future time-tense


vividness: 3.7/8

vividness: 3.3 to 3.5

the quality of the dream: 3.2

* * *



third dream

the name of the dream: the london bridge incident

there were six or seven of us standing on a corner in a built-up area next to a bridge which connected the two sides of a river

there was a squad of soldiers who were very nearly across the bridge and were walking alongside and in front of an armoured car

they had rifles and were coming to quell a potential take-over of authority which i was leading

i made a sweeping gesture with my right arm to the men behind me which indicated they should a make a sideways flanking manoeuvre to the right of me

we weren’t going to get the better of their fire-power, we would have to out-fox them


cause of the dream: probably thoughts about money

time-tense: coin meters are more or less of the past so this dream is assigned as being past tense

second dream

the name of the dream: slightly nervous bloke on the bus

sitting on the seat next to the aisle on a bus

there was a smartly-dressed man in his late-twenties with a good complexion and a shaven head near the front of the bus

he was standing and trying to do something

he looked up and then looked at me and immediately looked away when he saw i was looking back at him

i knew that he would look at me again as soon as he thought i wouldn’t be looking at him

he was a little perturbed when he glanced at me within a second or two and saw i was still looking at him

third dream

the name of the dream: the fag paper cheque

near a railway station and wanted a cup of tea

i had plenty of money but it was all in the bank

i was confident i could persuade the person who could give me a drink that he would get money but he wanted something more than just my assurances

i got out a cigarette paper and wrote some of the details of my bank account on it

he accepted the paper as he would have a cheque


participant in every one of the dreams – category of the dream: multi-themed dream – the quality of the dream: 3.7 – vividness: 3.3 to 3.5 – the quality of the sleep: 3.6/7 – location: london

 * * *



the name of the dream: meter-cheater

had found a way to cheat the electric meter

managed to amass about thirty pounds of silver in a fairly short time and was explaining to a couple, the girl was a neighbour from ten years ago, how to do it

they were hoping i would give them some of the money

i was going to give them some money but i was stringing it out because if i gave it to them straight away they would go out and spend it and i wanted them to make me a cup of tea

in the next scene, i looked in my backpack for the jar with all the money in it to show the couple how much money i had made (the jar in the dream was a jar that i have been using for something over the last couple of days in awake-time) but couldn’t find it which was a bit of a blow because now i didn’t have any money to go and do some spending myself

i said i would have a smoke, i was still hoping they would make me a cup of tea, and get going

the dream ended


cause of the dream: probably thoughts about money

time-tense: coin meters are more or less of the past so this dream is assigned as being past tense

* * *



the name of the dream: train with spacious seating

we were four men on a train

we had the carriage to ourselves and the window where we sat was as big as a living-room window

we were sitting on the right-hand side in the middle of the carriage

the table projected a little more than a metre into the carriage and was about half as wide

we had plenty of space to move about

the table was covered with a white cloth

we were talking, although what we were talking about doesn’t come to mind

the scene changed: two of us were at another table on the opposite side of the carriage and sitting next to the door adjoining the carriages

the other two men had also changed their seats and were now at the furthest point away from us and seated on the same side of the aisle as when the dream started

we were about to be served a meal

we had to have one table for the two of us as it was going to be an extravagant meal and we would need a lot of surface area

in the third scene, there is food on the table and i am talking to the waiter about what drink to have

the dream ends here


time-tense: – future tense, possibly time-tense 2,

depending what happens over the next ten years or one thousand years

participant – category of the dream: passenger on a train (7) – vividness: 3.7 -the quality of the dream: – 3.7 – the quality of the sleep: 3.5

* * *



the name of the dream: caveman technology, caveman tactics

the setting for this dream is in an era when there aren’t any of the mod-cons that we have… fridges, cars, mobile phones, t.v…. but there were flying machines albeit made of crude natural materials like rock and clothes made of hemp

there was, however, plenty of skulduggery, deceit, and the acquisition of wealth and people-control by violent methods

two brutus-type agents of the controlling clique were trying to get me to reveal how it was i was making so much money

i knew what was happening and was trying to confuse them by getting complicated about the way i did it

i had to be careful, if they thought i was holding back information or worse still misleading them they would resort to torture

they were undoubtedly going to kill me anyway as soon as they got the information but they knew if they killed me without getting what they wanted it would be the worse for them

we were flying through the sky in a craft made of rock and there was a rock-computer in front of me

the keyboard had about fifteen keys on it and i was telling one of the agents what to type in

the “computer” didn’t have a screen or any leads coming or going from it

it did do something though because there was the sound of something mechanical happening every time a key was pressed

it struck me as being a toy abacus

then it occurred to me it wasn’t doing anything at all but it was meant to fool me into thinking it was so it would get me to reveal my methodology

the two men were trying to fool me into thinking it could send messages

again i had to be careful, if i said something which let them know they weren’t fooling me they would use force

after two or three pretend attempts to make contact i said “we’re not going to get through on this. the communications network must be out of order”

the thugs had no conception of the phrase communications network and they were getting frustrated

it would be so much easier to use force

the dream came to an end


cause of the dream: thoughts during the day – participant – the quality of the dream: 3 – the quality of the sleep: 3.4 – the category of the dream: flying/falling (10 ?)

notes 1

as you may be aware, this website maintains that everything which happens in dreams is something that has happened in awake-time

to make sense of the details in this dream we have to bring into our thinking the idea of undulations

after we do, things which don’t make any sense start to assemble themselves

it is necessary to realise for instance that disentangling beings who have allowed themselves to become life-takers from those who have become oriented to reality (go out of their way to make sure they don’t take a life) goes way, way back

notes 2

before making this entry i tried to find a u.f.o. sighting i came across a year ago in which the craft looked like it was made of rock to give this entry credibility but couldn’t find it

also, there was a young man i was talking to for a few weeks a year ago who told me about the times he was abducted

during one of our conversations i asked him for details of the craft and it all sounded plausible until he said the craft was made of rock

who was it who said “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”



the name of the dream: a barking dog gets the back of my hand

had to go to the shops

there were shops within a hundred metres of where i live but they didn’t have certain items basic to my diet

it meant going to the next nearest shopping area a kilometre away

although i was in familiar territory i had to ask people where the bus stop was

the first person i asked gave me directions… “go up that road, turn right and the bus stop is along on the left just past the garage on the right”

in a dream what you need to hear when asking for directions is “keep walking and you’ll come to it”

“keep going until you get to the junction. turn left at the junction then when you come to the hound and ducks take the second on the left. you’ll see…”

forget it

i didn’t know where i was

i was lost

i had to get my bearings or i could end up going down the hole with alice

a busy junction came into view

it meant walking up a hundred-metre incline and bearing to the right

when i got to the top of the hill the junction was no longer in view but there was a busy street visible between the houses which looked like it led to the junction

the road i was on stretched down and then up for more than six hundred metres and had fewer and fewer buildings in it the further along it i looked

that was another journey into the beyond

there was only one option

i took it

i pushed open the gate of the house next to me and walked up the garden

level with the back of the house was an outhouse or brick garage or something which closed off any means of going anywhere other than between two brick walls to get to the street

after a dozen steps a thigh-high but not bulky, dark-coated house dog was on my case

the trick with dogs in a sitution like that is to keep moving but not pick up your walking pace and offer the dog the back of your hand

there was, of course, the chance the dog would grab my had but to stand still and say “good boy” does, on occasions, infuriate them

the dog was on home-ground and i had invaded its area, it had to be macho

it began barking fiercely and moving along with me but it didn’t attack (two dreams on the trot with dogs in them and in both dreams the dog’s bark was audible and that’s after umpteen dreams with dogs with no sounds of barking ! dreams becoming more detailed ? )

i offered the dog the back of my hand

it sniffed it and stopped barking

the old, “give the dog the back of your hand” counter-attack tactic had worked again

on the street and down the hill to my right was a busy out-of-town shopping centre

buses, people, pedestrian crossings, high buildings, i was back in civilisation

didn’t have a clue where i was but anyone would be able to tell me which bus to catch to get back to… “where is it i live?”


there were two or more scenes in this dream which followed the same pattern of going from one unrecognisable location to another but you’ve got the idea

there was also another dream in this sleep which came before this one

it was a totally different setting with conversation and emotion

the last scene of the dream before this one meant going out to buy things and have assumed the second dream is a continuation of the first albeit the content of the first dream was so different to this one

although the content of the two dreams were chalk and cheese they are probably connected or it might be a “twinned-theme dream”


the stand-out part of the dream: the dog barking

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: an increase in the auditory content of dreams ?


the cause of the dream: earlier on in the day was thinking about where to buy this month’s groceries

* * *



first dream

the name of the dream and references: a dog barks

it is evening and i’m on my way somewhere

an elderly gent who wasn’t very mobile and lived in a block of flats about fifty metres from where i lived was on the grass outside where he lived keeping an eye on his dog

the dog was small, a bit bigger than a pekingese

i offered to take the dog with me and told him i would be back in ten minutes (think i might have been on my way to the shops again)

he was pleased and agreed

the scene changed to a road which had a mix of semi-detached and terraced houses with gardens

for a stretch of about five or six houses every garden had a dog in it

the dog was in in dog-heaven as it went to and fro back and forth from garden to garden, there was a noticeable spring in the way it was walking

the dog in one of the gardens began barking (the first time a dog has barked in a dream)


quality of the dream 3.7

quality of the sleep 3.8


time-tense: 9

cause of the dream: offering a man who couldn’t leave the house to take his dog for a walk two or three days ago

category of dream: animal: mammal: dog (11)

vividness: 2.9

location: 3

notes 1

second dream

name of dream: wafer and cream

evening time and nearly home on the way back from somewhere

fancied something sweet

there was a shop about fifty metres off the route home that would have some

i entered the shop

it was a lot bigger and brighter than the shop i had thought of

went to the counter and asked the woman serving for something sweet to eat

she suggested a soft cream

she showed me a tub with cream-coloured cream in it

i said it looked nice and she replied “they’re really nice with wafer-strips”

she produced a vivid beige-coloured wafer about the size and shape of a twelve-inch ruler

she let me eat a bit of the wafer but not any of the cream

i dug into my pocket and brought out all the change

a quick look at my hand and i could see it was mainly coppers and not enough

i said “i’ll be back in a bit” and turned and walked away briskly


the stand-out part of the dream: the sight of the wafer


category of the dream: food (5) ice-cream (1)

vividness: 3.5

location 3

notes 1

postulate 3: a dream with dark tones has been experienced fewer times across all undulations which means a bright dream is an experience frequently experienced across all undulations

does the notion that a dark dream is older than a bright dream bear out?

third dream

name of dream: sociability at the social club

was in a working man’s social club

it was a typical working man’s social club

large, long rows of tables fairly close together, one large bar, high ceiling, an air of amiability…

in the first scene, i had just entered the room

in the next scene, i was moving between two of the rows between the tables

as i was walking along i was having two, three or four-sentence exchanges with different couple’s and individuals

as this part of the dream progressed my replies to the sentences got shorter and shorter until eventually, it became three or four-word rejoinders

the responses became witticism’s or wisecracks

i was on a roll, every rejoinder produced a teeth-smile

i was on an endorphin high, and rising


the stand-out part of the dream: the feeling of well-being in the last scene

cause of the dream: a feeling of relief following the decision to stop trying so hard to get things moving


category of dream: feel-good (100)

vividness: 3.9

the quality of the dream: 4

* * *



the name of the dream and references: newton’s class – think-write () black and white (1)

the first scene is a blackboard with sentences on it

the blackboard more or less filled the field of vision

the sentences were variations of the way a sentence could be formed

there were four or five sentences

the dream started with two or three of the sentences being completed but can’t remember what they were

the detailed part of the dream was a sentence which read… where/when is time prevented/invented in space

the words invented and prevented were in boxes in the sentences on the blackboard

the person trying to complete the sentences was an african man

he said, “newton should have asked: when in space should time be invented?”


quality of the dream 3.5

quality of the sleep 3.8


category of dream: think-write () black and white (1)

vividness: 3

notes 1

this dream is a variation of a crossword think-write dream and because the blackboard and the writing were in black and white it suggests it comes before the first entry/instance of this type of dream

* * *



name of dream: broken eggs

about to board a coach

the driver motioned the passengers to come aboard

i was first in the cue of three or four

the luggage compartment was at the back of the coach and to get to it we had to walk down the aisle of the bus

the driver was at the luggage area ready to take our bags and what have you

i had a wheelie

he took hold of the wheelie and threw it half a metre into the back of the compartment

it fell sideways and the three boxes of eggs that were on the top of the shopping fell out

the eggs were in boxes of six in those flimsy transparent egg-boxes and at least three of them broke as they fell out

because the egg containers were see-through it looked worse than it was and it caused two of the people behind me to make a moaning sound

i was miffed and pressed home the point while the mood was right… “thanks very much” i said sarcastically

the driver had goofed big style and he knew it

he whipped out his wallet and offered me a tenner

i said “it’s alright. i was going to give you a fiver tip but i’ll keep it and that will be about right”

the driver said “thanks, john”

don’t know how he knew my name

the scene changed an now we were parked on the left-hand side of a road
out in the country

the bus had conked out and two or three of us were standing at the back of the coach

we were looking down the road we had just come down to a junction which was four hundred metres away

the road had just the two lanes and was surprisingly busy with one in three of the vehicles being heavy goods lorries

we tried to wave a vehicle to stop but because the road was just the two lanes, and was made to look small because of the size of the lorries, no one stopped; it would have been adding to the congestion and made the situation worse if not dangerous

someone suggested going to the junction for help or it might have been to wait for the emergency rescue vehicle and everyone looked at me

i wasn’t mobile enough to walk four hundred metres alongside a road with no pedestrian path

besides, it was dangerous

we were thinking about what course of action to take when the dream ended


time-tense: can’t make sense of the time-tense of this dream

why didn’t we use a mobile phone ?

didn’t the mobile phone come out before wheelies ?

quality of the dream 3.1 quality of the sleep 3.7


vividness: 3.4

* * *



the name of the dream: the aggressive man

in a room with one or two other people

an elderly man with a walking stick was walking slowly from the far side of the room to the door a metre or two to the right of me

he looked grim

someone said something and he replied “very aggressive”

he took another step, lost his footing and fell flat on his face

with his face still buried in the carpet he said “very aggressive”

first dream

the name of the dream: when am i going to develop the ability to operate a computer in a dream ?

came across the opportunity to earn some cash while surfing

opened a new page in the browser and went to the favourites bar to press the symbol (avatar) which would open a page and give me access to placing some money on what was a sure investment

tried three, four, five times to highlight the symbol and click it but it wasn’t showing

* * *



name of dream: everyone’s dancing

doing a gig on the ground floor in an unused office space

the room was about eight by eight metres

there was a slightly elevated section about two metres by two metres which was where i was set up

there were about twenty mature teens there and they were all dancing

the music that was playing wasn’t a particularly great track to dance to and that they were dancing to it told me they wanted to dance

it was going to be a cinch to keep these people dancing

the room was too bright

there was a dozen or so white pygmy lights of about forty watts peppered above the dancing area

got a chair and positioned it under one bulb which looked to be twice as bright as the others

asked one of the lads to hold my legs as i stood on the chair

i meant my legs and he took it to be the legs of the chair

when i stood on the chair it felt rock-solid and i felt safe

the bulbs were the bayonet-bulb type and should have been easy to remove but i struggled to get it out

when the bulb had been removed it dimmed the room noticeably and a cheer went up

that was the cue to remove most of the others


quality of the dream: 3.9 quality of the sleep: 3.7

the stand-out part of the dream: seeing everyone in the room dancing and the solid feel of the chair

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: going to get people dancing one way or another and have been feeling a bit of the strength coming back into my legs of late


category of dream: dancing (22)

vividness: 4

second dream

name of dream: the caligula template

this is the second or third most depressing dream ever

the last dream which brought about these type of feelings was the dream of 10122015

this dream was in shades of grey, no colour whatsoever, and that on its own is a good enough reason for it to be made into an entry (the first dream ever in shades grey)

there is also another reason why this dream occurred

there is a choice to be made

the choice is implied in the entry of 28022018

the dream…

the person dictating events is in a reclining position and is relaxed

a despot who’s cruel pronouncements are issued in a pious way

his natural state was a complete indifference to the suffering that would occur as a result of what he said

he must have been born like it

a natural psychopath

a child had been born and the balancing of life was accomplished by ordering a reduction in life

“five to the pen” was his response to the news of the birth of a baby

the pen, i found out, was a compound where wolves were kept

in the next scene a naked, fully pregnant woman, was being dragged along the ground by her hair

she was not resisting

she was crying in the most heart-wrenching way and that was where the dream finished


time-tense: 9

quality of the dream 1.1 quality of the sleep 3.5

the stand-out part of the dream: the feeling of depression

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: see the 28022018

cause of the dream: see the 28022018


category of dream: twinned-theme dream (2)

vividness: 1.4

notes 1

the only dream which had no colour in it before this dream was a nightmare as a child (should a nighmare be considered a dream or should it have a another description?)

notes 2

the dream is named the caligula template because caligula comes across as being the best example of a psychopath

the film caligula (download the film here) will give you an insight into the brutality and depravity of the roman empire

there was nothing romantic about the romans

* * *



name of dream: a cry for help

working on a building site

my co-workers were an amiable crew and things were o.k.

heavy equipment being used to demolish a building and its foundations and go even further into the ground to make a sturdier foundation for a new construction

the old foundation and twenty metres of the earth below it were piled to one side of the site

next to the hill of excavated earth and concrete was an earth-removal container which was two to three metres high and twenty to thirty metres long and it was almost full

i walked around the front of the container and slowly started up the mound of rubble to get to the top of it

as i was about two metres up the side when a section of the mound loosened, and in the way of an avalanche, it slid to the ground taking me with it

it pushed me under the container but had enough room to crawl out

then yet more of the rubble came loose from the mound and it was enough to wedge me under the container and out of sight

it was a dire situation and i knew i was in danger and shouted “help me” which woke me out of the sleep


quality of the dream 3.1 quality of the sleep 3.8

the stand-out part of the dream: being pinned under the container

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: i think it’s me asking you to help me to help you

cause of the dream: thoughts during the day

category of dream: emotional stress (20)


vividness: 3.3

* * *



name of dream: a kiss and a grope

in a queue of about thirty people

people were looking at me and smiling

someone laid their hand on my shoulder and squeezed it as friendly gesture

then a smiling someone tapped me as they went passed

then a hand squeezed my buttock and i turned around and was relieved to see it was a female

then another female with no sense of shame grabbed my crotch

it didn’t hurt so i didn’t stop her

her manoeuvres were, i assumed, an embarrassment to others so i led her around the corner of a building where no one could see us

the scene changed and i was walking along a busy street

there was a man in his late twenties and an elderly lady who was incapacitated to some degree and a young boy of four or five or six

the man was struggling to cope with the two of them

i picked up the young lad and placed him on my hip facing me

we had to go up a steep gradient to cross a dual carriageway

when we were on top of the steep there were four or five railway tracks we had to cross

nearly lost my balance once or twice but we got across the tracks alright

we then had to cross a dual carriageway

it hadn’t occurred to me there would be traffic on it

it was a bit dangerous but no one beeped their horn or had to swerve or slow down

after getting across the road we had to go down another steep to get back onto the streets

the man thanked me

we were going in the same direction so i walked along with them

as we were walking the boy started tugging at my clothes

he wanted to be carried again

the man was happy to let me give a helping hand again

i sat the youngster on my right forearm and lifted him to a little above waist height with him facing forward and his left arm was around my neck

as we were walking my steps were out of sync with his balance and the effect was he moved forward from my body as one leg stepped out and he came back toward me as the other leg made a step

he was looking at me as we were walking and twice as his face got to within a whisker of mine he leant in a little further and kissed me on the lips


quality of the dream 3.8 quality of the sleep 3.9

the stand-out part of the dream: being kissed by the boy

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

a young boy may want to show his affection with a lip-kiss


vividness: 3.7


as a youngster, i can’t remember ever being kissed by a man

and it’s certainly the case i never wanted to kiss a man

it’s one of those things

in picture page “i love you” you-know-who looked like he was going to kiss me

again, i don’t care WHO it is, i don’t CARE who it is, i don’t like being kissed by men and that’s all there is to it

* * *



re-defining: awake-time dreams and sleep-time dreams

today’s dream was a seven or eight-scene dream set in amsterdam

this entry though is not about the dream

it is the three one-scene dreams that followed three short periods of sleep after waking

upon waking and making voice-notes of the dream in amsterdam i continued watching the film i had been watching before going to sleep the night before

still a little tired, occasionally i let my eyes close while watching the film

on three occasions, the film i was watching, a black and white film, was replaced by colourful one-scene dreams as i woke and then drifted back into sleep three different times

the dreams varied in length of between two or three seconds and three to five seconds of sleep-time (multiply the seconds in sleep-time by a minimum of ten seconds to get the awake-time length of time)

the sleep-time sequences of the three one-scene dreams today lasted long enough to take in the detail of the scene which isn’t usually the case with montages

however, box montage sequences do have the same lengths of time attached to them as sleep-time dreams

it may be that there is a constant time value for both sleep-time and box montages which is in the process of being recognised


there are two types of dreams…


sleep-time dreams


awake-time dreams


sleep-time dreams occur after going to sleep and don’t usually have an awake-time conscious element

awake-time dreams occur after waking up and do have a degree of awake-time consciousness to them

they are abbreviated to sleep-time dreams and awake-time dreams

notes 1

one of today’s dreams is yet another testament to the different types of conscious states eventually becoming indistinguishable or totally fusing

i was out of bed and had taken two, three or four steps to the door before i realised i was responding to the situation in a dream

* * *



name of dream: an inspector calls

had upset the oligarchs past the point of their ability to tolerate me

if i was evicted it would put an end to me airing anti-national sentiments

i would be reduced to a soapbox on a street corner

the grounds for eviction was based on the flimsiest of laws

“using my abode for the purpose of the dissemination of information which could could mislead people”

the laws which protected a residents right to accomodation were much more staunch

the dream begins with me in the hallway behind a barricade of furniture and sturdy items and keeping them in place by leaning and pushing

it’s going to take a while for the bailiffs to get it

i phone the police

a flat-hatted inspector arrives complete with an upright posture and a conductors baton under his arm

he listens to both sides of the argument

he moves ten metres away from the door and makes a phone call

he is getting legal advice

within a couple of minutes he pronounces that i have the right to remain


quality of the dream 3.5 quality of the sleep 4

the stand-out part of the dream: the inspector arriving

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: support

cause of the dream: wondering what the inner-clique of the oligarch structure expect of me during the day


category of dream: pde’s-influenced

vividness: 3.6

second dream

name of dream dream: a cat with eight lives

standing at a bus stop which was on a busy dual carriage way

there were seven or so other people there as well

the stop was the one before an international airport

most of us were looking in the direction the bus would be coming from

a juggernaut passes by

it is no more than ten metres past where we are standing when the sound of its air brakes accompanied by the sounds of metal under strain fills our ears

we turn and look and see the lorry shuddering and juddering to a halt

it stopped in an impressively short distance

i stooped to look under the truck

i didn’t know what i expected to see

it was a pleasing sight; it was a white cat sitting in a haunched position with its tail lying along the length of its body

i started walking to the back of the lorry rubbing my forefinger and middle finger against the thumb and making squeaking sounds by sucking air through my pursed lips

it was moving towards me and was just about in touching distance when the dream ended


quality of the dream 3.7 quality of the sleep 4


category of dream: cat (10)

* * *



name of dream: buidings in the dark

was with an acquaintance from fifteen years ago and he takes me to his latest hangout, a castle

at the top of the castle, there was a steeple with small ledges that got narrower the further up it went

at the very top, the ridges weren’t deep enough for the sole of the foot to take the weight of the body

i tried to get my big toe to take my weight but it couldn’t take it and i lost my footing and balance and the scene changed as i was slipping back down the steeple

in another scene, i was in what looked like an abandoned warehouse and as i made my way to a window to get out i saw a partly rolled large cigarette and picked it up and finished rolling it

in another scene, i was looking for the person i was with at the beginning of the dream

i heard his voice coming through a hole in a small broken window and was looking for a way to get into the building when the scene changed

in another scene, i was at an open window which anyone who wanted to get into the building could have used to gain entry

in the next scene, a young male propped a board against the wall next to a window frame that didn’t have any glass and gave the window the appearance that the building was occupied and someone was in

in another scene, was walking away from somewhere with another male and each of us had one arm about the shoulder of the other

every scene in the dream was dark


quality of the dream 3.2 quality of the sleep 3.6

vividness: 2.7

* * *



name of dream: job dispute

don’t remember much of this dream

a scowling face that is mightily angry because the person he thought should have got a job i was offering didn’t get it


quality of the dream 3.2 quality of the sleep: 3.7


cause of dream: thinking about jobs for people during the day

* * *



name of dream: gold and silver afoot

the third or fourth dream of this exact theme and the first scene

it is evening, i’m on my own and walking along a streets

a glint of colour draws my attention to an object on the ground

a closer look and i can see it’s a pound coin

when i bend down to pick it up other coins are nearby

the coins are a mixture of pound coins and fifty pence and twenty pence pieces, there may be some ten pence and five pence coins as well

ten or twenty steps along and it happens again

only this time there is more than one pound coin and there are one or two fifty pence coins but there aren’t any five ten or five pence ones

and so it goes for five or so more scenes

so now instead of seeing just one gold coin when i look without stooping down i see two or three coins and when i stoop down to pick them up there are even more gold coins with two-pound coins amongst them

at the end of the sequence of these scenes i had between one hundred and two hundred pounds

the dream changes scenes completely and a girlfriend of more than twenty years ago is in the dream

we are walking along

in this scene it’s not a pavement-next- to-the-road scene but a metre-wide tarmac path that cuts through a football pitch-sized, and slightly muddy grass field, that links one stretch of pavement to another

the tarmac path wasn’t in the original design plans for the estate but because people coming from a different direction had hewn out a path across the scenic-cum-playfield as it took sixty or seventy metres out of the walk from where they were coming from to the shops there were going to

the local authority had been forced to implement a solution to the resident’s complaints that their children’s play area was turning into a mud-bath

at first, it is the two of us walking along the eighty-metre long tarmac path and i am telling her about what’s been going on in my life

we are walking and talking when the same thing that happened at the beginning of the dream starts happening again

i tell her to watch what i’m doing

when i see the first coin i point it out to her and then bring her attention to the other coins nearby which she hadn’t previously noticed

there are a couple more scenes of seeing and picking up the coins; by now it’s almost exclusively gold coins

i explain to her that it appears to be only me that can see them as there are other people in this part of the dream who must have seen me bending down and picking things up from the ground as they approached from behind and then overtook us because we were walking very slowly as one of the passers-by started looking at the ground around his feet

the conversation was still about money

i related to her my recent financial dealings on the stock market and how the big financial institutions always come out on top because of their “trawling” tactic and asked her to evaluate
whether a countermeasure which had occurred to me looked as if it could work

the dream ended there


time-tense: the pound coins have the edges of the new ones that only recently have been brought into circulation which means this dream is a present time-tense dream

so it is either time-tense 2, or 4

quality of the dream 3.7 quality of the sleep 3.7

the stand-out part of the dream: the scene with the first two pound coin

the significance of the stand out part of the dream: wealth is a state of mind

if i had all the money i wanted i would still be writing this

cause of dream: the recognition earlier on in the day of the sentence above


category of dream: money/wealth (12)

* * *

dreams diary



‘the most important think-read dream

name of the dream: ‘the garden

the last line of today’s think-read dream was “this dream is not a new dream. it is the way new things can happen”

this think-read dream was a no-frills dream

no pictures, no people, no sounds, nothing at all

it was as if the person who wrote it didn’t want anything to detract from the message

the message of eight lines didn’t make any sense at all and i was ready to forget about it when the dream of 24102017 came to mind

the word garden was used in that think-read message too

in both the dream of 24102017 and in today’s dream the meaning of the word garden was used to convey a state or a meaning or a purpose in life

is it possible that the two dreams are connected ?

the message seemed to be a long, very long, odd type of proverb

it told the story of someone who had introduced “new things into the garden” and enriched the garden and also of the consequences of not introducing new things into the garden

the line “…doesn’t introduce new things into the garden… …can not go to the toilet… (there are a few interpretations of what that could mean) was in the message

the message made the same point repeatedly… new things need to happen

the words “dream” “garden” and “new things” was used once or more than once in every sentence

the words “go to the toilet” were used twice


time-tense: ?

quality of the dream 3.4 – quality of the sleep 3.6

cause of dream ?

category of dream: think-read (18)

notes 1

who’s writing these messages ?

where are they coming from ?

what time-tense did they originate in ?

are they from self to self  ?

are they from you-know-who and timed to occur at this point of time ?

if they are from the lover they have come from time-tense 3 or 9 for application in time-tense 5

* * *



name of dream: box montage

woke from sleep still feeling a bit sleepy

changed position in bed a couple of times and relaxed

a regular montage began

after a dozen or so scenes the format of the sequences, all of which had motion, began showing in a rapid/runaway style

the sequences became too fast to take in

then, the format changed from single sequences to a group of sequences of about eight across and the same number of sequences down and they were all the same size, hence the name box montage ( pic 1 )

well, it’s one thing to have a “one-image-a-time” montage but this new format… it was like giving a child the keys to a sweet shop

first of all… they were all in colour and all had motion

it was possible to view one “box” then go to another, look at that, and then go back to the one before

none of the sequences watched was looped

how long each sequence would last i didn’t discover

when you’ve got fifty or more films to watch you want to take a quick look at each one before deciding which one to view, which is what i did

after two minutes or thereabouts the assembly of films had other sequences forming at the corners and at the side

it struck me… i could go on with this for hours

so i turned over and opened my eyes and looked at the wall clock to see what time it was

it was still early and there was nothing pressing to do so i rolled back into my previous position ready to indulge myself

closed my eyes and went to continue where i had left off less than a minute before

couldn’t summon the images though

i felt like i had been robbed

still, the sequences before i opened my eyes was still fresh in the memory so it would have to be re-runs

category of dream: box montage (1)


it was only a few weeks back (04122017) when replays of montage sequences were the latest cool faculty of the dream state

a week later (09122017) the latest and greatest new faculty was the freeze-frame, and now this

how many new faculties are there going to be ?


notes on the box montage

was unable to get the freeze-frame option to work in this box montage, nor the replay

it was possible to zoom in with some of the films though

again, the semi-sleepy state comes over as being the best frame of mind to be in to bring montages into being

another consistency is the awake-time time-sense that accompanies them

and further, the post-sleep state of consciousness is the time when montages are more likely to occur

so, upon waking and without opening the eyes is the best time to try it


the dream in the sleep which came before waking up had some cool special effects in it

a quick mention of it… was walking through thick, lush grass which came up to my shins in an open expanse of the countryside

something in the distance caught my eys and i started running towards it

after ten strides i ran off the cliff and was plummeting through the air to a river or stream eight hundred or more metres down

the scene was similar to the gorge in pic 2, only the gorge in the dream looked twice as deep and there was thick foliage everywhere

instantly, i knew i was a goner

and instantly after that thought, a thick bush about half as big as a house and growing sideways out of the cliff about thirty metres below me came into view and i landed in it

to get to the cliff-face it meant breaking branches and i can remember the effort of pushing and breaking branches

the dream went from participant to observer at this point, and now i’m in what looks like a rock cave looking at one of its walls

the wall began to break and turned into squares and the squares dissolved out of existence before reaching the ground

a young man wearing a suit and and a shirt with the top button of the shirt undone and a tie which was slightly dishevelled came though where the wall had been

he was an adventurer

a sense of adventure gripped me and some exciting things began

after seven or eight scenes the dream became fairy-tale like and i knew i would have to remember it for dreams diary

after waking it took thirty seconds to get the voice recorder ready for use and after dictating up to the bit of the dream when the wall dissolves couldn’t remember what happened after it but do remember it had a sense of fantasy

pity about that


qod 3.9 qos 3.7

the stand-out part of the dream: the wall dissolving

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: the dream has become a new category of a dream… fantasy-reality

participant and observer

category of dream: fantasy reality (1)

notes 1

thinking about the dream and what the awake-time circumstances would have to be for this dream to happen in awake-time are being held back until we get going

some of what has to be conveyed needs to be conveyed when people are in a receptive mood and for that we need the right atmosphere

picture 1


picture 2


* * *



name of dream: grex

it was evening in location two

there were three characters at the start of the dream

a young boy of eight or nine and a cat with a thin fawn coat

the boy was dawdling

didn’t want to get authoritarian with him and decided to lure him into walking at my pace

went into an off-license and bought two small bars of chocolate while the boy and grex waited at the door

when back outside there were three young adults standing there as well

grex had been frightened and i could tell it was the twenty-year-olds because of the look on their faces

you’ve probably seen the look… a slightly sadistic smile that people who delight in intimidating people exude

they lost a bit of their composure when they saw i might take them to task but they weren’t overly worried; it was still three onto one

besides, there was the youngster and grex to think about

i picked grex up and placed him around my neck with its back legs hanging loosely over my left shoulder and its front legs draping down my front-right side with its head brushing against the side of my face

i gave the boy one of the bars of chocolate and said “we can get another one when we get to the next shop”

grex was comfortable now and i could sense he was his relaxed care-free self again

we were just starting to move away from the front of the offie when a friendly person who i didn’t know that well but well enough to have a friendly chat with came up behind us

he was a sturdy peaceful man with a satisfied-with-life charisma

he was, like me, something of a loner

his calm confident manner disturbed men like the ones who had picked on the small boy and most despicably had delighted in frightened a cat

men who like to dominate other men are quite common but happily not that numerous; the balance is tipped toward peacefulness

one or two men like the ones being described had made the mistake of trying to disturb, through violence and aggression, the demeanour of the man who had just joined us on two occasions past

his response to violence toward himself put paid to aggressor’s, when, with one blow of the fist, he knocked all the aggression out of them; they had never heard the maxim “never rile a peaceful man”

he had to demonstrate his defensive prowess twice and both times it was with bully-men who had the reputation of being the type of people you kept away from and if you did find yourself in their company you had better know how to kowtow

his “one-punch and it’s over” status was legendary, particularly amongst the bullies

it was my chance to make the men who had got a kick out of taking on a boy and a cat feel like the small men they were

the man who just joined us was walking in the same direction as we were

the four of us were ten or fifteen metres from the shop from the shop when i said something which was designed to make the man who just joined stop and turn around and look

i could almost feel the bullies at the shop squirming as they thought i had just told the peaceable man what they had done

and if that wasn’t justice enough across the other side of the road walking in the opposite direction to us was another no-nonsense man who was respected by everyone

i told the man who had just joined us that i had to give him a message and would only be a few seconds

i crossed the road, said hello and some other things to the man and then pointed down the road and said something fitting like “be careful if you go in that offie. there’s a woman in there who will eat you alive”

i took a look at the three offending men as i crossed back over the road

they were dawdling


time-tense: see notes 2

qod 3.4 qos 3.6


category of dream: animal – cat (9)

notes 1

grex is german rex

i bought a german rex for a bit of company in 1988

it didn’t take long to realise it wasn’t like other cats

as in the dream, i would lay it across my shoulders when i went out and about

usually, for safety sake, its front paws would be in my right hand and its back legs in my left

it was completely content in that position

it would follow me just like a dog

among the memories of it is the time we went to the park in the dead of night

i took a torch with a tight beam

as i shone it here and there both grex and myself would take in the scenes the torch highlighted

we climbed trees together that night

i could walk it on a leash and had got him to respond to a whistle when his meal was ready

friends and neighbours were well impressed

notes 2

what has got me wondering is why, when the exactitude’s used to ensure that all the random events which could change the course of history and evolution are so carefully woven into our lives, the exactness of events from undulation to undulation isn’t accessible to the sleep-time memory

perhaps they will be

let us consider that the moment of conception for dreams and dreams theory was 2009 (see the origins of dreams theory) and its birth was october 2017

october 2017 was when the notion occurred that the sleep-time conscious is superior to the awake-time conscious and is slowly coming to the fore

our corporeal selves and the awake-time conscious are nothing more than the means through which we enter into a necessary stage of evolution

the more we practice using the sleep-time faculties the more accurate will be the chronology of the information therein


* * *



name of dream: the return of the alligator

been a couple of years since the last crocodile dream

all these allagator dreams have a menacing feel to them

was in a two-storey house which had been converted into bedsits

i was in friends room who lived on the second floor, i was on the first floor

there were three or four people in the room when the alligator came through the door

it didn’t seem to see anyone else

it came straight for me

i jumped onto the bed and was safe for the time being

it appeared another two times in different scenes of the dream and both times i managed to thwart it

i was more than just a bit unhappy about the way the owner of the reptile had given it the freedom of the house

there was every chance it would catch me unawares

i had got into the habit of opening the door i was about to through and peer into the room

i told the person who had brought it into the house that if he didn’t get rid of it i was going to take action

i had already formed a plan to get it to put its head over the bath and kill it by thrusting a half-metre hunting knife through its throat and into its brain

i had become homicidal towards it

i knew it would be gone eventually

the matter still hadn’t been resolved when the dream ended

woke from the sleep and had a mini-montage of women in wedding dresses


time-tense: past tenses

quality of dream 2.8

quality of montage: 3.9

cause of dream: had to be stray thoughts or did it ?

category of dream: stray thoughts

notes 1

the contrast between the dream and the montage is worth a mention

was both the sleep sequence and the montage something of my own making or is the montage of my making and the dream not or is it vice versa ?

to begin making inroads into answering these sorts of questions a new entry called “the rate of change of evolution and devolution from undulation to undulation” is being initiated

* * *



name of dream: nervous dog

an awake-time friend of some years ago had a golden retriever as a pet

the dog had been traumatised, it had an accident or an operation or had been mistreated

the effect was the dog was nervous of people

i tried to coax it to come to me by talking to it but it didn’t come to me

when i made a move towards it moved back

then when i moved back it came forward a little

i offered it the back of my hand to sniff, usually offering the back of the hand works for timid and aggressive dogs alike, but again it backed away

and yet again it came forward when it was withdrawn

then i stretched out both arms and invited it to come to me in the same way as i would to a toddler or a crawling baby

that done it

when it was close enough i put my left hand on its chest below the dog’s chin and ran the nails of my fingers down its spine and it produced a quivering of the dog’s skin

the dog was a normal dog again and proved it with a lick


qod 3.5


category of dream: doggy dream (11)

* * *



name of dream: a prison of the future

a person only attended this prison if they wanted to

the prison was a low-ceiling building, along the lines of a large hospital ward

it had beds which were arranged like a hospital ward as well but with a lot more distance between the beds

the prison was for someone who had committed a crime and only felt as though they needed to be reminded occasionally that they had done something wrong and sleeping at the prison was an acknowledgement by the person of having done something wrong

my crime was teleporting an item from its place of origin to where i designated it without taking due care and attention to the place where it was being received

the item was, i think, a bag of chips

the problem was the device which received the item made a bit of a bang when the item arrived

if you knew an item was coming it wasn’t a problem, you knew what to expect, but if another person happened to be nearby it could give her or him a bit of start

a bit like letting off a banger too near to someone on bonfire night


time-tense: any future tense

qod 3.0


category of dream: future technology

vividness: 3

cause of the dream: ?

notes 1

* * *



name of dream: ‘message from a goldfish

notes 1

the notes are being placed first in this dream because there is a tendency not to read the notes after reading the dream

that’s o.k., but this dream, it is thought, has an urgent message which needs to be evaluated

i can’t remember the last time i saw a goldfish

nor is the last time i heard of or spoke about a goldfish remembered

neither can i recall ever reading about a goldfish or seeing a film with a goldfish in it or seeing a photograph of a goldfish

the point is… there is absolutely no reason that i can think of why a dream with a goldfish in it should occur

a dream that seemed to have no basis for being dreamt about is not new to this website

what is different about this dream is the manner through which a communication was presented

the dream…

was about a half of one metre away from a fish tank and looking into it

almost immediately a goldfish like the one in the picture swam from left to right across the front of the fish tank and then disappered from view behind some ornaments

soon after it re-appeared from the left and swam out of view again, only this time it was moving more slowly and seemed bigger

when it returned for the third time it was swimming slower still, almost in slow-motion, and it was as close to the glass of the fish tank as it could be

the image of the goldfish filled my field of view

over a four or five or six seconds period of sleep-time, the goldfish moved from the bottom of the fish tank to the top

those few seconds became everything

as the goldfish moved slowly up the front of the glass, and closer to me, it’s mouth was opening and closing in a slow and deliberate way

as it was as close to the surface of the water as it could get, i realised… it was gulping for air

it turned slightly to the left as it reached the surface; at that moment its movements looked that of a whale

i looked into its eyes and believe me, people, it conveyed its feelings to me as meaningfully as an animal ever has

it was unmistakable, it was gulping slowly because it was dying from a lack of oxygen and it was asking me for help

the image of the goldfish was replaced by a fishless tank as it was at the beginning of the dream

i kept looking expecting it to re-appear and see again what i had just seen but it never came back

addenda – time-tense: 5 – qod 3.0 – qos 3.7 – participant – vividness: 4.1 or 2 – the stand-out part of the dream: the moment of eye contact – the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: see notes 2

category of dream: …?

notes 2

is the writer reading too much into this dream or do some of the writer’s dreams have a significance for us all ?

assuming it has significance, what is the significance ?

most of those familiar with the k-t extinction event will hold the view that the prime factor which brought about the demise of the dinosaurs was the cloud which blocked out the sunlight long enough to stop the growth of plants

once the plants had stopped growing the dinosaurs that relied on vegetables for their food had nothing to eat and began dying too

then, when the dinosaurs which relied on vegetables for their existence died, the dinosaurs which ate the dinosaurs which ate the vegetables had nothing to eat and they died too

imagine the sudden loss of all vegetables in our lives… no bread, potatoes, rice, corn, rice…

the same thing happened with the fish

the sun’s light didn’t reach the oceans so the plankton began dying and when there was no plankton the fish which ate the plankton died and then the bigger fish which ate the smaller fish died and so on

‘notes 3

this website hasn’t searched for information to link this dream with the possibility of whether the water where goldfish first originated in, or are currently most abundant in, does or does not have sufficient oxygen for goldfish to thrive

that’s your job

the information that you present ( see method 1 ) will be dwelt on long enough for it to become the dominant pde and, if we’re on he right track, we will get an answer through a dream

that’s my job


you’ve heard the story of how the bumble-bee is a barometer of natural balance

well this is something akin to that

if the loss of one particular genetic line amongst the population of the goldfish dies it will have ramifications which affect the quality or quantity of the lives of all man-shaped beings


* * *



name of dream: james smith the second

this dream is set in africa

an awake-time friend from a few years back is with me

we are standing at the top of an open-cast mine

the mine was shaped like a shuttle-cock and was tiered

the tiers had been made into standing and sitting areas

it could accommodate four or five-hundred-thousand people

there was music playing but whoever had set up the p.a. hadn’t done his homework and the music sounded like it was coming from a pocket-sized transistor radio or a mobile phone

i said to my friend “we could get this place humming with a bit more organisation” but he wasn’t the slightest bit interested; i knew why

the music stopped and a voice came through the speakers

it was an essay or a soliloquy and was composed by a man and it was introduced as a song by james smith the second, he was an african man

it began… “words are the second most important means of communication we have; language is the first…”

it was meaningful and captivating and i tried to think-read it so i would remember it but it was too difficult, besides it was satisfying to listen to it

it had made its way into my psyche


time-tense: 4

qod 3.7


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream: the words of the speaker

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: the souls of all men contain goodness

* * *



name of dream: my baby’s safe

the care of my baby had been entrusted to the wrong person

he was a heroin addict and both he and the baby were living in squalid conditions

i took my baby from him and started for home

it meant going through a railway tunnel

there was a narrow ledge a half of a metre above the track and it was only a third of a metre wide

not being fully physically able i would be taking a chance and would almost certainly hurt the baby if i lost my balance and fell

a woman entered the dream and when she realised what was wrong she gladly offered to take the baby through the tunnel

she herself lost balance and had to drop onto the tracks but she was sure-footed and didn’t fall over

when we were through the tunnel we started talking and she walked along with me as i made for home

i explained the situation and the dream ended as i was saying “everything will be alright eventually. there are a few bumps along the road”

* * *



name of dream: party-goer’s and friends

at a bus stop in the twilight hours

there was a bloke already at the bus stop when i got there

we started a chat

he said he was going to a party and wanted to know how to get there

i said i could take him there and could i go as well

he didn’t exactly jump at the idea and hadn’t committed himself when his girlfriend came into the dream

he told his girlfriend what i had said

she looked at me giving me the up and down and then asked me my name

there was umming and ahhing

before either of them said anything else i said “what sort of music will it be? “the girl asked “what sort of music do you like?” i said, “carl cox”, she said “who’s carl cox?”

a little demeaning was in order… i said “if you don’t know who carl cox is i’m not sure i want to go”; i think they realised it was tongue-in-cheek demeaning

nothing had been settled when an awake-time friend from years before came into the dream and the two people already in the dream realised that it now meant that if i was going to go with them yet another person would have to tag along

the scene changed here, still early evening, to another bus stop !

his name was alan (also in dream 16122017) and we got to reacquainting ourselves

the girl and boy party-goer’s were no longer in the dream; i was now engrossed in a conversation with alan

we had settled that he could sleep at my place and were still talking when his awake-time girlfriend from our teen days entered the dream

she was a pretty little thing, unassertive and desirous of having the right man in her life for all her life

she had found that person in alan

it meant that i would have to stay with another person for the night but that was never going to be a problems

on the way to my place i was talking twenty to the dozen and at one point i said something which would conclude with me saying his girlfriend’s name

it wasn’t until i had to say her name that i stopped dead and a slightly awkward empty pause occurred for all of us

of the three of uss alans girlfriend seemed affected by it most

i could, of course, remember her, although i can only ever remember ever speaking to her once, compared to her disposition i probably seemed brash, still she obviously thought i should have remembered it

i said “give me a clue”

she said something which referred to a colour and i said “hazel”

not getting it right didn’t help things and she made a dismayed sound

the dream ended just after that


time-tense: 4, 5 (the most accurate time-tense placement yet.)

qod’s 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.3

second dream

name of dream: getting the feel of it

in a living room with a lady

the conversation touched on health

that was my cue to mention the benefits of exercising

at one point i suggested she had a little go at doing an exercise

she said o.k.

i produced a dumbbell that weighed a couple kilograms and showed her how to do a seated one arm shoulder press and suggested she do three of them

she had a go but was really struggling

i gave her few tips and coaxed her into doing another two

when she had finished i apologised for pushing her too hard but she was genuinely pleased with what she had done and i could tell she was feeling the blood rushing around in that part of her body and liked the feeling


time-tense: 3 or 4

qod’s 3.3 – 3.2 – 3.4

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.4

category of dream: weight training (5)

 * * *



name of dream: extremes of societies

was found guilty of not paying a bill

the sentence was death

after the sentence had been passed and the convicted person left the courtroom the sentence was automatically made into a life sentence

the next scene was a busy reception where people were re-sentenced again

there were dozens and dozens of people in the reception area who had been sentenced that day

there were three men in a cage who looked apprehensive and angry

the looked like they could be mudrerers

the latest sentences were given out to people at a glass-partitioned office and everything was happening fast

the sentences were being reduced from life in prison to various amounts of years in prison to months in prison to community work to fines…

i ended up with three months in prison


time-tense: this seems more likely to be a future tense than a past tense

qod 3

qos 3.6

category of dream: prison dream (20)


vividness: 3.4

cause of the dream: probably the continuing thoughts of today’s injustices

notes 1

the shock value of the extreme penalty… hmm

devolution starts with a relatively minor thought containing injustice for someone

see death-outcome assertions

* * *



name of dream: double standards

two men, putin and a celebrity, were lying relaxed

putin was on his front and the other male lying on his side almost at a right angle to putin

their faces were about a third of a metre apart

the unknown male leant forward and kissed putin on the lips

putin had the same satisfied look on his face before and after being kissed

i said out loud to myself “you bastard”, i said it twice

“typical”, i thought, “one law for the lawmakers and one for the rest of us”


qod 2.9

qos 3.5


vividness: 3.5

category of dream: homosexuality (1)

cause of dream ?

* * *



name of dream: lost (2)

on a bus

thought i knew the road the bus was on but some of the surroundings weren’t right

if i was where i thought i was the bus would turn left at the t-junction two hundred metres further on

asked the driver if the next turn was right or left

he said left and i said that’s alright. that’s where i want to go

it meant i was only six hundred metres from walking through the front door

as we were approaching the t-junction the bus turned left

in the next scene, we were in a bus depot and i didn’t know where i was

there was a bus behind the one i was in and i thought it was the bus to get on to finish the journey

as i approached the bus a man got off and asked me to “wait over there”

as i was walking to where he indicated a man in a grey uniform said to me “where are you going?” emphasising the you

didn’t like his tone of voice so i replied “going to get some information if that’s alright with you

again he asked me a completely irrelevant question and i said “what’s it got to do with you?”, i was getting uppity by now

“he said “if you don’t tell me i’m going to take you down”

i completely lost my cool and shouted in my loudest, steady voice, and it reverberated from every acoustically reflective material for thirty metres, “down”. paused and saw him cringe and then again, even more vehemently “down”

he shrank and made off like a rabbit and was still accelerating at twenty metres as i finished him off, “you’re going to take me down” but by then he was in amongst other people who wouldn’t know who i was shouting at

a wannabe authoritarian had bitten the dust

my situation wasn’t any better

i was in a strange place and it looked like i was going to be sleeping in a waiting room

i was becoming concerned and as my concern compounded and was looking for a solution i realised i was in a dream and woke up



qod 3

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.3

the stand-out part of the dreams: the shouting

category of dream: lost

notes 1

that i knew i was dreaming before the dream ended is relevant

* * *



name of dream: mini-montage – children’s gallery

a montage sequence with twelve or fifteen different pictures

the pictures were children’s themes

the pictures were drawn using single lines; there were no “filled-in” areas

each picture was instantly recognisable

a house, a tree, a bird…

the colouring was in pastel

it could have been a set of pictures which someone was presenting to a publisher for approval to accompany the words of a book

a picture on one page the writing on the next

you must have seen this type of format for a child-book and know exactly what i mean



q 3.5



vividness: 3.8

the stand-out part of the dreams: the simplicity of the drawings

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: can be life simple?

category of dream: mini-montage

notes 1

wouldn’t it be great if the technology in the dream heisenberg’s proof was available to us now

we wouldn’t to have spend years studying art

each one of us with our own unique style dreaming up pictures that no one else would dream of

each person conjuring up pictures worthy of being put on display

it would take umpteen lifetimes merely to browse through them all

the future IS coming and it is unstoppable

* * *



first dream

name of dream: mechanics unknown

you’ve seen the film, here’s the dream…

including myself, there were four people in the dream, a girl and two other males

i was sitting close and listening to one of the young males who was talking directly to me: he looked like he was in his early twenties

the conversation had been going on for quite a while

the scene changed and it went from me sitting and listening to me standing and moving

i was two metres to the right of the male and moving slowly further to the right

i was looking at the person who had been talking and could see he was still in the same position as when we were talking

within less than a second of sleep-time, i could see that neither he nor the other two people in the dream were moving

they were stock-still, completely frozen in time

their absence of movement didn’t take me by surprise or phase me in any way, i was at ease; the situation seemed natural

this was obviously not an experience that was new to me

the dream ended there but if wanted the dream could have continued


time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

qod 3.8


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of the dreams: last scene

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: a glimpse into the future

category of dream: ?

cause of the dream: ?

notes 1

the three females who “dropped in” on me a few years back ( transmutation ) were at a stage of evolution ahead of the people in this dream

the ability to move amongst people without them realising you’re not there is less than sixty-five million years away !

second dream

name of dream: a kiss on the ground

while out running came upon a girl with her friend

in the next scene, it’s just the two and we are sitting on a wall

in the next scene she is behind me and squeezes the back of my neck and it sent a shudder through me

i said: “that sent a shudder right down my spine” and then said “do it again”

this time when she squeezed the sensation was so intense i had to pull away and leant forward

she kept her grip and it caused her to lose balance and we both ended up on the ground next to one another

our faces were just inches apart

we were in the perfect position to kiss

at first contact, her lips were tight but then loosened and softened and the kiss lasted for about eight or ten seconds of sleep-time

i suggested we meet again but she didn’t seem enthusiastic

in the last scene i was standing and as i started to walk away i said: “i’ll see you later”



qod’s 3.5


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of the dreams: the kiss

category of dream: kissing dream (14)

cause/s of the dream: a persons continuing desire to experience pleasure

notes 1

there was quite a bit more at the start of this dream but the recording was garbled

third dream

name of mini-montage: 3-D girl

there were about ten pics of nude and flimsily clad women in this mini-montage

two linger on in the memory

one seems to have become a fixed memory

the one which is already fading was an overtly aggressive stance that was so blatantly provocative of sexuality it intimidated me

this woman had made herself into a sex-war machine

sex was a battle she intended to win

there may be a man somewhere who could take her on but it wasn’t me

the one that appealed most was nude

her genitalia was the healthiest part of her body, it immediately caught the eye

it seemed as though her major labia was in 3-D while the rest of her was in 2-D

it almost seemed as though it was a separate entity with a different purpose, alive with a personality of its own; vibrant, full of life

any man could make this woman pregnant

if that’s on the outside then what’s on the…

i wanted to explore…




q 3.5


vividness: 3.9

the stand-out part of the dreams: 3-d pic

category of dream: mini-montage

cause/s of the dream: a persons continuing desire to experience pleasure

notes 1

for every woman, there is a man who is perfect for her

* * *


first dream

name of dream: baby in prison

a man was walking along the second-tier landing of a prison

he was carrying a baby in the crook of his right arm with the baby’s body lying along his forearm and its head resting in his palm

the atmosphere of this scene dark and foreboding



qod’s 2.8

qos 3.5


vividness: 3

the stand-out part of the dream: the feeling of oppression

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: it’s a reflection of those feelings which accompany living in an oppressed society

category of dream: prison/babies (1)

cause/s of the dream: the emotional content accompanying thoughts during the day

second dream

name of dream: regimental prison (1)

in the first scene, i was sitting on the end of a bench against a wall with a dozen other men

we were wearing thick dark-blue jumpers and darker trousers

in the next scene we were standing in a line in what looked like a gym, and again i was at the end of the line

in the third scene, the other men were doing something energetic while i stood there watching

the instructor came over to me and said: “why aren’t you running” i said “i can’t run” the instructor said sarcastically, “why, are you crippled ” and i said “no, disabled”

the instructor asked a couple more questions and realised i was not an able-bodied person

he stood there with his mouth open not knowing what to say

i knew that i shouldn’t be there and now so did he

he was going to have to leave the men and take me somewhere and get it sorted out

the instructor was annoyed that someone had not done their job and wanted, but didn’t, to give me a dressing down and lay the blame on me

third dream

name of dream: in the arms of my baby

it felt as though i was carrying a heavy burden

it felt as though i had been carrying it all my life

i entered the room where my girl was lying down

i walked over and joined my girl lying down and the burden came with me

in her arms, there was some solace

i said “i have missed you”

notes 1

it is those who have known great things who feel wrong-doings most acutely

* * *



name of dream: x (d)

simply superb

it’s difficult to convey the intensity of the feelings in this dream

when both the woman and the man gave more than they received

there was nothing more we could have done

the contract between genders had been fulfilled



qod 4.2

qos 3.7


vividness: 4

the stand-out part of the dreams:

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: x

cause/s of the dream: thoughts during the day

notes 1

changes are occurring

the feelings in dreams are becoming more real than the memories of the experiences of awake-time memories

we know from the 12112017 dream that the pan-undulation memory is more accurate than the awake-time memory

in all likelihood, we can confidently speculate that the pan-undulation memory is more accurate in respect of feelings too

it is thought that this is because then pan-undulation memory has more experiences to draw from

within our lifetime we should be able to accurately place the time-tense of most of the dreams

at the moment only one in fifty dreams have correct placings

notes 2

the writer has now reached the point where he can induce this type of dream

it’s come at the right time

there’s absolutely nothing happening in awake-time

now, how to make the dreams longer or seem longer

* * *



first dream

name of dream: diamonds

there were three of us, two men and a third person i couldn’t see standing between the person i could see and myself and we were standing in front of a woman

the woman was talking but for some reason, the words weren’t reaching my brain

her voice was loud enough for us to hear but we couldn’t hear what they were

every bit of our conscious state was fixed on what she was wearing

our brains had shut down the other senses so our eyes could totally focus on what it was we were seeing

this woman, whether by design or not, could hypnotise a person into just seeing

what had captivated us was the diamonds that were nestled into the net-weaving on the front of her cossack-style hat, her eight centimetre long earrings with three diamonds in each earring and a necklace with a mans hand-sized elongated v-shaped design around her neck

i’ve seen large expensive seen diamonds on the fingers of women that made you look at them longer than you did at other jewellery but these, they were in a different league

the unnoticeable movements of her head that must have been occurring as she was talking and was causing the earring diamonds to move slightly and made the diamonds flash and glint and drew the attention to them; the diamonds in the hat had the greatest effect

after looking at the spectacle for about eight or ten seconds of sleep-time i glanced over at the man on the right of the person standing next to me (never did see her or his face)

every time i looked at him i began laughing

whoever it was that conceived or discovered or designed the outfit knew the effect which she/he wanted to create and it had the desired hypnotic on the african guy who i could see

the way his eyes were going from hat to necklace to earrings over and over and the stupefied look on his face made me laugh louder every time i looked at him and i was laughing as i woke from the dream



qod’s 3.6 – 3.2 – 3.4

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.8

the stand-out part of the dream: the light coming from the diamonds

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: jewellery

* * *



first dream

name of dream: lion-dog

 the first scene of the dream was a dog on the lawn outside of the front of the house (location 2)

the dog looked about one year old

it was well-built especially around its chest, like a doberman but with shorter legs and a longer body

it had short, thick, smokey-grey hair over all of its body except for around its neck

the crop of hair around its neck was mostly on the top of its body and anyone who saw it wouldn’t have said it was a mane not a tuft of ha

i immediately thought it was an unusual breed of a lion and the thoughts and feelings associated with lions accompanied the first impression

its movements though were unmistakably dog and when the mind had time to take in the dog’s movements it would go back to being relaxed

it was the initial first impression that everyone would have which gave it its uniqueness

it would draw looks, comments and interest wherever it went

and if anyone was slightly startled when they first saw the dog that feeling would be replaced within a second as she, yes it was a female, emanated her retiring disposition

smokey and me would be the latest buzz in the hood

second dream

name of dream: mom’s treat

it was either mom’s birthday or it was that i was flushed and wanted to give her treat

invited one of her sister’s and a non-relative who i knew would be welcome to both mom and aunt and began mentally arranging the night out

first, we would have a drink at a pub near a picture-house and then we would go to the cinema and then more drinks with a nosh-up, did i mention i was flushed, afterwards

with about hour to go before we had to go into town i went to the house of the friend of mom’s to bring her back to where mom and i lived

i waited while mom’s friend got ready and it took five minutes to cross the green which separated the two estates to get back mom and i lived

as we turned the corner and our house came into view there was a medium-sized removal van which was loaded from the side and parked outside the house with household items, some of which i recognised

was surprised before i became suspicious and exclaimed: “ay up, what’s happening here?”

i knew something wasn’t right and whisked out the phone, called the police and explained the situation and they said to stay where we were until someone arrived

the police had arrived and were listening to me when the dream ended

third dream

name of dream: the changing tide

was walking from somewhere to somewhere and passed by a large group of people smiling and in a jubilant mood

they were outside a court that had just made a statement which was in favour of ordinary people

the judgement meant that people as a whole would be protected from arbitrary claims by companies who, let’s speak plainly, were, as usual, feathering their own nest’s at the expense of decent ordinary people

was handed a sheet of paper and was reading the relevant sentences and the dream then turned into a think-read dream

the important sentences were “the court believes the rules are imbalanced. we now believe they should be changed”



qod’s 3.3 – 3.2 – 3.4

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of all three dreams: the smiling faces outside the court

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: thoughts during the day that change is occurring

category of dream: doggy dream 10 – mother dream 12 and externalised dream – happy-ending dream 30

cause/s of the dream:

notes 1

could tell from the sound of my voice as i said “ay up, what’s happening here?” that it was externalised

*  *  *



name of dream: house arrest

first dream

first, all my gizmo’s and most of the electrical devices that were in continual use were confiscated and all i was left with was a portable t.v. that had a forty centimetre screen and a stereo system with twenty-centimetre high speakers

then there was someone checking on what i was doing whenever i did something different

as the dream changed scenes the room the dream was set in began to fill up again with even better items than the ones that were there before and i felt that i was back in control of my life and was in the position to dictate what happened in the outside world


don’t know what i had done to be getting this sort of treatment

possibly it was a time when the society was a lot more oppressive than it is today

this is the sort of situation i could imagine being in if i had been born in the russia of today

which means this dream was the past of a past undulation or even the present of a future undulation


second dream

name of dream: think-read (16) computer (4)

at the computer when a message came on the screen which read… “the programme has not been installed. it is a danger to the computer and can cause irreparable damage”

note 1

this message is the first the time have read the message on the first read


third dream

name of dream: the delivery couple

at home (location 2) when a lounge chair was delivered

it was unusual because the chair was delivered by a man and a woman wearing matching clothing, i got the impression they were married

the house had been extended at the back with a conservatory that was as wide the living room and the same length

seeing it in the dream for the first time was the stand-out scene of all three dreams

the french doors in the original part of the house blended perfectly with the design of the conservatory which had an even more spacious feel to the conservatory because it was mainly made of glass and it gave even greater depth to the length of the combined rooms which was about thirty metres

in one scene of the dream i volunteered to make a cuppa’ and went to the kitchen

the delivery woman was standing in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen so i placed my hands on her hips to let her know i was there and expected her to move to one side

the delivery woman put her hands over my hands and pressed them firmly into her

i had never seen her before and it was unlikely i would see her again and i couldn’t see where it could lead to as the person who i took to be her husband was right there



qod’s 3.0, 3.0 and 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.2 to 3.4

the stand-out part of the dream: the impression of depth of the living room and conservatory

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:?

category of dream:

cause/s of the dream: ?

* * *



name of dream: air display and a think-read (15) about cream pastries

two lines of jets with about ten or twelve of them in each line

in one scene they swooped down and headed towards a hanger

the hanger was somewhere between five hundred and seven hundred metres high and two or three hundred metres wide

at either side of the hanger there was a slightly flattened semi-circular chute about one-third of the width of the hanger

both rows of the jets disappeared momentarily after they entered into the hanger and then, still in formation, re-appeared out of the top of the chutes in a nose-up position

in the next scene, a close-up of just one of the jets filled the entire frame of the movie

the jet had just emerged from the chute with its nose pointing up and was balanced between falling and rising and it remained hung in the air for a long moment

if it wasn’t for the colour of the exhaust flames changing colour very slightly it would have been a picture

the jet then slowly lowered itself, tail first, back into the chute

everybody watching was stunned

it captured the imagination and it was so impressive the buzz was it was alien technology

the dream changed scenes and went from the air display to a stationary aeroplane on the ground

the plane was the size of air-force one, maybe a bit bigger

there was a screen on the side of the plane which was displaying messages

the screen looked as though it was part of the plane

as i began to read the message the dream turned into a think-read dream

i nearly got the two-sentence of the message in one read but slipped up and had to go back four or five words and amend one word before the whole message fell into place

the message was… “the negotiations are in recess and the two parties will now take a break and enjoy some ***** pastries. five of the world’s royals regularly eat ***** creams and pastries”


time-tense: one or more of the future time-tense

qod 3.5

qos 3.8


vividness: 4.2 (jet scene)

the stand-out part of the dream: the nose-up stationary jet and the coloured message on the side of the aeroplane

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:?

category of dream: air display (2)

cause/s of the dream: jets were in the pde’s

notes 1

the harrier jump-can/ could hover

if you have seen a harrier jump-jet you will have seen that even in stationary mode there is a noticeable wavering

the craft in this dream was perfectly stationary in the nose-up bit of the dream

that was what got the buzz going

Here is a clip of a harrier jump-jet

*  *  *



name of dream: it’s my tune

someone had brought legal proceedings against another person for using the melody of his song and changing it and calling it his own

the tune was catchy and had been a hit sometime before, quite recently i think

the original song was played in court and the second version was played and the two were compared

the person who changed the song had done nothing more than lower every single note of the original song by one half of a pitch and changed the tempo a little

the person’s legal counter-challenge was still being argued in the court when the dream ended

the dang of it was the tune that was modified sounded much better than the original and would probably be a bigger hit than the original and apparently, that was a valid legal reason for counter challenging the originality

category of dream: music (30)

*  *  *



name of dream: short stay

moved into a new area and had the choice of two schools to go to

the one i chose was a boarding school and had extensive grounds and several hundred pupils

the problem with large schools is that to organise them properly the organisation becomes a dominating feature of the school and such schools have an impersonal feel, this one was no different

i was in the dormitory which was white everything with a small suitcase that had a new pair of light-grey suede shoes and a shaver in it

it was an open-plan dormitory that had about two hundred beds in it which i assumed slept the entire year/age-group i came into

was talking to somebody a few beds away from where mine was and he told me it wouldn’t be safe to leave my shoes in the locker and suggested somewhere

then a lad with a trolley came into the dream and was putting sheets and blankets on the beds so i went to make my bed up

the scene changed and discovered my shaver was missing

the scene changed again and i was holding my watch, i distinctly remember the make of the watch it was a timex, i seem to remember a hair-spring was poking out of the side of it

it was broken so i took the metal back off and then separated the glass front from the rest of the watch and had a go at fixing it

made a right muck-up of repairing it and if it wasn’t beyond repair before i tried to mend it was now

between one thing and another decided not to stay at the school and started gathering my bits and pieces together

on my way out of the grounds, a member of the staff sided up to me and tried to counter the reasons i gave him for leaving

the last scene of this dream was out of the school area completely and in the high street looking for a shop to replace the missing shoes


time-tense: 3, 4

qod 3.3

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of the dream: looking at the watch

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: school dream 5

cause/s of the dream: ?

notes 1

there were at least two more dreams in this sleep

thought i had made notes on one of the others but couldn’t find them if i did

*  *  *



name of dream: short stay

moved into a new area and had the choice of two schools to go to

the one i chose was a boarding school and had extensive grounds and several hundred pupils

the problem with large schools is that to organise them properly the organisation becomes a dominating feature of the school and such schools have an impersonal feel, this one was no different

i was in the dormitory which was white everything with a small suitcase that had a new pair of light-grey suede shoes and a shaver in it

it was an open-plan dormitory that had about two hundred beds in it which i assumed slept the entire year/age-group i came into

was talking to somebody a few beds away from where mine was and he told me it wouldn’t be safe to leave my shoes in the locker and suggested somewhere

then a lad with a trolley came into the dream and was putting sheets and blankets on the beds so i went to make my bed up

the scene changed and discovered my shaver was missing

the scene changed again and i was holding my watch, i distinctly remember the make of the watch it was a timex, i seem to remember a hair-spring was poking out of the side of it

it was broken so i took the metal back off and then separated the glass front from the rest of the watch and had a go at fixing it

made a right muck-up of repairing it and if it wasn’t beyond repair before i tried to mend it was now

between one thing and another decided not to stay at the school and started gathering my bits and pieces together

on my way out of the grounds, a member of the staff sided up to me and tried to counter the reasons i gave him for leaving

the last scene of this dream was out of the school area completely and in the high street looking for a shop to replace the missing shoes


time-tense: 3, 4

qod 3.3

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.4

the stand-out part of the dream: looking at the watch

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: school dream (5)

cause/s of the dream: ?

notes 1

there were at least two more dreams in this sleep

thought i had made notes on one of the others but couldn’t find them if i did

* * *



name of dream: money/wealth 11

two of us were going through items in a box or bag

the items were all on the small size, nothing bigger than a golf ball

every one of the items had a useful value

the more we rummaged through the box or bag a more expensive object was discovered

the dream ended just after we came across a gold trinket

it was the size of a thimble and had chinese writing on it

it also had a number on it

it was a different colour gold to the other gold items, it looked a deeper shade of gold and felt heavier

it also looked very old and i sensed it had significance in the chinese culture

we were both infused with a sense of having hit the motherload


time-tense: 3, 4

qod 3.4

qos 3.5


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream:

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:

category of dream: money/wealth

cause/s of the dream: see notes below

notes 1

there has been a bit of a run of these types of dream lately

it is believed they stem from a sense of financial security which has taken root in recent months

unfortunately, a sense of financial security carries with it its terrible twin… a sense of financial insecurity

a sense of financial insecurity is, of course, a tactic used by british and jewish financiers to infuse a sense of insecurity in the lives of people who don’t see the merit of accumulating wealth for its own sake

people who would, were they in the position to do so, see wealth was distributed evenly

there have been dreams in which there was great wealth for everybody

great wealth for everybody is not a difficult thing to achieve

it does, however, mean that the natural fair-minded disposition to other people inherent in Evolving Beings is allowed to flourish

a flourishing society has its roots in the outlook that we, as man-shaped beings, are an extension of eternity

the only thing which eternity expects of us is that we follow its lead and incorporate expansion into every aspect of our existence

the unhappiness in our and other peoples lives is brought into being by people who are attempting to exist outside the realm of reality

second dream

name of dream: persistent pussy – cat dream 8

was lying on the floor in the living room

there was at least one other person in the room although i couldn’t see them

as i was lying there the cat licked my face, my eye i think

i found it distracting and so rolled over

the cat came around to the other side of me and licked or attempted to lick my face again

i rolled back over onto my left side again

the cat didn’t walk around me this time but jumped over me and headed for my face

i put my hands on my head and shielded my face with my forearms

the cat jumped over me two or three more times trying to figure out how to get to my face

it first tried pushing its head under my arms and then tried prising my forearms open by pushing its head through them and then got really determined and started to headbutt its way through my forearms

the other person in the room starting laughing at the cat’s antics


time-tense: could be almost any time-tense

qod 3.4

qos 3.5


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream: the head butting

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?

category of dream: cat dream

cause/s of the dream: ?

* * *



name of dream: high in the air in a basket

read about a bit of news which described how easy it was to travel between countries in a basket using helium without needing an aeroplane-sized balloon

it wasn’t expensive to do, in fact, it was dirt cheap

it came down to whether a person was prepared to be adventurous

i would take a water raft and water-wings in case i had to ditch in the channel

apart from that it seemed fairly straightforward

a scene or two later i had the journeying-basket but my ideas of a glamorous ride were dampened when the basket was in front of me and

it was a lot less glitzy than imagined and the sight of the helium-filled canisters around the side of the basket made me realise it was a bit of crude kit

a bit like a boy buying a toy plane that could soar above the houses in the advert only to find that it was powered by a wind-up elastic band

there was only one scene of flying but it was right up there, really high up in the air but apart from that there wasn’t anything else about flying

the next scene was in a bank and the cashier was weary of me

then i was outside the bank leaning back against the wall, think i was waiting for a transaction to go through

and then i woke up to the sound of myself singing “return to sender”

and then thought about elvis presley for a minute before getting out of bed and making a cuppa, which i drank quickly, and then made my way to the computer and typed this entry

and now the dream entry is done the rest of the day is mine to do with as i please


time-tense: various

qod 3

qos 3.4


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream: seeing the cylinders around the basket

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?

category of dream: flying

cause/s of the dream: ?

* * *



name of dream: lounge in a car

the family were in the car and on their way to the holiday destination

the car was full

somehow seven people, two adults, two teens and three children, had managed to fit into the vehicle

a fair amount of the holiday time was going to be taken up travelling, thirty-six hours !

the car was too noisy, even the youngest was complaining

next scene

a different car; now the sound of the car wasn’t a problem but it was way too small and everyone felt cramped up

someone had the idea of taking the back seat out and putting in a wooden frame

next scene

that done the trick

the car was magically transformed into a small living room

now we were seated along both sides and the back facing one another and everyone could lean back with their legs stretched out

the holiday was underway


either an and or of time-tense: 3

qod 3

qos 3.8


vividness: 3.5

the stand-out part of the dream: the last scene of the dream

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: a happy ending

category of dream: travel dream

cause/s of the dream: haven’t got the foggiest idea

notes 1

can’t see any significance at all in this dream

the only thing i can think of is that the mind wanted to express it was satisfied with the pde’s

* * *



name of dream and references

crossword ‘think-write 1

was at the computer searching for a vital bit of information which i didn’t think i wouldn’t get an answer to but got the answer straight away

at that moment i felt a surge of gratitude toward the provider of the information and decided to post a sentence of praise

the think-write message was going to be… “it was “****” who provided the solution but i don’t want to mention the company’s name because they get good enough publicity as it is”


part one

think-write dreams are messages “from me to you”

think-read dreams are messages “from you to me”


think-write is a message sent and think-read is a message received

when composing a crossword think-write message a selection of words becomes visible in a column

when forming a think-read message a person “vocalises” a word in her/his head and the word becomes placed on the “write-line”

part two

crossword think-write messages

they have been given the name crossword think-write because as they are being composed a selection of words appears in a column of four or five 1 x 3 rectangles


every column in this dream was made of four or five
1 by 3 rectangles

every column was above or below the write-line but not on it

there were columns to the left and the right of the last word on the write-line

there were columns several words to the right of the last word on the write-line

and in one scene there was a column several words to the left and below the last word on the write-line

i think, but am not completely sure, there may have been an empty column or two somewhere above the write-line as well

the columns were coloured

every column had four or five words in it

pic 1

crossword think-write


crossword think-write dreams have the scope to become extremely elaborate

see matrix mechanics


notes 1

after waking and after three or four attempts to remember the name of who it was who posted the answer i gave up trying to recall the name

i couldn’t see any point in making the dream into an entry because the part of the dream which was thought to be the crucial part of the dream, the provider of the information, wasn’t known

it wasn’t until i had been up and about for about an hour that the applications of the dream dawned on me (also read the p.s. of the notes 2 in the dream 17122017)

notes 2

there was nothing in the pde’s which pointed to the cause of this dream

it is concluded it is you-know-who moving things along

the reason for this dream is that it would be realised that crossword think-write dreams are a new and valuable tool

again, it wont be until other people start posting their dreams and allow everyone the opportunity to cross-reference their dreams for continuity, compatibility and commonality and discover if crossword think-write dreams are a constant and constructive aspect of love/life in the same way as dreams that are less than desirable are associated with stray thoughts, unsocial attitudes and destructiveness are connected

notes 3

as this is being typed an application for crossword think-write dreams has presented itself… ?


you post… “i had a crossword think-write dream last night which said “jayne, i have lost your phone number. it is important that i contact you. is your surname smith ?”

the jayne smith has a think-read dream from the person who had a think-write dream


*my reference name is – john 10 21 57 11022015, which means twenty-one minutes and fifty-seven seconds past ten in the morning of the eleventh of february two-thousand and fifteen** (see Time for Time)

my chosen name is googoled


it is expected that the current time-format we use will change when we begin interacting with d-man

it is thought that d-man will have the age/time of the universe accurate to within one million planck Times

this, in turn, brings up the question… at what time does our dependence on the universe stop ?


at what time does the reliance on quons for our existence stop, assuming we no longer need quons for our existence after transmutation ?

notes 4

when the momentum of change is underway wordpress will have to be able to host a few thousand million free websites


time-tense: 5

qod 3.5

qos 3.4


vividness: 4.2

the stand-out part of the dream: the colours

the significance of the dream – a new faculty for use in sleep-time

category of dream: crossword think-write dream (1)

cause/s of the dream: see notes 2 above

second dream

name of dream: pleasent police

1st scene

on the continent and my documentation was being checked

2nd scene

in a police station

the most casual/relaxed atmosphere of any police station i’ve been in

was being questioned politely by angela merkel

3rd scene

angela merkel taking one or two delicate puffs of an electronic ciggie

4th scene

reading three or four a5 sized sheets of papers which were folded twice and three or four cards

5th scene

searched for a card three times, couldn’t find it

came across an official-looking note that had “fled the scene on it” and became anxious

6th scene

a wallet with seven or eight different slot/pockets and three compartments

there was a two-pound coin in one compartment and i could feel another coin in another compartment which took three or four attempts to find

it was a fifty-pound coin, which meant i was rich (think there was a fifty-pound coin in another dream)

7th scene

lying with angela merkel

not sure if we were naked but both of our shoulders were showing and they were bare

she was softly, very softly, giving me meaningful soft-kisses on my cheek

time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7

qod 3.9

qos 3.6


vividness: 4

the stand-out part of the dream: 7th scene

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?

category of dream: kissing dream

cause of the dream: not known

notes 1

this is the eleventh kissing dream in the dreams diary

thirteen is my new lucky number !

3rd dream

name of dream: stray-thoughts dream 50

this dream was all bad feelings and hostility

time-tense: 5

qod 2.8

qos 4.1


vividness: 2.9

category of dream:  kissing dream (13)

the stand-out part of the dream: none

the significance of the dream: to remind me to keep my thoughts in check

category of dream: twinned-dreamss (1)

cause/s of the dream: stray-thoughts

notes 1

how a sleep can contain a tender love scene one moment and change to this type of dream hasn’t yet been formulated

an hour after writing the sentence above the thought occurred… a constructive dream, a love dream and a destructive dream

the constructive dream cancels the destructive dream and we are left with love !



name of dream: u.f.o.’s – sky-high car ride

first dream

a car and its passengers fell from the sky

there were three occupants in the car when it was taken into the sky

the occupants of the car came out of the sky ahead of the car and landed or were lowered safely to the ground (see e.t. lowering people to the ground Here)

the event must have been announced beforehand because there were several crews from the media filming the event from the ground

the three men who were in the car were not scared about what had happened and were full of smiles and enjoying the attention they were getting as soon as they were on the ground

there was film of the event which included the car coming out of the craft and the men coming to the ground

the whole thing was as solid as a sighting could be and would convince everybody who would see the film of the existence of extraterrestrials


time-tense: 1 or 2

qod 3.6

qos 3.3


vividness: 3.6

the stand-out part of the dream: the happy mood of the men as they were being interviewed

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: evolving e.t.’s and ourselves are compatible

category of dream: u.f.o.’s

cause/s of the dream: had been thinking about looking on the net for new sightings and posting them

second dream

name of dream: money 10

three of us had come into possession of two suitcases with money and valuable possessions in them

the money was neatly arranged and the bulk of the money had money-bands around each wad

there were about ten wads of money in each suitcase that had money-bands around them and each wad had fifty notes of twenty pounds

the unwadded money looked to be about one-tenth of the amount of the rest of the money


either an and or of time-tense: 3, 6, 8, 9

qod 3

qos 3.3


vividness: 3.8

the stand-out part of the dream: counting the unwadded money

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: unsure

category of dream: money dream

cause/s of the dream: thinking about money and how much i would need to complete five projects currently being mulled over

third dream

name of dream: ten in a bedroom

think the occasion was a wedding

the bride and groom must have been a very popular couple because people had come from near and far to be there

those people who couldn’t get back home on the same day of the wedding were offered somewhere to sleep

one of the persons who offered sleeping accommodation said they could sleep eighteen people

the arrangement was nine women would sleep in one room and the men would sleep in another

the scene changed in the dream and i was now looking at the room where the men would be sleeping

the room could sleep nine people alright but it meant two groups of three men would be sleeping in the same bed and two other men would be sleeping on a mattress on the floor

what didn’t look promising was that the room was big enough to house the beds and the mattress only if the beds and mattresses were touching, and i mean touching in the scrunched up sense

the scene changed to the evening when the beds were occupied

as is the case with pre-planning, it looks great on paper but almost inevitably something unforeseen crops up

one of the men, or it might have been his partner, had decided they didn’t want to be separated and so now there was a woman sleeping in the room

the scene changed again… the partner of the woman vigorously jumped out of the bed

the man who was on the other side of his partner had made a “move” on his wife or girlfriend and he was going to do something about it

he said “let’s settle this outside”

the dream came to an end

* * *



name of dream: organiser 5

had landed the contract to be the site manager at a shallow, open-cast mining project which would have forty or so men working on it for three, four or six months

had presented myself at the interview for the job as a modern-looking, fair-minded and innovative manager

at the interview my new approach justified the company accepting a lowering of profits to ensure they fulfilled the contract on schedule and avoided penalty clauses and the proposals would stand the company in good stead for future contracts by ensuring that when the word got out that the company gave the best working conditions there would never be a shortage of applicants for future business

what clinched it for me was the proposal that the wives or girlfriends would be able to accompany the men

there would be the two accommodation sites

one accommodation site would be for the women and the other for the men

the sites would be separated by about five kilometres

audio/visual communication links between the two sites

a four-day working week (monday through thursday)

on thursday nights the men would be transported to the women’s site for the long week-end

sleeping and entertainments for both sites during the week and more detailed planning for the long weekends

water, food and cooking arrangements

drinking only on thursday night, friday and saturday

termination clauses for employees who didn’t keep to the rules

wives or girlfriends of the men who had knowledge or experience of nursing and emergency procedures would give their partners an edge when applications to work for the company were being assessed

was thinking about how to include children for a few minutes after waking


either an and or of time-tense: 1, 2, 4, 5

qod 3.8

qos 3.8


vividness: 3.5

stand-out moment: at the male camp assessing where to start the organising

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: as the cause of the dream (below)

category of dream: organisational

cause/s of the dream: thinking about how to organise a venture of similar complexity during the day

* * *



name of dream: x dream -can’t wait

we were three couples going out for the evening

it was my job to pick the girls up from their various locations and we would all meet up at the rendezvous

had collected the first girl and we were waiting at the home of the second young miss who was making a few finishing touches to her appearance when the first girl to be picked up came over to the large seat i was on and sat on my lap

she placed her hands on my chest and under my jacket and then slid her hands over my shoulders which caused my jacket fall off my shoulders

she said “you’re so handsome” and then said something else of a complementary nature and then pulled my head forward and gave me a really long kiss

a good snog never hurt anyone so i got into the swing of it

that was my mistake, it was though someone had fired the starting gun and it was a race to the finish

her hands had loosened my clothing and before i could stop it from going any further in a way which didn’t seem like a rejection to her she had my genitals in one hand and was unclothing herself with the other

while my senses were reeling from the sensations of her in the cowgirl position i felt a twinge of embarrassment and awkwardness

the other young lady came to my rescue and with typical female diplomacy and threw a blanket or sheet over us

it was supposed to be a night out and amour after

some women just can’t wait


either an and or of time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 – qod 3.9 – qos 4.1 – p – vividness: 3.7 – stand-out moment: under the blanket or sheet in the last scene – significance of the stand-out part of the dream: most pleasure – category of dream: x dream (25) – cause/s of the dream: thoughts and feelings during the day

notes 1

there was this one time when i was on the dance floor with a new-found girlfriend at one the city’s most popular dance clubs

the music was stopped while a couple of bouncers came onto the floor and removed a couple who had got carried away

they had removed the clothing that would get in the way

sometimes love/life just can’t wait

* * *



name of dream: derby-copter

at my auntie’s house (g)

on the lawn at the front of the house was a bullet-shaped contraption that was the size of a two-man bobsleigh and like a bobsleigh, it was hollowed out

it was as makeshift as something could be

it was a garish green and it looked like it was something straight out of a soapbox derby of an early disney film i had watched as a kid

in the next scene, it was flying about three hundred metres away a hundred metres up

it made a terrible racket and i thought to myself “it’s noisy”

then my auntie said “isn’t it noisy”

in the next scene, it had just landed in the front garden

only now the helicopter blades were prominent, there weren’t any blades on it in the first scene

the dream ended there


either an and or of time-tense: 3, 6

qod 3

qos 3.8


vividness: 3.8

stand-out moment: the colour of it in the first scene

category of dream: unassigned

cause/s of the dream: unknown

notes 1

it’s as likely as not that the three scenes of this dream aren’t in chronological order but were put into a logical sequence by the dream-conscious

what brought this dream about in the first place ?

it’s possible to connect the sound of the helicopter to a helicopter which flew over the house a few days back

the colour, the shape of the device, the sound it made and my auntie weren’t part of the previous few days experiences between then and now though

if the stand-out feature of the dream is assigned to the noise it made then that could explain it but then why a four or five day’s delay before the dream-conscious presented it to the present-time conscious ?

and even if it was the helicopter sound what connection or relevance has it got ?

the only thing which presents itself is if i draw your attention to the noise of the helicopters that used to wake up large swaths of the population at the last place i lived as helicopters flew just above house-level whilst pursuing a joy-rider or car thief

the police would wake thousands of people out of their sleep whilst pursuing a joy-rider or car thief; there is a disproportionate response to events here

it wouldn’t surprise this website to find out that the use of helicopters in the middle of the night and which wakes thousands of people out of their sleep is a deliberate ploy done to make people feel less well

a person who is tired or fatigued is a lot easier to control than is an alert person !

which makes the relevance of this dream an alert-notice to the subtle and sinister methods used by The Oligarchs to maintain control of what people do

* * *



name of dream: lion being shot

in africa

from where i was looking i could see two hedgerows about two metres high separated by seven or eight metres of grass

the hedgerows stretched away into the distance as far as the eye could see

about sixty metres away and between the hedgerow, there was a brown african bull resting on the ground with its legs folded underneath it

a lion came into the scene about twenty-five metres away from where i was and was walking in a very casual manner toward the bull

i pointed at it and said “lion”

a man with a rifle appeared to my right, took aim and fired a shot

the lion, still moving casually, turned its head, looked at its hindquarters, and then started walking towards us

i had a moment of panic as it looked as if the lion was coming to get us

after a couple of steps in our direction the lion changed direction again and carried on walking the way, and in the same manner, it had been walking before being shot

the lion took another three or four steps and then slumped to the ground

the way it fell to the ground told me it was dead


time-tense: 6, 9

qod 2.8 qos 4


vividness: 3.5

stand-out moment: the casual manner of the lion

category of dream: unassigned

cause/s of the dream: unknown

notes 1

a lion that has been fatally wounded doesn’t react casually after being shot

perhaps it was in greater pain before it was shot

perhaps it was at the end of its life and was about to die anyway


second dream

name of dream: x dream – reunited (my ref. b)

a friend of mine took me to the house of a friend of his

unbeknown to him, or me, the partner of his friend was an awake-time girlfriend of mine from some years before

i never spoke to her during the time my friend was there

when the person who had brought me got up to leave i followed him to the door and said “i’ll catch up with you later” and turned and went back into the living room

it was obvious to me she wasn’t satisfied with the relationship she was in and i needed to find out if the looks she had been giving me meant what i thought they meant

they did, and within seconds of dream time we were undressed and conjoined

about fifty seconds of sleep-time later the sound of the back door opening caused us to separate

i headed upstairs for the toilet

two or three steps up the stairs i knew i had to go back and get my clothes

had gathered the clothes and was going back up the stairs when the dream ended


either an and/or of time-tense: 1, 4, 7, – qod 4 – qos 4.2 – p – vividness: 3.5 – stand-out moment: a long, moist kiss while conjoined – category of dream: x dream (24) – cause/s of the dream: thoughts about women during the day

notes 1

the ex-girlfriend and me had been separated by circumstances beyond the control of either of us (i’ll tell you about it sometime)

at the time we spilt-up our relationship was very much an ongoing one

we suited each other down to the ground

she was the only girlfriend i ever had who had a sense of humour

she didn’t make me laugh out loud but her sense of humour regularly brought a prolonged smile to my face and as is the case with smiles they produce Endorphins

she used to enjoy me “ribbing” her, which i did routinely

we only ever said “no” to each other once

the time she said no to me it really rattled me and although i tried to hide it she knew she had “got” to me

within a day or two, i got the chance to give her a tatse of her own medicine

it was a night in at my place

films, music, food, marijuana… by an open fire

i felt bad about it but it had to be done

she had gone out of her way to make herself look appealing on the night… clothes, just the right amount of make-up and she was in “that” frame of mind with “that” look in her eyes

the look on her face when i said “no” affected her more deeply than expected and i nearly buckled

it had the desired effect though, neither of us said no again

notes 2

it is agreed that it is the woman’s prerogative to say no, however; when a woman says no she has to live with that decision

a male isn’t obliged to accept an invitation of “yes” after the female has said “no”

notes 3

very few people understand the writer’s position with regard to gender

of mammal-man-shaped beings, it is only he who can be either gender in any point of time throughout the course of evolution

that he manifests as a male is due to the fact that males are, generally speaking, bringing up the rear in terms of evolution

it is the writer’s “lot” that, of mammal-man, he is always “bringing up the rear” (not that he’s complaining)

as we edge toward transmutation his feminine traits will emerge and he will become a “her” again

it is slowly coming to be realised that women are ahead of their male counterparts where it matters most… the disposition to love

notes 4

there was just one time in my life when i said “no” first

it was at a community centre for teens

a girl a sent her friend over to tell me she wanted to go with me

i looked over to where she was

i know a “wrong’un” when i see one

i shook my head

the girl who sent her mate over to me made a gesture and said “f… off then”

what do you think ladies ?

was my judgement right ?

was my “no” justified ?

* * *



name of dream: plant 1

came across a young man who was down on his luck while i was out and about

we got on together and i invited him back to where i lived

in the very first scene of us back at my place, he became confrontational

there followed seven or so more scenes and in each scene, he was provoking me into becoming violent

in one scene he wheeled a motorbike into the flat

i was in a controlled-anger mode and said “the first chance i get i’ll be throwing that out of the window

he wanted me to strike him but i knew what he was trying to do and wasn’t going to fall for it

in the last scene of the dream, i said “it comes down to which one of us falls asleep first”

his expression told me i had out-foxed him


time-tense: 3, 6, 8, 9

qod 2.8

qos 3.1


vividness: 3.6

stand-out moment: the last scene of the dream

category of dream:

cause/s of the dream

thinking about someone i had befriended recently

thinking about the antagonistic nature of the oligarchs, and what to do about it

notes 1

three awake-time mega-montages followed this dream

the theme/s of the montages wasn’t obvious

* * *



name of dream: bed dream 2

in front of a computer screen

there was red dot the size of a lower-case letter o above a rectangular section which had instructions which took up more than half of the screen

the red dot was throbbing and was waiting to be clicked

the decision to click the red dot would be taken if the person decided to accept an invitation or offer to win or try or buy a product

the product was a luxury single bed

i barely looked at the writing in the rectangular area and clicked the red button

the scene changed and i was in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night with the bed which had just been unloaded off a delivery vehicle

there was light enough to see my surroundings coming from somewhere and i could see i was at the bottom of a lane that had a steep’ish gradient

i began to push the bed up the hill

after half of a minute of sleep-time of pushing and stopping and pushing and stopping i realised the task of going up the lane was beyond me and i would have to leave the bed

the next scene was me in a building sitting outside of an office with its white venetian blinds closed waiting to be seen by someone

before anyone saw me i needed to go to the toilet

the last scene of this dream was of me soiling myself

the sensations of passing excretions was so real that as i woke i felt the bed


a mixture of time-tenses

qod 2.9

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.8

stand-out moment: the effort of pushing the bed

category of dream: multi-themed dream

notes 1

that i felt the bed as i was waking will tell you how real the sensations in dreams can be

this dream brings to the fore the opportunity to assess the conditioning we instil in ourselves to accommodate the body’s need to expel waste as things are now

as baby’s we aren’t encumbered with the thought processes that toilet-training demands and it is a fact that eventually the need to pass solid and liquid excretions never becomes a neural configuration

for that to happen we will have to refine our diet to the point that waste is never ingested in the first place

the indications are this could be achieved within a handful of millenniums

notes 2

this is the type of dream which makes people think that dreams are insignificant

what have dreams like this got to do with anything ?

i’m looking forward to other people sharing their dreams online in the near future

it’s going to be educational and fun sifting through each other’s dreams

and again… pairing up with your Soul Partner, could happen for some within this lifetime and a dreams diary, it is believed, will become instrumental in bringing that about

aside: moon/star

this may be nothing

before settling into bed to watch a film for half an hour before going to sleep i checked the Live Stream Channel to make sure it was streaming

there are four screens on the stream

the bottom-right screen is a live-feed from a camera which shows a sky/land/sea area of about one or two kilometres wide, two or three kilometres of depth and about twenty to thirty degrees of height

there was a large white object at the upper-left area of the screen

couldn’t identify it by looking at it on the computer screen so i rolled up the blind and looked out of the window

it was a quarter moon pointing to the right

about one moon height below it and slightly off-centre to the right of the moon was a bright star

they were the only two objects in the sky ! (have never seen a sky with just those two objects in it before. highly unusual)

being a staunch believer in u.f.o.’s (have seen one) i looked at it for a couple minutes ready to do a screen capture just in case

nothing happened though

second dream

name of dream: Think-Read numbers (14) failed to dial

urgently needed to make a phone call

it was my own number i was trying to dial

i could remember the numbers of my own phone but the numbers on the dial pad of the phone i had borrowed to make the call weren’t laid out numerically

it was after five or six attempts to remember where the numbers were on the dial-pad after locating them and then recalling the location each time a new number was tapped in that i became frustrated and gave up


time-tense: 5

qod 3

qos 3.8


vividness: 4

stand-out moment: none

category of dream: number/think-read numbers 1

notes 1

yet again, a dream where the ability to use numbers with ease was lacking

it is assumed that these dreams with numbers, that have been occurring in recent weeks, is the dream-state conscious “cutting its teeth” with numerics

*  *  *


name of dream: who’s the boss ?

was presented with a charge-sheet

the charge was “the dissemination of seditious, illegal and libellous information”

had been handing out flyers levelling all manner of accusations against the Oligarchs for a number of days in the middle of town

the heinous crimes i maintain the oligarch structure was perpetrating were… cannibalism, child-sacrifice, swapping babies in maternity wards, adult gang-rape of minors, the spreading of diseases… (in the same way as war is good for business for weapons manufacturers so too is ill-health good for the drug companies)

i had obviously hit a raw nerve and the people committing the crimes decided to do something about it

i was in an interview room in a police station

there were three, four or five men in the room and they were “leaning on me”

the men were probing for a weakness in my character or an angle which would get me to recant

they meant business

i realised i had only one way out

was thinking how to make my initial response believable when the dream ended


this is an and/or time-tense of 3, 6, 7, 9

qod 3

qos 3.5


vividness: 3.3

stand-out moment:

notes 1

during the day had been thinking of how to present crimes being enacted against humanity by the oligarchs to ordinary people



name of dream: x dream – sight and finger sensations 1

a two-scene dream

in the first scene, my girl was standing at the furthest point away from me in a room about six metres by four metres… waiting

i got up from the couch, walked over to her and held her hand and led the way back to the couch

she lay back on the couch

her eyes were closed

i had my arm under her neck and leant down into her and said: “let’s kiss for an hour”

within a minute or two of dream time, i said: “let me touch you. i won’t hurt you”

she never said anything

just after i began to touch her i glanced at her face

her face had an intense sensuous look that was most noticeable around her mouth and eyes, which were still closed

at that moment the sensations of her came through my finger-tips and the sight of the pleasure on her face produced the same sensations in my head of the pleasure she was experiencing (empathetic x sensations)

i woke up at this point and construed the dream and made it continue for another twenty minutes


this is an and/or time-tense of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – qod 4 – qos 4 – p – vividness: 3.8 – stand-out moment: the sensation of touch and the look of pleasure on her face – category of dream: x dream (23)

notes 1

one thing that always gets me thinking is that regardless of the frame of mind of a woman or girl is in she is always receptive to kissing

notes 2

for a male, the pleasure-receptor cells cover about one ten-thousandth of the surface area of the body

for a woman, the pleasure-receptor cells cover one five-thousandth of the surface area of the body

on the way to transmutation, the pleasure of x experiences will intensify ten-thousandfold for males and five-thousandfold for females

as transmutated beings, we will enter the heavenly state with those feelings of pleasure described above

the feeling of pleasure being described here is the minimum physical state needed to begin the experience of the endlessly-expansive character of eternity

notes 3

this point is going to be repeated until you are fed up with hearing it… getting to heaven begins and ends with keeping abreast of the writer ethically for the next five thousand million years
(see Ethical Parameters)

* * *


name of dream: haute cuisine 1

at an extremely elegant restaurant

was at a table and in the company of a couple of ladies dressed up to the nines, bejewelled, and wearing their hair up

the women were wearing light-coloured clothing and their posture told me they had been to a finishing school

their confidence was somewhat misplaced

they weren’t that good-looking

what tipped the balance out of their favour was their teeth-smile

their teeth were evenly-spaced and symmetrical but their teeth were just too big

the food, however, was perfection

one of the dishes put in front of me was on a clear-glass boat-dish about three centimetres deep, twelve centimetres one way and five centimetres the other

it was a two-layered creation

dark-white on the bottom and snow-white on top

the top looked like folded white tissue paper

it was obviously going to taste out of this world but the intricacy of the weave of the top layer kept my gaze on it and the dream ended before i tasted it


the time-tense is an and/or of 1, 2, 3, 4

qod 3.4

qos 3.5


vividness 3.5

stand-out moment/s: the teeth-smile, the haute cuisine food in the last scene

notes 1

not 100% sure why some people like to flash their teeth when smiling

* * *


name of dream: x dream – in a hurry

the second consecutive hurried x dream

unlike the previous dream, both parties were satisfied with the quality


time-tense: 3 – qod 3.6 – qos 3.7 – p – vividness: 3.8 – stand-out moment: the final part of the dream – category of dream: x dream (24)

notes 1

why there is an urgency in both dreams is not clear

it may be that in one respect time is running out

second dream

name of dream: ravel’s bolero

was at a table in a public place and as i was reading and writing bit’s ‘n’ pieces of ravel’s bolero was sounding out of my mouth

on occasions, i was adding to the melody by stuttering an extra few notes

the notes complemented rather than detracted from the tune

someone nearby heard the variations and began a conversation


time-tense: an and/or of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

qod 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.6

stand-out moment:

third dream

name of dream: winning ticket

in the dream, i was woken out of my sleep

an excited somebody was telling me i had won a money-prize on a scratch-card

i had to verify it and went and saw a woman who was asking a small gathering to check their numbers for the number ninety-three on the third line down on their scratch-cards

it was in my numbers

with more than a little enthusiasm, i pushed my way through other people, who were disappointed not to have won, to where the woman who was asking people to check their tickets was standing and thrust the ticket at her

she looked at the ticket and said “yes, it’s a winning ticket”

i think she anticipated what i was going to say next and before i could ask how much i had won she said “we just have to wait to see if the person who has the number ninety-three in the fourth row of the ticket makes a claim”

the dream must be a future time-tense because with the twiddle of a nob or two on the tablet-sized screen she was holding the woman organiser showed me the asset’s of both the woman and myself

our assets were neatly laid out on a five or six step display about a metre and a third high and eight metres or so wide

a quick comparison of our assets showed that i had, by far, more assets than the woman and only a stingy, greedy, money-grabber would begrudge the woman-winner the prize

at that moment i could see the amount of the prize money on the screen of the tablet

it was forty-eight pound

it was going from bad to worse

why had i been woken out of my sleep for a measly forty-eight quid ?

it was more likely i would pay someone fifty pounds to make sure i wasn’t woken out of my sleep


time-tense: 3

qos 3.7

qod 3.6

qos 3.7


vividness: 3.8

stand-out moment: the picture on the screen of the tablet showing my asset’s

they were impressive

notes 1

perhaps there is a moral somewhere in this dream

it’s something to think about for the rest of the day

* * *


name of dream: improvised song 5; rub-a-dub

eight or nine two-line impromptu lyrics sung to the tune of rub a dub soldier

i’m just a rub-a-dub soldier,
trying to keep the music alive

music makes us feel young as we get older,
keeps the spirit alive

looking forward, never over the shoulder,
to a destination, do we ever arrive ?

i’m just a rub-a-dub dubbing,
keeping dancing alive

singing is a way of romancing,
sweet tunes keeps love alive

can see other people coming,
it’s the start of a vibe

we’re all rub-a-dub soldiers,
a part of the music tribe


woke up on the seventh or eighth couplet


time-tense: 5

qod 3.5

qos 3.7



stand-out moment:

notes 1

was awake from the third or fourth line onward

which makes this an Externalised Dream

* * *


name of dream: into the heart of postulate 1

the significance of this dream lies in both its location and time-tense

the time-tense underpins the efforts of love/life across many undulations which encapsulates the present of the present undulation (time-tense 5)

the location in the dream is not a location which exists in time-tense 5

this dream exemplifies the endeavours of love/life and epitomises or sums-up the trials and tribulations we are currently experiencing and will continue to experience for many undulations to come at this point in time

this dream has a slightly oppressive feel to it

the oppression in the dream reflects a limit of love/lifes capacity to indulge devolutionary trends and practises at the expense evolutionary trends and practises

your attention is drawn to the despair love/life feels as it “closes down” or “tapers off” those circumstances which permit beings with death-outcome realities to practice being themselves

the dream itself had four or five scenes

the most relevant one is where the dreamer is running at a sustainable pace from place to place delivering a message

running in the dream occupied most of the dream


time-tense: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 probably future tenses

qod 3.2

qos 3.6


vividness 3.4

second dream (second sleep)

name of dream: dream-state mate 1

got a text from a girl whose phone text-name was “boys from brazil”

the text read… “where can i find you ?”


time-tense: 5

qod 3.4

qos 3.4

p/o ?

vividness 3.4

stand-out moment

as the dream ended and it was realised it was a “follow-on dream”

notes 1

the original dream took place in a large and crowded bed and breakfast, there may not have been a breakfast

i was going from room to room, opening each door and calling out a name, can’t remember the name i was calling out

one of the doors opened into a single room

in the room was a girl sitting on a bed next to a window

she looked lonely

i went and sat next to her and she responded to my presence by leaning into me

x followed but i felt it was done with too much haste and we both felt it was unsatisfactory or could/should have been better

i took her number and remembered her phone name because it was unusual

the name she was using was also the name of a film which didn’t have any connection to her or us which i could associate with it

notes 2

this dream is a continuation of a dream from the second or third of this month

it wasn’t made an entry because the original dream was an x dream

with so many infants on the receiving end  (currently eighteen thousand children dying each day) of the realities brought into being by those with death-outcome assertions in their souls it occurred to the writer that his x dreams are, to a person who is suffering, inappropriate

however, this dream is a new variation within the dream-state and needs to be placed on the record

notes 3

with the trillions upon trillions of variations of experiences contained within all undulations so far enacted it shouldn’t be a surprise to realise that there will appear to be an endless variety of new experiences waiting to be tapped into within both the dream-state and the awake-state

the reader needs to bear in mind that the experiences of undulations are finite

the point that experiences with finite values become bland within the context of eternity has been made elsewhere

it is though, an important point and the experiences of undulations should be noted by the individual as something which is nothing other than the means to an end

that being said the experiences we will be enacting throughout this undulation are/have been tailored to be the run-up leading to the forever newness embodied in straight-line action and our experiences throughout this undulation can be considered as part of the conditioning or preparation we have to undergo to acclimatise ourselves to endless variation

* * *


name of dream: comfortableness can be complicated

the whole of this dream revolved around the variations which came from making modifications to an adjustable bed

an awake-time neighbour was interested in buying an adjustable bed the same as the one i had bought a week or two before

the slats of the bed were made of wood and didn’t have any degree of flexibility

it was thought that if a different material was used, in the dream the wood slats had been changed for black, semi-rubberised, slats, it would give even greater comfort through flexibility

there were eight or more changes that were suggested as being improvements and with each new suggestion a different scene occurred in the dream showing the bed with the new changes

keeping abreast of the changes was quite difficult

for each new suggested change, it meant rolling back the design features that had been added which could be three, four or five modifications

in effect, it meant having to re-design the bed from scratch every time a new idea was introduced

the difficulty was re-summoning the pictures in the order they would look with the new changes added

the degree of difficulty in bringing the pictures to mind was akin to a think-read dream but with pictures and not grammatically correct wording

surprisingly, it was easier to recall pictures in sequence than it was to remember the word-sequence of think-read dreams


time-tense: probably future tenses

qod 3.7

qos 3.8


vividness 3.3

stand-out moment: the ease with which pictures could be recalled in the correct sequence

* * *


name of dream: warming technology 1

two of the dreams last night featured a cylindrical object about half a metre tall and approximately the width of an average-sized clenched fist

in one dream it was a portable heating device

anything combustible could be dropped into the top of the cylinder and the device, which didn’t weigh hardly anything, would convert it to white heat

at the bottom, there was a slide-across flap that went around half of the width of the cylindrical device and was about seven or eight centimetres in height

when the flap was open enough heat came out of the opening to make toast or marshmallows and if the area it was in wasn’t much taller than a person and not more than a couple of metres wide it was efficient enough to warm four or five people in an impressively fast time

the dream was set in a small courtyard which had three or four or five-storey buildings which surrounded the courtyard on four sides

the courtyard itself was not more than five metres across

people were gathering and the merits of the device were being talked about as this sequence of the dream ended


time-tense: probably past tenses

qod 3.4

qos 3.5


vividness 3

stand-out moment:

2nd dream: name; sound technology 1

in this dream, the cylindrical object was a portable p.a. and a music player

my girlfriend and me were enjoying being the centre of attention, which is what we became every time we turned on the device

on this occasion, we were sitting in an empty part of a very large cafeteria which could cater for a couple of hundred or more people

the nearest people to us were fifteen to twenty metres away

we chose a popular piece of music and slowly and subtly increased the volume of the music and balanced the volume of our voices so both were at the same volume

it didn’t take more than seven or eight seconds for heads to start turning in our direction

this is what was drawing peoples attention to the music and the voices of my girlfriend and me in the dream

they could hear what we were saying in a normal tone of voice twenty, and more, metres away !


time-tense: future tenses

qod 3.7

qos 3.5


vividness 3

stand-out moment:

notes 1

the trick to playing music that people twenty metres away can hear without it being obtrusive is to have high ohm speakers

i first became aware of the merits of high impedance speakers when i was about twenty-two

i was friendly with a sixteen-year-old boy called julian and we both lived in muswell hill in london

shortly after becoming friends he took me to his home

we went to his room

it was sparse but had style

he turned the music on and i became confused

i could hear the music only too clearly but couldn’t see where it was coming from

all i could see was the stereo system, a deep alcove with shelves which had books and a t.v. on them

there were two radiators, one either side of the room, and the sofa i was sitting on and there may have been a picture or two on the walls

after eight or nine or ten seconds i had to ask: “where’s the sound coming from”

he pointed to the radiator nearest to me and said “there”

the vast majority of you will be familiar with what a speaker looks like but very few of you will be able to visualise an electrostatic speaker

will let you delve into the technicalities of them for yourself

the thing about them which is relevant to this dream is their clarity and their ohmage

typically, professional speakers are eight ohms, electrostatic are sixty-four

what does that mean ?

in the summer when the french doors to the garden were open and the family were moving between the living room and the garden people would comment that the sound of the music was as clear at the far end of the garden as it was in the living room

the beauty of high impedance speakers is that the volume stays the same at greater distances away from the speakers even when the music is being played softly

i bought the speakers from julian a couple of years later for £55

dreams 3 and 4 only vaguely remembered

the first an x dream

category of dream: x dream (23)

the second was something to do with deciphering

notes 1

an x dream only partly remembered !

must be getting old



name of dream:

there has been a dream which has been trying to assert itself for the last week

this dream seems to be it

it concerns the whereabouts of a hundred or more dreams for the first half of the year 2015, which, for the life of me, i can’t locate

one dream, in particular, the carmen dream, is needed for reference

gave up looking for them a couple of weeks back and re-wrote the carmen dream from memory

this dream gave, in tabulated form, the location of the dreams

the name of this dream was the stand-out bit of the dream

x3a seems to be significant but haven’t got a clue what i’m supposed to do with it

the saga of the missing dreams continues…


time-tense: all future tenses

qod 3.1

qos 3.5

p/o ?

vividness 3.9

stand-out moment:

* * *


name of dream:
taken by surprise/one-scene dream

was mulling over what area of my life to enhance by investment

had recently spent several hundred expanding my wardrobe

had recently also spent more than half a thousand on a freezer because i was convinced that blanched and deep-frozen fresh veg was healthier than two or three days old veg
(it is the case that blanching and freezing food on the day it is picked keeps more of its nutrition than food which isn’t blanched and frozen for two or more days after being picked)

of course, the way to go is for a master-class level of organisation which presents food for consumption when food is deemed to be at its most nutritious (as it stands the profit-margin drives the main considerations in the presentation of food)

had also recently spent half a thousand on an adjustable bed
(there are noticeable gains to be made when the quality of rest between work-outs is taken to its extreme

it was noticed that the degree of recuperation was greater when a seated position was replaced by a reclining with feet raised position, and further, that those times when reading and writing are necessary, which takes up most of the writers time, adopting the reclining with feet raised for computer activities added even greater repair and maintenance opportunities

had also spent more than half a thousand on dental work in the last six weeks

although the work was done satisfactorily i had allowed myself to be persuaded that teeth should conform to the current standard-look of semi-circularity

tom cruise and guy pearce are two people whose teeth are of this style

the teeth are o.k. but they’re not me

so i decided to have my teeth re-worked only this time i was going to insist on having the style of teeth which is my natural look

it was the day of my appointment with the dentist

i walked through a door or two after entering the building

the reception was ahead of me but my sight was drawn to a dental room where a composed, and fetching in dark blue and white, sat a ready and waiting for me rosamund pike

it wasn’t who i was expecting to see and it completely disoriented me

how had she got there ?

she hadn’t been in the pde’s

what was she doing in the dream ?

why i was so unsettled by her appearance in the dream is a mystery to me

but it has to be related… i was slightly panic-struck

so much so, i had to end the dream, which i did by blinking
(this is first time that i have ended a dream by blinking)


time-tense: 1, 3, 4

qod 3.8

qos 3.7


vividness 4

stand-out moment:

origin of dream: the theme for this dream was founded in the pde’s but drew its imagery through the pan-undulation memory

the theme for a dream can also come directly from the pan-undulation memory

although the reasons for this happening aren’t yet formulated

dreams appear to originate either from pde’s or are presented to the mind as information (as in the case of precognitive dreams)

notes 1

why was the pan-undulation memory used when there was ample present-time imagery to draw from ?

there may be an answer if r.p. has had dreams of being a dentist

* * *


name of dream:
think-read (13) dating-service 1

came across the phone number of an awake-time girlfriend of days gone by

thinking it might be possible to rekindle our relationship i rang the number

the girl who answered the phone called herself sugar

it turned out the girl i expected to talk to had given her number to a dating agency, due no doubt to her popularity with the men, who were cashing in on her popularity

i asked the girl on the phone how it worked

she gave me the name of the company

it came up straight away when i typed it into the address bar

there then followed the most comprehensive set of choices of anything i have ever come across

every conceivable variation which accompanied a choice was given and every variation of the chosen choice had variations which themselves had further choices


time-tense: 1 or 2

qod 3.2

qos 3.8


vividness 3

stand-out moment: towards the end of the dream as the options of options kept on repeating

there are at least two different causes for a dream


self-stimulated (pde’s)


life-stimulated (presented to the mind as information), as in the case of precognitive dreams

this dream is 2

notes 1

as think-read dreams go this one was easy to read despite the never-ending run of options it was producing

notes 2

this dream has pointed to a way of bringing together
Soul Partners

this dream has also presented a new format for a dating site

* * *


last food 1

three different scenes of rectangular screens

there were two or four in one scene, six or eight in another and about a dozen in another

the screens were displaying information about the person’s physiology

the information was coming onto and going off the screens too fast to read

the screens were monitoring in the minutest detail the changes to the person’s metabolism as they were eating


this is very much future time-tenses: 1, 2, 3

qod 3.3

qos 4.3

p/o ?

vividness 4

stand-out moment: no individual moment

there are at least two different causes for a dream


can be self-stimulated (pde’s)


life-stimulated (presented to the mind as information), as in the case of precognitive dreams

notes 1

this dream, it is thought, is an aspect of the refining we enact as part of the transition from the man-shape to linear form

your guess is as good as mine as to what changes we experience as we transmutate

for sure, there is no eating in heaven

perhaps this dream is giving us a nudge to start thinking long-term

* * *


name of dream:
ocean water 5

there were three of us about two kilometres from the shore in a dark-grey unfriendly sea

one of us was convinced he couldn’t make it to land and was projecting he was going to die, he might have been injured

the other two didn’t feel it was hopeless and managed to persuade him to try

the water was only slightly choppy and was making the swimming more difficult but not enough to stop us making headway

about a third of the way to land we came to a breakwater wall

the wall a little less than a third of a metre wide and was only submerged below the sea by a finger-length

we were able to stand on it

we were walking along it when the sea began to get choppy

the waves were strong enough to make standing and walking too difficult so rather than chance losing the support the wall was giving us we decided to get back into the water and feel our way along the wall

we came to the corner of the wall

we could now see exactly how far it was to safety

it was still a full kilometre and the chop and swell could easily change at any time and we were tiring

we were not, by any way of looking at it, out of danger


time-tense: the settings for this dream is being assigned as 6 and 5 in terms of circumstances

qod 2.7

qos 3.8


vividness 3

stand-out moment: the resonance of the wall

i kicked the wall as i scrambled onto it and could feel it was under great pressure and might collapse

probably thoughts about our current situation

notes 1

* * *


name of dream: ‘doggy-dream 9

was at the home of an awake-time friend and his dog was looking extremely unwell

i watched it climb into the second-drawer of a column of drawers and could smell the ill-health of the dog and it smelt like death

the dog itself probably didn’t have a concept of death but knew it was experiencing the worse state it had ever known

the look on the face of the dog was that of a very old man


this is a and/or time-tense of 5, 6, 8, 9 – qod 2.8 – qos 3.3 – category of dream: doggy (10) – p/o ? – vividness: 2.9 – stand-out moment: the look and smell of the dog as it settled into a sleeping position – cause of the dream: nothing i can put my finger on

* * *


name of dream:
a night out

it was evening and i was on my own

seemed a good idea to go and socialise, perhaps find someone and fall in love

went to one of the more popular drinks and dance places

it had a low roof, two and a third metres or so

there were one metre wide round pillars spaced evenly at about three metres apart

it looked as though there was thirty or forty of the cylindrical columns

there was a wooden collar that went around the pillars at a little below chest height

the collars were deep enough to rest the elbows on

against two of the walls and forming an l-shape were comfortable-looking sofas which could set three people

it was mainly males in the drink and talk area and they outnumbered the women by three or four to one

still, it was fairly early and the ladies wouldn’t want to get there too early, it might give the wrong impression

i got a drink and went and sat on the comfortable seating next to the entrance doors which led to the dance area

the lounge seats were, unbeknown to me, exclusively for the women

i started getting glares from the men

i could see something was upsetting them but was completely in the dark as to what it might be

the longer i sat there the more people turned to look and i could see some muttering going on among the men as they looked at me

i knew trouble could flare up but i assumed someone would come and tell me what is that was wrong before it got to that stage

someone came over alright, in fact, three someones came over

they thought i was deliberately provoking them and weren’t about to engage in dialogue

they were ready to wade in as the dream ended

* * *


name of dream:
going by train to a music festival

my girlfriend and me were at a cafe at the bottom of fore street having a meal before we went to the train station and caught a train to birmingham to go to a glastonbury-style music festival for fifty thousand people

my girlfriend had never been to such a big music event before and she was wondering what to expect

i tried to explain…

“imagine a triangle that has one point at the cathedral green and another point at where exe street is nearest to the river and the third point is the bridge outside. now imagine the triangle is full of people. the music will be as loud as a disco. there will..”

my attention turned to a car which had just pulled up outside of the cafe

it was a futuristic lamborghini-style car but it was a four-seater

a couple got out of the car and came into the cafe

they became involved in the conversation my girlfriend and me were having

i was enthusing about the festival when the man of the couple said something and he and his partner got up and left

just before the couple went it crossed my mind that it might be a good idea for the four of us to go to the festival in the dream-car

perhaps the man had picked up on my thought and getting up and leaving was his answer… “you got no chance”


time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

qod 3.2

qos 3.6


vividness 3

stand-out moment: flashy car

pde’s: nothing comes to mind

* * *



name of dream:
multi-themed dream 100

a right old mishmash of themes in this period of R.E.M.

can’t remember all the details of every one of the dreams or the sequence they were in and quite possibly, every one of the themes isn’t remembered

four of us were at a formal night out in plush surroundings

both the women were wearing white and the two men were dressed in a black suit with a white shirt

things were going swimmingly when the tone of the dream changed and the man became concerned that something had happened to his wife or companion

he began relating to me what sounded like a conspiracy against him and that the disappearance of the woman was an attempt to coerce him

the next scene involved an awake-time friend from some years ago

he was explaining there was the chance of exposing putin of being a heroin addict which would weaken russian influence and credibility on the world stage and predispose the collapse the Oligarch structure

second dream

a think-read dream (12)

it was from wikipedia

it was a request from wikipedia for a donation

i am currently making a donation of £2 a month

as i began reading it, it became obvious that i was going to be asked to increase my monthly debit

in this think-read dream, it was possible to predict and replace the words because the message was already clear before i had finished reading it

…external factors have caused me to leave the computer for today…



1, 3, 4, 7

qod 3.8

qos 3.6



notes 1

the phrase “awake-time” and the phrase “sleep-time” are states of consciousness

it is becoming clear that the two easily-recognisable different conscious-states will, on the way to attaining transmutation, be routinely pan-changeable

it is reasonable and sensible to consider that in the same way that our current state of awake-time is the more prevalent state at the moment the polarisation of the two states changes and the sleep-time aspect of our consciousness becomes the dominant state of consciousness and the awake-time becomes less accessible with the eventual outcome that transmutation can be defined as that moment when the awake-time state is no longer a part of our consciousness as we begin the experiencing of timelessness

notes 2

is wikipedia in such dire straits that it needs to appeal to people who are already donating and if so is it because that the average person finds wiki to high-brow to be of any use to them ?

if that is the case then wiki might want to consider a different or new presentation of the vital knowledge it shares with us

wiki is undoubtedly a valuable database of knowledge

it is also undoubtedly a fact it is just too formal for the average person

it was Niels Bohr, alone amongst his peers, who recognised the need to express knowledge in a way that ordinary people can understand

who knows, perhaps ordinary people would respond to the request for a donation if they could grasp what it is that wikipedia is sharing


here’s an interesting little twist…

went to the mailbox late on in the day yesterday, after posting this diary entry

there was a mail from wiki which had arrived the day before

the mail apologised for having sent me a letter asking for a donation when i was already donating

the error was due to wiki having two email addresses for me

if i had read the mail before the sleep which produced the think-read dream i wouldn’t have had the think-read dream and notes 2 wouldn’t have been written

there will be people who will have read the entry yesterday but will not read this p.s. and will consequently have thoughts and opinions which are incorrect !

will leave things as is

it may cause pause for thought for someone, somewhere, sometime

* * *


name of dream: the blonde girl and the blonde afghan

afternoon in a city centre

there weren’t many people about for a large city

in the next scene am in the foyer of cinema and again not many people

in the next scene, i’m at the sweet counter deciding what to buy

decide to get three or four inexpensive single items and not one large packet of something

the next scene is in the park lounging in a lying position

a golden afghan dog is a few metres away

this afghan dog didn’t have long hair though

it had a tuft of hair that covered its throat otherwise its coat of hair was about the same as that of a golden retriever

it was an attractive dog and was just standing there, perhaps it was looking for its owner or waiting for its owner to come or call it

two or three people beckoned the dog to them but it didn’t respond

i held out a three or four-centimetre stick of pink candy which drew its attention to me

it made its way towards me and as it was almost close enough to get the sweet into its mouth i broke a small piece of the sweet off and put it on my chest

the dog tongue-scooped it into its mouth and waited for more

done the same thing again three or four times each time putting a bit of the sweet on different parts of my body

i put a piece on my ear and the dog licked it off and continued to lick my ear

at that point, the dog’s owner appeared and stooped down close to me

the dog’s owner was a woman

she dressed fashionably and had film-star looks

she had been watching the dog to see who it would go to and whoever won the confidence of the dog would be the person she would give herself to

in the next scene, we are kissing in earnest and we are both thoroughly enjoying each other

my friend alan is nearby

he was an awake-time friend from childhood

we first met at junior school and would become inseparable as teenagers

he was exceptionally good looking and was a magnet for teenage girls

there were only three or four occasions during our long friendship when i bested him for the attentions of a girl

the owner of the dog was so enjoyable to kiss it seemed the right thing to do to ask her to let my friend kiss her as well

she agreed and the dream ended


time-tense: 1, 3, 4, 7 – qod 3.8 – qos 3.6 – p – category of the dream: doggy (9)

second sleep

first dream

sex dream: category of dream: x dream (22)

second dream

name of dream: teeth 1

can’t remember if there were any scenes or images pertaining to this dream before or after this dream sequence

as it is recalled… it was a single image with only the minimum of motion in it

it was of the head of a girl/woman

she was in her early twenties

she was smiling a teeth-smile

she exuded an air of confidence and happiness


this is a and/or time-tense of 1, 2, 3, 4

qod 3.8

qos 3.6

p/o ?

notes 1

my ref: diagram; teeth 1

* * *


name of dream:
x dream


qod 3.6 – qos 3.7 – p – category of dream: x dream (21)

notes 1

although the memory of x dreams retain their freshness in awake-time the accompanying release of chemicals which relaxes the body isn’t present as it is when awake

this, it is thought, is because in sleep-time the physiology is already in a much-relaxed state

can the two different states of relaxation be coupled ?

* * *


name of dream:

an awake-time friend asked me who or where would be the best person or the best place to look after his dog for short or long-term periods

i opened a browser and began looking

was reading out to him what looked like the best of the services

i expressed my doubts about most of them and i suggested it would better to ask someone he knew who would look after the dog for him

he had been waiting for me to say it

“how about you ?”. he asked

i let out a sound which expressed being duped

the dream phased out slowly and i was speaking the last sentence…

“start a website where other people like you want other dog-lovers to help each other to dog-sit”

woke to hear myself saying “… or call it share-care”


time-tense: 4 – qod: 3.4 – qos: 3.4 – stand-out bit of the dream: being “had”- p category of dream: doggy (8)

notes 1

was still feeling tired when i woke up

laid in bed for an hour and more waiting for the tiredness to leave my eyes

during that time i tried four, five or six times to get an awake-montage going

had given up and went into a sleepier frame of mind and that was when images began forming*

the first sequence was a zoom-in of a squirrel eating with the food in its paws

it was too real to be any time other than the now**

the images would be coin-sized in awake-time

as extremely small-sized as the sequences were they had such clarity they could have been zoomed-in on ten times and still would have been as clear as clean stream water

the detail was such that a person could not have seen what is being described here and recalled it from memory and got such detail

the fact that this sort of imagery encompasses non-man-shaped beings gives us an insight into what to expect with solid (for all-undulations-to-come experiences) five-thousand million years hence
(see Wholly Empathetic)

if i had reached out to touch the squirrel it would have reacted

i was aware that it was aware of me

the images being described formed on a white background and initially, they were white with shades of off-white to mid-gray

there five or six in total

they all had motion in them and three or four of them had delicate spots and touches of one two or three colours

*it is mentioned elsewhere that a relaxed frame of mind is more likely to induce montages and this experience reinforces the experience that a semi-sleepy state is a or the way to produce them

**postulate 1 of the (12112017) has now got company

postulate 2:
the more vivid the images/sequences of montages are the more firmly imprinted they are into pan-undulation time (will eventually discover if this postulate can be applied to dreams)

second dream

name of dream: think-read (11) grammar 1

started think-reading the message/info

read it once but missed something and couldn’t make sense of it

went back to the beginning and started again

nope, still didn’t get it

after the fourth or fifth try, i was becoming frustrated

why am i unable to read it ?

another try, only slower this time slower

there was an “a” tucked in close to one of the words

it had a comma or a semi-colon which wasn’t anywhere as noticeable as it should have been

i then realised it wasn’t a message or info but it was a question

so, i took another run at it but got stuck again

then the reason for still not being able to finish the question became clear… there was a “b” with a semi-colon or comma, again not easy to see immediately

now it became completely clear… it wasn’t a single question but an either/or question

the sentence was “is it… a, it isn’t the tear in your eye that hurts when you cry but the hurt in your toe when you stub it or is it… b, it wasn’t the tear in your eye that hurts when you cry but the hurt in your toe when you stubbed it”*


time-tense 5

qod 3.5

qos 3.4

stand-out bit of the dream

finishing it


notes 1

*in the dream it wasn’t isn’t and wasn’t, it was were and something else but can’t remember exactly how the sentences were worded

notes 2

where are these dreams coming from ?

it is concluded they are as much for yourselves as i

notes 3

the message coming from this dream is… there is a level of mental effort required to make our way

this dream was an exercise in concentration in sleep-time !

* * *


name of dream:
little detail 1

woke up, thought about the dream, fell back to sleep and when i woke for the second time and tried to remember the dream only two wispy recollections are all that presented themselves

one was to do with dancing and the other was a sense impression which implied happiness


qos 3.5

notes 1

it would probably have got a high three for quality

* * *


name of dream: finding the rowley’s

was in a built-up area of the town in dream 2 to visit people i once lived close to

i was about to knock the door when a woman i didn’t know came out of the house

i asked her: “do you know where people who used to live here have moved to ?”

she did; one bit of conversation led to another and she suggested we go indoors

the friendly and amiable woman said she had four children and during our talking, she asked what i did for a living

the words “an architect” came out without me having thought to say it beforehand

don’t know what made me say it, it just came out

in the next scene her husband, a girl of five or six and boy in his mid-teens were in the room with us

the family were expecting another young man but he never showed in the dream

the husband asked me a question about architecture

it became embarrassing for everyone as it became clear i had no knowledge whatsoever of the job

the atmosphere became awkward and i wished i was somewhere else

amid my deepening discomfiture, the young girl kiss-pecked my cheek

it didn’t make the situation go away but it broke the intensity of the moment in the dream and the dream ended moments later


time-tense 1 or 4

qod 2.9

qos 3.7

stand-out moment

the face of the woman at the start of the dream



name of dream: an uphill struggle

at the bottom of the road that goes from spon end to the large green where the fairs are, or used to be, held
was on what looked like a foldaway bike with two gears

in the first gear it would mean peddling like mad just to maintain enough momentum to keep the bike going without losing balance and in the second gear the rider would have to stand on the peddles and use both the body weight and muscles, again just to keep the bike going forward fast enough to avoid coming to stop

it didn’t matter which method of peddling was used, and i swapped between the two styles for most of the dream, it was maximum effort

finally, and with a sense of accomplishment and great gratification, the bike got over the brow of the hill and a level expanse of bright greenery spread out invitingly before me


time-tense 1

qod 4

qos 3.7

stand-out moment

the sight of the greenery



* * *


name of dream: thoughts about food 1

in a high street fast-food cafe

was ravenous and eating the food too fast

someone at the next table commented on it in a way which i was meant to hear

i could have ignored him but felt a rejoinder was appropriate

it led to a prolonged conversation

i pointed out that the way a person eats reflects how hungry they are and went on to demonstrate how a person could eat in a refined way if they wanted to even though they were really hungry

he saw i could out-refine him in table manners if i wanted to and his companions sat silently which i took as a sign of acknowledgement that i had proved my point

the lad who first spoke was smarting

i could see his attitude toward me was veering towards hostility and i saw that when they left they were standing twenty metres away on the corner waiting for me to come out

i was feeling uneasy as the dream ended


time-tense 4

qod 2.9

qos 3.8


pde’s: may have been emotions but unsure

second dream

name of dream: only the wise

in a house of a family from the indian sub-continent who had emigrated to the u.k.

the eldest son of the family was something of an entrepreneur

he had come up with a way of copying the first line of a web address and reconstructing the product or service of what it was that the people of the web address offered

he gave me a demonstration

from an url of about twenty characters, he reproduced a solid object of considerable complexity

it’s potential was obvious and he had impressed me

i gave him the web address of my website and could see he was in a state of perplexion as the dream ended


time-tense 3

qod 3

qos 3.8


pde’s: nothing obvious

* * *


name of dream: camera dilemma

trying to make up my mind whether to buy a movie camera that takes single frame shots or a still shot camera that takes movies

both cameras fit into the hand just right so there’s not much to choose between them there

the still shot camera is lighter but is limited to ten minutes of movie-making and the quality of a movie is acceptable but not as good as the camera designed for movies

the movies of the movie camera are as good as they come but there aren’t as many features with which to modify the still shot as there are with the camera designed for single shots

the single shot camera isn’t as expensive as the movie camera but the movie camera has an sl-mo capture and replay option

there is the option to be decadent and buy both cameras but that would be too indulgent

the salesman has got his eye on the commission factor and is subtly pushing the movie camera and that automatically pushes me toward the still camera

the movie camera looks more professional and will impress would-be clients but i won’t be able to soften pictures and make a woman look more attractive…

the dream was fading to an end but the dilemma was ongoing


assigning the time-tense of 3 to this dream

qod 3.2

qos 4



nothing in the pde’s points to this, it was though, an awake-time situation of three years

second dream

name of dream: an inconvenient convenience

living in a bedsit on the second-floor of a two-storey house

the landlord had come to the decision that it would be a good idea to put a steamer outlet pipe in

probably so he could put in his advertisement in the paper that the kitchens had a steam-cleaner for added hygiene and cleaning pots and pans and convey the impression of an all the mod-cons establishment to potential tenants

in theory, it wasn’t a bad idea

in all the kitchens in all the bedsits in the house, it meant running a pipe from the water radiator to the kitchen sink

it wasn’t until the conversion had been done that i saw that the pipe from the radiator crossed over the workspace to the left of the sink and effectively made a third of the work surface area redundant

the surface area that was left barely had enough space for a plate and certainly not enough for two

occasionally i would need to dine a lady and she wouldn’t have been over-awed to see me dishing up her dish on a plate balanced on the top of a pan

the thoughts of other inconveniences were coming to mind when the big body-blow hit

i could tell the tenant in the next room to me was in his kitchen area from the unique sounds of the kitchen that were coming through the cardboard walls

he used his new mod-con and i jest not when i tell you it was like being next to a train in the station as it let off steam

really, it was that intrusive

it was going to cause all sorts of problems

you wouldn’t be able to use it if your adjoining tenant was asleep

if your adjoining tenant wanted to piss you off he could justify using it in the middle of the night because he wanted to heat up a milk drink

it would justify the landlord adding more to the rent…

another dream that ended unsatisfactorily


this one is definitely going to the dustbin of the past

time-tense 9

qod 3

qos 4



not stray thoughts but unconstructive ones


the money-minded amongst us still have the backing of the police and the courts to ride slip-shod over ordinary people

the writer is living where he lives now because in the last place he lived the problems portrayed in this dream were actual

you can hear your neighbour going to the toilet, you can hear your neighbour farting, you can hear your neighbours telly, you can hear your neighbours arguments…

it’s the same old story… use cheap materials to shave twenty thousand pounds off the cost of each new habitation built for ordinary people living in england

twenty thousand times two hundred thousand is four billion pounds per year going into the bank’s pockets each year, and it’s even worse in america

people are being housed in accommodation that is illegal

the law is perfectly clear on this point

a person should be able to generate thirty-five decibels without the sound being intrusive to the adjoining houses

as this country gets poorer and the problems start mounting and it gets to the point where people decide to start pushing back they could reclaim their right to an even distribution of the wealth by bringing civil lawsuits against the councils who are hand-in-glove with their legal counsel who are hand-in-glove with the architects who are hand-in-glove with the banks who are hand-in-glove with the politicians who are hand-in… which would force a rebuilding of much of this country’s housing

the money-minded may well try to introduce laws as a result of this comment of a dream and make this possible tactic illegal

know this mr and mrs money-minded british and jewish financier

you’ve very nearly ridden this country into the ground and a groundswell of discontent is rising

do it peaceably

* * *


name of dream: in a rush

the first scene is in a car on the dual carriageway which circles around the outskirts of a biggish city

don’t know why i’m in a hurry but something is propelling me with a sense of urgency

being in a rush is working against me

first, i don’t get off at the right exit then i go past the exit i should have taken then i have to go around a large roundabout three times before i get my bearings

when i do get off the dual carriageway the scene changes

now i’m a couple of kilometres from where i want to be and have to catch a bus

catching the bus isn’t a problem but paying for the ticket is

i dig into my pocket with my left hand and grab most of the loose change and bring out of my pocket so many coins i have to keep my fist tightly clenched to stop the change from slipping out of my hand

i must be holding onto something with my right hand because i present the change to another passenger and ask him to take out enough out of my fist to pay the fare

as the man is taking one coin at a time i can feel the change is loosening in my grip and am expecting the bunch of coins to collapse, like a fistful marbles held too tightly would do, and spill to the floor

the man taking the coins is aware of what could happen if he isn’t careful and was doing an excellent job of imitating a surgeon removing a foreign object from next to the heart

he had almost got all the coins when, on what was the last coin needed to pay for the ticket, two pennies got loose from the rest and fell to the floor

i said “i was going to give you a tip for your help but you’ve blown it”

he took it in the spirit it was spoken and was smiling as i was waking and heard myself saying the sentence above



within two seconds of being awake and lying there with eyes closed there began another, the second in two days, mega-montage (the chances are there will be even longer sequences than these. will see if they can be counted in future sequences)

the first and longest sequence of the still and motion images were the same in respect of the colour of the clothes people were wearing

without exception, they were all wearing red tops and white skirts or trousers

it went on for at least one and a half to two minutes of awake-time

as with the last montage of this length, 04122017, there were more than a hundred and it was possible to perpetuate the sequences although i think i “maxed out” at the end of the last sequence when brown colours starting appearing

unlike the previous long montage this montage was in awake-time

with this montage, it was also possible to freeze images (yet another new feature in motages)


the time-tense for this dream is thought to be 6

qod 3.2

qos 3.6



can’t rember anything during the day which would have caused this dream

notes 1


the time-tense for the montage is thought to be a mixture of all the time-tenses but this another question to be answered in the future

* * *


name of dream: nowt queerer than folk

this dream is in a society where much is tolerated, perhaps too much

it starts with a man called taff and myself

taff is a burly man in his late twenties and looked a little like a strongman called gary taylor

taff prefers men to women and, wouldn’t you know it, i’m the object of his affections

no, change that

i’m the object of his carnal desires

in the first scene of this dream, he’s standing close to me and his face is within centimetres of mine

he’s wearing tight-fitting clothes

the t-shirt hasn’t got sleeves and his whole appearance declares his orientation to life… flesh of the body

his needs put decorum to one side and his continued badgering to persuade or convince me we are meant for each other is becoming bothersome

at this point in the dream, another man comes into the picture and is within three or four metres of us

this moderates his insistence and i take the opportunity to end the talking

“there’s another man who loves you” and then sealed it with “i’m in love with a woman”

the cushioned blow is enough for him to accept my rejection and the dream ends as he’s seven or eight metres away and moving further away still


the time-tense for this dream is an and/or of 3, 6,7, 9

qod 3.2

qos 3.9


category of dream: homosexuality (2)


can’t remember anything during the day which would have caused this dream

notes 1

homosexuality, it must be mentioned, represents a specific point of devolution

second dream

name of dream: happy hols 1

living where i lived before where i am now

there was a knock at the door

i opened the window next to the door and a man asked to see (an awake-time girlfriend who was a regular visitor)

the girlfriend must have been expecting him because before i could turn around and call her she was at my shoulder

she had a bath towel wrapped around her that covered her above her breasts and was clutching money in her left hand

i could see she was holding two ten pound notes and two or three one pound coins

as she leaned across me and handed the money to the caller through the window she said: “i’ll give you the rest later”

in the next scene, the girl in the first scene and her friend and i are sitting in a train in the seats to the left and right of the aisle nearest to where the carriages were joined

the girls were sitting opposite each other to my left

the friend of my girlfriend asked, “where will we be staying when we get there ?”

i said, ” i don’t know”.

both the girls paused in thought, i carried on…

“we’ll get off the train and see which street looks the most inviting. we’ll walk along the street and when we see a restaurant or cafe or a pub we like the look of we’ll go in. when we come out we’ll buy a paper and choose the name of a guest-house we like the sound of. every moment will be a new adventure. today it’s britain the next time it’s…”

the friend of my girlfriend stretched out her arm and leaned across the aisle to touch me on the shoulder in a gesture of affection

i took her hand and kissed the back of it

the girls were crackling with delight

i didn’t feel too bad either


the time-tense for this dream is an and/or of 1, 4, 7

qod 3.2

qos 3.9



quite possibly thought of the ex-girlfriend

third dream

name of dream: day-dream 1

was walking through town and christmas was all around

to my right was a children’s carousel with several youngsters enjoying the ride

the song accompanying the ride was last christmas by wham and had a good beat, good enough to make me feel like moving to it

there was a girl of five or six three metres from the ride watching and dancing

the girl hadn’t yet learnt to sync her body movements to a rhythm and only one leg was lifting up as she disjointedly bobbed up and down

how she might look wasn’t on her mind

the music had taken her over and she was part of it

she stopped suddenly as though something was wrong, something wasn’t right, something was missing

she then darted to where a pram was and started moving things around and i must say, she was doing it with haste

after six or seven seconds she had hold of something and rushed back to where she had been before and held it out at arm’s length before her

it was a rag doll about a third as big as she was

she now had a partner to dance withcategory of dream: dancing (21)

notes 1

a male might not see the female perspective here

enjoying life without someone else just isn’t possible

* * *


name of dream: ‘heisenberg’s proof

the dream started with the words “heisenberg’s proof” on a white background

a volunteer was hooked up to electronic equipment in a windowed console close to the roof at the far side of the room

the room itself was quite large

all of the room wasn’t in view but what i could see was roughly thirty metres high, thirty metres deep and thirty metres wide

there were three screens which were closer to the ceiling than to the floor and they were evenly spaced from each other by three or four metres

each screen was rectangular and about three or four metres high and four or five metres wide

don’t remember seeing anyone

the equipment could show the images a person was seeing in the dream as they were happening in the dream

the equipment could also interact with the images of the dream and insert images which became part of the dream which the dreamer would see as
being part of the dream

the experiment was to establish whether the dreamer was familiar with the content of the dream

the volunteer was dreaming of cameras

one image of a picture the dreamer was seeing in the dream was too dark to see in detail or it might have been darkened as a part of the experiment

an aperture feature was introduced into the dreamer’s images of the camera

if the dreamer used the newly-installed feature to brighten the picture it would demonstrate she/he was familiar with the workings of cameras

the feature introduced into the dream was transparent, rectangular in shape and if it was used a red dot of light came on at the left-hand side of the rectangle

the image the dreamer was seeing was closest to me and was about four metres away

when the dreamer adjusted the introduced aperture feature it proved that the dreamer had knowledge of cameras

another different test was carried out on a different aspect of the dream and that too was proven


the time-tense for this dream is an and or of 1, 4

qod 3.7

qos 3.8

most definitely an observer


nothing comes to mind

which probably means it was introduced by you-know-who for our appraisal

notes 1

werner heisenburg, in conjunction with niels bohr and max born, were the three people who formulated quantum theory between 1900 and 1925 following max planck’s discovery of The Quantum of Action in 1899/1900

werner heisenburg will always be remembered for The Principle of Inderterminacy

the principle of indeterminacy is now, deliberately misguidedly, called the uncertainty principle,: see Who Discovered Relativity

notes 2

this dream means in a future Undulation heisenburg becomes famous for something other than the principle of indeterminacy

notes 3

this dream may well be an invitation for someone to change the time-tense of this dream from one or four to five

it is also possible that more than one person may think of an application

in the event of that happening the date of each submission will be attached to the submission

* * *


name of dream: sultry swede

was on the last but one leg of a european tour

not sure if i was alone or not

after enquiring at the ticket office about train times was told the ticket had to be obtained from a representative of the swedish government and was given the address

i got to the address but it didn’t look at all like it was anything official, anyway it was the right address

don’t remember ringing a bell or knocking on the two and a half metre high glass doors, perhaps there was someone monitoring a camera which showed the entrance

somebody, don’t remember if it was a female or a male, came through two other smoked-glass swing doors a metre or two from where i was standing on the outside of the building, opened the front doors and beckoned me in

as i was walking through the two inner-doors the perspective or rather the angle of view in the dream went from a straight-ahead view to a down angle view

the first thing i saw was the shoes, and particularly the ankle-strapping of the shoes, on what was obviously the legs of a woman

slowly, deliberately so, the view began to move up her legs and then showed her crossed legs and then up to the split in her dress which showed about a third of her thighs

the scene then changed to her face

she was wearing a cat-mask but it didn’t have whiskers or a smile/grin

the mask covered most of the front and side of her face, i think the hollow of her cheeks were showing, her forehead was showing and her eyes were sparkling with life

the dream ended


the time-tense for this dream is an and or of 1, 2, 3, 4, 7

qod 3.5

qos 3.7

p/o ?


had thought about the lover and women, among dozens of other things, throughout the day

notes 1

got to thinking…

which part of the brain/mind presents these images/scenes and why did the old noodle serve up a view/perspective/angle of a women’s legs that was straight out of a hollywood film that was, blatantly, meant to seduce ?

the long, drawn-out up-the-legs sequence didn’t stir any emotions especially, the eyes were much more captivating

so why did the dream emphasise these characteristics of the woman ?

after several minutes of deliberation, the obvious answer presented itself

it was you-know-who producing and presenting her/his self

she/he, who you dare not speak of in public, is having fun with us

the manly-shape is the first shape with eternal qualities; it is however well past its sell-by date

the really difficult scenarios have been played out

the worst of the suffering for both her/him, and us is now, and forever, behind us

you-know-who is gearing up for the good times when death is no more and all that’s left for us to do is to love in a fun-filled way

i first became aware of her/his playful nature when Cherub was presented a couple of years ago

the writer can still feel the lover’s presence in that mini-movie clip now and it has been asserting itself, little by little, over the years

yeah, i know, it will be another five thousand million years before she/he’s with us but when you’re enjoying life you know how quickly time passes

perhaps this entry will lighten your mood and give you an insight as to what the future has in store for us

* * *


name of dream: psycho bully 1

in custody, again

it wasn’t prison though

it was a young offenders institution

in a dormitory which was claustrophobically small

my bed was at the furthest from the door

against the wall and the closest to the door, one of the inmates was looking at me with murderous intent

he was one of the top three of the institutions most violent prisoners and he was thinking about what he was going to do me as he was listening to someone standing to the left of him talking into his ear

the someone was a trouble-maker but of the passive kind

i had pulled him up about a bit of mischief-making he had instigated and he didn’t like being told off

i knew there would be no use in trying to talk to the psycho, in his mind i was already condemned, for him it was now just a matter of where and when to vent his natural violent tendencies

it was a tightly controlled establishment and had been designed or modified to minimize the chances of violence flaring up

there were only a few places which were blind spots from a security point of view

one of them, the first an inmate would encounter on the way to the ablutions, was a small ninety-degree zig-zag about two metres long

in the next scene we had all gone through the zig-zag and i was the last to go through because i was the last in the order as we filed out

sure enough, the psycho and two others were waiting as i come out of the zig-zag

two of them moved out of the area, they just wanted to make sure i would be where the psycho could get me, after that, it was a fore-drawn conclusion what the ending would be, and now it was just the psycho and me in the dream

i lifted my arm and thrust it out straight with my fist clenched and my finger pointing at him

the gesture was unmistakable, it said: “you”

it was like waving a red flag at a mad bull

he came at me in a rush

my plan was to get around the second corner of the zig-zag far enough ahead of him to be stooped down as he turned the corner himself and rugby-tackle his legs, something i could do well at school, and take it from there

i got around the corner ahead of him but didn’t get down into a crouched position because one of the prison officers was dashing down to where i was

my guess is the prison guard would be aware of which of the inmates to watch most closely and seen the potential aggravation

psycho was not so stupid as to attack me with a guard as a witness

i was safe and the dream ended


the time-tense for this dream is an and/or for 6, 8 or 9 – qod 2.8 – qos 3.6 – p – cause of dream: thinking about devolving man-shaped beings – category of dream: prison (6)

notes 1

this is the second time within a few days when i have been in a life-threatening situation and someone has come to my rescue

there must be somebody up there who likes me

* * *


name of dream: strictly adult

first thing, if you’re a parent with youngsters this website is out of bounds for them from here on in

the dream…

was watching a sporting event i had downloaded from the net when part-way through it another video started to play

i was a bit annoyed at first (a bit of malware has infected the computer and ads are hijacking just about every page i visit)

it was x material and so i took a few seconds to look at it

then began what was the longest-ever run of a montage sequence

it totalled dozens and dozens, quite possibly a hundred and fifty, and then something happened which has never hapened before… i was able to rewind or go back and look at a previous image/sequence

the image/sequences rolled on and they were as varied a bunch of x scenes as i’ve ever seen

at one point in the flow of images and sequences (the length of time of the image/sequences varied between one second and a quarter of a second of dream time) the detail of the visuals became too dark to see clearly

amidst this deluge of image/sequences, there was a half of one second of a still image with the words
“stryker presents…”

the montage continued…

the pictures were going by so quickly now some of them were just impressions

then the words “what’s the second greatest pleasure” appeared momentarily

then more sequences

then again “what’s the second greatest pleasure”

and still the seemingly endless run of
image-visuals kept on coming

then again for a third time, another message appeared which read “styrker and…(can’t remember the name) presents…”

by now i was wondering what it could be referring to

i thought it was going to say bestial x or anal x or child x

as the imaging continued a long message showed which had too many words on it to read in an instant

i began to think-think-read it (it was the most difficult message i’ve had to think-read for quite a few months) as the slogan appeared time after time (it appeared briefly about seven times) i managed a word or two here and one word there between the movie/sequences and, with the new faculty of replay, eventually managed to string the sentence together

it read “the second most pleasurable thing is the act of murder or the accomplishment of killing”

and then began a stream of moving and still images of various types of murder of both sexes of all ages

i think all of them were acts of individuals being killed, no pairs or groups


the time-tense for this dream is an and/or for 5, 6 and 7

qod 2.7 – qos 4.1 – o

category of montage: ‘replay


the computer playing up

thoughts about the dream referred to in notes 1 of the second dream of the the entry of 27112017

and, of course, women

notes 1

this website is going to keep reminding its readers… dreams are comprised of actual events

notes 2

you’ve only got to remember the atrocities i.s.i.s performed when they began running amok (drugs, the group/clique mentality, weapons and a wad of money will turn a testosterone-fuelled young man dissatisfied with life into becoming murderer) to realise just how easy it is to do and how recently it was, to believe that this dream is founded in fact

* * *


name of dream:
an echo of christmas

a brief acquaintance from the past turned up out of the blue at about this time of year

he was in a subdued frame of mind, i got the impression he had turned to me reluctantly or at someone else’s behest

he spent most of the day with me

during that time i was assessing what would be of most use to him and getting things ready for him to take with him when he went

he never asked for any money and i never thought of offering him any

i couldn’t get over how subdued he was

like a man who had accepted a fate he didn’t want

whatever it was that was preoccupying him it didn’t lessen, on the contrary

my last sight of him, which troubled me, was of him turning the wrong way out of the door which led to a brick wall

it was if a brick wall was more inviting than an open path

as laden as he was with gifts and useful items the burden he was carrying was greater by far

* * *


name of dream: story/saga 1

in the last scene, i befriended a young man who was down on his luck

we were discussing what we would have to eat and where to get it from when the dream ended


time-tense ?

qod 3.8

qos 3.2



not sure if this dream came from the pde’s

notes 1

a story dream is a dream with the same theme and which can last for most, and perhaps all, of the time the brain/mind is actually engaged in dream sequences

this dream continued with the same theme for three different periods of time

the periods of time was separated by two brief bouts of awake-conscious and finished with me hearing myself speaking out loud as i woke

the scenes in the dream varied in lengths of time

one, in particular, lasted for what seemed to be more than half of the whole dream

within this long period, a whole saga of the same theme played out
(imagine a film which didn’t change scenes for twenty minutes)

this dream is a new category of dream

for the time being, they are being called story/saga dreams

as their purpose becomes known they will probably be re-named

notes 2

it’s now an hour since i woke and all i can remember of the dream are vague impressions from one bit or another

how we’re supposed to remember the contents of something which lasts for twenty minutes i’ve no idea

perhaps it’s the old practice makes perfect routine being thrust at us

notes 3

the thing that’s becoming clear is that dreams theory is a big, big subject

there’s no way i could have a family and a job and devote as much time to uncovering what’s in the old noodle as is presently possible

it may be the case that to make sense of dreams we will have to cross-index the types of dreams

with more than forty different types already identified, it means there will be more than One Raised To The Fiftieth Power (1 ^50) possible variations to cross-check !

and if you’re wondering what the number means, it’s telling us there are millions of more ways to categorise dreams than there are stars in the universe

hope you like a challenge

second sleep

name of dream: mountain bike ride 1

three of us had just finished a mountain bike ride

the two young men were younger than me and had been friends more than twenty years ago

we arranged to do it again

in the next scene, we were ready to do it again but one of the other two hadn’t shown up

we set off

it was a thick brush with just an outline of a trail and it was more challenging than anything i had done before

in the next scene, we had to do a drop-jump of about one and a half metres

it was the most difficult manoeuvre i had ever tried

the moment of hesitation and the drop and the landing was the stand-out part of the ride

i fully expected to get a bruise or worse

the other rider was out of the scene and i wasn’t going to get left behind and make him come back as that would have blown my cred

i managed to lift the front of the bike sufficiently as i went over the edge and it was just enough to make the bike land on its back wheel

the bike hit the ground with a bump and my crotch hit the seat of the bike but, wonder of wonders, it didn’t hurt and the bike stayed on two wheels

in the next scene, we were off our bikes and talking

the other rider looked at me with a serious look and said “i am getting a weight for a few hundred pounds
(he was talking about hash)

i was interested and asked how much i could get a quarter of it for and he said “ninety pounds”

he said something about keeping it to myself and the dream ended


favoured time-tense 7 or 9

qod 3.4

qos 3.7



thinking i would like to go for a ride on the bike sometime
(still have a mountain bike and regularly think about going out on it)

* * *



name of dream: skinny’s skinny

four different scenes where all the clothing i was wearing was a cloth, zipper bomber-jacket

and if that wasn’t bad enough it wasn’t zipped up

it wasn’t an attempt to be provocative, nor was it because i wanted attention

it was a natural, innocent act, of an adult with a child’s mind

the reaction of the people who saw me was slightly reserved but none were concerned

in the last scene of this dream i was in a room and a girl was there

she looked and then looked away and moved her right hand, with fingers open, to her eyes and said politely to put more clothes on


favoured time-tense 2

qod 3.1

qos 3.3



no pde’s that i can put my finger on

notes 1

the chances are that if a baby wasn’t schooled into it and the climate was right the only thing she/he would wear was shoes

second dream

x dream

category of dream: x dream (20) – qod 3.7 – qos 3.3 – p – pde’s – don’t blame me because i feel the need to fill the endless with life

notes 1

first dream that i can remember when i forgot the details of the x dream because of thinking about another dream

* * *



name of dream: insignificant dream ?

looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a boil-sized spot on my forehead


time-tense 9 or 6

qod 2.9

qos 3.1

p or o ?category of dream: insignificant dream


during the day my hand automatically went to an irritation on my forehead

notes 1

the next time i went to the bathroom and looked at where the irritation was there was a pimple the size of a pin-head

notes 2

this isn’t the first insignificant dream entry

notes 3

after thinking about it, this one-scene dream does have significance

i’m a cooked-meal man

four out of five of my meals are meat and veg

(my veg to meat ratio is about three to one)

a look at diet diary (uploading the diet diary sometime next year) will show an imbalance in the ratio of cooked meat and veg meals to non-cooked meat and veg meals over the last week or so

notes 4

being a film-goer it can’t help but be noticed that more than just one or two of the big-name film stars have developed wart-sized spots on their faces

this will be due, i am fairly sure, to the chemicals used in foods to flavour, colour, preserve and… the foods and thus enhance the profit margin

time and money are big factors in our lives, there are however bigger ones, and with a whole world of things to do, allocating time to buying, preparing and cooking food isn’t always the priority it should be

incorporating into our lives the twice or thrice daily mundane task of the seemingly insignificant act of eating will slow the tempo of our lifestyle and bring us back to realising the importance of taking the time to eat cooked meals as a way of life

it takes up more of our time, yes, but it is hoped that the very large time-scales you are becoming familiar with will be balanced by the realisation that it only takes a second for a person to change their time-tense from one to nine

shopping, preparing, cooking and eating food is an excellent way of making us reduce the tempo of our lifestyles and avoid the type of catastrophes that often accompanies the frantic pace of a money-first outlook

it will also ensure that those handsome faces on the silver screen will be blemish-free

notes 5

this dream scene brought to mind another insignificant dream from the last few days

in that one-scene dream, there was an inviting looking savoy cabbage

although, it is worth saying, iv’e seen better-looking savoy cabbages in awake-time

that an informative dream, which is what i think it was, has presented in the dream-state a cabbage which i would have considered inferior to those seen in awake-time has caused me to think (because of postulate one… 12112017) the savoy cabbages i see in an awake-state might be over-fertilised to get to the size they are

if that’s not the case then the bigger, brighter cabbages in the awake-state are actually of a more recent time-tense and have not been around for enough undulations to become a permanent part of the pan-undulation memory

this makes sense when it is pointed out that the one-scene dream of the cabbage was an improvement of the cabbages i had seen in the shops and had thought about during the day before having the cabbage dream

second sleep

name of dream:

claustrophobic situation

on the inside of a large store next to the entrance

something had caused a bottle-neck of people from moving into the store

there were about fifteen semi-burly men wearing white shirts who were blocking the access to the rest of the store

i couldn’t get passed the men and the doors didn’t open outwards

trying to push them into the store only made matters worse as it caused the mini-throng to push back which caused me to have to stoop down so i wasn’t pressed against the door

all i could see from my lowered position was the legs and back of the men’s torso’s

there was a moment of mild panic as i tried to stand up and realised i wasn’t going to be able to

the slightly panicky feeling intensified as the crowd of men lost ground to whatever it was which was causing them to bunch up and they edged back onto me by about a quarter of a metre

if the men directly in front of me crumbled to the ground there would have been hundreds of pounds of weight lying on top of me


favoured time-tense 9

qod 2.8

qos 3.3



this dream is easy to pinpoint

used dumbbells earlier on in the day to do dumbbell stoops and in typical me fashion i used too much weight

i didn’t get the breathing in and out in sync with the movement and at the bottom of the movement and there was too much pressure on my torso for me to be able to breathe in

i was on the verge of dropping them and taking a breath in



name of dream: a nightmare of a child

a girl of five or six

she was on a sofa in a sitting position coming out of a sleep

as she was waking she peed herself

the urine jetted from her body in a stream

she was sweating profusely and her fringe was stuck to her forehead

she looked at me and spoke a sentence

the sentence was a question which queried whether she was different

it was as though someone had just come out of an anaesthesia sleep and wanted to know if the operation had saved their life

then she was asleep again


qod 3

qos 3.4

p or o ?


notes 1

the stand out part of the dream was the deeply sincere manner she spoke

it was if she thought i had the ability to make one reality or another for her

this might be the time to remind ourselves of the characteristics which can endure forever in the forever

there probably isn’t one adult person who has retained the characteristic’s they had as a five-year-old anywhere in the world

yet that it is what it takes to merge with eternity

the ability to change realities in a moment

an open-mindedness which can embrace a new happiness

the ability to absorb new thoughts and actions in an instant

complete flexibility to be in one state or another

to get to where we seek to get means complete trust in every other person

the thought of self-before others won’t exist

the simple act of giving without receiving, which children find easy to do, will have become the norm…

this is the gist of what we have to become

that two adults arguing in the presence of a child-mind can cause such a severe reaction gives us an indication of just how poor our understanding of ourselves is

*  Nightmare As a Child

* * *



name of dream: xh2

x dream


qod 3.3 – qos 3.5 – p – category of dream: x dream (19)

notes 1

the problem with x dreams is that they occupy the mind upon waking and, not for the first time, i’ve forgotten the dream that came before it

* * *


name of dream: travelling man

was between countries and in the centre of a city and needed to buy something to eat

decided on a takeaway meal and ordered one from the biggest roadside van i’ve ever seen

there were three people working the stall

the person who took my order was a woman and we got into a friendly bit of chit-chat

the meal was nearly ready and it was time to pay

i dug into my pocket and brought out all the money in it and soon realised there wasn’t enough to pay for what i’d ordered

not that it mattered i would have enough in my wallet

when i opened the wallet there was just one ten unit denomination note in it and that wasn’t enough either

then i remembered i had four ten denomination notes stuck to a thick piece of paper in amongst my paper items

it took longer than i thought to find the folded sheet of paper and when it was unfolded the notes were stapled to the paper

i attempted to prise the staples open to free the notes but the notes started to rip

at this point, i began apologising to the woman

she remained amiable and unconcerned but i was starting to feel the pressure

i suggested paying by card but the smile on her face loosened which told me that wasn’t an option

i asked if there a cash dispenser nearby

the woman’s expression was changing by the moment

a slow, drawn-out shake of her head meant i had to come up with something else

business etiquette demanded a sales-person should be friendly whatever the circumstances, she was, however, becoming a different woman and was looking at me in a different way

i knew the look

she was beginning to suspect a con

i had a chequebook

i asked her half-heartedly, “will you take a cheque ?”

the dream ended there in fade-out fashion


qod 3.7

qos 3.4



nothing comes to mind

notes 1

this dream is not untypical of the writer’s awake-life experiences

there are quite a lot of these types of incidents that could be related

perhaps an “odd-memoirs” page is something for the future

second dream

name of dream: compromising situation 2

in the bookies

a man in his late-twenties walked past me and said to another man standing within a metre or two of where i was “… be standing by the door”

within a second of sleep-time, one of the two of them then said “…will have the shotgun”

there’s no way i could not hear what they were saying

i was implicated

one of the men looked at me and said “we want you to stand there” as he looked to my left

i knew the man who owned the betting shop and he seemed reasonable enough

the robber’s wanted me present just in case the shop emptied a bit and me being there would make it look like a normal day and wouldn’t ring any alarm bells in the head of the owner of the shop who was very much security-minded

the shop-owner would have reason to be even more security-minded than usual on the day of the robbery

the robbery was going to take place on what would be the biggest sporting day of the year and lots of people who wouldn’t normally bet on anything would have a little flutter on one or other of the sporting events

i turned to one of the men planning the robbery and said “i won’t grass you up but i won’t be here”

they started threatening me

that was their mistake

the owner of the booking shop was more vigilant than i realised and read the situation

he suddenly appeared from behind the partition between the shop and office and was striding towards us holding something, it looked like a heavy metal bar, spitting and cursing obscenely as he was getting nearer

the owner of the premises was something else, the robbers knew it but i didn’t

he was as tough and fearless as they come

he had long black hair and looked as solid as a statue

his walk had an unstoppable gait to it

the robbers knew they only way they would be able to stop him was with a gun

the robbers left the building before he got to them

in the next scene, all three of the would-be robbers were on the floor outside of the shop

it looked like they might be dead


qod 3.7

qos 3.4



nothing comes to mind

notes 1

the entries over the last two days are jumbled up a bit

one or two of them should be for the twenty-sixth although the record will now show no entry for the twenty-sixth

will have to leave them as they are because i can’t remember what the actual order should be

the mix-up is because there was a dream on the twenty-fourth which was going to be an entry then changed my mind but didn’t erase it from the other entry on that date and published it before i realised what i had done

the reason for bringing this up is because this second dream in this entry is related somehow to the one which wasn’t published

the dream not published was named “compromising position”

it’s similarity to this dream would be plain to see and was a lot more grave

i was told to do something and if i didn’t a girl about ten or twelve would be murdered

we have to keep in mind that dreams are not fantasy-events but memories of experiences, albeit as often as not, from different time-tenses

the dream being referred to may yet find itself as an entry

* * *


name of dream: xh


time-tense: 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 9

qod 4.5

qos 3.7/8



thought about her

notes 1

this dream was so sensational i spent too long thinking about it upon waking and forgot the details of the dream before it

notes 2

the nervous system has to be considered as being dormant at the moment

we’re so immersed in an unethical lifestyle the capacity for the nervous system to deliver qualitative experiences to the brain is, to all extents and purposes, not needed

notes 3

and this was with a woman i didn’t get on with !

second sleep

name of dream: unexpected guests

was expecting a group of youngsters for a confab about an idea i had

all at once everything changed when eight or nine mature adults in informal but tasteful attire came through the door and were obviously ready for an evenings entertainment

i was thrown into confusion

how did they know something was planned?

where were the youngsters i was expecting ?

those questions and more would have to be answered another time

in the next scene, they were all in the living room and in a buoyant mood and some of them were looking at me

there was no way out of it, it was time to become the host

“would anyone like a drink?” i asked, looking at them but not looking at anyone in particular

one man, slightly burly and expensively, but tastefully dressed in a country-man style, said in a semi-jokey way “have you any neat bourbon ?”

he said the name of the brand but he might as well have said something in traditional mandarin

my blank look told everyone that i didn’t

worse than that, i had been expecting youngsters, the strongest thing i had was a four percent proof malibu mix, some babychams and a couple of dozen cans of soft drinks

and even worse still, the only thing to eat was crisps and peanuts

my mind was racing, i would have to go to the ‘offy

then i would have to rustle up something decent to eat

it would mean leaving them there while i went shopping

when i got back i would have to do some cooking

this just wasn’t going to work

i simply couldn’t think my way around the situation

but forever the tryer, i heard myself saying to one of the ladies “what can i get you ?” as i was waking up

* * *



name of dream:
drive thru the night-drive all night

the first scene of the dream was taking the cover off the bike and seeing the controls and gauges between the handlebars

the next scene is motoring along at a steady forty or fifty kilometres an hour on a single two-way road which was wide enough to be a dual carriageway

the road was completely clear of traffic, which was my idea of driving heaven
(driving at top speed at every opportunity wasn’t my style. i much preferred the easy-rider way of riding. if i found myself on a long, clear, and a more or less straight stretch of road, my idea of speed was seventy or eighty kilometres an hour. that way you could still take a look around as you were riding without the road throwing up some unwanted surprises)

within a few seconds of sleep-time riding a police car in a recess on my side of the road and facing slightly towards me, but could have easily, with a slight swing of the steering wheel, started off at speed in the same way as i was going if it had to, gave a quick flash of his headlights to get my attention

the quick on/off of the lights didn’t suggest he wanted me to stop but equally, he could have argued in court that it did

i resigned myself to being detained (i was driving without insurance)

i started slowing and as i got to about within fifteen metres of the police car i could see the policeman was half-in and half-out of the car

he shouted “are shorts the latest fashion now?”

his remark/jibe didn’t concern me, just the opposite, it meant he didn’t want me to stop

the joy of the ride was over however and within less than a second of sleep-time i was back to where i was when the dream first started

now i was thinking of how i could go for a ride at night on a road that wasn’t likely to have spot checks and things

i turned to the computer and brought up a map of the area

the map showed a twenty to a thirty-kilometre radius of where i lived

the detail in the map was the second most stand-out part of the dream and if i had wanted to make it the priority point of the dream i could have concentrated on writing the names of roads and areas and the colours in the map

don’t know if it’s the same for everybody but i find if i don’t put the minutia of the dream into the awake-world description as soon as poss after waking it fades from the memory

the most stand-out sequence of the dream was after the picture of the map was gone and the next scene of the dream started playing out

as mentioned, was on the computer and a quick click of the mouse and the map was replaced by six or nine yellow/amber coloured folders, the like of which we are all familiar with

within a second of sleep-time, one of the folders had writing on it

don’t remember what was written on it but as i scrolled down more and more of the folders had something written on them

then the folders had pictures on them

and then the pictures became picture-posters

the one which caught my eye straight away was a poster-folder with two sentences, one sentence on either side of the folder, which spread like a snake from top to bottom of the folder and read “drive thru the night” and “drive all night”

i didn’t click the folder open because the artwork and the captions on the folder-poster told me everything an all-night rider would need to enter rider-heaven was in it

i couldn’t believe that someone with a love for riding a bike had experienced his joy being marred by police checks, as had happened to me in the first scene of the dream, and had gone to all the trouble of making an easy -to-read map for fellow and female bike riders

i carried on looking at what other goodies were available and the next one i stopped and looked at was one which had a japanese man with a stern look on his face and the caption read “why the japanese like to die riding”

the dream ended as i was looking at the next picture on a folder

the caption was “the next sexiest thing… retro (or regrade) smoking”

the picture was a semi-clad female voluptile

the letch in me was asserting itself


name of dream: drive thru the night-drive all night


have decided not to time-tense each individual scene

the reason is… every individual has it in her or him to change the time-tense of the dreams here at dreams theory

for instance… as far as i’m aware folders which have pictures on them don’t yet exist

not being a computer aficionado i wouldn’t know if it’s possible to put writing or pictures on the outside of a folder which i assume would have to be an option when creating a new file folder

if it is possible then the person who introduces it will have changed the time-tense of the scene with picture-folders in it from 1 or 2 or 4 to 3

and in the years to follow there will be many opportunities for people to change the time-tense of the scene of the dream

and if it’s a one-scene dream then the whole dream will have had its time-tense changed

the new ideas coming through dreams theory are not copyrighted nor will they ever be subject to legal compromise’s

any person who develops or initiates the use of anything coming through dreams theory knows they have made their mark on the future for all time and they will always be part of that future

surely any person with their eye on the future will be satisfied with immortality in lieu of a payment

qod 3.5

qos 3.7

p and o


no pde’s

notes 1

if had woken one hour earlier this sleep would have been four periods of sleeps and five dreams in one day

which would have been a new world record for me

now the speculation is … how many times can/does/will the writer sleep and dream in one day before he’s done for this lifetime

notes 2

it wasn’t until the policeman shouted “are shorts the latest fashion now?” that i was aware that i was wearing shorts

which brings up another point… people from the awake-world are needed, in many instances, to forming the contents of a dream

so now we have both states of consciousness affecting the other

my belief is the pan-undulation conscious is greater/more enduring/more constructive/more inventive than the time-conscious

we’ll know for sure when we’re interacting with dinosaur man

* * *



three dreams in two sleeps so far today – think-read (10)

all three of them were low quality but the quality of sleeps was quite high
(every cloud..)

one was right on the verge of me being violent towards three anti-socials who had blatantly ripped me off

one was to do with accommodation in which i had to lie to avoid admitting to a breach of the house rules

second sleep

a think-read dream on the computer in which i uncovered the log of a
type-chat which showed the chat of someone pretending to be me to get access to my funds

will probably be having at least one more sleep and with any luck, it will put these into the rubbish bin where they belong

third sleep

name of dream: back to school

this dream began with me as a competitor at a
weight-lifting competition

remember seeing the score i was given and think-reading some of the details but that was all of the detail that is remembered of this scene

in the next scene, i’m at home setting up an olympic barbell with weights

was using about ten or twelve small weights ranging from half a kilo to two and a half kilo

i loaded the bar with about three or four kilos on each side of the bar

when i lifted the bar it felt unevenly balanced so i put it back down

a quick look at the weights revealed that there was indeed different weights at each end of the bar

i began to change the weights and noted i needed to take two one and a quarter kilo weights off one side and add one weight of a different weight on the other side

i began to add the total weight for both sides of the bar with the intention of dividing the sum by two and simplify the weights needed to just two weights, one on each end of the bar

i began to adding the total weight of the weights on the bar together…

one and a quarter plus one and a quarter equals…

two quarters equals…

one-half plus two ones equals…

five minus two one and a one quarter equals…

one and a half plus…

it was no use, i couldn’t work it out

i woke up after half a dozen attempts of trying to make the numbers make sense because the mental effort of doing sums in my head in a dream was too strenuous !

it was draining me mentally

i was becoming mentally fatigued in a dream !

it was more restful to be awake than it was to be asleep !

comments on back to school

i have no idea of how many of you who dream regularly have think-read dreams

a two-minute read of this dream
will convey how difficult it was to successfully compose two sentences of a think-read dream for the first time

the chances are think-read dreams are a necessary part of discovering self

it’s not just possible but more than probable that information necessary for understanding our spirit will mean some of what we need to know will come through in written form

lately, think-read dreams are becoming commonplace in the writer’s dreams and have become easier to read
(practice makes perfect)

now we have to learn to do arithmetic in dreams !

it’s back to school for all of


time-tense 5

qod 3.8

qos 3.7



have been watching
weight-lifting competitions downloaded from the internet on the t.v. regularly for the last week or two

notes 1

you may get some satisfaction from knowing that whatever else i may be when it comes to doing sums i’m a complete dunce
(see aside below)

perhaps i become as good at doing think-read sums in dreams as badly as i do with addition and subtraction in awake-time


it was the first day back at school after the summer break and the first day as a second-year junior

teacher was q and a’ing us on fractions

she came to me

she wrote 1

on the blackboard

“what fraction is that ?” she asked me

i thought for a long second

“a oneth” i replied

“no, try again,” she said

“a second” i replied

“the expression on her face became quizzical

“try again,” she said

“a twoth,” i said

her face slumped in dismay and she turned to someone else

* * *



first dream

name of dream: bespoke accident

was the passenger in a car and we were out in the country

the road was narrow and became single file as we drove over a hump-back bridge which was about ten metres long

we were more or less off the bridge when the sound of a motorbike filled our senses

i swivelled around to take a look and saw a scrambler dirt bike was on the bonnet of the car behind us

the biker must have driven the bike up the boot and over the roof of the car because there was no space on either side of the car whilst on the bridge

the biker was totally testosterone driven and nothing was going to stop him from going where he wanted to go

the bike finished its manoeuvre, landed on the road and had just passed us when the scene changed

in the next scene, another biker like the first one had a man trapped into his bike

somehow a man had got his leg, which was showing his bare leg up to the knee, and this was the stand-out scene of the dream, trapped through the front wheel and between the spokes of the bike without his leg being cut, scratched or grazed

was trying to work out how it would be possible for that to happen when the dream ended


name of dream: bespoke accident

time-tense ?

qod 2.8

qos 3.6

p and o


no pde’s

notes 1

contrary to common thinking that dreams are a series of jumbled up images which don’t have a place in the “real world” dreams are in fact snippets of realities which have happened in past undulations and will continue to happen in this and future undulations

the second sequence of this dream is baffling

it’s possible that if a bike like the one in the dream landed with enough force and the spokes of the wheel was made of a metal that was very supple, the wheel would momentarily bend and cause a gap between the spokes large enough for a leg to fit through

you have a go at thinking in what circumstances a leg would be in that place at that moment the spokes of the wheel were mishappen

the point that has to be considered is… every conceivable circumstance or set of circumstances which can happen has happened !

welcome to his
terrible love

second dream

at the kitchen window when mom passes by

i can she is in a hurry

she is on mission to a woman-only meeting to support a popular member of the community who has been disproportionately punished for saying something or doing something against another woman in the community

the woman she has wronged is not a well-liked person but she has a core group of supporters who think an aggressive attitude in a woman is the way to tackle problems, be they communal or personal

i can see there is a steady, and growing, stream of women going up the hill to the meeting place who want to make their feelings known

this is the chance for the women, who, it must be said, outnumber the supporters the woman with an aggressive outlook on life by three to one or more

mom was in fighting mood and was no mouse when it came to taking on other women or other men come to that

i could see she was about to strike a blow for fair-minded women and nothing was going to stop her having her say

she knew i knew she was on a mission and gave a hurried smile which contained a genuine feeling of pleasure when i said “any chance of a cuppa’ ?”


name of dream: mom on a mission

time-tense 1, 3, 4 or 7

qod 3.6

qos 3.6




scarcely a day goes by when my thoughts don’t linger on mom

notes 2

currently, there are plenty of women with an aggressive attitude

* * *



reading a review which was comparing one type of sound system to another

there was no competition really

the one which got all the best press completely overshadowed its competitor

without naming the companies involved one of the systems was called the feathered model


name of dream: think-read (9) p.a. systems

time-tense 5

qod 2.8

qos 3.4



no pde’s

notes 1

another easy-to-read think-dream

the third easy-to-read think-dream in a row !

* * *



was at home with my mother

we both heard a clatter in the kitchen

i went to find out what it was

as i opened the door to the kitchen there was another flurry of sound

a white-feathered bird with a broken wing in obvious distress looking very frightened

my mother suggested it should be put out of its suffering

i said “i can’t do it”


time-tense 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 ?

qod 2.8

qos 3.4



no pde’s

notes 1

again, nothing points to why this content found its way into a dream

second dream

an army of ants was on the move

they weren’t in a charitable mood

time-tense 9 ?

qod 2.6

qos 3.4



no pde’s

notes 1

unable to pinpoint why this dream occurred

third dream

a film was in production

on the set was a strong-man called big z

he was amused that his role needed a scene in which he took a tentative puff of a joint

he wanted the fame the movie would bring so he complied

time-tense 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 ?

qod 3.3

qos 3.4



no pde’s

notes 1

no pde’s for any of these dreams

there are still a lot of things i don’t understand about the theory of dreams

not sure why these dreams happened

name of dream:

cabbage 1

a one-scene dream which showed a savoy cabbage on display in a box with other savoy cabbages

the one cabbage that caught my eye was the one on the top of the others

time-tense 5

qod 2.9

qos 3.3



have been unable to find a large-leaf, dark green and firm savoy cabbage for ages and was wondering if and when i would find one which was how i thought one should be

this dream showed an acceptably decent one

no pde’s

notes 1

this dream wasn’t entered on the day it happened

it wasn’t until the cabbage mentioned in notes 5 of the dream of 30112017 that’s its significance was realised

it’s now thought that i am being pressed to enter every dream, regardless of its content or theme

there may be some dreams coming shortly won’t be received gladly by some people

* * *



first sleep

first dream

with a friend from some years ago and his three children and the latest addition to the family standing outside a small shopping area waiting for mom to return

the latest addition to the family started crying and the baby’s milk bottle appeared from somewhere

i was getting ready to do the honours when mom shows up

mom gestures to me to pass the baby to her

i had the bottle in my hand by now and said to the mother “do you want me to feed her?”, hoping she would let me give her the milk-feed

mom shook her head in a way which was a definte no

the baby stopped crying as soon as she was in mom’s arms

mom loosened her clothing and began to breast-feed baby

category of dream

baby food

time-tense 1,2,3,4, 7

qod 3.3

qos 3.3




notes 1

as of this entry, this website believes that its dreams are not, in the main, the result of its pde’s

someone else (shhh) is at the helm

notes 2

also as of today, memories are put into two groups


pan-undulation memories


present tense memories


further, we shall hold the view that memories and consciousness are one and the same

notes 3

this dream is you-know-who telling us Breastfeeding is the way to feed baby !

in case there was any doubt

second sleep

first dream

category of dream

x dream


time-tense 5, 8, 9 – qod 3 – qos 3.9 – p – pde’s – category of dream: x dream (18)

being held back for the time being

notes 1

not all x dreams are top-notch experiences

this one may well be a warning

second sleep

second dream

category of dream

Think-Read (8)

the authenticator app is causing the jpg file to switch between programmes twenty times a second

it can gain access to…

this issue is known…

all the best the… gang


time-tense 5 or…

qod 3

qos 3.9



no pde’s

notes 1

notes 1

the four points in the dream are the ones that have stuck in the memory until this point (one hour later)

this was the second-ever longest think-dream

of all the think-read dreams this was the easiest to read

notes 1

before publishing this entry this website will follow the advice in this dream

will finish it later and let you know what happened

(00:42 20112017)

* * *



a neighbour and friend from secondary school (my ref; b.l.) was much bigger than me but was a little envious of my gymnastic abilities

each year the males of the senior classes chose their best exercise on the vault and performed it in front of the whole school

my friend simply wasn’t agile

a handstand was beyond him

whereas i could do a short-arm over the long-vault

in the dream my friend was in the showers and sinks room

i walked into the area where he was and he said “watch this” and he done a forward somersault from the standing-still position

he performed the movement with impressive height but unfortunately his momentum threw his head forward when he landed back on his feet and he bashed his head seriously hard into a sink

i knew better than to try and say something sympathetic to someone who is experiencing a lot of pain and watched him fighting back his anger to do something violent to take his mind off how he felt


time-tense 9 or 6

qod’s 3 to 4

qos 3.6

p and o


nothing comes to mind


as is becoming commonplace with my dreams recently, there was nothing in the pde’s which points to what caused this dream

perhaps a rethink is necessary to further understand the mechanism of the causes of the themes in dreams

what’s the word… ancillary? alternative? preferred? discard?

notes 2

there were five different dreams in this sleep

only one dream is being entered because the time is needed to complete the dreams database for referencing as soon as possible

* * *



three dreams and a Mini-Montage

first dream

an x dream in a tent in a garden – category of dream: x dream (17)

second dream

money dream

third dream

an old acquaintance and health issues

mini-montage (women in red/pink bikinis)







addenda for mini-montage

time-tense 1, 2, 4, 5

qod/montage 4.3

qos 3.5



the dreams were as-usual (3 to 3.5) in terms of clarity of images

the mini-montage, by contrast, was as clear as a film on a screen

also, the awake-state was fully present during this mini-montage

also, after the first sequence of the montage, there was a degree of controlled-imaging

possibly the next step in controlled-imaging is to be able to do it in the middle of the day between the furthest points of one sleep and the next

if and when midday controlled-imaging has been accomplished the question is… what are its applications ?

if it can be called into action in the middle of the day it will have unlimited entertainment value

perhaps we have yet to realise that all the really hard work has been done and its time for a life of recreation !

* * *



was at big arc-shaped bridge in a built up area, probably london

was talking to a celebrity about the politics of what was happening in the country

i said “did you know that only three per-cent of the surface area of the country is built upon ?”

he replied “i want to think about things in my own way”

i felt he knew what was what with the politics of this country but was reluctant to do anything about it

and with that he made off with some haste


time-tense 3, 4,

qod 2.7

qos 3.8



thought about a three or four-sentence conversation with a young man a couple of years ago

in the very brief conversation i brought up the point about the refusal of the government to build on the land and he tried to defend it by saying that most of the land was unarable

i countered by saying “i’m talking about houses”


in notes 2 from the third of this month i said i would have to enter every dream regardless of whether it seemed significant or not

that still holds true but the problem is some of the details in dream contains explicit x material of some very well known people, in this dream it was ray winstone

in isn’t the case in this dream but it does mean that dreams theory may never be complete

if it ever gets to the point where important understandings are unable to be shared beacause of embarrassment to others then this reason for not making a dream an entry will have to be put to one side

notes 2

that people with a priviledged position in society would rather keep their lifestyle than speak the truth is a constant source of irritaton to this website

ordinary people aren’t compromised in this way and are thus able to remain more closely aligned to the expansive nature of life

i spoke to an elderly lady, a staunch royalst, who didn’t try to deny princess diana was assassinated but rejoined by saying “the queen didn’t have anything to do with it”

people know the truth but are too scared to say anything

* * *



was outside the house i lived throughout my teens

(when first recollecting the dream upon waking i got the impression i was walking towards the house, although after replaying the scene a couple of times the impression was that i was an observer)

it was undoubtedly the house i lived at for more than two decades except for one detail, a window about a metre high and two-thirds of a metre wide

the bottom of the window started about half a metre from the ground

if the house being described had a window in the place being described then a person looking through it would have seen the front door, the stairs and the door to the living room

there was a teenage boy at the window

i recognised the boy as someone who was in the same class as me in school
(my ref; c.t.)

the teenager had a piece of 4″ x 2″ wood in his hand and as i looked at him he drew it back and smashed the window

in the next scene, he was at the front door of the house being let in

he was obviously deranged which meant my family were at risk

in the next scene, he was sitting on the sofa and my mother and father were sitting in the matching armchairs either side of the sofa

i glanced a quick glance at my parents and said “didn’t you hear the window being smashed ?”, if i didn’t say it out loud then it was a loud thought, my parents didn’t say or do anything

i grabbed both sides of the front of the teenager’s jacket with my right hand, pulled him towards me and said: “what the hell are you doing ?”

the teenager didn’t say anything but was looking at me without any concern

i realised he wasn’t aware he had done anything wrong and that he was mentally disturbed and further realised that my reaction wasn’t going to be constructive

i put my right arm under his head and my left arm under the joints of his knees and lifted him up and laid him on the sofa

i think i said something at this point in the dream but can’t remember it if i did

the dream ended here


time-tense 9, 6

qod 2.7

qos 3.7

p and o ?


nothing in the thoughts of the pde’s points to this dream

not the teenager from school or a teenager on the rampage, no thoughts or sounds of breaking glass, no thoughts of the parents, no thoughts of something related to the house, nothing


three possibilities… 1 watched a t.v. programme about a killer-psychopath the day before the pde’s which would make this a delayed-theme dream

if the theme/contents of dreams are going to be linked to experiences from days, months and years before a dream the value of the interpretation of dreams of this type will become unconvincing

2… it’s a plant by you-know-who and the significance of the dream will become apparent in the future

3… this is a new category of dreams not yet understood

notes 2 17102014

on the off-chance that the people who are now living at the house in this dream done some improvements to the house and put a window in the same place as the one in the dream, i googled-earthed it

lo and behold, there was a window there albeit only half the size of the one in the dream

at first, i was amazed but then noticed that the people living next door had done the exact same home-improvement

so had the occupiers of the house next to that and so had… then it dawned on me…

the window had always been there !

i must have looked at that wall from the same angle as in the dream ten thousand times over the decades and equally, i must have looked through it for just as many times from the inside of the house, so…

dreams theory, postulate one

pan-undulation memories are more accurate than present-tense memories

this postulate makes assigning time-tenses more accurate and optimises the quality of a situation or circumstance

the time-tense for this dream is now 1, 2 or 4

* * *



dance the mood fantastic

they don’t come much better than this

a sunny summer’s day

in the precinct in the centre of town

it is a two-tier precinct

when the architect originally conceived the design for the precinct he imagined spacious, uncluttered access to every part of the precinct with plenty of room for people to manoeuvre with their large bags of designer outfits and such

in this precinct in this time, mature-teens had turned the precinct into a socially-oriented gathering place

shopping sprees were incidental to the overriding impulse to meet new people and enjoy life

in places in the precinct there were clumps of people who were shopping but, overwhelmingly, it was the youth culture which gave the precinct its character

the teens were the people who were leading life and i was one of the responsible teens and, boy, on this day i was humming with vibrancy

there was a melody somewhere, it might have just been in my head, which had a beat which was causing me to tap my thighs and lightly, almost imperceptibly, skip and sway

swinging to the left, slowing and then picking up the pace

lightly slapping out on the beat on my thighs, on the walls, on the glass of the shop-fronts, occasionally expressing the beat on the side the bag of somebody’s shopping

i was on the second-tier now and was headed toward a cafe with outside-seating when the melody and beat diminished and very nearly, but not quite, faded out

there was still a song in my mood but that was almost washed away as i neared to eight or ten girls in summer clothes

five or six of the girls were seated, totally relaxed and were smiling that smile which only women who want, and can give more life, have

but it was the three or four girls who were standing which channelled my concentration

there was one who was breathtakingly good-looking

she didn’t stir the emotions, she elevated the spirit

it brought out in a person the recognition that true beauty was an elevated position to which we all aspire

she was something which life produces in very small quantities

too many of her would make the rest of us feel inadequate, unsubstantial

still, my mood hadn’t changed and one of the girl’s friends standing next to the beauty caught my attention

she was a plain beauty, or did she just seem plain by comparison ?

it didn’t matter, i know a good thing when i see it, and when she looked at me i knew we would be good for each other

the dream ended with me carrying on my way, as i had before encountering the girls

dreams don’t come much better than this


time-tense 1, 2, 4

qod 4.4

qos 4




a noticeable improvement of movement during the day


was thinking about he-whose-name-you-dare-not-speak and how his femininity comes through in women


a young girl i spoke to on the bus a couple of weeks ago



because my recovery back to mobility is a long process i am acutely aware of the slightest improvement which causes feelings of jubilation and in turn gets blown out of all proportion in dreams


femininity can be seen as the biological mechanism through which love/life implements eternity’s command to increase endlessly

the beauty in this dream epitomises love/life’s multiplicative nature in mammal man-shaped beings


the young girl on the bus is the plain beauty in the dream

since that brief encounter i have realised it was an opportunity lost to implement an idea from more than a year ago

yesterday it was prominent in my thoughts and i resolved not to let a chance like that pass by again

if the young girl should read this…

other notes

there were three stand-out moments in this dream

the beauty, the plain beauty and the opening sequence

with the exceptionof the “fade-out” at the end of the dream, which was about one-tenth of the whole dream, it was all stand-out

it was while wondering what women in the far-off future will be like that it occurred to me that i haven’t yet had a dream that takes place in space

get ready for some really stand-out space-dreams

* * *



a tired john and a concerned relative

the dream starts with me waking from a sleeping position and feeling tired, very tired

the first thing i see is a mature young man looking at me

the male is either the brother or a son of the woman i’m in a relationship with

he says “i can go and get you a black leather mattress or if you don’t want that i will take you home”

he talks in a no-nonsense manner and his tone of voice and look tells me it’s time to make a choice

the situation is… i’m sleeping in the living room and he doesn’t like it

people in a relationship sleep together

he’s too sensitive to towards his mother/sister to ask questions about the sleeping arrangements but knows something isn’t as it should be

i was touched that he would take on the expense and go to the trouble of getting a new mattress and said “you would do that for me” and then “give me a minute to wake up please”

i was waking from the sleep as i heard myself saying the last sentence

before the dream ended there was a final picture or scene of me looking at myself in the mirror

i had dark bags under my eyes and looked unwell (this is the stand-out part of the dream)

i don’t remember looking that unwell in this lifetime


time-tense for first scene 3, 6, 7

qod 2.8

qos 2.5


time-tense for second scene/picture 3, 5, 9


in the first scene i am participating

the mirror scene, i now realise, was as an observer

this is the first dream i am aware of when i am both particpant and observer in the same dream!


tried resting to the fullest extent during the day to see if lying down all day was beneficial

this dream tells me it’s not

too much rest or inactivity during any given day is not in accordance with what we can/should be doing

there is an optimum minimum/maximum movement/rest ratio for every individual

it is time to start tieing dreams in with metabolic maintenance to get a more accurate picture

* * *



this dream was about a scoring system

the value of the thing being scored was displayed by a dark-coloured ball in a thin transparent square container which had liquid in it

the container was about three diameters of the ball in width and five ball-diametres high, the container/s could have been any size

the liquid in the container was responsive and could, very subtlely, change colour

the ball rose and wavered and fell in the container as its rating rose or fell

in the second scene, there were three or four of the transparent containers which looked as if they were joined together

my attention focused on one container in particular, probably because it had the most movement in it

inside the container, there was a light-grey small, wispy column which changed its shape, like smoke in a still room

the light-grey column of the smoke-shaped liquid was about the height of a ball and as i looked at it the width varied from one-seventh to one-sixth of one ball-width


time-tense 2 or 5

it doesn’t seem likely that the technology being described here will have been developed within the writer’s lifetime

the only way it could happen is if the d-man class of man-shaped beings begin sharing their technology with us
(see lead article)

qod 3

qos 3.1

p/o ?


the pde which brought this dream about was the scores being given at a weight-lifting competition i watched on the telly

there was argy-bargy about whether the referees had got some of the scorings right or not

in the programme, the decisions were close calls but it is the case that life has the ability to be meticulous about the most insignificant thing


thinking about it, a scoring system, or any situation with serious consequences, which had a qualitative attachment would be useful when decisions are based on measuring devices which are too crude to measure a difference

thinking about it further, a liquid substance which reacts to the prescence of consciousness seems feasible
(see The Act of Observation)

notes 2

wasn’t going to make this dream into an entry but like those times when we throw something away only to find a use for it later, all dreams regardless of their seeming insignificance will have to be entered

if it’s in a dream it’s there for a reason !

this dreams thing is taking over my life !

* * *



first dream

met two young girls

i had captured their imagination and was going to show them the “ropes”

i had to go home for something and the girls came with me

my mother was in the house, she weighed up the situation and stepped in

she began an argument in front of the girls and it was enough to scare them off

the girls left the house and i was fuming

the dream ended with me saying to mother “you and me are officially at loggerheads”

dream 3

in a shop that was a house that had been converted into in a mini-market

the ceiling was high enough for five or six shelves

the highest shelf was one and a half metres up which would have bee too high for a smaller person to reach

there were three or four rows of shelves but they were too close together

when there were only a handful of people shopping it was practical enough

the problem was, when it was busy, as in this dream, getting from row to row was one long “excuse me please”

i had done the shopping and was almost at the front of a queue in a line of about ten people

i had to move the bags of shopping from my right to my left to give people leaving the counter room to walk out, so i stepped to one side of the queue and re-arranged the bags and as i was doing that the queue shuffled forward and filled the space i had created when i moved

again, as in the second dream, i became livid

that the entire queue was in the frame of mind which cooperated in taking my place was more than i could swallow

i waited for the person being served to finish being served and gave the bloke who had been the person behind me in the queue a wild look

he saw i was going to confront him and let me get served first

i woke out of the dream at this point feeling really tired


i spent a full twenty minutes figuring out what it was in the pde’s which had caused the two low-quality dreams

eventually, i pinpointed it as being a long minute of stray thoughts the day before

it took another few minutes to implement a series of thoughts which made me raise my tolerance to devolving beings and was mentally relaxed

my eyes had been closed since waking and i was still in a semi-sleepy state and ready for more sleep

as sleep beckoned a montage began

the first two or three scenes could, i realised, quite easily have become undesirable ones if i had not made the effort and resolved the problem of what caused dreams two and three to happen

the rest of the montage of images took on pleasing forms and movements


three points here…


it takes but one thought to initiate a stream of thoughts

once a train of thought begins it tends to follow the quality of the initiating thought


montage sequences are most easily initiated in a partially sleepy state

if we are to make meaningful progress as we begin the transition into an “the awake dream-state” the body needs to be relaxed and the mind needs to be at peace


usually, the writer enters into a sleep while thinking about things

he will now try imagery as a “lead-in” to sleep


third dream

this dream was a high 3’s in terms of quality

a marked increase over the first few dreams

the improvement in quality was undoubtedly due to the re-positioning of tolerance mentioned above

this dream was on a sunny day in a field with short grass

there were four to six groups of people with three, four or five people in each group

it was predominantly groups of families

the first people i came into contact with were three young boys

i said to the young boys “if you can tell me who was on the throne when queen victoria was alive you will win a hamper as a prize”

they gave the right answer and i told them where to go and get the prize from

i asked a women with children a similar answer-in-the-question question

she got it right as well and won a hamper


i woke from this second sleep feeling more refreshed and relaxed than any sleep for weeks or even months

the moral of this story is, of course, keep those Stray Thoughts in check


it is now thought that this last dream is a

an undulation-hop is a dream which comes from a different time-sense to the previous dream or scene

this possibility means the mind/brain is even more sophisticated than we have previously thought

the only way this website can see how this might be possible is if the brain/mind has the ability to Fractalise experience

dreams theory is getting more and more complicated

it should simplify itself after this initial “starting phase”


time-tense for second dream
6 and/or 9

qod 2.7

qos 2.5


time-tense for third dream

6 and/or 9

qod 2.7

qos 2.5


time-tense for fourth dream
3 or 4

qod 3.8

qos 4



there were five dreams and a montage in this sleep but the details of the first dream are not remembered

* * *



a quick kiss


category of dream:  kissing dream (2)

qod 4 qos 3 p

got chatting to a girl in a shopping mall or it might have been a large office

we were standing

at one point in the conversation, she said when she got home there was a programme and a film she wanted to watch

it sounded very much like an invitation

i let her know that i was interested by referring to another film which had the same actor which i said was worth watching

she became even friendlier and the tone of the conversation became relaxed

i suggested getting groceries for a meal on the way back to her place

she was saying something in reply to my suggestion when, as smooth as silk between two of her words, she leant forward and kissed me without breaking the flow of what she was saying

her expression didn’t change as, while or after the quick kiss and i didn’t see it coming

it was a natural spontaneous show of her feelings

it was the stand-out part of the dream

a natural, strong bond had formed and it was going to be a long-term relationship


usually in a kissing dream the sensation of the kiss is the stand-out moment

in this dream, the sensation of the kiss was only incidental to the emotional sense of happiness

* * *




qod 3.8 qos 3.9 p

laughing dream (pool table)

there was a dream before this one which was also humorous

have forgotten most of the details though

this dream…

there were three of us, all males, playing pool

it was a good-natured atmosphere with lots of banter

when someone played a good shot one of the players would say “he relies on flukes” or “i’m glad i don’t have to rely on flukes to win”

the trick was to reply with an equally sharp remark “it’s funny how opponents usually say that when they know they’re losing”
or ” you do realise you have to pay up even if all your opponents shots are flukes”

it was my turn to play a shot…

it was a difficult shot and i didn’t expect to get it nor did the other two

there were three balls clustered around the bottom-right pocket

i knew the theory that needed to be applied to make the pot but it was well beyond my abilities

all i knew was that it was a slow ball

i made a slow deliberate stroke which sent the white ball down the table at a snail’s pace

as i watched it i had a feeling…

i started walking, following the ball down the table not daring to really think it would do what it could do

as it reached the contact point with the first ball it was barely moving

i moved in closer to see what would happen

the cue ball seemed to go into slow motion

i was mesmerised

i got closer still

i bent over to within half a metre of where the balls were and placed my hands, one hand on the left-hand side of the corner of the table and the other on the right-hand corner of the table, and leant over into the table

my position at the table blocked the view of the balls from the other two guys

to my sheer amazement, the result i knew was possible but never thought would happen, happened, the cue-ball knocked the balls perfectly and i made the shot

it looked even better seeing it through the eyes than it did in the imagination

it was one of those moments in your life when you realised you had “it” in you do world-class things

i stood up and turned and looked at my two mates expecting them to be nodding with ackowledging with what was a superlative act of precision but they were looking at me with a mixture and disgust and disdain

then the penny dropped… they thought i had helped the ball into the pocket with my hand

teasing remarks were an acceptable part of the game but using your hands !

it had lowered the game to below an acceptable standard

it would have been hopeless to try and persuade them

i began laughing at the irony of it

i was the only person who would see the best shot i would ever make

the more i laughed the more disgusted the other two became and the more disgusted they looked the more i laughed

i woke up still laughing hard


this is the fourth or fifth laughing dream this year

a few years back two or more laughing dreams a week were the norm

an appraisal of the pde’s revealed the thoughts, feelings and actions which caused this laughing dream

they may start to become regular again

* * *



think-read dream (7)


qod 3.8 qos 3.9 p

this think-read dream began as a dream and continued through the stages between deep-sleep to being fully conscious

if you ever find yourself in a think-read dream you’ll come to know just how laborious they can be

they really do tax a person’s ability to concentrate

to continue… eventually, the writing in the dream stretched out to about two-hundred and fifty to three-hundred words

it was part of report of that had made a study of couples and procreation

in brief, it found that nearly all of those who planted their seed in the “garden” were successful in their attempts to create life whereas those who viewed sexual activity as “happy hunting grounds” were only successful one time in ten

the words “garden” and “happy hunting grounds” was used often in the text i was reading in the dream and are not terms that are familiar to me in the context they were written

if there has been a study of couples as mentioned above and the terms mentioned are used then there’s an interesting interpretation which can be attached to this dream

if such a report doesn’t exist then this dream can be assigned to a specific time-sense


this was the most elaborate think-read dream to date

it’s with a bit of an apology that this website has to declare that its most prominent dream-theme is x dreams

the reason for so many x dreams is because this website is acutely aware that our numerical value, when viewed within the context of eternity, is appallingly small

further, no matter how many of us there are, it will always be an appallingly small number

the expression “the more the merrier” in no way expresses the situation in which life finds itself

there is a primal driving force which underpins our existence and which is compelling life… you must, forever, be increasing

the dominance of x dreams reflects our position

again, view life not as a by-product of eternity but as an extension or continuance of eternity

second sleep


qod 2.6 p 10

a three-girl dream

in this dream, the dreamer is entrusted to look out for the best interests of the girls

they were all in their early twenties with that demeanour which men find attractive and typically they trusted men

my lifestyle was a bit hectic but by and large handling this type of situation as well within my scope

they were getting ready for a social evening and they all wanted to bathe

there was only one bathroom but it was large enough for the needs of the three girls

i was organising everything which would be needed to make the evening’s activities a success

inexscusably, at one stage i became totally absorbed in one specific part of the organising and forget about the girls

i was a full twenty minutes out of sync when i remembered that the girls didn’t have towels and i hadn’t shown them where the towels were

by the time i got to the bathroom the girls had finished bathing and the bathroom had got too cold for comfort

they were wet, didn’t have the means to dry themselves down and were looking despondent

i turned the heating on got the towels and made my exit hoping as i left that the girls would not let my mistake affect their enjoyment of the evening

* * *




qod 2.9 qos 3.2 p

i was given a supervisory order by the courts

it meant travelling fifteen kilometres to the people who were doing the supervising

it was a sunny day and when i got there i had to go around to the back of the house

it was a fenced garden

a young male man, who was also under a supervision order, was at the gate to let me in

we had taken a couple of steps into the garden and the young man said “the car isn’t working”

that meant it would be a great inconvenience for getting back home

there were four elderly people sitting at a table and looked to be having a good time

one of the two women looked at me and said “that’s him”

as i was walking the twenty metres to where the four people were sitting i could feel my walking becoming more deliberate (this was the stand-out bit of the dream)

it dawned on me that the four people saw the supervision of people as something of an event and it produced in them an air of superiority

i also realised that the car was working and inconveniencing me was something i would have to like

they were going to “toy around with me” and i was supposed to take it

i was forming a verbal attack of them in my head when the dream ended

* * *



time-tense 1, 2, 3, 4

qod 3.9 qos 3.3 p 10

was living on the first or second floor in perfectly acceptable accommodation in a block of flats

i went to a neighbour to ask for some coffee

he was dressed in slightly formal casual clothes

there was another man in the flat

he gave me a quick look of polite recognition and i was forgotten

the man who opened the door was congenial enough and some sentences passed between us

a girl walked into the room

she was slim, veering toward gangly

she was wearing a tightish two-piece dark suit and a white shirt or blouse

she had the mary quant hairstyle that was one or two centimetres longer than the original style and the bottom of her hair splayed out all around her head except for her forehead

she was wearing glasses that were fashionable

i didn’t think that she was my cup of tea

she spoke a couple of sentences to the man who opened the door to me

on the third sentence, in response to something the man said, she mentioned a male and broke out into a prolonged and delightful chuckle

with a startling immediacy, i knew that whatever she was on the outside it was housing a fabulous personality and i had to get to know her

was waiting for my chance to join in the conversation when the dream ended

* * *



time-tense 1, 2, 3, 4

qod 3.9 qos 3.5 o 10

there were two dreams which were remembered in this sleep

both had a holiday theme to them

the second dream is the one of significance

there were three sequences

two of them were aerial views and the third was looking down but at street level

at first, i thought it was a holiday resort but then realised it was something much grander

there was an air of excitement with lots of colour

the two sequences which stand out were the aerial scenes

the first one looked as though the scene was being viewed from a mountain-top about three kilometres away looking down onto a promenade

in this scene, the view took in about eight hundred metres of the sea

there were hundreds and hundreds of people along the promenade with the greatest concentration of people at the departure point where a boat which looked like it could ferry about two hundred people at a time was accepting boarders

this scene also showed the boat which had previously departed and it was about five hundred meters across the bay

the second sequence looked like it was being seen from a satellite

it showed the entire expanse of water between the departure and arrival points and five kilometres of the land of on either side of the water

there were three boats like the one in the first scene at an equal distance from one another at various points of the crossing

all three boats left a two-boat-length wake as they were moving

i would say they were moving at fifteen to twenty kilometres an hour

the destination point was bustling, almost a bazaar

i got the sense it was somewhere in southern europe although, depending on the time-tense, it could have been anywhere

the view being described was a 24/7 live-feed which was the, or one of the, most watched live-feeds in the world

the thing about the dream is that there wasn’t a two-way flow of the boats

all three of the boats in the aerial scene was going one way

this, again, depending on the time-tense, has been and/or will be, the most orderly migration of people in the history of the planet

this could mean the boats were being made on the side of the water people were departing from and being used for a completely different purpose afterwards

thinking about this dream two days later, the boats could be used for children’s playhouses

this dream opens up yet another point to take into consideration when formulating dreams…

this dream could reasonably be seen as any class of man-shaped being… dinosaur class, mammal class, the class which follows the mammal class or any of the classes of man-shaped being which are scheduled to emerge over the millennia and milliards to come

* * *



time-tense 1, 3, 4

qod 3.8 qos 3.5 p

was lying down recuperating or recovering from something

a medical carer was near

an emergency call came through for my carer but he couldn’t go

i decided i could do something

i was on my feet and making for the destination the carer couldn’t go to as fast as i could run

i remember having to hold onto the sides of a car parked alongside the road of a busy pedestrian street and squeeze past three or four people to keep the momentum going

i broke into a sprint and that took me about fifty or sixty metres to the edge of a big drop which was too big to jump down

looking down i could see the ground i was standing on covered a historical structure which had a large wrought-iron gate which must have been hundreds of years old

if i was careful it would be possible to lower myself onto the top of the gate and if i could keep my balance i could bend down and get a grip of the gate

it was slightly dangerous but i managed to do it

as i was scaling down the gate which was about three metres high there were people on the other side of the gate and it looked as though they were tourists looking around the structure which i assumed had historical significance

when i was on the ground i broke into a run again and was weaving my way around various impediments which prevented me from running in a straight line to my destination

i was moving at a pace when the dream ended


the previous day’s experiences which caused this dream was the feeling i had as i was part-way through a new and expanded exercise routine of squats and deadlifts which were the most intense i had done for two or more years and made me feel healthy

my forearms are still noticeably bigger fifteen hours later!

* * *



time-tense 1, 3, 4

qod 2 p 10

in a fairly busy city-centre

was returning to the corner of a junction where i had left flyers on a fold-away seat with a sign that read “free: take one” so people could help themselves when i wasn’t there

everywhere i looked there were uniformed men every fifteen metres or so standing at the kerb

the uniforms were black or navy-blue trousers, black leather or synthetic shiny jackets and peak-caps with a shiny peak

as i walked past one of them i could hear his voice clearly

his voice had a distinctly german accent and he spoke in a confident tone

in the next scene, i was talking to someone about the contents of the flyers

* * *


qod 2 p 10


first dream

the whole of this bit of a dream which lasted for about ten seconds of sleep-time was the feeling of being unwell

it took just a few seconds after waking to realise what produced it… the last thing i ate before going to sleep was a heavily-laden ham sandwich

second dream

qod 2.9 p 10


a girl in her mid-teens had a rabbit as a pet

the rabbit was frisky in a way i wouldn’t have imagined was possible

the girl was taking great delight from watching the antics of the rabbit

third dream


qod 2.7 qos 3.3 p or o

in the dentist’s chair

can remember the dentist’s face and his serious look and his determined manner

can see the syringe in the dentist’s hand as he comes towards me

i see the syringe going into my mouth

didn’t feel a thing


a reminder people, if there’s any pain in a dream, i’ve only ever had one,
you need to identify the cause as a matter of urgency


have had a run of animal dreams over the last ten days

didn’t enter them into the diary because they didn’t seem to be significant

will now cross-check them against

* * *



qod 3.4

qos 2.7

time-tense 7



on a skateboard in the city centre

the smoothness or gracefulness of the movement was determined by a person’s alignment to their attitude to life, especially whether their outlook contained equality for other people

the thought of the reverence for life gave the board momentum and propelled the board further in direct proportions the skateboarder’s love for other people

a single soft push of either foot could take the person on the board for a hundred metres regardless of the gradient of the ground

the movement was virtually mind-willed

in another scene, three of us were in a car on a very wide road, the equivalent of a ten or twelve lane motorway

an american was driving a limousine-sized car

i was in the back seat and was pushed hard to the right of the car as the male driver attempted to go fast and keep the car accelerating on a long turn to the left

the driver realised he hadn’t got the smoothness of the turn correct and had to decelerated to an unacceptably slow speed to keep the passengers from being shifted around in their seats

in another scene, the mind-set which produced productive outcomes came through when writing

a person’s descriptions flowed more expressively through the pen when the writer has the well-being of other people at the forefront of their mind

* * *



set in the west of the u.s.a.

an established settler, previously one of the original pioneers of the west coast, was dedicating his life to helping new settlers through the mountains which, for one reason or another, might claim the lives of “greenhorns”

on this occasion, it was a family of three

a doctor, his wife, and their elderly teenage daughter

in a small green canyon, there was a family of lions

the settler decided to draw the big cats away from the family by sending a horse into the canyon

once the lions had eaten the horse they wouldn’t need to attack the family

the horse was sent into the canyon and it drew the big cats out

the lions, however, must have developed a taste for human flesh and ignored the horse and began to stalk the family

the lions were a lot more skillful at hunting human prey than the guide realized and in the next scene the big cats had out-maneuvered the settler and the family and were moving in for the kill

the settler, himself as brave as a lion, knew what he had to do

he went to the doctor and got the doctor to fill a syringe with a narcotic or a poison and with a sacrificially-creative act snatched it off the doctor and pumped it into himself

he said something to the family just before the drug took affect and then steered the horse toward the lions

the last scene was of the guide slumped over the horse heading toward the lions


the pde’s of this dream are remembered

as you familiarise yourself with your own dream content, the chances are you’ll only find merit in writing into your diary things which have a constructive use to other people

qod 3.7 – qos 3.5 – o – 10

* * *



decided to go on a holiday on the spur-of-the-moment

was travelling very light

no wheelie or backpack

just my cards and pound coin in my pocket

i lived near to the train station and only needed to go one or two stops on the bus to get the station

got off the bus along with two elderly women and asked them where the train station was

one of the women pointed and started giving instructions on how to get there

i interrupted her and said “oh yes, i know where you mean”

in the next scene, i was crossing the road where i had just got off the bus

as i was crossing the road i saw a fifty pence piece to my left

i picked it up and thought “i’ve got twice as much money now as when i left the house”

the holiday was off to a good start

i woke out of the sleep and was thinking about the dream for five minutes and then went back to sleep and the dream continued…

i was now at my destination, holland, i think

i had got friendly with a woman and we were both staying at the same place

my room was directly in front of us when we got to the top of the stairs

i went into my room and put a small packet on the bed and then went straight back out to where the woman’s room was

she was at the opposite end of the end of the ten-metre metre corridor

i didn’t see where her room was but knew i could find it

i was at the other end of the corridor from my room from and i was just about to walk through a door to a different part of the floor when i saw two men go into my room

i hurried back to my room and as i approached the room i could hear the two men assessing my status

they were appraising if i was worth robbing at another time

i walked into the room and said “get out and don’t come back “

the two men scuttled out and i was thinking about the situation when the dream ended

qod 2.8 – qos 2.9 – p – 10

* * *



a three episode serial dream!

the first episode was five days ago

the second episode was three days ago

the third episode was yesterday

the subject of the dream is an all-white shih tzu dog

in the first dream the dog was a companion to a street beggar

the beggar was scruffy and dirty and didn’t look the picture of health

the second dream was in the same place as the first dream

neither the beggar nor the dog were in the scene but where they had been squatting there was a stain of what might have been blood or poop

in the third dream i had gone passed the place where they had been in the previous two dreams and was on the corner of the street ten or fifteen metres from where they had been

as i turned left at the corner a young indian lad was trying to befriend the dog
the young lad picked the dog up and we went back to where the beggar and dog had been in the first dream

the lad put the dog down where the stain was

i think the lad wanted to re-familiarise the dog with sights and smells it knew and would accept the boy but when we got to the place where the beggar and the dog had been squatting and the dog had been placed on the spot for a little while the lad tried to pick the dog up it avoided the boys attempts to be picked up

i pursed my lips and sucked in which made a kissing sound

the dog looked to where the sound came from and was looking at me

while i had its attention i bent down and massaged just behind its ears
the dog didn’t pull away and after a few seconds i stood back up and cupped my hands and presented them to the dog

the dog recognised the gesture and jumped into my cupped-hands and licked them once or twice and made itself comfortable the young lad was no longer in the scene and as the dream ended i realised i had contented dog for a companion
this dream has really got me thinking

how deep can/does the interaction between time conscious and pan-undulationary conscious go?

new entry, two consciousnessescategory of dream: doggy (7)

* * *



today’s dream, an externalised dream, is more of an informative dream

in this dream the writer was explaining to some people how life arrived at the point we’re at now

i woke up in the middle of a mini-monologue…

“before this universe was the way it is now it there had to be enough mass

it seems to be the case that life remained attached to mass until the maximum amount of mass reality could furnish, the 3 of pi, was arrived at

there is, for instance, the formulation that decrees that if the mass of the universe is a certain amount then the universe becomes locked into an endless cycle of expansion and contraction which lasts for one raised the eight hundred powers of years for each cycle”

that particular scenario, we now know, is not the fate of the universe but we have to consider that life remained attached to mass until the endless numerical structure of pi was reached

there’s probably a whole new area of understanding as to what happened before there was enough mass for what we would recognise as a universe to occur which did not collapse back in on itself

through this entry it is hoped some of you will begin to get insights as to the length and depth of the lover’s experiences through the 3 of pi and gain a determination to do right by him


it’s also possible life can only increase the number of individuals its by returning to its “roots”

is the heavenly state life discovering the straight line ?

* * *



people become very sensitive when i call someone a devolving being and ask me not to be so straightforward about it

this dream was an instance of it


the point needs to be kept on being made… every single person who is devolving chose it

the loss of someone’s life by natural causes is hard enough to come to terms with

a life lost through an accident will plaque those close to the person killed for the rest of their life

when a person we know is killed intentionally it produces violent feelings within us which may never fully subside

but the person who takes the life of a child, knowing, in the light of genetic theory what the consequences are, should be openly admonished

there are many not yet aware of the information at this website

however, most, if not all, of the heads of state of most, if not all, of the countries of the world know what you, the reader, are acquainted, or are becoming acquainted with

go and tell the parents who have had the life of one of their children snuffed out deliberately that they shouldn’t get angry about it

or better still, try imagining it happening to one of your children

what would you say ?

qod 3 – qos 3.1 – 10 p

* * *



name of dream: the brethren

this dream will be our reality at this point of time in a future undulation or it could be this undulation

in this future, there is a brethren of families

when a couple discover they are to become parents the couple are transported off-earth and join all the other millions of other couples who have passed through the same point in their relationship

this dream begins with my partner discovering that she probably can’t have children

her despair is compounded because she knows i love to be in the company of children and i will want to find another partner

her world has ended

it wasn’t sympathy or pity or a type empathy which steered me

the simple plain fact was… she was my girl

i couldn’t even think of being with anyone other than her

the thought of leaving her wasn’t in my mind nor was it how i felt

until this point of our partnership, she hadn’t realised just how deep my feelings toward her were

that i thought more of being with her than of being within the brethren made her see me in a different light

she was completely surprised and became overwhelmed with joy

the dream then became a sequence of scenes of love and passion

one scene, in particular, made the dream memorable and it is the scene which has spurred me to enter the dream into the dreams diary

about half the way through the sequence of scenes, through a natural impulse to please me, she was moved to organise and prepare an extravagant formal night in

it was going to be a minimum seven-course meal with drinks

it must have taken days of planning and organising

i was standing at the back of a room which had a higher-than-normal ceiling

in the middle of the room and just off-centre about four or five metres from where i was there was a two-person table

the proportions of the table in a big room gave the table an added feel of intimacy

it was a small table, hardly big enough to put the main plate and a side plate and the drinks and the drinking glasses on, and the table was covered with a white cloth that almost draped to the floor

for a moment the table looked much too small but that was how i, a man, saw it

i soon saw how my girl, a woman, saw it

the smaller the table, the better

it meant we would be closer to each other

on the table, there was a small bouquet

furthest away from where i stood was the kitchen door

my girl came through the door carrying a laptop-sized square cake which looked like a tier of a wedding cake

she was also carrying a look of assuredness and she had an air of contententment

her long dress was a light beige and the cake was white and there was an adornment on the right side of her hair which was quite fetching

it struck me it could be a wedding-day meal

it further struck me just how much i meant to her

my love for her deepened in that moment

the scene changed

the cake and the meal were no longer relevant

the meal had been abandoned

we were standing next to the table embraced and kissing in our formal clothes sealing our deepened love for one another


this dream brought about the understanding that there will be those who, as the profound implications surrounding procreation become understood, will find themselves in the same position of the girl in this dream

it brought to mind those women who refused the opportunity to accept the writer’s offer to conjoin with him over the last thirty years knowing who he was

eternity encompasses all time and all eventualities

the worst is behind us

let your mind dwell on an earth where the brethren is a reality

it is known that each new undulation things here on earth get better and better and better as we unwrap the future

qod 4.2 – qos 4 – p – 10

* * *



in room with marylin monroe

i had a thick wad of one thousand denomination notes which belonged to her

gave her four of the notes

she was concerned that i was keeping the money

told her she could have it all but was trying to persuade not to take it all as the dream ended

qod 3.2 – p – 10

* * *



was in a room that had a small bar

the room had a dark green or blue freckled carpet (the carpet was the stand-out feature of the dream)

there were no more than five or six people in the room

all the people in the dream were females

the room was about ten by ten metres

two people were at the bar, one person was behind the bar serving and the other person was standing the other side of the bar talking with the barkeeper

two or three other people were more or less evenly spaced about the room standing against or near to the walls

the music that was being played had a beat which caused me to start dancing

after three songs had been played i was still dancing

within twenty or thirty seconds of dancing to the fourth song i noticed that my movements had become more fluid and one of the ladies came near to me and began dancing too

this was the first dancing dream in which my movements weren’t spectacular or noteable for one reason or another

in fact my movents were only slightly better than the movements i can currently perform

will now incorporate a minimum of ten minutes a day of dancing into my exercising routine

category of dream: dancing (20)

* * *


serial dream

in yesterday’s dream, i was getting ready to go abroad and had bought an air ticket and went to the city where the flight would be departing from

in today’s dream, i was in the city where the flight took off from

there was an altercation or argument about something and i wouldn’t be able to catch the plane

in the dream, i remember thinking “i’ve lost the ninety pounds air-fare”

* * *



here’s an intriguing little dream

in this dream from a few days ago, it wasn’t made into an entry, i was given a present

no idea who gave me the present

the present was a mobile phone

the phone was about the size of the one i’m using at the moment, a galaxy 5

the phone in the dream was heavier than the one i’m using and it’s main functions, the volume control and the on/off switch, were easier to access and it also had two rubber grips positioned on the sides which allowed the phone to be held in such a way which enabled the main controls to be accessed very easily

in the dream of a few days ago i used the phone and spoke to the person who sent it to me

not all the details of the brief conversation are remembered but what was remembered was the request to send them a photograph of me

in today’s dream, i received a call on the phone

it was an elderly female who spoke in a faint voice which was slightly croaky

she said, “what’s it like?”

it was her way of saying “we haven’t got a photo of you yet”

i knew what she meant but decided to misunderstand

“it’s very sexy”

she didn’t answer but i heard a mature male voice say “he’s talking about the phone”

i recognised the voice and realised who the woman was

there was something which didn’t quite fit in with my understanding of her situation and i was trying to think of what it was and think of what i should say to her original question when the dream ended


this dream may very well be you-know-who filling in the gaps to an assessment of my interpretation of what’s happening with the two types of consciousness as laid out in the dream of the sixteenth of this month

you should be aware that to you-know-who i am very much a vessel to be used

she/he will use me to get a thing done in a way which produces a “most love/life” situation in as fast a way as possible

after finishing this writing the writer will phone the people in today’s dream and report back

qod 3.7 -qos 2.8 – p – 10

* * *



a group of four or five people were talking about the merits of smoking marijuana in one way as opposed to another

there was a general conensus that using liquids to cool the smoke was the best way to go

at one point in the conversation somebody said that the best quality of weed was in wolverhampton and that a new technigue for smoking it using a comb was the latest and greatest way of getting the best effect

was waiting for the person who mentioned it to give a detailed explanation of the new technigue when the dream ended


over the last few days the thought that the combining conscousnessess need a another appraisal has been prevalent in the thinking

for some months now the determination to make sleep a pivotal part of conscious development has, and is, being evaluated and practiced

specifically, time-conscious is going to be regarded as a mere mechanical enactment throughout earthly-evolution and that the combining-consciousnessess contains most, if not all, of the experiences and knowledge needed to achieve transmutation

qod 3.4 – qos 3.4 – o – 10

* * *



the star of this dream was a young, small black cat

the cat had three or four patches of white hair which accounted for about two-thirds of its surface area

there were two of us tickling the cat

someone was tickling its neck and ears and i was using my nails to tickle its stomach

the cat was experiencing delightful rapture

the cat had the look of someone laughing but wasnt making any sounds (babies does the same thing)

it was feigning resistance to the tickling by pawing at us without its claws drawn

i stopped the tickling twice to see its reaction and both times its facial expression changed to one of reduced pleasure and the mock resitance with its paws stopped

both of us made comments about the unnaturally human characteristics it was demonstrating

qod 4.1 – qos 4 – p – 10


the thing about this dream is that usually with a dream of this quality i would be able to remember the pde’s which caused it


a new faculty of the brain has emerged in the last few months

it’s in the very infancy of its development and it isn’t sure what its applications or uses will be

this exciting ability is being kept back to let you know that because the knowledge herein isn’t getting disseminated with a passion, and is thus delaying the changes necessary for us to move forward, the writer is not letting you in on everything he knows

two can play at the secrecy game!

* * *



been having 3.5 qod’s regularly lately

they would make enjoyable reading but dreams theory is taking a back seat currently

* * *



the stand out bit of this dream, which appeared out of nowhere, was a great bit of punk music with a noteworthy melody which could easily become a no.1 hit

it had the soul of the clash and the melody of pop song of a different genre

it wasn’t a song in my collection and i asked someone what it was called

it reminded me of another band and i asked “is it the anarchist’s?” and “the archaist’s?”

it wasn’t a tune which was published but it obviously has existed and may find itself in the punk genre of the 70’s in a future undulation

another indicator of the improving circumstances of future undulations

qod 3.6 – qos 3.9 – p – 10

second dream


qod 3.6 – qos 4 – p – 10 – category of dream: x dream (16)

* * *



at a popular nightclub

the dance floor was full

the girls spontaneously created a round space in the middle of the dance floor

the girls wanted the boys to go into the centre of the space and continue dancing

the girls would choose which dancer most suited their style of dancing and would partner up with that boy

that was my cue to do some fancy moves

the dream came to an end as i was doing one of my original fancy moves

qod 4.1 – qos 3.4 – p – 10 category of dream:  dancing (19)

* * *



was in a small function room

it could seat about fifty people and there was a circular area about five metres across which was for dancing

it was adorned with cheap, glitzy furnishings which looked expensive

there was a low-hanging chandelier

every body was there but nothing was happening

it was obvious music was missing but i didn’t have my equipmentit was obvious music was missing but i didn’t have my equipment

as i walked passed one lady i heard her say “he can be entertaining”

that was my cue to be “on”

i took a run and jumped onto the chandelier in a way which caused it to start revolving in a circular motion just inside of the dancing area

as the chandelier circled the dance area i let go with one hand and started blowing kisses to the ladies with the other hand as my gaze met the eyes of the different women in my line of vision as i circled

with one woman i didn’t blow any kisses but pursed my lips and moved them around in the way one does when savouring a nice food or taste

that got people laughing so i dropped to the floor and began a “routine”

first i began shadow boxing with the chandelier which was now swinging back and forth and turned my back on it and let it knock me over when it swung back at me

i then turned around the room and began an impromptu-remarks session with everyone one at a time

the next theme in this two-dream sequence was to do with sounds

there was a consistent danceable rhythmn which was coming from an unidentifiable location

i stopped trying to figure out where it was coming from and began listening to it in earnest

the rhythmn had a tune buried in it which was easy to predict and go along with

after building a bit of a song and humming along with it the tune/rhythmn started changing and very quickly i realised it wasn’t a tune at all but it was the repetative sound coming from a machine nearby

as the sound became clear it lost its harmonious quality and the tune wasn’t noticeable

the sound was going to go on and become a nuisance and would have done if i hadn’t decided to re-form the machine sound back into a tune which became pleasant to listen to again

i woke out of the sleep and it got me thinking, just about any inanimate sound could become qualitative if a person’s mind-set was so disposed

category of dream:  dancing (18)

* * *



two dreams and both dreams were arguments

in the first dream i was arguing with max planck in the company of four or five people

he became more and more irate the more i insisted his constant was one raised to the minus forty-third power

he was almost shouting, “90, it’s 90”

the dream ended in that tone

the second dream was about a key

i couldn’t find my front door key

i went to an office where they kept backup keys

the person who could give me a spare key told me they didn’t have one because it was a security issue

i kept pressing him that he did have a spare key and he explained that i had the only spare key because it wouldn’t make sense from a security point of view if someone else had one

the dream ended as i realised he was right and suddenly remembered where my spare key was hidden

qod 2.6 & – qos 2.9 – p – 10

* * *



staying at a plush hotel

it was so expensive i was struggling to pay for two nights

got friendly with the second bush president

he was trying to make out he was an ordinary guy

i discovered he was making an arms deal

we were talking in his room and i levelled with him and told him squarely “your family is in with the people who manufacture arms”

he became embarrised and didn’t say anything

in another scene i was carrying a flat, robust metal briefcase which was too heavy to carry without changing into a style of walking which meant having to carry it while walking sidewards

carrying it down a long flight of stairs in the hotel was a feat of strength

i laid it flat on its side and i could then let it slide down the stairs

the dream ended as i was surfing down the stairs on the breifcase

qod 3.3 – qos 3.5 – p – 10

* * *



in an accomodation with two young women

i’d had a relationship with one of the girls in awake-time some years ago and i regretted ending it but in the dream the relationship was still ongoing

in the dream she was reserved about the relationship and didn’t really want to go on with it

her friend did want us to continue though and so she did

she was experiencing pleasure as we were lying close together as i was gently fondling her breasts (the fondling was the longest part of the dream)

i had to do something for my mother and it meant leaving them

i told the girls to treat the place as their own, which really pleased them as they could tuck into the food, bathe etc. and the dream ended as i left the partment knowing i had won on them over and was looking forward to being back with them


could be a theme for a film here

the film starts as in the dream

the man wakes and decides to do the things he done in the dream to get back with his girl

successive dreams lead to greater and greater desirable outcomes in real life and eventually we’re left wondering which are the dream sequences and which are the awake scenes

qod 3.7 – qos 3.4 – p – 7

* * *



time-tense 1 or 4 or 5 or 7

this dream was about technology

the first thing-to-do on the computer after getting up was find a music track and by the time i got around to entering the dream into the dreams diary the memory of the dream had faded

the dream was about entering the find queries in a way that the search results gave all the information that was needed after pressing the entering in the key-words

qod 3.8 – qos 3.7 – p – 1

* * *



violence in dreams

a dozen or more of us were on a submarine in a thick fog with calm waters preparing to repel attackers

the fog was so thick we couldn’t see past the end of the bayonets on the end of our rifles

i was in the front line and in command

i told everybody to lean forward and probe for the attackers with the point of the bayonet

it worked

without seeing the damage we were inflicting the attacker’s were repelled

this dream was probably caused by watching a series of violent films

qod 2.8 – qos 3.3 – p – 1

* * *



qod 4.2 qos 3.8 p 10

1st dream

three stand-out scenes in this dream

one of them was about my hair

some men are sensitive about losing their hair

i’m one of them (one of the distinguishing features of mammals is their hair)

in the dream, the hair i’ve still got was crunched up

it gave the appearance of being a full head of hair albeit with the hairline high on my forehead

what was striking was the similarity in the style of my hair and the style of the hair in one of the pictures of the lover

haven’t analyzed these three dreams yet (it looks like i’ve got to give more time to dreams. a more elaborate interpretation and explanation of dreams is, it seems, being prompted by you-know-who)

another scene had me doing some fancy footwork while dancing

the thought has occurred while making this entry that the origins of some dreams aren’t in the pde’s but are of combining consciousnesses

further, the writer’s dreams aren’t always generated by himself but by you-know-who

the third one is personal (rhho)

p.s. the picture pages which aren’t going to be presented will, either further on into this undulation or at this point of earthly evolution of a future undulation, will be yours to appraise

2nd dream

qod 3.5 qos 3.7 p 2

it was a summers evening

i was about a thousand metres from home

i was driving a motorbike

i was driving it illegally (without insurance)

the last set of lights before getting home was against me

as i came to a stop there was a police car and a policeman was motioning me to pull over

the policeman told me in a stern manner to get my front indicator light fixed

i said i was sorry and that done the trick and he moved away from me to go back to his car

* * *



qod 3.9 qos 4.2 p 10

i felt as though i was not accomplishing anything and was trying to organise my life

a friend of twelve years ago wanted to show me something and asked me to go with him

in the next scene, we were at the entrance to a field

on the opposite side of the field and about a hundred metres away i could see four or five adjoining areas each about five to seven metres wide and separated by canvas where different events would be happening

at the nearest one to me, i recognised an orange extension lead and knew it was mine

as i looked longer at and into the section where the cable was i could see an extensive table and things had been so arranged so as to enable a p.a. and my d.j. decks and other accessories for a disco

i then realised my freind had initiated a mini-glastonbury and it was ready for use

i became elated

there would be enough room for a six-foot screen and enough space in and in front of the open-marquee style area for more than a hundred people

i wouldn’t need more than five hundred watts and as night fell the disco lights would really create an atmosphere

i was pleased beyond words with my friend who had shown initiative to make me happy and was thinking of him as the dream ended

* * *



qod 2.9 qos 3.1 p 2

this is the third dream this week with the same dog

the dog is a large mongrel

it is large enough to stand on its hind legs and use its forelegs to hold onto me, although its grip isn’t very firm, about my chest from the back of me

it is on a lead and the owner encourages it to go to me

in this dream, it didn’t just grab me about the chest as in the previous two dreams but this time it grabbed the long hair on the back of my neck and was attempting to pull me back

i managed to free my hair from its teeth and knew i had to do something a bit on the violent side to get it off me

i jumped upwards and backwards so that i landed on the dog as we both hit the ground

i thought i had hurt the dog as the dream ended


category of dream: doggy (6)

there’s was nothing in the pde’s of the previous few days that could be assigned to this dream

i could probably figure it out if i go back to lying in bed and thinking about my dreams before opening my eyes

* * *



qod 3 qos 3.3 p 10 – category of dream: x dream (15)

* * *



qod 3 qos 3.3 p 10

i was sleeping rough

a refuse collection company which had a lock-up area in an industrial estate where they kept household items until they were recycled let me sleep on one of the mattresses for the night for 10 pounds

the following day i got day work in a cafe washing up and serving tables

i got 20 pound for the work and with the extra 10 pounds i could have a shower and get some clean recycled clothes

i had to wait until a security check by a vehicle with a spotlight had checked the compound where i would be sleeping before going into the compound

i could still the spotlight of the security vehicle sweeping another area as i was settling into a sleeping position and the dream ended

* * *



qod 4 – qos 2.9 – 4 – p

i was living in the west country

it was a summers day and i decided to go to london for the day

i took fifty pounds spending money with me

on the tube on the way to the centre of the city, the young man next to me began a conversation

before he got off about five stops later he handed me two pounds and fifty pence and said “give this to one of the women in the carriage”

it seemed the sort of surprising random act that i would do and it seemed a natural thing to do

i stood up and walked down the carriage looking at the faces of the women for the face which seemed most likely to accept the gift

i had got to the end of the carriage before seeing the woman who looked like she would accept it

i explained why i was giving her the money as i handed it to her

she was bemused and a little flustered but accepted the money as she gradually realised the gesture didn’t have any other motive than for someone to be on the receiving end of an act of generosity from a person she had never met and would never meet

this was an epic dream with at least a dozen scenes in it

this was the first scene

* * *



feel-good dream

qod 3.8 – qos 3.3 – p – 10

i was standing outside where i live

it was a narrow buiding squashed between two, three or four glass-fronted offices or shops

it was a sunny day and i went walkabout

i felt good and my mood kept improving

there were two scenes while i was walking when i began singing

i felt really good

* * *



qod 3 – qos 3.3 – p

i won or was given a cat that was between being a kitten and a cat

i put it inside my jacket but it was trying to get down to the ground

in the next scene, i was holding a black lamb which was twice the size of the cat

two animal dreams in two days!

* * *



doggy dream

a black and brown dog latched onto me while i was out and about

the dog kept on disappearing… over a fence, down a street but reappearing every half minute or so and stayed with me for a few seconds and then was off again

qod 3.9 – qos 2.7 – p – 10 – category of dream: doggy (5)

* * *



qod 3.5 – qos 2.8 – p – 5

bumped into a girl from my school days who i really fancied

she was above average good-looks even then but she had become wealthy and it suited her

she agreed to come back to where i lived and so hello to the family

back at the house, i ribbed her and she took it o.k.

we were considering going out somewhere when the dream ended

* * *



woke up this morning and tried to remember the details of the dream i’d just had but couldn’t pinpoint any particular part of it

on the third or fourth attempt at trying to remember it something highly unusual happened

a dream from two or three days ago started playing out (the dream from a few days before was nothing special and so i didn’t make it into an entry)

then, suddenly, i realised, the dream was an extract from a film i had watched one or two days previously

the dream i was remembering was from a film i had watched the day after the dream!

what is noteworthy is that this precognitive dream was about rest and relaxation

we are capable of dreaming about dreams we are going to have and not just about awake experiences we are going to have

this tells us that anything we can experience is ready and waiting for us

it is obvious, every conceivable variable that follows any and all experiences of doing and being have been ordered into the greatest quality and quantity of experience at any given moment throughout the entire finite circumstance of Lov-Len

what has to be brought to your attention is this…

in a future undulation world war 1 and world war 2 do not happen

what is thought to be the optimum solution in our current history won’t be relevant in a future undulation

likewise, what is thought to be the best solution now can be improved upon and will be improved in a future undulation

this “rolling out” of experience can be applied to our current situation

when a connection between a flurry of thoughts shows itself it suggests to me that we’re on a “roll”

this same “roll” occurred when composing auditoriums* in choices a few days ago

as the option of choice 3 was thought about a run of several details unfurled and seemed to be begging to be used

there are things about this option which cannot be presented (devolving beings are ready to thwart love/life’s endeavours)

i do not understand why a dogged determination to get things done is adhered to when the same result can be achieved quicker

yesterday another option presented itself and will be posted into choices in the next two or three days

p.s. dreams are still being entered as usual in dreams diary but i’m having to save time where possible to get other things done (the website is a mess at the moment as is my bedroom and living room)

i’m prioritising rest and sleep for the next few years in an effort to regain full mobility


quality of dream 3.8 – quality of sleep 3.2 – observer

* * *



qod 3.7 – qos 3.3 – p

in a function room which could seat two hundred people but it seemed empty with just the twenty or so people who were in it

it was a jewish group and they wanted to hear what i had to say

within ten seconds i felt confident enough to present myself

my tone was an encouraging one and the people listened carefully

they responded to my continuous flow of ideas and i decided to go into detail

i had a blue folder which had fifty or sixty sheets of a4 paper in it

there were only four or five blank sheets the rest were all the main points which people, in general, find interesting and they were completely unorganised

on a few occasions when i tried to reference something i had to skip to another point or i would have revealed my lack of preparedness

i quickly outlined four five of the most popular ideas and noticed the people were discussing and commenting between themselves as they heard them

the reaction of the people told me it would be o.k. to take the proceedings to another level

there was a small unused table to my left

i moved the table and a chair to a central position in front of where they sat and said “let’s start getting organised”

i began asking questions of them… “how often can we use the room?, can we do any catering here?, is there a p.a. system?, is there an internet connection?”…

i opened the folder and got out a blank page

“our aim is to try and change the direction of history by 2026. this gives us one hundred and eleven months. we’ll use the first three months to lay the foundations for the following one hundred and eight months. we’ll meet once a month for a critical appraisal of what’s happened during the last month and see what did happen and what didn’t happen. why what we wanted to happen did happen and why and what caused some things not to happen”.

i sensed it was time to ease the pace

i continued, “how long can we stay here for now?” and someone answered “three hours”

“good. right, we’ll break the time into six half-hour segments. to show you it’s not all work and seriousness for the first half an hour we’ll spend just getting to know each other. the second half hour we’ll start outlining what needs to be done and we’ll do the same, alternating between work and play, for the rest of our time together now”.

the above is the dream as i remembered it six or seven hours after i woke (more computer problems) and the order of the scenes of the dream is incorrect

when i woke still full of the desire to organise and turned sideways while still in bed and picked up a pen, swung myself out of bed, picked up the notebook and started writing addenda’s to some of what i’d said in the dream

* * *



externalised dream

qod 3.4 – qos 3.2 – p – 10

was in an unused or abandoned snooker hall

another person came into the scene and was making me explain what i was doing there

i think i was sleeping rough and had got in through a window

i was explaining in an apologetic way

the mood became calm and i began giving the man an idea which could make the snooker hall make money

i suggested he turned the snooker hall it into a pool hall and to get it started promote a winner-takes-all competition on a regular basis

the person who could win two games consecutively against five or seven or ten challengers would win the money

the man said the same person would win every time

i said “there’s a lot of talent out there as” and went on to tell him about a real-life professional pool hustler i was friendly with for a few months

he was so confident of winning any game he would go into a strange bar and tell the people playing at the pool table he could beat any of them and he would make the bet without the money pay if he lost

talk about living dangerously

this one time his opponent had put him in an impossible position and the outcome of the game depended on the shot

the cue ball was against the edge of the table just a few centimetres away from the bottom right corner pocket

the ball he had to pot was hovering over the middle-right pocket but it was in behind two balls which didn’t have enough space between them to get the cue ball through

if he hit the two balls in front first he would have lost the game and he would have been in deep trouble

before i tell you how he did it have a little think to see if you can figure it out

if he was only a millimetres out he knew he would need an ambulance

so how did he do it?

he hit the ball with precisely the right amount of down-stroke, sideways spin and forward momentum to make the ball jump onto the felt on the top of the table (if the ball had touched the wood the ball would have been out of play and he would have lost) and it rolled down the table on the felt, came off the felt at precisely where it had to so it would land on the back and top of the ball he was aiming for with just the right amount of forward momentum to push the ball he needed to pocket backward and into the pocket and then carry the cue ball forward with enough momentum so it didn’t get pushed back into the pocket by either or both of the balls which would land on

i could hear myself telling the man in the dream that new talent was coming through every year and a previous winner couldn’t enter the competition a second time as i came out of the sleep

* * *



new category… sleep within a sleep

waking up from a sleep in a dream which was itself in a dream

i awoke into a dream and i found myself in located in exeter

it was a dingy room with a high ceiling

in the dream i woke up to i had to go out but can’t remember any more of the dream

qod 2.8 – qos 3.9 – p – 8

* * *



qod 2.6

qos 3.4


type of dream

time-tense – 6, 8 or 9

first dream

in this dream, i’m a passenger in a stationary car

a man, the driver, jumps into the car

he has just come out of a bank after robbing it

he starts the car and drives off in typical getaway fashion

the noise of the engine of the car is startling

so now he’s driving like a maniac and causing everyone within hearing distance to turn and look

i tell him to slow down and not draw attention to us

he’s still driving flat out as the dream ends

qod 2.5

2nd dream


time-tense 5

qod 3.3

a girl i see on a fairly regular basis in real life asked me if she can borrow a pen

i tell her there’s one on the table

she writes something and gives it to someone not visible in the dream

she then comes back to me and cozies up to me

she runs her hand along the side of my face tenderly

i let out a little giggle and play coy

she decides not to take it further

i’m thinking of what it was i should have said or done as i wake up

third dream

qod 3.8


type of dream – see time-tense

time-tense – 5

here’s a new variation…

fell asleep while watching a film

the central character of the film was a woman playing a serious role in a drama film

in the film in the dream the woman was cast as a fun-loving person, the opposite of the serious drama i was watching when i fell asleep

what i’ll do now is look to see if the dream sequence was from another film and if it wasn’t then the dream sequence was from an awake-time experience of events that happened in a previous undulation but if it is her in another film then… 04:23 10012017

made a reasonably extensive search to find a film in which the girl plays a happy-go-lucky role

couldn’t find one

* * *



in this dream i was composing a song to events

it was set in a factory

the visual was a zoom-out of workers at their various machines

each of the machines the operators were operating made a different sound which was incorporated into the song as the zoom-out brought them into sight

time-tense 1 or 4

qod 3.3 – qos 3.2 – o

* * *



in a vehicle

an african woman was having trouble stopping her child from crying

i stretched out my arms in a come-to-me gesture

it took the little girl three steps to get from mom to me

i sat her on my knees facing me and put one of my fingers in her palm and she closed her hand and held onto the finger with a surprisingly firm grip

i could feel she needed changing

she stopped crying the moment she was seated and was smiling within a second or two

the stand-out part of the dream was the sensation of her hand gripping my finger

time-tense 1, 5 or 6

qod 3.7 – qos 3.3 –

* * *



a tired john and a concerned relative

the dream starts with me waking from a sleeping position and feeling tired, very tired

the first thing i see is a mature young man looking at me

the male is either the brother or a son of the woman i’m in a relationship with

he says “i can go and get you a black leather mattress or if you don’t want that i will take you home”

he’s talks in a no-nonsense manner and his tone of voice and look tells me it’s time to make a choice

the situation is i’m sleeping in the living room and he doesn’t like it

people in a relationship sleep together

he’s too sensitive to towards his mother/sister to ask questions about the sleeping arrangements but knows something isn’t as it should be

i was touched that he would take on the expense and go to the trouble of getting a new mattress and said “you would do that for me” and then “give me a minute to wake up please”

i was waking from the sleep as i heard myself saying the last sentence

before the dream ended there was a final picture or scene of me looking at myself in the mirror

i had dark bags under my eyes and looked unwell (this is the stand-out part of the dream)

i don’t remember looking that unwell in this lifetime

methinks this isn’t/wasn’t me but you-know who

he’s filling in for me rather than have me experience those things which would totally demoralise me


time-tense for first scene 3, 6, 7

qod 2.8

qos 2.5


time-tense for second scene/picture 3, 5, 9


in the first scene i am participating

the mirror scene, i now realise, was as an observer

this is the first dream i am aware of when i am both particpant and observer in the same dream!


tried resting to the fullest extent during the day to see if lying down all day was beneficial

this dream tells me it’s not

too much rest or inactivity during any given day is not in accordance with what we can/should be doing

there is an optimum minimum/maximum movement/rest ratio for every individual

it is time to start tieing dreams in with metabolic maintenance to get a more accurate picture

* * *


two dreams and controlled-imaging

two new development’s occupied the writer’s thoughts upon waking and caused him to forget most of the detail in both dreams

he does remember the content of the first one, a violent one

the second one, an x dream, was as good as the first one was bad

category of dream: x dream (14)

a good one and a bad one in the same sleep is itself something of a novelty

i can’t recall it happening before*

have intiated a database for dreams

about twenty entries so far

have started with the earliest dreams and am working toward the present

now that dreams theory is the priority project it should be available by spring

the new development brings into being a new category of

the imaging faculty is named “controlled-imaging”

it occurred while trying to stimulate a montage immediately after waking

it was discovered that the imaging centre of the brain/mind can produce an image with any content

it was tried with three different types of subject matter and produced varying degrees of success

the degree of success may have been due to the order in which the imaging was enacted but between the imaging and the second discovery, which was also occupying my thoughts, the chronology of the images was forgotten

the new realisation may be more important than the image-controlling faculty and it is very easy to prove or disprove and will be verified or disproved within a week… test

the origin of controlled-imaging goes back to… “startled”

it should also be remembered that all the original things at this website followed on from the Comprehension

this is the third time within a week this theme-content has been present

three times does seem to make it important in one way or another

time-tense ?

qod 3

qos 3.1


* * *


this is the third time within a week this theme-content has been present

three times does seem to make it important in one way or another

time-tense ?

qod 3

qos 3.1


* * *



ball/s floating in liquid

this dream was about a scoring system

the value of the thing being scored was displayed by a dark-coloured ball in a thin transparent square container which had liquid in it

the container was about three diameters of the ball in width and five ball-diametres high, the container/s could have been any size

the liquid in the container was responsive and could, very subtlely, change colour

the ball rose and wavered and fell in the container as its rating rose or fell

in the second scene, there were three or four of the transparent containers which looked as if they were joined together

my attention focused on one container in particular, probably because it had the most movement in it

inside the container, there was a light-grey small, wispy column which changed its shape, like smoke in a still room

the light-grey column of the smoke-shaped liquid was about the height of a ball and as i looked at it the width varied from one-seventh to one-sixth of one ball-width


time-tense 2 or 5

it doesn’t seem likely that the technology being described here will have been developed within the writer’s lifetime

the only way it could happen is if d-man begin sharing their technology with us
(see lead article… endic.at)

qod 3

qos 3.1

p/o ?


the pde which brought this dream about was the scores being given at a weight-lifting competition i watched on the telly

there was argy-bargy about whether the referees had got some of the scorings right or not

in the programme, the decisions were close calls but it is the case that life has the ability to be meticulous about the most insignificant thing


thinking about it, a scoring system, or any situation with serious consequences, which had a qualitative attachment would be useful when decisions are based on measuring devices which are too crude to measure a difference

thinking about it further, a liquid substance which reacts to the prescence of consciousness seems feasible
(see the act of observation)

notes 2

wasn’t going to make this dream into an entry but like those times when we throw something away only to find a use for it later, all dreams regardless of their seeming insignificance will have to be entered

if it’s in a dream it’s there for a reason !

this dreams thing is taking over my life !

* * *


my girl and her three sisters

time-tense 1, 3, 4, 7

qod 3.8 qos 3.5 p

struck up a relationship with a girl about twenty-one

we were comfortable together and she was just my type

fairly early on in the relationship we were sitting together on a settee which wasn’t designed for lying on comfortably

her three sisters were on the far side of the room seven or eight metres away

my girl was unusually forward and was giving me soft peck-kisses around my neck and gradually moved to my cheeks and finally my lips

i was mindful of her three sisters but they didn’t seem to notice we were there

so i started kissing her first on her lips and then on her face as she had done with me

it was while kissing first her face and then back to her lips again that i realised the
softness of her lips and the softness of her skin had exactly the same texture

whether i kissed her lips or face it felt exactly the same
(this was the stand-out part of the dream)

of course there were no protrusions on her face but if her face did have protrusions the shape of lips and if my eyes were closed i wouldn’t have been able to tell if i was kissing lips or protrusions

we broke away from kissing and her three sisters were looking at us and smiling a pleasure-smile that surprised and slightly startled me

one of the sisters said “you can live here if you want”

in another scene one of her sisters was going through a door next to where i was sitting and stopped and said “you don’t have to break the law anymore now”

i woke to hear myself saying “what is it i’ve done”

category of dream:  kissing dream (1)


there was a really raunchy scene somewhere in this dream sequence but am unable to place it chronoligically

without going into detail… i didn’t realise women could be so genuinely concerned about the health of their man’s genitalia


after waking from this dream i had a quick dip into montage territory and was delighted when a new form of montage occurred

you’ve probably seen a drawing being made without the hand or pen being visible as the picture was taking shape

it was a mini-montage of that type of imaging

* * *



qod’s 1st and 2nd 2.9 p
qod 3rd 3.1 p

pan-undulation dreams

two dreams

first dream

first scene

was making my way along the walkway alongside of a canal or a river

the ground was uneven and i was laden with a collapsable wheelcahir and a couple of bags

i had to get up an embankment to get onto the road

i couldn’t have done it on my own but as the luck of the dream would have a family which had two young boys were at hand

i told the boys i would give them a pound each if they would they would get the chair up the slope

they jumped at it

next scene

was at a railway station

still had the chair and baggage and the family from the previous scene were also still in the dream

the platform was narrow which made the station look busier than it really was

the train pulled in

it only had two or three carriages and was on the track beyond the track that our platform was servicing

people started letting themselves down onto the track next to our platform and going to the train

it started something of a stampede and again i promsed the lads money if they would help me get my things onto the train

several peolpe had boarded the train and some my belongings were on it or were about to put on it when the train started pulling away

everbody started shouting, i was shouting loudest

a guardsman showed at the back of the train and was gesticulating and saying something

couldn’t hear his words but he managed to convey that another train was coming for us

second dream

had got out of a car with a half a dozen presents

the presents were mainly big ones

it was my aunties house and relatives from another part of the country or another country had arrived

the guests were a family of four or five with one or two children and a new addition to the family

i was excited because her guests were an old real-life girlfriend who i had been scheduled to marry as a teenager and had broken up with her first husband and had started a family with another man

twenty years before in the real-life situation with my ex-girlfriend things were not going how she had expected

in the real-life situation going back to a year after we split up she was at the same aunties house in the dream and looked glum

i found out later that the man she married, a canadian she emmgrated to canada with, didn’t want children and it was causing a lot of friction

my entire family clan were staunch supporters of “the get married and have children” outlook of life

back in the dream…

i walked through the front door and said something to make my prescence known

i walked through to the back living room and went in

the ex-girlfriend’s new addition to the family was in a pram or cot that had a partial overhang and i peered into where the baby was

when i looked back up from the pram my ex-girlfriend was standing there looking at me intently

the look was unmistakable and i was thinking the same thing

this could/should have been us

i asked her if the baby was a girl but she didn’t reply

i spoke to the baby and could see the baby respond with an open mouth smile

i said to the ex-girlfriend “it looks like she’s smiling to me”

again she never said anything but looked at me even more purposefully

and the dream ended

the realtionship with the woman of the child in this dream broke up through circumstances outside of my control and i often wonder what our lives together would have been like

the woman of the child in the dream was the very first female to make a real impression on me

i was five or six or seven and i remember the instance as clearly as any memory i have

i was with my mother at a bus terminal in the centre of town and she appeared in front of me

a bubbly blonde talking her head off

blonde hair, blue eyes, pink skin, red lips, white teeth and full of life

i had never seen anything like it

at that age there were no connotations of sexuality attached to either of us

she became my first girlfriend when i was sixteen and we were together for about a year

we were ready to, but never did, conjoin


tried the imaging when falling into sleep as mentioned in the entry for 29102017

it was successful !
three clear images with motion

a person hasn’t just got be relaxed and peaceful

a person has got to be near to the point where they have “let go” of the ability to control their mental activity

* * *



qod 3.3 qos 3.4 p

met woman who invited me to a party

she said i could bring friends

the impression i got from our short conversation was that the party was a no-expense-spared extravaganza

highly formal but with the promise of every acceptable form of adult entertainment

the organised entertainment would go on for days and days and we would be expected to expand on on the scope of what happend by improvising with variations and off-shoots of the activities by using our individual talents and imaginations to enrich it

the party would, i got the impression, be open-ended if indeed it was not already in progress and my invitation was to make it even bigger or replace people who couldn’t maintain the pace

my invitation was for the following day

managed to find three girls who wanted to come with me

arrived on the grounds

it was stately settings with a wing annexe to the main bulding

i joked to girls as we took it in “i was told to use the servants’s entrance”

while waiting for door to open two or three more couples showed up

one of the men gave me the impression he and the woman he was with were pretending to be part of my group

one of two large doors open and we go into the main buiding

the woman who invited me was standing there with a board in her hand

she said “john, i said you could bring ten people and you have brought ten people”

she nods in approval and writes something on the board, it could have been a tick against my name

i notice a highly-polished oblong table with seats touching each other

there were four in line either side of the table and three or five hugged the curves at each end

dream ends


awake with eyes closed and thinking about the dream when a classic montage begins

a burst of more than ten different sequences

they happen so quickly i didn’t have time to take in the details of most of them

the two or three that gave up their detail showed individual girls all in white and dancing

only one sequence lingered long enough to for me to recognise the situation… they were ballerinas

what i think is happening with this dream is we are moving into another gear with dream theory

this dream is laying the foundation for increasingly more sophisticated themes and intricate connections

i believe this dream may be the first of an episode or serial dream or a reference point for another or other dreams you-know-who has lined up for you which are designed to draw you into the dream state

we can expect to have to begin linking dreams and themes together

and if the wedding photos dream (23112015) is anything to go by dreams will be linked over years and decades

* * *



first dream

met two young girls

i had captured their imagination and was going to show them the “ropes”

i had to go home for something and the girls came with me

my mother was in the house, she weighed up the situation and stepped in

she began an argument in front of the girls and it was enough to scare them off

the girls left the house and i was fuming

the dream ended with me saying to mother “you and me are officially at loggerheads”

dream 3

in a shop that was a house that had been converted into in a mini-market

the ceiling was high enough for five or six shelves

the highest shelf was one and a half metres up which would have bee too high for a smaller person to reach

there were three or four rows of shelves but they were too close together

when there were only a handful of people shopping it was practical enough

the problem was, when it was busy, as in this dream, getting from row to row was one long “excuse me please”

i had done the shopping and was almost at the front of a queue in a line of about ten people

i had to move the bags of shopping from my right to my left to give people leaving the counter room to walk out, so i stepped to one side of the queue and re-arranged the bags and as i was doing that the queue shuffled forward and filled the space i had created when i moved

again, as in the second dream, i became livid

that the entire queue was in the frame of mind which cooperated in taking my place was more than i could swallow

i waited for the person being served to finish being served and gave the bloke who had been the person behind me in the queue a wild look

he saw i was going to confront him and let me get served first

i woke out of the dream at this point feeling really tired


i spent a full twenty minutes figuring out what it was in the pde’s which had caused the two low-quality dreams

eventually, i pinpointed it as being a long minute of Stray Thoughts the day before

it took another few minutes to implement a series of thoughts which made me raise my tolerance to devolving beings and was mentally relaxed

my eyes had been closed since waking and i was still in a semi-sleepy state and ready for more sleep

as sleep beckoned a montage began

the first two or three scenes could, i realised, quite easily have become undesirable ones if i had not made the effort and resolved the problem of what caused dreams two and three to happen

the rest of the montage of images took on pleasing forms and movements


three points here…


it takes but one thought to initiate a stream of thoughts

once a train of thought begins it tends to follow the quality of the initiating thought


montage sequences are most easily initiated in a partially sleepy state

if we are to make meaningful progress as we begin the transition into the “awake dream-state” the body needs to be relaxed and the mind needs to be at peace


usually, the writer enters into a sleep while thinking about things

he will now try imagery as a “lead-in” to sleep


third dream

this dream was a high 3’s in terms of quality

a marked increase over the first few dreams

the improvement in quality was undoubtedly due to the re-positioning of tolerance mentioned above

this dream was on a sunny day in a field with short grass

there were four to six groups of people with three, four or five people in each group

it was predominantly groups of families

the first people i came into contact with were three young boys

i said to the young boys “if you can tell me who was on the throne when queen victoria was alive you will win a hamper as a prize”

they gave the right answer and i told them where to go and get the prize from

i asked a woman with children a similar answer-in-the-question question

she got it right as well and won a hamper


i woke from this second sleep feeling more refreshed and relaxed than any sleep for weeks or even months

the moral of this story is, of course, keep those Stray Thoughts in check


it is now thought that this last dream is a

an undulation-hop is a dream which comes from a different time-sense to the previous dream or scene

this possibility means the mind/brain is even more sophisticated than we have previously thought

the only way this website can see how this might be possible is if the brain/mind has the ability to Fractalise experience

dreams theory is getting more and more complicated

it should simplify itself after this initial “starting phase”

addenda and notes

time-tense for the second dream
6 and/or 9

qod 2.7

qos 2.5


time-tense for the third dream

6 and/or 9

qod 2.7

qos 2.5


time-tense for the fourth dream
3 or 4

qod 3.8

qos 4



there were five dreams and a montage in this sleep but the details of the first dream are not remembered

* * *


two x dreams and a car dream

first dream – category of dream: x dream (12)

second dream – category of dream: x dream (13)

third dream

the street where i lived was on an incline and at the bottom of the street is a t-junction

for a few hundred metres to the left and right of the junction is a row of houses

the houses have a one-way access/exit road for the residents

the access-road is necessary because just a metre or two from the access-road is a busy dual carriageway

i turned right at the junction, i think i was on my way to see a family who used to live two doors from where i was born and had moved because they had more children than that house could accommodate, and as i was walking along the pavement of the houses that run parallel to the carriageway someone i knew stopped in his car

scene two

we are driving on the carriageway

a police car appeared behind us and is flashing its lights

the driver of the car i am in started accelerating and kept accelerating

the sense of acceleration and the powerful thudding of the engine was the stand-out part of the dream

before the dream ended we were moving at least one hundred and seventy-five kilometres an hour


the only thing in the pde’s which might have caused this dream were thoughts concerning cars

because of this thoughts are being assigned as the major factor in forming the theme of a dream

there’s another entry from a few years back which lists the things which were then considered to be the major factors in the forming of the content of dreams

it may be revealing, when there is a database to tap into and find it, to discover if thoughts were thought to be the major influencing factor then too

time-tense 3

qod 3

qos 3.4


* * *


* * *


name of dream: the thing being

sister and self at the bus stop

it was the first day back at school and we had got to the bus stop an hour before we needed to

we were exploring the stream that run along side of the road

someone said there is someone running amok and damaging the cars in the car park at the front of the pub across the road from the bus stop

we could see from where we were that it wasn’t a someone but a something

it was a tube-shaped life-form that could turn itself inside out

its outside was grey and its inside was brown (pic 1)

it had a malevolent character and was putting big dents in the cars every time it bashed or jumped onto one of the cars

in the next scene we were back at the stream again and i sensed it was time to catch the bus and made my way up the incline from the stream to the bus stop just in time to see the bus turning the corner of the road fifteen metres to my right

by the time i had got over the metal barrier that seperated the path from the stream the front of the bus was passing me

i noticed the number of the bus

the number of the bus served the district of the area our family lived in before we moved to the location the dream was taking place in

i shouted out hoping to get the bus drivers attention but he didn’t hear me

we had now gone from being an hour early to being late

a relative or someone who had our interests at heart offered to get us to where we had to go


qod 3 p 2


two odd things about this dream

the first was the thing-being

will assign the animal-being as coming from some stray thoughts during the day

the second was the number of the bus which was clearly out of the time-tense cum location of the dream

as this dream is being explained the number of the bus which we were waiting for is clearly remembered

why did the conscious conjure up the wrong bus when the correct bus was obviously on tap?

the thinking is that the time-tense of dreams may have a lot more significance than is curently being given to them

the time-tense factor may be the key to figuring out anomolies in dreams, such as the ones in this dream, and may also be a break-through in understanding dreams in general

there doesn’t appear to be an easy explanation so it will have to be a complicated one

the creature is truly primeaval

a large dog-sized tube-shaped being with a destructive nature must precede the dinosaur class of being

a mobile being without any limbs must have come even before any of the creepy-crawlies in the insect world

the caterpiller which has legs at the front and back of its body but none in between and can rear up on its back set of legs is the closest of any creature which comes to mind

thinking about it further, there are tube-shaped creature that live in sea which have the shape of the creature in the dream

the evidence which supports the origin and evolution of life seems reasonable

so, you-know-who realises he can bring into being others who can experience the qualitative state of straight line action

to get to the point of transmutation the act of earthly evolution is necessary

after having attained their man-shaped status some man-shaped beings make the decision to not maintain an ethical lifestyle

an ethical lifestyle in absolute terms means aligning oneself to the characteristic of endlessness

to act in a way which is not endless is contrary to eternity and eternity cannot accommodate it

an unethical lifestyle “constricts” the form of being and prevents life-forms from progressing to the point of transmutation

further, constriction becomes restriction and restriction eventually becomes self-destruction

the process of the unravelling of the man-shaped form brings about shapes which weren’t necessary to achieve the man-shape

odd, easily-recognisable non man-shaped forms don’t happen until milliions of years into the future of this undulation… link to 14 shades of grey – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwVy_6biLuE

so how does this way of looking at things help in understanding the creature in the dream?

how can a creature which lives in the sea be bashing cars about ?

pic 1


reference to similar looking creature (pecognitive 22042016 – http://endic.at/D/1%20DREAMS/precognitive%20dreams.html)

* * *



was living in a tent

someone accessed my computer and hacked a business deal from it

given my circumstances it was worth quite a bit

i thought it was the girl living in the tent next to me

she denied it but i was convinced it was her

she wasn’t going to admit it and looked like there was nothing i could do

as a parting shot i said “this is going to come back on you”


there were more scenes after this scene

qod 3 – qos 3 – p – 10

* * *



here’s an intriquing little dream

in a dream form a few days ago, it wasn’t made into an entry, i was given a present

i didn’ have any idea who gave me the present

the present itself was a mobile phone

the phone was about the size of the one i’m using at the moment, a galaxy 5

the phone in the dream was heavier than the one i’m using and it’s main functions… the volume control and the on/off switch were easier to access and it also had two rubber grips posiotioned on the sides which allowed the phone to be held in such a way which enabled the main controls to be accessed very easily

in the dream of a few days ago i used the phone and spoke to the person who sent it to me

not all the details of the brief conversation are remembered but what was remembered was the request to send them a photograph of me

in today’s dream i received a call on the phone

it was an ederly female who spoke in a faint voice which was sligthly croakey

she said “what’s it like?”

it was her way of saying “we haven’t got a photo of you yet”

i knew what she meant but decided to misunderstand

“it’s very sexy”

she didn’t answer but i heard a a mature male voice say “he’s talking about the phone”

i recognised the voice and realised who the women was

there was something which didn’t quite fit in with my understanding of her situation and i was trying to think of what it was and think of what i should say to her original question when the dream ended

this dream may very well be you know who filling in the gaps to an assessment of a my interpretation of what’s happening with the two types of consciousness as laid out in the dream of the sixteenth of this month

you should be aware that to
you-know-who i am very much a vessel to be used

she/he will use me to get thing done in a way which produceo a “most love/life” situation in as fast a way as possible

after finishing this writing the writer will phone the people in today’s dream and report back

qod 3.7
qos 2.8

* * *


in this dream the dreamer held a prominent status in the world of money

he was being asked by a real-life acquaintence of some years ago to buy the latest super-sleek aero dynamic skateboard and also stake the requestee for the entrance fee to take part in a highly prestigious skateboard race

we were at the track where the skateboard race would take place

three or four of us were standing at the starting grid

there was a decline of about twenty degrees over a distance of a couple of hundred metres to the first corner which was banked

a skateboarder would easily get up to forty plus kilometres per hour by the time they reached the corner

we had two of the latest design of racing skateboards with us and we unpacked them

the person who was pressing me for the chance to take part in the race was given a skateboard and showed us his skill

it was dissapointing

he made a mess of taking the corner and was giving the reasons for not having got it right

he was banking on his association with me to let him take part in the race and not because of his merits as a racer

his abilities as world class racer existed in his mind and nowhere alse

i had a go on the other skateboard

the way i could steer the skateboard with deft shifts of body positioning was obviously superior to his

in fact it crossed my mind to be an entrant myself

i was conjuring up a design for a protective suit and helmet in my mind as the dream ended

this (youtube link in here), the second video viewed showed something very simlar to the motions in the dream

qod 3
qos 3

* * *



a group of four or five people were talking about the merits of smoking marijuana in one way as opposed to another

there was a general conensus that using liquids to cool the smoke was the best way to go

at one point in the conversation somebody said that the best quality of weed was in wolverhampton and that a new technigue for smoking it using a comb was the latest and greatest way of getting the best effect

was waiting for the person who mentioned it to give a detailed explanation of the new technigue when the dream ended

over the last few days the thought that the combining consciousnessess need a another appraisal has been prevalent in the thinking

for some months now the determination to make sleep a pivotal part of conscious development has and is being evaluated

specifically, the time-conscious is going to be cregarded as a mere mechanical enactment throughout the entire act of earthly-evolution and that the combining-consciousnessess contains more, if not all of the experiences and knowledge needed to achieve transmutation

there may in fact be more scope for the development of self through the experiences of combining-consciousnessess than through time-consciousness

qod 3.4
qos 3.4

* * *


in the kitchen cleaning up after a meal when a member of the staff came into view

she began talking to me so i opened the window

the girl who was speaking was rosamund pike, the girl who played a lawyer in the film “fracture”

she told me i was one of the people who had been selected to move into a luxury block of flats

she was quick to mention she was also going to be carrying on her job there as a carer

she came came to the window

she was in a playful mood and while i was talking she grabbed the ends of the curtain and and wrapped the curtain around my head as a head scarf which covered my hair and tucked it under my chin

she was getting no end of pleasure out of teasing me

i tried to ask for details about the new accomodation but she only wanted to be playful and didn’t answer the questions

qod 3.8
qos 4

* * *


in the house lounging on the sofa with the girlfriend

she was more inclined for non procreational x than procreational

decided to steer destiny

when the time was right i asked her if she would like me to get her something to eat

she was genuinely interested

i began suggesting what to cook and she nodded most enthusiastically when roast potatoes was mentioned

the more i could imprint my decision-making as being good for her into into her psyche the more likely it would be she go along with me when i suggested that other peoples lives were more important than ours and i would get the desired result

qod 3.4
qos 3

* * *


2nd sleep

the star of this dream was a small black cat or large kitten with three or four patches of white hair which accounted for two-thirds of its surface area

there were two of us tickling a cat

someone was tickling its neck and ears and i was using my nails to tickle its stomach

the cat was experiencing delightful rapture

it had the look of someone laughing but wasnt, quite, able to make the sounds of human laughter

it was feigning resistance to the tickling by pawing at us without its claws drawn and hardly touching us with the pads of its feet

i stopped the tickling twice to see its reaction and both times its facial expression changed to one of reduced pleasure and the mock resitance with its paws stopped

both of us made comments about the unnaturally human characteristics it was demonstrating

two things about this dream

the first was that usually with a dream of this quality i would be able to remember the pde’s which caused it

the second was as a result of applying the roney analysis

it reinforced a realisation of a few months ago that not all of the content of dreams may be from a person’s own experience but only a close approximation of them

where they come from is something the writer is going to let you speculate about

also a new faculty of the brain has emerged in the last few months

it’s in the very infancy of its development and it isn’t sure what its applications or its use is or will be

the few dozen dreams entries so far for this year have been suspended

this is the equivilent of workers going on strike

these three things are being kept back to let you know that because the knowledge herein isn’t getting disseminated with a passion, and is thus delaying the changes necessary for us to move forward, the writer is not letting you in on everything he knows

two can play at the secrecy game!

qod 4.1
qos 4

first sleep

2nd dream (1st dream entered)

there was a buzz that e.t. activity in the form of craft was happening over the grounds of a stately home out in the sticks

armed myself with a camera and a video camera and went to check it out

there was indeed three of four u.f.o.’s doing there thing a few hundred metres above and around the grounds

the activity was about as unspectacular as it comes and even though it was possible to capture good pics and film of them it was just about the least “viral” evidence i had seen

someone mentioned that a river that run through the grounds had been populated by exotic water snakes

in the next scene i was alone in a two or three berth rubber dingy with an oar and video camera filming the snakes

again the water snakes were little more than large leaches and a i had decided the whole thing wasn’t worth the effort

the river was wide but shallow

then some man-made, remote-controlled fancy-looking droid/craft appeared and began manouevering in an eye-catching way

the next scene was a conversation with a girl about the elgin marbles (http://spenceralley.blogspot.co.uk/2011/01/eglin-marbles.html)

they were going to be split up and distributed around the world so that lots of people could see them

in the next scene i was putting forward the same idea for the sumerian tablets

the girl in the dream said she thought the greek stones were more significant but i got the impression she was just being argumentative

i woke up to hear myself saying “the babylonian culture is of much more significance than the greek civilisation”

qod 3
qos 3.4

* * *


four of us were going to the races

there was going to be an air diplay as well

i was keen to see if my ability to predict a winner extended to horse racing and i secretly hoped a u.f.o. would show up

at the last minute someone announced that she or he had invited a friend

i had a mobile phone or tablet which had a programme that listed the original four of us and i quickly amended it for the extra guest

the programme on the device was very elaborate

it gave an accurate profile of any person based on a photo of them and their size and weight

we were talking and apppraising the information it displayed about the newcomer when the dream ended

qos 3.6
qod 3

* * *


it was the beginning of a new relationship

the young lady and i were relaxing on a double-seater sofa watching the telly

she was becoming anxious that we hadn’t kissed

her talk was not about the fact we hadn’t embraced but it was edging around it in other ways

i felt completely relaxed and began explaining to her why it wasn’t necessary to become intimate

i woke from the sleep while speaking the third sentence of why i was taking my time… “we are going to be in this situation many, many times. let’s wait until both of us are sure we want our relationship to be something special and it will endure for all time”

qos 2.9
qod 3.3

* * *


on a single-decker bus bus with a friend and a friend of my friend

we were fifteen or sixteen and had on school uniforms

we were wearing white shirts and grey trousers and i think we had dark blue jackets

it was daytime and judging on what the other passengers were wearing it must have been spring or summer

there looked to be fifteen people on the bus

my friend and i were sitting on the left hand side of the bus

i was in a creative mood and decided to do something daring

with a certain amount of deftness i whipped off my trousers and folded them and hung them on a hand bar on the back of the seat in front of me and waited for other people to follow my lead

i sat there in my shirt and tie and white underpants feeling quite comfortable with myself

a quick glance at the expressions of the other people on the bus told me they thought it was acceptable and they were thinking about following my lead

evreybody’s expression changed from being mildy pleased to gaping shock when my friends friend took his trousers off and, with the presence of mind to stand up pressed against the side of the bus facing outward so his back was facing us, revealed his bare bottom

of course it would be a male who decided to copy me but he hadn’t done it to shock people but merely because he had picked up the vibe of good fun and wanted to be part of it

he was obviously embarrassed but the need to feel part of the fun had overcome a his reservations

almost immediately everyone on the bus realised what sort of person he was and that he wasn’t being deliberately prevocative

i began laughing and it got harder and harder and and everyone else starting laughing too

i can’t remember ever laughing this long and hard in a dream before and there’s only one instance in my life in which i laughed longer and harder

for the record… in the this life instance of laughing longer and harder i was laughing for so long and so hard i became too weak to stand and had to drop to all fours and crawl away form the source of mirth as i was having difficulty breathing in

this is the first dream as a teenager

if i’m not mistaken this dream is set in the now of a future undulation

qod 4.2
qos 3.4

* * *


a complicated and intriguing dream with almost nothing to reference to any part of it except a type of elevated freeway

the freeway-type construction was way up in the sky, was half a kilometre wide and dissapeared over the horizon

the freeway could not used to travel along until it had been fully constructed

to complete its construction we had to imagining what we thought the future would be and the accuracy of what was thought would cause the elevated freeway to construct itself further into the distance

the means of applying what we thought the near-future would be was done by standing in front of a console

the console was receptive to a persons thoughts and feelings

it was while the dreamer was appraising just how sophisticated and how monumental the task of construction was going to be that the sleep ended

the next step in our progression into the future is undoubtedly when we team up with our man-shaped dinosaur cousins…


* * *


outside of a house when a car pulled up with three or four people in the car

in the back seat of the car was a girl about three years of age

the young girl looked distressed and was on the verge of crying

the card door opened and i went towards her with my arms outstretched to pick her up

she backe away from but responded when i said something which put her at ease

in the next scene we we in the house

the family was there

the family comprised the mother a girl about ten years of age the girl of three who i had took out of the car and a boy of thirteen or fourteen

the mother had no control over the two eldest children and done and said nothing to mederate whateveve it was they wanted to do

the girl of three moved toward the boy who was sitting in an armchair

as she was directly in front of him he stood up and knocked the girl over when his leg straightened when he was standing

the girl was more dissapointed than hurt

his callous nature was more than i could stand

i jumped in front of him and pointed my finger in his face and said “if you do that again you and i are going to fall out”

the dream ended

the pde’s which formed this dream are well remembered

as is usual with the writer there was a full range of emotions during the day but the sense of injustice between males and females was the dominant feeling

perhaps i’m not doing enough to bring to the attention of men the cause and effect of the chauvanistic attitude

qod 3.3
qos 3.5

* * *


at a neighbours house

two young girls came to the house after a night out

one of them had left me a letter from her previous visit

i had read the first line and skimmed over the rest of it picking out words here and there

it was telling me that she didn’t think there was any future for us

reading between the lines told a different story

my reply to the letter was full of emotion and left her in no doubt that were we to give a go it would become a relationship which was only dreamed about

was still composing the letter when i woke

qod 3.8
qos 3.6

* * *


been having 3.5 qod’s regularly lately

they would make enjoyable reading but dreams theory is taking a back seat currently

* * *


was on a bed in a bedsit with two male companions chatting about things

the other half walked in with a tray that had tea, bisuits and sandwiches on it
the drinks and food were laid out in a caring and neat manner

we were well impressed

the tray was laid on the bed and as one of the other males moved to get to the tray the tray started sliding

it was sheer good luck that my sudden movement to stop the tray from coming to an abrupt halt and the things on it from spilling over didn’t cause an even bigger mess than would have happened if i hadn’t moved

i’ve no idea where this dream come from

at a guess it was an uneventful thought-day with the most important thing in it being a thought along the lines of “i need to slow down a bit”

qod 3.6
qos 3.5

* * *


was regaining the ability to move around normally

slung a camera tripod over my shoulder and went into to town to find photo opportunities

it was early morning and there weren’t many people about

set the camera on the tripod and panned it around and noticed that people were avoiding getting caught on camera

soon it was typically busy and i decided to stand at a corner between two buildings where i wasn’t so niticeable and started snapping away

the scene changed

it was very busy now and i was just another person in the crowd

there was a dog standing still just in front of me

it had longish black hair and it looked like it had some of the setter breed in it

it wasn’t with a person and it had a lost look and conveyed a sense of wanting to have direction

i stooped down and motioned it towards me with my hand and some friendly sounds

it came to me and i now had a dog

category of dream: doggy (4)

this part of the dream ended as i was thinking what to get it to eat

in the next scene i was the entrepreneur with a banner pinned to a wall with the words “the youtube interviews” in red and black

the camera was “rolling” and when the right face with the right gait came along i engaged them in conversation

qod 3.9
qos 3.3

* * *


in a street that was crammed with people

i was looking for someone in particular

i was looking along the street in one direction but it was hopeless

there must have been several hundred people in just a one hundred metre span

i turned and looked right and immediately spotted a green, long-peaked cap about thirty metres away

it was the person i was looking for

the peak cap, the main feature of the dream, is remembered from the pde’s

again i am unable to interpret the dream

perhaps the dream hasn’t got an interptretation but is just a reflection of the pde’s

qod 3
qos 3.7

* * *


tonights dream was as good as yesterdays was bad

it revolved around an app for mobile phones

the app was a square which had squares or lines on it and almost filled the screen

depending on where the square was touched it returned information which included feature based on the users personality

a query which had an amarous “feel” to it would give results with amorous content

the “feel” feature of the app came from the touch of the finger

there were two people who featured in the dream in succession, the first was bob meuller and the second was paul schofield

during the day the pde’s featured news stories concerning bob mueller but, and this is the reason this dream is being entered, paul schofield hasn’t been in the time conscious for decades

while looking for images of both men on the internet the similarity of the facial features of both men, as younger men, became apparent

if their lives hadn’t run concurrently i would have surmised that the person in the dream was the same person at different times in their life

at this moment i am unable to make the connection why paul schofield featured in the dream

it is thought that at sometime in the future of this undulation when the intricacies of dreams are more fully understood the reason why paul schofield featured in this dream will have an answer

qod 4.1 qos 3.7 p 10

* * *


what a shocker of a dream

two murders, blood and intence rancour

not entirely sure what caused this dream

an extremely violent film, the thing, stray thoughts or the blood in lambs liver

probably a combination of the three

qod 2.7
qos 3

* * *



second sleep

the stand out bit of this dream which appeared out of nowhere

it was a great bit of punk music with a noteworthy melody

easily a no.1

it had the soul of the clash and a melody of pop song of a different genre

it wasn’t a song in my collection and i asked someone what it was called

it reminded me of another band and i said “is it the anarchist’s?” and “the archaist’s?”

it wasn’t a tune which was published but it obviously has existed and may find itself in the punk genre of the 70’s in a future undulation

another indicator of the improving circumstances of future undulations

qod 3.6
qos 3.9

first sleep

qod 3.6 – qos 4 – p – category of dream: x dream (11)

* * *


in the kitchen cleaning up after a meal when a member of the staff came into view

she began talking to me so i opened the window

the girl who was speaking was rosamund pike, the girl who played a lawyer in the film “fracture”

she told me i was one of the people who had been selected to move into a luxury block of flats

she was quick to mention she was also going to be carrying on her job there as a carer

she came came to the window

she was in a playful mood and while i was talking she grabbed the ends of the curtain and and wrapped the curtain around my head as a head scarf which covered my hair and tucked it under my chin

she was getting no end of pleasure out of teasing me

i tried to ask for details about the new accomodation but she only wanted to be playful and didn’t answer the questions

qod 3.8 qos 4 p 7

* * *


adventures in dutchland

was in a queue in a shop with four or five people in front of me waiting to give an order for something to eat

the person behind the counter said next customer please and when no one moved forward i thought the the people in front of me had given their orders and were waiting to collect them

i went to the front of the queue and before i could give the order the girl behind the counter said “look at this. someone’s too important to wait in the queue”

i tried to defend myself by pointing out that no one had moved forward to give an order when the assistant had said next please and decided to get noisy and playful and said in my best french accent “ladeee’s and gentlemen. when you are asked to place an order don’t place it. you will be accused of being someone who is better than other”

the scence changed to a hotel where someone was putting together a bong

after one or two people had had some of the bong the person who put it together suggested to me that we go another place

i had the feeling he wanted me out of the hotel so he could come back after we had left and could rifle through my belongings and nick whatever he wanted

i woke up as i figuring out a plausible way of of excusing myself from going without making him aware that i knew what he wanted to do

qod 3.4
qos 4

second sleep

this dream seemed insignificant and i had forgotten it

then, unusually, without any prompting it came to the fore an hour after having forgot it and for this reason it is being entered

i was adjusting the sound of the stereo equipment

there was some interference at the top end of the sound spectrum

it turned out that the interference was due to the radio not being tuned in finely enough to the frequency and was producing “hiss” and some light crackles

there was a fine tuning feature built into the radio which could be adjusted by a knob on the outside of the housing

there was a clear panel at the front of the mainly wood radio which allowed the fine tuning mechanism to be viewed into optimum position

the mechanism looked like the arm of a record player with a wood or metal wedged-shaped part which was flexible and could be seperated from the rest of the arm at the tip where the stylus of a fecord players would be

it was the size of baby’s nail and about four millimetres thick and looked like it was wood

the fine tuning was achieved through turning the knob on the outside which in turn moved the wedge-shaped wood tip seated just a little back from the tip of the arm onto what looked like a metal slope and the more the knob was turned the further up the slope the wedged-shaped tip went bending back as it was being moved further up the slope which reminded me of a shoe horn only on a much smaller scale

the slope or slide-slope was about four centimetres wide and little more than twice as long as its width

at the top of te slide-slope there was a flat platform the size of my thumbnail for the wedge-shaped tip to rest

when the tip of the wedge was nestled on the platform it was bending back at about forty five degrees to the head of the arm (there may have been a bevel on the very tip of the wedge but that might be my imagination)

when the wedge was on the platform proper a valve-sized bulb began to wax and wane a green light

the slightest adjustment of the knob it produced a significant increase in the brightness and the quality of the shade of green the light gave off

immediately the first adjustment of the wedge on the platform was made both the quality and the quantity of the sound and the light grew

a second adjustment of the wedge produced a sound of such penetrating purity people living nearby began complaining about the volume

even then there were still three or four crackles of interference each second and the light was low

it was as i began to realise the potential and the applications of the device the dream came to an end

quality of the sound and the quality of light

three-themed dream

qod 3.5
qos 3.9

* * *


second sleep

two themes

both were to do with the internet

the first on was the comments of post which was very popular

it was footage of the images of the outside of the spacecraft of human mission

the thng was the images were coming from the reflection of something in the craft and were indiscernable

the colours were vivid and were mostly purple

it was obviously something significant as the movements that could be seen were not earthly

the comments were furiously attacking the like vote being assigned to the the uploader of the film and not to the person who gave the uploader the film in the first place

the second dream was to do with the stock exchange

polish residents were seething that the polish ziloti could be traded against the euro but that it was the people who were paying for a run on the polish currency which was losing its value at a disasterously fast rate

qod 3.4
qos 3.7

first sleep

got friendly with two friendly males my age

we went back to where they were living rough

it was a subterrenean setting with just enough room to sleep for three or four people

they had cardboard on the floor and a radio and that was about it

after a while of light-hearted comments and observations i decided to “hit” them with genetic theory

i began… “with just one assumptoion i can prove to you there is life after death”

they gave me that slightly blank and slightly interested look

i continued… “in the same way you can only flip a coin twice before either heads or tails comes up again and in the same way a dice can only be rolled six times before the same number comes up again so to it is with our genetic combinaitons. our genetic combinations are based on the way the nucleotides can be assembled

there is a maximum number of ways the nucleotides can be put together

as life continues indefinately into the future eventually all the combinations will have been used up and the same “numbers” of the nuleotides start coming up again

that, using just that one assumption, is an arithmetic proof of life after death

it is similar to poincares recurrence theorem which is a well established in science

i carried on… “now we have to add the condition that for life after death to occur we become parents and our children become parents and their children beome parents and so on indefinately into the future”

so for life after death to become a reality we make one assumption and the assumpion carries the condition that we create life and not destroy it

the dream was ending as i was saying things like… “now i have to go and find more people to talk to”


it will come to be realised that to take the life of another is to take the life of oneself

strictly speaking the destruction of life applies only to children

theoretically its possible to live a life of abstinence from murder and once it is agreed that children are the holiest of holies we could go on to play games of war as parents

you simply wont believe what has happened in undulations past as all possible scenarios were played out

qod 3.5
qos 3.8
5 or 9

* * *


my step father was going to accompany me on a journey about two hundred kilometres up country

he had three cars

one that had different coloured doors, looked like it wouldn’t pass it’s m.o.t. but ran quite well

a black one which looked o.k. and ran really well and a classy one which looked great and ran superbly

i was trying to explain to him that i would be better of using the black one because the car with two different coloured doors was more likely to be stopped

the dream ended without the issue being settled

qod 3.3
qos 4.2

* * *


what would have been an extremely enjoyable x dream if my partner wasn’t so noisy

qod 4 – qos 3.7 – p – 10 – category of dream: x dream (10)

* * *


insignificant dream

the only bit of this dream remembered is to do with shirts and jackets

there was a clothes rack about two metres long and i was trying to decide which shirt went best with the jacket i wanted to wear

in the end i settled for a rough-cloth green shirt but wasn’t entirely happy with it

qod 3.3
qos 3.4

* * *


first sleep

first dream

a man with a violent nature i met more than twenty years ago was on my case because of a casual remark

he was becoming more and more intent on causing me grevious harm as the dream ended

second dream

all my valuable and treasured items were in the pannion bags of a push bike

the bike got a puncture and i left it about a hundred metres from where i was lived

it crossed my mind that it might be stolen but i needed to get home and get to sleep

in the morning i went to where the bike was to find the bike was still there but the pannion bags had gone

there were six or seven youngters in the scene and i said “eighty pounds reward if anyone can get my bags back” and when no one showed any interest i said “no, make it one hundred”

the dream ended there

qod 3.2
qos 3.5

* * *


third sleep

new type of dream: grid selection

this is mind-willed selection

the dream started with a mixture of single-shot images then single-shot in slide-show fashion and then it became a three, then four and then twelve grid selection of images to choose from i awoke to full time-conscious

i was at various stages of time-conscious throughout this dream and became fully time-conscious as i was trying to manipulate a non existent cursor with a non existent mouse to select one of the images to see it as a single picture and awoke tapping my thigh thinking my finger was on the mouse

where does/can these and new faculties lead to?

a next possible step is to choose whether to have still or motion montage sequences to view in magnificent detail

there may also be a theme-grid fuculty

twelve types of dreams to choose from… beach party, sport, x, etc

also possible is a montage slide-show with hundreds or thousands of different themes to choose from in goups of twelve

the limit’s would then be the time a sleep lasts within which to choose and experience a particular theme

that is assuming that the time-conscious is an endless experience which we now know it isn’t

so how quickly does the timeless conscious become the full-time reality ?

this idea led to this thought… adjusting to our ultimate timeless conscious state is, it is known, an endless endeavour on it’s own right

the combining-conscious states may well have a much shorter time to combine than had been thought up until this point

these dreams may well be the result of thinking about the current states of mind the most evolved beings of the dinosaur class are in now which the writer has access to via a visitation from three females of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings within the last five years

it was while recalling the visitation earlier on in the day the writer gained an insight into the conscious state of what this was and which caused him to balk (link to the word balk)

this, the third of three montage dreams in three different sleeps in the same day, appears to be rushing the inactive abilities of the timeless conscious into life

with one raised to the one-hundreth power (1 ^100) years to work in my thoughts are… “how can there be a rush do to anything”

the answer may be that life has only five thousand million years to bring all beings into existence and the evolutionary/devolutionary process has to occur in within a certain period of time

there is no leeway in the sun’s cycle

qod 3.5
qos 3.7

first sleep

x dream and montage of couples

any of the scenes in the montage sequence would have appeal to companies which want to use a tasteful/artistic representation in their ads

this dream had so much pleasure in it a new entry in Endic will be created to explore the expanse of pleasure capable of being experienced by the man-shaped being through and beyond x

new endic entry – pleasure

qod 4.2 – qos 4 – p and o – 10 – category of dream: x dream (9)

* * *


new category of dream

alternative realities to the pde’s

there were six, seven or more variatons or presentations of the pde’s which the timeless conscious brought to the fore

they weren’t exact in detail of the pde’s, nor do i think they were meant to be or could be

the dream sequences could easily be associated to the pde’s

the purpose of the dream sequences was to present the pde’s as they could/should have been

there was one scene in particular in which a stirringly poignant response would have been achieved had a slightly different set of words been said in a slightly more sincere manner

so now dreams can be used not just to evaluate the pde’s ranking in terms of their absolute position to the optimum alignment to love/life, now we know dreams can also show the alternative realities which can be achieved

this type of dream may be related to precognitive dreams

if there is a connection it will eventually show itself

qod 4 qos 3.9

* * *


made a succesful visual programme for the internet and had gained considerable cred because of it

i couldn’t quite figure out why it had become so succesful

the origins of the endeavour were examined and it turned out the video which had made it popular was nestled in an obscure file which i had forgotten about

it was in a file called “teddy bear” and i was beginning to realise before i looked at it there was going to be something about it which had chlidish appeal

i woke up before seeing what was on the film

this dream was due to thinking about the child-like nature of evolving e.t.’s during the day

qod 4 qos 3.4 p 10

* * *


was in a strictly controlled environment but it wasn’t a prison

there was an air of supervision which we didn’t try to breach

about a dozen of us, all males, were herded into a t.v. room

the front seating was two brown, plush, triple settees with a a matching single-seat armchair in between them

i found myself sitting on the triple-seater furthest from the door sandwiched between someone who was friendly and a and lanky, surly bloke

the moment i relaxed into the settee the deep comfort of a well-made piece of furniture made itself felt

i thought to myself this is the style of seating in which money works it way out of the trouser pockets

my keen sense of good fortune asserted itself

casually i positioned myself on my left side and gradually worked my hand between the seat cushion and the back cushion

within a couple of movements of my hand i felt a coin

i could tell it was a pound coin

every time i repositioned my hand i came across another coin

it didn’t take long to explore and gather all the coins i could reach without my probing hand being felt by the people either side of me

another opportunity presented itself when the person to my left fell asleep and leant into me which justified me standing up which in turn meant he would relax further into the area i had been occupying

now i could sit on the floor and stretch my right arm into the empty part of the settee and search between the cushions in the left hand corner in a pefectly naturally relaxed position

again, almost immediately i found more coins

i put them in my pocket and the problem now was has to keep the coins in my pocket without them clinking and alerting my fellow opportunist’s to my having money

in the company of men who have no money a few quid is worth going to a bit of trouble to acquire

now i was on the kings throne

with my business acumen i would be top wheeler-dealer with a rosy future

as i woke up i was searching my pyjama bottoms and trying to figure where the money had gone

qod 3.3 qos 4 p 10

* * *


in a busy cafeteria with a partned-couple

we were waiting for service

a manageress caught our attention from a distance and asked us to pay at the tlll

i said to the couple “she thinks we have finished, she doesn’t know the piled dishes on the table are from the previous customers”

i woke to hear myself saying in a loud voice “we haven’t started yet”

qod 3.3 qos 3.5 p 10

* * *


two people i knew had a drug-dealer mate

the three of us bought an ounce and had a smoke

i got pally with the dealer amd asked him for another ounce

the other two people weren’t in the next scene in which the dealer produced another ounce

it was a different type and i rolled another and the dealer said “i can let you have it for thirty-five quid an ounce”

it didn’t take me long to work out i could set up a decent network and shift a few ounces a week

i took a drag of the joint i had just rolled and felt a wave of pleasure

it was quality gear to boot

i said “what is it, afghani?”

the other person didn’t reply

the dream was ending and i felt dissapointed to find out it was a dream

qod 3 qos 4 p 10

* * *


in a changing room which had row after row of cubicles

my view of the cubicles was a slightly elevated one which allowed me to see the extent of the layout

it looked to be twenty or thirty by twenty or thirty

they all had black curtains or doors and sides

this could be something which would be in the ship of yesterday’s dream

there were less half a dozen people of using the changing rooms which meant it was almost empty

i wake from the dream at this point still thinking about what was what

qod 3.7 qos 4.2 p 10

* * *


this dream was set at sea

i was in the water next to a metal-hulled ship

it was bigger than any ship today

the deck of the ship was at least seven oe eight stories above us and we were making preparations for a race or a pageant

three or four of us were assessing where and how to hang a thick rope along the side of the ship to attach decorations

there was a lull in the activity and i decided to lounge horizontally on the water using a in buoyancy suit and revel in a warm stream of water coming from the depths

one of the other men came over and asked me what i was doing and told me get away

i told him what i was doing and he explained that the warm water was a constant stream of sewage that all ships of this size flushed as a matter of course

i took a good look at the water around me and realised what it was i was wallowing in and had shown my ignorance of the way a ship works

i was feeling pretty stupid as i woke up

qod 3.3 qos 3.5 p 10

second dream

there was a group of people gathered around neils bohr

he was asked about max planck’s quantum theory

neils replied “the road which led to a general acceptance of his theory was” and i chimed in anticipating of his last word, which we both said in unison “bumby”

qod 4 qos 4.2 p 10